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1, Report #1402753
Sep 27 2017
03:24 PM
Art Nation World Wide Artisan Direct, Wynwood Gallery, Art Nation Wynwood, Jason Samuel Gallery, Jason Tyler, Tyler Halperyn, Tyler Samuels, Jason Samuel, Tyler Samuel Did not return valuable framed art, Did not send confirmation art was showcased, No confirmation of paid advertisement in magazine. Miami Florida
After paying Jason Tyler (the alias he provided) more than $1000.00 for participation in shows and advertising for a full page advertisement in an Art Nation Worldwide magazine, I never heard from him again.Unfortunately I introduced him to another great artist who he also ripped off after receiving money for participation in a show in Wynwood, Florida.After calling him multiple times & all emails bouncing back inquiring what is the procedure to retrieve my paintining & why haven't I received confirmation of a paid advertisement, I searched online and discovered all the diaparaging news in relations to this art dealer.I had no idea he spent time in in prison for similar offenses, no idea he's used several alias' to keep his scam going & was so upset to discover the numerous artists this art dealer has scammed.Outside of numerous bad reviews these articles provided the most information on this scam artists My heart goes out to all artists whose work was lost, stolen or destroyed. I believe the warehouses he used were emptied and no contact information is provided for those whose artwork was in his posession. I'm sorry we all didn't gather in time to bring another case aganist this scam artist but Karma is real thing, whether here on planet earth or not. Lesson Learned. Let's be sure to do our research before handing our hard earned money & precious valuable creations to dealers.
Entity: Miami, Florida
2, Report #178325
Feb 27 2006
11:28 AM
Dell & Ripoff WARNING Dell doesn't care about U.S. Consumers after they get your money! Nation Wide, World Wide Colorado
This is another fine example of how incompetent Dell & Customer Service truly is. I should have bought an HP. I have been experiencing software problems with my new Dell PC ever since I purchased it back in November of 2005. Thank god I have friends who know computers. I had to rely on my friend to do a complete re-install. Thankfully he had all the software & stuff I needed to get up and running again. Dell??? Forget about it. A room full of monkeys on acid could do a better job helping people. Dell failed to send me the correct CD ROMs with the appropriate purchased software & driver information 3 times now. Again, I have had to waste several hours on the phone talking to the outsourced company based in India that provides what they call customer service. Dell & have put this process in place to intentionally screw the American consumer over! This loop-hole gives Dell an out for being responsible for it's own actions. It is simply impossible for anyone to get a problem resolved with this process in place. Think about it... if you can't contact anyone with Dell with your questions, problems & concerns who's going to help you? Where or who can you turn to? The answer is simple,... you're screwed! If you buy a Dell PC, Laptop or any other piece of Dell equipment you are on your own. Even if you buy the extended warrant & or extended service contracts, they will do you no good what so ever! It's a waste of money & time. What's worse is I've been charged for each set of incorrect software after being told time & time again that I would not be charged for the software CD ROM re-install CD's. It is in my opinion that Dell has seriously failed all of it's U.S. customers by providing total incompetent customer service & Dell has clearly used these dishonest & criminal business practices so they can not be held accountable for these serious problems. Dell is no better than a guy selling stolen merchandise off a truck in some back alley. Just look at all the complaints listed on this site alone. We are not alone! People all over the country are saying the same thing, Dell has failed all of it's U.S. customer base. The sad & sick twisted truth is Dell isn't the only company in the country who has sold out the American consumer. Customer Service in America is truly dead. Our own government along with Corporate America is selling us all out to the highest foreign bidder. Angry U.S. Customer Who's Fed Up! Denver, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Nation Wide, Colorado
3, Report #175656
Feb 10 2006
09:03 AM
Nation Wide Voice Mail ripoff nationwide
I entered the PCH entry, & somehow got routed to this 'Nation Wide Voice Messaging'. I ALREADY have Voice Mail, so there would be NO NEED to subscribe to this service, thru this company!!! IS 'PCH' AWARE OF THIS???? I went to the website,they gave, to try & unsubscribe, but got back the,MAILER-DEAMON', which states there is NO SUCH WEBSITE! Sue Naples, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
4, Report #1061889
Jun 25 2013
08:59 AM
Nation Wide Insurance WARNING!!!! Internet
Nation Wide is playing dirty pool! They sell a homeowners police that terminates your rights to collect on hail damage after 6 months. Most all carriers give you 2 years but in an attempt to on your side they thought it would be in the consumers best interest to only have 6 months. If you think that's not dirty pool enough most the agents that sell you his crappy policy are not even aware of the 6month clause. I called a local agent and they NEVER heard of it, they gave me claims and they NEVER heard of it finally underwriting said YES that is in the policy. Just move on there are 100's of Insurace companies that will give you more time and flexibility when it comes to making a legitimate claim. In addition Allstate adjusters can no longer total a roof without a supervisor approving it after they re-inspect. Farmers agents are mad because Farmers adjusters turn down most all of their hail claims.
Entity: Internet
5, Report #476427
Aug 04 2009
03:49 PM
Nation Wide Nation Wide refuses to guarentee coverage in writing Drexel Hill Pennsylvania
I have had Business insurance coverage for my Towing & Repair Business through Nation Wide since 6-4-08. To ensure that I am fully covered on the up and up I have 2 million dollars in coverage which I pay a pretty penny to have. I was recently informed from the DOT that I need to obtain a MCS-90 endorcement for my Mc# (motor carrier #) which is nothing more then my insurance company letting the state know that I have atleast $750,000 in coverage. You would think this would be no big deal since I carry 2 million, right, wrong. Today, I contacted Nation Wide (underwriter Sarah Nelson) for this endorcement to be sent to the State which can only be done from Nation Wide, and she refused. Mrs. Nelson has given the reason for this refusal to the fact that she will not be sending me a renewal of policy on 6-4-2010 because I have a phone book ad stating that I am a Towing & Repair shop even though both my policy and insurance cards state that I am a Towing & Repair company, and even though I still have insurance with Nation Wide for 2 million, since I just paid my policy renewal in full on 6-4-09, she will not send the proper information to the state showing and guarenteeing my coverage. Of course this has me scarching my head in confusion, if I pay for 2 million in coverage and all Nation Wide needs to do is verify $750,000 with the state but refuses, is this letting me know that they don't wish to make good on my policy in the possiblity of an situation that may or may not a accore???? After spending 8 hours and speaking to several Nation Wide employees, this incident is still unsolved, which means I am unable to conduct business until it is solved. I also find out today that my policy number and underwriter were recently change without my knowledge, and I have never been sent new insurance cards with my new policy number. It seems to my that Nation Wide insurance Company in a big SCAM.... they take your money but won't guarentee coverage!! Joe Wallingford, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Drexel, Pennsylvania, Nationwide
6, Report #268532
Aug 18 2007
05:43 PM
Nation Wide Consulting Nation Wide Consulting Grant Writing Ripoff Perhaps Bear Delaware
Back in November of 2006 I began researching the possiblity of obtaining a grant to rehab my house for much needed repairs. In late January I receive a phone call from Nationwide Consulting saying I had inquired with them on obtaining a grant, which I didn't remember doing, but they seemed like they knew a lot about me so I listened. Big mistake. I was convinced that with the $299.00 fee I could obtain a grant of $5000 based just on where I lived. I balked at the fee but they soon had me convinced that it was well worth that amount. I went ahead and authorized and automatic withdrawal in February of 2007 and, except for a pretty convincing looking application booklet which was to be filled in and sent back to them, I haven't heard from them since. I've called multiple times with no response back, I wrote them a letter on June 17, 2007 voicing my concernswith,of course, no response and I'm afraid I've become a victim of a clever and sneaky scam. The $299.00 they got from me I could ill afford to part with so easily but I needed some sort of help with my home and I thought they could help me get it. My house is in worse shape than ever and still no help from them. I was considering a letter to the Attorney General of Delaware to report this company but have not as yet done so. Not sure what to do next to at least get my $299.00 back. Which I may never see again but I'm hoping. Kenneth Highland Park, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Bear, Delaware
7, Report #127995
Jan 19 2005
06:40 AM
USBI ripoff Nation Wide Texas
Like others, I received a bogus charge on my phone bill to the United Kingdom for $50 and another phone charge of $50 to Reno. I called USBI and complained that I had not made these calls. They said that my computer had made the calls. I politely told the lady that my computer knows no one in the United Kingdom. I then called my telephone service provider and had them remove the charges from my phone bill. They did but said that USBI would most likely threaten to turn me over to a collection agency if I refused to pay. My next contact will be with the Better Business Bureau. D Norfolk, NebraskaU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Nation Wide, Texas
8, Report #56969
May 14 2003
06:23 PM
Nation Wide Information Services Group Inc ripoff Corning New York
Nation Wide Information Services Group Inc. Nation Wide Services Group Inc. AKA 1485635 Ontario Inc. SCAM!!!! Corning New York ..... In Feb. 2003 they took $219, claiming they'd find me a credit card w/ a low interest rate. May 14th 2003 I receive in the mail a Nation Wide Credit Solution's manual for improving your financial life. Funny how there is no office phone# to validate such claims. Also, along with the manual came what appears to be almost Power Of Attorney like forms giving them total control, SSN, DOB, Mother maiden name, monthly income, etc. What's even more disconcerting, is language they use. For example: I________will allow and permit, 1485635 Ontario Inc. Here in and after to be referred to as Nation Wide Information Services Group Inc. Sounds like lawyer lanuage to get them out of being sued. Brian Fairfax, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Corning, New York
9, Report #91990
May 18 2004
04:07 PM
Florida Reservations AKA Nation Wide Reservations ripoff Maitland Florida
We bought the 4 trip plan from Florida Reservations for 296.01 and had it taken from our checking account. All seemed fine until checks bounced and we found out they took 296.01 twice. At that point we just thought it was a mistake and would be handled easy. I called FL. reservations and talked to several people who said it would be handled the next day, Guess what ? It wasn't and then the fighting began, hanging up on me, putting me on hold over and over, very rude people or should I say extremly rude people. I can tell everyone reading this stay away from this mess as you will be very dissapointed in the end. This bunch needs to be put out of business ASAP !! LOOK OUT folks and never give out your checking account # If you do you will feel as stupid as I do now. Jeffrey Warren, MaineU.S.A.
Entity: Maitland, Florida
10, Report #113802
Oct 20 2004
07:39 AM
Nation Wide C.s Inc work at home ripoff Las Vegas. Nevada
i sent the company nation wide c.s. inc a check for $38 and i have not goten any envilops to fill Steve Dumfires, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Las Vegas., Nevada
11, Report #111799
Oct 06 2004
04:00 PM
Nation Wide Market Share ripoff fraudulent billing Las Vegas Nevada
The company calls you and tells you that you have ordered a directory and it has already been printed. They then tell you that you have to pay for the directory since it has been printed. If you tell them that you will not pay for the directory, they agree. They say that you will be sent an invoice for no charge to cancel the order. They transfer you to another person and tell you only to use one word (yes or no) answers. They tell you not to ask the person questions. As soon as the person has gotten the information, they quickly hang up before you have a chance to ask any questions. The customer service number they provide you with does not work so you have no way to get ahold of them. A few weeks later, you receive a bill in the mail for the directory that you told them you did not ever order. Leslie Durango, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
12, Report #432039
Mar 08 2009
02:14 PM
Nation Wide Satellite miss leading about satellite inter net service Tempe Arizona
huge net is running an add on some of the cable company about their inter net service when asked about it when left your phone another company called nation wide satllite will call you hughs net just advertise 4 them they send out of these spam email saying any one can get service for just $99 up front two get hooked up dont any believe this when they talk with a person when i talked with them i ask one question if there wer any charges i was told no when i was giving my credit card info i was also told th total would b $160 the extra i think would b hidden when hughe net advertise they say nothing about people cross the country think they get 4 99 dollars it is a lie i have already sent a compliant 2 the fcc about this.thanks Nudist corning, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: Tempe, Arizona
13, Report #759756
Aug 02 2011
10:33 AM
Nation Wide Properties Mr. Smith -really- A d**n Shame Chicago, Illinois
My husband and I were looking for a way to find apartments without all of the application fees involved. For a number of years, in driving around Chicago we saw signs posted all over Chicago on phones poles, traffic lights ect.  The sign read Apartments and homes for rent throughout Chicagoland Area, suburbs & northwest Indiana -- No Credit Check. So this year we thought about the signs we had saw and said lets go out and find the number.  We set out a few weeks ago and surely we saw a sign posted at traffic sign on south chicago and 76th Street.  The advertisement and the number was the same as we had always saw. We called the number 773-288-0560 and asked about the apartments or houses for rent with no credit check.  We  went into the office it was plastered with Jesus and biblical sayings as well as other positive sayings all over the office.  This gave us a good feeling that it was a christian organization so it must be both good and honest. We met a man who identified his self as Mr. Smith.  He asked for both of our ID's  and told us placement was guaranteed.  As we waited, we looked at the beautiful apartments and homes for rent on the walls.  We noted their were no addresses though, just pictures.  My husband pointed out certain pics to Mr. Smith and said where is this located.  He said we do not put the addresses but I will give you a list of apartments and you can go check them out. He said first there is a $100.00 registration fee.  We gladly gave the fee thinking wow they have some beautiful properties.  Shortly after he brought as our receipt and gave us a list of apartments. We started looking at the apartments on the list and set up appointments.  Some of the contacts, when you called for an appointment said that was not their property but they had other properties.  We went to a few apartments and did not make it to the apartment because we saw they were in drug dealers and gangbanger hoods.  (we explicityly told Mr. Smith we wanted a nice quiet area, preferably in the south surburbs).  He said for us to check out some of the city apartments first because they had some really nice ones.  Well we did not find any nice one. The apartments we did look at were uninhabitable.  Not in move in condition and needed a lot of work.  Horrible condition.  We repeatedly went back to Mr. Smith and said the apartments were in bad shape or bad areas and did not meet our needs.  At first he was very patient and kind and said do not give up I am going to get you guys into that apartment you want. He would always says meanwhile go look at this apartment (to buy him time).  Though we knew it was not our area of interest we tried to be open and said lets go look anyway.  So we went to one of the apartments he recommened. He had holes in the walls, the back door looked like it was shot up (the owner said kids lived their had a BB gun).  The toilet was full of concrete.  The young man said he could have the apartment ready in a few days if we gave him a deposit so he could get the supplies to fix the apartment up. Now I was getting frustrated, tired and yes a wee bit angry beginning to smell a rat, a big one Nation Wide Properties.  We went back to Mr. Smith at Nation Wide Properties on 75th Jeffrey.  Told him of the horror and he acted surprised and said the guy told him the apartment was ready.  He said I got something for you, how about Alsip. I thinking alright the suburbs, this has got to be nice.  We set up an appointment and went there.  Nice apartment, but upon entry the hall was dirty, the smell was horrible.  We looked at the apartment it was okay but the smell, and it just felt rat and roach infested. Angry this time and tired as heck, we went back to Mr. Smith.  This time he was not smiling or pleasant and neither were we.  I asked him were the apartments guaranteed because they were all raggedy.  He sarcastically said not neccessarily.  My husband said what is the refund policy Mr. Smith said aint nan.  We knew then they were a rip off and not to waste anymore time or money searching. We looked at one more apartment in Salk Villlage, it was quite nice, even though I questioned burned down and many boarded buildings in the area.  But this was a lovely, well kept building and apartment managed by Pangea Realty.  We put in an application gave them the code that Mr. Smith said would guarantee our apartment and after four or five days we called and were rejected from getting the apartment. I then came home and accepted defeat, but not without doing some research.  I noticed Pangea Realty has a $300-500 referral reward for each tenant you refer.  So basically Mr. Smith of Nation Wide Properties searches the internet for realtors paying high referal fees. He is issued a code by the realtor to collect his for for each tentant he refers.  I came to find out that is the code he tells you to use to gurantee you the apartment, when in fact it is to the code to use so he can collect his referal fee.  I also searched Pangea Realty website and found the same apartment listings that Mr. Smith charged you $100.00 for were from off the internet accessible to anyone who knew how to search and had access to the web. So he has a pretty good racket going on.  It's a win win for him $100.00 for every person that comes to him and an additional $300-500 from the real estate for each tenant they accept. Guarantee-He cannot gurantee real estate he has no stock in or contracts with the companies. (false advertising) Jesus posting -great gimmick - but this is the Devils Den.  It is criminal what this company is and has been doing for a number of years operating under the aspice of a legal business helping people.  I believe the only reason they have gotten away with it so long without being reported is that a lot of low income people and people with bad credit will take whatever they can get and afford.  But to take $100 dollars for a list he prints based on ads he searches for on the internet criminal. He needs to be stopped.  I might not get my money back, but just to expose this company to as many people as possible will be enough. 
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
14, Report #754227
Jul 17 2011
06:00 PM
CIs Nation Wide Cis Nationwide is a scam!! Nationwide is suppose to allow one to do a background check once one pays. I paid for unlimited use, but as soon as I got in, they wanted me to pay more. every time I tried to access a particular background feature, money credit was deducted from the money reserve I had paid for, for unlimited use, and I never received one iota of back ground information for which I paid. I would like a refund, but considering customer service has not replied to my email, I doubt I will ever see my money! Buyers beware!!!
Entity: nationwide, Nationwide
15, Report #196039
Jun 12 2006
01:20 PM
Nation Wide Insurance ripoff Glen Burnie Maryland
I was hit by an aggressive driver, and nationwide, his insurance refused to put my new Honda Passport in the shop for a week for repairs that were caused by their driver. Once in the shop I was told that Nationwide would not fix everything that was broken, my cd player still doesn't work, and I had to call Larry Rego every week to try to get them to cover the rental car. Mr. Rego informed me that Nationwide was not responsable for the rental car even though my car was not finished. He informed me that I would be responsable for paying on the rental car if the accident was my fault. I could see why I would have to pay but his aggresive driver assumed full responsabllity but never did they do any thing that should have been done. My car was rushed off to the Honda repair service center, on june 6, 2006. Not only does my car sounds terrible but my cd player won't work as a result of the accident, and Nationwide refuses to pay for any more repairs to my car that was caused by the accident, because that would cost Nationwide too much money. Mr. Rego refuses to talk to me any more, he hang up when I try to talk the situation over. It's been a nightmare, I hope some how you can help me, thank you so much. Renee glen Burnie, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Glen Burnie, Maryland
16, Report #196289
Jun 13 2006
08:13 PM
Nation Wide Credit Group ripoff Bloomington Minnesota
they told me that they can get me a loan for 6,000 that i had to pay 1,006 for my loan the name of the person that was taking care of my account was daniel lewis and the next they the money asnt there i called and they told me i had to pay a 1,000 more to secure my loan and i told them no on 6/6/06 they were suppose to deposite my money back to my account but the number they gave me to call does not work im gonna get my money back either way even if i have to fight for it but am getting it back Angelica bridgeport, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Minnesota
17, Report #261622
Jul 18 2007
10:36 AM
Nation Wide Consulting are VAMPIRES! Suck on this!! Evansville Indiana
Do not let Nation Wide Consulting suck you in to believing anything they say. I was contacted 3 times by a Joan Dunn assuring me this was on the up and up. She was very convincing. I was told about all the lawyers they had working for them; they've been in this buinsess 12 years; only there to help people like me find grant money no one ever claims. My instinct kept telling me this is too easy so I went to the Better Business Bureau in Bear, DL and asked for a report on this company. Since February 2007 there have been 11 complaints filed against this company with the BBB. Go to and do a Reliability Report. Nation Wide did not respond to any of the BBB's inquiries, therefore, they are not in good standing. I immediately went to my bank and closed my checking account number which I gave her so Nation Wide Consulting WILL NOT get any of my hard earned money. These people are dispicible and prey on honest hard working citizens like me and are like vampires, sucking the life out of good people. WELL HOW DOES YOUR GARLIC TASTE NOW BABY!! Beverly Evansville, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Bear, Delaware
18, Report #151095
Jul 24 2005
03:02 PM
Nation Wide Voice Messaging ripoff dishonest fraulent billing Internet
was sent an email stating services activated. was not authorized. part of a lotto sign up pop up screen. no return adress found to cancel the service. billed to bank account fraudulently David Mishawaka, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
19, Report #123810
Dec 21 2004
05:56 AM
MA Nation Wide Lending, ripoff thiefs & conartist Washington District of Columbia
I found them on a web search for loans for people who had discharged bankruptcy. Steven Gibbons called me and sent the loan papers to my fax stating that I needed to deposit 500.00 for the loan via western union. I sent the money to Atlanta GA for a shimone edwards to pickup. I was then told I would have a wire transfer my Tuesday morning. I never got it. I called and Steven stated that he would find out. Then Steven said they had concerns about the bankruptcy and did I really not owe anyone. I told them yes I would not lie about that. He then said he would call me back. He did not call, so I called him over and over. I left msgs stating that I did not want the loan anymore. He called and stated they felt the same way and I would be sent a refund check. They even faxed me a refund letter. I filled it out and faxed it back immediately. I kept calling to find out when I would have my check. Then Steven told me it would be mailed Thursday December 16th and I would have it my 4 pm on the 17th. I never got it. I still have not recieved my refund and now the phone number has been changed. I can still fax to them, which I am doing on a daily basis, but I cannot reach them buy phone and I cannot get a number for them from the directory. It is like they never existed and I am out 500 dollars at christmas time and this has depleted my checking account. I now am paying numerous fees because of my other bills coming thru and not gettind paid. I will survive and recoup, but they are terrible people. Every time I called them there was another excuse as to why I could not get the money or that is was on the way and I never got anyting but shafted. I would love to get back at these people and get my money back plus all my fees I am being charged but I realize that is not going to happen. I just want to report them now to show they are theiving snake poop evil demon people. Do not believe anyone and trust noone. Paula overland park, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: Washington, District of Columbia
20, Report #1097557
Jun 19 2014
06:42 AM
Entity: Select State/Province
21, Report #1294421
Mar 17 2016
08:47 PM
Sheikha Al Tayer Nation Wide Inc. Scam Dubai Internet
 This company contacted shipping agent to get quotes for a shipment to Dubai. After they agreed with the price they ask for your bank info to be able to make a wire transfer. Then they tell you they made a mistake and that they overpaid you, insinuating that you will need to wire them back the extra money that was sent to you by mistake. A few days after we were contacted by a US Bank saying someone tried to cash a fake check from us, this people obvious used our account number to create a fake check and tried to cash it. BEWARE
Entity: Internet
22, Report #1328970
Sep 19 2016
12:03 PM
Nation-wide Building and Remodeling Beware - predatory contracting company Levittown Pennsylvania
 Beware of this company! They are a predatory contracting company. They will overcharge you and eventually their poor work will show! If they find out you recently got an inheritance, they will use it to their advantage and suck every penny out of you with their insane prices and the work will be less than perfect. Two years have passed and their mistakes are showing. I had to call other contracting companies to inspect and fix the work they did, and they all told me I've been scammed. for the prices Nation-Wide charged me I could have had so many other improvements to the house done. Do not buy Nation-Wide's hogwash of we give discounts to our pest control customers. Their prices did not show it. I originally called Nation-Wide to get rid of the bed bugs, sure I give them credit for solving my bed bug problems, but the rest of the home someone else! Check Angie's List for more reputable companies. In addition, Nation-Wide took an extremely long time to fix certain areas like the kitchen and my two bathrooms, and they short-cutted a majority of the work. I gave them way too much money for this to happen. I should get an attorney after them and shut thme down! They are con-artists! Do not trust them! You will lose all your money!
Entity: Levittown, Pennsylvania
23, Report #262221
Jul 20 2007
07:49 PM
Nation Wide Consultings Nation wide consultings claims to help get people free grant moneyfor school, debt and to fix up houses Ripoff Internet
I signed up with nation wide consultings to help me with a grant to fix up my house.They told me I had to send them 299.00 for my grant package.The really acted like they where a goverment agency.Well they no longer are answer any phone calls .they are truly are a ripe off.And Iam going to fight for whats mind Shamyra12 philadelphia, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
24, Report #1212661
Mar 02 2015
06:05 AM
Nation wide insurance Nation wide never gives up to keep from paying a claim. all cities Nationwide
I was on my motorcycle splitting lanes (which is legal in california) and i was hit by a guy driving in the diamond lane while  he was alone in his car, (diamond lane is 2 or more per car) he is insured by nationwide.He admitted to be the one at fault over and over. When it came time to give a statement over the phone to Gina from nationwide, she asked me if i got a police report or any statements from any witnesses. I told her no i did not because Douglas the guy who hit me admitted to be the one at fault. Well up until  then  nationwidewas treating me good and getting things done as in sending  over a person to  see the damages to my bike and getting things worked out. And yes no matter what  get witness statements and police report i found not everyoneis as honest as they appear to be. After i gave my statement i never heard any thing. So i called Gina the person handling my case and she said Douglas is now saying it was my fault. So i took him to small claims court and listened to his lies in court but the courts found him guilty.  After that i recieved a phone call from nationwideabout settling the case for the amount the court issued to be paid. Which was far less then my damages wereto my bike and equipment i wear. After i recieved a check from nation wide i think all this  crap is over with until I get a letter in the mail from a collection agency trying to collect 2,686.00 for nationwide insurance.They only paid me 2,550.00. So now i have to deal with  this  garbage. I wonder  what is next?. Nationwide and there employees should be  in jail for having there client lie on the wittness stand and fraud.
Entity: Nationwide
25, Report #387459
Nov 03 2008
11:12 AM Deception for ID Theft Protection Nation Wide Nation Wide
I applied for a payday loan but all I got was a charge on my checking account for a total of 31.98. I did not check the box for this IDTheft protection the box was already checked and I did not confirm this charge to be taken out of my checking account. It was a deception on there part because you are applying for a payday loan when all you get is someone trying to rip you off for protection I did not want and need. Now that they have ripped me off and I have not used there services they tell me they will not do any further billing, but they will just keep my hard earned money in their pockets. Joepro_1 Newport News, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide

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