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26, Report #929955
Aug 20 2012
02:22 PM misleading, scam, dog abuse, pet death Internet
My family and I got our Doberman, Brooklyn, from 5 years ago. When we went to go pick her up from the airport, she was COVERED in dirt! It was caked in her eyes, ears and nose. The end of her tail was not properly cut leaving it exposed as well as her dewclaws. We paid $700 to be insured that she was from a breeder, well little to our surprise, when I took her to our vet, 85% of her stomach and intestines were covered in bacteria and coccidia which is commonly found in puppies that come from puppy mills. Sure enough, the breeder wasn't a licensed breeder and was in fact, a puppy mill. Once we told, they did refund our money for the dog however, her whole life has been a health battle. She ended up developing pancreatic problems which she is now on $110 a month medication PLUS special food for 4 years to keep the enzyme that breaks down the nutrients in food from in her body since she cannot produce that alone. In just the last year we have found a cheaper form of the medication. Before we found out about that, she was going to the vet/emergency room once a month because she would have uncontrollable diarrhea and vomiting. We had to feed her rice for a good 4 months before all the testing showed it was her pancreas. Now being 5 years of old, we just took her to the vet because she is in liver failure. We are hoping that we caught it in time to fix it but this bill will be close to $1000. Totaling all of her medication PLUS the special food she was on for a good portion of her life the grand total comes to $12,685.76...WOW is all I have to say. This dog has become a part of our family and I would never regret getting her, she is such a sweetie and a furchild to say the least. The bills however keep on piling and I would like to know where is now. This letter may not get very far but just a sounding board for our frustrations. Please keep Brooklyn in your thoughts and prayers. We still don't know if she is going to pull out of this one...
Entity: , Internet
27, Report #193689
May 28 2006
08:05 PM
Skip Chip ripoff Acworthacworth Georgia
this individual shot and killed our pet dog, an syberian husky our dog is fenced in, he was 2 years old, weighed approx 45 lbs was a family pet, we have grown children, and small grandchildren from infants, 2 years old and 4 years old. our dogs name is Bo. Bo would never bit a human, not even if human threatened. he did however get out of our fenced in area and attack a cat. the cat owner took his cat to the vet. he did not know we were dog owner. we put out flyers for dog missing, Bo never been away from home overnight before. cat owner seen flyer informed us his cat was harmed by our dog, I told him i would pay all damages, ask about our dog, he informed me that his neighbor shoot and killed our dog, I ask his name, he said his name was Skip Chip. I informed him i would seek to file charges against the killer, he told me he would come over to collect the money for his cat. He informed dog killer that i knew of his murder. the killer came with cat owner to ask me to drop any charges, i said no. We paid the cat owner and told him we were sorry. The dog killer in his own defence said our dog threatened hid Black lab full grown dog. I ask him was your dog hurt in any way, he said no, then why did you kill our dog, he stated his kids were in his house and afraid to go outside, ok, smart to keep them in not knowing if dog was a threat, we know he was not. Problem, he decided in all this to go get his gun, load it, then shoot and kill our pet. Stray dogs come into our yard on a daily basis, our dogs are fenced, so we shoo them away, sometimes they dont go right away, we just leave them alone, they eventually leave. I ask him has your dog ever gotten away, he said yes, several times, how would you feel if i had shot your dog, he said he would be mad!!!!! My two year old grandaughter cried, said why did the man kill BO, he is a good dog, is he bleeding, then she started calling BO, as though he would come home. No, he will never come home, the killer after killing him burried the evidence, he did admit it after his neighbor told us. He never called, only came after finding out we knew he did it. want us to just drop it. Is there any justice? Dwayne acworth, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Acworth, Georgia
28, Report #1152365
Jun 05 2014
10:32 AM
Petland Pet Store Novi Michigan
We bought an Italian Greyhound from Petland in April of 2005. She was already 4 months old.  Later that year she was diaginosed with Perthis disease. She had to have surgery removing the top of the leg bone from the hip. Her leg know longer attached to her skeleton.  A breed born to run.  Petland did agree to give us another puppy and/or a credit to the store of $1,400.  They stated that they wouldnt get from that breeder anymore.  Yet they still get there Greyhounds out of Missouri.  Apparently there are thousands upon thousands of puppy mills in that sttae.My dog is now 9.5.  At the age of 8 a different vet asked me if I was sure I have had her since she was a puppy. She shows signs of a 12/13 yr old dog!  No one wants to hear this!  I want my baby to live as long as she possibly can. She gets the best of everything!  I know that she is a product of inferior breeding.  Petland will tell you that they don't get puppies from puppy mills. They will show you all there pretty picutres of dogs on grass playing with children.  You don't have 100+ adult breeding dogs that your playing with everyday.  I know their caged their entire life just to make money for the breeder & petland.  Its acutally animal abuse and I can't believe I contrubuted to it by purchasing from this store.
Entity: Novi, Michigan
29, Report #1090066
Oct 07 2013
11:00 AM
Sergeant's Hartz Toxic Products Omaha Nebraska
Do Not Use Sergeant's Products!  I applied the Sergean'ts Silver Flea & Tick squeeze-on to our one year old  dog. This dog is not just a family pet, but is also my son's service dog. She has had flea treatments before as a preventative, and has never had an adverse reaction, therefore none was expected. However, she quickly became violently ill from this product. We are very lucky that I recognized the symptoms, and acted quickly. There is No excuse for such a caustic product to still be on the market! 
Entity: Omaha, Nebraska
30, Report #1046716
Apr 27 2013
02:49 PM free kittens for adoption Internet
I saw an ad on their website. I entered NC and Alamance Co came up; there were several amazing free kitten ads... all had papers, shots and microchips and were Ragdolls, Persians but I have wanted a Birman and there it was 3 Birman kittens! I replied by email and the person texted me and said the kittens were in TX and I had to send them $200. for transportation. I should have known all these free, EXPENSIVE breed ads were not true.  I asked them to call me and was told they couldn't because they were not at home.  The text had madonadiva on it??  I suspect the entire website, not just these ads.
Entity: , Internet
31, Report #1050994
May 14 2013
07:38 PM
DavetheDogTrainer Harassment San Diego California
I am a resident of the community of Kensington.  I have seen this man with his blue shirt attempt to train canines.  He harrassed me and my son and all the children at the tot lot by the library by using my Germany Shephard as a training tool to show off his training skills to his client.  If he wishes to instigate behavior that needs training in the dogs that belong to his clients, it would make sense to this man who claims to be a professional trainer to take this dog to an area where dogs may be trained freely without harrassing a dog tied to a fence.  Many of the residents witnessed this incident and commented on his comments towards me when I politely asked the man to train the dog elsewhere.  This man has no tact and should not call himself a professional.
Entity: San Diego, California
32, Report #1331578
Oct 04 2016
12:56 PM
Frayercreek yorkies Puppy Mill Grand Ledge Michigan
Hello, Here is where it all started My daughter wanted a puppy so we started searching  for the perfect puppy, we saw an ad online by FrayerCreek yorkies about yorkie puppys we called the puppy she was selling had a hurt leg she also had a 6 year old Female yorkie Paris for sale she said she has people coming to look at them she called back to say the puppy was taken but paris the 6 year old yorkie was up for adoption, the day we planed to see paris the had a appointment so we had to hurry there upon arrival she let paris out to greet us she came out scared with her tail between her legs we went in and asked to see a yorkie puppy but instead she came out with a black and white Chinese Crested Powder Puff born September 18th 2015  saying that was her last puppy and last time breeding Chinese Crested Powder Puffs she never offered to let us see the puppys parents or where the puppy was staying the Pup was $400 non reg  we signed a 7 day heath gerentee   but with no contact number we took the puppy then she left to her appontment. Willow is now a healthy  happy Boy so thankful we adopted him from that place. PLEASE DO NOT GET A PUPPY FROM FRAYERCREEK YORKIES
Entity: Internet
33, Report #1278254
Jan 05 2016
08:30 PM
vomventuraland a backyard breader Moorpark California
here is my story to add to the many i have read. i found this breadder on a puppy site for sale .i contacted her i wanted a puppy for my daughter's 10 birthday. i called her and we arrange to meet after I payd her $400 thru paypal she came to Nevada to bring the puppy so i have saved the shipping cost (she told me) after i really did not want the puppy anymore she insisted to bring the puppy to me,we meet and as soon i see her I was worrythat I have made a mistake. the puppy was dirty and she forgot to bring me any documentation no vaccines devormed or garranties for the puppy (it should come with 1 year ) i payd her another $400 cash and agreed to send the rest  of the money after i recieved the documents (this was in April 2015) aftrer asking for many times escuses arised always she mentioned Her son not sure if ever esixted it was is faut for the documentsI brought my puppy to the vet with diarrhea she had Giarda and Coccidia under weight and she would not respond to your voice ...treated for the infections felt better a week later again she was sick with Giardia and Cocidia ears infectionsI noticed she was walking wird and i asked the vet to check it out she told me that she may have hips displasyashe as contacted me for more money wich i sent her $50.00 more and after that i told her that she sell backyard puppies and she should give me the money back since than she never contacted me again.the only thing i don't regret is to have taking this puppy from her ....She should Not Be in Business.thank you for reding my report 
Entity: Moorpark , California
34, Report #1339166
Nov 21 2016
10:17 AM
Tutor's Angles Disgusted Covina California
 I had a horrible experience with tutors angels. A small family owned dog breeder or so they claim. I saw their add on petfinder as I was looking for a second cavalier King Charles spaniel. I fell in love with the photo of the puppy they had available so I quickly called and set up a time to meet them the next day. The woman on the phone sent me an address to meet her the next day. It turned out to be a target parking lot, which she said was for safety reasons this seemed odd, but understandable. After waiting an hour she showed up with 4 different dogs. Two to a small cage. She claimed these dogs were pure bred and 11 weeks old. They were 100% not pure bred as I own a pure bred girl and they were bigger than she is now and she 2 years old. These dogs were covered in feces. Everyone of them, covered in poop!! She claimed they went to the bathroom in the crate on the 5 minute ride over. If you know dogs you know they don't go to the bathroom in a crate unless they've been in there for quite some time with no relief. On top of that she proceeded to spray her human perfume on the dogs to get rid of the feces smell. I asked to see the parents, she said she own the mother and her friend owned the father and she showed me pictures that were obviously fake and pulled off the internet. These poor dogs were obviously mistreated and were not full bred as she claimed! I wanted to buy one just to save them, but I would never support this woman! Do not contact this company they falsely advertise purebred dogs with stock images in order to make a bigger profit, and mistreat the animals they have!!
Entity: Covina, California
35, Report #138893
Apr 14 2005
09:18 PM
Jan Bellows Hometown Animal Hospital Dental Care Weston Florida forges Health Certificate for Pet shop Weston Florida
Here is a complain against : Doctor Jan Bellows DVM . Dr. Bellows' office Hometown Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic located in Weston Hospital Florida. This veterinary should NOT be allowed to practices anymore. He is forging health certificate for pet shops ( in particular Wizard of Claws in Pembroke Pines/ Fort Lauderdale/Florida). This veterinarian will not certify the puppy to be unfit for sale, and therefore you won't be protected under the Florida Pet Lemon Law. He will only pretend that your pet is fine to protect their interest . Well, guess why ? Who is the owner of the strip mall where Wizard of Claws is renting their shop ? It is Dr Jan Bellows ! I do not understand why he is still in business. He lied to my face pretending that my dog was fine and healthy when he was not at all, just because I bought my pet from Wizard of Claws. BEWARE !!!! For your information, this is PUBLIC record : Dr Bellows has many companies : Included some are just neighbors of the Puppy Boutique - Wizards' of claws I also heard that on : 9111 Taft Street where you can see an ugly run down Vet office , Wizard of claws is using this space as storage for their 100000 pets ! and also 2 stores down at the exotic fish store where Bellows is also the owner. PUPPY BOUTIQUE, INC and WIZARD OF CLAWS PRINCIPAL ADDRESS 9113 TAFT STREET PEMBROKE PINES FL 33024 Name & AddressTitle ANDERSON, GILDA 3431 SW 27TH STREET FT. LAUDERDALE FL 33312 P ANDERSON, JAMES 3431 SW 27TH STREET FT. LAUDERDALE FL 33312 ------------------------------- MIRAMAR PET CARE CENTER, INC. PRINCIPAL ADDRESS 9111 TAFT ST HOLLYWOOD FL 33025 Name & Address GOTTLIEB, BRUCE M. 125 N 46 AVE HOLLYWOOD FL 33021 Name & AddressTitle BELLOWS, JAN 7970 MIRAMAR PKWY MIRAMAR FL ---------------------------------- QUALITY-CARE ANIMAL HOSPITALS, INC. PRINCIPAL ADDRESS 4641 HOLLYWOOD BLVD HO HOLLYWOOD FL 33021-0015 Changed 07/09/1984 Name & Address BELLOWS, JAN (DR.) 9111 TAFT ST. PEMBROKE PINES FL 33024 Name Changed: 03/21/1986 Address Changed: 03/21/1986 Name & AddressTitle SANDBURG, MARK 1161 N.E. 169TH STREET N. MIAMI BCH. FL D SCHACHTER, STEVEN 4641 HOLLYWOOD BLVD HOLLWYOOD, LF 00000 ------------------------------ HOMETOWN ANIMAL CLINIC, INC. PRINCIPAL ADDRESS 17100 ARVIDA PARKWAY WESTON FL 33331 Name & Address BELLOWS, JAN DVM 17100 DAVIDA PKWY WESTON FL 33362 Name Changed: 05/13/2004 Address Changed: 05/13/2004 Name & AddressTitle BELLOWS, JAN 17100 ARVIDA PARKWAY WESTON FL 33331 PD BELLOWS, ALLISON 17100 ARVIDA PARKWAY WESTON FL 33326 VPD BELLOWS, DAVID 17100 ARVIDA PARKWAY WESTON FL 33331 ------------------------------ VETERINARY MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS, INC. PRINCIPAL ADDRESS 9111 TAFT STREET PEMBROKE PINES FL 33024 Changed 04/17/1984 MAILING ADDRESS 9111 TAFT STREET PEMBROKE PINES FL 33024 Name & Address BELLOWS,JAN 9111 TAFT STREET PEMBROKE PINES FL 33024 Name Changed: 04/17/1984 Address Changed: 04/17/1984 ------------------------- PEMBROKE KENNELS & GROOMING, INC. PRINCIPAL ADDRESS 9111 TAFT STREET PEMBROKE PINES FL 33024 Changed 04/17/1984 Name & Address BELLOWS,JAN 9111 TAFT STREET PEMBROKE PINES FL 33024 Laura Miami Beach, FloridaU.S.A. STOP! ..before you think about using the Better Business Bureau (BBB)... CLICK HERE to see how other consumers were victimized by the BBB's false or misleading information. Don't be fooled! It has been reported, when there are thousands of complaints and other investigations underway by authorities, the BBB has no choice but to finally give an UNsatisfactory rating to a BBB member business that is paying the BBB big membership fees every year. When a business is reported that is NOT a BBB member, BBB files WILL more likely show an UNsatisfactory rating, then reportedly shake down that company to become a member of the BBB. One positive thing about the BBB is, either way, if a business has an unsatisfactory rating with the BBB, you can be sure, the business is bad. But what about all those BBB member businesses that had complaints filed against them? Consumers never get to hear about them. What about the BBB advertising to the public? Is this a false and misleading perception they are giving about consumer confidence when dealing with a business? Click here to understand more of what consumers and business alike are saying about the BBB. You decide. ..Remember. The BBB membership is not earned, it's paid for!
Entity: Weston, Florida
36, Report #428610
Feb 26 2009
04:05 AM
High Peaks Animal Hospital Raybrook/Bangor Shoddy Veterinary Practice's Bangor New York
I found a stray cat who was severely malnourished. After 2 visits with this vet and $170.00 worth of basic service(ie. check up, shots) I ended up with a cat who had worms a week after she was tested and deemed negative and endured a needless surgery at another vet because this one charges $130.00 for a spaying while another I used charges $ 45.00. Not only was the cat made to suffer unnecissarily because of their incompetence but I was charged for a second office visit after being sent away from the first and told to come back when the cat was in better health and promised there would not be a second charge. It seems that they are unable to tell if an animal has been spayed or not because at the first visit they said she hadn't and they can't read their own notes as the vet said to come back in 3-4 weeks. But the clerk was adament that I was supposed to be back in 1-2 weeks. Thus the second charge. Also don't bother to complain to the managing parties in Ray Brook or Bangor NY because in their view if they give you any kind of service despite how poor or inaccurate there will be a full charge. They believe this is fair. Save your time, animals and money, go somewhere else! Hank malone, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Bangor, New York
37, Report #695773
Feb 15 2011
05:22 PM
Animal Refuge Center ARC Only looking at the money not the animals N. Ft. Myers, Florida
I want to report ARC for the animal neglect.  I have been out there many times to vol. and how they treat the animals is bad.  Sickness spreads and they don't take action to contain it.  They hire on a vet tech to basically not take the animals to the ER when it is needed they just let them die a horrible death.  It used to be a joyous place and now its so sad and cold.  I will not be returning or refering them to anyone looking for an animal.  They only want you to look at the animals they want you to adopt and try to force them on you.  You should be able to take all the time you need and pick out any animal young or old or on meds.  Very unhappy!
Entity: N. Ft. Myers, Florida
38, Report #172238
Jan 18 2006
03:45 PM
The Animal House - Diane M. McInnes Sold a very sick puppy to my husband and me BryanBryan Texas
We found Diane McInnes' phone number in the classified in the Houston paper. We were in the market for a small miniature schnauzer. We contacted her on 23rd of December and made arrangements to meet in Hemptstead,Texas to buy the puppy. Diane called said she couldn't make the meeting so we rescheduled for the following day in Magnolia, Texas. Met and bought the puppy. He had a skin problem which she called cradle crap! I think she ment cradle cap that babies get sometime. We took Sami home on the 26th of December and to the Vet on the 27th. Bought skin shampoo, and ear mite medication. Two days later we were back at the vets with a very sick puppy. Possible parvo and or distemper. He stayed there for nine days until he finally gave up and expired. We were so devastated. We had tried to call Diane from the first sign of the illness and had no response. Did get in touch with the vet she said she used on the 23rd for the puppy's well check. He said he had not seen Diane since Oct 12 and that was with a pug dog. We are out a lot of money on this puppy had to treat our house and yard for parvo before we could buy another puppy. This is truly a buyer beware. This was a sweet puppy we will miss greatly. The parents of Sami Diane Harper, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Bryan, Texas
39, Report #961363
Oct 28 2012
11:49 PM
Hope Animal Rescue New Jersey Sick Puppy From So-Called Rescue Milltown, New Jersey
I adopted my dog Blacky from Hope Animal Rescue, he came with papers stating he had been seen by a vet 1 1/2 weeks prior, I brought him to my vet for a checkup just to be safe. It was a good thing I did, this 3 month old 3 pound Shih-Poo had 3 different intestinal parasites, both ears infected and an eye infection. How can a rescue claim to care for these animals and supposed dire situations and allow this poor dog to be this ill. It seems to me that the real rescue is my home and we have rescued from this rescue. My dog is currently at the overnight emergency clinic, we are told for 2 days, he has been at the vet more then at his new home and I can only imagine how many people have trusted that this rescue was actually helping these poor animals when in actuality it seems they are doing nothing more then using another name for what they are which is pet store. It is appalling and very sad.
Entity: Milltown, New Jersey
40, Report #1153322
Jun 09 2014
02:21 PM
Ace Animal Hospital fraudulently put a family members bill in my name just to get a bill paid. chicago Illinois
My brothers dog was brought in by him to this hospital allegedly having seizures.  My sisters and I arrived hours later,  we weren't able to see the dog because she was put to sleep before we arrived by my astranged brothers request.  the dog was also created at my brothers request. My brother told them he didn't have money to pay the bill and to put it in my name. I never received a bill in the mail. They never asked for my id, I never signed any paperwork.  I just checked my credit report saw the charge.  Maureen at the animal hospital in a very condescending and rude. She told me it was not her problem.  I told her they would be reported. Don't trust this Hospital.  I still don't know what they did to the dog Cleo or what happened to her.  i did however pay for her ashes because my low life brother didn't have money for it. There are much better animal clinics in the area.  Don't risk taking your beloved pet here.  
Entity: chicago, Illinois
41, Report #1046119
Apr 25 2013
10:01 AM
Olympic Animal Sanctuary Steve Markwell Why can't we get inside? Investigate living conditions BEFORE sending a life or money. Forks Washington
Have you been inside?   No?   Take a hint.  Visit-go inside- any Rescue or Sanctuary before sending a life or money.  Sound too good to be true?  Do the math.  Think.  How can one person, house, feed, clean and rehabilitate over 130 dogs on 3/4 of an acre with no staff?   Of course, this is all alleged.   Do Hoarders Often Pose as Rescue Groups or Sanctuaries? Absolutely. Research shows many hoarders are beginning to set themselves up as rescue shelters, complete with 501(c)(3) not-for-profit status. They may appear to be sensible people, persuasively conveying their love for animals and readiness to take those who are sick and with special needs. Furthermore, the Internet appears to be becoming a great tool for solicitation. When looking to place an animal, it is easy for a person to get seduced by a pretty website. Caution people to look behind the curtain before giving over an animal. Here are several signs that a rescue group or shelter may involve a hoarder: The group is unwilling to let visitors see the location where animals are kept.** The group will not disclose the number of animals in its care.** Little effort is made to adopt animals out.** More animals are continually taken in, despite the poor condition of existing animals.** Legitimate shelters and rescue organizations are viewed as the enemy.** Animals may be received at a remote location (parking lot, street corner, etc.) rather than at the group's facilities.**
Entity: Forks, Washington
42, Report #1048450
May 04 2013
02:43 PM
VCA San Francisco Specialty Animal hospital Murder of an Assisstant Dog San Francisco California
  The San Francisco VCA Specialty Animal Hospital and particularly Dr. Craig Maretzki killed my dog trough criminality and immorality and this is the report of their crimes to America and to the history.
Entity: San Francisco, California
43, Report #1051894
May 18 2013
07:06 AM
Olympic Animal Sanctuary Dogs kept in filthy crates 24/7, dogs underfed, dogs not rehabilitated, too many dogs. Time to close your doors! Forks Washington
Open your doors and let people in!  Stop asking for money, and not disclosing where it goes!  Tell the truth--no one is hassling you, and you have no volunteers.  The animals are NOT taken care of.  Time for you to send those poor animals to other rescues, where they will be taken care of!
Entity: Forks, Washington
44, Report #1283539
Jan 30 2016
02:30 PM animal rescue This is nothing short of 'elder abuse'!! Edgewater New Jersey
She My husband and I are seniors living in northwest NJ.  On 1/14/2016 we received a call from Dawn of the mygrowl animal rescue in Edgewater, NJ about a Bichon Frise dog we had applied to adopt.  She set up an appointment for 1/16 between 9 and 10 A.M. to bring the dog to us and even offered to split the adoption fee into two increments to make it easier on our budget.  She said she would call again the next day (1/15) in case we thought of any additional questions we wanted to ask prior to meeting Toby.  We did not hear from her on the 15th and she did not keep her appointment on the 16th.  We waited until 11:30 A.M. and tried to call her.  She did not pick up and we could not even leave a message as her mailbox was full (and it has been ever since).  So we tried emailing her.  We waited all day and finally, that night, she sent a terse email saying she would have to 'postpone' because she was at the vet with another dog.  No apology for making us wait all day.  We would have liked to go visit our son if we had known the appointment was 'postponed'. We emailed and emailed after that date, asking her to please let us know if we were being considered as adopters. There finally was one response telling us what we already knew: she was at the vet, etc.  'Postponing' something would seem to imply that another appointment would be forthcoming.  We asked for that.  No response.   More and more emails to her (we lost count) and she simply refused to communicate with us.  Finally, yesterday (1/29/16) we wrote a strong message asking her to P L E A S E!! let us know what to expect.  This morning she wrote back telling us we are too old to adopt a 3-yr-old dog.  We should get a senior dog which would, in effect, die before we do because this 3-yr-old dog should never, ever be rehomed again in his whole life.  We assured her he would go to our son and his family if anything happens to us; and we don't want a senior dog because we can't face the heartbreak we just went through when losing our Bichon, Jordie, to cancer.  She wrote back and told us we are 'selfish'. This woman may be good with animals but she certainly lacks a lot in people skills. We would like to report her abusive treatment of us to other volunteers in that shelter but, as one site describes it, their address is hidden - no street address or telephone number available (except hers). She claims Toby will remain in his foster home but all the pictures of him on Facebook advertise him for adoption. Looks like she lies. We provided references and they confirm she never contacted them. So she really knows nothing about us personally; just seems to have made a decision without having any facts. She seems to run the whole show and someone needs to catch up to her shoddy treatment of prospective adopters, especially seniors like us.
Entity: Edgewater, New Jersey
45, Report #1212603
Mar 01 2015
03:56 PM
Vet Siobhan O'Neill, Access Animal Hospital Extreme Remissness Master Who Neglected Pet to Die Culver City California
Siobhan O’Neill is an Extreme Remissness Master Who Misdiagnosed and Neglected Pet to DieOur pet died as a consequence of Siobhan O’Neill’s master negligence, misdiagnosis (misdiagnosis is a direct result of negligence of course) and extremely unprofessional behaviors.Internal medicine vet Siobhan O’Neill is the vet whose mind and soul is in outer space. She never noticed any warning numbers on the blood test. Precisely, she likely never even read the blood test result. But simply based on the symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea, she thinks it is some stomach issue. But blood test tells more severe stories!!! She never read it to know it!! Of course for her absence of mind, the simpler the case, the better for her.She never pays attention, she never even inform pet owner things in details. Even at the critical moment of whether the pet has cancer or something more mediocre, she didn’t inform the pet owner on time about the lab test result, not even a call to explain important things in detail and laid out detailed treatment plan. The pet owner was left unclear what happens next to the pet: what needs to be done next; what is the short and long term treatment plans!Siobhan O’Neill’s douche facts:1. She said if the pet is not responding to the treatment, then we need to change treatment plan:When I told her several times I am highly concerned my pet’s condition and it seems the treatment is not working, she never changed the treatment plan or even showed any concern about it. She’d slowly respond with an email 1-2 days later, never a phone call, then briefly said something in theory and done. How ridiculous is this!2. At the moment I told her the pet is still losing weight, she told me let’s check weight in two weeks and see if the medication is working or not (while the pet is losing weight and the medication is not working; therefore why wait two weeks). This is how insanely absurd and unexplainable Siobhan O’Neill is.3. No matter how concerned you are and how much crisis there is, she acted like your pet is only having a cancer. Bet she rarely even look into the pet to gauge or concern about the real condition.Now I start feeling I am overly concerned about my pet. After all the so-call “expert” is not concerned at all. So I told myself to be easy and this seriously delayed the treatment plan and survival of my pet!!However I still sensed I have to take the pet away from her knowing the fate of the pet is perdition under Siobhan O’Neill’s hand. But still the delay and damage have been cost due to Siobhan O’Neill’s misdiagnosis and negligence and her unreasonable remissness.What is even more ridiculous and amazing, there are a few problems she diagnosed herself and then completely forget! She never did further exam or treatment on the pet. When two months after the pet has died, I went back to her to question the problems she diagnosed earlier and ask if they have been excluded already. She told me it is not and should be examed. Can you believe that the pet owner needs to remind a vet who forgot what needs to be checked-up. She then asked if I’d like to schedule an appointment. To remember my pet’s issue is difficult for her but if I reminded her, it is easy for her to just schedule an appointment and swipe the card, right? It is all about easy money.Siobhan O’Neill, karma is waiting on you. What you have done will be remembered and known by many many people (not just pet owner or related). All vets think they can do anything they want because they can hide it. We’ll see. Karma will take good care of you.Ps not just Siobhan O’Neill, this entire hospital practice remissness, negligence and mediocreness on a daily basis. They don’t have chart, an ER vet didn’t even fill out a medical record after seeing the patient. They forget problems they diagnosed themselves and left pet in jeopardy. When the pet is rapidly declining, they ignore the pet owner’s words. No matter how urgent the pet’s situation is, they treated it like nothing worse than a cold or cough. A front desk (an older very tall, skinny male with quite long horse face) is supposed to call another hospital for medical record at 8am but he was there chatting and joking, completely ignoring the pet owner standing in front of him by purpose.Why would all these happen? Because this is a very mediocre hospital performing remissness and negligence as part of their standard practice. 
Entity: Culver City, California
46, Report #1376604
Jun 01 2017
03:48 PM
all creatures animal hospital Ahmed Nisar rip off, animal abuse , license is on probation and set to expire murrieta California
STAY AWAY AT ALL COST!!!! *** LICENSE IS ON PROBATION *** and set to expire in july.  Highly unprofessional and a complete rip off. check out the reviews on their facebook. or try googling all creatures animal hospital Murrieta complaints this vets license is on probation and has at least 24 causes for discipline. YOU TAKE ADVANTAGE OF PEOPLE AND SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF. DO NOT COME HERE.please do not come here. not even if you are desperate. A 200$ additional charge to be present when you  animal is put down? on top of the $230 . YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME.  check out the reviews , total #animalabuse you should be in jail. The links are to California license look up and a valley news article with documented animal abuse do a search in first link for his name NISAR AHMED he is the owner and “ vet “ . he is on news article
Entity: murrieta , California
47, Report #163740
Nov 08 2005
08:56 AM
Christine Smith - Francis Smith ripoff, animal cruelty, con Chattanooga Tennessee
Christine Smith seems like a nice and professional person. I had bought a puppy from her that she gauranteed its healthor a free puppy. I recieved the puppy form her that looked healthy from her website. However, it was not healthy at all. Once I got it it had very bad diarrhea and was vomitting excessivley. I took it to the vet. The vet said that it had to get sick from her home from her dogs since it had not been exposed to any other animals in the short period of time I had it. So I had called her after I got off of work around 9 pm and she was very intoxicated. I told her that the puppy had died and I only had it for less than 24 hours and I wanted my money back. I was not rude or in a hurry for my money. She refused. She offered to give me a puppy by the end of the year. I was irrate. i decided to do some investigating on this woman. I called around and got some relatives of hers, numbers. I was told that she doesn't always breed the dogs herself! She will drive a few hours and find puppies that are registered for $200- $300 and resell them on the internet for $800. I also found out that she has had many dogs die from parvo, coccidia, and other outragious things such as chemical spills. Her ex-girlfriend had given me even more outragious information about her animal cruelity acts. She has over 8-14 dogs depending if they got puppies at the time locked incages or stuck out back running in their own fecies. Her and her husband get drunk and get them fighting. They also get their male Boston to hump their poor cat. They are sick and cruel people. Do not be fooled by Christine Smith. Debra Nashville, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Chattanooga, Tennessee
48, Report #361767
Aug 11 2008
04:47 PM
Elegante Groomer, Inc. Animal abuse and very unprofessional Belleville New Jersey
I've taken my dog to Elegante Groomers two times. After the first time upon return, my dog was crying and didn't want me to put him down. Unfortunately, I just figured he didn't like to get his haircut. I truly regret it. On 8/11/08, as I returned to pick up my dog, I witnessed an employee (who later claimed to be the owner) abusing a dog. She was holding the dog by the neck and slamming him/her down on the table and as she was lifting and shaking it, its body was banging against the leash pole. I then asked her if that's the way she treats all the dogs and she proceeded to scream at me and told me to mind my own f****** business and that the dog was trying to bite her. I responded by telling her that it was my business because I am a paying customer and concerned about how my dog is treated. We got into a heated argument (a screaming match) and I told her that I would not be returning and that I was going to report her to the BBB and the Humane Society. She continued to use profanity and told me that she didn't care and that she hopes I get killed by a car when I step outside. It's extremely upsetting to know that she thought it was okay to treat that poor dog like that. Not to mention how she treats her customers. Needless to say, I will not be returning, I reported her to the BBB and also to the Humane Society and hope that if someone else sees the abuse, they also report them. Judy Montclair, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Belleville, New Jersey
49, Report #579671
Mar 10 2010
08:22 PM
PETCO Abuse of managment position, providing services that arent performed, animal aggressive bathers,and discrimanation CEDAR HILL, Texas
the manager (mark bruesher) and assistant manager (lindsey curtis)run Petco ((#1401).  you have mark who is 50+ and lindsey who is 20yrs old. The way that store is run is horrible! they ignore policy and procedure and conform it to what mark wants, and he decides who it can benefit or hurt. The employee moral is run by fear and intimidation, meaning employees cannot voice nor state their opinions or concerns with management for fear of losing their job. This can be varified but won't be as the workers there need their jobs. petco is used as a personal storage facility for lindsey (assist man) for personal belongings till she moves into her new place. mind you the boxes are stored in the same room as the sick animals that are being treated, this is unsanitary and against COMPANY policy!       When this and other concerns were brought to the manager his response was I'm manager and i said it was ok  He has stated in the past to many that because he has been with the company for 15 years he is untouchable! really....that nothing will happen to him. Also if he doesnt like you as he didn't me he will find ways to get rid of you, and/or make working there uncomfortable. Out of the year and a half i was there in (grooming) he had shown that. I was called in his office many times for the following... I talk to loud, i stand wrong, I'm rude, I ask too many questions, etc... I have told him many times why don't you just mold me into clay and make me what you want me to be! Also i have no complaints from eaither customers nor other employees except from him. He lies, he covers up, he says one thing and does the other then when confronted he denies it. I have called his superior, (karin) nothing was done. then i called reginal manager told her what was going on (sally) again nothing done, then wrote to PTECO main head courters and still he is there and nothing has changed.        The next issue is the GROOMING department which i worked in for over a year. You have a bather there (Ariel Campisi) who has dog aggression. There was an incident where a husky type dog jumped off the grooming table she got angry and instead of asking for help to get the dog back on the table (he weighed 50pds) P&P states team lift is required on dogs over 40 pounds. She yanks him up by the lead around his neck and pulls  him back on the table. the other groomers and bathers saw this none said anything so i went to the grooming manager (jason clark) and told him about the incident also about how she ruff handles the dogs as she bathes them, trims the nails, and brushes them. She is always calling the dogs stupid dumb and loses patiences with them. She also charges  for services she doesn't do. IE: shedless, nail dremal, toothbrushing etc.. The customer is getting ripped off by having to pay 17-27$ for a service they don't recieve, and the customer is none the wiser. the customer service is horrible they arent truthful, and also the groomer mary there has been there for 6 years and has the same mentality as mark in that THE SALON WOULD'NT make it without her, and you will never get the truth because they all cover for each other.        Again animal agression is the same catagory as animal cruilty and yet she is still working there! I fear for the animals she comes in contact with as there are no cameras in the bathing area, and she is the favored one there. Other bathers have the same concern but are afraid to speak up. It is sad to think that this one store can give a bad representation of the overall company. Again they should change their slogan from PETCO WHERE THE PETS GO to petco were dogs shouldn't go.
Entity: CEDAR HILL, Texas
50, Report #811403
Dec 19 2011
02:40 PM
BAMBI'S HOPE RESCUE IS A FAKE RESCUE. IT IS NOT A 501C3 AND CANNOT LEGALLY SOLICIT FUNDS. IT IS RUN BY CON ARTIST KIMBERLY GLASNAPP AND HER CON IN TRAINING DAUGHTER CASSANDRA GLASNAPP. KIMBERLY GLASNAPP NO DOUBT PLAGIARIZED THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION FROM A  LEGITIMATE SITE. THIS IS FROM HER BAMBI'S HOPE RESCUE FACEBOOK PAGE. Bambi's Hope Rescue is an all breed dog and cat rescue. As part of a  huge network here in Southern California we are committed to saving and protecting the lives of stray and abandoned companion animals and ones at-risk of euthanasia. Company Overview HOW WE BEGAN In 2006 I decided to started noticing rescue efforts online and doing  what I could through local networking to help their efforts. In 2009 after many months of helping my rescue friends network shelter pets I noticed that good pictures got more exposure and attention so I began going to my local animal shelter, which happened to be the Orange County Shelter, and take photographs of the urgent and in-need animals to network them in social media outlets like Facebook and Myspace. ACCORDING TO THE RESEARCH I HAVE DONE AND MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE WITH HER. . . KIMBERLY PULLED DOGS FOR LEGITIMATE RESCUES AND SHE SPENDS HER DAYS CROSS POSTING PICTURES AND SETTING UP CHIP INS FOR DOGS AND KEEPS A LARGE PERCENTAGE OF THE MONEY SHE RAISES FOR HERSELF. THE 501C3 SHE PULLED GRACIE AND CHANEL (THE DOGS I FOSTERED FOR HER) WILL HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH HER AND FIVE OTHER LEGIT RESCUES STOPPED WORKING WITHTHE GLASNAPP'S AS WELL. SHE CREATED THREE CHIP INS FOR GRACIE AND CHANEL RAISING OVER $800 AND SHE GAVE ME A WALMART CARD FOR $165 AND  SENT ME $50 CASH THREE MONTHS LATER. SHE LIES AND TELLS PEOPLE SHE SENT ME BLANK CHECKS BECAUSE I DID NOT WANT TO HAVE MY NAME ON ANYTHING. THE WOMAN LIES ABOUT EVERYTHING. Description WHAT WE DO As an All Breed Dog and Cat Rescue, we rescue not only from local shelters that are high volume & high kill but also strays and rescuing animals from inadequate or abusive living conditions and provide them with permanent, suitable loving homes.. We make every effort to spread awareness about the injustices of animal experimentation as well as pet stores and puppy mills. OUR GOAL Our goal is to rescue homeless and death row animals and provide them with permanent, suitable loving homes. Our success has reached as far as Canada and Washington where adopters fell in love with a dog or cat through a photo, and before our eyes, we watched plans fall into place for the pull, transport and rescue of many animals who otherwise would have had no hope. I hope to be able to reach out to other LA and Orange County shelters, to provide them with the necessary resources and additional tools to network and save many more lives. With the involvement of photographers,fosters, friends and other volunteers we can make a huge difference. With all this in mind, I am preparing to apply for 501(c) non-profit status. Once obtained, we will be able to seek grants, donations, fund raise, as well as have the ability to pull and rescue animals immediately when a foster is available. If you are interested in contributing to our legal fund any donations can be sent to: WHAT KIND OF A PERSON DOES NOT EVEN HAVE THE MONEY TO FILE LEGAL DOCUMENTS TO OPEN A 501C3 AND IS ASKING PEOPLE FOR MONEY SO SHE CAN FILE THE PAPERWORK. IT IS CALLED GET A JOB KIMBERLY. KIMBERLY CANNOT EVEN PAY HER OWN RENT. SHE IS 45 YEARS OLD AND LIVES WITH HER PARENTS AND HER DAUGHTER. AND ALL THEY DO IS GET STONED ALL DAY AND CROSS POST ANIMALS.THEY WERE UNABLE TO FIND A HOME FOR GRACIE AND CHANEL IN SIX MONTHS. ANY LEGITIMATE RESCUE THAT HAS BEEN INVOLVED IN RESCUE FOR YEARS GETS HOMES WITHIN A MONTH AT THE MOST. SHE ASKS OTHER PEOPLE TO GIVE PICTURES OF THEIR RESCUED PETS AND PRETENDS THAT SHE GOT THEM HOMES WHEN SHE DIDN'T. We are dedicated to providing humane care and shelter for abandoned, abused and unwanted animals, finding them suitable new homes, and increasing public awareness on the responsibilities of pet ownership throughout the tri state areas. We also work to save the lives of cats and dogs slated for euthanasia at Animal Control facilities and Shelters. END MISSION STATEMENT. *** PLEASE NOTE Communication on the Bambi's Hope Rescue community web page is expected to be non offensive, respectful, helpful, cooperative, kind and positive. HERE IS AN EXAMPLE OF HOW KIMBERLY IS NON OFFENSIVE . . . ON HER BLOG THAT IS A MILE LONG WITH ONE LIE AFTER ANOTHER ABOUT ME UNDER A FAKE NAME SHE WRITES THE FOLLOWING. IT IS ACTUALLY A PERFECT DESCRIPTION OF KIMBERLY GLASNAPP HERSELF. Bea is a seriously a mental case, shes mean, yes racist, anti-Semitic, anti black, anti-male, makes a habit of terrorizing innocent people, estranged from all her family, ex-friends, etc, on and on. Ive had personal experiences with this horrible excuse for a human being. She just causes trouble with everyone, period. Verify her police reports, her personal breakdowns, maybe on meds or drugs. Cant keep a relationship.and people actually listen to her for advice, shes a fraud. You might say its sad, and it probably is, but shes so spiteful, bi-polar, menacing and downright mean and not so bright, its hard to be compassionate. I and we are very glad to be rid of her from our lives, but you should be aware, she claims to be a psychic and she give the profession a really bad name. Dont waste your hard earned money. Dont have her foster pets, she will be off-med whacko about EVERYTHING. Nothing changes Beatrice, does it. Oh, and the pictures she put on her websites, uh, taken when Nixon was president and when she was 74 pounds lighter, Bye, bye. AS HERSELF SHE WROTE THE FOLLOWING ... I HAVE TO SAY I WAS IN SHOCK THAT SHE COULD BE SUCH A VICIOUS LYING P.O.S. BUT THIS IS KIMBERLY GLASNAPP  BEING KIMBERLY GLASNAPP. She (AS IN ME) has made many outrageous claims against myself such as posing as another person on a made up profile to send her hate messages.She stated that she knew it was me because Jesus told her it was me. It certainly proves how psychic she is, because I have certainly never done such a thing and would really love for her to prove that it was me! This stuff is just everywhere on her along with her advertisements to sell her so called psychic services, whoring herself out like shes done since she was 14, , , right Bea? You thought it wouldnt get out? Thats all b.s. about being psychic sicne you were in your teens when really you asked a cell mate during one of your short stays in the county lock up for prostitution, to teach you to read tarot cards. She has never ever ever had a job in her life and shes no more psychic than Im a millionaire. Shes a wh*re and a con artist as well as eveyrthing else they all say she is. What a pig. I COULD NOT BELIEVE THIS HEARTLESS B**CH COULD WRITE LIBEL OF THIS MAGNITUDE BUT SHE HAS NO PROBLEM DOING IT SINCE SHE IS A LYING SOCIOPATH WITH NO CONSCIENCE. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It is understood that our mission sometimes evokes strong emotion for different reasons that may come across the wrong way. Please be mindful that written communication may be construed in a manner in which it was not intended or in a manner that was intended but that is not permitted on this site. (i.e.: If you disagree with a statement that someone has made, please disagree kindly & respectfully.) We are all in this mission together. We are all on the same team. YOU ARE ONLY IN THIS FOR YOURSELF KIMBERLY . . . YOU PROVED IT WITH GRACIE AND CHANEL THAT YOU COULD CARE LESS ABOUT THEM. YOU HAD A CHANCE TO REHOME THEM TOGETHER IN OCTOBER AND AGAIN IN DECEMBER BUT INSTEAD YOU SEPARATED THEM BECAUSE YOU ARE ON TEAM BITCH FROM HELL. *** VENDORS If you are interested in the possibility of teaming up with Bambi's Hope Rescue please do not leave a note on our wall as that detracts from our mission, which is getting available pups visibility for adoption (violation of this policy will result in deletion of the post and a  block). WARNING . . . KIMBERLY AND CASSANDRA GLASNAPP ARE NOT IN IT FOR THE ANIMALS . . . JUST FOR THE EASY MONEY OF SETTING UP CHIP INS AND USING SOME OF IT FOR THE ANIMALS BUT MOST OF IT FOR THEMSELVES. NEITHER ONE OF THEM AS OF THIS POSTING HAS A JOB SO HOW DO THEY SUPPORT THEMSELVES?? BY CHEATING OTHERS . . . OF THEIR HARD EARNED MONEY.
Entity: LA MIRADA, California

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