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1, Report #402321
Dec 17 2008
10:17 AM
Aspire Visa Aspire strikes again! Atlanta Georgia
I have had this account for about 5 years. I was sent a cancellation in November instead of a statement. When my wife called to find out why we didn't receive a statement, we were told the account was closed. After receiving numerous calls from foreign customer service reps with barely enough English speaking skills to converse with a 10 year old, we were told Aspire was closing all accounts because of legal problems. In December, a woman named Mary started calling our house, insisting we do a check by phone payment. After asking her about receiving a statement, she told us we wouldn't receive one until we made the check by phone payment. We refused, and stated we had read numerous complaints on the Rip-off report, and many articles and reports about Columbus Bank being sued for fraud, {11 million $ to NYC alone}and that Aspire would not get another dime until we had a current statement in our hands. She then told us she didn't know about any of that, the reports were probably false. {LOL} After repeatedly insisting we receive a statement, Mary told us fine, but we would be charged for it. {KMA} We have filed a complaint with the BBB, and are in the process of filing a lawsuit. Good Luck Aspire, you're gonna need it! Gary New Windsor, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
2, Report #121950
Dec 08 2004
09:34 PM
ASPIRE VISA ripoff Atlanta Georgia
I owed them 680.00 and now I'm up to over $1.000. I am now sending 12.oo per month like their letter stated and then I get more calls asking for more. What gives? Total rip off. They should be ripped out totally Maria OAKTON, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Georgia
3, Report #163085
Nov 02 2005
05:01 PM
Aspire Visa ripoff Internet
Recieved and applied for an Aspire Gold visa card on 10/18/05, went online and was approved for $1750.00 with no start up fees. Checked the box, rush mail card for $20.00 billed to card. It's been 15 days, no card yet. Can't get through on their fully automated customer service phone #. Sent an email tonight, no answer, although I've been told that they are there until 11 p.m. CST. I am going to send another email cancelling the card, and telling them I am not paying $20.00 to them for anything. I only pray that they don't try and say that I owe them the $20.00 and then start adding interest to it, to jack up the balance and then charge me off. If I do get the card, I will cut it in half and mail it back certified mail (signature required). I hope that I have not gotten myself into something I may regret later, like so many of the other stories I've read regarding this Company. Richard Tehachapi, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
4, Report #813032
Dec 22 2011
02:22 PM
Aspire Visa Unfair Practice Internet
hello about over eight years ago i had been approved for an aspire visa. for $300, when i made all my payments on time it went up to $500, i paid all the statements off on time. even do to the fact i had payment insurance when i lost my job, i still had to pay off the bill myself.when i got my workmen comp settlement i sent this company a money orders, for over $1200. and wrote a letter with the payments telling to close the account. so this year i pulled my credit report and from a starting amount of $300 then to $500, there is a collection company call midland credit mgmt claiming they are trying to collect $1,771 but the company it self says there is nothing being showed still owed. when i asked if i can get a letter from a manager, or head member of the company they say they can not. knowing that is the only way to get the information removed from my credit report. which was not on it in 2008.
Entity: , Internet
5, Report #194972
Jun 06 2006
05:13 AM
Aspire ripoff Columbus Georgia
I had applied for a credit card called Aspire on January 2006. they told me that I would have a three hundred dollars starting credit on my card to start. It took them six weeks to sent the credit card to my apt. When I got the card I had to pay twenty dollars to activate the card so I sent them the twenty dollars. they activated the card with only a hunderd and fifthy dollars. Aspire charge me hundred and fifthy dollars for a annual fee before I evened started useing the credit card. I had called Aspire to see if their were any mistakes on my account. The person on the other line told me that it was a standard thing and not only that but Aspire will have me pay on different days. for example the due date will be on the second of the month and next month it will be on the fifth or on the eighth. I was only late once by two days and they cancel my account Aspire still wants me to pay them for the balance. Scott Long Branch, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus, Georgia
6, Report #344687
Jun 26 2008
03:11 PM
Aspire Sales Group Aspire Marketing Group BEWARE!!!! They do not pay their employees! Greenwood Village Colorado
Beware!! Do not give them your business! You will pay them. They will not pay the employees who actually provide your service. They do not pay on time, the bounce their checks! Beware! Unpaid denver, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Greenwood Village CO, Colorado
7, Report #76346
Jan 02 2004
01:25 AM
ASPIRE VISA ripoff Atlanta Georgia
I recieved the Visa card 2 years ago and I was very happy I could always talk to a representative but approx. 8 months when I would call I was never able to talk to anyone, I would just stay in the auto attendant mode and then my call would disconnect. I have sent 6 emails, 3 faxes and 2 copy's of the letter in with my statement stapled to it, I recieved a call in May from a man that left a message stating to call the 800-348-8783 #, which was the # that I was complainting about, then I recieved a email stating that I needed to give my acct#, mother's maiden name, phone #, only for me to recieve a email stating that they did not understand my question. I have also noticed that that I have charges that I did not authorize to magazines, when I call the # it was a auto attendant that removed the charges promply. I am starting to question if this company is legal. Please help me. Darlene Anaheim, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: COLUMBUS, Atlanta, Georgia
8, Report #142545
May 12 2005
07:24 PM
Aspire Visa ripoff Atlanta Georgia
I buy a lot on the internet and pay almost all of my bills online, which is a direct draft electronic transfer. I started noticing that when I paid Aspire online I was charged $35 for this as a fee. I've got to tell you I about fell over. I emailed the company an expressed my disbelief. I said you would actually rather have a physical check sent through the mail that someone has to open an process over an electronic draft thats in your hands at the time the payment is made. They wrote back a couple of times and basically said this was the fee they charged. I knew at that moment there was something wrong with this fee and it should be illegal. I mailed a check this time to see if it makes it on time. I got this card not by applying, but by them buying my Providian Visa Paul mason, West VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
9, Report #155447
Aug 30 2005
07:45 AM
Aspire Visa ripoff Delhi Georgia
Aspire Visa tried strong armed tactics on me for an account that I told them already I had sent payment. The woman was American, extremely rude and over the top. Then a Indian guy called and told me his name was Jack Thompson. I asked him what his really was and he told me that whenever they (Offshores) join the company that Aspire issues a Christian name to each individual. He said it is so that Americans feel more comfortable doing business with'them' . This is lying and misleading no matter how you cut it. I feel these are unethical and highly inappropriate practices for all concerned. I wonder what else they lie about. My other dealings with Aspire have been equally as unpleasant. They have accused me of being past 30 days delinquent when the payment has already been made, etc. I can't believe this horrible company can continue on this path without suffering some financial damage. I will not contiue business with this company once this account is paid off (soon). Janice Manor, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
10, Report #131976
Feb 19 2005
11:50 AM
Aspire Visa ripoff Atlanta Georgia
I sent my 20.dollars to activate my aspire credit card and can't use it! Tried several times still not avalible! Todd newton, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
11, Report #146928
Jun 21 2005
10:02 AM
I got a mysterious call yesterday from a woman claiming ASPIRE VISA was sending me a credit card with a credit limit of about $4,000. She knew my first and last name and middle initial - so, though I'd not applied for the card, at first I thought she might be legitimate. Before she could mail it, however, she said she needed to confirm that she was speaking to the correct card recipient and asked me to verify by giving my social security number. I said no. So then she asked me to verify by giving my mother's maiden name. I said no. Then she asked me to quantify my annual income. At this point, I asked her how it is I was being sent a card I never applied for and she said she got my information from other credit card companies. So I told her if that was true, then she had all the information on me that she needed and shouldn't be asking for personal information like annual income, etc. Then she said the card would be mailed to me but that I'd need to give her a password to activate the card, a password only I could use to activate it as assurance in case the card got mis-delivered or stolen en route. She asked again for my mother's maiden name. I couldn't help but be suspicious by now! I refused, so she asked me to just make up a password. I refused. She was very persistent on this point, however, and then asked if she could list my last name as the password. I said no. I asked her for her telephone number and said good-bye. I heard babies crying in the background - I can't believe she was a legitimate company representative. When I called the 1-800 number she gave me, I did get a recording saying it was ASPIRE VISA. But the message said to type in the account number I was calling about OR MY SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER. I got online to try to determine how accurate my suspicions are. I haven't read another rip-off report like mine, about them trying to procure personal information for identity theft. The other reports I've read have all been about how they unethically weazle your debt to their advantage - but, either way, I'd recommend running away from the temptation to receive a credit card from these folks. -END B Maumelle, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
12, Report #104742
Aug 21 2004
09:33 AM
i was paying on my account which i was supose to had a credit limit of $300.00 but was only a credit limit of $270.00 i believe but anyway now they are saying i owe $600.00 and they constantly call and i'm sick of it. Marlene FOLEY, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: ATLANTA, Georgia
13, Report #97848
Jul 06 2004
06:49 PM
Aspire card not cancelled Columbus Georgia
I was billed a membership fee of $85.00, which I was not aware of. I had not recieved the credit card. I called and cancelled card. They sent a later saying it was cancelled. Then a few weeks later a got a statement with no amount due. A while later I recieved the credit card. It is in the credit bureau that I owe $85.00 Patricia Quincy, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus, Georgia
14, Report #102059
Aug 04 2004
07:04 AM
I have had aspire visa for a few years , i had a 500.00 limit i moved and going through a divorce so a payment or two was missed but i paid it monthly online through my bank. second i did not recieve a paper bill in over 2 years, and when i got my bill my intrest is over a thousand dollars, which i will not pay that rediculas amount of money i will pay the 500.00 which should of been paid off through the past year. they charge me 35.00 late fee every month, plus another 35.00 for being over the limit i want juice done to this company Martha edgewater, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: ATLANTA, Georgia
15, Report #108039
Sep 12 2004
03:55 PM
First I would love to say thank you to this website for assuring me I am not the only individual this this problem. This company has its day coming hopefully in court. I opened an account with them several years ago. Well before I ever got the card over $200.00 was charged to it. I made several payments on time and for the amount they requested. I had decided to not pay off the card each month so I could gain some credit. Well as everyday things happen, I had other obligations to fulfill and making that payment was not a priority compared to rent and groceries. Well I know credit reporting laws (considering I work for an outside credit reporting agency) anyways, they started calling me the other day after I inquired about where to send my cease and dissist letter too. First no physical address even though I am sending certified mail. Then I had a gentlemen by the name of Murice Gay at the above number tell me that if I did not make an immediate payment that I would NEVER EVER be able to make another payment on my account for the next 15 years it was on my credit report. Well the law is they can only report for 7 years and thats from the date of chargeoff. Well frustrated I asked for a supervisor, he stated that he was a supervisor and there was no one above him that would take the call. So I hung up on him and called right back, asked to speak to a suprevisor without giving my name or account info. They hesitated but I assured them I would not accept any less than a suprevisor. Finally a lady got on the phone, she was nice, but stated that they will call everyday until they receive that letter from me. Oh well Well the following Sunday they called my home at 8:10 a.m. Asking for payment. I told them I would not be making a payment so they could stop calling. This girls name was Nicole she refused her last name. She was very rude and basically called me an idiot when I advised her I knew my rights. So I played their game with them. They want to call me every five minutes, so I gave them a taste of their own medicine. I called right back and asked for Nicole, she got on the phone and I pleasantly asked her how her day was going. She got mad and hung up, I called right back. Well they told me she didn't want to talk. Well I called back and got another girl named Tracey. She told me that if I called back they would have me arrested for harrasment, I asked her how could she do that when I am just reciprocating what they are doing to consumers everyday. And in turn told her to call the police because I wasn't going to stop (hey, it's a free call) So I hung up and called back, another lady knew who I was before I ever said anything. This time she said her name was Lowanda Holloway a supervisor, she then proceeded to tell me that if I called one more time they had my checking account number from a previous payment I sent and charge my account for the full amount due on my account. Regardless if I gave them permission. I told her go ahead that account was closed. She told me to stop wasting my time and tend to my children. That pissed me off. Well I have sent letters to the FTC and four senators in my state. I have also included some print outs from this site and advised them to investigate this company. I am trying my best to have this company burned. I understand if you sign a contract, you are liable for the debt. But for everyday consumers this harassment has got to stop. We are not prey to eat alive but hard workers trying to help themselves get further in life. Until someone takes a stand all suffer at the mercy of this company and those alike. I will keep everyone posted as to my results. Nicole seaford, DelawareU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Aspire Visa CLICK HERE to read about Credit Card Scams... find out how to get your money back. *Rip-off Report Investigation provides valuable information.
Entity: ATLANTA, Georgia
16, Report #87819
Apr 15 2004
05:18 PM
Aspire Visa ripoff Atlanta Georgia
got a credit card through this company for $300 and after being late a payment my balances went through the roof. 841.97. What can i do about this. Do not go through this company its a ripoff. Elissa standish, MaineU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
17, Report #90681
May 08 2004
10:28 AM
Aspire Visa Card ripoff Atlanta Georgia
I received a card in the mail. It was with Providian. It was later sold to Aspire. Once it was sold, my finance charge was jacked up to 28% for no known reason. We were stationed in Japan the last few years and when we called and asked about some help because the bills were coming to us with only about 5 days for us to get them back here to the US, they told me I know when my bill is due each month and I should mail it in despite not receiving a statement. I am not one to mail out money without knowing the balances and charges on the statement. ANother thing is, when I call I can never speak to a human. Its always automated. And once you get to talk to someone, they can barely speak English and are hard to understand. I have cancelled this card and WILL NOT ever refer anyone to get a card like this. I have a credit card that has no annual fees , or any other fees. Jennifer 80817, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
18, Report #92373
May 20 2004
08:53 PM
Aspire Visa ripoff Columbus Georgia
I was able to get my money back from my bank. I reported a credit card scam and now I have received my 1st statement from Apsire Visa - What would you suggest the next step to be, I can not get in touch with anyone at this company to terminate this acct. Now I have a balance of $212.00 with this company and I have never even used the card - these are all fees that Apsire Visa has charged against me already. They went as far as charging me an extra $35.00 because I stopped payment for the activation fee of $20.00 - This is already too much for me. I'm in the process of writing a email to the company - I don't know what good this will do, but please email me back and offer some other suggestions on what to do. I wanna close & terminate this acct now.. Any suggestions? T Thomasville, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus, Georgia
19, Report #73276
Nov 27 2003
06:43 AM
Aspire Visa ripoff Columbas Georgia
I was shocked to know that when I made an internet payment that my account showed that the credit card company recioeved the payment and that then they (credit card company) said that the payemnts was reversed and that they closed my account due to me obeing over my limit, but they never informed me that my payments was reversed, I always found out only after checking the internet and callin. I feel so stupid for getting this card. For now on I will ckeck with every time before I deal with any other company that tries to offer me any pother credit card or other type of credit. Mamie chavelle buffalo, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Columbas, Georgia
20, Report #84918
Mar 22 2004
05:55 PM
Aspire Visa ripoff dishonest fraudulent billing Columbus Georgia
I started off with a credit balance of $500 about 2 years ago when Asprire was Providian Visa. To this day I still have a balance of 324.00 that is due. Most of this has added up because the credit card company keeps saying that my mail is being returned by the post office and my payment becomes late and past due charges have incurred. None of my other mail EVER gets returned and I've been living at my address for over 4 years. At one point I was getting a statement every 3 months or a phone call requesting payment with past due charges. I didn't realize that I could report something like this until today when I tried to email because I no longer have the card with a phone number because I cut it up about 2 years ago. This has made me a nervous wreck and after this is paid off I don't think I ever want to see another credit card again because I'm scared of the consequences. I need some kind of help because I don't even know how much I've actually paid to Aspire but I'm sure it's about double of what I originally owed. Donna Chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus, Georgia
21, Report #115317
Oct 30 2004
04:01 AM
Aspire Visa ripoff Atlanta Georgia
Aspire told us a lower amount than we'd discussed in order to bring the account fully up to date. After paying, two weeks later, we were assessed another $35 overlimit fee. Called to rectify, but since rep didn't notate, fee stands. During conversation, was informed of $100 annual fee that has not been shown on any statement. More, but this is the gist. Alaudin and/or Stephanie Novato, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Atlants, Georgia
22, Report #113176
Oct 15 2004
07:40 PM
Aspire Visa ripoff Atlanta Georgia
My wife applied for the aspire visa back in the summer. She used this card to pay bills. Upon on making payments by check and money orders she kept getting late fees charged to her account. Upon contacting aspire they advised using a money order would not keep her from getting late fees even though the payments were sent on time. Upon trying to cancel the card they told her they would not cancel it. She was paying $40.00 per month which was $30.00 per month more than what she was to pay and she still was getting late fees added to her bill. Then she sent them $100.00 last month and she still got a late fee and she sent $50.00 this month. She then tried to contact them by phone and keep getting a recording and no one would call her back. She then called them back and told them the card was stolen and they did call her. She told them that the card was not stolen that she wanted the card cancelled that she had tore the card up. They advised her she could not cancel the card and in a few days they sent her a new one and she tore this one up also. Clifford princeton, West VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
23, Report #112494
Oct 12 2004
05:48 AM
Aspire Visa ripoff Columbus Georgia
This company charges $15.00 to make an online payment. This is a disgrace. I know of no other company that charges for online payments. Marcia Woodside, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus, Georgia
24, Report #114382
Oct 24 2004
04:30 PM
Aspire Visa ripoff bait and switch Atlanta Georgia
I got an ap from Aspire Visa, which offered 0% interest for 9 months if I did a balance transfer within 2 months of opening. I opened the account, and in a few weeks called to do the balance transfer. The credit rep said that the charges would be 5% with a max of $50. She also confirmed that the account would be charged 0% interest if I did a balance transfer within 2 months. I checked back a week after I did the transfer,and and the rep this time told me that the charge was $150, and that the account would be charged the full interest rate,~20%. He told me that there was nothing I could do,unless I faxed a statement from them back to them stating that I would get the 0% interest, and $50 max transfer fee. I thought it was strange that there was no mention of 0% interest rate when I got my first statement. The only mention of 0% interest was on the ap itself, and I had to send that in to open the account. Their customer service is pretty bad. I was put on hold the second time no less than 10 times. The rep didn't seem to know much of anything about my account without asking his manager. I could tell by his accent that he was calling from India. Either the rep I talked to the second time didn't know the terms of my account, or the company defrauded me when I opened the account. I'll have to wait for the next statement to find out how much I am being charged. Marshall Dallas, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
25, Report #54833
Apr 28 2003
04:32 PM
Aspire Visa theives Atlanta Georgia
Several months ago I sent Aspire Visa a money order which they promptly cashed. Much to my surprise the money never appeared on my account. Ok, it was just an error on their part and a quick phone call would take care of everything. After an hour and a half on hold (yeah, I can't believe I waited that long either!) I still had yet to speak to a human being that had any idea what I was talking about. Now, I'm not sure if you know how lengthly it can be to trace a money order, but a month later and my wallet $10 lighter, I had the proof that yes they had indeed stolen my money. I then faxed them a copy of the money order along with a little note telling them that no I wasn't the liar that one of their operators called me when I told her I wanted my (colorful language inserted here) money back. Three faxes (they never recieved the first two...BS!) and 24 hours later someone called me back to tell me that they would credit the money to my account in 48 more hours. The money was never put on my account. It has been a month since then and today I answered a phone call from the Aspire bill collectors. Right about now they should be recieving a call from my attorney. Sarah fayetteville, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia

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