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51, Report #105313
Aug 25 2004
08:37 AM
AOL Netmarket Deceptive Practices Internet
While trying to cancel my AOL Netmarket account, which I didn't know I had even signed up for in the first place.... I ran into some rather deceptive practices. While speaking to their representative I expressed a desire to cancel and they told me that it was no problem and they would do just that. I was then given a cancellation confirmation number making me think all was said and done. While finishing the speech, she mentioned that for my troubles they would send me a $50 voucher for Netmarket and slipped in the line and keep you active. I told her once again that I DID NOT wish to remain active. She then offered some other $20 discount thing and again slipped in and keep you active. All of this went on AFTER I was told that they were cancelling my account. They lead you to believe that you have cancelled your account and then manage to keep it open none the less. I can now understand why so many people complain that they thought they had canceled AOL Netmarket yet continue to be billed monthly. IF you agree to accept ANYTHING from them or allow them to send you anything during your attempt to cancel, you are in essence agreeing NOT to cancel. After several minutes of attempts to be tricked into keeping my account, I was finally told my account was cancelled and my credit card would be refunded my membership fees. She then tried to transfer me to another person who would tell me about OTHER services available which would have no doubt been designed to undo what I had just cancelled. I confirmed that my cancellation had indeed been processed and told her that I did not wish to speak to anyone else about any other services. Jeffrey Pocatello, IdahoU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
52, Report #102472
Aug 06 2004
03:41 PM
AOL ripoff Jacksonville Arkansas
I was a customer of AOL for over 3 years. When I upgraded to 9.0 I started having problems being knocked off regularly. I notified them of the problem and worked with several Technical advisors. Finally after approximately 4 or 5 months I finally talked to a Jessica telling her I wanted to cancel AOL. She natuarly did not want me to cancel. She offered me AOL Broadband free until August 24, 2004. Then she said I would be charged $14.95 per month. I did not really trust her since I had heard that AOL was nasty when you tried to cancel. So I checked my VISA account on July 27, 2004 and found that I had already been charged $14.95. I called and got a Mike who said that Their records showed July 24, 2004. He said he would cancel my account but I still had to pay the $14.95 for something I did not want. He gave me a ref. # 446010140354203. However I still feel that I should not have been charged since I have a copy of the letter stating August 24, 2004 as the date I had to contact them and I called them on July 27, 2004. Even if I decide in the future that I would like to change providers again. I would not choose AOL nor will I recommend them to anyone. If I did not have a copy of the letter stating August 24, 2004 as the date I would not be as upset. But I feel that they lie and I feel that is not a good way to repay a good customer of 3 years. If they pay me back my $14.95 I may feel different about them and will not bad mouth them to my friends. Also when Mike talked to me he said that if I had went back to 8.0 I could have solved my problem six months ago. Nice of them to let me know that the problem was in 9.0 after I had changed my provider. Robert Mc DONALD, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Jacksonville, Arkansas
53, Report #102588
Aug 07 2004
02:13 PM
AOL ripoff Dulles Virginia
Be careful AOL users!!!!! When trying to cancel an account with AOL I was told No problem and given a confirmation number to confirm this. Well low and behold they never cancelled my account and continued to charge me (over 256.99). When I called, they said there was no record of this!! Long story short...I had to change banks to get their hands out of mine!! This happened about 3 yrs. ago. Since then I decided to give AOL one more shot....bad mistake on my part. They created 3 or 4 accounts saying that they were mine.....but when pressed about it said there was never any usage on any of them, but still continued to bill me! I tried cancelling them but the same thing happened as last time!!! When I called them it took me over 3 1/2 hrs. to finally get a mangaer on the phone. I was hung-up on, put on hold for over 47 mins. at a time, and when I told them I was recording the conversation (as they were doing also)I was told I would be hung-up on if I didn't stop recording!! I was given no reimbursements for the charges and still don't know if they will continue to bill me or not. I guess I'll just have to change bank accounts AGAIN and eat the charges...this time it was over $320.00. This can't be legal!!! Dienne west chester, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Dulles, Virginia
54, Report #108566
Sep 15 2004
02:12 PM
AOL ripoff Jacksonville Florida
aol continued to charge my account for months after cancelation. When I finally got them to cancel, they would only agree to refund $60.00, about 1/2 of what they owed me (authorized by Gary F Huth). That was 4 months ago, I called today to find out where my check was and they told me it was so long since then, that I had to write a letter to their billing dept. Where does this end????? Candy Eagle Creek, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
55, Report #72207
Nov 17 2003
05:37 PM
AOL ripoff Jacksonville Florida
AOL gave me long distance dial-up numbers. Charging my phone bill over 300.00 dollars. They lost the fax, start over, 3 months {no feed back} I want them to foot the bill the gave me the numbers Jamie 51510, IowaU.S.A.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
56, Report #71777
Nov 13 2003
08:29 AM
AOL A never ending RIP!! Dulles Virginia
At this point I feel that I may be brain dead. It happened 2 years ago, but I tried AOL again. This time the broadband, since they are breaking away from Time-Warner, TW could care less if you ever get connected(I'll probably get billed for the box they wont come and get). Any way since AOL so kindly billed me way to early, the payment went back, but they did manage to bill $1 and $5 without any problem. I confirmed all cancellations(tricky if you use dial up to get broadband then you get 2 bills!!!), only to get billed $28.90 in Nov. for a service that was never even close to a due date. They also sell info to others like JP-Media, their billing coincides, and aol was the only one that has done this in the past. Poor business tactics. G galveston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Dulles, Virginia
57, Report #71576
Nov 11 2003
08:28 AM
AOL ripoff Internet
AOL tryed to take me for 69.95.Saying it was something I orderd to keep people from accessong my Credit Card! However they are the theives that did it now it will take 10 to 15 days to get it back Rich N.H, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
58, Report #71459
Nov 10 2003
07:36 AM
Entity: Nationwide
59, Report #69028
Oct 14 2003
06:22 AM
AOL ripoff ? Nationwide
Yes I also had a prob with AOL as well back in 2001, I was scammed by an email supposively about my AOL monthly payment, I lost approx about 300 bux to this scam that was sent to my email box. I did contact AOL about this prob n they had said since the bill was in my hubby's name they'd have to talk to him n we had a joint account! I had said that he had asked me to take care of it, and that he was at work. they still wouldnt let me handle it. Needless to say I had to have him call n that i was on the other house phone to help him out, they gave him a bunch of crappola n never refunded the 300 bux that was lost. AOL is a ripoff! From SC Sue Ft Scott, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
60, Report #69247
Oct 16 2003
06:04 AM
Aol Netmarket ripoff Trumbull Connecticut
I had cancelled my membership with aol and 8 months later I get a bill because they couldn't take it out of our account because we took them off automatic payment. I was told that my account was never cancelled. So, I had to go ahead and pay for a service that we hadn't used in 8 months. I had also tried to cancel that aol netmarket account when they took 79.99 out of our checking account - aol still had the account information - I was told to try it out and then I could cancel my account. I told netmarket that I didn't want to try them out, that I wanted to cancel, and have my 79.99 back into our account, they refused to cancel the account. We called 3 times to get it cancelled. Eddie okc, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Trumbull, Connecticut
61, Report #113111
Oct 15 2004
12:53 PM
Aol Netmarket ripoff Nationwide
I got up on a friday morning and checked my account balance online only to find a $79.99 charge to my account from a company I have never heard of. I called the phone number on the charge only to be told that there was no record of me ever purchasing anything from the company (they searched using all sorts of different information). The company asked me to send a fax of the charges which I did. I called back four hours later and they told me that they did not know what was going on and that it would take three days to figure it out. They kept telling me that I was obviously a member if they charged me, like I was stupid or something. I asked to talk to a supervisor and they continued to tell me that, even though they have no record of my membership, I must be a member. Finally my fiance talked to a supervisor at this company and found out that they had renewed an aol service from two years ago (a service that I cancelled a few weeks after signing on for). Now they tell me that it will take 10-15 business days to credit me back and that in 30 business days they will decided whether or not the overage charges which I incurred because of this will be reimbursed. They caused the overage, they should reimburse my money. Lisa Reno, NevadaU.S.A.
62, Report #112670
Oct 12 2004
07:19 PM
AOL ripoff Jacksonville Florida
I had 1 year of free AOL when I purchaced a Gateway computer. When I called at 1 year to cancel AOL the person refused to cancel me and extended my free servive for 2 more months. Every time I called the same thing happned. I finally insisted that the service be canceled and they extended my service so that I would have time to remove anything I needed from the service. I said NO but it made no difference. I received a letter stating that if I called before June 21, 2004 there would be NO Charge. On the first of June I received a bill for $28.50 so I called and the person told me the the charge was removed, but that I still had FREE service until June 21, 2004. Confirmation number 0191558955. I told the person that I wanted the service terminated NOW. That was the last I heard from AOL until I received a bill dated August 5, 2004. I called the billing department at 1-866-656-7461 and told the person the whole story and he said that confirmation number didn't mean anything. I told him about the letter and he told me to fax a copy of the letter to 1-904-357-7399 which I did. I heard nothing from AOL then I received a letter from CCS. I looked up AOL on and it seems that this is normal for AOL. I also talked to a person that worked for AOL answering the phone and was told that if they let anyone terminate their service they could lose their job and that they were told to tell the coustomer that the service was terminated and not terminate the service. Something needs to be done to this groupe of thieves. They are worse that a thug on the shreet that pulls a gun and demands money. Wayne Axtell, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
63, Report #60652
Jun 13 2003
10:27 PM
AOL ripoff deceptive company Internet
I cancelled my account with aol after 1 1/2 years with them, or at least I tried to cancel my account in October of 2002, I was put on the phone with a woman who said she could cancel my account after over an hour of being transferred from department to department, I said I want to cancel my account and she asked me why, I stated I was getting a cable modem, the woman insisted I would still have to have an isp, I told her the only thing I would need an ISP for is e-mail, but my Cable company provides e-mail so I was ok. she said that it is unlikely that they do this and argued with me, I said Mam I would just like to cancel my account she said that she would cancel it after I listened to her, she offered me free service for 2 months, I told her I was not interested, she continued with more offers. I then said Mam I no longer wish to discuss anything but the cancellation of my account She said and I quote I will not cancel your account until after you listen to me and I am done talking I got pretty upset after she said this and told her I wasn't listening to her anymore all I wanted was my account cancelled in which she replied if your not going to listen then im not canceling your account and hung up on me. I called back 3 times and got the same response with the hang up from 3 more different people, the 4th time I was told the account was cancelled, The next month AOL took money out of my account, or tried, they overdrew my account, 2 days later they tried again, again overdrawing it, I found out about it after the 2nd one. I called aol and they said my account was never cancelled, I cancelled it again, the next month they tried to take money out again. over drawing for the 3rd time, a week later they over drew it again in total they overdrew my account 5 times and $25 a pop that's 125 luckily my bank worked with me and reversed all the charges after I filed a paper with them stating that I did not authorize these deductions. NOW aol is calling my home threatening to turn it over to a collection agency and put it on my credit report. AOL is a dishonest company that refuses to cancel their members accounts and will just keep taking money out of there accounts because some people don't notice, they figure if half the people don't notice then we've just made a fortune, I had a friend who had money taken out of his account for over a year after he cancelled his account. He was refunded 1 month and was told it was his own fault for not following the correct procedure for cancellation, even though he e-mailed it to them and called them afterwards to verify and was told it was cancelled. Darrel Danville, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
64, Report #116495
Nov 06 2004
04:02 PM
AOL Ripoff Bank fraud Internet
I had downloaded a free virsion of aol internet. It stated if I did not want to continue my membership to contact aol before my free trial was up. (note I had given aol a banking acount # from an account that was made just incase aol tried to refuse my choice to cancel) I contacted an aol rep through the proper chanels to cancel my membership. The operator refused to accept the words I do not want your services They said they would extend my services for 3 more months for free. I said I didn't want them. I was then passed to what was supose to be a superviser. No one answered the phone. I waited a short while and called again I was given the same run around and routed to a phone that was not answered. When I finally called several times and asked to cancel they offered me more months I refused and wanted to cancel. Again I was given a do not take no responce and was routed to the same no answer line. That was over 7 months ago. I had went to my bank and put a block on any attemp from aol to withdraw from my account. I just recieved 11/6/04 a statment from my bank that I was overdrawn from my account and there was a charge of $23.90 from aol and $25. for overdraw fee. I was furious I called aol and they said they didn't even have my bank account number. But they some how had gotten my credit card number. Now I am even more upset. I asked the rep to speek to a supervisor. (BIG MISTAKE) I was routed to the infamous never answer phone. If there is anyone taking action with a law suit please contact me. I will be glad to give any and all information stating how they committed bank fraud and stole money from my account. I now have to cancel my credit card and change bank accounts at my cost just to prevent aol from steeling from me. Timothy Farmington, MissouriU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Nationwide
65, Report #116098
Nov 04 2004
11:25 AM
Aol ripoff Jacksonville Florida
AOL is in the business to take peoples money. Don't fall for their free offers. Had two different accounts for 30 days free, called to cancel one of them at the 25th day, was told, Sorry, billing was yesterday, so you have to pay for a month, called to cancel the second one about the 22nd day, was told Sorry, billing was yesterday, you have to pay for a month. What a racket Rebecca providence, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
66, Report #96011
Jun 22 2004
10:00 PM
AOL ripoff Nationwide
I subscribed to AOL DSL service in February 2002. For the most part I was happy with the service, and in November 2003 I was moving and called customer service about three weeks in advance to inform them so that I could have my service setup at my new residence. I was told I would have to wait until I was already moved into my new place and I would have to call back. When I called back three weeks later, I was told I would have to cancel my account, send in my modem, re-order the service and they would send me a modem again. I thought it was a big hassle but I was happy with the service so I agreed and I cancelled my account. I was told to wait for a confirmation email (I still had dial-up service), which I never received. I contacted them a week later and informed them I had not received any emails from the company and that sending back my modem only to have the same model shipped back to me was a huge inconvenience. I was told again to wait for confirmation that the account was cancelled before returning the modem. About 2 weeks later, I noticed a debit to my checking account for $99 from AOL. When I called customer service I was informed that I was charged this fee for not returning the modem and that if I were to return it now they would only reimburse me for half the $99. The next day I contacted my bank, informed them of the situation, filled out an affadivit of unauthorized ACH debit, and my bank posted a $99 credit to my account within 24 hours. Thank you Commercial Federal Bank! Corey West Des Moines, IowaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
67, Report #95917
Jun 22 2004
11:12 AM
AOL ripoff Sterling Virginia
This letter is to official report AOL for abusing Joan T ***** and her account, ****** On June 20, 2004, I received an email that I thought was from one of my group members. It was for a link to pick up a picture for a project that one of my other members was working on. I clicked into the site and it brought up an AOL Site complete with links that worked, AOL Disclaimer and their triangle. I spent a half hour checking out this site and making sure it was okay and legitimate. I even emailed the person who sent me the site. I knew my member who needed the photos was on a time crunch so I went into retrieve the picture from the site, which of course required my putting in my password. Once I opened the picture, I began to get suspicious because it did not tell me who it was from nor was it related to the project. checked the site further and it took me to all my personal AOL links and email so I thought well maybe it was legitimate and one of my friends was playing a joke on me. But to play it safe, I immediately reported this incident to all of the above mentioned Internet Abuse sites. Today, I went in to check my sent mail and found 12 emails to people I do not know and each one of them had twelve emails or so BCC to others. I immediately called AOL technical support who set me to security who sent me back to technical support who sent me to Community Action who told me tough luck, my account was going to get closed down once it caught up with me. I said that was ridiculous since I am the one who reported it to them and am notifying them of what happened. They did not care. So I called into AOL's Executive Offices only to be told tough luck that this is the way the system works and they cannot stop it from closing my account. I am floored that this is how I am being treated after being a loyal customer for over 15 years. I have never switched Providers even when I have one that I have to pay for through my Cable Company. This is an atrocity that AOL disregards their customers and treats them with so much disrespect. I would appreciate someone looking into this situation and making sure that my account with AOL is not disconnected or otherwise have my service disrupted. AOL's attitude is that I am responsible for my account. Well, I did everything humanly possible to protect myself, going as far as to email the sender as well as thoroughly check for AOL's disclaimer and icon and made sure all of the links took me to my actual AOL account which they did. I should not be penalized for someone else's scamming of AOL. This should solely rest on AOL's shoulders for not finding another way to protect us from Scam artists without making us suffer. Please investigate this matter immediately as they refuse to connect me with the President of AOL or Vice President to discuss this matter. Thanks, Joan Southbury, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
68, Report #22302
Jun 07 2002
11:14 AM
AOL ripoff Jacksonville Florida
AOL sent me a disk for a 45 day trial. I was unaware that I must call them to cancel the 45 day trial. I used the aol free trial for 3 days. I gave them my checking account # because they stated they needed it to activate the free service. I noticed a $28.93 amount taken out of my checking account. I called AOL and they gave me an authorization #, said the account will be closed and still they are taking money out of my account. I WILL NEVER HAVE AN AOL DISK IN MY HOME AGAIN. YOU CAN WRITE TO BOB SHAW AOL BILLING P.O. BOX 17200, JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA 32245-7200 IF YOU ALSO HAVE PROBLEMS. I WOULD LIKE AS MANY LETTERS AS POSSIBLE TO HIM. THIS IS SUCH A SCAM. Deborah N. Versailles, Pennsylvania
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
69, Report #18401
Apr 08 2002
01:58 PM
AOL DOES NOTHING BUT LIE !!!!! Jacksonville Florida
I had written the Dept of Justice here in NC regarding the unfair practices of AOL...I received a reply back from them which was a letter from AOL. The individual from AOL ( Paul Ambs) did nothing but lie to them. He stated that I had not called AOL to cancel in Feb, which I had contacted them TWICE about it. I then went to my bank and stopped anymore debits which he made mention in the letter and of course I would take such action since they debited my account when they told me I had free access with them. I am still fighting AOL and have written back to the Dept of Justice and informed them of the misstatements from the supervisor at AOL. I will never have any thing more to do with AOL and will always tell people how they treat customers.....UNFAIR !!!!!! Stephen Newton, Ohio
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
70, Report #13167
Feb 02 2002
12:00 AM
Another Victim of AOL RIPOFF
I recieved a free year of AOL with my computer. I continued to use it for a couple months, but decided it was too expensive. I emailed them from my aol address to cancel. They emailed me back saying the needed it in writing. I printed the email and faxed it back. They promptly discontinued my service 1/1/02, then proceeded to charge my bank account $28.90 on 1/9/02. When I called they informed me the end of my billing cycle was 12/28/02 and that since I cancelled after that date they would not issue a refund. I said I am not paying for a full month of service for three days of service and demanded repeatedly to speak to a supervisor. The rep. finally put me on hold for 5 minutes and got approval for a pro-rated refund. Hopefully there will be a happy ending...I'll let you know when I get the check.
Entity: Nationwide
71, Report #22581
Jun 12 2002
02:16 PM
AOL Billed my account without permission
I was billed for AOL. My server is Someone has accessed my account number and used it. I did not give my permission for this. I want my account credited back immediately. Doreen Allendale, Illinois
72, Report #21928
Jun 01 2002
03:31 AM
AOL Impossible to change servers? Internet
I recently called AOL to discontinue my service with them. The representative I spoke to on the phone said that my account would expire on the 13th of the following month, that I would not be charged for the last month since I was a long time customer and I would have full access to my account until that time. In the meanwhile, I had signed up with a new internet provider and started using that provider. The following month there was a charge from AOL on the credit card statement. I called AOL to try and straighten these charges out on the account. The first person I spoke to informed me that when I had originally called to cancel my account, apparently the person I spoke with never canceled my account, and that I supposedly agreed to a one month extension, at which if I STILL wanted to cancel at the end of that free month, I would then call back to cancel it AGAIN. Basically, this representative told me that I was supposed to call back at the end of the free month to REALLY cancel the account. None of this was explained to me the first time I called to deativate my service. It was understood to me that the account would be cancelled on the date I was told and that I would not be charged for that last month of service. I was then told that due to the misunderstanding, they would go ahead and give me 2 months of free service. When I made it clear that I wanted my money refunded and did not want any more service from them, the representative agreed to refunding me part of the total. I then asked to speak to a manager to discuss this with them. The manager I spoke with gave me such a run around!! He refused to credit any money back and said that the representative had no authority to even athorize that. He then repeated the same offer of giving me 2 free months for what he referred to as a misunderstanding. I explained to him that it was NOT a misunderstanding, that at no point in the initial call to cancel the account was I told that I was getting a free month to decide if I really did want to cancel. I called to cancel, I wanted it canceled. I did not want the 2 months of free service only to have to go through all of this again! The manager had absolutly no customer service skills, was rude, and was basiclly calling me an idiot for all of these so called misunderstandings that kept happening. I will never return to using the AOl service, and would advise anyone else to stay clear of them as well. Catherine Manasass, Virginia
Entity: Internet
73, Report #15467
Mar 01 2002
12:00 AM
AOL withdraw without concent
I have had problems with Aol every sinceI purchased thie Gateway. A year long free Aol online account came with it. I have had to call several times before and each time the problem was supposedly fixed. I have also purchased several items and returned them. I talked to AOL on app 01/28/02 and again she fixed my account On 02/14/02 I was charged $24.00 for Shop Direct Purch and I haven't bought any thing lately. I called the 1800-573-9023 # wad switched from dept. to dept. till finally after 45min was cut off. Please notify me app how long I should wait for this report fo return to me. Thank you Peggy Horne Peggy Orrum, North Carolina
Entity: Nationwide
74, Report #15329
Feb 27 2002
12:00 AM
AOL - Talkamerica ripoff & harassment
Talkamerica has gotten into my phone Co and has duplicate bills for me. They have been called many times about this, my phone co. has been notified and AOL/Talkamerica continues to send bill and e-mail me for money not owed them. I have documents showing that they never had anything to do with my phone bills. I would never have them for a service and I also canceled my credit card in hopes this would stop the harassment but nothing stops them. Georgina Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
Entity: Wilmington, Delaware
75, Report #17332
Mar 21 2002
12:00 AM
aol ripoff ripoff business from hell internet Internet
can't cancel aol account, still getting billed on my phone bill for services I can't get cancelled. These people (aol) don't know the definition of NO. How do you get these people out of your life for good because this company doesn't know the definition of integrity, honesty and reliability. They treat their customers like dummies. Cassandra Jackson, Mississippi
Entity: Internet

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