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1, Report #1060854
Jun 20 2013
06:51 PM
Brampton Appliances Appliances Sales Brampton Ontario
Brampton Tv and Appliances make attractive packages and deals of home appiancec to attract you to the store. They indulge you into putting deposite to gurantee price. If you change your mind later than they refuse to refund your deposit. Also, they sell you one appliance at a real low price and slide in the other 2 appliances of low quality at a price of higher grade. After I figured out on my invoice that they sold me models of the appliances that were low grade than those advertised or were on display. I refused to buy. Than they denied to refund my deposit. I advise to stay away from Brampton Tv and Appliances.
Entity: Brampton, Ontario
2, Report #612115
Jun 09 2010
11:18 AM
BISSELL APPLIANCES Machine broken again Internet
This Pro Heat was bought as a Christmas present, and not even opened until summer of '08.  I have used it maybe 15 times or less.  Last summer I had to take it to a service center over an hour away, and had belt replaced. Bissell had told me on phone that I needed to only use Bissell bags and belts.  Hard to do when there isn't any place to get them in 4 counties...   Used it when got it home.  Have not used it since then.  Got it out and tried to use it this past weekend, and it is torn up AGAIN. Now the 800 number says it is an internal problem and to take it to a service center. the ones in St. Joe won't work on Bissell, so have to go to Kansas City.
Entity: , Internet
3, Report #1163380
Jul 19 2014
11:15 AM
Kaady Appliances AVOID PORTLAND Oregon
*AVOID THEM*  Terrible service.  Hard to get a hold off and they never once returned calls as promised.  Service tech came out three times and never could fix my appliance.  He promised me a refund but after almost a month of calling to obtain the promised refund I was told the tech was wrong and I could only get a refund if I had purchased the appliance from them.  Terrible company and terrible customer service.  I'm out almost $100.00.  Avoid them!
Entity: Oregon
4, Report #493016
Sep 10 2009
05:17 PM
Gerhards Appliances Gerhards Appliances Bait and Switch Malvern, Pennsylvania
Do Not Buy From Gerhard's Appliances.  They pull the old-fashioned 'Bait & Switch'.  Rick Gerhard provided me with the worse customer service I ever experienced.After reading many ads from Gerhards, I decided to go in when they were having their 'Warehouse Clearance Sale'.  I purchased an expensive washer and dryer, not part of the clearance, and a clearance dishwasher that was supposed to be in the warehouse.  Salesman told me all of the details about this great dishwasher.  He said he had to check but was pretty sure it was in the warehouse.He did not call me after I had the washer and dryer installed. I had to call him to inquire about the dishwasher - which I had already paid for!  Of course the better model wasn't in the warehouse, it was a model that cost about $350 -$500 less.  So, I asked if he would take another $100 off the price.  He said he'd have to ask his manager, Rick Gerhard.I spoke with Rick Gerhard and he was the nastiest person I have ever dealt with.  I own two local businesses, one a service business to business company, another a retail store.  If anyone who worked for me ever spoke to a customer the way Rick Gerhard spoke to me they would be immediately fired.  He indicated that there was no way he'd discount another $100 even though the model lacked many of the features of the one that was most likely in the warehouse.  He said, What do you want me to do, sell it below my cost?  I rather cut my losses and refund your money.  I asked him if he treated his customers in this manner and he hung up on me.I have still not received my refund, or my paperwork on the rebate the washer and dryer came with.  I've never spoken to a snobbier person than Rick Gerhard. If you live in the suburban Philadelphia area, don't waste your time at Gerhard's Appliances unless you are committed to spending thousands of dollars with them.  My bill totaled about $4,000.00 and that wasn't enough for them to appreciate my business.This company should not be in business at all.  They treat their customers like dirt.
Entity: Malvern, Pennsylvania
5, Report #1073509
Aug 06 2013
11:57 AM
Savvy Appliances Faulty Appliances Los Angeles California
This company, Savvy Appliance, sold me a faulty refrigerator.  I was told that the fridge is brand new but has a couple scratches on the face, hence discounted.  I was also told that if something were to not work, to simply call them.  The fridge already had issues when installed, which I overlooked.  After a couple months of use it stopped working and they sent someone out to fix it (after multiple phone calls, attempts to leave voicemail although the voicemail box was full), once they fixed the fridge it only worked for another week or so and failed again.  Now they are not responding to phone calls.  This company is a fraud and others have faced similar experiences, as mentioned on Yelp: I want my money back and want to prevent others from facing the same issue I have faced.  
Entity: Los Angeles, California
6, Report #813345
Dec 23 2011
10:26 PM
Moctezuma Appliances Roberto Tello & Ruben Tello MOCTEZUMA APPLIANCES SELLS LIES AND NON-WORKING APPLIANCES! Houston, Texas
This place will not hesitate in trying to con you in purchasing an appliance from them. They sold me what appeared to be a fairly nice used matching Front Loading Washer & Dryer set having advertised it as Working perfectly. However, upon having spent additional monies to have them transported to my residence, I sadly discovered that they wouldn't even power on when plugged in. This left a bad taste in my mouth, and could only surmise how this would go. I asked for my money back, as I refused to take advantage of their 90 day warranty for something that didn't work to begin with. They outright refused, claiming no refunds. They even stated to my wife to go ahead and sue them if we didn't like this choice, so now in response I will be taking them to court. However unbeknownst to them, I am well versed, having a legal background & experience that stretches 27 years. What nerve of theses two; they would have done so much better just taking their worthless junk back and issuing me a full refund rather than to do it the hard way, which they will find out for them selves. It is business like these that need to be closed as they pray on others without any remorse of wrongdoing. For those considering purchasing anything from these people (especially Ruben & Jose), I would seriously think twice about it, as you are not likely to see any kind of quality service or refund once you hand over your hard earned money. I have since had to purchase a Brand NEW set from Sears as I have family and clothes that need washing. Thanks to these two, it was a waste of money that was and could have been used to purchase Xmas gifts for my family and children. Thank guys for ruining this Xmas for us with your dirty & UNSCRUPULOUS business practices! I'll see your a$$ in court. And you better come prepared. You for one, have picked the wrong family to screw over!
Entity: Houston, Texas
7, Report #5581
Jun 29 2001
12:00 AM
Wards & Amana Appliances worthless refrigerator
In early 1996 I purchsed a new Amana refrigerator for $1200.00 from Wards. Within a few months the freezer was not feezing. I callled Wards who sent someone to fix it. He said he needed to order a part. I told him we were building a new home and the fridge would be in storage until the new house was completed. In April 1997 Wards came and put on the new part. About 3 months later the same thing started again. I called Wards and was told that the 1 year warranty had expired. When I explained that it had been in storage for most of that time, the manager told me it was not his problem what I did with my refrigerator after I bought it. Furious, I called my state representative, who put me in touch with Amana. They were very nice and told me that the major parts of the fridge were covered for 5 years, and they would send someone to fix it. They did and it worked for another 3 months or so. I called Amana back and they sent someone again. This went on and on, about every 3 months I would be back on the phone with Amana. It got so that they would tell me lets try one more thing and if this doesn't work, we will look at replacing it. The last time this scenario took place was February 2000. I was concerned that the warranty was about to expire. Amana assured me that this would not be a problem because they had all of this well documented. I thought it was finally fixed, however in February 2001 it started all over again. I called Amana and was appalled to have them tell me the best they were willing to do for me was give me a $400 credit toward the purchase of a new Amana. We had a repairman here again yesterday, he said you sure did get a lemon, too bad!!!! Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Amanda
Entity: Amana, Idaho
8, Report #1466
Mar 04 2000
12:00 AM
Hensleys Appliances ..Lecanto Florida ISNT THIS THEFT?
I was wondering if you could give me some advice on who to contact .... My husband and I purchased a used stove at Christmas time... It had a 30 day warranty. We discovered after having the stove for a very short time that the oven took up to 3 hours to heat up and one of the burners didnt work. My husband loaded up the stove to take it back to discover that the business was Closed for the Holidays In the mean time we were given a stove by a friend of ours (other wise we would have had no way to cook at all) So the day the business (Henslys Appliances, Lecanto, Florida) reopened... My husband takes the stove back... (We were well within our 30 day warranty) The owner told my husband that it was our problem and What did we expect for a USED stove? He also said... He had bills to pay and for us to GET OVER IT!!!!!! We have the receipt ... Everything in black and white!!! We paid $179.00 for the stove and all he offered us was a $100.00 store credit!!! He then KEPT the stove and refused to give IT back!!!! Oh!!! IT GETS WORSE!!!! Then!!! We start repeatedly calling him and asking for our money... He hangs up on us and even went as far to call me filthy names!!! By the way... I was VERY nice to the man on the phone!!! Then... I remembered that his wife told us (when we purchased this stove)... That if we made out the check to her husband David Hensley instead of Hensleys Appliance they would give us a $30.00 discount (They then didnt charge us sales tax)!!!!! So!! I have a check made out to him personally.... I have a receipt for the stove that doesnt include sales tax.... And he still refuses to cooperate and give us any type of refund OR the stove back!!! So ... I write the BBB .... They write him!!! The BBB's response: Well lets just say they told us weve been ripped off and he wasnt going to cooperate!!! So I write 8 on your side a local television station that assists with people who have been ripped off!!!.... What did they say???? Youve been ripped off... Take him to court!!! Well I dont have the $59 to file the claim!!!! THEN!! The oddasity of this man who sold us the stove ..... The stove that we dont even have!!!! He sends us a BILL!!! And tells us we have to pay him $69 in storage fees to get the stove back!!!!!!! At my last straw I call the Florida Dept of taxation and turn him in for not charging sales tax!!! Well thats all said and done but here I sit..... LESS $179.000 With NO STOVE!!! AND A BILL!!!! I know that sounds like just a little bit of money but to us it isnt!! We are on a very limited budget and that money would have bought our groceries for 2 weeks!!! Isnt there a law against what he's doing???? Isnt that the same as THEFT!!!! Who can I contact????? Please Help!!!
Entity: Lecanto, Florida
9, Report #406894
Jan 01 2009
07:21 AM
RebatesHQ - GE Appliances rebate dishwasher recall rebate scam! Nationwide
My GE dishwasher was recalled and GE offered a $150.00 rebate for purchasing a new GE dishwasher. I did so. I then submitted the GE Rebate form in time with all necessary documentation. The GE rebate form said Your rebate check will be mailed to you in four to six weeks. Eight weeks after submission, RebatesHQ cannot even locate the submission and all I get are canned responses to my emails. They won't say they didn't receive it but only say they are changing systems and don't know. It is impossible to reach a person via any of the phone numbers they show. I contacted GE Customer Service and spoke to Rose who was very nice and told me she would check with them and call me back within a week. She called back and told me she could get no information and she would suggest I contact RebatesHQ after another 4 weeks. IMO, her tone indicated she had been told to back off RebatesHQ. So I continue to send emails to no avail. I am in the process of filing a mail fraud claim against RebatesHQ and Parago Inc. I am also contacting the BBB and the Texas Attorney General's office and will copy to my Senators and US Representative. I am disabled with a very poor heart and this frustration is doing me no good! Why would a large company like GE Appliances use a company to handle rebates with such a poor reputation? I retired from a Fortune 50 company and we used to worry about what customers thought! Maybe that's just business today. Jerry Bastrop, TexasU.S.A. >
Entity: Nationwide
10, Report #719560
Apr 19 2011
02:38 PM
General Electric Appliances GE Washers Frankfort, Kentucky
I am a 57 year old man who has purchased GE products from the age of 15, buying portable radios up to adult age where I relied on GE appliances to keep food cold, cooked, and clothing cleaned. The feeling of buying a practicly maintenance free appliance that would last was a relief on ones mind who has worked to support a family I purchased a GE washer and dryer approximately 3 years ago. The washer has been the poorest excuse for an appliance I have ever seen. I have had the washer worked on 2 times prior to the Warranty running out and now it's in need of repair for the same problems, but at my own expense. Need I say what it will cost to repair the washer plus for the house call and parts for a 3 year old washer is totally without a doubt Insane The trust I did have in GE products has been totally buried and gone from this point on.  I am not having the washer repaired for the same problem 6 months down the road.  I have decided to purchase Maytag where I feel I can get the best services for my money and peace of mind knowing I will not have to wonder if I am going to have clean clothes to wear. Maybe, I can get the feeling of knowing a manufacturer is making products for the Working Man and Woman to have confidence in without spending money on it all the time after purchasing it. As an American and a Consumer, I want you, GE, to know I am very disappointed in your company and will not be buying anymore GE products and will advise others to look elsewhere. Sincerely
Entity: Frankfort, Kentucky
11, Report #902574
Feb 27 2013
08:54 PM
Appliances Connection the worst experience i've ever had Internet
I purchased a professional range in a custom color with an eta of 6-8 weeks until delivery via a white glove method. 11 weeks later, my stove arrived damaged, not in the custom color and by a delivery service unwilling to bring it inside (white glove) and not exactly singing Appliances Connection's praises when it comes to business practices. I contacted AP immediately and included pictures of the damage. Their first reaction was to tell me to return the stove at my own expense (all 459 lbs. of it) and only then would they reorder one. I refused and thus began several days of harassment, crazy behavior and pressure to keep the damaged stove. Truth be told, I read the terrible reviews but decided to take a chance and save a buck. What a stupid mistake. Now I've got a 6k stove that isn't what I ordered or wanted and the pleasure of a credit card dispute to address this mess of a situation. I dealt with Calvin, who is truly one trashy piece of work. It's so clear from the online information about this company that this is just how they play and maybe that works on some people. But if you've bought from this company and not gotten what you should have, hold your ground. They will tell you ANYTHING, and I mean some really crazy stuff, to try and pressure you into sucking it up on a wrong or damaged order. It's important to remember, these guys don't make the rules and credit card companies will protect you if you note the damage, report it immediately and enforce the terms of your sales agreement. Document everything as I did and don't buy into their silliness about how inconvenient a credit card chargeback is. It's a piece of cake compared to listening to these Brooklyn hot heads rant at you while you're on the receiving end of a botched order that they miraculously turn into your fault. Never again, Appliances Connection. NEVER AGAIN.
Entity: , Internet
12, Report #196453
Jun 14 2006
06:11 PM
GE Appliances Rebate Ripoff! El Paso Texas
I purchased (6) Ge appliances and was promised a GE rebate.For weeks everytime I checked on the status it stated they did not recieve it. Finally we sent all the forms again via certified mail. We are still waiting for our rebate. It appears GE is a ripoff. Do not trust their company Michael Weston, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: El Paso, Texas
13, Report #202983
Jul 26 2006
07:45 AM
Conn's Appliances Ripoff CON ARTISTS Beaumont Texas
Be warned! Conn's appliances will rip you off. We have used them twice and both were bad experiences. The staff is rude, manipulative and untrustworthy. The service department has been trained to con people out of their money. The no interest plan is just the opposite. They started charging us interest after one month - and we were not late on our payment. The finance department is unabel to answer any questions about the bill- they just pass you from one operator to the next. You can never speak to a manager - and if by chance you do he is even more rude. Our icemaker went out 1year after we bought this top of the line appliance. When the service tech came out - he did not even move the unit away from the wall to thoroughly check it out. He said we were 10 days out of warranty and then tried to sell us the extended warranty stating if we bought it he would act like he had not been called out yet. We refused then he said it would cost 200.00 to replace the unit and 75.00 for coming out. We called and the manager was just as rude. This company did not get so big by having good service or sales - they have cheated so many people out of their money. Anna Nederland, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Beaumont, Texas
14, Report #279076
Oct 16 2007
12:56 PM
Expert Appliances Huge Overcharge Winter Springs Florida
I ordered a part for my Sub Zero refigerator thinking it would be fast and easy but the people here do not know what they are looking for in pars. We had 3 emails/phone calls to clrify the part and then it came wrong. When I called the local parts store it was only $21.01 vs. the $156.94 they charged. It also said there was a 35% restoking on returns so I have canceled the charge via my bank. DO not deal with these people. They are rip-off artists! Joseph Salt Lake City, UtahU.S.A.
Entity: Winter Springs, Florida
15, Report #255788
Jun 20 2007
03:48 PM
GE Appliances Service RIPOFF Louisville Kentucky
A few days ago my five year old GE fridge quit cooling. I looked up on line and followed GE's advice to check for problem. None of the items I checked was the problem and concluded from other sources it might be the motherboard. As the part was $126.00, I decided to have GE service check it out. I scheduled the repair on their web site and it said to come to the house was $89.95 plus labor and parts. If I decided not to have the repair done, I would be charged the $89.95 for the house call and diagnostics. The repair person said it was the mother board and had it replaced in 15 minutes for which I was charged $125.00. The total labor for the house call was $214.95 for the 30 minutes he was in my house plus the part ($126.80 plus tax) for a total of 341.75. This is almost half the cost of a new fridge. When I call to ask about the high labor rate, they said it was a flat rate of $125 to replace that part and they did not apply the $89.95 towards the labor. If my GE washer or dryer need service, I'll just get new as their labor charge is outragous. They will not be GE. It cost less in labor to get my AC repaired in the house and the repairman was there for almost three hours. Beware of GE's labor rate. Mine was $89.95 house call plus $125.00 flat rate for 30 minutes. Ouch!!! John John Sun City, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Louisville, Kentucky
16, Report #1164975
Jul 25 2014
11:48 AM
GE Appliances RIP OFF on appliances repair barrinton,IL Illinois
I started to have a problem with refrigerator GE Monogram that I own. The problem was the water leak inside the freezer door which to my opinion can be fixed by taking the door apart and fixing the tubing that is inside the door. I called GE repair and repairmen came over and said he can fix the issue, gave me the quote and I agreed to it. We scheduled time for the repair and I had to take half day off in order to be home so that repair can be done. Repairman came and said that he does not have parts for it and he will have to re-schedule. We re-scheduled it again and same thing happened on the next appointment. I had to take time off my work, he came and asked if I received the parts by mail? I said no and he said that we need to re-schedule one more time. So the third appointment was scheduled and I was waiting for the repairman for 3 hours. Then GE Customer Service called and told me that I have to buy the whole door in order to fix the small leak inside the door because the part I am looking for is not available and that it will be very expensive but I will get a “discount”. Even if I would get the new door to fix small leak inside it which does not make any sense that door color would be different from the other door.   Not only GE appliances are poor quality they try to squeeze more money from consumers when they repair it.
Entity: Illinois
17, Report #977149
Dec 03 2012
08:10 AM
Duarte's Appliances The meaning of unfair business practices!! Rubidoux, California
My husband & I were shopping for a refrigerator & needed one ASAP. Found this Place on Craigslist & decided to give them a shot. Bought a fridge for $900 cash, no taxes. It never worked. We had this thing long enough to spoil a fridge full of food, 2 days.Called them & reported our problem, they eventually came- days later- & took the Fridge with them. They left us a smaller, dirty, smelly refrigerator to use in the meantime. That didn't work either. Finally, days later again, they came to fix that one.It has now been 3 MONTHS!!!! They quit communicating with us on the status of our original purchase about 2 months ago. We finally just bought a brand new one from Home Depot, $1,250! We went to Duarte's over the weekend to get our money back & the mom (or the owner?) fervently denied any wrong doing. She refused to give us any reimbursement for our purchase because it says on the receipt no refunds.Lets get this straight.... they won't give us our money back for something that NEVER worked & we NEVER had possession of for more than 2 days & cost us more money & heartache than its worth. After my husband tried to compromise with her & offered to buy the one we had & they give us the difference, she insisted that the refrigerator we have been using for the last 3 months is worth more than the one we bought originally.This place is a joke. Don't give them your business. They are a RIP OFF & the embodiment of the meaning of unfair business practices. Worst of all, they don't run a law abiding establishment And fear absolutely no reprocussions for their actions. I'm pretty sure they are illegal immigrants, as well.
Entity: Rubidoux, California
18, Report #1157258
Jun 24 2014
08:36 PM
Duarte's Appliances Craigslist appliance buyers beware! Riverside California
Also on Yelp first off I should have read the reviews. However how could I have when the company was not even listed when I looked up this Samsung Stainless refrigerator on Craigslist. We purchased this refrigerator on May 30th 2014 and had a few dings and such but nothing some refrigerator kid art couldn't handle.  Upon moving it into my kitchen I noted that the rollers were badly flattened and 1 leveling foot missing, so I had to use shims.. not happy about that but for the price I had to expect some of these things, so I ordered some replacement parts from online sources. Half a week into the purchase late at night I hear a noise coming from condenser cooling fan (bearings going out) A full week after our purchase the unit stops cooling all together. June 9 -  I send a TEXT as nobody answers phones from the slip and or from the craigslist ad. I tell them that the unit is not cooling. I get the broken up English responses Ok tomorrow go fix or change for different call you tomorrow send to me address June 10 - The next day at 12-1 PM they arrive and pick up the frig. June 14 - I do not hear from them at all though out the week, I send a text on Saturday asking what the status is, no response.. So I call them and get the woman on the phone that  has a hard time speaking English. She tells me Tuesday we will have it back. June 17 - Tuesday comes and goes no response. I call again on Tuesday they say I will have it back on Thursday, this day also goes without a response. June 19 -  Sent a Text asking status on Thursday night no response. Tried calling and nobody answers phones, tried even calling from a different number and no response. June 20 - Text today Friday the 20th and the gal says now next Tuesday!!! WTF.Decide to check out this company and do some checking, CRAP.. I find lots of bad reviews of this place.. NOT GOOD.To be Continued...June 24- OK if I can do no Stars that would be a better recommendation for this place.The person that delivered my repaired refrigerator calling me Pendejo and speaking other spanish slang/cuss words to me while I asked where the feet were that I gave the people to install on the damaged refrigerator (that I paid for) He said I only fix cooling, I said great I need my feet then where are they.. he persisted to call me crazy taking the lender refrigerator away and almost damaging the travertine entry way banging the old unit around like trash. I asked for his name and he said I dont know.I asked for my money back and they said No Money back look you Invoice sorry for incidentBeware of these guys!DO NOT USE THEM!!!
Entity: Riverside, California
19, Report #1056975
Jun 06 2013
01:26 PM
AMR Appliances, Inc. Scam Internet
Showed up to repair a dishwasher, claimed to have fixed it and left. Within minutes, noticed that he had not, called, he was outside and came back to fix.  When checked next, it only half nworked.   Bill says 30 day Warranty.  He would not accept calls from house or cell that had called him before so called from office, and, after 4-5 calls arranged for him to return, called to remind him and he said he would be there when we hired someone to wait.  He never returned.  Scam.  
Entity: Internet
20, Report #1073569
Aug 06 2013
02:06 PM
Payless Appliances Outright crooks, liars, cheats. Absolute scum Mesa Arizona
 These people are rip off artists. I needed a cheap fridge to get us through until we redo our kitchen next year. I asked the salesperson how old the fridge was that I was interested in. She told me it was 4 years old. I got the fridge home and all was well for a few days until the temperature started going up (a few days after the 24-hour return policy the salesperson stated). My husband checked the refrigerant level and noted that there was a brand new linkage on the canister, and that they probably had just recharged it before delivery. Upon further investigation, we determined that the fridge was actually 13 years old. After recharging the refrigerant, we experienced the same problem a few days later. Lesson learned - do your research. Do NOT purchase anything from this company.
Entity: Mesa, Arizona
21, Report #1332078
Oct 07 2016
11:19 AM
Carballo Appliances Does not honor warranty - Defective products Miami Florida
Moses Carballo sells used appliances.  After coming to an agreement with him with a 6 minth warantee, he delivered a new washer and dryer.  Instead of the complete hook up he promissed he hurried away.  The washer drum was unballanced from the very first day.  After two months of not answering any text or call, the drum completely broke.  His brother, Francisco Carballo who operates another used appliance store (786-597-2359) one street over claims he has nothing to do with his brother.  Beware doing any business with either of these two.  Spens a little more and go to Best Buy.
Entity: Miami, Florida
22, Report #1218162
Mar 25 2015
04:49 PM
LG Appliances Refridgerator warranty is BS Mill VALLEY , ca California
LG did not honor warranty. Gave me the Run Around. Its all a scam
Entity: California
23, Report #1339311
Nov 21 2016
09:18 PM
ASAP Appliances Scott Scott the owner Shrevport Louisiana
I purchased a refrigerator from ASAP appliance store. The owner has kept $700.00 and refuses to refund me my money much less give me the refrigerator I purchased. Please see the following text message he sent. The last paragraph indicates he will not give me my money or deliver the refrigerator. Please do no do business with this company. Do your homework. There are several bad reviews for this company on google. You do not want to work and spend your money with a company that will not deliver. I paid him 11/19/16 he promised to bring my refrigerator, he didn't even call me and tell me he wasn't bringing it. I went through the weekend without a refrigerator. He the promised on 11/21/16 to bring my refrigerator, he said he plugged it up it works great blowing really cold. He said I would have it by 12 pm. I took off work he didn't show up until 8:45 pm. It was not the refrigerator I purchased. He then sent me these text, two days before Thanksgiving. I have 3 families coming in town and I cater food for the homeless on Texas Street. This is what this man did. Left me and my family without a refrigerator. I will contact the BBB and the Rip off report and my dad is the production manager for a large radio station down the street. I had access to friends who run summer feeding programs. He would have sold 20 refrigerators in a day had he done right by me. Please don't let anyone misuse you. No one deserves this before Thanksgiving.
Entity: Shrevport, Louisiana
24, Report #1216902
Mar 19 2015
02:02 PM
!Horrible Experience! Don't ever buy anything from this company. I placed an internet order for an LG fridge from Appliances Connection on 2/20/2015. I received confirmation and a tracking #. Next, I received an email from AM Home Delivery on 2/27/2015 that my order would be delivered on 3/3/2015. I was going to be out of town that day, so I asked for the delivery to be rescheduled on or after 3/5/2015. I received an email saying that they had no more deliveries on my route that week and they would let me know when they could deliver my order. After a few more emails back and forth and fruitless calls that resulted in endless hold and listen to muzak I finally received a call and an email with a confirmed delivery date of 3/12/15 between 4-8 pm. I cancelled my regular class for the night and waited anxiously for the delivery truck to arrive....however, no truck and no phone calls explaining the no-show. Several more fruitless phone calls and emails later, I received another phone call promising delivery today , 3/19/15, between 11 am and 3pm. Its past 4 pm now, and again, no truck and no explanation of the no-show. I opened various tickets with Appliances Connection, but just got the run-around, with promises of delivery soon. I buy various sized products online every week, and the majority of them get delivered on time or reasonably close to promised delivery time. Generally its easy to get explanations and even apologies from customer service in cases of delayed delivery. However, dealing with Appliances Connection and AM Home Delivery & Trucking has to be the worst experience I have encountered with an internet purchase. If I could give them negative stars, I would rate them a minus 5 !!!ite !
Entity: Nationwide
25, Report #1328693
Sep 17 2016
11:15 AM
Appliances Connection Warning, do not use. Bath NY
   Please read before you make a purchase! Ordered a lg dishwasher, that was delivered damaged, refused order. Asked for a refund, company pressed me to accept damaged item, and they would send out repair person. I didn't pay for a damaged item, I paid for a new one. All I wanted was a refund for full amount but have only received a partial and company will not respond.*****do yourself a favor and use price matching through best buy and they will honor. Received perfect undamaged item from best buy,  use BB and have piece of mind. TRUST me I am out almost $300 because of appliance connection!

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