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1, Report #271336
Aug 30 2007
10:28 AM
Aramark, aramark food service, aramark maintenance, aramark service, Philadelphia Pennsylvania
I agree with all these negative reports filed against Aramark. They are a big ripoff. They sell bad food, hire cheap workers, and are only out for themselves. I have called several people and have been made many promises, but not much has happened. If you want to make a complaint about food service, you have to call Rich at 610-328-2111. For maintenance, you call Olley 215-752-0755 and for all others, Call Mr. Ulm at 610-496-9003 or 610-534-5400, 5401, 5402 or 5403 Dwayne folcroft, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
2, Report #1211526
Feb 25 2015
08:05 AM
Aramark Uniform Services Airtight Contract Cedar Rapids Nationwide
Aramark is a scam.  Their service is structured specifically to trap people in a contract, the price of which will then spiral upwards.  We started out with a few floor mats at a reasonable price and failed to thoroughly read the contract, relying instead on verbal assurances from the rep.  Within a couple years the invoice had tripled, even though we reduced the number of mats.  Some of the increases can be refused, but only if done in writing within 15 days, a strategy which cleverly takes advantage of normal business delays in processing invoices  and communicating.  Recently, we were refused service because our account was not current because we had refused some of these bogus increases.  The only way to get out of the contract is to pay the full (inflated) replacement charge of the products, and you pay for the ones in place plus the ones being cleaned, AND Aramark retains posession of the product.  OR you pay 25% of your average weekly invoice for last three months times the number of weeks remaining-whichever method is MOST expensive! Adding insult to injury, the mats were rarely placed properly by the route rep so we would end up shifting them ourselves.  STAY AWAY!!
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #428365
Feb 25 2009
12:49 PM
RBC Finanical Aramark Mail Fraud, Scams Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
My Mother in Law called me to check out this letter she received about winning the lottery for something like $4850.00 aprox. with a check enclosed. I came here Thank God since I could not find it anywhere else. I informed her of these other complaints and told her to give it back to the mail man and put on the Attention Post Master General this is Mail Fraud. I hope they can do something. Good Luck to all who. This is the phone details on reverse lookup. Number: 4127320628 Owner Name: On File - Click Here Most Current Address: On File - Click Here Area: Pittsburgh State: PA (Pennsylvania) Exchange: 412-732 (Verizon Pennsylvania, Inc.) Phone Company: VERIZON PENNSYLVANIA, INC. Switch: BLLVPABEDS0 Nora Biglerville, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
4, Report #589494
Apr 04 2010
03:18 PM
Entity: Internet, Pennsylvania
5, Report #265328
Aug 05 2007
06:18 AM
Aramark slobs pigs food service ripoff building service Philadelphia Pennsylvania
I have personally watched Aramark employees pick food up that they have dropped, and place it back on a tray or counter for resale, not even bothering to wash it off. I have watched Aramark employees picking their noses while handling food, dropping it on wet floors and serving it, sweating in food, and biting some of the food and then selling it. They are the most disgusting company I have ever seen. This company makes money by ripping off customers and reselling food like milk that was half drank. They pour it back into a carton and resell it. They have been sued and complained about so many times in the past that its ridiculous. They need to get out of schools and the public before they kill someone....oh wait, they already did that at the New York game a few years back by overselling beer to one guy. Get rid of Aramark folks. They are slimeballs. lisa Darby, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
6, Report #283963
Nov 09 2007
04:30 PM
ARAMARK SERVICES INC Dirty, filthy, aramark, ulmer, ramirez, william penn, william penn school district Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Those scum bags. Aramark had feces in a burger my kid brought home from the William Penn school district. There were cat or dog droppings in it. I dont know if Aramark put them in there, but they should be accountable. I spoke to Rich Ulmer, and he put me through to Oliver, his District Manager, and Oliver told me to go to hell. He said I need to prove it. What an ass he was. Aramark serves the food, and they dont care. Bob phila, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
7, Report #262091
Jul 20 2007
11:40 AM
Aramark, Oliver Delgado, Richard Ulmer, Rich Ulmer, scams, aramark, wrongful termination, lousy service, sucks Philadelphia Pennsylvania
I have also contacted Joe Otto of the Wm Penn School DIstrict, Oliver, the boy wonder Delgado of Aramark, Dana Bedden of Wm Penn, Rich Ulmer of Aramark about many issues concerning district trucks being parked outside the drivers (worker) house all day. The district then complains about having no money after paying this same worker OT for going in after hours and fixing something. He spent all day at home and now gets paid overtime. Otto ignored my email. Ulmer ignored my email. DelGado ignored my email. Bedden said its the first he's hearing about it. Liars and people that dont care is what this is all about. Aramark has made Wm Penn School District the worst district in the State, and they can't even deny it. I sent this same email to board president McKelligott, and he never responded. Why should he? His own boards members as well as he is stealing and getting all freebes from the district. What a ploy they have going here. Cry poor, and then have the government send them more money and up the taxes. Otto is a thief john darby, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
8, Report #258616
Jul 04 2007
06:23 AM
ARAMARK CORPORATION aramark, food, service, ulmer, rugs, carpets, ripoff PHILADELPHIA Pennsylvania
Aramark is such a ripoff! I have now seen so many reports about them picking food out of the trash and reserving it, dropping it on the floor, or just plain old serving rotten food. Stay away from Aramark people. I know they are one of the bigger companies out there, and do stadiums and schools, but research them on the Internet first. You may be horrified at what you find. They dont care about anything but the almighty buck, even if its dangerous to other people. Do a search on aramark ripoffs or aramark lawsuits or even aramark dangers and you'll see a lot you may want to steer away from. This place is so huge because it rips their customers off. Watch out for this business. I have evene seen many reports on their maintenance service as well as their clothes ripping very easily. Check before you call betsy Miami, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania
9, Report #1094201
Oct 24 2013
01:20 PM
Aramark food Services Aramark Rip-offs thieves and government scams Arkansas
 Hey everyone Aramark does it again. Not only are they the most unethical employer in the the USA with their den of bumbling idiots that they call managers but are the biggest scamers of all that they prey on their own countries military for the ol mighty dollar. To bring everyone up to date Aramark has spent the last few years lying to uncle sam to gain government food contract on military bases. They currenty hold 7 contracts for 7 bases. Here is how the scam works. Active duty Military personel have meal allotments providing 3 meals a day that the military pays for. With Aramark holding the food contracts on these bases they over inflate the cost of meals and labor to then in turn charge the government for reimbursement. Basically they charge our troops $4.00 for a 70 cent drink. They charge thousands of dollar in payroll and their employees make a dollar more than minuim wage. So for anyone that reads this contact your congressmen and put a stop to aramark before they get their filthy hands on anymore bases.
Entity: Arkansas
10, Report #1323876
Aug 22 2016
12:15 PM
We have been doing business with Aramark since 1997 and was happy with our guy and the service until he told me i should sign a contract. Knowing and trusting this person, who never explained the fine print, i signed the contract thinking i locked in my prices for 5 years. Well that was not the case. Aramark can rais their prices any time three times a year and i cant do anything about it. I am coming to the end of my five years. I have taken it in the (you know what) for this long and was even thinking about making my own page but saw this site and maybe i can stop one person from signing a contract with this horrible, terrable, misleading, non-caring company. I don't like there food service at fenway either.    
Entity: Nationwide
11, Report #1355361
Feb 10 2017
04:58 PM
aramark Aramark staff at st clair county jail belleville illinois fraud, theft, cruel and unusual punishment belleville Illinois
 Aramark staff at st clair county jail is committing fraud by serving shorted portions on meals. By shorting the amount of ingredients in meals they save money in which they purchase commisary items called hot trays. These hot tray items are ordered from the same company the regular meals come from. The hot trays are then sold to inmates and proceeds are pocketed by aramark and facility staff. Evidence is in the recipes which call for exact measurements for certain numbers of inmates. Researching the recipe demands against the shipment logs will prove they do not order enough food to fulfill said recipes. I was the cook and witnessed this myself as did multiple others.
Entity: belleville, Illinois
12, Report #572163
Feb 19 2010
11:56 PM
Aramark Uniform Services charge more than agreed.the worst customer service salt lake, Utah
Every one of the hundreds of complaints i have read through out the world wide web are alot of what Aramark has done to our company and then some. The DORK who said its your fault that you didnt read the contract. I say SHAME ON HIM ! and he probably works for Aramark. Not reading the contract word for word has nothing to do with Aramark ripping companies off.
Entity: salt lake, Utah
13, Report #838992
Feb 14 2012
12:27 PM
Aramark Bait and switch on listed products, I purchased, claimed their products were made in the USA Norwell, Massachusetts
Aramark's Wearguard uniform ordering department flat out lied about their Wearguard products to me. When we recently ordered company uniforms, they told us that the shirts and pants  we ordered were made in the USA. Wrong, when I recieved the order they were labeled as made in Haiti and Guatamala's  3rd world sweat shops. In addition to that, we paid for the Wearguard brand and recieved an alternative product for the shirts marked  Red Hat instead of Wearguard. The Red Hat product is a cheap generic brand with buttons barely sewed on and cheesy material. When I called Aramark, to express my discontent they never offered to exchange them for the correct product we paid for. In fact they said it was beyond their control to give us what we paid for, the Wearguard brand!! WTF kind of customer service is that supposed to be? Bait and switch is what I call it. Before Werarguard was bought out by Aramark, the customer service and quality was fantastic. I won't buy a thing from these shysters ever again. My reccommendation is to buy your uniforms elsewhere. Aramark=Crappy products, and even worse customer service.
Entity: Norwell, Massachusetts
14, Report #1229059
May 13 2015
09:18 PM
Aramark Uniform Service AUS questional billing Southern California Nationwide
 Aramark Uniform Service in the greater Los Angeles area, has pushed employees to commit fraud with customers billing. The Loss and Ruin practice in general. Charging customers for lost garments that were misdirected by production employees. Charging for damaged garments that in fact, were damaged by the company's overwhelmed production process. Shop towel inventory! A new customer with a need for 100 shop towels per week, is given 100 the first and second week, with the soil pick up on the second service visit, being reduced by Aramark, to just 35% regardless of pick up. Example. 100 towels delivered first week. 100 towels delivered 2ND week. The first weeks soiled towels should be 100. Making 100 in, 100 out. But the 3rd delivery will be just 35 towels or 35%. Even though you and the driver count out 100 soiled towels, you will get just 35 back the following delivery. 4 weeks later, you will be charged for the lost towels Your driver will face discipline through verbal then written warnings if they change this towel count. It is a company requirement to in fact, charge for Loss and Ruin, regardless of the fact if it exists or not with the customer. The mom and pop shops who have just one or two employees, will see their invoice climb to more than double the agreed amount, within a few months. I work out of the Los Angeles area for Aramark. I am ashamed for what we are for the to do. I am up front with the customer but have a hard time showing my face every week. And when enough is enough, and they cancel service? they are fored to pay the remainder of the contract. If anyone reads this and knows the proper agency to report this to, then please reply with the much needed information. Thank you.
Entity: Nationwide
15, Report #257725
Jun 29 2007
12:28 PM
Aramark Food Service - Aramark Catering Food Service Schools - william penn - ara ulmer - Joe Otto - Rich Ulmer - dana bedden food service maintenance ripoff Philadelphia Pennsylvania
ARAMARK STARTS ON RIGHT FOOT BUT CAN THEY FINISH NOW? Service Giant Aramark reached an all time low Tuesday, when their top brass Vice President, Stephen Mallozzi, phoned police for the return of keys from an ex-Aramark worker whom they are trying to silence for knowing all the terrible secrets the company is hiding. Emails sent to Mr. Ahern asking for the return of keys after his departure from Aramark as the Maintenance Manager at the William Penn Facility were answered with the response that the keys were in fact returned, and a return receipt and numbers were given to Stephen Mallozzi. Mr. Mallozzi did not believe Mr. Ahern. The next day when police came and asked if they could have the keys back, a good laugh was had by all when Mr. Ahern produced a certified mailing receipt stating that such keys were in fact sent back. No doubt this was a Rich Ulmer move said one unidentified person who could not stop laughing, Rich isn't the smartest piece of bread in the pantry! He's a true bozo. Mr. Ahern has many more pictures to show, and lots of stories to share.It's funny, Mr. Ahern stated, I was in charge of keys when I was there, and people never turned in their keys when they left. I would have known if they did. Tim Hopkins, who worked in the IT department had keys to everything when he left about three months ago, and Rich Ulmer said we didn't need to worry about his keys. In fact, I know of about ten other people that quit, and their keys were never returned, Mr. Ahern said shaking his head, That's not very safe now is it? They could walk in the building at any time and grab anyone's kid. Boy, I'm glad I returned my keys. I think every key on every door should be replaced for safety reasons, said Mr. Ahern, but that's just my opinion. I wouldn't want my child going to that school knowing that there are so many MASTER keys out on the street. Aramark attempted to keep Mr. Ahern tight lipped about many dangers at the William Penn School District in Darby Pennsylvania, and when Mr. Ahern continued to bring up the dangers and ask when they would be corrected, he was quickly transferred to an account a hundred miles away. Items such as alarm calls being placed on test, school alarms being disconnected, rat infested warehouses, locked escape doors, classroom doors that do not lock, panic bars broken, keys lost, high mold at a storage warehouse that houses all paper products, asbestos in floor tiles, leaks that are covered by ceiling tiles and a superintendent that is hell bent on getting out are just some of the corrections Mr. Ahern brought up. Joe Otto the COO of William Penn doesn't care, and Dana Bedden the Superintendent has applied for three other jobs in the past year, said another unidentified source, Who do you think cares at this time. Otto is a year or two away from retirement. In the past six months, a lot has happened that made it even worse for Mr. Ahern to stick around. A trailer belonging to the William Penn School District was stolen, and was later determined that it was stolen by a relative of a school board member. The second floor asbestos tiles at the Bell Avenue school were suppose to be replaced this summer, but those plans were scratched after the budget was found to be overspent. The Quarry Street location, which was flooded by Hurricane Floyd and left to mold out was supposed to be vacated and the workers moved, but that plan fell through also due to overspending. The Quarry Street location is a condemned building, covered with mold and pigeons, which inhabit three floors. Board Member President McKelligott was informed of the many problems, but refused to respond to emails. The divider partition in many of the bathrooms are broken, or gone, but the school district refuses to replace them. The ballasts at Bell Ave all need replacing but they won't do that either. Much of the wiring in the schools is against code. A metal railing outside of Aldan school on the dock broke last year and Rich Ulmer said they weren't getting it replaced. The hill at Park Lane School is a total disgrace, at times the grass reaching a whopping four feet high. Many of the school aren't hooked up to any alarm system, and most are hooked up to an old VCR type camera system that no one replaces the tape in. Aramark managers are paid in the range of $45,000 and up to simply tell school District employees what to do. The School District contracts Aramark because they didn't want to be involved in the daily operations of the maintenance department, but they are anyway. Nothing happens without approval from Joe Otto or Dane Bedden, so it's a question of, Why is Aramark in the middle? In a world where safety is a major issue, Aramark acted correctly on having the manager return his keys, but now what? Do they allow all the other keys that are out there to be forgotten? What if someone is planning on using these keys? Are the children in jeopardy? I believe Aramark should now act accordingly and finish the job. Every school should have their locks replaced for safety reasons. Why take any chances? Then again, its not Aramark's children that attend these schools now is it? Brenda Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
16, Report #624695
Jul 19 2010
08:45 AM
ARAMARK Uniform Services Cheating and stealing from customers,Taught by Mark Holdcraft and brandon Kemp Shelbyville, Tennessee
I am a former employee of this company,I can not believe how much they get by with legally.You are constantly taught how to lie to customers.When they sign a contract,you can write on it no price increases,then a few months later the general manager will add a price increase when he pleases and if you do not enforce it you get disciplined.I am a very honest person and I can not lie to people,Maybe that is why I got laid off.One of the worst is charging a twenty five percent service charge.That is absurd.The one I felt worst about was my account at Tyson foods.I used to count and account for all of their damaged items,which was right,The after we got a new GM,he would tell me how much to charge, usually 500 to 800 dollars a week,depending on how much he would need for his damage quota for the week.Several times I questioned this and was told not to worry because the plant manager at Tyson was a dumb ass and would not notice.Just think how much  this adds to the cost of their product to consumers.People would also rent clothes and sometimes after 2 years of wear they would try to make us charge them for them.People want to rent them,not buy them and after a couple years, they are beyond paid for.Beware, I have never seen such unethical business practices in my life and they get by with it!They apparently are not Christians and do not have a conscience.
Entity: Shelbyville, Tennessee
17, Report #611981
Jun 09 2010
07:05 AM
ARAMARK Uniform Services Mob like tactice to strong arm you into staying and extort you for money. Eau Claire, Wisconsin
The first complaint is uniform repairs. They would not repair clothing unless you did thing just right for them and even then you may have to send it back and tell the driver about it. The next thing is some uniforms came back from Aramark with arms riped off big tears from there prosece of washing. Our uniform where about like rages they would not repace them unless they where totally unusable. Then when our contract was up they charged us for new uniforms. We had the same uniform for 3 years and they want us to pay new price for them. We paied the Garment Protection insurence for damages too. The driver says thats for the contrace time and after it is up then they charge you for all uniforms. So on June 4 our contract was done sent them the certified letter more than 3 mounth before saying not to renew our company. On June 1st the driver picked up the uniforms and all equipment. Then on June 8 they dropped off an invoice for $1705.11 for danaged uniforms. The contract sayAUS will provide regularly scheduled deliveries of uniforms and apparel, freshly processed, repaired and finished, and willreplace uniforms and apparel worn out through normal wear at no additional charge. So this is just like to mob. Try to strong arm you in to staying and when you don't the extort you for money.
Entity: Eau Claire, Wisconsin
18, Report #693319
Feb 09 2011
08:36 PM
aramark,mark holdcraft and brandon kemp Thieves may come to justice 1315 madison st, Tennessee
Since my last report several routemen for this location have been depositioned and it has been determined that mark holdcraft and brandon kemp can be brought up on felony theft charges!.The attorneys now know that the two have embezzled from many companies and over one hundred thousand dollars from tyson foods alone.Hopefully justice will prevail.These two both belong behind bars and hopefully that will happen.Holdcraft claims to have been a marine and if this is the way marines train men,no wonder this country is in the shape it is in.Would you trust these two running your company?
Entity: , Tennessee
19, Report #867628
Apr 12 2012
12:45 PM
On October 23, 2011 I was working a job that I love;d for over 22 Years!!!!!!!!!!!! I worked as a Team Leader for Aramark Sports and entertainment, it was a usual day for me at work a Raider football game; nothing seemed unusual just another day at work, or so I thought. There was only a few minutes before half time was approaching; my routine is to pre pour beer to keep the thirst fan pleased while I restock my product for second half of game. As the crowd started to form in front of the beer port I was working at I was trying to put as many beer on the counter as possible the cashier who was working with me stated to another co-worker who was talking to him Some customers are rude I heard the comment but did really think anything of it because I knew he was talking to the co-worker and not to to a specific individual.  Shortly after his statement I heard a customer started to yell Are you talking to me the worker stated clearly I am not talking to you he repeated this several times. As the team leader it is my job to defuse potential problems at all manager meetings we are drilled on this factor!!!!!!!, so I attempted to do my job, I said to the customer Miss he was not talking to you the customers who was a female started to become more agitated; she yelled  What is wrong with you people she continued to yell and curse at myself and my cashier. The customer called me B*tch she was out of control, she continued to call me B*tch ,I accepted the title but asked her to move on because customers were before short patient, after she finally decided to move on or so I thought she picked up the two beers that she had purchased walked around the stand and threw the two beers in my face, I attempted to detainable her for the offices ; but in stead I was ruffed up by a sheriff and handcuffed, after dags incident I was Terminated for being assaulted by a out of control Raider Fan.
Entity: , Internet
20, Report #1104971
Dec 06 2013
03:07 PM
Aramark Uniform Services The only uniform service you will receive is uniformly terrible service Las Vegas Nevada
Where to begin....  First of all, we signed a (3) year contract. We have had sub-par service from them. We do not receive all of our uniforms. (We've been paying our office staff to keep track of them when they are turned in and returned to us)  Secondly, we pay for the uniform insurance. What a joke. The uniforms have to be in shreds for them to supply new ones. Not to mention, when they are in need of a repair, we get the uniform back exactly the same, however the repair ticket is still attached. Third, their in office customer service is non existant. They do not return calls, reply to certified letters, faxes. You name it, you don't get a response. Once our contract was up, they miraculously say that it was a 5 year contract. Even though the contract we have, as well as the fax cover sheet, and fax confirmation sheet state 3 years. It has now been 2 hours since we asked corporate to send us the 5 year contract. They are giving us the run around. We still don't have it! I'm upset that I wasn't smart enough to look them up on yelp or ripoff report before we signed the contract. Hopefully others won't make the same mistake. 
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
21, Report #1088851
Oct 02 2013
07:57 AM
Aramark Uniform Company ORGANIZED CRIME!! EXTORTION AT IT'S BEST...AVOID AT ALL COSTS Morrisville North Carolina
Morrisville,NC- The uniform company Aramark and it's business practices are essentially organized crime. Quite simply they send in a polished sales person to sell you the moon and the stars. I own a bodyshop and was looking to provide uniforms for my employees. The salesperson came in and gave a presentaton about how their special process would keep our employees uniforms clean as new all the time and the guys would look sharp. Less than 3 months into the service we find that the uniforms look terrible, paint stains all over them. We ask them to get the uniforms clean and what they proceed to do now is tell us that because we have paint on them it cannot be removed. HELLO...we are a body shop! If you knew you couldnt get paint out why would you sell us a product under the idea that you could keep us looking sharp? We decided that the uniforms would not work for us because after all it is cheaper to buy new uniforms every 3-6 months as needed than pay the service fee. Please keep in mind the whole idea of keeping the uniforms clean was the selling point of renting versus buying. To add insult to injury when we said we no longer needed the service that break out the fine print contract that you sign that basically says they can do anything they want and you have to continue pay them...sounds like the mafia doesn't it? Let me throw in the real kicker...when we turn in all of the uniforms we had to pay for the damaged ones!!! Are you serious? WOW.  We were forced in to carrying the minimum to finish the contract out, what we didn't know was that in sigining for the new minimum the added mire time on the existing contract! And guess what really takes the cake? They continued to increase the premium WEEKLY for just 2 mats within $20 of the price we were paying for uniforms for 11 employees!!! YOU MUST BE KIDDING ME???? Nope. Out and out fraud and I predict the next move will be to use the credit burearu to extort the remainder of the contract time out of me when I stop paying their fraudulent bills this month! They seem to think I will pay until 12/2014, keep in mind I cancelled the uniforms in December of 2011! I will be going to the local TV station to expose this company should they decide to pursue this further on some BS contract! 
Entity: Morrisville, North Carolina
22, Report #1257617
Sep 28 2015
10:54 AM
Aramark Uniform Services Lousy Service, Did not live up to Contract, Hassled us when contract legitimately cancelled Pompano Beach Florida
We are a small company that decided to use the Aramark Uniform Services as a convenience to our employees.  It turned out to be anything but a convenience.   We had numerous issues with this company: Uniforms weren’t pressed properly. Collars went off at angles that could not be straightened without using an iron.  Customers noticed and were adjusting workers collars. Charged for items we did not order and did not receive. Rates increased after 7 months, not the contracted 1 year.    Inconsistent uniform delivery.  At times, employees had no uniforms as they were not laundered and returned as contracted.   Yet, we were charged for them every week. Buttons were constantly falling off.   Items sent out for repair did not come back for 2-3 weeks and we were still charged.  Ended up sewing our own buttons on. Detailed problems in writing, 8 months in to contract.  Received a call from the Route Manger.  Per our contract, we gave 30 days for Aramark to correct the problems.  Service actually got worse. Wrote a letter cancelling service, as specified in the contract.  Route Manager was surprised; said he was monitoring our account.  No one called us during the 30 days. The last communication we had with Aramark we were told we would owe for 4 polo shirts and the embroidery.  Per our contract this came to $122.00. We were never invoiced for this 3 months later we received a call from a collections agency stating we owed $1000.00+ on the account.  We did not have an account.  We paid on a week to week basis. To date, neither Aramark (who is not responding to our letters) nor the collection agency has been able to tell us why we owe this money. Now, their collections agency (CFM Group out of Marietta, GA) is calling us frequently and is threatening to report us to the credit agencies because we have not paid a bill we never received, and still do not know what we are being charged for. Our credit has been negatively affected for something that Aramark could have settled simply by sending us an invoice or responding to our inquiries.   Other businesses in our area have identical problems with Aramark.  We will never recommend this service to others.
Entity: Pompano Beach, Florida
23, Report #1423386
Jan 16 2018
01:16 PM
Aramark may be the most unerthical company out there. They low ball you on a set price and have you sing a contract for 36 months and if you dont cancel the contract within 90 days it goes into auto-renewal. I asked for a copy of the contract and they produced 3 different ones signed by someone that has never been employed by the company. I have sent multiple certified letters and havent heard anything back. Stay away from Aramark
Entity: Buckeye, Arizona
24, Report #1125335
Feb 21 2014
07:08 AM
Aramark Uniform Poor Service and claiming breach of contract even though we sent 2 certified notices of cancelling service. Now has our company in collections for over $2500.00 USE CINTAS not Aramark for your companies Uniform Services. Lawrence Massachusetts
We signed up with Aramark for a Uniform Company, first time our company used a uniform service.  Promised great service.  Well here is just a small list of issues that occured within 60 days of using their service.1 -They sent someone to measure employees for proper fit, but instead of actually measuring, asked employees what size they were, thereofore , 3 employee pants were too long.  They had to take them back & the employees were without pants for a week.2 - Our uniforms were black pants & they came back with white lint balls on them, clearly looking like our uniforms were cleaned with white towels. 3 - Uniform pants had white fur on them, it was determined that perhaps oen of the drivers had an animal on their truck and that caused the fur on the pants.4 - New Employee received incorrect pant size, had to wait to receive the correct size.5 - New employee shirts received without our company patch on it, clearly no quality control at Aramark.6 - change in Delivery day without notice so employees did not have their uniforms returned in time to receive clean uniforms the following week.7 - Shirts & pants continually looking like they were never pressed.  The purpose of having a uniform service is to have an image, using Aramark, that was not a benefit to our company.8 - Our company emblem that was on the uniform, was clearly sewn on with a white nylon thread, which not only stood out like an eye soar, it also was felt by they employees skin if they did not have a T shirt on under the uniform shirt.9 - New shirt delivered with what looked like bird tird under the arm. We sent a certified letter stating all of these reasons we wanted to cancel service.  A Sales person came in & talked the talk but never walked the walk.  We sent another certified letter stating we want to cancel All uniforms were picked up, we had to pay $1,100 for uniforms that could not be returned due to stains, etc.Aramark is stating because we signed our weekly uniform delivery slips, we must have been satisfied & because our second certified letter was not sent in 30 days of our first we are in breach of contract.During all of this unresolved issues they continually charged us for the unacceptable uniforms.Do not use this company, we have changed to (((competitor's name redacted))) and have had no problems, their customer service is excellent.
Entity: Lawrence, Massachusetts
25, Report #1175481
Sep 09 2014
08:53 AM
Aramark Uniform Services Did not fulfill contract we cancelled they keep billing us refusing cancelation Portage Nationwide
We entered into an agreement with an individual that is no longer with their company. That individual stated multiple time that we could cancel the service at any time without penalty. When we tried to do that, we were informed that we would be in breach of contact and would charged cancelation fees and penalties, but they said it appeared that we were being over charged and they reduced our bill by almost 50% if we did not cancel. We took their offer to avoid the fees but not only was the bill reduced by @ 50%, so was the service. The driver repeatedly showed up with out our rugs or logoed mat. I had my attorney review the contract and he informed me that now Aramark is in breach of contract by not being able to fulfill their end of the agreement and thus we had the right to terminate the contract. We send a certified letter to Aramark at the beginning of July 2014 which Brett Sabol from their South Bend Office responded to immediately. He responded with saying that they did not believe that they were in breach of contract but he would run it up the ladder and get back to me. Its now Sept 2014 and we have heard nothing from Brett but their driver showed up here today demanding back payment. These people are trying to extort money from us after not fulfilling the obligations they agreed to in the contract.
Entity: Nationwide

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