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1, Report #1362880
Mar 20 2017
12:42 PM
Antos & Associates, LLC A client from Clearwater hired us to help with a Medicare DME application and, after getting all the information, decided to ask for money back. Tried to get info and then get money back. Internet
Client paid for information to help get a Medicare DME certification, knowing once informaion is given that there was a no refund policy.  However, client willingly took the detailed information and then then wanted money returned.  I think they like to get theings for free without compensating vendors who provide services for them.  Over the many years we have been in business with hundreds of satisfied clients, this is the only complaint I have seen like this.  Dr. James Antos
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1274768
Dec 17 2015
08:11 AM
Antos & Associates ,, Mary J. Antos, Dr. James C. Antos Took Our Money and Provided No Service! Asked for refund and they said NO. Daytona Beach Florida
We had hired Antos & Associates to help us with our Medicare Billing and Insurance Billing. We had hired him over a year ago. We received NO SERVICE, NO CALLS, NO COMMUNICATION and NO FOLLOW UP since payment. He had referred us to someone else WHO WE ALSO PAID and that company was very helpful. HOWEVER, once we were finished with that company, we realized that Antos did nothing but we paid him nearly $1000. My office manager had done all the work herself with no help or communication from Dr. Antos or his wife. We called to request a refund. Their excuse was that we should have called THEM. They had said once a code was given, we can't get a refund. NO CODE WAS GIVEN. Then they had the audacity to THEN give us the code. I don't know what the code is or for what reason but NO SERVICE was given. We demand a full refund. We will not stop letting everyone know about this rip off/scam that was pulled until a full refund is completed. Since my time is now being wasted on this, it's possible I will seek compensation for that as well if not completely refunded immediately. It seems like a great business to get $1000 for doing nothing. However, it's not the way I operate and it's not the way I will allow any other business to operate.
Entity: Daytona Beach, Florida
3, Report #1425334
Feb 01 2018
12:38 PM
Evona Eva Antos Evona Zielinski Evona Radkowski Iwona Kaplonski 20K $ past due in child suport Chicago Illinois
Evona Antos willfully neglecting to pay her child support. As today she is over $20,000 in arrears and currently holds no visitation privileges. She refuses to give informations about current address and employer. She lives in Illinois. She is AA, has few DUI, criminal felony etc...
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
4, Report #894928
Jun 08 2012
05:18 PM
SBM Associates LLC, SBBM Associates LLC Norman Jefferson II and Eugene Smoak Stolen Debt Collectors tucker, Georgia
These are ex-cons that take debt that they are consigned and refuse to REMIT the proceeds to the rightful owners.  These individuals raise the amount of the debt to thousands of dollars for a $300 debt and violate the FDCPA as though they are above the law.   They sign contracts that they intend to breach and CONSUMERS need to be aware of the con so that they can arm themselves with the necessary knowledge that protects their rights.  Validate your DEBT.  They will take your credit card information and rerun the debt over and over.  They are theives of the lowest regard.   If you are a debt broker beware because they can delete their notations or simply not notate exactly how much they have collected. If you have business dealings be very careful that you are not their next victim.
Entity: tucker, Georgia
5, Report #911620
Jul 13 2012
02:00 PM
Citizens Information Associates, LLC extortion Internet
whomever is profiting from the posting of these mugshots should be prosecuted.  yes there are some who are guilty but what about those of us who are INNOCENT! In the process of googling my name pops up a mugshot from an arrest that was wrongfully made based on hear say, later to have been released and found NOT GUILTY of the charges. I then contacted the website that displayed the picture and asked how to have the picture removed because the info is slandering and in violation of my civil rights (and clearly not legal). i was then told that i either pay $68.00 or send in documents stating my innocence. once again this is clearly illegal and down right wrong.  how in the world is this company getting away with this. i was not convicted of any crimes and should not have to endure such embarrassment by the owner and affiliates of BUSTEDMUGSHOTS.COM whom after my detailed research have found them to be the criminals! to me this is extortion & SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!
Entity: , Internet
6, Report #525551
Nov 18 2009
08:43 PM
On 6/1/09 I hired this company to do a loan modification and paid $1495.00.  I have a contract and that states I will receive a 100% guarantee if not satisfied.  This is not TRUE!!! On July 7, I was notified by Rose from Fidler & Chambers that the modification was agreed upon with my current lender and my new payments would be $712.00 with 2%.  I was currently paying $1483.00 with 7.75%.  Needless to say I was very happy!  That ended very fast.  I kept in contact with Rose on a regular basis to find out when my lender would be sending the new contract, I was told it would take a few months but to continue to make my new payments, which I have the last 5 months.  Meanwhile I decided to drive to the office to talk face to face with Rose only to find out it was closed and kept trying to call the office number and no answer.  Finally got in touch with a Kim Urban and was told that Fidler & Chambers parted ways but she would be handling the cases for loan modifications.  What a joke!  I have left message after message for this lady in the last few weeks because I have received notice from the courts that my house is being foreclosed.  Make a long story short this place is a SCAM!  I want my money back because now I will need it to find a new place to live.  Is there anyone out there can help me with this?????
Entity: ORLANDO, Florida
7, Report #420861
Feb 05 2009
10:33 PM
Persels & Associates, LLC - CAREONE Credit Debt Settlement Scam Columbia Maryland
I got seriously ill in 2007 and had to have emergency surgery with no medical insurance... I struggled with bills, lived off credit cards until finally in September of 2008 I was desperate and started looking for a way out of my financial mess... I turned to CareOne Credit first, they took a payment from me of $426.00 on October 15, 2008 and I immediately started receiving refusal letters from my creditors (but amazingly never received any of my money back). Since my creditors refused their debt management plan, CareOne suggested I use their partners Persels & Associates, LLC a debt settlement plan. I was told that my creditors would be more amenable to this program due to the fact that it was run by attorneys. The way the program was explained was that I would make a monthly payment, they would send cease and desist letters, that I should not contact them or pay them, that if they contacted me I should give them the toll free number they gave me. Now my wages are being garnised $228.00 every 2 weeks, I have another creditor who will be garnishing me next. A third creditor that I pulled off of the list from Persels. I called Persels to cancel my service and they told me there was a $150.00 cancellation fee, and there is only $92.00 in my account. They took $258.00 on November 15, 2008; $158.00 on December 15, 2008; and $218.70 on January 15, 2009. Now I ask you, how come there is only $92.00 in my account? When I called them about the Garnishment they told me they couldn't help me, and it would take years before they could pay any of my creditors. Please don't use these people, you're better off calling your creditors and working with them personally. Honestly, Persels & Associates will destroy your life. Kathleen Gladstone, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Columbia, Maryland
8, Report #511608
Oct 19 2009
11:51 AM
Performance Marketing Associates, LLC MediColon Cleanse Total Ripoff Internet
I ordered a product from Performance Marketing Associates named MediColon Cleanse.  The product is no more than a laxative that costs 90 dollars a bottle.  When trying to cancel the order, there is a long phone wait and you do not connect to anyone after the wait.  All I wanted to do is cancel the order.  This is the biggest scam I have seen in years.  If it takes me weeks, I will eventually get this order canceled.  As the saying goes I may not be anyone, but I certainly know a lot of people, and believe me everyone I know will hear about this scam.  I am a healthcare worker and I will stay determined to tell everyone I come in contact with about this company!
Entity: , Internet
9, Report #360050
Aug 06 2008
04:46 PM
Graham, Noble & Associates LLC threatening and illegal collections practices Buffalo New York
At 9:533 am I received a phone call asking to speak to Tom concerning an urgent criminal matter with Maricopa County. I asked which Tom, my husband or my son. I was informed the person they were looking for was approximately 53 years of age. I responded that that was my husband. she stated that the matter concerned a ford escort. I told her I was unsure about the vehicle that she was referring to because I had had a stroke in 1999 and had very clouded memory for approximately three years after that. She asked again if I was admitting to the fact that we owned a ford escort during 1999 once again I said that I did not remember any such vehicle because I had had a stroke at that time. She then proceeded to tell me that they would have my husband picked up at work for obstruction of justice since I was being uncooperative. I became very agitated and asked if she meant that she intended to have him arrested to which she replied yes. I became very upset and demanded to talk to her supervisor. she kept going on about criminal charges and being arrested. It took about four requests to speak to someone else. I'm not even sure it was a different person because the voice sounded very much the same. The new person informed me that there was an outstanding balance due on this vehicle of approximately 25,000 because of late charges and penalties but they would settle for 9,000 if I paid them now. I asked for the details and she said she would have to call back because she did not have that information at hand. She called back about an hour later saying it was a ford escort she did not know year or model but the note had been signed July 1999. She said she had contacted the creditor and they agreed to a one time offer of 5,500 if I paid by Aug. 15 2008. I once again told her I did not recall the vehicle that she would have to speak to my husband. She said if he did not respond she would have him arrested. At no time did they identify themselves as debt collectors but they did suggest that they were with the Maricopa County sherrif's department. Apparently, they are not familiar to fair collection practices since they misrepresented themselves and were extremely threatening. Since then they have called twice so far once at 6:10 am and once at 6:36 am the next day. I have contacted the Consumer Affairs Office and apparently they don't have a license to do business in Arizona or at least they are not listed. I have filed a formal complaint in respect to their practices. He suggest i write them a letter to stop any future phone contact and send it return receipt. I spoke with an attorney who informed me that the statute of limitations for Arizona is four years and they were well beyond that. He told me to record any future calls and to keep a log. I was happy to see your site because apparently this seems to be their standard operating procedure. Hopefully something can be done about this company. Betsy peoria, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Buffalo, New York
10, Report #376387
Sep 26 2008
07:42 PM
Consumer Law Associates LLC debt settlement, consumer law Frisco Texas
This company is a lying, manipulating, joke! They leave out all the horrible details of what they are offering and how it really can effect you. Like settlements that you make with your creditor, any remaining balance not paid has to be claimed as earned income on your taxes!!! Might as well just pay the whole balance. That this process is a lot like bankruptcy and you can be hit with lawsuits form your creditors and they do nothing to help you! So why are you paying that retainer for the first 6 months? Oh yea to negotiate on your behalf to your creditors on a settlement amount. You can do this yourself without making that nice monthly payment to this company. Now what happen to me was that I was sold on this company during a very venerable time. They felled to inform me on a couple of key things when they were manipulating the info on their services. I was told not to have any communication with my creditors. I have no obligation to talk to them and inform them on my intentions. So thats what I do. I get a couple of letters form lawyers that are claiming that they now have my debt...I fax this letter to Consumer Law Associates, like I was told. Nothing! I finally get a email 6 months later with a toolbox to be able to use to stay connected with my services. I go on and I am looking at this agreement I electronically signed with them to find that I can be sued and there is nothing they with do unless I want to pay MORE money....Now obviously I am in a financial mess...I can not afford to be sued and pay even more to this company in fees and not toward the debt that I am trying to pay off. I look further to see that I have only saved a total of like something around $50 toward paying my debt when my payments total in something close to $3000.00. Now I am mad and am starting see the reality of this company. I call Consumer Law Associates to speak with some one. I will also mention that everyone has been overly nice and comforting up until this point that is. I wait like 20+ minutes to speak with a live person. Once I do she is nice to began with but that quickly changes. I explain to her that I want to cancel my services with them. She ask me why and I simply said that I am going to go about handling my debt in a different manner. She explains to me that I need to give written notice and explains to me how to go about doing this. I ask how the refund process takes place and thats when she keeps repeating the same must make written notice and include that you would like a refund that is all! Now they had no problem explaining how they would take my money but can explain how they may refund it? What in the world?!? I ask to speak to a superviser...everyone is out to lunch...yea right! I asked to speak with someone in the financial department but was told they would get to me within 60 to 90 days. WOW! I just can't believe that what they are doing in legal. I am now backed against a wall. I don't know what to do or where to go from here. I have to wait 60 to 90 days to probably only be refunded $50 on the almost $3000 I have paid this company. And I am still up to my head in debt and our economy is not getting any better. Renee Raleigh, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Frisco, Texas
11, Report #402225
Dec 16 2008
11:40 PM
Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC Liars and scam artists Norfolk Virginia
After going to Experian, and other services, I disputed any and all charges that Portfolio Recovery Associates were attempting to collect on. Apparently, no one there bothered to check with these services, as the charge was deleted from my credit report. My contention, in a nutshell, was that I paid down the debt, before closing the account, and when I went to close it, there was a substantial charge to my account. Since I have disputed the claim on my credit report, I've received a letter telling me that they are going to sue me. I think that is crap, and even illegal. Mike Canton, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Norfolk, Virginia
12, Report #394652
Nov 24 2008
05:17 PM
Stoneleigh Recovery Associates, LLC Illegal Practices For Contacting Supposed Clients Lombard Illinois
Some clown named Burks called my neighbor and told him he was trying to contact me. He told my neighbor that I had used his name as a reference on some application, when, in fact, I have NEVER used my neighbor as a reference on anything. Apparently, Stoneleigh Recovery Associates, LLC starts digging for information on neighbors and begins harassing them if they can't contact the party they are are trying to reach. Beware! Newo Wolflake, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Lombard, Illinois
13, Report #599030
May 01 2010
05:00 PM
Brown & Associates LLC Charles Jason Brown BUYER BEWARE Tiffany Springs , Missouri
I was a witness to the contract that attorney Charles Jason Brown signed with the first listed complaint here on Ripoff Report,filed by Black Dragon,who's real name I won't disclose. Black Dragon and I worked together,on the same shift,under the same supervisors. I do believe Mr. Brown signed a contract with my former coworker to sue ourLabor Union,UAW Local#710.    I saw the contract for myself!,and I scheduled an appointment to meet with Mr. Brownto possibly represent me too,due to retaliation,however I was turned down by Mr. Brownand I quote,BECAUSE I WAS A WHITE GUY,then I asked him,well how about going after the Union?,He then explained to me how he was not going to sue the Union afterall,because he didn't believe he would get a dime out of them,even though he knew that I knew he had already agreed to go after our Labor Union for my coworker,who's case Mr. Brown had already taken! So Mr. Brown was changing horses in the middle of the game without even notifying my coworker!,I knew Mr. Brown had changed his mind about his client before his client did,so as soon as I could I told my coworker what Mr. Brown told me about the Union.      I would recommend Mr. Brown,(two dollar lawyer) to all my enemies,that's A FACT!
Entity: Tiffany Springs, Missouri
14, Report #684173
Jan 18 2011
07:55 PM
Hewitt Associates LLC Aon Hewitt Human resource provider provides shoddy service Internet
Hewitt Associates LLC provides Human resources services to companies that don't want to do their own. Unfortunately they are terrible at it. I filed a claim against my medical savings account two months ago. After three weeks I was told that I missed the monthly deadline for filing although I had faxed in my claim two weeks in advance, after 40 days I was told that the computer had screwed up my claim and it would be anouther 10 days to fix it.No one seems to do anything at Hewitt until you call and prod them, then they come up with some lame excuse and some number of days to fix it. I have been dealing with them for a while and they have gotten progressively worse. Even their web site is terrible, it freezes constantly so that you have to ask for things three and four times before get anywhere. They are either overextended or incompetent. Either way it is a rip-off for the workers that have to deal with them.
Entity: , Internet
15, Report #838486
Feb 13 2012
02:26 PM
Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC Sears National Bank Mailed me a bill for $793.67 Internet
I received this bill from portfolio recovery associatiation, llc and so when I called them they could not nor would not tell me what the account was for, just said sears, then they couldn't tell me what address it was from. This bill is for nearly $800.00 (793.67) to be exact.
Entity: , Internet
16, Report #888843
May 26 2012
09:32 PM
SBM Associates LLC Eugene Smoak Owner VIOLATION OF FDCPA tucker, Georgia
Someone from SBM Associates llc collection agency calling you on your cell or landline and making threats? Have you gotten calls from SBM Associates during which their representative has harassed you with a lawsuit, or a wage garnishment, or a threat of criminal charges?  Has anyone from SBM associates ever tried to contact your friends, relatives, co-workers, or neighbors?  Has someone from SBM Associates LLC talked to anyone other than you about your debts?  Has a member of SBM Associates llc ever called your employer, or suggested that they were somehow affiliated with the government, or left a rude voice message?  Has SBM Associates llc ever left a voice message that did not properly identify the company as a debt collector trying to collect on a debt?  If so, then it is quite possible that they have violated your federal consumer rights.  And if that has happened, there is plenty that can be done to fight back against such conduct. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is a federal statute that regulates all collection agencies and debt collectors in their attempts to collect on a debt.  The rules and regulations found within the act are very straightforward and easy to understand.  But unfortunately, most collectors have a very difficult time obeying them.  If a violation of your rights does occur, however, the collector must pay you $1,000 in damages.  It must also pay for all of your attorney fees.  This is because you would not have had to engage a lawyer to fight for your rights if the collector had simply followed the law in the first place.  Thus, you will never have to pay any upfront (or backend) fees to an attorney to represent you.   SBM Associates LLC is a collection agency that specializes in the collection of past due debts that they purchase in large chunks for pennies on the dollar and bogus payday loans.  The company has offices in Georgia. Although dealing with the aggressive tactics of a collection agency that frequently violates federal law can be distressing, there is a lot you can do about it.  Find a firm is prepared to take on your case immediately, and get you the resolution you deserve.  The goal is threefold:  1) to get the debt collector to stop its unlawful collection activity;  2) to make sure that you get the compensation that you deserve;  and 3) to perform these legal services at no cost to you. Have the collection agency owe a debt to you with bogusw inflated interest charges.
Entity: tucker, Georgia
17, Report #908291
Jul 07 2012
10:09 PM
North Georgia Mountain Associates, LLC ework at home organization Blairsville, Georgia
This company has not paid me for the time period of May 18th to the 31st. Below is a copy of the final email to the company; I have been waiting and waiting for the pay due to me. There has been no word even though the email you forwarded to me stated that there was earnings due. I have not received the gross amount of $117.xx that the email proved I was due. The pay period in question paid me for May 16th, 17th and the 18th. This pay was $116.xx net. The gross amount of $117.xx was for May 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th and the 31st. You seem unable to comprehend this. I also feel that this matter was not of importance on your part. I wanted to remain employed but I cannot and will not work for an organization that takes such matters light-hearted. Therefor I have to sever my ties with North Georgia Mountain and Arise. I also will be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau against both organizations. I also understand that this will not get the pay due to me. I was instructed that I need to file a lawsuit in small claims court. This cannot be done as I live about 1,000 miles away. I had great hopes that you would have gotten this matter resolved to the benefit of all parties involved. I hate to feel the need to pursue such actions but I have been left no other options. You also only followed this up by using email which has not been success instead of corresponding with Arise over the phone. A phone call would have explained the situation fully. When Arise runs the invoice report, it only shows employees salaries for that given pay period and not any salaries for a previous pay period. I got this information from Arise and they stated that you would need to call them to have the matter resolved. The other reason that I feel you did not care about this matter is that Arise was to get back to you Monday or Tuesday. I have not received any information from you on this matter which can only lead me to the logical conclusion of a lack of follow up on your part. This has reinforced my opinion concerning a lack of customer service to an internal customer. This should be a priority and handled the same as you would for an external customer. I do not understand what else I need to do to have this money released. I also will be explaining this situation on any web site that publishes complaints against an employer in the work at home industry. This shall be my last correspondence to you and I hate having to warn other prospects against becoming involved with North Georgia Mountain  and Arise.
Entity: Blairsville, Georgia
18, Report #957123
Oct 19 2012
08:55 AM
Callahan & Associates, LLC My final journey Tonawanda, New York
To whom it concerns M Callaghan & Associates have called my place of employment and my home phone several basically within 1 minute.  I've call these jack@sses and have told them not to ever call me again.  However, they call the office AND left a message with one of the office staff members regarding account #...blah,blah. If I lose my job, I promise to all those who have been harass by this company that I will make a my journey to slowly peel their face one by one
Entity: Tonawanda, New York
19, Report #929899
Aug 20 2012
12:56 PM
Citizens Information Associates LLC aka;; countless others CIA Austin, Texas
Mr Prall and his associates operate under the guise of providing a public good. Yet many have been defamed by their services (, and countless others). There is no care as to the legal status of arrest records nor subsequent outcomes. My arrest record has been sealed for the past 5 years, only for me to be surprised by seeing this pop up on google. Mr. Prall and his associates are running a racket in which you pay to remove your photo from a specific site. All the while there is no guarantee that another site in their portfolio will publish the mugshot. Or you may pay to another of their portfolio companies that promises to remove your photo and search results for an exorbitant fee.  To Mr. Prall and his associates, I will came at you. And I am sure I am not the only person on your website you has been defamed (and countless others who have been scammed). Your service infringes on the liberties that are the foundation of our country. Ryan Russell - 2128 Sage Creek Loop, Austin, TX 78704 - (512) 851-7054  Kyle Prall, CEO. Citizens Information Associates 604 Nueces Austin, Texas 78701 CITIZENS INFORMATION ASSOCIATES LLC P.O. Box 171 Austin, TX 78767 Contact: KYLE PRALL Phone: (512) 961-1050 -Mohamed
Entity: Austin, Texas
20, Report #308413
Feb 12 2008
06:40 PM
Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC Alleged Old Credit Card over 15 year old Norfolk Internet
Approximately in Jan 2007, I received a telephone call from a Portfolio repdemanding payment for an alleged credit card debt from the 1980's. After several minutes, I told the rep that I did not that alleged debt and hang up.I never received a letter within 30 days concerning same. Approixmately, May 2007, I received what appeared to be a credit card statement from Portifolio showning a balance of approximately $2000. I mailed back to them the statement with a letter stating that I did not owe that debt and to cease contact. In Jan 2008, I received a Form 1099-C showing a cancellation of debt for $1948.27 which I mailed back to Portifolio requesting a corrected 1099-C and to cease contact.I am concerned that Portifolio will try to re-age an alleged old debt from the 1980's (per Portifolio) and ruin my credit. M Dothan, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
21, Report #1065834
Dec 09 2013
12:17 PM
Starr & Associates LLC Broker Oil & Gas Internet
 I am filing this complaint as I was hired by this company and fired the first day of work. I had applied to Bobby Starr and was reccommended by my former Crew Chief from Exterra Resources. I had waited two months and when not called I left for North Dakota to seek employment. I had gotten to Wisconsin when Melanie the Mother to the person I had been contacted by and she wanted me to start work the following Monday. I accepted and at the time I thought I was Land Negotiations and the night before and even then I was not told the extent of duties I was going to perform. I had run title prior but had not done Complete Abstracting. After working the entire day I advised Melanie the women who hired me I had never done full abstracting package prior. She stated then that if I had run 100 yrs of title no problem. Then about two hours later she sends mer an email telling me that I was fired. I had come all the way back to Ohio went to work and could have performed to the best of my experience but the deal was that I informed Melanie I was in Wisconsin. In returning I would have additonal costs, not to mention the travel. When I filed the expense report I was told to bad not paying. I wont accpt not being compensated for my mileage or time. I want my full pay $971.00 nothing less. I want this broker to never do this to anyne esle.
Entity: Internet
22, Report #1195850
Dec 16 2014
02:31 PM
Dynia & Associates, LLC Scammers Trying to get my info Des Plaines Illinois
I have been recieving phone calls from an Illinois number several times a week for the past couple of weeks. Today I finally answered. I really wish I hadn't. I spoke with a man who called himself Boris Roldan. Right off the bat, he asked for my social security number. I asked him what it was in regards to and he said that he couldn't tell me until I verified my information. I told him, I'm sorry but I need to know a little more about who you are and what this is about. He then proceeded to tell me my birthday, an old address, my parents information, and asked me to verfiy. When I wouldn't, he got pretty nasty to me. He said that if I wasn't going to make this easy then I had better call him back and I had 24 hours to respond. I again asked him what this was about and he said You know exactly what this is about. You have 24 hours. We went round like this for about 5 minutes until he was basically on the verge of yelling at me. I asked again who he was working for and what they did. He gave me the name of his company but would not tell me what they did. He simply said, just look it up. you know what this is about. So I looked up Dynia & Associates. Turns out they are on and they are guys posing as a collection agency. I don't even have any accounts in collections so its very suspicious. Not to mentiont the fact that the guy was super mean and rude to me. He was very aggressive in trying to get my personal info. Oh and when he spouted off an old address that my parents lived at, I said I do not live there. He then accused me of lying and hiding, moving around and not reporting to anyone where I had moved to. Ridiculous! I always update my info when I move. What a DICK. These people should be out of business. They are scamming people!
Entity: Des Plaines, Illinois
23, Report #969314
Nov 14 2012
05:46 PM
Triad Associates LLC & WWCM, INC Lawsuit papers at work Riverside, California
I have posted on other sites and even called a couple lawyers but can't get help. I got a call from this Triad company. The guy was a Bill Winser. Anyway he demanded money on an old credit card. I looked these guys up on the net and found some negative stuff. Anyway I never called him back. Then I got a call from Rob Davis and he said he was going to have me sued and he would call with the case info. I ignored him and next thing I get a call with a case number in San Bernardino Superior court. I went on the net to the courts site and found that I was sued. Also no where on the court site was there mention of Triad. I was neing sued by WWCM Inc. I did a WWCM search and found that they sue alot. The next day a rude guy showed up at my job and left legal papers even though he was told that my job didn't accept them. Is all this legal??? Need some answers as they won't return my calls.
Entity: Riverside, California
24, Report #1125742
Feb 22 2014
03:46 PM
Entity: Hamilton, New Jersey
25, Report #1130332
Mar 12 2014
08:13 PM
Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC Requested very personal information via USPS Norfolk Virginia
The following is a collection agency that has contacted me:D4 Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC PRA Disputes Department 140 Corporate Boulevard Norfolk, VA  23502 TEL:  8007721413They have contacted me on behalf of:Seller – GE Capital Retail Bank Merchant – PayPal Original creditor - GE Capital Retail Bank Balance at date of PRA, LLC purchase - $801.94 Date Account opened by Seller:  11/24/2011.  Note that this is only a matter of a few days after Paypal began to offer Bill Me Later for credit purchases!  I have NEVER used Bill Me Later nor ever will I under any and all circumstances because I have a very strict personal policy to NEVER BORROW ANYTHING EVER !!  I do not carry any credit card balance EVER.  I even paid off my mortgage early and have no car payment.  I always pay cash on the barrel head !!  This is very clearly FRAUD aimed at me by identity thieves !!  Of course I would not dismiss the possibility that GE Capital Retail Bank fabricated the records themselves. After all they are too big for jail, right? So, they can do anything that they want to innocent people to socialize their losses without consequences thanks to the mind boggling influence of the IMF.  PayPal has NEVER done anything with GE Capital Retail Bank, and neither have I. And, this is factually true whether we’re talking at some point in 2011 or up until today. It’s tough to ignore these facts. My Research on GE Capital Retail Bank reveals very recent massive FRAUD:CFPB Orders GE CareCredit to Refund $34.1 Million for Deceptive Health-Care Credit Card Enrollment Article dated  DEC 10 2013 WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is ordering GE Capital Retail Bank and its subsidiary, CareCredit, to refund up to $34.1 million to potentially more than 1 million consumers who were victims of deceptive credit card enrollment tactics.I am extremely reluctant to supply Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC with any of the very personal information they are requesting because of the following . . .  My Research on Portfolio Recovery Associates reveals extreme and persistent evil minded behavior:Ripoff Report - Reviews Scams Lawsuits Frauds Reported by Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC. Approximately 370 reports found with the most recent ones listed below with hyperlinks . . . 1, Report #1126314 Feb 25 2014 06:29 AMEnhanced Recovery Company, LLC Portfolio Recovery Illegal collection practices, multiple calls even after being advised individual unknown Jacksonville FloridaAuthor: Oak Hill, West VirginiaCollection Agencies: Enhanced Recovery Company, LLCJacksonville, Florida     2, Report #1122062 Feb 08 2014 12:27 PMPortfolio Recovery Try to collect debts already removed from credit report and that are over 12 years old. Also tried to collect from a 15 year old child. Norfolk VirginiaAuthor: Glendale, ArizonaUnusual Rip-Off: Portfolio RecoveryNorfolk, Virginia  3, Report #1120480 Feb 03 2014 12:21 PMcalvery portfolio recovery they never give their complete name i got your credit report in front of me unknown CaliforniaAuthor: longbeach, CaliforniaTelemarketers: calvery portfolio recoveryinglewoo, California  4, Report #1110718 Dec 26 2013 08:02 PMPortfolio Recovery I did not owe this money and Portfolio Recovery threatened and bullied me into paying only to have them slander me. Norfolk VirginiaAuthor: Springfield, VirginiaQuestionable Activities: Portfolio RecoveryNorfolk , Virginia  5, Report #1105617 Dec 09 2013 01:53 PMPortfolio Recovery This company has continued to call and harass for payment on a debt that was resolved in 2001. Norfolk VirginiaAuthor: Silver Springs, NevadaDepartment & Outlet Stores: Portfolio RecoveryNorfolk, Virginia  6, Report #1102197 Nov 25 2013 09:15 PMportfolio recovery associates harassing phone calls with bogus debt claims Norfolk VirginiaAuthor: benbrook, TexasCollection Agencies: portfolio recovery associatesNorfolk, Virginia  7, Report #1094786 Oct 26 2013 12:05 PMPortfolio RC Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC RIPOFF...FALSE ACCOUNT REPORTING Norfolk VirginiaAuthor: Longmont, ColoradoCredit Card Fraud: Portfolio RCNorfolk, Virginia  8, Report #1092841 Oct 18 2013 09:32 AMPortfolio recovery associates The company has harrassed about a debt over 10 yrs old Norfolk VirginiaAuthor: tacoma, WashingtonCollection Agencies: Portfolio recovery associatesNorfolk, Virginia  9, Report #1091992 Oct 14 2013 11:52 PMPortfolio Recovery Associates Trying to Pay My Debt Norfolk VirginiaAuthor: Dallas, TexasCollection Agencies: Portfolio Recovery AssociatesNorfolk , Virginia  10, Report #1090196 Oct 07 2013 05:08 PMPortfolio Recovery Associates in Norfolk, Virginia Attempted collection on bogus Capital One account Norfolk, VirginiaAuthor: New Brighton, MinnesotaCollection Agencies: Portfolio Recovery AssociatesSelect State/Province  11, Report #1090084 Oct 07 2013 11:40 AMPortfolio Recovery Associates Tried to collect on a non-existent 20 year old debt Norfolk VirginiaAuthor: MassachusettsCollection Agencies: Portfolio Recovery AssociatesNorfolk, Virginia  12, Report #1089345 Oct 03 2013 09:15 PMPortfolio Recovery Services Disheartening Interactions with Portfolio Recovery Services Norfolk VirginiaAuthor: North CarolinaCredit & Debt Services: Portfolio Recovery ServicesNorfolk, Virginia  13, Report #1087801 Sep 27 2013 11:24 AMPortfolio Recovery 914-595-7031410-575-1863404-719-4368859-586-9557678-275-8928 HARRASSMENT: calling for my daughter, refuses to mail any paperwork, denied they are a collection agency, guess they think I'm stupid! Author: La Vergne, TennesseeCollection Agencies: Portfolio RecoverySelect State/Province  14, Report #1085343 Sep 17 2013 06:43 PMPortfolio Recovery harasement They call me roughly 12-20 times a day wisonsinAuthor: green bay, WisconsinUnusual Rip-Off: Portfolio Recovery harasementSelect State/Province  15, Report #1081094 Sep 02 2013 02:31 PMPortfolio Recovery Associates LLC Saying my wife owes on a capital one credit card she has never had. Norfolk VirginiaAuthor: Arlington, WashingtonCollection Agencies: Portfolio Recovery Associates LLCNorfolk, Virginia  16, Report #1080763 Aug 31 2013 01:16 PMportfolio recovery llc got served, made payment arrangement, they accepted $50/month, and still going to court, I am unemployed disabled and can't afford $50 norfolk VirginiaAuthor: huber hts, OhioLiars: portfolio recovery llcnorfolk, Virginia  17, Report #1072541 Aug 02 2013 02:08 PMportfolio recovery group man claimed to be a leuitenant and threatened to serve me at work and home. the place was using my old married name. lakeview New YorkAuthor: Clinton, IowaTelemarketers: portfolio recovery groupLakeview, New York  18, Report #1068827 Jul 21 2013 07:22 AM  portfolio recovery associates harassing phone calls, constant phone calls, debt collector, norfolk VirginiaAuthor: loxley, AlabamaCollection Agencies: portfolio recovery associatesnorfolk, Virginia  19, Report #1063276 Jun 30 2013 12:38 PMPortfolio Recovery Non-stop calls after telling them My boyfriend never lived there, had to pay to move, now they are BSing about sending a proof letter so we can move Internet VirginiaAuthor: Nashville, TennesseeCollection Agencies: Portfolio RecoveryInternet, Virginia  20, Report #708387 Jun 18 2013 10:50 AMabc legal services thugs working for portfolio recovery associates process serving company that say they have served court documents and have not i cannot stress this enough beware they have offices nationwide riverside, CaliforniaAuthor: riverside, CaliforniaAttorneys & Legal Services: abc legal servicesriverside, California  21, Report #1057993 Jun 10 2013 03:21 PMPortfolio Recovery Trying to collect on a 12 year old cellphone bill. That's right a bill from 2001. Norfolk VirginiaAuthor: clinton, IowaCollection Agencies: Portfolio RecoveryNorfolk, Virginia  22, Report #1052421 May 20 2013 02:48 PMPortfolio Recovery Associates, Inc., Continued to make reconcilliation of account impossible. No proof they owned the debt. Norfolk VirginiaAuthor: issaquah, WashingtonCredit & Debt Services: Portfolio Recovery Associates, Inc.,Norfolk, Virginia  23, Report #1051847 May 17 2013 09:27 PMPortfolio Recovery Associates Fraudulent, Cruel and Unusual Punishment Norfolk VirginiaAuthor: The Woodlands, TexasBait-and-Switch: Portfolio Recovery AssociatesNorfolk, Virginia  24, Report #1049763 May 09 2013 08:51 PMPortfolio Recovery Associates Complaint Norfolk VirginiaAuthor: belgrade, MinnesotaCollection Agencies: Portfolio Recovery AssociatesNorfolk, Virginia  25, Report #1043638 Apr 29 2013 10:39 AM Dan Olcott - Portfolio Recovery Group llc PRG, , , Dan Olcott Collection Scam- They collect and don't pay owner of debt-Consumer beware Internet, New YorkAuthor: Internet, InternetCollection Agencies: Dan Olcott - Portfolio Recovery Group llcInternet, New York  Approximately 370 Reports Found Showing 1-25 | Showing Page 1 of 15         
Entity: Norfolk, Virginia

Approximately 41,438 Reports Found

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