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1, Report #41003
Jan 10 2003
11:05 PM
AT & T The AT & T Scam! Cerritos California
- Time removed from my AT & T Wireless Pre-paid account before the specified 45 day expiration date for time to be rolled over from the previous purchase - $100 purchased on 9/3 rolled when time was purchased on 10/8 - Purchased $100.00 based on a deal of receiving the lowest call per minute fee - Time from purchase on 9/3 and 10/8 was rolled over when time was purchased on 11/16 - Total time of $135.00 utilized was $13.50 per the AT & T representative, a total of $121.50 was removed from the prepaid account - AT & T indicated the time would not expire until 12/27/02 during my last purchase of time - Called to renew time on 12/27 and was told the balance expired - Spoke to a phone representative on 12/27, was told that nothing could be done, that there is no way anything in AT & Ts system could possibly wrong, and was hang-up on after requesting to speak to a supervisor - Called back to speak to a second phone representative on 12/27 and was again told nothing could be done and that nothing could possibly be wrong with the AT & Ts system - Requested to speak to a supervisor, was told none were available, but that the representative would fill out a call back request form and I would receive a call with 2 to 24 hours - As of 12/29 I have not received a call from a supervisor - Called a 3rd time on 12/27 to get the complaint departments address and was offered no assistance or even asked what my concern was - Called a 4th time on 12/27 to verify phone had been reactivated and was offered no additional assistance with the matter - Called 12/28 to get the fax number to Correspondence and spoke to Franklin who actually decided to ask what he could assist me with - Franklin got me to Phil who gave me a $30.00 credit, and forwarded my account to be looked at by his supervisor - Was told time would expire on 2/11 - Written letter of commendation for Phil and Franklin to AT & T e-mailed on 12/28 - 12/30 spoke to Tracey and was told my number had call blocking and that is why the supervisor could not call me back, the supervisor did not leave a number to call her back - It was later discovered that the number where I was staying for the holidays had call blocking and not my home number - 1/1 to ensure $30 credit had been placed on the account - Was told the time expired on 2/10 - Verified with a phone representative when the time would expire and I was told 2/11 - The representative could not explain why there was difference between his system and the Voice Response Unit - He said the supervisor should be able to explain - 1/3 spoke to Sharon to see why a supervisor had not called me back and to verify my expiration date and see why I was being given 2 different dates - Sharon explained that there are 2 different systems that provide expiration dates one is in the customers time zone and one is in Greenwich Mean Time - It is left to the customer to understand which system is correct without knowing one is in one time zone and another in Greenwich Mean Time - 1/10 I called and was immediately given to a supervisor - Supervisors name was Victoria- 5040 - I asked Victoria why I had not been able to directly speak with a supervisor in the past and she stated different sites have different procedures - I asked her when my current time expired she stated the 2/11, I asked her why the Voice Response Unit stated the 10th and she started to explain the Greenwich Mean Time and I asked her what that meant to me in my time zone and she could not do the conversion - I looked up the conversion and it means that my time expires at 6:18PM on 2/10 CST - This means that by listening to a representative I would have lost my time again and it should be noted that I had to speak to 6 people before anyone could explain why the Voice Response Unit and the Representatives were providing different dates - Victoria stated that I did not buy time until the 28th, time was purchased and a call made on the phone on the 27th - Victoria next stated that I was lucky to have gotten a $30 credit and that she did not care if she lost me as a customer - Called back on 1/10 again and spoke to Cathy who put me back in touch with the original supervisor who attempted to call me on 12/30 - The supervisor called back 1/10 with in 20 minutes - Supervisors name was Cathleen - Cathleen provided an additional $31.50 credit and apologized that she could not do more - I asked several people along the way if the expiration date was in my time zone or in Greenwich Mean Time and no one could positively answer one way or the other - In short no one could say for sure that when I was told my time expired on the 27th if that was in my time zone or Greenwich Mean Time, because evidently a few representatives do the time conversion for the customer - The unresolved portion of this dispute in dollars is $60.00; however, another part to this issue is the number of minutes - When I purchased the $100.00 on 9/3 I received the lowest per minute call cost - As of the last time I used the phone before the removal of time I had 814 minutes, with the credits of $61.50 and the purchase of $25.00 I only have 254 minutes - Cost per minute before the removal of my time was $.15 per minute - Since my cost has gone to $.35 per minute or a 133% increase in cost - I would need an additional credit $196.00 at $.35 minute to equal the original time that was removed on 12/26 - 814-254=560 minutes lost - 560 minutes * $.35= $196 - As a side note I allowed ~$50.00 to expire back in April or March and did not call AT & T because I understand the 45 day roll-over policy on minutes and understood that allowing the time to expire was entirely my fault Mary Austin, TexasU.S.A. 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Entity: Cerritos, California
2, Report #619469
Jul 02 2010
10:05 AM
AT&T AT&T Technical Support Internet, Nationwide
I spent 3 hrs with AT&T tech support because my phone stopped charging, after spending 2 days online chatting with them thru on their website. I've had this phone for just under 1 yr and nothing but problems. (3rd phone!) Now, I have to pay a deductible to the 3rd party ins. co. after paying 10 months of an insurance fee to AT&T! They overnighted a new phone, (took 2 days). I just opened the package to find it's the WRONG PHONE!  I have had nothing but PROBLEMS with AT&T.  I am also on the 3rd Bluetooth!  Why am I paying a monthly fee, when they charge a deductible when something goes wrong.  Especially, since the problem was not caused by water damaged or anything that I did to it.  It is a hardware problem in the connection port of the device.  They even agreed to that and that is why they sent another device.  I asked them to waive the deposit, since I have had so many problems and they won't!!!  I am soooo disappointed in AT&T.  They say they go above and beyond (this is what the support tech and supervisor kept saying) for their customers, but they did not for me!!  Now, I not only have a broken phone, I have another WRONG phone!!!  And to top it all off, they did not send me a battery or any extra parts for the new device, since the problem with my device was in the device itself.  Now, I will have to call them back to figure out what to do next and I just know that it will be another 3 HOUR CALL!!!!!  Seriously, this is RIDICULOUS!!!
Entity: Internet, Nationwide
3, Report #660264
Nov 10 2010
06:36 AM
AT&T AT&T Bellsouth Overcharging Internet
I have been an Bellsouth / AT&T customer for over 20 years, and haven't had many problems with them until two month's ago when I decided to take there $49.95/mo. DSL and phone service package. Before taking this offer I only had basic phone service with area calling which was about $32 -$36 per month. After taking this offer my next bill was $135, I called about there overcharging and they told me the next bill would have credit's for the overcharge, I went ahead and told them to change my srvice back to basic with area calling like I had with the $14.95 DSL added. Next month bill $85. I am now going to quit using AT&T because of there lying and missleading billing practice. I'll probably never get my money back from there overcharge from the first month, but until they can prove to me why they have overcharged me for both months in a row they will not get another dime from me. I'm sure this will not be the last time they rip people off and this report and my droping there service probably want help them change there practices, but just letting people know what rip -off scum this company is seems to help my feeling a little.
Entity: , Internet
4, Report #783265
Sep 30 2011
09:41 AM
AT&T AT&T Fraudulent DSL Billing Internet
I signed up for AT&T DSL service via their website on 05/31/11 during the order process I selected self installation and that I already had an existing AT&T compatible DSL modem. My online order clearly states that there would be no equipment fee or installation fee. On 06/02/11 an AT&T installation employee arrived at my home, when he informed me that he was there to setup and test my AT&T DSL service I told him that was really nice of AT&T to send someone out to install service for me even though I had selected self installation. When I asked if there was a fee for him coming out he said no there is no fee. After he was done setting up service he gave me a service summary that clearly states no fees or charges which we both signed. Shortly after that I had made several advance payments on my account so I had a positive credit on the account for upcoming months. In August I received a bill showing a $120 dollar installation fee on my account. I called in to AT&T several times regarding this issue and every time I was promise the issue would be resolved except today 09/30/11 when they told me they would not issue the credit. I was transferred to retention to cancel my service because they would rather lose a customer than credit the incorrect charge. I asked several times for an email, fax number, mailing address where I could send the documents proving I was right. I kept my original order confirmation from AT&Ts website, the installers work order, and all of my bills so I could prove to them that I never asked for installation or approved any additional charges for installation. Not once would anyone provide this to me so I could dispute the charges and remain a customer.  Without question the worst customer experience I have ever had!Dates called in to dispute bill: 8/29, 8/31, 9/9, 9/13, 9/21, 9/30 
Entity: , Internet
5, Report #806363
Dec 07 2011
05:54 PM
AT&T AT&T: Un****kinbelievable Internet
I contracted a service for DSL Internet Pro from AT&T on 03/11/2011. I have been paying $19.95 per month for the Pro package which runs at a speed of 3.0 Mbps. I recently found out that I have been receiving the Basic Package which runs at a very slow 768 Kbps at the Pro Package price. At that time Basic and Express were only $14.95 per month. I have spent several hours in the past week with the support team from At&t attempting to get what I have been paying for. I still have the Basic package after being told on two different occasions that I would be upgraded to the Pro service within 24 hours. Also, two different agents confirmed that I had been paying for Pro and receiving Basic. I was denied a credit for the $5.00 additional cost per month for nine months that I had been overpaying. I also tried to get support at That didn't work either. I couldn't even use the upgrade option that was offered online. All I could get was a response stating that I was not eligable for an upgrade. That's when I started calling the support number. I finally spoke with Kirk, which is in my opinion the only helpful agent that I spoke with out of ten or so. He informed me that I would have to place an order to get the upgrade and transfered me to a lady named Holly. I decided that I wanted to order the Elite Package at 6.0 Mbps so that I could stream movies in HD. I expected the price to be the same as online which is $24.95 per month. Holly informed me that the price would be $29.99 initally and would change to $43.99 per month. I asked about the price difference and she explained that the $24.95 was an online only special. I explained that I had tried to upgrade the order online with no success. Holly then told me that she couldn't give it to me for $24.95 per month. I respectfully declined. I called back to cancel my service and was informed that I would be charged a $37.50 early termination fee for a service that I have never received.   = RIP OFF
Entity: , Internet
6, Report #934792
Aug 30 2012
11:17 AM
AT & T AT&T U-verse beware ATT billing, Internet
Past  last 3 months after I signed up with U-verse $85 plan one year contract and wireless. Every month there will be new unauthorized charges add in.  And I have to call ATT billing to correct it. Beware of ATT billing and check your statement. ATT wireless sales still can not resolve additional $40 charge every month due to their error. And the Sales do not answer or return calls. We went to the Irvine Ca. stores the female manager pushed upgrade sales and do not want to resolve the problem. Unlike ATT,  Cox cable company even with fix contract, there is always small amount of money increase (steal) every month too.
Entity: , Internet
7, Report #1038166
Mar 26 2013
01:13 PM
AT&T Bell South Ripped Off By AT&T Internet
From the beginning after obtaining ATT services we have been billed far more than our contract with ATT said we would, Our bill for wireless was to be around or about $146 monthly, our landline was to be $119 and internet was part of this, since January we have been charged well over $500 monthly and we rarely even use our mobile lines but most of the bill is wireless.  We call about it and are told it will be cleared up and we will receive credits, the following month we are told the same thing.  Last month we received a bill for $1400 and disputed the bill but were told to make an arrangement on what we owed, we did this and agreed to pay $342.24 on March 3rd, March 17 and March 29th.  We find on March 18th they took from our account $342.24 and again they took out on March 20th another $242.24 which caused our account which on the transaction for the $342.24 wasn't authorized so when they tried to take the $242.24 from our account it sent our business account into overdraft,    and we called to be told that we set up auto pay, which we didn't do that.  Again on Monday March 25th they took the $242.24 since it was returned due to the transaction on the 20th being rejected as we keep enough funds in this account to cover bills which we are paying.  ATT was called again today as they violated our agreement and we wanted it cleared up.  Today on the 26th, we were told that we made that payment but on the 20th they said we set up Auto pay.  AT&T seems to do what they want and don't care who they hurt in the process.  We incurred a fee due to their taking money they were not suppose to take nor were they entitled to take it.  ATT feels because they have a monopoly on the telephone and wireless market they can burn small companies and residential customers.    ENOUGH HAS TO BE ENOUGH.  We need more regulation to keep ATT in check. We didn't authorize them to take payments from out account, we agreed to make the payments ourselves and did so but AT&T took it upon themselves to keep on taking and that meant they took more than what they agreed upon and violated our agreement, but you violate your side of the agreement and they want to send you to collection, or cancel service but what does the customer have a right to do when they violate the agreement?
Entity: , Internet
8, Report #1236331
Jun 17 2015
07:04 PM
Entity: Nationwide
9, Report #1335307
Oct 27 2016
09:41 AM
at&t Beware at&t Nationwide Nationwide
 AT&T charged me for service even after I cancelled with them! We wanted to change carriers so we cancelled out service with AT&T. When we received a bill from them the next month I called customer service thinking the cancellation must not have gone through but the customer service rep told me the bill was correct . AT&T bills in advance for their services and they refused to prorate the bill based on our cancellation date. We are being billed $217 for service, fees and taxes that we are not receiving! I wanted to share so that anyone thinking about signing up wit AT&T will be well aware that they will do everything they can to charge you even going so far as to charge for services they never provide! This is just one more reason we are no longer with this company. I don't even understand how this can be legal.
Entity: Nationwide
10, Report #1337908
Nov 13 2016
11:02 AM
AT&T Uverse AT&T Uverse Lies Ventura California
I moved into an old apartment building in November of 2015.The only internet option was 4G or AT&T Uverse. I spoke to 3 different AT&T reps, including the guy who installed. Was told each time, that for this service, there was no contract. I asked each of them repeatedly--no contract, right? They all had assured me there wasn't one.  There was no way I would've signed up if there was.  8 Months later I'm moving out and the AT&T rep on the line said I DO have a contract and I've had one all along. So those other 3 AT&T reps LIED to me? Thankfully I moved into a home that already had AT&T Uverse so I didn't have to pay the Early Termination Fee.  But it's obvious this company has gotten so huge they can't keep their facts--or their lies--straight.  
Entity: Internet
11, Report #1329587
Sep 22 2016
11:55 AM
AT&T AT&T Bait & Switch NA Nationwide
Since early 2016 I received offers from AT&T to switch to direct TV with the total bundle cost of $89.99/Mo.  I finally decided to investigate my eligibility and called them 7 July 2016. I called the number on the marketing material (855-679-4357) and it was not AT&T but DIRECTV.  I explained why I was calling and that I was an existing U-verse customer. I did not want to switch to DIRECTV unless I was eligible for the bundled price for Internet, phone and TV that was noted in the marketing literature I was being mailed.  The one exception was I asked for a higher level of DIRECTV service (Choice). The sales rep (Jake) checked with his manager and said that I was in fact eligible for the bundled pricing of 89.99 but that adding “Choice” TV programming would bring my monthly bill to $104.92.  That was acceptable. After I agreed to that he stated I would be directed to an “AT&T” rep who would “bundle” my services. The AT&T rep I was transferred to (Tamisha) said my actual bill (no taxes or fees added) would be $106.93 and not $104.92.; this was acceptable to me so I went through with the deal.  On 8 July I received an e-mail showing my new estimated bill and it was NOT close to the $106.93 I was told it would be. Basically, there was NO change to my U-verse phone or internet pricing. The estimated bill was $158.05. I immediately called AT&T customer service (800-288-2020) and spoke with a rep (Dukens) who assured my AT&T would honor what they told me but that since the new bill was still in “processing” I just needed to wait a while before I seen the corrections he made. On 11 July I called (800-288-2020) and spoke with “Jessica” who explained that my DIRECTV cost was $64.93 and that my new combined phone and internet cost is $42.00 which comes to $106.93. She then transferred me to customer care (Martha) who “guaranteed” me that my next bill would reflect $106.93 and that the new phone and internet pricing was good for only 12 months whereas the DIRECTV pricing was good for 24 months – all of which was acceptable to me.  Here calculation of the breakdown of $106.93 was different.  Martha stated my DIRECTV cost would $66.98/Mo., phone would be $20.00/Mo., and Internet would be $19.95/Mo. Which still adds up to $106.93? On 14 July 2016 I called again after not seeing any changes in my account and spoke with “Michael” in Las Vegas. He assigned me a case number J30461211 and told me that the phone and Internet cost for the current month would be $40.00 for both and that he was removing $49.48 from the current bill. On 5 August 2016 I called again because I see no change in my bill. I spoke with “Kevin” who transferred me to Aileen ID #AC4404. I asked for the manager but he was ”in a meeting.” Aileen said she would make an adjustment so my DIRECTV bill would be $64.93 and that a supervisor would call me in two hours.  No call came and after several hours I called again and spoke with “Willina” ID # WG251D, she transferred me to Promotions (877-999-1083) where I spoke with Troy ID #TG4049, he transferred me to customer service – which was CLOSED!! I called 800-288-2020 and explained what just happened and spoke with Pat ID #PB732Y and was transferred to another manager “Jarvis” ID # JP8504 who assured me AT&T would be mailing a letter confirming correction of the account issues I had been calling about. On 9 August 2016 I called and spoke with Louie ID #LS909S from the Arizona office who told me my monthly charges would be $25.00 for phone, $32.00 for Internet, and $54.00 for DIRECTV which were yet again different amounts that I had been told before. And he assured me I would see NO change in existing service Internet speed, Choice package, etc.). On 24 August I noted my bill had never changed and was overdue. I called and spoke with “Brian” ID #BN2122 who changed my services again to reflect Internet cost of $40.00/Mo, Phone of $9.99/Mo and TV of $54.93/Mo. Which comes to $104.92. On 5 September 2016 I received an e-mail about my AT&T bill being ready. I went online looked and the bill WAS STILL INCORRECT.  I can only assume that AT&T thinks we are all pretty foolish out here in “customer land” and that essentially, there is ZERO culpability on the part of the many AT&T reps I spoke with.  This does seem a bit hopeless so prior to looking into class action possibilities (considering the amount of bait and switch complaints I found about AT&T) and contacting the FCC I am trying this forum just to see what will come of this problem. As of 22 September, nothing has changed on the account, my bill remains approximately $40 higher than what I was promised.  Anyone interested in a class-action??
Entity: Nationwide
12, Report #164273
Nov 11 2005
07:00 PM
AT&T ripoff Nationwide
LETTER TO ATT AND FCC Federal Communications Commission 445 12th Street SW Washington, DC 20554 To Whom It May Concern: Please find enclosed our payment record to AT&T. As you will see, AT&T overcharged us on 7/10/2003. AT&T stated that they mistakenly closed our account and then charged us up to $0.90 per min. AT&T promised to refund the overage, which never occurred. Instead, AT&T continues to charge our credit card account and they continue to harass us for the overcharged funds. The harassments are coming from their call center in India. Now they are threatening to disconnect our phone service! It is ridiculous and outrageous that the F.C.C. has allowed this type of outsourcing and business practice. Please investigate the business practices of AT&T before billions are lost into thin air just like the fine folks at WorldCom. Thank you. Paul Murphy Paul Sun City, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
13, Report #108723
Sep 16 2004
12:27 PM
AT&T ripoff Atlanta Georgia
I called AT&T to switch my service to a new home and to get a price on the switchover. I was told, and have a confirmation for this information, that it would be $45.00. When I received my bill, it was $65.00. I just got off the phone with ALex, the supervisor at AT&T, to let her know the problem and told her I was more than willing to pay the 45.00 (even though I only moved 15 minutes from my previous dwelling), but not the 65.00 as it was not my mistake, and she said no and hung up on me. I find this lack of professionalism, especially from such a conglomerant like AT&T appalling and unacceptable. Now, I must pay the extra or have an outstanding balance for their mistake. If it was a misquote by one of their employees, do not hold the customer responsible- correct the employee so it doesn't happen again, but keep me happy so I remain satisfied with my service. But no, it was instead handled in the most infantile of ways- by saying no and hanging up on me. It's just unbelievable. Jennifer Gainesville, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
14, Report #18773
Apr 13 2002
02:43 PM
AT&T fraudulent billing National California
I had been an AT&T customer (land line and wireless) for years. I was a heavy user of telecom services. After one of my moves, when I opened a new long distance service account they sent me a calling card unsolicited. I normally cut them up, but I must have just thrown this one away. Months later, I got a bill for about $50 for calling card calls. Apparently they were all made from payphones in my area to other numbers in the general area. I informed AT&T that these were not my calls and asked that they take care of it. They put me on hold then told me that they would take care of it. A minute later they told me that they had verified that I was the one who had made the calls. I couldn't believe what they were saying. I asked them how the hell they had verified this. They told me that they called the person and that they claimed that they knew me. I demanded that they provide me the number that they called and I called the number. Some kid answered. I explained the situation to him and expressed my surprise as I didn't think that I knew him. He said, yeah I know you.. we hang out at the beach.. you have long hair.. etc etc etc... well suffice it to say that I don't hang out at the beach, don't have long hair, etc etc etc. Apparently the operator just called and asked if he knew an *MY FIRSTNAME*.. So I call back and explain the situation to the fraud department and tell them they can call the guy back to verify. They won't call back. I said, fine -- call any other number on the list -- they refused. Their policy is to just call a single number. They said I had no recourse and would just have to pay the bill. I didn't know what else to do -- so I just ended up paying it. I canceled my long distance service and my cell phone with them immediately and have refused ever since to do business with them. It wasn't the money that mattered. $50 wasn't even worth a 30 minutes of my time -- but I was *SO* mad that I was being ripped off by them. Ian Los Angeles, California
Entity: National, California
15, Report #13330
Feb 05 2002
12:00 AM
AT&T Wireless Ripoff Fraud
We bought an AT&T Free 2 Go Wireless phone the week before Christmas in 2001 from the AT&T web site. The deal was you get pre-paid minutes that expire after 90 days unless you buy more, then a new 90 day period starts for your new and unused old minutes. On February 4, 2002 I received a card for another $25 worth of minutes for filling out a survey that was in the box the phone came in. A letter that came with this card stated remember your AT&T wireless minutes expire 45 days from the last time you added airtime to your account. 45 days? But at the website at the time of purchase and on page 8 of my manual it says 90 days. Called tech support. Waited forever of course. I speak to a rep. and then their supervisor. This is what they said: The rate changed Dec. 4. Owners of the phone were notified by mail and by text messaging about the switch. It states in the agreement that they can change terms at any time. Fine. But I bought the phone AFTER they did all of this and they didn't update their materials to indicate this. They were still selling the phone for Christmas, leading people to believe that their time was good for 90 days. By cutting the period in half they doubled the cost it takes to keep the phone operational annually from a minimum of $100 to $200 for 360 days. All I wanted was my money back. But they informed me that the 30 return period was over. All they will give me a is 45 extension - that will give me what they told me I was getting to begin with! And only this one time. It is amazing the way they will spend a ton of money to create brand awareness and attract new customers and then piss it all away to save a few bucks in the short term. This phone is going into the car for free 911 use only. I am not going to buy any more time from them or give them money for any of their other services and products. Dan Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on AT&T
Entity: Nationwide
16, Report #37660
Dec 09 2002
03:07 PM
AT&T ripoff consumer fraud Nationwide
While I was in another state, I called home twice using a cell phone (charged the call to the cell phone). When I got my residential phone bill, AT&T had charged me $26.48 for calling collect from a pay phone. I called them and explained that the call was made from a cell phone, and not a pay phone, and also that it wasn't a collect call, I called direct. I talked to a guy named Shawn, a representative for AT&T, and he told me that he couldn't even find the charges for either of the calls. I asked him why I was being charged for the calls, and he said, I don't know. I told him that I wanted a credit for the calls, and he said he couldn't credit me for the collect calls. I had already explained this to him once. I then asked to speak to his boss, and he refused. I feel that AT&T are cheeting people out of money, just like they are trying to do to me. How can AT&T charge for calls that they have no record of????? David Haleyville, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
17, Report #1950
Apr 03 2000
12:00 AM
AT&T Europe
I spent last summer on a student trip to Prague, Czech Republic. The phone systems in that country are notoriously unreliable,flawed and outdated. As a result the entire country's phone system is routinely and randomly cut off at any given time.For any given AMMOUNT of time. This includes the government, travel agencies and any public payphone. As they are used to it there, its just accepted by the locals-but almost everyone has a cellphone for that reason. Not only that but the phones in our dorm did not work,so most of us had to wait till we were in town to use any phone at all. I had brought my trusty AT&T calling card with me and found the toll free number to access them before i left in order to avoid potential pitfalls in what I knew to be a former Communist country. Not only are all the phones there set up to disconnect at random but the system is set up so you cant even use a calling card directly ( you are only alloted a certain number of numbers you can punch in the phone) which forces you to HAVE to make calls only through the operator;making it twice as expensive just to start. So, I made a lot of phone calls to the US, expecting of course to pay a huge bill which I was well prepared to do. Most of those calls did not go through or were disconnected before I was even able to get a machine or real person. Even the Operator Assisted portion of many of the calls( The part where you tell them you want to make a calling card call and here is the number) were disconnected about half the time. Everyone on our trip was having the same problem, and as the city is chock full of American students all probably using AT&T calling cards I cant belive I am the only one. However, when i returned to the States I found I had been charged for each and every one of the Hang UPs to the ammont of 1500$!!!!!As if i had actually spoken on the phone for under a minute all those times. SOme of the hang ups I was charged 10 dollars, others 8$. I have been uselessly fighting with AT&T over this, they pretended to give me 200 dollars off the top (as if that makes a dent) and then told me they never said that. Then told me it was 119 dollars. Then 30. As I said I am a great bill payer and fully expected to pay in full for the calls I did make. HOwever I find it preposterous to be charged for calls I did not make. Not to mention I am in college and broke. I refuse to give up this fight but am terrified of this effecting my good credit. CAN YOU PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME???? PLEASE OH PLEASE!!! THank you very very much, Leah 212-229-7939 PS I selected Cellular Phones as a catagory because there was nothing closer. BUt it is a long distance bill I am disputing.
Entity: New YOrk, New York
18, Report #2559
Jun 29 2000
12:00 AM
AT&T Scam
I have a fradulet $169.00 3-way call to Jordan that was billed to my home from a payphone. The final person I talked to at AT&T stated that they would have needed a verbal approval from my home number, and as I live alone, that was never given. He told me that only with a subpoena they would release the information on the approval. However, the previous customer service person told me that AT&T will let people make a 3rd party call to your number if your answering machine picks up and doesn't say a name, as the operator cannot disprove the charge. My answering message was the default pacbell message please leave a message at the tone My frustration is not in being scammed, but in the fact that AT&T let it happen and gives me no access to information short of a legal action. Anybody else have this happen?... thanks, - R
Entity: Nationwide
19, Report #5859
Jul 23 2001
12:00 AM
20, Report #14890
Feb 22 2002
12:00 AM
AT&T Broadband Threat Tactics
Recently, I had a few financial problems and was late making a payment to AT&T Broadband for cable access. They sent an individual out to my home to pick up the receiver and shut-down the service. I decided that cable was not a crucial service, so I decided to let it go. I paid the late bill and considered the issue resolved. AT&T apparently decided that I was, once again, their loyal customer and began to bill me for services -- even though they never returned the receiver. I have contacted AT&T and told them that *they* disconnected the service, picked up the receiver and that I was not going to pay them any additional monies. They sent me a letter saying that they intended to file suit for the cost of the receiver and the past due balance. Mmmmmmm. AT&T -- Does the phrase, When pigs fly mean anything to you folks? See you in court.
Entity: Salt Lake City, Utah
21, Report #14094
Feb 14 2002
12:00 AM
AT&T Worldnet Ripoff
Buyer beware!!! I was scammed by the AT&T Worldnet service for two months of service on an account that was never to my knowledge opened. I recieved the registration disk in the mail and proceeded to try to register an account with the service. I got to the point where I was entering my billing information and clicked on the agreement section which then was to take me to my account online and received an error message that the registration process could not continue. Frustrated, I gave up and considered the registration a failure. A month later, I have charges to my credit card for 2 months of service for which I have never used and never knew that I had. Upon calling the customer service (A joke) I was told that there was nothing they could do to reverse the charges and that, I should have called when I first encountered the problem. Hey, I would have called if I thought for a minute that I had activated an account. Needless to say, I will never again work with Worldnet Service again, I can hardly wait for the Long Distance service that I have with AT&T to start screwing me so I can leave them too. Buyer Beware! Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on AT&T
Entity: Nationwide
22, Report #1159
Jan 21 2000
12:00 AM
AT&T Rip
Will someone please tell me what in the heck is AT&T up to with thier absurd long distance charges. I have personaly called to so many times for them to correct their billig that I have had just about enough of their crookedness. On October of last year I called AT&T to dispute charges that they charged for long distance calls. First of all I do make alot of long distance calls and some times the line never gets through because of the poor communications in the other country but they still charge me for 1 minute $1.02. They can plainly see that if ther are 15 calls to the same number within a 3 minute period obviously I did'nt get through. DAAAA Any way everytime I call they tell me they are sorry and it would not happan again. so the credit me the amount. Well last month they said that they can no longer credit me for those unused minutes because of a new policy or something(alot a bull if you ask me). Well I said if you dont I will go to another carrier. They did'nt even care. Get lost AT&T! you crooks!
Entity: Hosuton, Texas
23, Report #1770
Mar 28 2000
12:00 AM
AT&T Scam
This may not be new, but I am very sick of AT&T and there underhanded ways to get money from the little people. We dropped AT&T in Dec 98. All was well in Jan-Feb no charge and then in March they charged $2.09 for taxes for a service we do not have. This continued thru May and then the charge jumps to 7.96 in part for their unsolicited roll over plan or only having to bill every 3 months. I only discovered these charges for Mar00 because they were then charging 17.59. They credited that back and said I need to call again in April for the April portion that will still be on my bill. This is ludicrous! As I went back over the past year. I found all the other charges mentioned above. I expect I can call AT&T and they will refund all this, but people need to be aware. This two and three dollars didn't stick me terribly, but look at the millions it made AT&T dishonstly!! I was just gathering the last year bills last night and then this morning I saw you on the news (Congradulations!) I had to stay and watch even then I should have been out the door for work I am glad for what you do and would even consider helping because I just hate the way the world capitilizes on the innocence of people. I read small print...question why to everything and go over my bills with a fine tooth comb because the big guys will screw you.
Entity: Chicaog, Illinois
24, Report #3445
Sep 29 2000
12:00 AM
AT&T slum-lords
Since AT&T purchased Media-One Cable some time ago, I have watched the cable office building at 1901 Horton Rd, Jackson, MI fall into a state of disrepair. Weeds grow up through cracks in the driveway and along the sides of the building. Wood work on the front of the building has been allowed to rot away with many pieces falling off the building itself. The building is an embarrasement to our community. I do not know whether AT&T owes or only rents this building but I feel they should clean up this eye sore themselves or see that the landlord takes care of it. This building is where the public is supposed to conduct business, apparently dodging falling debris from rotting woodwork while attempting to enter the front door!!!
Entity: Jackson, Michigan
25, Report #365352
Aug 21 2008
10:26 AM
AT&T Harassment India
What I wrote to the FCC Commissioners please help, I am deployed overseas for the ARMY. My wife is being harassed by this phone number 843-308-7870. They are asking for somebody we do not know and does not live at our house. They call every week every month since August 2007. My wife has told them over and over to stop calling. I call 843-308-7870 from Kuwait while on deployment to try and stop the harassment, but it redirects me to 877 626 1110 which is AT&T. After I am on hold for 5-10minutes you give your name and state the issue, they hang up on you. This is very upsetting, I have to deal with this while on a deployment for the Military. I have posted the issue on many forums on the internet about this number. Tried calling AT&T and I am not getting results. I am reporting this issue to you and my Ohio Congressman as well. PLEASE HELP Dennis reynoldsburg, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Internet

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