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51, Report #469453
Jul 14 2009
07:16 AM
AT&T AT&T Takeover at ALL Costs Aurora Illinois
AT&T contacted our residence and told us they merged/bought out another telephone company and told us we Had to switch to AT&T because the other telephone company will no longer be in business. BEWARE to ALL..... AT&T did not buy out SAGE Telecommunication, in fact, AT&T lied and their service was going to cost me MORE... 10.00 more per month. They are Liars, deceptive, and don't let them do this to you... Kat Burtchville, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Aurora, Illinois
52, Report #446403
Apr 25 2009
01:15 AM
AT & T - AT&T DSL bill $2,295.51 for DSL never activated and told there would be no charge Atlanta Georgia
I have been unsuccessfully dealing with ATT since early March. I ordered DSL, a land line and two wireless phones from the business department for my business. A couple of days after I ordered the DSL, I spoke with an ATT representative and told her that I had changed my mind and decided to cancel my DSL order. I never activated the DSL. I asked her if I would be charged. She said no. I asked her if she needed the software returned. She said no. I subsequently spoke with 2 other representatives who told me the same thing; no charge, and not necessary to return software. Shortly after, I received a bill for $2,295.51 for charges relating to the DSL which I never activated and was told would not be charged for. I have spent nearly 12 hours trying to solve this problem in the last month and a half. The last call I made resulted in the representative telling me that the issue was solved. In the meantime, I have paid my wireless bill. Today, ATT turned off my wireless bill and now are threatening to turn off our business land line which would disable our credit card machine. I am at my wits end to try to solve this. Each time I call I get transferred to another department and have to wait a long time before anyone responds and then I get this crazy runaround with different amounts being either added or cancelled. I am presently hiring a consumer attorney to help me solve this maddening issue. I must say that I've never encountered such terrible customer service in my life! Lauren Gainesville, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
53, Report #621484
Jul 08 2010
11:13 AM
AT&T Wireless is charging a fraudulent early termination fee and has contradicting reasons for the fee. I was a customer for five + years and decided to go with another provider due to cheaper rates and more features. Paid through end of billing cycle, contract on one phone ended prior month and other phone was to end on 16th. of the present month, since I paid for both phones through to the end of the billing cycle there should not be an early termination fee. They are billing me early termination fees in the amount of $175.00 per phone and refuse to change it unless I return as a customer. Their customer service is very unprofessional, when you ask to speak to a manager they respond with they are just going to tell you the same thing, so chances are that you are being handed off to another flunky that has no customer service experience that does not care if you return as a customer or not. Regardless of the outcome of this rediculous charge, I am not giving them a penny of my hard earned money for this fee or will I ever have anything to do with AT&T ever again. I hope someone with some authority at AT&T reads this and makes some changes in their customer service department (like fire every one of them and starts from scratch). I am going to fight to the end with this one. Their service reps are banking on that I don't have a copy of my contract and don't know the terms. I do have my contract and every billing statement. If there were a early termination fee, that would apply to one phone for a period of ten days and then they would owe me a pro-rated amount for paying through the end of the billing cycle. It seems like the bigger the company gets the bigger the rip-offs get. Don't do business with AT&T period, they are a large Corporation that thinks they have a big enough customer base that they don't have to service the customer any longer. If I am going to pay high fees, I want top rated services, because I get more features for less cost with Sprint. I will not pay the high rates for the crappy service AT&T provides. AT&T will be feeling the effects of their customer service real soon.
Entity: , Internet
54, Report #652869
Oct 19 2010
02:29 PM
AT&T ATT Internet, ATT DSL, ATT Wireless, AT&T Internet, AT&T Business solutions, AT&T Business DSL POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!, Internet
AT&T Business is the most retarded business solution in the world. NEVER I REPEAT NEVER GET AT&T DSL!! They suck so is what happens...I scheduled an appointment for a technician to come out and set-up my office internet...I call 6 times for an all day appointment and they say yes he will be there <-LIES!!!! I waited from 7am to 9pm (doesn't show up)! I call this morning and this stupid b*tch tells me it's today the 19th <-no you stupid b*tch it's supposed to be yesterday...stupid b*tch the technician will be out there for an all day appointment ...I call back at 12...Customer svc no one will be there...there was a mistake on the order <-seriously...LEARN HOW TO DO YOUR F*CKING JOB!! Post this Everywhere!! Post this everywhere!! This is how stupid people work in society! On top of thisAT&T's we are going to charge for the billing of the technician <-yes the technician that didn't show up...seriously? WTF? MORONS!! I'm calling my lawyer ...note: This technician Fee wasn't even disclosed when singing up for the service! ...AT&T is the most retarded company in the world!!! IF  YOU EVER GET THE CHANCE TO NEVER HAVE TO DEAL WITH THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND STUPIDITY THEN YOU ARE THE LUCKIEST PERSON IN THE WHOLE DAMN WORLD!!!
Entity: , Internet
55, Report #803811
Dec 01 2011
03:06 PM
AT&T AT&T Mobility, American Telephone and Telegraph, GoPhone, AT&T GoPhone, AT&T Wireless taking my money from me, will not issue a refund. Atlanta, Georgia
I am porting my number from AT&T and I am very happy to leave them and I am never going to use them for ANY of their services. I actually thought the GoPhone service would be an affordable and high quality service. I didn't think it would be perfect, but I certainly did not expect expensive rate plans, low quality phones, and several other things. Their phones that they have to offer keep malfunctioning and then breaking entirely. I have paid my bill on time and my Sim Card is still intact.I called them today to get a refund of my credit balance. They won't refund it. And they say that I should use the balance before I port the number. What a ridiculous solution! I don't have a working AT&T GoPhone, and I am NOT going to purchase one again just so it can make the work for the people at AT&T easier. I AM entitled to a refund and AT&T does not need to get away with people taking people's money.I am also sick of their web forums, their automated systems, and their customer service being a last priority. Whenever you reach customer service, they are divided into apartments and they say you can not contact the supervisors. Their rate plans are also the worst and so are their phones. I am glad to leave their company. I am still entitled to the refund of the credit balance. They must change their unethical policies and the consumers need to be warned.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
56, Report #631651
Aug 15 2010
07:54 PM
AT&T Mobility - AT&T Wireless Cingular Wireless Warranty Unhonored, Refund, Replacement, Handset Atlanta, Georgia
I purchased a blackberry curve 8320 back in December of 2008. I had so many issues with the device in terms of keyboard/buttons not responding that AT&T replaced the device with the Blackberry bold 9000, I have continued to have issues with the device and have continued to exchange it via warranty without issue. (please note that even though the initial warranty only lasts 1 year, every time a phone is exchanged via the warranty department there is a 90 day warranty that comes with the replacement. Recently I have been having a plethora of dropped calls/failed to initiate calls and contacted the warranty department to get an exchange. I was told that even though the replacement handset is still under warranty, due to the amount of exchanges with this phone, I am not eligible for a warranty replacement.I explained to the customer service rep that they do not have the right to deny warranty coverage due to 'excessive' replacements. I keep all of my phones in pristine condition and the warranty is not voided on any of them. I was then bounced to blackberry (RIM) to handle the replacement. RIM informed me that AT&T was required to honor the replacement request, and they conferenced AT&T in and informed the Cust. service rep that they were to do so. After hanging up, the CSR told me that they request would not be honored because the warranty department is requiring me to use my 'upgrade' to purchase a new phone. believe that it is not correct that a company can simply choose to not honor their warranty. I requested that if the company was not going to honor the warranty that they refund the original price of the original phone. I was of course, denied. 
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
57, Report #320969
Mar 25 2008
01:45 PM
This is our 4th go round with AT&T aka Southwestern Bell Telephone service regarding their practice of billing consumers after receiving payment of final bill. We have had 4 seperate phone numbers and EACH final bill was PAID, and we were billed yet again by them from 8-12 months after the phone was turned off. We NEVER recieved notification from them, Just BAM!!! Hit with a letter from the collection agency! We are now disputing charges that were turned over to their collection agency, for the amout of $66.00. From the date of canceling service, paying their final bill (BY PHONE) and today, a period of 8 months has went by. We canceled our sevice with them in July of 07. They refused to cancel the service initially and said we must wait till the end of the billing cycle. Aug. rolls around, and we are billed for another month but they turned our phone and DSL off. After several calls to them, they credited the account back the charges. I paid the final bill of $32.00. They said at the time, that the bill was now at a $0.00 balance and we would not get another. It is now 8 months later and their collection agency sends me a bill for $66.00. I spent 1 1/2hour on the phone with them. Talked to 6 different people, some said I owed it, others said I didn't. They reviewed their notes, saw the credits were NOT issued for the DSL, transfered me to their DSL billing dept, and was then told, that I was credited the 66.00 and they couldnt figure out why.... I was being billed it.... Transfered to billing, transfered to collections, transfered to DSL, Transfer, transfer, transfer, and NEVER did get anywhere with them.... In the end, I guess we will end up paying anyway just to avoid collection. I GUESS THEY NEED THE MONEY MORE THAN WE DO!!! We will NEVER EVER get AT&T phone service again! Cheryl Tonganoxie, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: AT&T-Kansas, Kansas
58, Report #316331
Mar 09 2008
08:40 PM
AT&T Wirless - AT&T Mobility Unfair contracts; coercive contracts; expensive phones; high rates Nationwide
My Sony Erickson phone broke four months before the last AT&T Wireless contract I was forced into expired. I was forced to pay $199.00 for a piece of junk Samsung phone (which of course they tell me all their other customers say is just superb) with poor sound quality because the franchise outlet was out of phones. I was also forced to sign another two-year contract. If I hadn't, they would have charged me $400 for the hunk of junk phone. I was told there would be a penalty of $175.00 if I tried to cancel my contract and go someplace else. I never go over my minutes; in fact, I'm way under every single month. I just went to look at my bill, and not only did they apply an extra $20 charge for the honor of renewing my contract for another two years, but they raised my rates $25.00 for no reason whatsoever. And there isn't a damn thing I can do about it! Where is Congress in this? Jake&Renate milwaukee, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
59, Report #293758
Dec 21 2007
08:45 PM
AT&T - The New AT&T Billing Ripoff Deceptive Advertising Scam Internet
I have been an AT&T Customer since 1997 and then involuntarily with Cingular since their acquisition of AT&T and have canceled my service with this company in 2006. AT&T - then Cingular was in constant breach of our contract, stemming from COUNTLESS outages to defective equipment to countless and persistent billing errors. I have contacted Cingular / AT&T,s CEO Stan Sigman numerous times regarding this unacceptable quality of service, yet the problems especially with the erroneous bills continued to pour in. They have been warned on numerous occasions that if they continue with their nonsense I,d switch companies, and this is precisely what I did. They advertise the Biggest Network which is a blatant lie! They advertise fewer dropped calls - another lie, raising the bar - oh boy.... try saying lowering the bar literally! Now, I've had problems with them when they were AT&T, same problems when they became Cingular, and you guessed it.... now even though I'm no longer with them, I'm having problems with the so called New AT&T! The new AT&T has sent me to collections and are demanding $1100!!! I NEVER amassed a bill in that amount, so I contacted them requesting clarification with specificity. A few days later I received a FedEx package containing this joke of a bill the size of a small phone book!!! It turns out that The New AT&T is charging me for unreturned defective phones which in fact I did return! They sent me the replacement for their defective phones and I returned the old ones; it's as simple as that. (ELEVEN Treo's over the years!!!). Furthermore, they continued billing me for many months AFTER I canceled my contract. So, they are fraudulently billing me for phones that they havr received back plus for service I didn't have! It would appear that AT&T believes that I, a long standing good customer who always paid his bills on time simply switched to another company for the fun of it and I therefore honestly believe they need psychiatric help. Needless to say, I am now with T-Mobile and have NEVER had any problems with them whatsoever. I find it quite amusing that the only dropped calls I now have are to AT&T customers and NEVER anyone else!!! Max Beverly Hills, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
60, Report #1171020
Aug 20 2014
10:11 AM
AT&T Connectech AT&T Fraudulent AT&T Connectech AT&T services, billing, invoicing and lack of any customer service Carol Stream Nationwide
Do not buy AT&T internet services because they have fraudulent business practices. They claim to be AT&T but when there is a total billing error related to non-service of AT&T Connectech, AT&T does not claim responsiblity. On May 10, I inquired on the internet about AT&T Uverse TV, but instead AT&T set up Connectech to come to my house, after I communicated that I did not want to have any technicial come to my house since Uverse is not available in my area. On May 10, 2014, I received equipment for AT&T internet modem, which prompted me to call AT&T to explain that I did not want internet. After two hours on the phone, I got through to a supposed representative of AT&T. I was told to send the equipment back to AT&TOn May 10, I received an email fregarding order number CLIAH320A689 indicating that my order was delayed but still being processed, but I did not want an order. So I called AT&T and spent two hours on the phone to resolve. On May 14, 2014 I received an email from AT&T ConnecTech® Services noting that the following order O28080031 has been processed for your requested service. Your scheduled appointment date for any applicable on-site service is 21-May-2014. The supposed service that I had not ordered was Home Network Installation (HNI) I immediately called Connectech at 1-866-294-3464 fand spent another hour on the phone. However, there was no resolution to the issue of incorrect order and scheduling of services that I did not want. So I called again on May15, 2014. On May 20, 2014, I received an email from AT&T ConnecTech® Services. The subject of the message was Closing E-Mail Cancellation. The following order number O28080031 has been closed for your scheduled service on 21-May-2014   The Connectech tech came to my house anyway and my little 12 year old son tried to tell him that the service was cancelled and he should not do anything. The tech made a note on his clipboard and drove away. The tech was rude and scared my son. I called Connectech again on May 21 and I repeated that the order that At&t sent to Connectech was cancelled with AT&T and was cancelled with AT&T Connectech by me. AT&T billed me anyway for all supposed services that were never delivered. I called AT&T and spent about couple hours on the phone. Some rep told me that I would be credited the full amount but that did not happen. I called again after I received a bill. I got a small credit. Then I called AT&T again and was able to explain it all over again so I got another credit. AT&T will not take accountability for any business relationship with AT&T connectech. I was referred to call Connectech again today, I called 1-866-294-3464 and spoke with a guy named Ty ID #TA5935. He wasted my time and punted my call to some other guy named Humberto but when I asked him for his name again he said his name was Oliver. I asked him for his ID #OM013H. He said that an escalation person would call me and if they did not call me I could call the number 1-800-344-1734. I have a bill from AT&T with the ridiculous statement that I have ignored previous attempts to collect payment on my delinquent telephone account. First of all, I have not ignored it. Second of all, it was never for telephone service and Third, AT&T has no idea to what extreme lengths I will pursue full credit for services that were never rendered. In my lifetime this will be my constant goal to shame AT&T to everyone I meet and all over the internet. By the way, I will never use AT&T in my lifetime. I am now going to continue my campaign against AT&T. Do not use AT&T! Amanda T
Entity: Nationwide
61, Report #1266870
Nov 09 2015
05:57 PM
AT&T (AT&T U-verse; AT&T Directv) AT&T bureaucratic nightmare, is deceitful and cheats customers Dallas Texas
During our initial installation process of U-verse internet on 25 August 2015, we mentioned to the the technician that we originally requested U-verse TV but were informed during sign-up at the Snellville, GA store that this was unavailable leaving us with only 1 choice; Directv. The AT&T technician stated that this was not the case and that we had more than enough bandwidth to deliver both U-verse internet as well as U-verse TV. As such, we should have been given the choice of U-verse TV and not just Direct TV as our only option at sign-up. Now being informed of this we immediately tried to make the switch from Direct TV to U-verse TV as we originally asked for however we were informed that we would be forced to pay a Direct TV termination charge of $460.00 in order to make the switch to U-verse TV. We contacted the Retention Department and spoke to a representative and were offered compensation for the cancellation fee in the form of a $150.00 credit to our U-verse account, a $150.00 VISA reward card in addition to a $100.00 Closer Coupon Debit Card, whatever that means. We also specifically asked the Retention Department if any additional fees would be billed to recapture the credits; both the representative and her manager said no. In light of this promissed compensation we went ahead and canceled our Direct TV service and had U-verse TV installed that very same day. Although we received the $150.00 credit, we have never received the remaining compensation as agreed upon by AT&T U-verse. We have attempted on several occasions to contact the Retention Department on 19 October 2015 but were put on hold for over 90 minutes only to be disconnected. We spoke on another occasion with their customer support representative, after being on hold for 88 minutes, and explained the matter. We were told someone would get back with us in 2 days; to date we are still waiting for that call. To add further damage, we were charged 3 one time equipment fees totaling $147.00 plus installation fees of $33.00 per month for 3 months totaling $99.00; we were never informed of these charges. As a result of all this we have expended $556.00 in net fees just to have AT&T provide us U-verse TV as we originally requested. Additionally, AT&T hit us with a rate hike from $60.00 to $75.00 per month without any prior notification. We are extremely dissatisfied customers with AT&T due to the initiated blunder made by their store employee(s) in Snellville, GA in addition to the undisclosed installation charges and now regret our decision to ever give AT&T U-verse a try. In our opinion AT&T really dropped the ball to acquire our trust and satisfaction as we went from bad Comcast service to horrible AT&T service. We deeply regret ever leaving Comcast; at least they did not burden us with the number of outrageous charges made by AT&T.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
62, Report #77689
Jan 21 2004
05:32 PM
AT&T ripoff dishonest fraudulent billing Nationwide Washington
I received my Qwest Business Phone Bill with a charge of $105.75 for a call made to gui bissau on Nov. 26. I called Qwest and they told me they would remove it ; However, when I called AT&T they stated they would bill me seperatly. I told both telephone companies that this was a bogus charge. AT&T stated this call was made from my phone. I told AT&T that I do not have any long distance carrier for this phone number. AT&T stated that by dialing 1010 first one can make a long distance call even if there is no long distance carrier assigned to the phone number. I use a phone card when I place long distance calls from my business. I am a one man CPA Firm. No one had access to the phone. This is a bogus charge. I told the woman at AT&T that I would not pay this. She simply stated she did now work in collections. I wasn't surprized to find other reports on ripoff detailing the same charges to gui bissau. AT&T told me this was an Island. It is an adult entertainment site. Bob seattle, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide, Washington
63, Report #74919
Dec 13 2003
10:39 AM
At&t Wireless ripoff dishonest fraudulent billing florida
when changed area code due to my relocation I was overcharged for the month and still that extra billing always is attached to my new bill every month. This is the third month that this has happened so I am not going to pay them and let them take me to court. I am totally disgusted with that company. They had also done the same things when I had them on my landline long distance service. I thought that I would give them a second chance but to no awail! They ended up paying me $100.00 just to get me back and I am tired of playing games with them. They had a promotion going at the time for 10 cents/minute where their long distance charge was 25 cents/min normally. Well that lasted a whole year then suddenly they jacked the price up on me without notifying, even though when I had spoken with their sales rap offering the new rate she had specifically assured me that the offer hed no expiration date. As I said after one year when they increased the rate on me I called them and their response was that they didn't know that I wanted to continue with the promotion so they had changed it back! I don't know if they think the public is comprised of complete fools or morons. So you see they are now on my most distrusted phone company list! Arlen st.petersburg, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
64, Report #135025
Mar 15 2005
05:51 AM
AT&T ripoff fradulent billing Aurora Illinois
In the beginning of December of '03, I called AT&T and ordered their service in order to receive their internet service. After I was finished with my order, I found out thru conversation that their internet service would not meet my needs. I asked to then cancel the order I had just placed for service. The operator told me that I could not cancel it, it needed time to be in their system in order to cancel it. She advised me to wait 24 hours and then call back to cancel it. I then immediately called my current telephone provider and conveyed to them what had just occurred, and they told me they could not stop an electronic order if they received one. The following day, 24 hours later, I called AT&T and canceled the service I had ordered. I was provided with a cancellation confirmation number by the operator. I then called Talk America and relayed the information to them just to let them know it had been canceled. Under my service plan with talk America, local and local lond distance is covered under a flat rate. A week or so later I received an-mail confirming my order with AT&T> I immediately called them again, and spoke to an agent named Amy, and she confirmed it had been canceled, and it probably just couldn't be taken out of the e-mail system early enough, but not to was canceled. Well, around the 20th or so of January '04, I received a bill form AT&T for services rendered for telephone calls made. The calls they were billing me for were covered under my Talk America plan, and my bill never stopped with Talk America. I had just paid my Talk America bill. I asked for a supervisor, and repeated this inform to him, and asked him to also stop the service with them and to fix the bill to reflect a zero balance. I told him of the cancellation confirmation number provided to me by AT&T. He would not modify the bill but said he would cancel further service. I told him I wanted to speak to his boss, and he said he would put in a request for a supervisor to call me. None ever did. I then again called Talk America and relayed the latest inform to them and asked them to again resume all of my service with them. I asked then how was I receiving a bill from them and AT&T at the same time. They said was for service they provide me with. The next month I received yet another bill from AT&T, and I again began the unsuccessful quest to rectify this problem. I have spend countless hours, days, and arguments with AT&T, and even Talk America tried to help me with conference calls to AT&T to no avail. AT&T said it was up tp Talk America to not allow the order to go thru, but, Talk America says they lack the technology and the legal ability to disregard any electronic order to switch carriers of a telephone server. AT&T says they can't cancel any orders of service that are placed with, I am in the middle of the flaws associated with these two companies, and I am the one who is in collections, and have had a black notch added to my credit report as a result of this. I did as directed by AT&T rep's as to how to cancel this transaction, and they did provide me with an cancellation number....NBBG1205. There are records of every conversation I have had with AT&T and Talk America concerning this matter. I did not just sit by and allow this to fester. I am just unable to find a resolution to this matter besides paying for services I did not own...I had canceled them I have unsuccessfully tried to resolve this, and AT&T is not telling the truth. I complained to the state attorney general, and they said I did not cancel until the end of January. that is not true. It was December 5th, 2003. They only finally cancelled it when I called up about the bills they were sending me. I would like AT&T to won their responsibility in this mess, and credit me for the amount they claim I owe, and also to clear up the bad rating they gave me on my credit report. And last of all, I think there should be some sort of procedure that is very clear when some one is canceling an order. AT&T wants to blame Talk America, yet Talk America told them and sent them faxes proving to AT&T that they can not refuse to switch an order of they receive one. AT&T is seriously flawed, and in the wrong here. Thank you for your time and assistance. This has been going on for 2 years now. Suzanne Wixom, MichiganU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on AT&T
Entity: Aurora,, Illinois
65, Report #120537
Nov 30 2004
06:08 PM
AT&T scams customers right in their own home!!! Where I live, we were only able to use one phone company for local home service. We were anxiously awaiting the day when other companies were allowed to service our area. When AT&T called and solicited me at home I was so excited to hear that they were offering UNLIMITED LOCAL & LONG DISTANCE SERVICE FOR around $30.00 per month. I agreed to sign up for their service. I was nervous to see my first bill seeing as sometimes after taxes and fees things can cost a little more then you had expected. But to my reassurance, my bill was right around what the sales person told me it would be! All was good, until I got a bill from my previous home phone company. I called them and explained that I now had AT&T for my home phone service, and she said No, you have long distance through AT&T.???? After a bit of arguing back and forth she said they call the plan unlimited local and long distance because it covers LOCAL LONG DISTANCE!!!(if there has ever been an oxy moron.....) I thought she was nuts and called AT&T to get this resolved. They informed me that I had been mislead, and that I could file a formal complaint. I was livid. I told them I anted to cancel my service and that was BS what they were doing. They canceled my service, and I went with an unlimited plan through my old company. My complaint besides the SOLICITING people in their homes, tricking them into buying a service, is that after I canceled the service they WILL NOT STOP BILLING ME! For calls made after the date of cancellation!! They in fact billed them at much higher rate then I was even paying with them to begin with! I have spoken with them on about 5 occasions( I have all the names, times, dates) trying to get them to fix my bill. They say that they will issue a credit, but instead they just keep sending me a bill in the same amount. I think they are the most unprofessional, rude, misleading company I have ever come in contact with. Kay twin lakes, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Aurora, Illinois
66, Report #129765
Feb 01 2005
05:10 PM
AT&T CallVantage ripoff Maitland Internet
This company is terrible. I started trying to install their telephone service two weeks ago. In spite of asking them not to turn off my regular phone service they did. They can't get my CallVantage service working but turned off my regular phone. Now I am without service and am spending a fortune on the cell phone. They sent a person to look at my system and he hadn't a clue what to do. What a horrible company. Usless and costing me a fortune. Nancy Columbia, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
67, Report #128162
Jan 19 2005
08:56 PM
At&t ripoff Lakewood Colorado
I too have been riped off by AT&T. I had lost my cell phone and had told AT&T that I had lost it. They said they would not bill me from now on. A month goes by and I get a bill from AT&T for 5000 dollars! I called them and told them that the person I had talked to said that would'ny bill me for any other chargers from that day on, but they called me a lier and said I had to pay or I'll have to go to court. I went to court and explained everything to the judge, but not having any phisyical proof he ordered I had to pay the full 5000 dollars. Long story short I am now car less and phone less. Nigel Wheat Ridge, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Lakewood, Colorado
68, Report #158944
Sep 30 2005
06:44 AM
AT&T Jokers RIP OFF BIG TIME!! Nationwide
I am a former customer with At&t. Back in June of this year, I moved out to Bozeman. I kept calling At&t to get my service connected. They kept giving me all sorts of stories when it would be connected, and how long it would take. I sent in 138.00 deposit around the time I moved out here. First they said they didn't have it, then they said they did, and then they said the didn't. This started causing me undo stress. So, I told them to cancel my service, as well as DSL. They said that they would send me my 138.00. I said thank you, and thought that that was the end of it. They are telling me I owe $85. I know that t it is not right for them to say they'll send my deposit, and then turn around and come up with this story saying I owe them money, when I have no service with them whatsoever. Could you either take care of the problem so that I do get my 138.00 back. I have notes stating when I called people that I have talked to.I asked for my depoist back on July 18th still to this day 9/30/05I havent seen a penny.I decided I am not going to pay the bill until I see my depoist thats owed to me. Margaret Bozeman, MontanaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
69, Report #80110
Feb 11 2004
06:26 PM
AT & T Rebate Falsely Promised!!! Tukwilla Washington
Back in September, I, an existing AT & T user, went to purchase a new phone. The salesman pushed me on a $400 phone, which I told him I would not be buying. He assured me however, that they phone had a $170 mail in rebate, so I would only be paying $230 for the phone! Finally, I agreed to purchase the phone, and had it billed to my existing account. The salesman gave me the rebate form, explained how to fill it out, and where to send it, and assured me I would receive my check in 90 days. 5 months later, I get a letter saying that I do not qualify for the rebate. When I call AT & T they tell me this rebate was only for NEW customers, not existing customers. So why did the sales man assure me, someone he knew already had an AT & T account, woudl get the rebate when he knew that I would not? The customer service department was, as usual, completely helpless. Why is it ok for your rep's to misrepresent to sell? LIARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XXX seattle, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Tukwilla, Washington
70, Report #79133
Feb 03 2004
11:10 PM
AT&T Wireless ripoff Redmond washington
I signed up for a family plan in June of 2003 with AT&T Wireless. I was told by their agent at that time that the San Francisco Bay area was part of my home calling area. He showed me on the calling map that even though the area wasn't shown that far south, he pointed out on the brochure that maps were not always updated. This was one of the main reasons I signed up with AT&T. After a trip to the Bay area, I was pleased to see that I was not roaming according to the phone. I was surprised to see charges for roaming of $ 160.00 plus dollars. AT&T claimed I was roaming and that I should not have relied on the agent that sold us the plan. They say that anything the agent say's is not binding on them. Well, under that logic, my commitment to the agent for 2 years of service shouldn't be binding either. After researching my service agreement, I noticed the dispute arbitration clause. I asked AT&T how to start arbitration and they sent me forms to do so. After calling AAA (American Arbitration Association) I found out some interesting things. They say that AT&T sent the wrong forms (intentionally), they sent the wrong address to AAA (intentionally) and they sent the wrong information regarding costs (intentionally) as they always do. Consumer's cost for arbitration is $ 25.00 for any claims under $ 1000.00, yet AT&T makes it sound more like $ 250.00 to $ 500.00 AAA also stated that AT&T doesn't respond to their requests. I submitted the proper forms, to the right address, with my check for $ 25.00 to AAA. After a little over 1 week, AAA returned my check with a letter stating that due to AT&T's lack of cooperation, they will not accept any arbitration disputes regarding AT&T Wireless, and the demand that AT&T remove AAA as the arbitrator in AT&T's service agreement. Fired by their own arbitrator. Thats impressive. I contend that 1) AT&T Wireless allows misleading sales methods by their agents. 2) AT&T Wireless intentionally neglects to tell you when you are roaming in their service area (they get all the roaming charges). 3) AT&T Wireless does not deal in good faith regarding their own service policies. Therefore, I am looking for as many people as I can possibly find that have experienced any or all of the problems I have listed above. I propose a class action lawsuit with remedies in the form of refunds for all monies paid to AT&T Wireless by customers who have been cheated and lied to and then dealt with in a shoddy, misleading way. I propose that AT&T Wireless allows any users to leave their sub par service prior to contract end without any early cancellation fees. I propose that AT&T Wireless pays any and all damages incurred including, but not limited to roaming charges and all attorney fees. Please respond to this if you feel you have experienced any part of this outrageous rip-off. Perhaps a new class action suit will make AT&T Wireless unattractive to any prospective clients, and bidders in their current effort to sell the company. Please e-mail in if you want to help get this going and put AT&T Ripoff in the subject line. James Post Falls, IdahoU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
71, Report #65147
Aug 02 2003
05:10 AM
AT&T Wireless ripoff Aurora Illinois
AT&T wireless is a very big cheat. I took a wireless phone from them in May end. They sent me a Nokia Phone which stopped working after a couple of days. They sent me a relacement which again stopped working after a month. When I called AT&T wireless they tell me it is not their responsibility. I want to disconnect service, they will charge me 175 dollars. These phone companies want the consumers to enter into a contract and then they can start offering verey bad service. If you complain that is not their problem and if you want to disconnect they will charge 175 dollars. They are cheats. Ankur Fairax, VirginiaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on AT&T CLICK here to see why we deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Aurora, Illinois
72, Report #65927
Aug 19 2003
12:34 AM
AT&T ripoff San Francisco California
I was called and asked to switch to AT&T local phone service to save money on my phone bill. Unfortunately, I switched and after 2 weeks with their service I awoke to find my phone diconnected. When I called to find out what had happened they told me that the service should not have been disconnected and they would route me to speak with a repair service operator. After holding for 30 minutes I was told that my phone number had been given to someone else and in order to get a new phone line turned on I would need to pay what was currently due on the account and an additional set-up fee! I was disgusted. Over 2 years using this line for work. My line was being stolen and I was paying for it! To sum it up. AT&T lured me from my trustworthy phone service. AT&T then disconnected my phone with no reason. AT&T then wanted to get the money for the service they couldn't provide. AT&T told me if I didn't pay my current bill, my phone could not be re-connected by ANY phone company. After paying and going to another company they would not even setup a referal message to my new number. This is the closest I've been to evil. I strongly urge people to stay away from using AT&T. If this has happened to anyone else I am interested in filing a class action law suit. AT&T operates like the underground crime scene. Stealing and reselling. Will San Francisco, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: San Francisco, California
73, Report #64415
Jul 22 2003
06:00 PM
AT&T Wireless customer service ripoff Nationwide USA
AT&T Wireless AT&T wireless customer service told me that my service will not be disconnected as long as I return the phone within a month. My service is disconnected. Woodland Hills CA ..... I have been a customer of AT&T wireless ever since 1998 and right now I am on there most expensive plan. Early this year I switched service from TDMA to GSM and purchased a GSM compatible phone (Motorola T-720)from AT&T. This phone was defected so I called there warranty department. I told them what's going on with the phone and they said it's fine and they will send me a refurbished phone. They never said anything about returning the defected phone and when I received my refurbished phone they never sent me a return label to send back my defected phone. I even got a phone call from AT&T wireless inquiring about the phone and I told them that no one told me to send the phone back and the guy said that's fine. So I assumed that I don't need to send the defective phone and gave it to one of my friends. The refurbished phone that I received from AT&T wireless, that phone as well was defected. So I called back there warranty department again to get another phone and this time they told me that I need to send the defected phone back. When I received my third phone I received a return label and sent my phone back. Last week I saw my bill and there was an outstanding balance of $729. I called customer care dept. and they told me that there's two phones missing and $229 in service charges. I explained to them that the first phone I never sent it back because the representative from warranty department never told me to send it back and when I received my refurbished phone there wasn't a return label to send my phone back and the second refurbished phone, I already sent back to them. The customer service rep. told me that she can see it in there system that the phone that I returned has already been credited to my account. I went ahead and made my payment for service charges ($229) which braught the remaining balance to $250. Before I hung up with there rep. in Resolution dept. I asked him if my service wil be disconnected since there is an outstanding balance of $250. He told me that no it will not be disconnected and since my friend had the original phone and it will take me some time to get the phone back the rep. told me that as long as I return the phone within a month my service will not get disconnected. On July 22nd I tried using my phone and it was disconnected. I called there receivalble department and they told me that there's two phones missing. So I told them to look in there system and tell me if they see a credit for the returned phone. The representative told me that they don't see a credit for any returned phone. Luckily I saved the tracking number from UPS when I shipped the phone to them. I gave that representative the tracking number and finally they figured out that the phone has been returned. After that was resolved then they were trying to tell me that they cannot reactivate my phone until I returned that phone or if I paid $250, which is the price of the phone. I didn't wanted to pay that amount since I was getting wrong information ever since this incident started. I talked to a supervisor in receivable department named Tony. This person was being very rude and he flat out told me that I will not be able to get my service back until I pay for the phone or send my phone my back, which can take couple of weeks. I've been there customer since 1998 and I am on a $130/month plan. I just feel like I've been there customer for such a long time and they couldn't even spare another couple of days so I can return the phone back to them. Finally a lady name Michelle helped me out and got my service back. I spent about 4 hours to resolve this issue.If they weren't going to reactivate my phone why did they end reactivating it anyways? I am a Real Estate agent, every minute is very important to me. Here I had to spend such a long time on the phone when I could have been working on my business. I regret going into another 2 years contract with them. There GSM service is not all that great either. Most of the time I don't have reception but that's something AT&T wireless never takes in consideration. Karamjit Winnetka, CaliforniaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on AT&T
Entity: Nationwide
74, Report #106765
Sep 02 2004
05:28 PM
At&t dishonest advertising collect calls Aurora Illinois
I have been an at&t ccustomer for years didn't make alot of long distance calls but average about twenty a month. my daughter goes to college and her grandmother buys her a phone card to call her at four cents a minute and rather than use her card to call home we told her to dial down the middle becausits free for you and cheap for them. Ha then they shut my long distance off as a favor because these calls may have been unauthorized. THEY CHARGED ME 99CENTS A MINUTE. ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY EIGHT DOLLARS FOR 141 MINUTES. AND THEN SEEMED TO BE PROUD THAT IT IS NOW 1.15 A MINUTE AS OF SEPT 1. THEY OFFERED NO HELP AND STATED OVER AND OVER THAT THERE WAS NO REFUND POLICY. I ALMOST GOT HER TO ADMIT THAT SHE DOESN'T DIAL DOWN THE MIDDLE. DON'T USE THIS SERVICE THEY DO NOT TELL YOU HOW MUCH IT IS. EVEN ON THE BILL THAT ADVERTISES THIS SERVICE AGAIN AND AGAIN. THANK YOU FOR A PLACE TO LET PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT A DISHONEST IN MY OPINION SERVICE THANKS. Mitch georgetown, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Aurora, Illinois
75, Report #104180
Aug 17 2004
11:13 PM
At&t Long Distance Carriers ripoff Internet
I have been recently diagnosed with a seizure disorder and have ben out of work since april. i get govenment assistance of 240.00 dollars a month and that is it. i am a single mom and it is really tigt right now. well the phone rang he other day and this lady asked for leslie fletcher and i said this is she. she told me she was trying to collect a debt from at&t. well i proceeded tell her i was disabled at this time. she asked what was wrong with me so i told her i have been having seizues. she said well this bill need to be taken care of. i told her i canot work right now but when i can i will resolve this matter. she said where is your husband and i told her i was not married. she then got personal. she proceded to ask me how do you pay your bills. i said well the church helps me whole lot. she then said well the church needs to pay this-it is a bill you know well that infuriated me. i told her that she was rude and she was upseting me.(seizures can be caused by stress) she then said i dont care. well at that point i told her i would pray for her and she said good. and then she starting yelling pay your bills. i then asked to speak to someone over her she said sure sarcasticaly. well this man got on the phone telling me to postdate a check. i said with what i have no money. he also said pay your bil and hung up in my face. these people had no right to treat me this way i cant help it i cant work or drive right now. beleive me if i could work i would. these people owe me more than an apology. harassing disabled people should be against the law. i hope everyone around the world reads this because i being very honest with these people and was treated like some kind of lying bitch. excuse the french but they really got to me bad. Lesie west monroe, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet

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