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1, Report #14487
Feb 19 2002
12:00 AM
AOL False account information
I participated in the AOL free trail plan with the CD's that are circulated in magazines and computer stores. After the one month I cancelled my account. (Or so I thought). My phone bill showed up with charges to AOL at the same time that my DSL charges began with a different company. Needless to say Denise one of thier so called friendly customer service reps in billing at AOL, placed me on hold when I insisted on speaking with a manager about my refund on a service I never authorized. (and kept me there!) I am still trying to get my full refund because they are insisting that they can only refund two months back and I have four months of a boggus account billed to me. Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on AOL
Entity: Nationwide
2, Report #14113
Feb 14 2002
12:00 AM
AOL Theft
I called AOL in October of 2001 to cancel my service. I thought my service had been cancelled and never checked with my bank on it. A few weeks ago I was getting things together for my taxes when I discoved that AOL never stopped taking money from my account. I called to talk to them about this and they claimed I had been using it. I moved and did not have internet service of any kind and for half of that time the computer was in storage. AOL has stolen a total of $86.70, and at this time refuses to return my money. Feeling as though I had no other options I was hopeing I could find some help here.Thanks Mary K. D. Borden, Indiana
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #9404
Dec 17 2001
12:00 AM
AOL improper billing ripoff
I activated an aol account at my office at work and was told that I had 1000 hours free to use within a 45 day period. Ofcourse, after that 45 day period if I wished to continue with AOL a fee of $239.XX would either be billed to a credit card or drafted from my account. Because my boss does not use a credit card for business purposes he wanted to send a check immediately (before my trial period was even up) to AOL, but AOL has a policy where the amount can only be drafted from the checking account (I do not understand why we could not just mail a check since they weren't going to draft the account for 45 days anyways, and they would receive the check before that time period was up). Anyhow, I requested that the $29.80 monthly fee be drafted from the account as a lump sum (All 12 months in full after my trial period...pre-paid to them in other words) which came to the $239.XX fee I mentioned above. The customer service representative said that would be fine and told me the date when the $239.XX would be drafted from my account which was 45 days from that day since I was on a trial. I then deducted the $239.00 from the company checking account at that time as I didn't want to forget to do it in 45 days. So 2 months pass buy and I have a problem with reconciling some bank statements and really start looking through them. AOL has drafted $29.80 from my account (I was expecting $239.XX to be drafted as my boss specifically wanted it all in one lump sum). I call AOL and ask that my account be looked over to be sure proper billing is listed and wasn't. I then had to go online and change checking account information so that I could make proper changes and was told I would get 2 more months free (as I noticed mentioned in other posts about AOL). And that the $239.00 would not be deducted until after my 2 extra free months. What I can't figure out is how do they call it 2 free months when they've already taken $29.80 from my account one (not being refunded to me) and taking the full $239.XX out later? Looks to me like I'm paying the $239.XX for my one year of service and they've already got a mistaken $29.80 out for another month on top of it. I know it's not alot of money, but it's a matter of responsibility when you hold someone else's bank account information in your hand. Makes you wonder what these people are thinking. I'm anxious to see this month's bank statement.
Entity: Nationwide
4, Report #32012
Oct 08 2002
05:57 AM
AOL ripoff internet
i've been getting charged about a hundred dollars per month over and above the basic aol charge although i access the internet through a free server. i'm in europe, the netherlands, and so i don't see why aol is charging me as well as the phone company when i'm using a free web server. and from europe, i can't access aol billing to deal with it. each time i write to aol they tell me to go to billing and i write back and say i can't and so it goes. judith temporarily amsterdam, nl, New York
Entity: Nationwide
5, Report #143618
May 22 2005
07:39 AM
I swore I would never consider AOL for any kind of internet service, but then I experienced a moment of weakness and boredom. One quick look at a FREE offer for taking a survey could not hurt, right? WRONG. I started the survey and found the free offer for AOL as one of my choices to move forward and claim my free product. I checked the box and followed instructions which, of course, required a credit card. I filled it out, later promptly forgot I had to cancel and found myself two weeks later with a 23.95 charge to my debit card. WAIT, the offer was for a 9.95 add-on to my broadband account. I understand that I did not remember to cancel my account, so that mistake would then cost me 9.95. How it turned into 23.95 is anyone's guess. I called AOL, and they offered NO explanation. Simply put, the charge stood, and there was no one available to help. AOL is the premiere RIP OFF. By the way nothing is life is ever free, and the free products offered for completing surveys will end up costing you hundreds of dollars and no free product. This survey FRAUD must be stopped. Sheri Bolivar, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
6, Report #19098
Apr 18 2002
11:11 AM
AOL AOL ripoff San Jose Internet
I set up local access numbers for my AOL internet access.....and was upset to get an approx $120 phone bill with a lot of local toll call access dial ups from a location I had not included in my access setup numbers. My local phone co, Pacific Bell, says they get this complaint all the time from AOL customers....who are rerouted to available numbers even if this is not among the nhumbers they chose in their access setup. AOL insists I dialed this number which I sure did not. They point me to Pacific Bell for resolution. Pacific BEll points me to AOL. I have NOT paid the disputed bill and still have no resolution. My friend who used to be with AOL also had this problem...but with much bigger $ amounts. He just paid to avoid the hassle.The Pacific Bell technician who came to my home to check the wiring to make sure this problem is not a Pacific Bell problem also had this happen to him and is no longer with AOL. We need to get help to protect the public from this dishonest practice.Any help/advice from any of you would be welcome. Maria San Jose, California
Entity: Internet
7, Report #1022006
Mar 01 2013
09:40 AM
AOL AOL Account Canceled Internet
I was unable to log onto AOL and when I contacted them I found out there had been a TOS violation on my account. I knew someone had used my computer and sent an illicit email. However my account was terminated with no rescourse to retrieve my emails. Also there ws no warning. I've been with AOL for 14 years and have many emails and passcodes stored that I can no longer access. I'm wondering how I can get my account reinstated? Anyone else been in a similar situation and resolved it? My only solution right now is talking to AOL representatives in India that simply tell me my account is canceled.
Entity: , Internet
8, Report #1362373
Mar 17 2017
11:12 AM
AOL aol charging me Nationwide
AOL is charging me a fee of 4.99 i never asked for them and i don't want it i can't seem to get through to them to stop charging me
Entity: Nationwide
9, Report #1375699
May 27 2017
11:13 AM
Entity: Internet
10, Report #71579
Nov 11 2003
08:39 AM
AOL CREDIT Alert ripoff AOL Credit ALE Internet
To try to get your money back call 1-888-289-6318. This is a ripoff they somehow said I order it when I dropped one of my accounts 6 months ago>they used my debit card that should be private.This is what this company is going to protect HA!! Now it will take 10 to 15 days to get it back Rich N.H, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: AOL Credit ALE, Internet
11, Report #48762
Mar 11 2003
11:46 AM
AOL Rip-off Internet
This NetMarket stole, yes STOLE, $79.99 from my checking account. When I called to inquire they tried to tell me that I authorized this!! I have never even heard of them or their FREE TRIAL. They have agreed to refund my money however I had a check returned because of this fraudlent withdrawal. I have demanded my fee's that I have been charged because of them and they said I will get a response in 5-10 weeks. 5-10 WEEKS!!!! I have also discontinued my membership from AOL because any company that allows this to happen and aid them in aquiring my account information is NOT a company that I want to deal with. They tried to tell me that they do not take money without the proper authorization but I am proof that they do! I want them to be put out of business!! Sherry Angleton, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Trumbull, Colorado
12, Report #72367
Nov 18 2003
06:12 PM
AOL Internet & AOL Netmarket ripoff, Unapproved use of debit card Dulles Virginia
Last year AOL couldn't tell me where a charge on my checking account for $79.99 came from and therefore could not refund it because they couldn't find it. I was extremely busy and could not pursue the issue. This past June I noticed two debits on my checking account for AOL interenet services (one for May and one for June) which I had already cancelled. I called 6/24 to have it taken off. They would only take the last debit off, but didn't. In August I received another charge, they didn't charge me in July. I called on 8/15 they agreed to take off the June and August charge saying it would take between 2 - 15 business days. When it wasn't off by 8/27 I called back, asked to speak with a manager which they wouldn't let me do. The person argued with me saying it was my banks problem, they processed it on 8/15. I work with banks, it wasn't my banks problem. Again I asked to speak with a manager and was refused. Finally he said they had had computer problems and it would be processed the next day. I was finally credited on 9/5, it took 21 days! On 10/21 I rec'd a AOL netmarket cataloge which stated my membership was about to be renewed and if I didn't cancel they would continue with it. I realized this was the $79.99 charge I'd received the year before. I called back the same day I rec'd the cataloge and cancelled. I was furious, I wanted to speak with a manager because of all I had be through with the internet service and again they refused. One 11/13 my account was debited $79.99. I called on 11/14 demanding a manager but not given one. I demanded a refund immediately and was told the same story of 2-15 days which I exploded over. I told them I went through this with the internet service and was not going to deal with this again. They said they were not the same company. Then how did you get my debit card number?!!! I spent over an hour on the phone trying to get a manager and or at least a managers name which the person would not give me. He wanted to know why I wanted the name and I told him I was going to file a complaint with the Texas Consumer Protection Agency. After another 30min. he finally gave me a name. I still have not rec'd the refund, but I know how banks process these things and if AOL made it available to them on the 14th, the longest it would take is two business days. Most of my debit card transactions occur on the same day. AOL is such a rip off and it's disgusting that they are getting away with this. Not only are they ripping people off, their customer service sucks, I should be able to talk with a manager. They are also keeping customers money longer than is necessary. Dawn Austin, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Dulles, Virginia
13, Report #37242
Dec 05 2002
12:04 AM
AOL Identity theft by AOL Credit Alert; unauthorized deduction from checking account. dallas Internet
AOL Credit Alert sent me package that I called them and told them I did not want this service. Representative said it would be cancelled. Later, I received identical package again and I immediately called again to cancel (all before trial period ended). Another rep. apologized and said it would be cancelled. My banking account has now been debited $79.99. I will possibly have bounced checks and service fees because of this. I would like my money back. Please help (please no more fees). Ronald Dallas, Texas
Entity: Internet
14, Report #236261
Feb 17 2007
09:37 PM
TWX*AOL, AOL Unauthorized transactions ripoff New York New York
On my Dec 05, 2006- Jan 4, 2007 account statement, I noticed a weird transaction from TWX*AOL SERVICE in the amount of $25.90 on 12/12/2006. Then again on my Jan 5,2007 -Feb 4,2007 statement for $25.90 on 1/10/2007. I do not use or have never ever had AOL service. Never! But there was money taken out of my account for this service I never had. I have only used Road Runner service for the past year and have no use for AOL anyways. After reading a similar story on, I immediately went to my bank and had my check-card cancelled, and called the 3 credit bureaus to put a temporary fraud alert on my accounts. Since reporting the charges, I have receieved temporary credit to my account while the bank investigates. After doing searching online, I was shocked at all the horor storied I read about innocent people being ripped of by AOL! Now, I have received an AOL ACCOUNT REPORT from AOL in the mail telling me that my payment method is out of date and that my balance is $77.70 (probably for the banks reverse charges and this months bill) They want me to update my payment information with my new debit card. And I'm sure collector's calls and letters are not far away from what I've read with other people. What do I do now? I have no idea where to go and I'm sure they will start ruining my credit in the near future because of non-payment. How do I make them go away? My boyfriend is having the same problem too. We know they illegally opened accounts for us because we live in the same house, share 1 computer, and have never used AOL. So why would we have 2 different AOL accounts for a service we've never had. I don't understand how this happened and I don't know how to get rid of them. Something needs to be done-they've ripped enough innocent people off! Sarah Honolulu, HawaiiU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
15, Report #271870
Sep 01 2007
09:32 PM
AOL (TWX AOL SERVICE) Unauthorized charges on my credit card Internet
Without me knowing and without authorization, AOL has been charging $23.90 from May, 2003 to April. 2006, and $25.90 from May, 2006 to the present. TWX*AOL SERVICE has been on my credit card statement since 5/23/2003 and AOL has been charging $23.90 and $25.90 since then. According to the website of AOL, TWX*AOL SERVICE is for monthly membership fee. TWX*AOL SERVICE: This charge is for your AOL monthly membership fee. I have never been AOL customer and somehow they got my credit card number and has kept charging without me knowing and authorizing. Since a Japanese bank issues my credit card, credit card monthly statements were sent to my family's house. That's is why I have not noticed this charge until I actually attempted to cancel this credit card and checked what was charged. I am very upset against AOL's unauthorized charges. The fact that I kept paying interests for these charges without knowing made me more upset. I will call my bank and ask for a whole refund for these AOL charges. I will also ask for all interests paid for these charges, but I am not sure if it is possible. Osamu Brooklyn, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
16, Report #250491
May 26 2007
03:28 AM
AOL - NEUF AOL Ripoff Malpractice and dishonesty of Client Service Internet
As a long-time customer of AOL in UK I continued with them when I moved to France. On 5 February they cut-off my ADSL line without explanation but they continued to debit my bank account. Their Service Clientele costs 0.34 cents a minute with a minimum waiting time of 15 minutes. After many calls and many lies from different technicians I spent more than 100 Euros. They ignored registered letters, promised on numerous occasions to phone back when they had checked their server - but never did! One technician eventually admitted that they were having technical problems and that I never needed to buy the new modem I had bought at the insistence of another technician who was presumably on commission! I eventually cancelled the contract but as my letter, emails and phone call did not contain their exact wording they continued to charge me for a non-existent connection! In spite of several registered letters, I have found it impossible to make contact with anyone in a position of responsibilty. They refuse to investigate my allegations of improper conduct on the part of their employees. They refuse to give any explanation of why my service was cut off and why they continued to charge for their service. They are now threatening legal action for the recovery of penalty charges resulting from their delays and because I blocked their access to my account. The whole experience has been like dealing with a crooked, back-street operater. It seems that AOL in France has the same lack of business ethics as has been found in the USA. Presumably all of their staff are trained in the same methods. Bill BeduerFrance, Metropolitan
Entity: Internet
17, Report #1402540
Sep 26 2017
04:46 PM
AOL AOL Gold Performing the required upgrading to AOL Gold destroyed my AOL account Internet is requiring an upgrade to the 'new' AOL Gold from users. On its site, AOL states how easy this is to do. What they don't mention is that the 'upgrade' will destroy your AOL account. AOL claims they will no longer support the current version of the site starting next month, though users may still end and retrieve their emails. The Gold upgrade ruined my AOL account. At first, I couldn't get Google or any other search engine, couldn't perform the cut and paste function, couldn't type anything in the body of an email. I found a Customer Service phone number (800 -827-6364) and called for help. The 'help' process took over SIX HOURS of my day, it meant talking to five 'representatives,' waiting on the phone for twenty minutes or more at a time while being transferred, but I still can't type an email or send one or find Google search or any other search engine on the AOL browser. It's finally time to move on. Meanwhile, don't waste your time 'upgrading' to AOL Gold. You'll be lucky to even retain all your data. Most of the 'representatives' have only been employed at AOL for only a few weeks. Most are in foreign counries.
Entity: Internet
18, Report #121957
Dec 08 2004
10:39 PM
AOL ripoffed for 2 + years AOL Is FOUL Internet
Cancelled aol. Dsl that was never shipped, used or received. They continued to bill me for over 2 years said it was my fault for not reviewing my aol charges. Totally ripped off and basically told me to f myself that I can't do anything about it. AOL blows in many, many ways but their way of doing business if offensive and just plain wrong. G cape may, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
19, Report #66173
Aug 25 2003
10:24 PM
AOL Internet Provider ripoff,@ $23.90 2 X's a month!! AOL Internet Internet
I used a free 45 day disk from aol,in jan '03. I was looking for a isp that was cheaper since I am on fixed income. I bounced around w/free including AOL for a few months. I could not afford AOL and called to cancel my membership;I was told at that time it was a free trial I didn't have to cancel;I told her I wanted to make sure it was canceled..she said fine it would be taken care of. today I was doing something on puter and went into my bank account/it only went back to july 14'03......but aol has been taking $23.90 from my acc. since Jan'03 and an additional $23.90 they started taking out in april. the people i spoke to natasha and doug told me they could SEE the accounts had never been used. I was given cancellation confirmation numbers. I then called the cancellation department 3 times;first time i was cut off(this is after 1 hr.45 min trying to get there) then I got to hold for 20 min.and the man that answered said they were revamping system I'd have to call back;i asked to wait until system was up,since it was so hard to get thru and he said no. I told him what I'd been thru and wanted to speak to someone who could help me..he said call a lawyer and hung up. i then called again and got a womman after 22 min. wait she said thats tough if you don't have a confirmation letter or number thats too bad for me,they will not refund any $$ . I have been overdrawn regularly for a few months now,fixed income you know where every penny goes. I am disabled and cannot get around as most,so was unaware about AOL doing what they did until today. I was shocked they can get away with this.I can't spare the moneyand they owe me$23.9x8 plus $23.90x5. I am desperate to stop them.I canceled my visa card to stop them from using it. I will never never never use my card on computer again,and AOL needs to be sued in a class action law-suit.I am getting papers from ATT GEN for wa. and filing charges;as well as BBB. i am still over drwn and paid 9x$20.00 for cks the bank paid, and $375.00 in charges for nsf's on my account.....i am just sick. Social Security is not very much for disability and I need it to pay my R.E. taxes in Oct. I don't know what to do. don't use aol or you will get ripped off and they will steal your money.never give anyone your cc # or they will take advantage of has a way of doing that. Dorothy Chattaroy, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
20, Report #66175
Aug 26 2003
01:36 AM
AMERICA ONLINE (AOL)ripoff fraud Aol Internet
i purchased my Dell copmuter ,and with that purchase i was giving 6 months of internet which was aol. in may of 2003 i called aol to cancell my membership ,but my membership was not cancelled ,at the time i was traveling a lot in july of 2003 after reviewing my banck statment i notice there was a charge from aol of 23.90 . I tried to contact the billing departemnt of aol ,but for some reason they said ,they could not verify my membership ,thus they can not cancell , in july of 2003 to my suprise there was two charges of 23.90 one on 06-13-03 and another one on 06-18-03, all of the sudden i had two accounts , i was told not to worry we will crdt the acct ,,,,to make the story short two charges on july also ,and so far one charge on aug 15th ,,i was denied to talk to supervisor at aol billing ,,,,,,Now ,,,thats how this companies get rich ,,,,,if this is not fraud i don,t know what is Mohsen SAN ANTONIO, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
21, Report #70091
Oct 25 2003
04:56 PM
After several phone calls and waiting on hold, I was finally able to cancel my AOL account. I was curious as to why Time Warner dropped AOL from their name, and after some research and an article in the New York Times, I was convinced I wanted to get another service. Time Warner called AOL an embarrassment to their company, and cited reasons of unethical business practices. I am convinced that AOL thrives on fraudulent billing, and if everyone that tried to cancel the service the first time they called were successful, AOL would not be around. I have the same story as many others do, so I won't go into the details. My advice to anyone who wants to cancel AOL, be advised that it will not be possible on the first try. AOL is essentially a virus that is all but impossible to remove from your computer. When you make the decision to cancel, make sure you get the name of the representative, and a cancellation confirmation number. After I was unable to cancel the first three tries, I decided to go into my billing preferences and remove my credit card number. Not only is that not possible, it will not let you back out unless you provide another billing method. After I finally cancelled, I was mailed a confirmation and an invitation to join again. I am convinced that AOL will get what is coming to them. Good luck to anyone who tries to cancel! Marilyn Clearwater, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Herndon, Virginia
22, Report #112856
Oct 13 2004
06:48 PM
Before trying to cancell AOL we had constant problems with billing and unauthorized charges being duplicated directly to bank account and also our debit card. We called to cancell because we got Roadrunner (awesome no troubles) and they offered us more time for free. It started as 90 days. We diligently marked our calender to cancell before the final day. When we called to cancell the free trial, they kept offering more free time. I watched but no charges to my account. Well, the final time we called to cancel, they gave us confirmation number and later I saw multiple charges pop up on my account from aol. I called and they stated that three times we failed to call before the billing cycle began and they were now back charging us. I too was refused the opportunity to speak to a supervisor and also was refused any phone numbers to corporate offices. I filed a claim w/state stty gen office (Ohio) and was contacted by them to join a class action law suit. I recommend that all persons affected by this dreaful company's scam do the same and report it to your state's attorney general office. In addition, it is important that you tell all your friends, neighbors, families and co-workers to get the word out. Beth Springfield, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
23, Report #21070
May 17 2002
09:28 PM
aol american online aol ripoff cancel fee Internet
ST Louis ripoff. I cancled aol over one year ago, and now they billed my checking account for $99.00 cancel fee. I was not told that if i went to another internet service that they would bill me for $99.00 for canceling their service. mary fenton, Missouri
Entity: Internet
24, Report #389267
Nov 08 2008
04:18 PM
AOL*TWX AOL Frauduleny account charges Tampa Florida
Several months ago I found a charge from AOL*TWX New York on my MasterCard bill. I contacted Capitol One fraud services immediately. Capitol One canceled my card. issued a new one and said to expect an affidavit to formally dispute this charge in the mail. I completed and returned it and have heard nothing more from them about this. The charge has not re-appeared on my statements so I assumed it had been settled. Today I received a past due notice from AOL. I called the number listed on the bill and talked to Oliver at AOL customer service (boy, is that a misnomer!) I explained that I am not now, never have been and never will be an AOL customer and that I had already successfully disputed this charge with my credit card company. He gave me the song and dance about contacting fraud services Monday. I have read several message boards and blogs detailing the frustration of trying to speak to a human being at fraud services, even after waiting on hold for an average of an hour. Well, I am disabled, have a speaker feature on my land line phone and have all the time in the world to make the fraud department wish they had never heard of me. If anyone decides to file a class action law suit against AOL please contact me. Considering the state of our economy these days and the number of major companies on the brink of collapse i would take great joy in helping to push AOL over the edge. Ridge Runner Wytheville, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
25, Report #359160
Aug 04 2008
05:32 PM
AOL AOL TWX extra $25.90 monthly charge Xxx Internet
I have been receiving bills from TWX*AOL for $25.90 even though AOL charges me $24.95 on another credit card. When I called AOL they said they had no record of the $25.90 charge. They did have a record of the $25.90 credit card but said the name on it was not my name, so they couldn't discuss any details with me. Judith Highlands Ranch, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Internet

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