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1, Report #1398235
Sep 06 2017
12:09 PM
Assure CBD oil Allevia CBD oil Internet
 My sister is disabled and uses cbd oil to treat her illness. She was contacted by Allevia for a trial of their products she was not satisfied with the results. She called five days after receiving the products to cancel her membership. Twenty days later they billed her account again and when she called for a refund they told her she didn't cancel. She wasn't expecting that and it over drafted her account and bow the company refuses to make the overdrafts right.
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1403007
Sep 28 2017
03:33 PM
Assure CBD oil (Assure Products) free trial not honored. Product never recieved Internet
 I was debating whether or not to try CBD products for sleep and for joint pain. I happened on this ad on Facebook for a company (Assure) offering free trial if their products. They used Angela Landsbury as a come on saying she had done research and had helped develop this product and that she used it etc I ordered the sleep and the therapeutic oil. I waited for delivery. Nothing arrived and after about 10 days I called to check. Nothing was settled and I was reassured that due to high demand my shipment might be delayed After a couple more days I called to cancel the whole thing so no further deductions would be made from my account. Representative told me I couldn't cancel til the trial period expires. When I called two days ago to cancel I was told that my account was charged and no refund was to be made. However the offer of substantial discounts on my next order was made. When I tried to explain that I never received the product and was consequently not able to try it I was told that the package had been delivered to my mailbox and that I must contact USPS to find out where it was. I feel cheated out of almost $200 and that the company is making money from fraudulent promises and claims. I have tried to find a customer service e mail or working phone number and can not make contact. I have cancelation e mails for the two accounts but there is no contact information to follow up. I feel cheated and foolish, but a little wiser.
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1393205
Aug 16 2017
03:10 PM
Assure CBD OIL Assure CBD SLEEP vague, ambiguous, ineffective, scam, probably legal, immoral, in hiding, stealing, questionable products Internet
I ordered free bottles of Assure CBD Oil and Assure CBD Sleep and paid for shipping.  I did not see, on the website, where I would be charged on an ongoing basis. I saw, this morning, where my bank account was charged $177.  I called the 800 numbers that were associated with these charges and was told that I agreed, when I ordered the products, to receive the products and be charged for them. They refused to refund the money even though the products had not been shipped. The products are totally ineffective and useless to me.  I truly wish I could have these cbd oils analyzed.
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1403586
Oct 02 2017
08:51 AM
ASSURE CBD OIL Fraud. Ripoff. Scam. California
AssureCBD is a total fraud, ripoff and has to be an illegal operation. They bait you with a $4.95 charge for a small bottle of cannibus oil to be used as a sleep aid and a long list of other benefits. Next, 14 days later you get charged $87.93 on your charge card. I never consented to any additional charges from this fraudent company. I am looking into filing fraud charges and would welcome a class action law suit. I am a senior citizen with disabilities and am sure an attorney could shut this horrible ripoff down.
Entity: California
5, Report #1395858
Aug 26 2017
07:33 PM
Assure Skin Products or Assured Cbd oil. cbd sleep Internet
I ordered a s/h only order of cbd oil for which I was to pay $5.95. On the order form I had an additional $4.95 added for cbd sleep oil. I figured I'd give it a try just for fun.  The order arrived quickly, but does not do anything. That's not the worst part. On my next credit card statement there was a mysterious charge for $87. After much investigation, I discovered that Allur cbd products had turned this one-time order for pain relieving oil into a recurring charge of $87.00!! On the statement the charge appeared as a magazine subscription.  Thanks to VISA and my persistence, I finally got the bogus charge removed. Do not order from this company. Beware of tiny pop-up ads that appear even though pop-ups are blocked.
Entity: Internet
6, Report #1398858
Sep 09 2017
10:32 AM
Assure CBD Oil Offered me a free trial of cbd Oil for pain just pay shipping and added a free bottle of assure sleep cbd Oil. Internet
 Assure offered a free trial of cbd oil for shipping cost only. It came with a sleep cbd oil for the shipping cost also. Clicked to continue and it adds the sleep Oil automatically. It is not a cbd Oil. It contains glycerin and hemp Oil and does not work. False advertisement. Wants me to pay for the bottles now which I am refusing. Wanted to send them their product back and they want a restock fee plus. I hung up on them. I used a gift card to pay for shipping so there is no money on that card for them to take. Waiting to see what they will try to do to me.
Entity: Internet
7, Report #1391570
Aug 09 2017
01:49 PM
Assure CBD oil deceptive practices in continued charges to credit card somewhere in California Nationwide
Doing research on alternative non-prescription pain medications, came across ASSURE CBD Oil's website. Very slick, ordered the free 30 trial of the Herbal Formula CBD Oil and also Nighttime Formula Assure CBD Sleep, both are labeled as Dietary Suppliments, only had to pay shipping to receive the free trial.Received product days later with NO instructions as to proper dosage for either.The CBD Oil I received contains glycerin along with the advertized CBD Oil (which is actually HEMP Oil ) and Cannabidiol.Due to the fact that the CBD oil was not 100% (due to the addition of the Glycerin, I contacted the company via e-mail about a return and refund.I received a phone number tonCustomer Assist. Called them and was informed that if I wanted to return the products there would be an additional $9.95 restocking fee.Was informed that I would need to contact them around the 30th of the month to cancel order and stop the shipment of future product that was intended for me without my knowledge, and that would be charged to my credit card.Upon further investigation into my records I discovered that these products came from 2 different companies which I never heard of nor did I order from.The Assure CBD oil was billed to my account by Novaluxskinbeauty, and the Assure Sleep was billed to my account by Atlasbeauty center.BEWARE !!!!DO NOT DO BUSINESS with these people.IT's a SKAM to get into you account and continue charging for unwanted product.
Entity: Nationwide
8, Report #1422832
Jan 13 2018
12:51 PM
Assure cbd oil Stealing money out of my bank Internet
I subscribed to them via facebook. Then they deducted 4.95 for each trial bottle. As soon as i recieved the trials I canceled my subsription with them, but they continue to draw money out of my bank account. Its been about $98 each withdrawal. On an average of twice a month.
Entity: Internet
9, Report #1398048
Sep 05 2017
04:16 PM
Assure CBD Oil Scam Internet
Charged over 170 dollars for something i did not order. No contact info. I dont know what to do. Do not order!!
Entity: Internet
10, Report #1395588
Aug 25 2017
01:42 PM
Assure cbd oil uncle thought he was getting free sample just pay shipping next month they charged 89.73 Orange Internet
my uncle ordered from this company thinking he was ordering a free sample of cbd oil, just paying to ship.  the following month they took out 89.73 out of his bank. when he called to tell he did not want more they said that it was for the one he already has. I called them and they offered 35 % discount after arguing with them more they did give him a 50% discount but refused to refund it all. They are ripping off the poor with the wording on their site and it is badly hurting people. 
Entity: Internet
11, Report #1399543
Sep 12 2017
12:27 PM
assure cbd oil they called me to take an order before i was through filling out the request. they did not get my card # CLEBURNE, TX Internet
I was in the process of filling out the request when someone called to take my order. Thank heavens I did not have time to  put in my card info. He asked me where I was and when I answered he didn't realise I was in the same area code as he was calling from.  Simple minded scammer.  Must have been his first day on the scam line.
Entity: Internet
12, Report #1392045
Aug 11 2017
10:59 AM
Assure CBD oil Offer for cheap price then charge your bank account for the full price that you did NOT agree to Nationwide
Aasure CBD oil, get you hooked for a cheap price then charge your bank account for full price that you did NOT agree to!
Entity: Nationwide
13, Report #1390283
Aug 03 2017
06:16 PM
assure cbd oil trial offer, charged me 80 dollars within 10 days, debit out of account Internet
 trial, charged me 80 dollars within 10 days, debit out of account, total rip off, tried to use email, not a legitimate address. It is on the product, health oil
Entity: Internet
14, Report #1390192
Aug 14 2017
08:53 PM
assure CBD OIL Charged me for an ongoing delivery that I did not ask for Internet
I ordered a sample product for just the shipping cost. Then a week later I see on my bank account where they charged me for a continuos delivery that I did not ask for. When I call them, they said they could not refund my money but would cancel my so-called subscription.
Entity: Internet
15, Report #1391795
Aug 10 2017
11:59 AM
ASSURE CBD OIL and CBD Sleep Free trial, pay only shipping and handling Internet
My friend who was caring for his elderly grandfather was interested in the benefits of Hemp Oil for increasing appetite, uplifting mood, etc.  I googled it several times and sent a few texts out to those who I thought might know where to find the legitimate product. I was scrolling through my FB pages when I saw an ad for sampling CBD oil and only paying shipping and handling fees.  I immediately ordered it and the CBD sleep oil as well for $5.95 more.  The 30 ml bottles arrived within a week. There are no instructions on how to use or dosing. Today I find that my debit card has been charged $93.61 for the CBD oil and $92.59 for the sleep oil. I've contacted my bank to stop payment but they are not able to do so. I have to get a new card or continue to be charged monthly.  The phone numbers that appear with the charges on my bank statement are listed as fraud numbers. I've called them and waited on hold for more than 40 minutes twice. The ease of internet buying with the coupling of sample before you buy has made this type of thing a lucrative business venture for too many.  
Entity: Internet
16, Report #1391200
Aug 08 2017
08:42 AM
assure assure cbd oil overcharge and no product shipped dna Internet
After purchasing cbd oil from assure for $4.95 shipping fee they attempted to charge me for 3 different charges and never shipped product. I hate them.
Entity: Internet
17, Report #1391559
Aug 09 2017
01:01 PM
Assure cbd oil Was offered a sample of cbd oil just pay shipping got my bank statement and there's a $90.00 charge from the Assure co. California
 Accepted a trial sample of cbd oil just pay shipping no were did it say you are now signed up to be charged $89.73 every month not only did they charge me for two months before I caught it in my bank statement but I never received any more bottles of the cbd oil please make people aware of this rip-off company and the number I have for them now they say they work for citrus skin and have nothing to do with Assure total bull.
Entity: Internet
18, Report #1395493
Aug 26 2017
10:29 AM
Assure CBD Assure Products No warning in text that card would be recurringly charged, only in the fine print Internet
This company offered me 2 one ounce products for the price of shipping and handling  It was described as a trial. So I had my friend in pain try the product.  Before she could notice any results, my card was additionally hit for $89.73 and for $87.00.  Apparently, says the phone representative, if one clicks on the fine print conditions, it warns of the charges, and says that it is a 14 day trial and that you must call to cancel before the 14 days is up.  Nowhere in the ad did it warn of recurring charges.  So I asumed that the trial was: I try it; if I like it, I order more. I called the number and they went back and forth to their supervisor, coming back with offers of a 35% refund, followed by an offer of a 50% refund, followed by a 75% refund, finally considered 100%, but threatened that their company would send my account to collections.  The representative was rude and talked over me. I refused to play their game, got off the phone, and called my bank, who offered help.  When I contacted a supervisor, however, he refunded to my card 75% of the original charges.
Entity: Internet
19, Report #1388333
Jul 26 2017
10:30 AM
Simple Health Answer Pure CBD oil, Assure CBD oil Bill your CC forever CBD oil Las Vegas Nevada
FREE TRIAL-- buyer beware, these people do not let you know you have 10 days to try their product, if you want to send it back for refund, then I find out after I sent it back , they refused the package , which I spent $25 dollars to send and they say they will not accept an opened bottle , so that goes against their trial basis . It is a JOKE, you lose either way---BEWARE, 
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
20, Report #1396506
Aug 29 2017
01:32 PM
Assure CBD False information on sales page Internet
I saw an email on the 22 of August 2017 about their CBD products. They were offering their product as a sample and only pay shipping.  I recieved the product yesterday but when I went on line to check the charge on my card I saw where they also charged me for insurance which was not mentioned when I ordered the product. I contacted them only to find out that I was not getting samples but a trial. I told them I wanted to cancel any trial and they told me that I had to wait until the 22 of September to cancel. If I cancelled today I would have to pay a penalty and ship the product back to them. If I wait they will just ask me if the product worked or not and then cancel. I would not have to ship the product. This company is very decieving and I have made a note on my calander to call back and cancel at the right time to avoid the penalty and shipping. None of this was shown unless it was hidden in a hologram that couldn't be seen by the naked eye. a Very sorry way to do business and I hope someone shuts them down immediately. 
Entity: Internet
21, Report #1395101
Aug 24 2017
06:14 AM
Assure CBD cheaters stole my money, crooks, liars Internet
On 08/06/2017 i saw an ad to get some CBD oil and only pay shipping costs. So i filled it out and sent it off.                                             On 08/10/2017 i was checking my balance and saw a charge for almost 90 dollars. I called my bank and canceled the card, and they started a fraud investigation.                                                                                                                                                            On 08/23/2017 while checking out i found out it was a scam and now i am making a report.
22, Report #1393179
Aug 16 2017
11:40 AM
Assure CBD Fraud!!!!!!!! L.A/ Pamona/ Las Vegas Nationwide
 No where on the website does it say they will charge your card in 7days!!! I got the samples 7days ago For starters they don't work!! And there is no return information included in the package. I woke up to my bank locking my account because they tried to take over $190 from my account. Thank god I have Chase fraud Alerts and they were unable to get anything from my account. These ppl need to be stopped asap!!
Entity: Nationwide
23, Report #1390965
Aug 07 2017
11:40 AM
Assure CBD oil I was charged for a trial bottle and no information to contact to cancel it. They charged my card today for $89.73 with the name of lift visual plus causchino & no phone number to contact. Unknown Internet
Assure CBD oil I was charged for a trial bottle and no information to contact to cancel it. They charged my card today for $89.73 with the name of lift visual plus causchino & no phone number to contact. 
Entity: Internet
24, Report #1397052
Aug 31 2017
01:31 PM
Assure CBD Charged me for 203 dollars for 2 bottles of what were supposed to be free and no risk of CBD oil Internet **Author of this Report is NOT CONFIRMED**
Apparently I am not the only individual who was taken advantage of upon googling this company.  There are numerous reports documented online.  The company, Assure CBD Oil offerered me 2 free bottles, no risk which I was charged 203 dollars.  They are trying to say it was written in their terms and condition, which I did not see, that it was a 14 day free trial and that I would be charged full price if I didnt cancel within 14 days.  Their were no such terms and conditions.  They only charged me for shipping and 2 odd charges of $1.99, but after a few weeks, they had charged me 203 dollars.  This is definitely a scam.  They even charged me under the guise of 2 separate companies, which was also odd.
Entity: Internet
25, Report #1401782
Sep 22 2017
02:15 PM
Assure Fulfillment Try Brilliant Skin unsolicited order, charged my debit card $89.73 for 100 mg cbd oil that normally sells for $20-30 Orange California
On 9/16/2017 I recieved a charge on my debit card for $89.73.  I cannot find any record of making this purchase. below is a copy of the charge from my bank account ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sep 16 2017    POS Withdrawal TRY BRILLIANT SKIN 8885808910 CAUS     -$89.73----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I called the 888-580-8910 number  on 9/20/2017 to cancel this order and they said the order wqs already shipped and they cannot accept returns.  I cancelled any continuing orders and got a confirmation number of C412137. On 9/21/2017 I received the order in the USPS first class package.  The sender address is: Assure Fulfillment1439 W Chapman Ave  #180Orange, CA 92868 The package contained a small bottle with 100 mg of CBD oil.  I have bought similar bottles at a local health food store for about $26.  I did a Google search on CBD oil and got the listing below:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------How much is CBD oil?Now suppose you are looking at a 4oz bottle of hemp seed oil, and you know that there are 1,000mg of CBD in the oil. The oil costs $200, so you can divide that by the number of milligrams of CBD you are getting for that price. Your answer is 0.2, so you are paying $0.20 per milligram of CBD.Jan 11, 2016--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------So a 100 mg bottle should cost $20 and with about $6 for S&H it should cost about $26.  This was the same as buying it in my local store.  Early in September I was researching buying the CBD oil on the internet but did not make a purchase because it was no savings over my local store. Then surprisingly this order shows up  UNSOLICITED on my debit account for $89.73 for what should cost about $26. Frank,  Canton MI  
Entity: Orange , California

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