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1, Report #653052
Oct 19 2010
11:46 PM
Michael Jedlowski (Ashley Furniture Las Vegas) being Required to have friends to work for Free Henderson , Nevada
I worked for Ashley furniture in Las Vegas Nevada and want to confirm the accusations in regards to free labor and being required to provide the free labor the day after Thanksgiving. Even though there has been reports of the Michael Jedlowski /Southwest Furniture requiring their sales associates to provide a helper the day after Thanksgiving is continuing as of Thanksgiving 2009. As stated before the sales staff was required to provide a name of the person you were bringing in the day after Thanksgiving several weeks in advance.I asked if this was mandatory or optional and was told by the sales manager and the store manager that it was mandatory.I responded really Hmmmm!!! I stated that I was new to Las Vegas and my wife worked and all my friends in  Las Vegas had jobs and but that I would ask around.I also asked if I could not find anyone to come in and help what would happen.I was told that if I did not have a helper that day that i would be sent home for the day.At that point I asked for them to provide a Company Memo stating that.I also asked if they were planning on paying the helpers for that day and they said no but that I could pay them if I wanted.They asked me why I wanted a copy of the memo and i told them that if i lost my job or was sent home i wanted proof to show my wife of what was going on and that my next step was to contact a lawyer.If I was sent home or fired for not providing a free worker for the company that what they were requiring was illegal.I also asked them to show me where in the company handbook did it state that at times Ashley employees would be required to provide helpers to work for free or the employee would be required to pay them. I also explained to them that I had been a store manager for many years and also a company owner and that what they were requiring they could not get away with.They said look we are going to be so busy you are gonna want a helper.I asked what are they going to help me do.  I have been in sales for 26 years and let me say this the way that company does paperwork and if the paper work is not done exactly right you can loose your commission over an error for example miss spelling words on the hand written copy of the sales order or keying the *sku that they require a gazillion of to help the delivery/warehouse get the order right but thaat is another story of this screwed up company.If any of these thing were wrong you loose the sale and it goes to the house.Now your helper does not know the show room floor they may be able to sell but they basically can not really do anything without me there so what is the point. Michael Jedlowski firmly believes that every customer that walks through the door want someone right behind them and shadowing them and pestering them  the whole visit in the store so he much rather have unqualified untrained people in his showrooms  tagging along with potential buyers.Of course for you to become a sales associate for Michael Jedlowski you have to go through a 2 week traing class regard less of your experience because he wants to make sure you know their paperwork system and their product but like I said he wants untrained people working with his customers of and yes they are his customers as he says. Well back to that day I came in had no helper and actually did not even try to get a helper along with several other sales associates and i actually told them a few days before that i wanted to get sent home and have the one day suspension in writing when I reported to work the day after Thanksgiving. Needless to say I did not get sent home and we were so slow most of the helpers that did come in at 5:30 am went home by 10:00 am.The funny thing was I wrote more business without a helper then anyone that did have a helper.My opinion is that Michael Jedlowski/Southwest Furniture RE:Ashley Furniture  attitude is the economy in this country is so bad and there are tons of people looking for work that he does what he wants and doesnt care because if you do not like it leave there an tons of others out their waiting to take your place. The stories could go on forever on the unfair and just on the border of criminal of actions this company does. What is sad is that Ashley Furniture Homestore Industries turns a blind eye to what he does and at times ruins the reputation of their product and image.Mind you that I am only refering to this franchise within the Ashley Furniture Company  To give you a slight insight to this company I during my time working for this company It never ceased to amaze me what they would do next and the quality of some of their management was good but some of the management was down right embarassing and totally unqualified to be dealing with the public. If the state sent in secret undercover workers who recoreded everything that goes on within this company they would shut the opperation down and or there would be so many fines impossed Mr.Jedlowski could want to leave town.Knowing that he can not be a honest business man he would be better of leaving town.One of his sales managers quotes is Lie cheat steal just do not get caught.Well let me tell you people get caught in that company all the time and there is never any punishment.During my time at Ashley Furniture I saw the company train in my training class their was 18 people by the tenth month I was the last one out of that class and I saw just in my store another 10 get trained and one I think is still left then another class there was 12 more none of those are left then I saw another 5  and 1 is left and that was the managers buddy So its not hard to see that Ashley Furniture is not a very good place to work for if it is owned Michael Jedlowski  
Entity: Henderson, Nevada
2, Report #1404144
Oct 04 2017
12:33 PM
Ashley Michael An update on a continuing scam based on a settlement reached between the Nigerian Government and Hi-Tech constryction Co. for an oil pipeline explosion. Internet
 I have read reports of others being subject of this scam. The communication tegarding the explosion etc. is word for word in each one I have seen. Each have to do with a pipeline explosion caused ny Hi-Tech Construction in Nigera. The woman, in my case Ashley Michael of Beverly Hills allegedly, said she and her ill mother were to settle the case for 17 million dollars and she was returning to Britian to meet with lawyers to complete the settlement. This was also presented word for word as in previous communications. One additional thingbwas a substantial amountnof money she didn't know about was left to us by her father. Fortunately I didn't send the money she requested to help her meet the expensed she now had to go home. She needed about $400. I had already seen the earlier repoers the day before so I never responded tomher after that
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1058069
Jun 10 2013
07:08 PM
Yelp Autopost - Ashley Furniture, San Diego - Georgia Mills, San Diego - Southwestern Furniture of Wisconsin, LLC - Michael Jedlowski, Arizona - Judy Rosario, Arizona Never Shop Ashley Furniture San Diego California
I had just moved here in October 2012. The first thing I needed was a mattress and box spring. The bed frame could come later. I'm used to having double pillow top mattresses because they last longer. The last one I had lasted 13 years. Well the salesman was a smooth talker and convinced me that the Simmons Beauty Rest Ultra Plush would be ideal for me. I asked him about the mattress dipping, since it was not a double pillow top. He promised me it would not dip. 5 months later and it is dipping. They sent an Ashley Furniture technician out to look at it. So my mattress has a 10 or 20 year warranty. He puts a ruler on the mattress and tells me it's not dipping enough. Apparently it needs to dip 2 full inches before they will do anything about it. So I said to him, you mean to tell me that I have to have awful sleep and wait until it dips 2 inches before you will replace it? He basically said yes. I will never buy a non double pillow top mattress again! I will also never shop at any Ashley Furniture again.
Entity: San Diego, California
4, Report #1065603
Jul 11 2013
10:00 AM
Yelp Autopost - Ashley Furniture San Diego - Michael Jedlowski, Arizona - Georgia Mills, San Diego - Southwestern Furniture of Wisconsin, LLC - Judy Rosario, Arizona Michael Jedlowski Judy Rosario Georgia Mills Deceptive Business Practices Phoenix Arizona
I was informed by numerous associates this weekend that my furniture would be sprayed with a Scotchgard like protectant in the event I purchase the fabric warranty. Come to find out after purchasing the fabric warranty no protectant was applied to my furniture.The sales manager insured me the distribution facility sprays the furniture with a Scotchgard like protectant prior to picking it up. Well, when I went to pickup the furniture an hour later the boxes were completely sealed and the warehouse associate informed me they were never opened.Something wasn't right so I decided to record my conversations at the warehouse along with my back at the store. The warehouse associates informed me they do not spray the furniture and this isn't an isolated case. And the associates at the store again informed me that the furniture was sprayed. After telling the sales associate  about my conversation at the warehouse and the boxes not being opened the sales associate said We are informed to say it's sprayed and as far as I know it is.There is no way the furniture was sprayed. This is unquestionably unsettling.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
5, Report #1311705
Jun 16 2016
09:51 AM
The Levity Law Firm, Michael Ashley, Mike Ashley, Don A. Leviton Harassing Itasca Illinois
    Michael Ashley and his lawfirm started harassing my company several months ago and threaten my employees and partners with a barrage of phone calls, emails, and threats of lawsuits to pay a company that stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from customers across the country.  When our employees and partners asked for providing proof that our company owed anyone anything he sent demand letters and emails and called our request stalltatics.  It seems that this is another scam to have people pay lawers for false claims and push inocent people to pay money to just have them go away!    Please stay away from Michael Ashley and the Leviton Law Firm and his boss Don A. Leviton!!!
Entity: Itasca, Illinois
6, Report #1073859
Aug 07 2013
12:01 PM
Yelp Autopost - Ashley Furniture HomeStore, San Diego - Michael Jedlowski, Glendale Arizona - Georgia Mills, San Diego - Southwestern Furniture of Wisconsin, LLC - Judy Rosario, Glendale Arizona Southwestern Furniture of Wisconsin, LLC Ashley Furniture HomeStore Ashley Industries Inept Miramar California
This place is terrible. DO NOT GO THERE. Never again will I buy from this company. Ok so to start, my husband and I (military family) just got stationed here in san diego, so we had a whole apartment to furnish. My husband saw the ad that the store was relocating so they were having a liquidation sale (which to start we were not informed this was considered a liquidation). Anyway, so we purchase a living room set, dining table, dinning chairs and a whole bedroom set. The nightmare started when they were supposed to call us for the delivery, which we NEVER got the call. Come to find out, they had all of our information wrong in the system because the guy wanted to rush us that day. Mind you we waiting over a month for a delivery because all of our stuff wasn't available. So the day of the delivery I get a phone call (after i had to have them correct all our information) saying that they cannot deliver our bed due to it being extremely damaged. Thats not what you want to hear after sleeping on the floor for months. But thats life, so i asked when will they have another one available. The response i got, They will have to call me back in about a week to let me know when it will be avail. Like HELLO! No, that's not acceptable, if you can tell us when shopping exactly when you will have things in stock, then im sure you can tell someone that has ALREADY PAID when you will have their item that THEY DAMAGED.Long story short my husbands texts me at work with a picture of our bed. The delivery guys said they didnt know it was on the truck, so they were trying to cover up what they thought was a lost item. Like, if they were honest I probably would have felt better because i understand mistakes happen. Ok so after that the last items we were waiting on was our dinning chairs which we were going to pick up at the warehouse because they came in at a later date. along with the lamps and accessories that was included in the living room set (which were customer pick up items only). So the day to pick up the chairs arrive, once again no phone call. So i call asking is it ok if i go to the warehouse to pick them up. The guy couldnt give me an answer and said there was a note in the systems from 3 DAYS AGO for a manager to call me. and they never did, surprise right! So it ends up being the chairs that I have already paid for, and waited two months for were discontinued. I was so furious, but just asked for my money back for the chairs. The person on the phone told me, they cannot refund us the money because it was a liquidation sale, and i would have to do a reselection. And in the midst of this i asked about the lamps and accessories and they told me they delivered them to use already, like NO they obviously state pick up ONLY (come to find out it was all wrong in the system). So I told them it's unfair i would have to reselect because i didnt like any of the other chairs, hence why i bought chairs from another set because i didnt like the ones that came with the table. So i ended up fighting with them for 3 days just to get my money back. At the end of that another surprise, we had gotten the fabric warranty with the sofa when we purchased it, well them they were putting it in the system they put it for the chairs.Like what idiots. So shes asked for the fabric spray back and i explained to her that was for the sofa, she then told me they had it down wrong. So i asked ok so then are we sure I got a pretreated sofa, she responded yes very quick. I asked how would i be able to tell that on my paper work...well guess what i cant. So i have a sofa that im not even sure is treated. Ok so i get my refund and the accessory thing all fixed, now go down to the warehouse to pick up my items, He gives me one huge box (which i assume has everything, granted i should have checked), but i get home and it was ONLY the lamps. SO needless to say i had to make ANOTHER trip out there. So finally i get my stuff and wipe my hands clean, only get now start getting phone calls a week later for 3 days straight of saying we can now pick up our stuff from the warehouse (which we've already done). So as you can tell there is NO communication and whatever system they use is obviously not helping them. Oh and the customer service SUCKS, i've never hated a company more than i do this one. I think they need to retrain and fire some people there. They will go out of business if they keep running it like they do.
Entity: Miramar, California
7, Report #1058902
Jun 13 2013
01:11 PM
Yelp Autopost - Ashley Furniture Homestore, San Diego - Southwestern Furniture of Wisconsin, LLC - Michael Jedlowski, Arizona - Judy Rosario, Arizona - Georgia Mills, San Diego Pissed Off! San Diego California
After searching high and low for a dinning set to fit my new house, I had the misfortune of finding it at Ashley Furniture. I spent over $2700 for table, chairs and a buffet. 2 days prior to the delivery date I got a call giving me a 4 hour window and no they do not call on the day of to give heads up. My husband adjusted his work schedule to be at home to receive the items.  They delivered the dinning set but left out the buffet. The iteam was not available until a week after. I come home to find 7 out of 8 chairs all rock.  I called to talk to the customer service person as I have called the same number earlier that very day regarding the missing furniture. I was told that this is normal with the chairs and they can send out their techs to fix it. She tried to tell me that it is my floor that's causing this problem. This really pissed me off.  I informed her that I have placed these chairs on flat surface and 7 out of 8 chairs rock all about the same amount.  Nobody mentioned that the buffet wasn't available for delivery- had I known this I would've rescheduled the delivery and reshedule my party (new house/birthday ) which is in 2 days. I asked to speak w/ a manager. I was told that it's after 5 pm (it was 514pm) and the managers were gone.  Now I don't know what type of managers would go home when the call center is still in operation.  But I suppose this is how Ashley Furniture does their business. A manager is SUPPOSE to call me back tomorrow.
Entity: San Diego, California
8, Report #1058920
Jun 13 2013
01:59 PM
Yelp Autopost - Ashley Furniture Homestore, San Diego - Southwestern Furniture of Wisconsin, LLC - Michael Jedlowski, Arizona - Judy Rosario, Arizona - Georgia Mills, San Diego Negative Reports San diego California
After reading these reports it seems I'm not the only customer who feels mislead by managers, an unhelpful customer service and an aggressive commission driven sales staff. This particular Ashley appears to have a lot of negative reports. I've enjoyed other locations, but shopping this location leaves me frustrated. I do enjoy Ashley Furniture's accessaries and have found great pieces here for my homes.After 2 months my issues were finally resolved. I was notified by the Sales Manager a few months ago that this store would be converting to a corporate store with a new location, so hopefully things will change. It doesn't make a difference to me, I just want to have a pleasant shopping experience. I'm looking forward to the grand opening and all the new accessories.
Entity: San diego, California
9, Report #1061534
Jun 24 2013
06:11 AM
Yelp Autopost - Ashley Furniture San Diego - Southwestern Furniture of Wisconsin, LLC - Michael Jedlowski, Arizona - Judy Rosario, Arizona - Georgia Mills, San Diego Deceptive Scammers - Incompetent Management San diego California
The sales staff and management is highly incompetent.I should have read the Yelp reviews before I wasted my time going to this place! AWFUL doesn't even begin to describe this place and their practices. If I could give it a negative number I would do so. Thank God I didn't buy anything!!We went because apparently there was a 'sale' (buy 14 pcs for $799). The commercials had been running for weeks. We get there and they were moving, so nothing but floor models were available. The salesclerk asked us to look around first, then he would show us the sale stuff. We did and as we looked around, we saw nothing else. As we questioned him again, he stated that the sale was being conducted by 'corporate' (whatever that means). I asked him why then the commercials since it was 'corporate'.  He didn't have an answer. He than proceeded to tell me that there is only 1 set for that sale price being advertised. However,  for $200 more, that there were perhaps 5 or 6 sets that could be ordered but he was just too busy to show us. He then proceeded to leave us with three books to figure out which ones they were, and went on his way. We left.  He AND Ashely Furniture can go pound sand. Like I said before....AWFUL.  
Entity: San diego, California
10, Report #1059569
Jun 16 2013
01:19 PM
Yelp Autopost - Ashley Furniture San Diego - Southwestern Furniture of Wisconsin, LLC - Michael Jedlowski, Arizona - Judy Rosario, Arizona - Georgia Mills, San Diego AVOID AT ALL COSTS! San Diego California
I don't regularly write reviews. It would take either incredibly great service, or amazingly terrible service in order for me to take the time to review a location. This is one of those amazingly terrible times. Today was the 4th time my furniture delivery date was pushed back. I have been without furniture for 4 months. I have been told each time that it has been due to everything is at the warehouse but 1 item is missing Items have either been classified as missing or discontinued. Though I am not informed about these issues until after I have already paid for the products and moved around my schedule to meet their agreed upon delivery date--To which I also had to call the store myself! I had to call them to find out they werent going to deliver anything! They did not have the courtesy to inform me themselves.This has been a horrible experience. I do not wish this upon anyone. I should have checked the reviews before purchasing, but as the saying goes it was too good to be true. Furniture seemed good quality, price was low, location was just down the road from me--and still 4 months without a single piece of furniture. False promises, lack of customer appreciation/decency/courtesy, Never again!Please AVOID AT ALL COSTS! It is not worth your time, money, or effort.
Entity: San Diego, California
11, Report #1059623
Jun 16 2013
10:43 PM
Yelp Autopost - Ashley Furniture Homestore, San Diego - Southwestern Furniture of Wisconsin, LLC - Michael Jedlowski, Arizona - Judy Rosario, Arizona - Georgia Mills, San Diego Absolutely Horrible Service San diego California
My family went to this store to browse furniture. We were looking for a new table set and right when we entered, one of the workers found us and started talking to us. She showed us a couple sets and we told her that we were going to continue looking around ourselves. After several minutes of browsing, we realized she was literally trailing us, but we paid no mind. When we finally found a table set, she helped us out and the purchase went smoothly. That was the only semi okay part of our experience with Ashley Furniture. When delivery came two weeks later, the table was badly damaged, and they sent us two wrong chairs. The delivery guys were nice and informed customer service for us, and told us that customer service was going to call us back about the new deliveries. We waited a whole week and no one called us, so we decided to call the store ourselves, to which one of the workers told us their manager wasn't there at the moment and would call us back before the day ended. Their manager didn't.They finally called us again two weeks later telling us that they'd deliver on a certain date. When delivery came again, the delivery guy asked us if we received a phone call from customer service. We said yes, that they'd asked to confirm the delivery to us. But he told us that they were supposed to call us to tell us that the chairs we had ordered were no longer in stock, which, THEY DIDN'T.We still haven't received our furniture, and are getting really impatient over this.This was the second time in a row that Ashley messed up our order. This place has absolutely horrible service and terrible efficiency and dependability. If there was an option to give 0 stars I would. The only thing that I had a pleasant experience with was the delivery guys. They were really nice, patient, and helpful. Something the rest of Ashley's staff needs to learn from.
Entity: San diego, California
12, Report #980737
Dec 11 2012
06:53 PM
George Stiner John Hargrove George Stiner, John Hargrove, Michael Stains, Ronald Pierce,Kevin Stat, Michael Carlat, Carl, George Steiner, Grant scammers rip people off Las Vegas , Nevada
WARNING!!! These f'ing idiots are ripping people off!!! They call you pretending to be from one of the legitimate grant writing companies in Las Vegas, or working with them, saying that your grant is ready to be funded, BUT... YOU NEED TO SEND THEM MORE MONEY!! DO NOT SEND THESE A$$HOLES ONE CENT!!! I have come to learn that one of the legitimate companies former employees, Susahn March, emailed clients information out to her friend, Hinda Joy Hinden, wife of Elliot Hinden and someone named Ira (could be a he/could be a she...maybe a hermaphrodite?). Yes, Susahn, there WAS a keylogger on your stupid 8itch!!!! What happened and who this information went to from this point is unknown, but one of the legitimate companies other former employee, Dominic Ling Ling Masteos, is one of the known scammers. Yes, Dominic, a client you scammed recorded your dumb a$$!!! With all the proof and information below, which by the way has been turned over to the f'tards...somebody WILL get caught and somebody WILL roll on you guys. I wouldn't want to be the one holding the bag when your scam comes crumbling down on you. This is not a vindictive rant...THIS IS A VERY SERIOUS AND LEGITIMATE WARNING to anyone that has or may be contacted by this group...I am just thoroughly aggravated by these guys blatant scam on innocent people. Please don't let them scam you or anyone else! If you have been contacted or ripped of by these scammers please contact: a criminal authority...state or federal                             OR Have your local police file a courtesy report with the Fraud division in Las Vegas: Phone:  702-828-3285 Fax:  702-828-3294 Here is all of the known information on the scammers so far (stay tuned): Echo, Inc. 8214 PARTING CT     LAS VEGAS, NV 89117   Wells Fargo ACCT #2527741702 John Hargrove   1-702-374-3594                        fax 1-702-374-3594 Wells Fargo acct # 9635353817 Name is Michael Carlat 11637 Bradford Las Vegas, NV 89135   another name is George Stiner? also when phone rings caller id is: Michael Stains   702-742-4175, 702-624-3158, 702-742-2307   Ronald Pierce 702-813-2470 Account Manager John Hargrove 702-742-2307 Account Manager Kevin Stat 702-742-7748 Accounting Dept Eric Accounting  702-357-0833 Bank Info:Wells Fargo 2501 S. Rainbow Blvd Las Vegas, Nevada 89146 Routing # 121000248    Acct. # 2527741702 Also used this acct. # 5688279156 @ Wells Fargo. Both of these accounts are for Echo Inc. Bank Info.  Chase  2595 S. Marilyn Parkway Routing # 322271627    Acct # 432362056 Donald Neeley They are using different names and throw away cell phones through Cricket Wireless. If you get a call, even if the name isn't on this list, do not pay them! Call the legitimate company you first spoke with and verify EVERYTHING!!! These people change their names, stories, bank accounts,and phone numbers faster than you change your clothes! Also, DO NOT send ANYONE money through Western Union or Money-gram!!! They also tell people to wire money because it has to be done right away...DON'T DO IT!!!                                       
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
13, Report #358018
Aug 01 2008
12:17 AM
Ashley Doyle Ashley Doyle Honolulu Hawaii
Parents beware! This teenage mutant is a psycho! She seemed sweet so we hired her for a weekend to house-sit and take care of our kids who are really good! What a nut case! She was menacing and threatened our kids and had a party and trashed our home. We called her parents who basically did not care and said she was too out of control for them to bother with...imagine!? She advertises in local Maui papers and bullitan boards. Parents beware! Rebecca Honolulu, HawaiiU.S.A.
Entity: Honolulu, Hawaii
14, Report #1159827
Jul 06 2014
03:22 AM
Ashley Furniture Ashley Furniture Glendale Arizona
I purchased the mattress on a Saturday, delivered Wednesday and it looked like their was a body inside of it. This is a very expensive Simmons Holly Glen Mattress. Ashley delivered a new mattress on Friday, it had the same problem and the delivery people would not return it. As of Sunday, no resolution to the problem. I have a $2600 un usable mattress in my bedroom. After several calls to the store, no return call from the manager. Look at the pictures and do not buy anything from Ashley.
Entity: Glendale, Arizona
15, Report #1346932
Dec 31 2016
09:28 PM
Ashley furniture Peeling Ashley furniture Nationwide
 Purchased a complete Ashley furniture group that lasted less than a year. We have a seasonal home and my wife and I are the only ones the majority of the time. He set is peeling off in sheets. Looks terrible and attempted to have Ashley help. No go. Robert
Entity: Nationwide
16, Report #157680
Sep 19 2005
11:06 PM
Ashley ripoff Phoenix arizona
Well, thank goodness for this site. I am a former employee and they work you like a dog. If you are 1 min late you go home for the day, if you don't clean your area, the same. No cleaning crew. If you stand to close to each other, bye bye. Dont even go the the rest room, no toilet paper or paper towels. My concience made me leave, how can i sell crap to all these nice innocent people. been there done that and i am ashamed. sorry to all of you that trusted my representation of this company. that is why i am gone. they are liars and take your money and laugh all the way to the bank. Maria Tempe Arizona maria Tempe, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Nationwide
17, Report #615926
Jun 21 2010
09:07 PM
Ashley Furniture NICE CARD glendale, Arizona
Entity: glendale, Arizona
18, Report #884596
May 18 2012
09:49 AM
Ashley Furniture BUYER BEWARE! Internet
In April of 2012, I purchased what was supposed to be two, big, beautiful Leather sectional sofas and a separate wall recliner from Ashley Furniture in Jacksonville, Florida. They were very large, wide and had electric reclining features.  Ashley Furniture was having a sale. What I selected was priced at around $9,000.00. I received it for some where in the range of $4999.00. I chose not to have it delivered for an additional $500.00, and chose to pick it up myself. When you get to their warehouse to pick up your furniture, it's wrapped nice and tight and boxed up. So of course you go through the process of checking serial numbers and product numbers before you Accept what they have sent you.  Who is really going to unbox that much furniture when they have to haul it back to their home in a trailer and get on the highway to get it home? No one , right? Well, lesson learned. You trust the people that you are doing business with will send you EXACTLY what you have purchased and not make any attempts in defrauding you because they are a big, known furniture store. WRONG AGAIN! What I received was completely different than what was on that store floor. I assume because I am a woman, and because I received such a deal supposedly, I got the bottom of the barrel set. This set looks like a fake leather jacket. The color is different, the cushions are deformed, and it's not electric. The electric part is not what upsets me. It's the entire Look of the furniture itself. It looks nothing like what I bought. I sent pictures to a woman named Sandra, who is in their Customer Care section. She agreed , even over pictures she agreed that it looked nothing like what was on that store floor. Because I did not spend the extra money to receive their delivery, they refuse to send out an inspector to investigate further. All I wanted was what I thought I was buying . Not this terrible, fake version. I have now gone as far as to hire an attorney. I have filed with the BBB in Jacksonville, Filed with the Federal Trade Commission as well. I have contacted Ashley Furniture several times and have gotten absolutely No Were with these people! Buyer Beware! They are untrustworthy and will rip you off too! I'm even thinking about contacting the local news now too- just to let other consumers know that what you think you are buying IS NOT what you are going to be  getting! ANd make sure you read what you sign. I guess because they are so untrustworthy, they have a No Return Policy etc. 
Entity: , Internet
19, Report #1093935
Oct 11 2017
12:22 PM
Ashley Bridget Toronto Ontario Canada
To read other reports about this company, please click the link below:
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
20, Report #1370576
May 01 2017
06:24 AM
Ashley Black Fasciablaster Fasciablaster horror Texas Texas
  I purchased the fasciablaster in October 2016 to help with cellulite. All the posts on the facebook page raved about this product. I have since come to find out that all negative comments are deleted off of the page. If you disagree with someone or have a bad effect from the product, the women on the page attack you and your post is usually deleted. After using the product for five months, as instructed by the videos that Ashley Black sent me, I realized my skin had become very saggy and creepy. Ashley Black is diagnosing medical conditions on her page. She has no medical degree! There are hundreds of women that have suffered terrible medical problems from this tool. Ashley Black needs to be stopped.
21, Report #1408430
Oct 25 2017
06:16 AM
Ashley Homestore Product Misrepresentation Augusta Georgia
I purchased a Loveseat from Ashley Homestore and was delivered a different Loveseat than the one I was shown rendering its primary function unusable, the seat sits 22 inches from the floor whereas the Loveseat I purchased is 18 inches from the floor, I am 5'8 tall (average height and weight) and my feet do not touch the floor and it is hard to sit in without sqirming about to be seated. I have made 4 trips to the store, supplied photos on three occations, they acknowledged the problem and assured me it would be corrected without resolution to date.  I have received no callbacks when promised and it seems they have no desire to resolve the problem. They requested I use the Loveseat for two to three Months and it would go through a breakin period at which time my feet would touch the floor, I complied with their request, however my feet are still 4 inches off the floor. I made one final attempt by contacting their Corporate Headquarters and spoke with a very rude. snide woman that advised me the local store had no authority in the matter and what they had been telling me was completely wrong and without merit and I would need to start over and deal with Corporate Headquarters by taking additional Photos and resubmitting them, I have already submitted photos on three occasions made 4 trips to their Store, I have made many Furniture purchased throughout my life and this is without the worst and most uncooperative Company I have dealt with to date.
Entity: Augusta, Georgia
22, Report #1046646
Apr 27 2013
09:39 AM
Ashley Furniture Ashley Furniture Homestore Ashley Furniture Deceptive Trade Practice & Terrible Customer Service Grapevine, Texas
Ashley Furniture delivery men arrived at our home this morning and would not bring a bedroom set into the house unless we signed a damage waiver, exonerating them from all responsibility to our walls, floors, carpets and ceiling. This is both absurd and nowhere to be found in the purchase agreement or any other document that we received.  Our home was prepared for delivery in every respect, including the removal of a front entry storm door, all furnishings in the room and in route to the room. Even the dog (a mini schnauzer) was crated and fresh coffee was brewed for the delivery crew. However, their arrogant attitude and demand that a waiver be signed (which again, is nowhere to be found in any document that we received or signed) before the delivery could be made was too much. They never even unloaded the furniture. We called and requested a refund but got stonewalled by the store manager who tossed about a corporate run around. We thought Ashley Furniture could be trusted. We were terribly mistaken.  We spoke with three different customer service representatives and the store manager (a Mr. Micky May). All that we requested was a refund and closure of the account. All that we received was corporate shuffle. It was a most frustrating experience as we truly expected better.
Entity: Grapevine, Texas
23, Report #1242039
Jul 15 2015
11:25 AM
Ashley Sinkler seargent Ashley Sinkler Airforce Ashley Sinkler 2008 Nissan Maxima Omaha Nebraska Internet
 I saw a post about a 2008 Nissan Maxima for sale on Craigslist I contacted them and said it was available and it seemed legit because the lady said by email her name is Ashley Sinkler and that she is a Air Force srgnt and that she was selling the car for $2200 because she needed to sell it before July 20 because she is being moved to afganistan I wanted to believe it was true but I just googled her name and a ripoff report came up so I knew it had to be a scam and I saw the same emails word for word exactly written here on ripoff by another victim and same photos!!! I can't believe this person!
Entity: Internet
24, Report #304198
Feb 13 2008
10:47 PM
Ashley Furniture Homestore Nailed by Arizona Attorney General Multiple Cities Arizona
Ashley Furniture, whose antics are well-known on the RipOff Report, is the subject of a consumer fraud complaint. Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard issued the following press release: (Phoenix, Ariz. Jan. 28, 2008) Attorney General Terry Goddard today announced a settlement with Southwestern Furniture of Wisconsin, LLC, doing business as Ashley Furniture Homestore, resolving consumer complaints of very late and/or defective deliveries and allegations of deceptive advertising. The settlement requires Ashley Furniture Homestore to pay the Attorney Generals Office $400,000. The money will be used to pay for consumer fraud education, attorneys fees and investigation costs. The settlement also requires Ashley Furniture Homestore to change its business practices with regard to advertising and delivery and cancellation of orders. The settlement provides consumers with a right to cancel late orders and a right to a prompt repair or replacement of defective furniture. In addition, Ashley Furniture will pay restitution of $2,000 to consumers who were charged a restocking fee, and the company will replace or provide refunds of up to $8,000 to consumers who received defective furniture. In 2004 and 2005, the Attorney Generals Office received numerous complaints about furniture deliveries that were extremely late and/or the furniture delivered was defective. The complaint filed by the Attorney General alleged that Ashley Furniture used disclaimer language in its sales order slips along with a 30 percent restocking fee to prevent customers from canceling their orders even though the delivery had been delayed months after the estimated date. Additionally, the complaint alleged that the company failed to adequately disclose minimum purchase requirements to qualify for zero interest financing. This is a great result for Arizona consumers,Goddard said. This settlement changes how Ashley Furniture Homestore does business in Arizona. Consumers now have a remedy for late and defectively delivered furniture, and Ashley Furniture Homestores will make better disclosures in its advertisements. In 2005, after the initial contact by the Attorney Generals Office, Ashley Furniture Homestore began taking corrective action to resolve the consumer complaints. The settlement, in the form of a consent judgment, does not constitute an admission of wrongdoing by Ashley Furniture Homestore. The settlement also includes several additional provisions: If an advertisement offers zero financing, it must include a statement that says a minimum purchase applies and print ads must clearly disclose the minimum purchase amount. At the time of purchase, Ashley Furniture Homestore will put estimated delivery times in writing, and store representatives cannot modify or make statements inconsistent with the written estimate. Ashley Furniture Homestore will not provide an estimated delivery date unless there is a reasonable basis for making that estimate. Ashley Furniture Homestore will not require consumers to accept delivery of any merchandise that is damaged or defective at the time of delivery unless the merchandise was sold as is and is designated as is on the sales invoice. Ashley Furniture Homestore will provide a written cancellation and refund policy to customers. This policy will allow consumers to cancel an order and request a refund within 30 days if the company fails to deliver furniture after 30 days of the written estimated delivery date. Ashley Furniture Homestore will provide a written policy regarding damaged or defective furniture. The policy will require consumers to notify Ashley Furniture within three days after delivery that the furniture was damaged. The company then has 30 days to either replace or repair the merchandise. If Ashley Furniture cannot replace or repair the merchandise, then the company will offer the customer a full refund. Assistant Attorney General Robert Zumoff handled this case. If you believe you have been a victim of fraud, please contact the Attorney Generals Office in Phoenix at 602.542.5763, in Tucson at 520.628.6504 or outside the Phoenix and Tucson metro areas at 1.800.352.8431. To file a complaint in person, the Attorney Generals Office has 36 satellite offices throughout Arizona with volunteers available to help. Locations and hours are posted on the Attorney Generals Web site at An online complaint form is also posted on the Attorney Generals Web site. Larry Phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Arizona
25, Report #1306759
May 20 2016
10:22 AM
dental referral ,ashley , michael kept changing phone numbers and would not give physical address location and they are asking some people for personal information and not asking others they said that they are located many locations Nationwide
  they have a suspicious website that changes the phone number continuously , they are not declaring a physical address , they refuse to give a physical address for their website , they are saying that they are a nationwide company that helps people to get dentist , they are asking personal information to be provided to them . 
Entity: Nationwide

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