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1, Report #602196
May 11 2010
04:31 PM
I have purchase a piece from Gagosian in Beverly Hills from their agent Rossana Lerdo de Tejada around December of 2009, I send a check to gagosian to pay in full for the art piece, according to the emails their agent will take care of the shipping, everything was fine, then I got a quote from the gallery they want it to charge me approx. 1400 dollar's US to ship the piece to Guadalajara Mexico. I just did not make any sense the piece was 3,240.00 dollar's and y had to pay almost half again, I just didn't add up, I send a number of emails and told them that I was not going to pay for the shipment it was agree that they will arrange for that, so I cancel the purchase via email to both the agent and the manager at their location in California Deborah McLeod and guess what I have never received an answer, I also wrote to the owner in New York Mr. Larry Gagosian, never a simple response, again not a word, its really very sad that a gallery with such a reputation will try to fraud a client of a purchase that was never taken out of their store, never mind if I have pick it up and taken home, I don't wish to go ahead with the purchase I feel that is simply fraud and I will go to any extent to recover this money, in the mean time I will tell everyone to be careful when dealing with them, they should put more attention to their clients needs and demands.
Entity: Internet, Internet
2, Report #1402847
Sep 28 2017
06:54 AM
1st-art-gallery Low quality painting not by talented artist! Zhejiang Internet
I asked to make a canvas for me and I have provided all necessary details they need and after a few weeks the painting arrived and I am very surprised with the very low quality painting and not made by talented artist.
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1393841
Aug 18 2017
06:06 PM
Top Art Gallery Review No money back Prints not Handmade! Internet
I recently purchased a painting from it’s my wedding picture and should be a gift for my wife on our wedding and anniversary so I wanted it to be painted using handmade oil painting.  I have provided all specific instruction like the picture, the size and the frame I wanted.  The painting arrived in 3 weeks and yes the painting size is correct but they provide a different frame without consulting me first and also upon checking the painting is a print and not a handmade!Contacted their support using the contact form on their website since they do not provide any email address and phone number and I got no response.  They do not really have a 7 days’ money back guarantee as advertise on their website. Do not use this company!
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1405043
Oct 09 2017
06:09 AM
1st-art-gallery Fake advertisement coupon code is not working! Zhejiang Internet
I tried to buy couple of paintings from because I saw on their website that they are currently advertising $20 off if you put in the code OCT9. Upon checkout, instead you will not get $20 OFF they will ADD an additional $20 and I also tried another code GIFT20 that is provided on the email if you join their newsletter but it’s also not working. Be aware and make sure you check the total before your checkout!
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1402601
Sep 26 2017
10:38 PM
1st-art-gallery Terrible artist, very bad experience Internet
I ordered an oil painting from It was supposed to be a gift for my girlfriend. Their artists don`t understand what exactly need to be done and are unable to follow even simple instructions and revisions take weeks. I received a proof of the completed painting and asked for 7 different changes. The painting did not look like my girlfriend’ cat at all! They never answer their phone! I found out that my paypal account was charged. I tried to cancel my order because the artists could not fix the problems, I asked for a refund, however, I was told to request more and more changes. This clearly implies that they don't honor their own money back guarantee as advertised on their website!
Entity: Internet
6, Report #1408894
Oct 26 2017
11:15 PM
1st-art-gallery Poor quality damaged painting Jhejiang Internet
I purchased a framed painting from and I am very surprised with the poor quality of the painting. The painting was unframed when I ordered it framed and sent via courier rolled up in a thin cardboard tube. This is not completely safe and the thin cardboard tube that 1st-art-gallery shipped the painting in got crushed and damaged the badly painted oil painting. I am unable to get a refund as David from 1st-art-gallery says I should make a claim to the courier company not to him. Not a recommended store for your painting collection.
Entity: Internet
7, Report #1408750
Oct 26 2017
10:38 AM
1st-art-gallery Bungled Bouguereau Zhejiang Internet
1st-art-gallery didn’t send the photo of the completed reproduction oil painting that I requested when I ordered. So it was a great shock when I opened the flimsy cardboard packing tube that my painting arrived in to find out that they had sent me a cartoon version of the Bouguereau’s Birth of Venus painting that I had ordered rather than the advertised museum quality. I contacted their customer service rep, a surly foreign, Middle Eastern man called David, who told me that 7 days had passed since they had shipped it and their policy was not to issue refunds after 7 days.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1408474
Nov 28 2017
09:50 PM
1st-art-gallery Customs Impound O’Keeffe Paintings Internet
We bought a couple of Georgia O'Keeffe paintings as she is a famous American artist. But when they were shipped from China, US Customs stopped them and asked me to produce the license from the O'keeffe estate authorizing the copies. I contacted David at who told me that it was nothing to do with him. I answered him that the paintings are available on his website but he replied his reproduction rights only applied to China. I asked why he then he shipped to the US at which point he cut the call and now ignores my emails.
Entity: Internet
9, Report #1408198
Oct 24 2017
08:08 AM
1st-art-gallery Burn Baby Burn, Paintings Inferno Tel Aviv Internet
Taking our cue from the 1st-art-gallery ‘Burn-in’ in by our Mid-West cousins in Chicago I organized an even bigger ‘Burn-in’ in Detroit – I tell y’all this has gone viral! As an interior designer I’d bought 54 framed reproduction paintings from 1st-art-gallery for a downtown condo project. I thought that they looked very poor quality when I unpacked them but I showed them to the condo project owner. He just exploded,’ You gotta be kidding me, get that trash outta my sight’. Of course, 1st-art-gallery wouldn’t take them back as they said that they didn’t refund framed paintings and that they were ‘Museum Quality’ rather than the actual ‘gawd awful quality’. So I got on social media and organized a Detroit ‘Burn-in’ of 1st-art-gallery paintings just as a restaurant owner had previously done in Chicago. Over 100 folks turned up, many of them fetching their own 1st-art-gallery bad reproduction paintings to the ‘Burn-in’ bonfire. We had a whale of a time, tossing 1st-art-gallery paintings onto the bonfire, singing along as Trampps 70s disco hit ‘Burn Baby Burn’ blared from the tannoy speakers, ‘Burn Baby Burn, 1st-art-gallery paintings inferno’.
Entity: Internet
10, Report #1408697
Oct 26 2017
07:56 AM 1st-art-gallery, Gallery Matisse Held Up By German Customs Zhejiang Internet
A Matisse painting bought from 1st-art-gallery is now held up at German customs because 1st-art-gallery (First Art Gallery; here abbreviated to gallery) cannot produce a copy of their license to reproduce Matisse paintings despite David the owner of gallery telling me that he could provide it when I first ordered the painting. Now he won’t answer my emails or give me a refund. There is a bad smell coming from gallery, it is the stink of lies, the stench of deceit and the reek of deception. Don’t buy from this liar.
Entity: Internet
11, Report #1390713
Aug 05 2017
09:50 PM
1st-art-gallery ‘Burn-in’ Bonfire of 1st-art-gallery’s Garbage Art Syracuse Internet
We ordered twelve framed landscapes paintings from 1st-art-gallery to decorate the new restaurant that we are opening. The paintings arrived two months behind schedule and every time I contacted 1st-art-gallery to push them to finish David, the owner, scolded me ‘not to pressure the artists’! The framed paintings eventually arrived in a wooden crate but were not individually packed so some of the frames had rubbed together and were scratched – they were just cheap plastic frames anyway rather than wooden ones that we presumed we had ordered. We got them out of the crate and all of us were shocked at how badly they had been painted, bearing only a passing resemblance to the originals, they actually looked like cartoon versions. I contacted David to send them back but he told me that they only refunded unframed paintings not framed ones. I told him how badly they were painted and the arrogant David told me that I didn’t understand ‘museum-quality art’. Along with the rest of my management team, we decided that 1st-art-gallery’s paintings were to cheap looking and ugly to hang in our new plush restaurant even though they had cost us 8000bucks – they would detract from our upmarket image and even make our diners want to throw up! Someone then suggested that we give them away to charity as a publicity stunt. However, the consensus of opinion was that nobody would want such ugly paintings even for free!  So we decided to run with the publicity stunt idea but organize a grand restaurant opening bonfire ‘Burn-in’ of the 1st-art-gallery garbage art in the restaurant’s parking lot. We ran event ads on WBBM-FM local radio station and over 50 people turned up, 8 of them bringing their own 1st-art-gallery horrendous paintings to be burnt on our bonfire (see photo). We served up BBQ and drinks and everyone had a great time, cheering every time a 1st-art-gallery cartoon painting went up in flames.
Entity: Internet
12, Report #1404066
Oct 04 2017
08:42 AM
1st Art Gallery The Chinese Company 1st Art Gallery bad quality paintings rude customer support fraudulent transaction Nationwide
I have ordered a painting from  ( Luncheon Of The Boating Party Item Number: 7907082) and it was awful because the item arrived with a month delay and they hardly answered my emails throughout the process. As well as it didn’t look the same as on the picture they show on the website. The quality was poor and the item didn’t even cost the money I paid for it. Later, when I googled I found lots of negative reports about them, but unfortunately it was too late. The painting arrived in a tube, which was smashed and the canvas inside was bended. When I took a closer look I was shocked to find that it was not even a painting, but a simple color print, which was painted over by some lousy painter. My son would have done better! I paid $346 USD for a print that would probably cost you $5 on Ebay. I was totally disappointed and decided to return it. But the seller was an angry person who named himself with different names each time I enquired, then he yelled at me and said that he didn’t want to deal with me! Can you believe it, it was outrageous! Keep away from these guys and dont let them steal your money.
Entity: Nationwide
13, Report #1417814
Dec 18 2017
10:32 PM
Art Liquidation Garbage painting from Greeneville Tennessee
Overpriced and poor quality painting, and extremely long time for shipping. Last time I would ever give my business to this bad online company
Entity: Greeneville, Tennessee
14, Report #209368
Sep 04 2006
05:30 AM
Fine Art Treasures Gallery ripoff Pasadena California
Fine Art Treasures ( is deceiving the public on their weekly TV show auction. I purchased a signed Leroy Nieman portrait of the Leopard for $530. The appraised value on the TV Screen displayed $12,000. Fine Art Treasures Gallery is promoting fine art. However, I received a poster print lithograph. The art has a copyright in the lower right hand corner. This is not fine art. Fine art certainly does not have printed copyrights. This is an open edition poster print which was not communicated at anytime on the show. They are representing this with extremely high appraised values which misrepresents the quality and value of the item. I asked a staff member if the art was pencil signed and numbered before purchasing, they said yes. however, It is not pencil signed, and it is not numbered. Nowhere on their show did they communicate a return policy. When I called, they told me that there is no policy for returns, and that it shows final auction on the TV at the top of the screen. This does not communicate a no return policy. Also, The Painting was sold for $525 at drop of auctioneers hammer and announced it on live tv. When I called I placed a bid for $530 just right after the end, they took took my bid anyway. How is this possible? In the auction business there is something call shill bidding to drive up the price. I would like to know who the other bidders are during auction. Be Extremely cautious purchasing anything from this company. Barry Brewster, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Pasadena, California
15, Report #181965
Mar 18 2006
04:21 PM
Parkwest Art Gallery ripoff art lovers investors artists, associates and employees alike Southfield Michigan
the company motto like shooting fish in a barrel says it all, it's a great scam and money machine and they know it well.myself, you can label me a digruntled former employee, would'nt be if they would pay me what they owe, under five thousand US. I also know they will square up with individuals who voice they're concerns in a public venue. send in damage control...a detialed and verifiable account to come Glenn Orlando, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Southfield, Michigan
16, Report #1394271
Aug 21 2017
07:19 AM
1st-art-gallery Buy No More Zhejiang Internet
I ordered a copy of Alma-Tadema’s ‘Ask No More’ from 1st-art-gallery’s website where they promised ‘Museum Quality’ however when I received the painting it looked more like ‘Cartoon Quality’ so I contacted 1st-art-gallery’s owner, David, to complain. He told me that it had been painted by their most talented artist who was very experienced. “Is your artist called Walt Disney?”, I replied, “because this Awfully Tacky Alma Tadema  looks like a cartoon version”. I told him I was returning it for a refund but that was seven months ago and I still haven’t got my refund. I noticed last week that 1st-art-gallery are advertising exactly the same painting in the ‘Paintings in Stock’ section on their website which should more aptly be renamed ‘Paintings in Shock’ given the shockingly poor quality of these paintings. I called David and pointed this out, “That’s not your painting, it is another one,” he replied, “as for your refund, well what was the title of the painting? Ah yes, ‘Ask No More’”, he cheekily replied. Well, my advice to you all is ‘Buy No More’ from 1st-art-gallery.
Entity: Internet
17, Report #1405042
Oct 09 2017
06:10 AM
1st-art-gallery Low quality paintings sent without approval! Zhejiang Internet
We recently had two paintings we had seen in a New York museum reproduced for our office. did not do an excellent job capturing the original images. Of course, we are not talking museum quality copies but we are not happy with the results. They even di not adjust the dimensions so that both paintings turned out to be the same size as per our request. Their process is very basic - they will not send you digital images of the copied paintings so that you can review them and request tweaks if needed. I would not recommend their service.
Entity: Internet
18, Report #1408663
Oct 26 2017
06:21 AM
1st-art-gallery Take it to the dump Syracuse Internet
A year ago we commissioned 1st-art-gallery to paint a very large classical painting for our hotel lobby, it didn’t look very attractive when it arrived late but as we paid a lot of money for it we hung it in the hotel lobby only for staff to comment that it was driving customers away as it made the hotel look cheap. So last month, I arranged for some construction workers to take it to the local dump and since then our occupancy rates have bounced back.
Entity: Internet
19, Report #1408980
Oct 27 2017
10:48 AM Blastin’ a Bierstadt Syracuse Internet
I heard about the burn-in’s of 1st-art-gallery trash paintings sweeping like wild fire across US cities but as I’m a redneck hillbilly I just got my Smith & Wesson.45 out and aimed at  the Alfred Bierstadt ugly reproduction painting 1st-art-gallery swindled me over 300 bucks for and then shot it to pieces. It looks a whole lot better now.
Entity: Internet
20, Report #1408396
Oct 24 2017
09:24 PM
1st-art-gallery Low quality oil painting Zhejiang Internet
Placed an order online with because they are claiming that their painting is Museum quality so I got attracted. But, after I received the painting it was damaged and poor quality. I contacted their support and they said they will issue a refund but I did not receive any for two months now. Contacted them again, but no response anymore!
Entity: Internet
21, Report #1408451
Oct 25 2017
07:54 AM
1st-art-gallery Cat Killer painting Jhejiang Internet
I took delivery of a Van Gogh Sunflowers painting from 1st-art-gallery but the thick paint wasn’t completely dry so I placed the unrolled canvas on the floor to dry out overnight. My cat had been sniffing and licking at the painting all evening and I was devastated when I got up in the morning and found my cat dead next to the canvas. I took her body to the vet for examination and he said that Tiddles had died through ingesting toxic lead paint. I phoned David at 1st-art-gallery and he told me that, ‘Our museum quality paintings are meant to be hanged on the wall not left on the floor, I’m sorry about your pet but it’s only a cat, just an overgrown rat really. Meow, meow. Bye, bye’, and put down his phone. I have never ever received such callous customer service before.
Entity: Internet
22, Report #1405493
Nov 14 2017
10:51 AM
1st-art-gallery , is the disgrace of the oil painting reproduction industry Zhejiang Internet
Every industry has its cowboys, its cheaters, its crooks and 1st-art-gallery is the king cowboy, cheater and crook of the oil painting reproduction industry and they have done real damage to the reputation of our industry by lying to and scamming customers and by recently posting fake reviews about honest competitors. For these reasons, in the past few days I have emailed many fellow leading oil painting producers to join together to form an Oil Painting Reproduction Trade Association that would accredit producers who agree to the ethical and quality standards of the Trade Association. The main standards put forward by the invited members so far include:1.To use safe, unleaded oil paint. 1st-art-gallery excluded on the following evidence, honor money back guarantees. 1st-art-gallery excluded on the following evidence, To honor artists’ copyrights. 1st-art-gallery excluded on the following evidence that it offers unlicensed copies of Picasso, Dali, Chagall, Miro, Hopper, Matisse, O’Keeffe, Rivera, Lempicka, Kahlo, Magritte, Mondrian, Rothko, provide the customer with real company registration details. 1st-art-gallery excluded on the following evidence, be truthful in advertising. 1st-art-gallery excluded on the following evidence, of the Oil Painting Reproduction Trade Association would be issued a badge that they could display on their websites as a mark of quality as long as they adhered to the strict quality standards and high levels of customer care.We welcome new members (except of course1st-art-gallery) so please contact me
Entity: Internet
23, Report #1418491
Dec 21 2017
01:53 PM
Art Liquidation Low quality, Customer Service ZERO!
I ordered some paintings from them because they were the cheapest in the market but what came the quality of paintings were cheap also, poor quality, looks like some beginner artist painted them. Very different from what is advertised in their website
24, Report #1417558
Dec 17 2017
08:31 PM
Art Liquidation WORSE low quality painting Greeneville Tennessee
Bought a painting from and paid using paypal, the reproductions are hand-painted but, each one by an artist that is not specializing in the relevant subject matter and not knowledgeable about the paints, technique and even brushstrokes of the original artist. This level of un-accomplishment of course that requires years of study, training and experience, usually commencing at an 'Ecole des beaux arts'. This means that they can’t endeavor to reproduce some of the feel, spirit and life of the original. They are not painted on high quality European canvas. .
Entity: Greeneville, Tennessee
25, Report #1417097
Dec 15 2017
07:15 AM
Art Liquidation TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE Greeneville Tennessee
A terrible expensive mistake, ordered a framed painting with 35% discount, still cost $150. Painting terrible quality, cheap frame. I asked for refund which I eventually got back, but had to pay for postage/packaging for return which cost me $35.  
Entity: Greeneville, Tennessee

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