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1, Report #1402571
Sep 26 2017
07:01 PM
APG Atlantic Publishers Group, LLC Phony Magazine Distributing Niwot Colorado
Phoney company is trying to collect money to renew a mangazine prescription, titles the magazine to appear officila.  Well over priced, and using phoney subscription numbers. When you call th ephone number its just a drop box that basically says we can't help you if you have anyu issues.
Entity: Niwot, Colorado
2, Report #1385217
Jul 13 2017
09:09 AM
Atlantic Publishers Group, LLC Lousy Son of a B Niwot Colorado
I have been a subscriber to the magazine for years.  Like 30 maybe.This bill came and I paid it.  Was busy at the time and not thinking about it like I should.In a few months, I realized that my magazine was no longer coming.  I decided to e-mail them and look at what all I find. A definite Rip-off                Susie, Joliet, IL
Entity: Niwot, Colorado
3, Report #1373935
May 18 2017
09:28 AM
*APG* Atlantic Publishers Group, LLC Phony magazine subscription sign-up Niwot Colorado
This group like too many others prints their offer from an independent agent, not a bill in tiny letters, and it looks like a legit magazine renewal notice - which they no doubt count on fooling people like my spouse. I sent their form back (which claimed they were due ANOTHER $24.95, my husband having sent the first installment thinking it really WAS his magazine, and I told them to refund this amount at once. Instead they send yet ANOTHER bill!  
Entity: Niwot, Colorado
4, Report #1406621
Oct 16 2017
02:34 PM
Atlantic Publishers Group Billed me for a magazine I was already making installment payments on...I didn't want to have my subscription cancelled Niwot Colorado
I have been making installment payments for a magazine I have been ordering for several years.  I knew I still had payments due so when I got the notice in the mail...I made another payment.  Then I just got a notice that I only owed $ 8.70 so I paid that on line.  A few days later...I got another notice saying I owed $ 119.95 and that they just processed my last payment of $ 40.00.  It looks like I am paying both companies! When I went on line to check this company...the Ripoff Page came up.  I am so upset.  I am on a fixed income and never thought this would happen to me! I just wanted to make sure I didn't lose my subscription!
Entity: Niwot, Colorado
5, Report #1398960
Sep 09 2017
02:06 PM
Atlantic Publishers Group Sent me a bill for a magazine that I already paid in full and have been receiving Niwot Colorado
 I subscribed to a magazine us weekly which I paid in full. I then received a bill from this company Atlantic Publishers Group that I still owed the full payment. I called us weekly up to confirm that my balance was zero which it was. This company appears to be a scam trying to rip off consumers.
Entity: Niwot, Colorado
6, Report #1001674
Jan 23 2013
04:49 AM
South Atlantic Group, LLC Innovative Art & Decor, Complete and total Rip-Off - Took the money, never delivered, ran off to Zimbabwe Internet
Do not get taken by Innovative Art & Decor, South Atlantic Group, LLC or Constance Kusema online @ furnituresbest.com. I paid for the furnishings per the agreement and kept getting delayed on delivery. Finally, found out Constance Kusema fled to Zimbabwe. But, it's possible to operate this scam from any location in the world, so don't buy from them.
Entity: , Internet
7, Report #269635
Aug 23 2007
06:21 AM
Authorhouse Publishing Royalties Rip-Off Bloomington Indiana
Hi: I looked at the 2nd quarter statement. I was sure that the royalties are backwards. You guys are to receive the lesser amount from the sale of each book. It seems as if I am receiving the lesser amount. I no longer want to do business with Authorhouse Publishing. I want my book removed from the site and any affiliates of Authorhouse. If I find that the book has not been removed in an ample amount of time I will commence a lawsuit against Authorhouse. From todays date. Do not print or sell any of the title Longsuffering By Author Bryant S, Herbert. I am serving this e-mail as a request to stop doing business with Authorhouse Publishing. I find that the publishing companys practices are lesser then fair for authors and the contracts are bogus and misleading. It took me 4 efforts to get my book printed correctly and there are still multiple errors in the print. The pictures are very bad in the published document as well. I would like my book removed immediately from the website and all the other websites that I have found my book on. I dont want any dealings with this publishing company hence forth from this day August 23, 2007. Respectfully, Bryant APG, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
8, Report #1281169
Jan 20 2016
08:28 AM
Atlantic Group Repeated phone calls Nationwide
 They have repeatedly harassed myself and my family claiming I have taken out a payday loan using a bank account I didn't even have at the time said loan was supposedly taken out. They will call multiple times saying you have serious allegations against you, but will refuse to send paperwork claiming it has already been done. If you try to dispute it, they hang up after saying that they will serve you papers. Everywhere I look is reporting this as a scam
Entity: Nationwide
9, Report #1280837
Jan 18 2016
05:22 PM
Atlantic Group payday loan scam
I keep getting these calls saying I have a pay day loan from 2010 and that they are fixg to take me to court. They want to know if I want to settle with them before they proceed with court hearings. They said they are calling my job to try to collect the money on payroll deduction. I am a disabled person who doesnt work and never had a pay day loan in 2010. I would like to know how they got my SSN
10, Report #1217359
Mar 21 2015
09:10 PM
Entity: Internet
11, Report #1217532
Mar 23 2015
08:44 AM
DJR Group LLC Atlantic Consumer Report stating i owe for a loan in which i know i do not Phoenix Arizona
 Amanda from Atlantic Consumer Support states i received a Payday Loan, i do not remember getting a payday loan. i asked Atlantic Consumer Support who the loan was thru and all she could tell was DJR Group LLC.As i stated to Amanda if i had received a Payday loan would they not be deducting my checking account for the payment? She said she would think so, I asked her then why would i owe a balance. No Answer.They claim this loan was from 2012, i went thru my email and bank statement, they is nothing there. I am disouting this claim.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
12, Report #195506
Jun 08 2006
04:21 PM
First Atlantic Group ripoff Portland Maine
I started out with this company on May 9, 2006. I received a call from Jerry Kochman-exr 671. It started out at $6,000.00 and send him $1328.60. I told him I could not sent this. He called back and said, You can get $4,000.00. I agreed to this, but on May the nest week I recevied a call from Mike Taylor to send the money on June 2, 2006, and I did this. I send the $700.00 plus the $14.16 for the money gram on June 2, 2006. On June 4, I received a phone call from Matthew Berg and he stated that the insurance company had checked my credit and I need to send another $700.00. I told him I could not do this. He said either send the $700.oo or we would refund your money. I told him that this had put me in a great bide. All of my bills were put on hold to send this money. He then stated that he would pay all of my overdrafts at the bank. Today, June 8, 2006, I tried calling him. The number now states to talked to customer services and it says, GOODBYE. I tried faxing a letter to Mr. Berg and that numbers belongs to a health agency. Matthew also told me that the money would be coming to me on Junst 23rd in a cashier check. I told him the amount would be $1,264.16. He said that fine. After reading the other letters, I am not too sure about this. Now I am in the hole for over $3,000.00 to $4,000.00 in debt of my bills that has to be paid by June 24, 2006. How am I going to get my money? I am on a disability and took all of my money to try to get a $4000.00 loan!!! I am really upset. Mike Taylor and Jerry Kockman insisted that this was not a scram. They keep insisting to take the papers to a lawyer. At this point, I do not know if this will help or not. I even call the Better Business Bureau before deciding on what to do. They told me there were no bad or good report on this company. I would like for the lady who is supposed to get her refund on June 9, 2006 to let me know if she gets her refund. With times being hard out here WHO CAN YOU TRUST TO HELP YOU OUT IN ANY SISTUATIONS?!!!!!!!!!! Shirley Richmond, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Portland, Maine
13, Report #1279654
Jul 22 2016
11:51 AM
Atlantic Group Arbitration Fraud, payday loan United Kingdom United Kingdom
 Got a call from Atlantic Group Arbitration.  The call went to a family member who contacted me.  The message threatened legal action, contacting my employer and coming to my place of residence.  If you are able to do all of that, why didnt you have my telephone number to contact me directly???  I will not be returning the call.  As soon as I googled the company, the first four hits were Rip Off Reports...they won't get me.  Please be aware of the perils of giving out your information.  This company contacted me years ago with the same nonsense, however they used another name.  Both persons who call sound like they are of Asian (Indian) decent.
Entity: Internet
14, Report #1284645
Feb 03 2016
09:38 AM
Atlantic Group Payday Loan Scam, Extortion Nationwide
Recieved a phone call from them and they said I owed money on a payday loan that I never took out and it was under a name I've not used in years before the supposed debt. They had the last 4 of my social and knew old banking information I've not had for years before the supposed debt. Threatened criminal persecution if I didn't pay them. I asked them for their mailing address and they said for security reasons they could not give that out. They started to get more angry and agained threatened criminal persuction if I didn't pay them. These people are scammers out to use extortion tactics to scare people into paying them money on debts that don't exist.
Entity: Nationwide
15, Report #1269876
Nov 23 2015
04:06 PM
Atlantic Group payday loan scam Chicago
 The company named Atlantic group called me and said that they were an arbitration firm and wanted to collect money on a payday loan that they said I took in 2012 which I did not. When I asked them to send me documentation they said to the company already sent it to me and would not resend it and that if I didn't pay it back I would be arrested. They wanted me to pay $344 over the phone for a 2430 dollar loan.
Entity: Nationwide
16, Report #195687
Jun 09 2006
02:25 PM
Entity: PORTLAND, Maine
17, Report #275577
Sep 21 2007
09:54 AM
Allied Publishers Service Mid Atlantic States Ripoff Buffalo New York
This company called with a great deal 7 magazines a month for 5 years for 26.00 a month for 30 months (780.00 Total payout). Great deal!!! Just about 3 payments away from the the end and 3 of the 7 magazines just stop coming. so I stop making payment and tell them I will finish paying when all my magazines start coming. Its been 16 weeks of what I was told that it would be 6 to 8 weeks before my magazines would start up again and still 3 magazines short. Now I'm being threatened with lawyers and bad credit reporting when they cant hold up to there end of the bargain. I would recommend to stay clear of this company and hopefully prospective customers will search the internet and find this information before getting involved with this company Nick Poultney, VermontU.S.A.
Entity: Buffalo, New York
18, Report #1104460
Dec 04 2013
08:07 PM
UD Management Group, LLC Threatening salesperson TAMPA Florida
One of these thugs came to my home today. I invited him to leave the premises which he refused. I had to call 911 while enduring some threatening and colorful language including threatened to kill me.
Entity: TAMPA, Florida
19, Report #531512
Dec 01 2009
01:42 PM
Allied Publishers Service Mid Atlantic States Rip Off Buffalo, New York
Allied Publishers solicited me at work and talked me into ordering SIX magazines a month for three years. Since I was at work and very busy, I wasn't really paying attention to what they were saying and just agreed to get them off the phone.A couple weeks later I get the paperwork for this transaction telling me exactly what I had gotten into. I then called to cancel these magazine subscriptions because I misunderstood and they said that there was nothing they could do and I owed them over $750. I asked them if there was anything we could work out, even if it just meant cutting the number of magazines in half and they said no. Now they are calling me every single day at work.I am a new mom of a beautiful baby boy and i also have a full time job. I do not have time nor room in my mailbox for 6 magazines a month. There has to be something I can do.
Entity: Buffalo, New York
20, Report #587937
Mar 31 2010
02:22 PM
Allied Publishers Service Of Mid Atlantic States Telemarketing Scam. Consumer Beware Buffalo, New York
I unfortunately did not read all of the consumer reports about this company when I too agreed to only pay shipping for a magazine subscription. It would seem though that I did get a little lucky, the gal that sold me the magazines never stated that there was not cancellation at any time. In fact she told me that I could cancel at any time and there would never be a late fee-what a crook of lies. Not only did they substitute the original magazines that I ordered with some really horrible ones. They did not send the subscritions as promised. When I called to cancel I was also told that this was a verbal contract with no ability to cancel. Well I just so happen to know that verbal contracts are non-binding when above $500 or over 1 year service. The gal I spoke to did not care, and so I reported them to the BBB. A day later I received a call from Walt. He told me that I could have turned the subscription down and that they were in to this for more than $400.00. To which I screamed foul-literally. To be honest, I had to be extremely agressive with Walt before he finally agreed to close my account. I will be taking this one step further by sending a written letter outlining the conversation and copying my attorney on this. At the end of the conversation I agreed to pay the final months bill, and Walt had the audacity to ask me for a credit card to which I laughed at him out loud. Now I have seem rebuttals stating that these people are just the victims of the telemarketing company that sells the information, which is also bull. You cannot tell me that they are the victim of dumb consumers. It is unfortunate that we have to vigilant against companies like this. Why they are still allowed to operate is beyond me.
Entity: Buffalo, New York
21, Report #930444
Aug 21 2012
12:17 PM
Allied Publishers Service Of Mid Atlantic States RIP OFF, Rude.. And very distasteful communication Buffalo , New York
I received a phone call from these people earlier today for a person that no longer works for us. I told her sorry shes no longer here. She told me she demands the address of the person. I told her im sorry i cant give out that information. She then demanded i give her our headquarters phone number. I said again im sorry i will not give that to you also that she isnt with the same business. Also We are to relay any mesgs to them and they will call them back. She then started to yell at me saying it was illegal to not give her the number . Really!! I finally find out what this is about and I tol dher shes no longer with us so we have sent back all of the stuff that has been sent here. She respnds ya i know very rudely and she says that is why i need this girls address i cant leave this space blank. and if i do ill keep sending this stuff to you and i said well we will be sending it right back to you too. Thento top off the cake, i got calls from the other stores we have and she actually called them telling them the same thing about how it was illegal not to give out our head quarters phone number..CRAZY PEOPLE!!.. Dont get mixed up with this bunch
Entity: Buffalo, New York
22, Report #328446
Apr 23 2008
06:02 PM
Allied Publishers Service Mid Atlantic States No way Out?? Never heard of such a thing!!! Buffalo New York
Allied Publishers is so rude. Started off sounding like a great deal. I tried to cancel before even accepting and was denied said I had to sign for a COD and recieve the list of magazines and the cancellation number would be included I had 72 hours to call. I called the next afternoon after receiving the package and cancelled. Since then I have received several harassing phone calls always around dinner time about threating to send my to collections and an attorney will come find me. I said well I have tried cancel this several times and continuly individuals say they will look into things and call me back. Yee, they call me back when it is time to pay the next month; what happened to finding out what was going on and calling me back? I am going to see a lawyer about what I can do to stop this nonsense and waste of time. Who has time to read 5 magazine, let alone waste all those trees. There are obviously several people who have been caugh up at work by these rude telemarketers who have no ethics. I don't even want these magazines, hence why I tried to cancel. On top of that I was told I was not allowed to cancel. Well how did my name end up on this silly uncancellable list?? Laura Fairmont, West VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Buffalo, New York
23, Report #288721
Dec 03 2007
06:56 PM
Allied Publishers Service Of Mid Atlantic States PLEASE READ!!! How I got my account canceled!!! Buffalo New York
These people called me during our busiest time of year at work. I got suckered into their 'deal'. By the time I got all the information in the mail, my 3-day cancellation period was over! My husband and I tried and tried and tried to get this canceled, but they would not budge... My last straw, last ditch effort, whatever you want to call it, was to file a complaint with the BBB (Better Business Bureau). I wasn't sure what would happen as I had never filed a complaint with them before... but it didn't take long before I got a response... Allied canceled my account with them!!! I was so happy to have the headache done and over with! My advice would be for anyone else who got sucked into this scam to file with the BBB of New York! Trust me, you would not be the first or the last... they have lots of complaints against them. It may just work out for your benefit... it did mine!!! Good luck to you all.... and be on the look out for them to call you again... I got a call today from the same company who suckered me before! I said NO and hung up! They will be persistent, but now I know what it is, so I will be even more persistent! Jo Cedar Rapids, IowaU.S.A.
Entity: Buffalo, New York
24, Report #281236
Oct 27 2007
10:16 AM
Allied Publishers Service Of Mid Atlantic States fast talking liars Buffalo New York
They called me at work as well Saying they were sending me 7 free magizines all I had to do was pay a small shipping and handling fee. Then they sold my information to another reup company which they deny but the company even had my credit card number. I had better busniess boro fix that. But I was still stuck with a $545 free magizines. Gazonk thompson, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Buffalo, New York
25, Report #1034563
May 05 2007
08:34 PM
Allied Publishers Mid-Atlantic calling place of employment against federal law Buffalo New York
These people are relentless. Like so many others they badgered me at work until I agreed to a free trial. Debit card for verification, registered mail some stupid .99 atlas. Long story short changed my mind and didn't want the crap. 700.00? Oh my God! They say no way out. I'm not paying. My way out. Now Allan P. McCarty office calling my job. I have requested 4 times that these people not call my job in accordance to federal law. They ignore it. Federal Law means nothing to these people. They laugh at you. Hey FTC these people are laughing in the face of your laws. These people are rude and holler at you on the phone then hang up. I guess I will see them in court because I will not be badgered. Thank God I did not give them any account information. DO NOT GIVE THEM ACCOUNT INFORMATION. THEY WILL BLEED YOU DRY. Smooth talking slick talkers do not do business with these shysters! Richard Cuba, New MexicoU.S.A.
Entity: Buffalo, New York

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