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1, Report #1022599
Mar 02 2013
03:34 PM
Small Animal Delivery FLEA INFESTED TRANSPORT Internet
Our pets were delivered days late and filthy with feces and urine.  Small Animal Delivery used an old, small and filthy station wagon with animal cages piled one upon the other.  It looked like something out of Hoarding.  I've never seen anything like it; absolutely deplorable conditions. A few weeks later, after having cats for many many years and NEVER EVER having a problem with fleas, they all came down with fleas.  Three months alter, we are still fighting the problem. DON'T EVER USE THESE PEOPLE!!
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2, Report #772427
Sep 02 2011
03:31 PM
Triple F Farms ferret abuse, animal abuse, animal cruelty, abuse of animals, animal torture Internet, Internet
Imagine giving birth, only to watch your newborns fall through the gaps in a wire cage bottom onto a filthy concrete floor below. There's no one there to pick up your young as they writhe and cry out, and you can't escape from the cage that imprisons you. You watch as your newborns suffer and eventually die of dehydration or starvation right before your eyes because there was no one who would help. This may sound like a scene from a horror movie, but it's just a glimpse into the cruelty that PETA documented during our  investigation inside the ferret-breeding factory farm Triple F Farms, Inc. (Triple F).  PETA's undercover investigation inside the Bradford County, Pa., facility found that ferrets, who were sold to laboratories and the pet trade, were kept in small cages with dangerous wire floors, deprived of any opportunity to burrow or hide, and often deprived of food and water. Our investigative video shows scenes of baby ferrets who fell from cages and were left for dead by workers who were told to leave them there and other ferrets who were maimed and killed when workers ran them over with carts instead of picking them up and caring for them. PETA's investigator also saw ferrets who were thrown into the trashand into the facility's incineratorwhile still alive.  Our undercover investigator also discovered that Triple F left ferrets with painful conditions to suffer and die without veterinary care. It didn't matter if the ferrets were newborns, young, or old?it was routine for Triple F to deny them basic veterinary care. Read more about the findings from this investigation and watch our undercover video here.  PETA has shared evidence with Dr. Thomas Frieden, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Since 2006, the CDC has signed contracts with Triple F worth more than $1.5 million for live ferrets used in experiments. The ferrets who suffered from horrific cruelty at Triple F need your voice today. Please take a few minutes of your time to ask CDC director Frieden to investigate Triple F and politely urge him to determine whether the agency wishes to continue to funnel taxpayer dollars into this facility. ONLINE  NEWS CLIPS: AP Exclusive: Undercover video shows sick, injured ferrets at ... 3 hours ago  AP Exclusive: Undercover video shows sick, injured ferrets at eastern Pa. ...Triple F Farm owner Jack Fallenstein declined to comment. ... News for ferret farm triple fAP Exclusive: Video shows ill ferrets at Pa. farm CBS News - 9 minutes agoOn its website, Triple F says it is a family-owned and operated company that has been raising fun, fabulous, furry ferrets since 1985. PETA said the farm (AP)  PHILADELPHIA An animal welfare group is calling for an investigation of a large northeastern Pennsylvania ferret breeding facility, saying an undercover worker found hundreds of ill, injured and neglected animals living in inhumane and unsanitary conditions. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals released a video Friday purporting to show conditions at the Triple F Farms in Sayre, taken by someone who was hired to work undercover at the facility. The video was first obtained by The Associated Press. The three-minute video shows ferrets with gaping wounds, internal organs protruding from their rectums, and infected, bloody eyes and mammary glands. Newborn ferrets drag themselves along the floor of the facility after falling through their cages. A mother ferret is seen dragging one of her newborns backward in circles along the perimeter of a cramped cage. We had in the past received complaints about this facility ... it was on our radar, but the undercover probe was not initiated by a specific recent complaint, said Daphna Nachminovitch, vice president of PETA's cruelty investigations department. She said the facility holds approximately 6,000 ferrets in 10 cage-filled barns. The video also shows one dead ferret on the floor that the undercover worker said was run over by an employee pushing a food cart. Jack Fallenstein, owner of Triple F Farms, declined to comment on the investigation when contacted Friday by The Associated Press. On its website, Triple F says it is a family-owned and operated company that has been raising fun, fabulous, furry ferrets since 1985. PETA said the farm supplies ferrets for sale to pet stores, research labs and universities around the world and domestically including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which has signed more than $1.5 million worth of contracts with Triple F Farms since 2006. The animal advocacy group filed formal complaints asking federal, state and county investigators to look into alleged violations of animal welfare and protection laws, medication compounding and handling regulations, and worker health and safety rules. David Sacks, spokesman for the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, said inspectors went to Triple F on Aug. 29 after a meeting with PETA. The farm has three weeks to appeal the USDA inspectors' report, which will not be made public until that process is complete, Sacks said. A message left Friday the Bradford County district attorney's office was not returned. Pennsylvania Agriculture Department investigators received the complaint and were looking into it, spokeswoman Samantha Elliott Krepps said. Ferrets are sometimes used for teaching medical residents to insert breathing tubes in premature babies and in influenza-related research because they are susceptible to the same strains of flu as humans. In addition to the video, the undercover worker's written report describes ferrets denied food and water and dying in barns as hot as 110 degrees; hundreds of newborns left to die on the ground after falling out of their cages; and ferrets of all ages designated for euthanasia left for days in a small cage without medical care. Methods of disposing of newborn and young ferrets included burying them alive in feces and throwing them into an incinerator, the undercover worker stated, while others were intentionally killed by workers stepping on them and running them over with feed carts. The report states that the worker, who was employed at Triple F Farms from April to August, did not once see a veterinarian or veterinary technician visit the facility. Before they are shipped out for whatever purpose, these ferrets are sterilized and de-scented, Nachminovitch said. This is a surgery our investigator witnessed being performed like an assembly line by lay people with inadequate procedures, with the same dulled razor blade being used over and over again, with inadequately anesthetized ferrets waking up and being held down. PETA submitted the undercover worker's video and journal entries to a veterinarian whose practice specializes in helping animal shelters and animal control facilities manage ferrets and other exotic pets. The vet, Susan Brown of Rosehaven Exotic Animal Veterinary Services in Illinois, concluded in her report that the ferrets at this facility have experienced inhumane and cruel conditions including poor sanitation, hyperthermia, improper handling and spaying procedures that were seriously below veterinary standards. Ferrets whether injured or ill with a variety of diseases were often left to suffer their fate until death without benefit of medical care, Brown wrote, including pain management or have their suffering relieved by euthanasia.
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3, Report #1126459
Feb 25 2014
02:34 PM
J.P.Davis Animal Abuse, Puppy Mill Irmo, SC Irmo, sc
This woman runs a puppy mill. Where you and I see sweet puppies, she sees dollar signs. I tried to talk to her on the phone two times about this, both times she acted completely out of it/ drunk. Before buying from this lush, I suggest going to her puppy mill and seeing it for yourself. It is absolutely terrible and appaling. She should be put out of business, she is the epitome of inhumane. She even told me that the dogs bite and kill each other when they are in the same pen....repulsive.  
Entity: Select State/Province
4, Report #732664
May 24 2011
01:20 PM
Pilgrims Pride Hatchery Larasso ( Larry ) Acuna Animal Abuse, Pultry Abuse, Animal ruelty, Internet
I worked at the Pilgrims Pride Chicken Hatchery on the 7000 block of highway 7 east in Nacogdoches, TX. When I first started I noticed abuse of the chickens right off. Healthy chickens being killed for no apparent reason under the management of Larasso( Larry) Acuna. Baby chicks are thrown into the hopper. Also the machine hurts the baby chicks & leaves them in pain, some without feathers, some covered in a goo, but most are disoriented. Aslo when they get the baby chicks out of the incubators, at times theres healthy baby chicks on the ground & they roll the incubator carts over some of the chickens, haming their legs, feet & at times right over the tops of their heads, what baby chicks survive that & are in pain lay there till a cleaning crew comes in & throws them away like trash, many are still in pain at this point. Aslo when they wash the crates that come back from the farm after they dump baby chicks at the farm, ocassionally the baby chicks ae cooked alive by the hot water of the maschine that washes the tubs, noone disposes of the chickens or treats them properly. The are supposed to follow their own culling of the chicken rules to prevent such things from happening but they do not.
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5, Report #1099134
Nov 13 2013
05:30 PM
Olympic Animal Sanctuary Deplorable conditions Fork City Washington
 Steve Markwell makes thousand of dollars when people send him their dogs to live out there life on his farm This dispicable being doesn't feed them much nor cleans their tight spaces !!!!Let's close him
Entity: Fork City, Washington
6, Report #1042671
Apr 12 2013
04:25 AM
Animal Kingdom Puppies-N-Love Found the reputable breeder online Glendale, Arizona
I received an USDA inspection report dated Jul-18-2012 when I bought my 13 week old female English Bulldog puppy this past Saturday April 6, 2013 from Puppies-N-Love (formerly known as Animal Kingdom) in Arrowhead Mall (Wescor Shopping Center) located in Glendale, AZ.  I found out Wescor will not be renewing Animal Kingdoms lease once their lease runs out because of numerous client complaints. The sales rep at the facility promised me that they did not get their puppies from a puppy mill. My friend Jess was with me as my witness at the time of purchase.  I took faith in the sales reps, Ashley #151, words and bought the puppy for $4,557.98. Credit card down payment of $557.98 and UCFS (their financing source) financed me $4000 on instant credit approval.I reviewed the documents that they provided and I did a reverse search on the breeder Tim Miller located at: Rocky Comfort, MO 64861 and found a website titled Miller English Bulldogs- I noticed as of 4/12/2013 they have since taken down the website but they can be found on facebook,  My paperwork said my puppys sire was a bulldog named Shrek and the dam was a dog named Maria.  Two days after I bought my puppy I called the breeder Tim Miller (417) 456-2101 and left him a voicemail inquiring about not seeing a picture of the dam Maria anywhere.  My puppy is only 13 weeks old and her stated birthdate is 1/10/2013 and I know that female bulldogs usually have to have a C-Section to deliver puppies because most have large heads.  I googled mapped the location provided on my document and saw a covered facility and really nothing else no dogs roaming around at this reputable dog breeding facilities.  I was shocked to find the most expensive dogs they had for sale was priced at $2000.  I googled the breeders online to find consumer reviews and found no client feedback anywhere be it on the BBB or Ripped Off  I have on my phone a record of the time I called, I did notice the breeder called me 2 days later but left no voice message. I took my puppy to her first initial visit on 4/10/2013 to a specified vet hospital (within 5 days of purchase to ensure the 5 year guarantee on my puppy) if I wanted my first vet checkup to be free so I took her to one on W Glendale Avenue Phoenix AZ 85021 nd she had to be prescribed antibiotics.  I was told she has a contagious cough if left untreated.  My free vet visit cost me $90. I have two other dogs as well and so I was worried for their health.  Therefore I believe I was completely mislead. I have documentation backing up everything I have said except for the website because they have since taken it down. I am an avid dog lover proud owner of a 15 yr old English Pointer and 5 yr rescued Catahoula Leopard dog and now an English bulldog puppy. PS- I felt cornered because Animal Kingdom has in their contract a restocking fee of $2000 for any dogs returned.
Entity: Glendale, Arizona
7, Report #1164056
Jul 22 2014
11:20 AM
Sparky's Doggie Barn Dog Kennel, Pet Boarding, Animal Cruelty, Animal Neglect, Animal Abuse, Saginaw Michigan
I recently took my dogs to Sparky's Doggie Barn in Saginaw, MI, a pet boarding facility, and will NEVER recommend taking your pet there. They were only let out once a day resulting in one urinating the entire time in the kennel. They came home smelling like urine and covered in it. The blanket I sent them with was also covered in it. While the one dog was urinating in the kennel the entire time the other one was holding her bladder for 24 hours at a time. Resulting in a severe bladder infection. So not only did I have to spend money to board them, for them not to be cared for properly I also had to bath them again because they smelled awful and were covered in pee I also had to pay to get the bladder infection taken care of. While my dog has been suffering with this issue as well. I tried calling to see if they could do anything to resolve this or at the very least make sure they were aware of what had happened. The owner was nasty and all she could say was that it was my fault that I didn't realize my dog had a bladder infection and that there was no way for them to realize she wasn't going to the bathroom because there was pee in the kennel. So they must think that caring for your pet means to let the dogs to go to the bathroom in their kennel and sleep in it for 3 days and only let them outside once a day. I highly advise against taking your dogs to Sparky's if you want them properly cared for. Never again will I put my dogs through such neglect. 
Entity: Saginaw, Michigan
8, Report #448996
May 05 2009
01:52 PM
P.J.Pets Animal Abuse and dogs from Puppy Mills Brampton Ontario
I have recently purchased a Chameleon and all the items need to care for it, from P.J. Pets in Bramalea City Center for $800.00. When I went back there after 2 weeks to buy food for him, I was told that he fell before I purchased him and that he was acting strange when he was there. When I confronted the manager there to see why I was not told this when I purchased him, her response was if I would have told you, you would have no purchased him. Just goes to show how much they care for the animals. Needless to say, my Chameleon died 2 months later. I ended up going back to the store with him and demanded a new one. They gave us another one but this time, he was sick from the beginning and only lasted a month until he passed away. When I called them to tell them this, the gentleman from their head office, told me that I must of killed him. This is not my only problems with P.J.'s. Everytime I go in there, the dogs are sitting in their own poop with no water and no food. Being and animal lover, I ended up calling the O.S.P.C.A. on them and the lady that I spoke with confirmed with me that they get their dogs from puppy mills and don't care for them the way they should be cared for. She said that they just rip people off with the prices and that their goal is to close them all down. Please don't support them by buying animals there. You will only end up with a very sick animal and a large vet bill. Go to a breeder and pay half the price for a healthy one. Daisykiss1980 Brampton, OntarioCanada
Entity: Brampton, Ontario
9, Report #1235581
Jun 14 2015
05:34 PM
Aberdeen acres Animal Abuse Winchester, Virginia
 Aberdeen Acres - animal/pet boarding kennel. One of our pets died at this facility in 2004. As a result, my wife and I filed a formal complaint with the State of Virginia, but nothing was ever done by the authorities. Aberdeen Acres should have been shut down long ago to prevent harm to citizens' pets.
Entity: Hedgesville, West Virginia
10, Report #428591
Feb 26 2009
12:25 AM
Patricia Rockstroh - PENNY LANE, Animal abuse & cruelty Ft Atkinson Wisconsin
Animal cruelty! Pat made us travel to get our dog we thought was to be ours which wasnt and it was so ill the vet said alot was wrong with her to get out of the contract she made my wife and i drive clear to tomahawk Wi to drop off the dog this is clearly sick and wrong Allen m EXELAND, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Ft Atkinson, Wisconsin
11, Report #776962
Sep 14 2011
11:49 PM
Timothy Helser Animal Abuse, Phony Dog Trainer, Compulsive Liar Brookville, Ohio
There are already many people who know how bad this guy is and I want to add another opinion.  He has a long record of animal abuse investigations.  He burned dogs dead bodies and kept them in cramped unsafe unsanitary conditions allowing them to be infested with parasites and even starved dogs.  He does not own any property of his own for dogs to live.He tries to get free dogs and hoards them, lying to rescues and saying he is a K9 trainer when he has never done anything of the sort.He is a phony trainer who lies about accomplishing things with dogs.  To everyones knowledge he as absolutely zero accomplishments in dog training.  He is a pathological liar.  He has been caught in lying countless times.  He has a long criminal record, the scum of society like your average criminal.  Actually, he would be below the scum of society because of the abuse of innocent animals.
Entity: Brookville, Ohio
12, Report #211504
Sep 18 2006
07:09 AM
Selkirk Shelties - Beatrice Bentley Animal Abuse and False Reports Chickamauga Georgia
This party has been found to abuse dogs in several states. They have done this abuse in front of individuals that are now terrified to come forward to protect the animals due to threats generated by this party. Animals have been received from this party with broken ribs and jaws not to mention mental damage in at least 4 states and one province. This has been reported to the SPCA and they are investigating. This person also filed false reports against several breeders at the AKC and CKC that have been proven to be false in nature. All the investigations have been dropped. Due to a disagreement with one party this person was subjected to almost 13 months of harassment of a criminal nature by this person being reported. A Criminal harassment case has been filed against this party as August 2006. Her son Donald falsified being a puppy buyer and subjected the person to criminal harassment as well. This person and her son have spread false lies and rumours all over the internet regarding Islewind Perm. Reg. - Bonnie and Judy of Ibok Shelties. A Small claims court action has been started and will be finalize the week of Sept 20th. The party subjected to the 13 months of harassment of a criminal nature will have won the case. One of the Parties Being Abused My City, AlaskaU.S.A.
Entity: Chickamauga, Georgia
13, Report #973623
Nov 26 2012
04:44 AM
Robert Joesph Heidt Killed a Dog Through Animal Abuse Port Orchard, Washington
Daniel Joseph Heidt, 25, of Port Orchard was sentenced to 45 days in jail for holding down and beating to death an elderly 13 year old dog.  The dog, who was left in Heidt's care, had panted.  This angered Heidt, who felt the dog's panting disturbed his sleep.Witnesses said that he held down the dog and repeatedly beat it.  The dog died. The veterinarian who examined the dog said that the dog had been hit so hard that it displaced her heart. Daniel Joesph Heidt was previously convicted of bank robbery in 2010 at age 23. 
Entity: Port Orchard, Washington
14, Report #968829
Nov 13 2012
08:24 PM
Michele Anderson Landahl Chippewagal Animal abuse through Abandonment Battle Ground, Washington
Michele Anderson Landahl Abandoned 7 animals, moved out of her house and left them. I Was able to give a home to two of them, one cat & one dog. I had to take the other 5 to the shelter, luck has it that we have one of the only No Kill shelters around, they will keep them until they are placed in a good and appropriate. Michele claimed to love these animals and even joined causes for animals on her Face Book site, which by the way is gone or name changed. She left these animals without a thought to their outcome in life; she did not care at all. I don't know about anyone else but I find this despicable and down right Animal Abuse. Michele Landahl you had an obligation to help place these animals considering you took them in. Animals depend on us and we take the responsibility when we adopt them, however they come into our homes they are our responsibility. Michele you ran out and left a cat you had for 18 years, Bukka was given to you for Christmas by your friend and you abandoned her, again, despicable, and just a plain lousy thing to do to these poor animals. If I had not done the foot work and taken them to   West Columbia Gorge- No Kill shelter their fate would most likely been very dark. You NEED to think about that, I think you are a creep for doing such a horrible injustice to these most beautiful dogs & cats. I hope you suffer like Karma as you deserve to. Enough for now. If anyone else has thoughts about this please, chime in.
Entity: Battle Ground, Washington
15, Report #1098220
Nov 09 2013
05:52 PM
Bullyvard Bullyvard, The Vard,,Manstoppers Crooks, Puppy Millers, Animal Abuse Sacramento California
Entity: Sacramento, Select State/Province
16, Report #1314935
Jul 04 2016
06:13 AM
redwood apartments animal abuse west valley Utah
The matience ppl. at RedWood apartment was caught abusing animals at peoples apartment.They will go into your apartment without your permission.  They charge $800.00 for a studio.  The offrice is so rude.  They will not fix your wall unit.  The summer is so hot and the winter is so cold in your apartment.  The offifce will not fix it.  I also saw the maitmance ppl. smoke weed while they are working.  Don't move here.  The RedWood Apartments is the worse place to live.  The maitnace ppl.  abuse animals:(
Entity: west valley, Utah
17, Report #1074367
Aug 09 2013
06:33 PM
paltalk paltalk lets people abuse animals online ny New York
Paltalk lets people online abuse animals live on webcam for 1000's to see.
Entity: ny, New York
18, Report #761425
Aug 05 2011
12:46 PM
Timothy Helser Animal Cruelty, Dog Trainer, Dog Boarding, Animal Abuse, Liar, Scam Artist Brookville, Ohio
While I can't stop blaming myself for not trusting my gut feeling about Timothy Helser from the first day I met him and doing my due diligence to research this man PRIOR to him almost KILLING my dog, I've decided to try to move on by sharing my story so hopefully the next person who does meet him and gets that same something just doesn't seem right feeling and turns to the internet will see this most recent account of what he has done to not only my dog, but my entire family.Recent is actually an understatement. And he will know exactly who this is based not only on my screen name, but also on the timing of this post as it was just 2 hours ago that a police officer had to accompany my family to Timothy Helser's home to retrieve my dog from his care only to find that he was being kept in the most deplorable and unsanitary conditions you can imagine and had a skin infection covering his entire body, which was easily noticable due to him no longer having any fur. We took our pet directly to the nearest veterinary hospital where he was imediately put on an IV and antibiotics, but not until after he was put on the scale to be weighed where we learned that the 89lb dog we turned over to Timothy's care for boarding just 60 days ago now weighs just 63lbs. In addition to feeling terrible for leaving our pet in the care of someone who obviously did not care for him properly, I can't help but keep running the math through my head of how we were billed (an paid) over $800 to reimburse Timothy for vet visits (which we were told had his skin infection totally cleared up a month ago and now he was just on one more month of maintenance antibiotic/steroids) and also being billed for $60 bags of dog food, which supposedly he was going through two 50-lb bags each month. In no situation does 200lbs of dogfood in 2 months attribute to a dog losing 25lbs. AND, at no time were we told that our dog's skin infection was getting worse (as I said, he told us it was better and almost cleared up with any fur he'd lost from scratching himself growing back) nor were we told our dog was sick in any way, losing a ton of weight, or being kept in a filthy cage filled with urine, feces and vomit. The vet is estimating he will need to keep our dog for 2 - 3 weeks to monitor him IF he makes it past the next 48 hours. IF!! As I said, in addition to blaming this man for what he's done (and taking the proper legal actions against him) I am also mad at myself for not turning to the internet to read all the similar stories others have posted over the years until now. Luckily my family realized we needed to remove our dog from his care when a red flag went off 3 weeks ago when he stalked us for a payment that wasn't due for another 20 days and threatended to keep our dog for breach of contract. It was bizarre behavior and made me wonder what was really going on that he needed that money so desperately and would even mention us not getting our dog back EVER. Additionally, he wouldn't send any pictures or videos of our dog as promised and cancelled an appointment with a family member who flew into town just to see the dog. I don't know how this man sleeps at night but he better say a prayer tonight that our dog makes a full recovery or the additional $8,500 that we paid for our dog will be added to the lawsuit my lawyer is already preparing and a posting on ripoff report will be the least of his worries. And Timothy, if you're reading this, the fact that you had a nerve to send us a text while we were in the Vet Hospital with our dog threatening to get your lawyer to sue us for the $296 we supposedly owe you for food (that you obviously weren't feeding our dog) and prescription medicine for the dog's skin (that you obviously weren't giving our dog) is the only part of this situation that is funny at all. Feel free to give your lawyer my direct line.
Entity: Brookville, Ohio
19, Report #547423
Dec 30 2009
01:04 PM
Friendly Animal Hospital Dr. Tran Please Be CAREFUL TAKING YOUR ANIMAL HERE IT MAY RESULT IN DEATH !!! Internet
On December 22nd 2009 i had a grooming appointment for my beloved dog bentley. I usually have him groomed at petsmart. However my finance found a new vet Friendly animal hospital. There was a coupon in the penny saver it was 40 dollars cheaper then petsmart so we wanted to try them out. I got off work went home picked up my dog and arrived at the hospital at 415pm pacific standard time. Bentley was new to this hospital so i had to file some paperwork. While waiting in the lobby some children were playing with bentley. This is not unsual bentley loves children as well as people. Bentley was adopted from the humane society on November 22 2008. He was the dog of the month for several months. And everyone who ever encoutered bentley loved him. Petsmarts records indicate that he was a very friendly dog as well. After the paperwork was complete, I was asked to walk Bentley into the back and place him in the cage. This did not feel normal usually petsmart walks him into the back. Being young i just looked at this as a different company different procedure. Ten minutes later i arrived home as i pulled into my driveway i recived a phone call from friendly animal hospital. The vet tech was very dramatic and says that Bentley was being aggressive and i needed to come back right now. When i arrived Stepanie the groomer who check bentley into this facility had a very small band aid on her nose. She then cliamed my dog bit her in the face. At this point i was very skeptical because Bentley is a pitbull and he does not bite nor does he even bark. And if this is accurate it would not be a little scratch that looks like it was done by a fingernail. There would be severe wounds. Before i could get into that. They told me my dog got out of the facility. He somehow made it through Four doors out into the lobby the outside. I ran out to my car and started to look for my dog. i was driving through the neighborhoods in the area and could not find him. A good year tire man found him five minutes later dead in the street he was hit by a car. Animal control was at the scence the took him back to friendly animal hospital. My finance arrived just seconds later devastated. (this was like her child). He then told my finance that he was going to be put to sleep anyways. And that his head needed to be cut off to check for rabies. How could someone say that to a family in this situation. WE LOVED OUR DOG. He was not considered property to us he was family. Friendly animal hospital is not very friendly when it comes to covering their mistakes. I am filing a suit against this company for neglect and wrongful death. They will be punished. If you are trained professionals you need to be able to handle a dog in any situation even if he was agressive. Which everyone is completely sure he was not. They will not provide us with the medical records or video they have in thier faclity. Simply becuase they know that my dog did not bite this lady. Besides that fact if you are in fear of an animal are you supposed to mussel him?? not let him get out of your facility and killed. Please animal lovers do not make the same mistakes i did. Or you will go to bed every night wishing you took him to petsmart.  
Entity: , Internet
20, Report #1165406
Oct 18 2014
06:33 AM
The RSPCA stepped in last year to evacuate on an emergency basis over 140 abused and neglected animals from the Animal Welfare League at 6 Hooper Street Ipswich, Queensland. Freezing cold concrete floors with NO bedding; filthy bowls of water but what was very concerning was to see dogs barking incessantly whilst being a mere 3m from the cat enclosure.  The dog enclosure housed up to 4 dogs in in a small fenced in wire enclosure (cell like) in a dormitory style in a garage.  YELLOW FOAM EAR PLUGS are in abundance for visitors to the animal shelter so that you do not get hearing damage from the incessant manic loud barking.  The slat aluminium windows were open with no screens - facing DIRECT into the cat enclosure which also had its aluminium slat windows open facing the dogs!  The cats were frightened and with their sharp hearing - well I do not believe they would have any sharp hearing anymore; as they would be deaf after an hour of being exposed to the incessant LOUD earsplitting barking of the dogs from the dog enclosure.  STAFF COULD NOT CARE LESS.  My partner and I complained and was told to contact the Ipswich City Council.  Despite having a running yard; the dogs are enclosed inside day and of course night.  CRUELTY TO THE UTMOST.  As for people living in the adjoining streets - I have no idea how they tolerate the incessant LOUD barking; but I did notice all windows closed and doors shut - IN THE MIDDLE OF SUMMER!  There is a newspaper article also on this welfare league if you google ANIMAL WELFARE LEAGUE IPSWICH RSPCA.  This SHELTER SHOULD BE CLOSED DOWN PERMANENTLY as it is AN ABUSE SYSTEM OF ANIMALS - TORTUROUS SURROUNDINGS FOR DOGS AND CATS.
Entity: Ipswich, Other
21, Report #1269380
Nov 20 2015
08:15 PM
Dilworth Small Animal Hospital Dr.Sarah Nelms and receptionists Kala and Melisa SUPPOSED Animal Veterinary May Have HARMED MY LITTLE DOG'S EYE Tupelo Mississippi
The Veterinarian Amd All Workers At This Small Animal Clinic Apparently Knew and Were Familiar With a Dog Walker who Undoubtedly Harmed My Little Shelties Eye; and Lied And Cheated To Protect This Woman Who Had Harmed my Little Dog's Eye.  The Only other possibility is that someone (xx) at that Dilworth Clinic (Tupelo, Mississippi), Harmed My Little Dog's Eye.  My little dogs and I are all alone....and no one else was with or nesr us.  We were all alone otherwise...and one of these is guilty...but All Are Guilty Because they've lied and cheated and told us to leave for doubting and questioning them  as  they are All completely guilty.  One of them obviously harmed my little Sheltie's eye and they're obviosly protecting a tramp who harmed a beautiful little dog's eye.  Less than a week before my little dog showed up with a permanently harmed right eye, which showed up coincidentally at Dilworth Small Animal Hospital where I'd left him overnight (Tupelo MS.)...Less than a week before I'd gone off by telling this dog walker (as did happen), that some tramp in Saltillo, Mississippi, had Blinded my last little dog's they did...and I told her that the population of Saltillo, Mississippi, was all nothing but the DREGS of Humanity.  This angered the tramp dog walker who lives in this Saltillo, she harmed my little dog's eye just as that Tramp from Saltillo Mississippi had done to my last dog years ago.  Obviouly The Population of Tupelo, Mississippi and especially Saltillo Mississippi Are TRAMPS and nothing else.  One or more who harmed my beautiful dog's eye; and the rest Lieing Cheating To Protect Them.JUST TRASH here nothing else!!!!Anyway:  My little Beautiful Shelties are Left Helpless in their Old Age As All These Poor Excuse For Veterinarians and poor excuse for people are connected in business so NONE of these lousy TRAMPS will treat my little Shelties for Liver Disease AND other Physical Necessities.Several Years Ago there was a Stray Dog running free right in front of their Clinic; and though they acknowledged seeing the dog running around out there, they ignored the dog adamantly and did absolutely Nothing to help the poor dog.These people are the SCUM of the earth!!!!All they care about is themselves!!!!They care absolutely Nothing about Any of these poor animals!!!!
Entity: Tupelo, Mississippi
22, Report #143463
May 20 2005
11:38 AM
Dtownstaffy ripoff Harperwoods Michigan
I purchased a Staffordshire bull terrier from Dtownstaffy on December, 11th 2005 and I was promised that this breeder was a reliable breeder that was registered with the American Kennel Club Association. And that the puppy that I was purchasing would have all its papers. When I received my puppy she had no papers. I called the breeder Dino Kotsonis of look magazine he said he would send my dogs papers in 10 days. It's been 6 months and he has never sent my papers nor does he answer my calls. Please don't by any dog from him unless you want to get ripped off Donnie Brooklyn, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Harperwoods, Michigan
23, Report #213004
Sep 27 2006
11:03 AM
Hillside Kennel ripoff Adrian Georgia
Hillside kennel selling sick ckc and akc puppies. I bought the maltese puppy for my daughter. Imagine to my surprise that having my daughter clean up after her puppy also put her health in danger. 4 days after purchasing the puppy, the vet diagnosed giardia, which can be spread to humans and other animals that you may have. Rhonda mcdonough, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Adrian, Georgia
24, Report #660657
Nov 10 2010
11:15 PM
bahuaka bad people Venice, Florida
To everyone asking questions about bahuaka or the puppy shoppe  in Venice,Bradenton and Tampa.I worked as a stare manager in Bradenton and i left because things starting getting out of hand. I would be missing paperwork that i know i had in my store and lee would call to tell me the papers were there.This is when i first thought they were doing things that were not good for business. I quit. the only thing i missed is Lee paid everyone every 2 weeks and she paid all of us with cash. They never took out a penny in taxes to any of the employees. If you come across breeders with havanese pups. DOUBLE check.Lee breeds and sells this breed.She claims to have the best around.  I see that they opened  new stores/names and closed. There was also a lot of money going to jitters cafe' in bradenton,They left there and moved a little bit down the road on rt #41. i was under the impression that lee bought into the store to help them with money.It was after this when i left.   OK now the BOMB ! Do a check for Lee's last name and a accident with 2 people dieing (mother and child burned to death) I am not sure of the year but it was on Dale Mabry. Her son was on prime time tv with Cathy Chung. They had a big rig behind the Bradenton store 1 day and interviewed Lee's oldest son. that is all i will say about that.feel free to contact me(((ROR redacted)))  CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Venice, Florida
25, Report #760824
Aug 04 2011
10:36 AM
Pap's Poultry Poultry Breeder Internet, Internet
Pap's Poultry overpromises, underdelivers, tells lies and the list goes on and on.  I honestly can't believe this guy is still in business because the number of people he's ripped off is in the hundreds.
Entity: Internet, Internet

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