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1, Report #1318263
Jul 22 2016
06:08 AM
Ashley Black Systems® | The Fasciology® Institute. Ashley Black Fasciology Paid for paypal invoice as this is their only option for international customers, no correspondence since despite ongoing attempts, invoice was for $141US when the website lists as $89US Internet
The website only offers the product to international customers through email. A paypal invoice was sent to me that I then paid. I received confirmation of this transaction from paypal but did not hear anything back from the company since the payment has been made. I have not received any confirmation of my payment, shipping information, tracking information and my ongoing attempts to contact the company through email have not been responded to.   My invoice was for $141US and on the website it is listed as $89US. The additional costs I can assume are intended for shipping but a shipping cost is not included on the invoice. As the payment was not made directly through paypal and was paid for via invoice I am unable to refute the transaction to make a claim like you would from a normal paypal transaction through a website.    The service is poor and unprofessional, they have not delivered anything and have made no attempts to rectify the situation or give me a refund or anything.
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1370760
May 01 2017
09:27 PM
Ashley Black Guru fasciology Adverse effects from fascia blasting Internet
I came upon the fascia blaster on Facebook, where it is heavily promoted by the company, joined their Facebook group fasciablasters and ordered the device based on the glowing reviews I saw on Facebook. Once in the fasciablasters group I was able to see many posts by women excited about their progress. That got me excited to begin blasting and I started warming up, and making sure my fascia was heated as recommended prior to blasting.  I started experiencing extreme body aches, headaches and a lot of muscle spasms. Meanwhile, I continued to see on the FB group the results women were having and realized that for many of them, it was only in their heads but thanks to the huge team of moderators, motivators, Ashley herself, and other personnel, women were being encouraged to continue blasting despite the huge bruises and pain experienced. Some women had been doing it for months and they were told by Ashley and her team they were in the worst before the better and to keep at it.  Whenever people questioned results because of filters used on pictures and other questionable practices, they were kicked out of the group. Anyone that would dare ask pertinent questions regarding results were deemed negative nellies and deleted. Although many women's cellulite and appearance changed favorably, it was mainly of those on a diet and exercise program and not because of the fascia blaster itself. Many women in the group are on a Keto diet and other similar programs. Ashley Black has no qualifications but calls herself a fascia expert. By her own admision, she holds no fitness, medical, wellness or any related college degree. She touts her personal experience with health issues as the source of her expertise. Most recently she has written a book in collaboration with a woman that is a ghostwriter with no credentials in the health, fitness and wellness fields. Mrs. Black has even lied about her husband Dari being a doctor. She should be disclosing the adverse health effects the fascia blaster causes on people and be willing and open to discuss those without intimidating or threatening people into silence. She put into the market a purported medical device that can be potentially dangerous to a portion of the population. Some other women in other fascia blasting groups are reporting adrenal fatigue, blood clots, sagging skin, bruises that do not away, weight gain, worsening of their cellulite, and so on.
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1407702
Oct 21 2017
11:06 AM
Ashley Black Interests, LLC. Ashley Black Guru; Ashley Black Fasciology Fasciablaster dangers, lies and fake science Internet
I spent more than $600 on different items from this company in 2016. After I stopped using the fasciablaster, I gained weight especially on my waist and stomach but I failed to not connect the dots. At the beginning of October 2017 I came upon the Facebook group Fasciablasting Adverse Effects and read the stories of many women who  had experienced weight gain after blasting. There were similar stories on Ashley Black's Facebook groups: Fasciablasters; Fasciablaster Official Open Forum; Master Blasters. I found out that many more users had reported serious health and aesthetic issues from a device that was advertised as a safe Class 1 Registered Medical device for HOME USE (owner's own use of capitalization). Finally, I read a FDA inspection report that sheds a disquieting light on the fasciablaster and on the practices of the company that markets it. The FDA inspector especially confirms that the company did not follow up on customer complaints about negative results. What the report does not say is that members of Ashley Black's Facebook groups who ask questions or report problems become the targets of rabid attacks from fellow members before being blocked from the forums. Some of them have received threats from a user calling himself Black Rhyno who is the head on Ashley Black's security firm. A visit to Ms. Blacks website revealed that the protocols that came with my fasciablasters in 2016 had been replaced by more lenient ones and that there was a newly added list of contraindications discreetly tucked in the Terms of Use section. When I realized that the device was both dangerous and unhygenic I sent back my USED items and obtained a full refund of their purchase price even though the return period had closed a long time ago. In her June 2016 rebuttal of the 03/24/16 Ripoff Report for the fasciablaster, the owner argues We also have over HALF A MILLION followers and fans with 4.6 rating. I became a member of her Facebook Fasciablasters forum at the time and remember vividly that she was celebrating the fact that there were 75,000 members. As of today, October 21st 2017, she has 300,000 + Facebook users. The fact that the owner inflated her number of followers 6.66 times shows how credible she is. Of the current Facebook users, many have dropped off without bothering to cancel their membership. Many have requested or plan to request refund after finding out the truth about the fasciablaster. These days, the owner still denies that people have experienced skin aging, weight gain, a worsening of cellulite and serious health issues from the use of her different fasciablaster products. Her major argument was that the fasciablaster was tested in an independent/double-blind/clinical study carried out by a third party. In fact, the research in question was a marketing-oriented study that she paid for out of pocket. Subjects were recruited by a casting agent who specializes in those weight loss makeover informercials that use fake Before After pictures. The casting advertisement  she posted on Facebook promised that participants would get a free fascia blaster and personal blasting lessons from Ashley and her team. I don't expect that readers of this testimonial will take my word for it. Please educate yourself and google fascia Blaster and Ashley Black before wasting your money and risking your health and/or youth on a pipe dream. If I can help prevent just one person from falling for this scam I will consider myself very happy.
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1303294
May 03 2016
07:48 AM
Ashley Black Fasciology I ordered my fascia blaster over two months ago. They took my money and will not respond after giving me the run around! Huston, Texas
  I ordered the fascia blaster aprox. two months ago. They immediately took the money out of my account . I have been given a numerous amount of reasons why I have not received my product then I was finally told I was being given a refund after contacting them over 13 times with no reply, now no one will reply to me at all I paid for this product over two months ago and cannot get a response through The support team not Ashley Blacks Facebook page. No product, no refund, no explanations after weeks of emails!! Never seen any buisness like this!! I'm shocked!!!!
Entity: TX
5, Report #1370576
May 01 2017
06:24 AM
Ashley Black Fasciablaster Fasciablaster horror Texas Texas
  I purchased the fasciablaster in October 2016 to help with cellulite. All the posts on the facebook page raved about this product. I have since come to find out that all negative comments are deleted off of the page. If you disagree with someone or have a bad effect from the product, the women on the page attack you and your post is usually deleted. After using the product for five months, as instructed by the videos that Ashley Black sent me, I realized my skin had become very saggy and creepy. Ashley Black is diagnosing medical conditions on her page. She has no medical degree! There are hundreds of women that have suffered terrible medical problems from this tool. Ashley Black needs to be stopped.
6, Report #1377554
Jun 07 2017
07:06 AM
Ashley Black If you value your not purchase Internet
 The Fascia Blaster is quickly turning out to be the biggest scam to be pulled off. The creator has deemed herself an expert in neumerous catagories with no actual credentials of this expertise other than she is the Guru. The Fascia Blaster has recently been determined, as per Ashely Blacks new terms and contions on May 22, 2017, to be a Class 1 Medical Device. Before this date it was not considered to be a medical device which is quite alarming since this plastic tool is supposed to be breaking up Fascia inside your body. Along with the breaking up of the fascia you are causing bruising, sometimes severe, to your body. These bruises are supposed to be a good sign because his means you are healing your Fascia as per Ashley Black. Unfortunately for many of us, prior to the new terms and conditions on May 22, 2017, we were told to go harder and longer, up to a level 7 on the pain scale with this plastic stick. In many instances we were told to go ballistic on our bodies with the Fascia Blaster. We did and now we are left with lasting adverse side effects. Side effects that again were not listed prior to May 22, 2017. As per Ashley's new ( ever changing) protocol, you are not supppsed to go harder and longer and never over a 3-4 on the pain scale. She has even gone as far as to say she never said to go longer and harder/ ballistic to a pain level 7 however there is enough print and screen shots to refute her claim. The adverse side effects that many were having, were mentioned in hundreds of messages to Ashely or asked on her closed Facebook group of over 200,000 women. Questions that were shot down as ridiculous,, unfounded, no way the fascia blaster could cause any of these adverse side effects. Questions that were deleted from posts in her group,. Questions that had many of her faithful followers bullying those who were asking and were subsequently labeled as trolls and haters of Ashley and the supposed trolls and haters would be quickly blocked from her informational Facebook group. Here is a list of the adverse side effects that many, hundreds, thousands of women were experiencing and asking Ashley's help on ( because of course we were and still are concerned about what's going on with our bodies) *weight gain *inflamation *hormone disruption *gastrointestinal issues (bloating, gas, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, upset stomach, pain in the abdomen) *spider veins, vericose veins as well as worsening of the veins *headaches, lightheadedness *itching and rashes *emotional reactions *changes in cycle Again, were told over and over again there is no way the Fascia Blaster causes any of these side effects. Studies show blah...blah...blah....BS studies. There was one small study funded by her with no bloodwork to determine hormone levels before or after. Her is the new terms and conditions as of May 22, 2017: Warning: toxins may be pulled out of the tissue and cause rashes, bumps, redness, irritation, itching, nausea, emotional reactions, vomiting, hormone changes, increases sensitivity, headaches, acute inflammation, changes in cycle, reoccurrence of pre existing conditions, weight gain and other toxicity associated symptoms. We do not know the exact process that toxins are released. When I, many of us read this we were quite alarmed as well as angry. I would NEVER have bought a product that had these adverse side effects. I am left dealing with many medical issues and I am not the only one. Along with medical issues, loose, creepy, worse skin is what you are left with in many instances. Ashley Black will tell you it is the worse before better stage, however it is the what you are left with stage forever. Ashely Black is still in denial, she is not refunding money, although she says she is offering refunds, she is not. She will message you on Facebook to make it appear as if she is concerned and want to help you then will block you from responding. She will block you from the closed Facebook group if you ask questions. Sadly, the many who have been blocked from the main Facebook group had no way of knowing the terms and conditions changed., because Ashley Black has not emailed or mailed out to her former customers these new adverse side effects. There are many out there in the dark about her ever changing protocols as well as her changing terms She will not return emails even though she has asked people to email. The only thing she is actually good at is promoting herself and adding to her make believe credentials. Buyer beware. Since I was blocked from Ashley Black Guru Facebook page for asking questions, I was unable to leave my review. My husband posted my review for me and is available for a more in detail read for anyone interested.
Entity: Internet
7, Report #1385954
Jul 16 2017
07:09 PM
Ashley Black Systems Fasciablaster Terrible Health and Aesthetic Effects of the Fasciablaster Internet
 I used the fasciablaster by Ashley Black for cellulite reduction a total of 4 times. I used it precisely as it was directed and after I'd researched it intensively on her facebook page. I noticed menstrual changes immediately after my first time of using it and also had my previously under-control Epstein Barr infection reactivate after the third time. I didn't connect either of these with the fasciablaster because I had never seen any reports of such issues, and I was only rubbing it on my skin after all. When I did start to wonder if they were possibly related, I posted questions about this on the beloved facebook page I'd come to depend on. But my posts were never approved. That's when I realized the page was heavily censored to show only the positive. Ashley encourages customers to message her directly, so I did ask her about these issues. She told me that their studies showed no hormonal changes from use of the fasciablaster. But upon further investigating, I found that she did no real studies and that there was nothing scientific about the experiment she did on 30 women. Plus, some of them had now come out and claimed to have gotten very sick from the experiment. I then decided to test my hormone levels. I had just had tests done immediately prior to starting to fasciablast and my levels were excellent. I'd never had any female hormonal issues in my life. But my second round of labs showed dramatic changes in my hormones. The doctor said these were highly unusual changes for the short amount of time that had passed (2.5 months). I also realized that many women had experienced reactivated old viruses and even Ashley acknowledged this was possible. I'd never had any warning that such health effects could occur. Then I tried to at least post (politely) in the comments sections abt my hormonal difficulties and abt not have realized the page was censored for only the positive. She then deleted my comments and blocked me from the page. I then realized that there were many alternative uncensored fasciablaster groups on facebook. Women told heartbreaking stories of how their health and aesthetics were affected so badly by use of the fasciablaster. (Oh yeah, I also got worsened cellulite in the time I used it. Cellulite even around my ankles and on my arms, where I've never had it before.) All of these women had been sensored and blocked by Ashley. All had been truly harmed. Most think it is because many hormones and toxins are stored in the fat/fascia and they get released in ways that overwhelm the body and cannot be detoxes fast enough. This is heartbreaking, but more, it was horrifying to see how cruelly Ashley was trying to silence every person who had suffered these negative effects. I later found out more about how she has lied about her own license and the degrees of her training team. Lied about it being FDA approved. Lies and says she has never received a single complaint--even though there are thousands of women on facebook saying something different! She also blocks all the women who express something negative from writing a review, so her reviews look largely positive. Truly a despicable way to run a business. And at the expense of so many women's health and aesthetics. (Longtime users, even some who used to work for Ashley, complain of skin detaching from underlying layers and becoming very loose and crepey. Etc etc). The fasciablaster is clearly harmful and Ashley Black is terribly unethical.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #952918
Oct 09 2012
02:31 PM
Ashley Black Fasciology Human Body Development LLC Owner, facility and contractors are all NOT licensed by state of Texas and they are providing massage therapy, physical therapy and occupational therapy while the owner claims to pioneering a new sci Houston, Texas
All the individuals working for Ashley Diana Black (including the owner) are all non-licensed/non-certified by the state of Texas and the facility is not licensed either.  They are all practicing forms of massage, physical and occupational therapy to clients by manipulating each person's skin and tissue with their hands and odd instruments, plus making chiropractic adjustments when no one representing the owner or the business is licensed to do so.  This organization, its owner (Ashley Black) and its contractors are ALL UNLICENSED and NOT CERTIFIED by the State of Texas.   The owner, Ashley Black, claims to be pioneering a new science called Fasciology (by the way is not recognized anywhere) and that she and her business are a complementary and alternative health care facility and are not mandated by the state.  The owner/facility have had countless complaints regarding injuries as well as additional individuals reporting her to the State Boards of Massage Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists for treating unlicensed in the state of Texas.Every time the owner is accused or pursued by mandating agencies, she files under another business name with the state of Delaware, rebrands and redoes her website to stay off the radar of the State of Texas.  The owner also maintains a stationery lease space located at 3620-B Katy Freeway, Houston, TX 77007 phone# 281-610-7750 or 888-282-8221. The owner is misrepresenting her services and her education (that still has yet to be verified with the college she attended) yet claims she has a Master's Degree. When asked for her credentials, the owner claims I'm pioneering a new science - even though Fasciology is not a recognized science. Recently, her application to trademark and patent Fasciology was declined by the USPTO office based on it being too general in nature - therefore no one can own the rights to Fasciology - it would be similar to owning the rights to the word water. In addition, all of the owner's so-called employees are all subcontractors, yet she treats them like employees, telling them when they work, what to do, where to be, how to do it and doesn't report 1099's on any of her contractors when she files her taxes every year. I would really appreciate if you would investigate this organization and stop this illegal practice, the owner and her representatives from continually causing harm to people and those who work for owner.
Entity: Houston, Texas
9, Report #1387382
Jul 22 2017
10:45 AM
Fasciablaster, Ashley Black Guru, ABG LLC Anxiety, Adrenal Fatigue, Weight Gain, Headaches, Banned, Blocked Houston, Tx , Texas Internet
I'll be honest with you, I had great pain relief right off the bat, which is also probably the reason why I continued to blast. I didn't get the results I was looking for cellulite wise, but I bought it for both reasons. I was very consistent for the first 6 months. I followed her videos, heated up with a heating pad and near infrared sauna, and used organic oils as well. I started getting detox symptoms like major headaches, nausea and bowel issues immediately. Due to her saying this is normal detox symptoms I kept going. Bad decision!! Then I noticed I was starting to have heart palpitations and anxiety. Not connecting the dots, I noticed that the anxiety turned into full blow panic attacks. It's frustrating that I was told to stick with it, it was only detox. It continued to get worse, I wasn’t able to sleep. I stopped blasting from Oct 2016 to January 2017, and had lost 36 pounds during that time. Then thought I need to incorporate this back into my routine so in February I started back at it. I started to see a functional medicine Dr in February because of my sleep issues and feeling 'off'. Of course my Dr said to stop blasting, but the support I was getting from Ashley Black's Facebook page was to “keep going, it will stop”. Then I noticed my weight was starting to creep back up. And even though other ladies were blaming the blaster for their weight gain, I still didn't connect the dots. I have a belly that looks like I am 6 months pregnant from being bloated and having bowels issues. Again, the support continued on the page telling us don’t stop, it is detox you are in the “worse before better stage, it will get better”. Then I started to experience extreme fatigue, I felt like I was 95, which later diagnosed with, adrenal fatigue stage 2 as well as excessive inflammation. I eat very healthy and live a whole-food, mostly low dairy clean eating lifestyle, I get fresh air and meditate often. I do not drink or do drugs. I was told the “weight gain was inflammation from bruising and it will go away” - nope, it is FAT. My body raised it’s cortisol level to store fat to protect itself. Since I have stopped blasting, I am able to sleep again, the panic attacks have slowly gone away. I am now doing my best to heal my body. I have spent over 6k on a functional medicine Dr and supplements to try and fix this. People who are having great results are quick to tell me my symptoms are caused from stress our other outside situations, my age, etc. But I know it is not. I simply want to make women aware of the dangers of this tool and if you express your negative experiences you will get blocked and called a troll and her security team will post your name on a list stating you are a fake account and are making up these issues.
Entity: Internet
10, Report #1295684
Apr 08 2016
12:41 PM
ashley black fasciology ashley black guru selling product they have no crudentials for and order service is horrible if not real Internet
It is a bit confusing to even comprehend how this product was even developed. Ashley black has no certifications yet talks as if she is qualified and has a doctorate to be able to openly tell women how to use this tool to rip fat off their fascia. The site also claims that she did all this research and discovered fascia which no one else understands or pays attention to. This is crap, the chinese have had fascia tools for hundreds of years and massage therapists, good ones, know that is where the lumps are. The reason it is new to the public is because in an fda approved situation this product would only be allowed in the hands of a massage therapist or higher in medical standards. Which might explain why there are a number of sites and how you have to be careful which site you order from or you might be waiting a long time if you even receive the product at all. The videos were telling women to pop their leg a certain way or go ahead and rub as hard as you can. Some people don't know that they could be rubbing into a cancer spot or hell what if that lump in your stomache is a new born fetus. Where is the fda on this, its not that the product is bad but it shouldn't be in the hands of the average joe and how can someone without crudentials create a great product yet use another country to build it and yet cannot get their customer service under control at all.  There are also a ton of fake claims that so and so endorses it yet there are no videos or claims directly from any medical or other professionals. In the end this company feeds off a woman's insecure need to live up to society standards and watching the crazy ones bruise themselves trying to look perfect is crazy.
Entity: Internet
11, Report #1417749
Dec 18 2017
04:57 PM
Black & Cherry Real Estate Group Wasim Faranesh Ashley Hawks Shorted our deposit with no proof of damages or proof of payment. Las Vegas Nevada
We rented a home from 9/27/2016-10/31/2017 from Black and Cherry property management company. Upon move out, we completed a full walk through with our Wasim Faranesh and again with the owner. We were told that it was in amazing condition and the only thing we would expect from our deposit would be a professional cleaning if the owner decided to do so. When we received our deposit (over 30 days) it was short $820. It did not come along with any itemized statements, receipts of payments, or pictures of the supposed damages. After request via email, I did receive a hand written quote. Still no proof of claimed damages or proof of payment. Later, I contacted the owner/broker (Ashley Hawks) via telephone. She let me know she would have the file sent to her and call me back. I then received a call from Wasim Faranesh, instead, to explain the charges. I was made aware they had NO PROOF of damages and the owner replaced things and they decided what to and not to charge. The main 2 charges are for a stove top REPLACEMENT due to a hi/low setting being washed off?! We were charged $150 for the cooktop and $150 for the installation. The next large charge was for $150 for sliding door screen replacements. Beyond that $450 there was another $350 for professional cleaning and $20 for a toilet handle. I was astonished that in 2017 a company does not require any proof of damage to charge a tenant out of their deposit. What happened to being transparent? What happened to good business practice?
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
12, Report #1174371
Sep 04 2014
09:56 AM
Vizio Ashley, Vizio TV's Notorious 2 seconds to black syndrome...The TV shuts off in 2 secs when turned on... Internet
9-4-14 @1110     1 (888) 849-4623 Vizio Customer Support   LOL I spoke with Samantha at customer service about the Notorious 2 seconds to black issue where my huge wall mounted Vizio TV shuts off after 2 seconds of being turned on.  I let her know that bloggers were making each other aware of the 2 secs to black syndrome.  On the bright side of things my electric bill may come down significantly...Ha...Thank You Vizio... you sons of bitches!! I bought when your cheesy ass name was not known cause of your Sony ties at that time.  The TV is like buying off brand soda because you only think your buying something different & refreshing... Until you look at the back of the can, & it just seemed like a new flavor but guess what it's Coke God Damn it!!! After being on hold for 10 minutes to find out “ there is NOTHING we can do about that model we don’t have firmware for that model.”  I requested to speak with a manager.  After being on hold another 5 minutes Ashley the EXECUTIVE RESOLUTIONS MANAGER, answered the line.  She apparrently loves this title because she stamped it into my eardrum repeatitively.  She immediately began to speak like an auctioneer with courteous phrases sprinkled into her rehearsed corporate script that she babbled from to especially drive the blood pressure of even the truest of saints through the roof & sky high as you can not get a word in until she happened to run out of oxygen.  Sir, I don't care what they are saying on a blog that is not sponsored by Vizio ( ), yada yada I am the EXECUTIVE RESOLUTIONS MANAGER yada double yada there is NOTHING I can do & there is NO ONE above me that you can speak to because I am the EXECUTIVE RESOLUTIONS MANAGER triple yada I understand your question and my answer is the same NOTHING...  My reply was I can not believe you would not maintain your professional demeanor and speak neutrally with a customer asking for service... you should not allow you associates to amp you up because you are management you should avoid putting on a show for them with loud lengthy overtalk of customers...  After regaining a fraction of her composure, with pressured speech she thanked me hurriedly ending with a hugh silent pause in anticipation of the dial tone as though I would hang up on her & that tone never came because my intent was not disrespect it was merely a request for correction of Vizio's wrong to me... No one's TV should spontaneously shut off... Unless you are a complete I D I O T ! ! ! DO NOT BUY   VIZIO TVs even if they are 20 bucks.  If you have your heart set on owning a huge plastic TV box that does not work then buy the big piece of plastic that they have in model homes for sale for the same result ...push the button & drum roll ...(to quote Ashley)... NOTHING!! Thank you Vizio for your green energy savings plan via 2sec TVs...who knew?
Entity: Internet
13, Report #1139023
Apr 15 2014
12:38 PM
Ashley Furniture Ashley Furniture Industries Ronald Wanek, the chairman and founder of America’s largest furniture company, is a billionaire — nearly twice over. He makes his comeback to The Forbes 400 List of Richest Americans thanks to the market dominance of Ashley Fur unscrupulous business practices, persistent pattern of broken promises to customers refused to provide refunds to consumers Woodbridge Virginia
Ashley Furniture is accused of fraud, deceptive business practices and repeated violations of a state consumer protection law regulating consumer merchandise. Ashley Furniture must put a stop to the unlawful, deceptive and unscrupulous business practices of selling junk furniture that they know have defects. I purchased a leather power recliner sofa for thousands of dollars. Paid cash and bought the extended warranty. The furniture is rarely used . No children or pets. Less than 90 days of purchase the sofa started to literally collapse. One side totally submerged and the other side on the way out. The tech they sent out to review the piece told us that the company is aware that this piece of furniture has issues and they hate to work on it because the type of filler they use inside is overstuffed and defaults quickly and repeatedly into a collapse stage.  The company refused to allow us a credit to purchase a different sofa and they refused to refund our money. We paid hundreds of dollars additional for the extended warranty. It took 6 months from the time of the first call to get someone out to look at it. Now the company tells us we have to allow them to repair it. This means 4- 6 hours labor in our house, or allow them to take it out and do without anything until they get it completed.In addition we have to take off work, again; very costly. We have already lost 2 days of work and spent 11 hours of time discussing this matter over the last 6 months.   The technician said himself that should we allow them to repair one side it is only a matter of time until the other side will need it as well. In the interim it will continue to repeatedly happen because he seen it before multiple times with furniture that uses this type of filler. He advised we should insist on replacement. We agreed. This sofa is only 9 months old. We did not buy used furniture. We bought new furniture that we believed was from a reputable manufacturer. We will not waste anymore uncompensated time on repairing something that is of junkyard quality. Clearly its defective because it collapsed in 3 months. We sat on the furniture less tha 12 hours when we first noticed the collapse. We are looking for people who had similar experiences with Ashley Furniture to join us in a grass roots advocacy campaign that will include media exposure, boycotts and class action complaint to BBB and Attorney Generals nationwide. We can have online petitions and send them to our legislators to stop these unscrupulous practices of merchandisers. I have access to to all legislators including local town halls. I am an advocate that work with NACA‎ . I know consumer rights. Your response is unacceptable. We will allow for a higher authority beyond Ms. Deanne Ferrell 24 hours to respond. Then our grassroots advocacy campaign against Ashley Furniture's Industries Inc, Ashley Furniture Homestores, Trivett and any and all other associate merchandisers and affiliated stores will begin.  This will include physical marches in front of your stores, on-line petitions, boycotts nationwide, and hundreds of filed consumer  complaints to every local legislator in every state to which you operate including but not limited to a class complaint to AG's mediation program and BBB. This is what I do for a living. In fact, I have already started the research and solicitation for consumers. Because of your illegal practices, you make it easy. There are literally thousands of people in every state you operate just waiting for advocacy contact and justice for wrongdoing by your companies. Once organized we will retain consumer advocacy lawyers willing to take this on as a consumer class. Please contact me ASAP Put STOP ASHLEY as the subject.Please help me stop this consumer abuse! We have to put a stop to the unlawful, deceptive and unscrupulous business practices of Ashley Furniture. Although the company has resolved some complaints through the BBB & local mediation program, it has failed to reform its business practices and continues to victimize consumers throughout the region. We start at the Top Down.Ronald Wanek, the chairman and founder of America’s largest furniture company, is a billionaire — nearly twice over. He makes his comeback to The Forbes 400 List of Richest Americans thanks to the market dominance of Ashley Furniture.Forbes’ analysis indicates Wanek is the majority owner of the privately held manufacturer and retailer of home furnishings, based out of Arcadia, Wis. The company generated more than $3.5 billion in revenue in 2012, more than any other U.S. furniture maker. The 72-year-old chairman’s stake in the company is worth $1.8 billion. Cassandra Welch Ashley Furniture Industries in all states about their products and warranty's Junk is a fair description.Wisconsin is Ashley Furniture's Junkyard, and CEO Todd Wanek can't... democurmudgeon.blogspot.comGee, a whole 118 new jobs were created thanks to corporate welfare. We even stopped taxing Ashley Furniture because big business doesn't need to pull its own weight anymore. Taxpayers even helped them with worker training. That old saying, “They... Top 669 Complaints and Reviews about Ashley‎ 
Entity: Woodbridge, Virginia
14, Report #358018
Aug 01 2008
12:17 AM
Ashley Doyle Ashley Doyle Honolulu Hawaii
Parents beware! This teenage mutant is a psycho! She seemed sweet so we hired her for a weekend to house-sit and take care of our kids who are really good! What a nut case! She was menacing and threatened our kids and had a party and trashed our home. We called her parents who basically did not care and said she was too out of control for them to bother with...imagine!? She advertises in local Maui papers and bullitan boards. Parents beware! Rebecca Honolulu, HawaiiU.S.A.
Entity: Honolulu, Hawaii
15, Report #1159827
Jul 06 2014
03:22 AM
Ashley Furniture Ashley Furniture Glendale Arizona
I purchased the mattress on a Saturday, delivered Wednesday and it looked like their was a body inside of it. This is a very expensive Simmons Holly Glen Mattress. Ashley delivered a new mattress on Friday, it had the same problem and the delivery people would not return it. As of Sunday, no resolution to the problem. I have a $2600 un usable mattress in my bedroom. After several calls to the store, no return call from the manager. Look at the pictures and do not buy anything from Ashley.
Entity: Glendale, Arizona
16, Report #1346932
Dec 31 2016
09:28 PM
Ashley furniture Peeling Ashley furniture Nationwide
 Purchased a complete Ashley furniture group that lasted less than a year. We have a seasonal home and my wife and I are the only ones the majority of the time. He set is peeling off in sheets. Looks terrible and attempted to have Ashley help. No go. Robert
Entity: Nationwide
17, Report #157680
Sep 19 2005
11:06 PM
Ashley ripoff Phoenix arizona
Well, thank goodness for this site. I am a former employee and they work you like a dog. If you are 1 min late you go home for the day, if you don't clean your area, the same. No cleaning crew. If you stand to close to each other, bye bye. Dont even go the the rest room, no toilet paper or paper towels. My concience made me leave, how can i sell crap to all these nice innocent people. been there done that and i am ashamed. sorry to all of you that trusted my representation of this company. that is why i am gone. they are liars and take your money and laugh all the way to the bank. Maria Tempe Arizona maria Tempe, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Nationwide
18, Report #615926
Jun 21 2010
09:07 PM
Ashley Furniture NICE CARD glendale, Arizona
Entity: glendale, Arizona
19, Report #884596
May 18 2012
09:49 AM
Ashley Furniture BUYER BEWARE! Internet
In April of 2012, I purchased what was supposed to be two, big, beautiful Leather sectional sofas and a separate wall recliner from Ashley Furniture in Jacksonville, Florida. They were very large, wide and had electric reclining features.  Ashley Furniture was having a sale. What I selected was priced at around $9,000.00. I received it for some where in the range of $4999.00. I chose not to have it delivered for an additional $500.00, and chose to pick it up myself. When you get to their warehouse to pick up your furniture, it's wrapped nice and tight and boxed up. So of course you go through the process of checking serial numbers and product numbers before you Accept what they have sent you.  Who is really going to unbox that much furniture when they have to haul it back to their home in a trailer and get on the highway to get it home? No one , right? Well, lesson learned. You trust the people that you are doing business with will send you EXACTLY what you have purchased and not make any attempts in defrauding you because they are a big, known furniture store. WRONG AGAIN! What I received was completely different than what was on that store floor. I assume because I am a woman, and because I received such a deal supposedly, I got the bottom of the barrel set. This set looks like a fake leather jacket. The color is different, the cushions are deformed, and it's not electric. The electric part is not what upsets me. It's the entire Look of the furniture itself. It looks nothing like what I bought. I sent pictures to a woman named Sandra, who is in their Customer Care section. She agreed , even over pictures she agreed that it looked nothing like what was on that store floor. Because I did not spend the extra money to receive their delivery, they refuse to send out an inspector to investigate further. All I wanted was what I thought I was buying . Not this terrible, fake version. I have now gone as far as to hire an attorney. I have filed with the BBB in Jacksonville, Filed with the Federal Trade Commission as well. I have contacted Ashley Furniture several times and have gotten absolutely No Were with these people! Buyer Beware! They are untrustworthy and will rip you off too! I'm even thinking about contacting the local news now too- just to let other consumers know that what you think you are buying IS NOT what you are going to be  getting! ANd make sure you read what you sign. I guess because they are so untrustworthy, they have a No Return Policy etc. 
Entity: , Internet
20, Report #1093935
Oct 11 2017
12:22 PM
Ashley Bridget Toronto Ontario Canada
To read other reports about this company, please click the link below:
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
21, Report #1408430
Oct 25 2017
06:16 AM
Ashley Homestore Product Misrepresentation Augusta Georgia
I purchased a Loveseat from Ashley Homestore and was delivered a different Loveseat than the one I was shown rendering its primary function unusable, the seat sits 22 inches from the floor whereas the Loveseat I purchased is 18 inches from the floor, I am 5'8 tall (average height and weight) and my feet do not touch the floor and it is hard to sit in without sqirming about to be seated. I have made 4 trips to the store, supplied photos on three occations, they acknowledged the problem and assured me it would be corrected without resolution to date.  I have received no callbacks when promised and it seems they have no desire to resolve the problem. They requested I use the Loveseat for two to three Months and it would go through a breakin period at which time my feet would touch the floor, I complied with their request, however my feet are still 4 inches off the floor. I made one final attempt by contacting their Corporate Headquarters and spoke with a very rude. snide woman that advised me the local store had no authority in the matter and what they had been telling me was completely wrong and without merit and I would need to start over and deal with Corporate Headquarters by taking additional Photos and resubmitting them, I have already submitted photos on three occasions made 4 trips to their Store, I have made many Furniture purchased throughout my life and this is without the worst and most uncooperative Company I have dealt with to date.
Entity: Augusta, Georgia
22, Report #1046646
Apr 27 2013
09:39 AM
Ashley Furniture Ashley Furniture Homestore Ashley Furniture Deceptive Trade Practice & Terrible Customer Service Grapevine, Texas
Ashley Furniture delivery men arrived at our home this morning and would not bring a bedroom set into the house unless we signed a damage waiver, exonerating them from all responsibility to our walls, floors, carpets and ceiling. This is both absurd and nowhere to be found in the purchase agreement or any other document that we received.  Our home was prepared for delivery in every respect, including the removal of a front entry storm door, all furnishings in the room and in route to the room. Even the dog (a mini schnauzer) was crated and fresh coffee was brewed for the delivery crew. However, their arrogant attitude and demand that a waiver be signed (which again, is nowhere to be found in any document that we received or signed) before the delivery could be made was too much. They never even unloaded the furniture. We called and requested a refund but got stonewalled by the store manager who tossed about a corporate run around. We thought Ashley Furniture could be trusted. We were terribly mistaken.  We spoke with three different customer service representatives and the store manager (a Mr. Micky May). All that we requested was a refund and closure of the account. All that we received was corporate shuffle. It was a most frustrating experience as we truly expected better.
Entity: Grapevine, Texas
23, Report #1242039
Jul 15 2015
11:25 AM
Ashley Sinkler seargent Ashley Sinkler Airforce Ashley Sinkler 2008 Nissan Maxima Omaha Nebraska Internet
 I saw a post about a 2008 Nissan Maxima for sale on Craigslist I contacted them and said it was available and it seemed legit because the lady said by email her name is Ashley Sinkler and that she is a Air Force srgnt and that she was selling the car for $2200 because she needed to sell it before July 20 because she is being moved to afganistan I wanted to believe it was true but I just googled her name and a ripoff report came up so I knew it had to be a scam and I saw the same emails word for word exactly written here on ripoff by another victim and same photos!!! I can't believe this person!
Entity: Internet
24, Report #1255246
Sep 16 2015
09:50 AM
UNBEATABLE SALE.COM We ordered a full size Ashley sleeper sofa in Black (Item # 4460236). It showed up postponed 3 times and late by 2 weeks in the WRONG COLOR. New Jersey
The Black option was clearly selected. Delivery personnel were unprofessional and unwilling to keep it on the vehicle without additional we were forced to accept. After trying to contact Unbeatable Sale customer service myself only to be put off, I called Sears as Unbeatable was vended from them. Sears personnel were very professional and opened a direct 3 line conference call. I spoke with John at Unbeatable whom was unprofessional, discourteous and not at all interested in resolving or correcting the problem. We are now Stuck with a piece of furniture we can not use thanks to the unprofessional personnel at Unbeatable In my 24 years of dealing with DOD logistical functions, I have never met a more unprofessional group of non caring inept amateurs. Avoid this company at all cost... Respectfully, David iTEM WAS A SLEEPER SOFA WHICH SHOWED UP 2 WEEKS LATE IN THE WRONG COLOR. CUSTOMER SERVICE PERSONNEL JOHN WAS UNWILLING TO RESOLVE THE ISSUE. UNPROFESSIONAL AND INEPT FROM DELIVERY PERSONNEL TO CUSTOMER SERVICE. David, Terre Haute IN  
Entity: New Jersey
25, Report #832337
Feb 01 2012
11:37 AM
Ashley Furniture Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. Ashley Furiture is cheaply made with fake, unremovable cushions. Ashley and their Insurance Company Guardsman would not honor extended warranty Arcadia, Wisconsin
We are making this complaint against both Ashley Furniture and the Guardsman Insurance Company, as they are complicit in this scam. Timeline In October 2009, my wife and I decided we wanted new living room furniture. While we don't use the living room much, as we have a large family room, we felt our old (but very expensive when new) fabric-covered couch, while still nice, was outdated. We saw an ad for Ashley Furniture in nearby Yorba Linda, CA and decided to visit the store to price a matching couch and loveseat. It was a large store with quite a lot of couches and loveseats in inventory, but almost all of them were leather-covered. When approached by a salesperson, we explained that we had 2 cats and a dog and we were concerned about buying leather furniture from a brand that we have never purchased before (we usually bought furniture at Macy's) because of (1) possible susceptibility to damage and (2) we did not know much about Ashley's products . She, pointed out, the Guardsman point-of-sale material that seemed to be on every table. She explained that if we bought the Guardsman Elite Furniture Protection Plan, our purchases would have bumper-to-bumper protection for 5 years; it even covered damage (cuts or urine) from animals. She said if they couldnt fix any damages, then the furniture would be completely replaced. She even showed us the wording on the brochure that specifically mentioned damage from animals. She also added, Don't worry, you'll have both Ashley and Guardian behind this product. Convinced, we purchase a couch and a loveseat for $1173.25 (including tax) and spent another $129.99 on the Guardsman Elite Furniture Protection Plan. A little over a year later, our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, somehow sprayed on the couch between the center and the right (when facing the couch)cushion . Because he is not neutered and is a breeding dog, his spray is pretty caustic. We discovered this accident about two days after it happened. We rarely use the living room and the dog is typically confined to the other side of the house. When blotting up the spray, some of the color came out of the right cushion and within two days, the seam along the right side of the center cushion started to crack. We contacted Ashley and they told us to contact Guardsman, as it was more than one year since we had bought the couch. We contacted Guardsman promptly, within the specified period from when the damage was discovered and they sent out someone who, ostensibly, would repair the couch. The man who came said he couldnt repair the couch, as the tear was in a seam and since the couch's cushions weren't really cushions, but were attached to the couch, it would be difficult to repair. Ironically, this man remembered us as our house is at the top of a hill and he had delivered a very heavy marble dining table to us 20 years earlier! He volunteered to us that Guardsman would do everything it could to avoid paying for repair or replacement. In subsequent days, the tear in the seam expanded, not only in length, but the cushion itself started splitting in a line ninety degrees from the axis of the seam. Later, we got a form letter from the Guardsman company denying our claim, giving no reason. Product Defect Pressing Ashley, they refused to help, stating that was what we had bought the insurance for and that our efforts should be with Guardsman. Even though we lived less than 5 miles from the Yorba Linda store, they refused to come out and look at the damage. Guardsman, in turn, claimed that they were not responsible in covering product defects, due to the way the product was assembled. This was a total Catch-22. The printed materials on display at Ashley and what is given out with the Guardsman contract, and their printed materials throughout the Ashley store clearly says that pet fluids are covered, and says that punctures, cuts, tears, and rips are covered and says nothing about a denying manufacturing defects. The Guardsman's website even mentions these coverages! ( The Ashley-Guardsman Scam Here is the scam as we see it. Ashley makes inferior products, at least with respect to their leather furniture. Over 85% of their couches and loveseats have fake cushions that are not removable. They look like cushions, but to save manufacturing costs, they are part of the body of the couch, with 3 separations in a couch and 1 in a loveseat, that makes it appear to be cushions. If they had real cushions, instead of these Hollywood Fronts a damaged cushion could be removed, repaired, or replaced. On Ashley's products they can't. I have a leather couch in my home office that is over 15 years old. Its leather is twice as thick as the leather on an Ashley couch. Once a product is more than a year old, Ashley states that its manufacturer's warranty is void and, in turn, Guardsman says that, even though they are the extended warranty, manufacturer's defects are not covered. So Ashley gets to sell shoddy products. Guardsman gets to sell a worthless policy and the customer is left holding the bag,even though the extended bumper-to-bumper warranty, specifically includes damage from pets and pet fluids and mentions nothing about manufacturer's defects. Plus, the salespeople at Ashley emphasize that buying the extended coverage takes the worry out of having leather furniture. If Guardsman were not the scam that it is, they would have paid for the repair or replacement and then sought to recover their expenses from Ashley Furniture. They have an obvious agency relationship. Guardsman promotional materials are to be found on just about any flat furniture surface at an Ashley Store. The Ashley salespeople and the Ashley corporation get a commission from Guardsman, and the customer gets stuck with a couch that is unraveling before my eyes. Our Demand As Ashley Furniture's couches are inferior, as they cannot be easily repaired because of their fake cushions and uneven stitching, we expect them to remove the couch and loveseat from our house after refunding to us the full purchase price of the coach and matching loveseat including taxes and delivery charges and refund the money spent on this useless Guardsman Policy scam. The total is $1,303.24. They need to act quickly, or I will see to establish a class-action lawsuit against Ashley and Guardsman, both individually and jointly. Copies of this complaint will be sent to the California State Attorney General's office, the Office of the California Insurance Commissioner and the Federal Trade Commission for investigation into possible R.I.C.O. malfeasance.
Entity: Arcadia, Wisconsin

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