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1, Report #1401815
Sep 22 2017
04:35 PM
ATS Crest Hills Illinois Alliance Transportation Alex the owner Crest Hills/ Joliet Illinois Illinois
 Started working for Alex at ATS and it was the worst decision I ever made in my career. I'm a Owner Operator and I'm glad that I own my own rig they will tell you that you will be paid a percentage of the load but that's a lie. They ripoff all there Owner Operators to by new trailers and pay there company drivers. The owner Alex is so religious in the Muslim faith and I can just say he gives them a bad name . If they call you for a job just say no and save yourself the headache this is a company to runaway from.
Entity: Illinois
2, Report #88366
Apr 20 2004
05:43 PM
Fence Masters They refuse to honor guarantee The fence broke and they refuse to fix it unless I pay for it East Hazel Crest Illinois
Long story but here goes. I hired Fence Masters to install a fence for me. One of those really expensive vinyal type. Well they put it in and instead of setting the posts and then coming back after the concrete had hardened they put the whole fence up in one day. Not only did Fence Masters do that but they did not follow the original fence line and Fence Masters put a six foot post on the back of my house. Fence Masters had to bust through my paito to do this (which was not what Fence Masters was suppose to do)and had the nerve to tell me it looked okay! So I had to fight with Fence Masters to change that and when Fence Masters came to change that Fence Masters wanted to cut it off and leave three feet of fence in through the concrete into the ground. But the biggest headache Fence Masters is giving me is Fence Masters refuses to fix the fence that Fence Masters garaunteed in writting. The materials have a Lifetime warrantee and Fence Masters upped the regular five year labor garauntee to seven because Fence Masters did such a bad job right from the start. For more than TWO YEARS I've been trying to get Fence Masters to fix it I went to city hall and Fence Masters wouldn't call them back Fence Masters wouldn't even respond to letters from the BBB. The fence cost me more than $4,000 I think Fence Masters should live up to the contract! Mike palos hills, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: East Hazel Crest, Illinois
3, Report #277706
Oct 08 2007
10:05 AM
Woodlands Of Crest Hill /Joliet - Crooks! Crest Hill Illinois
Laramar Group/Woodlands of Crest Hill, IL. First of all, when you first walk in as a potential renter they treat you like gold. Show you a model in the first building which is probably the only clean building on their property. The colored walls, pictures hanging, flower vases, etc. The model looks really good until you realize that your actual apartment can't compare. I was so excited to move into my apartment until the day I actually moved my things in. I didn't even sleep, I was so depressed! The place smelled horrible! I was so embarrassed by the scent and the dirty faded two different colors carpet in the hallway. I'm a very clean person and I never felt comfortable leaving my clothes on the floor or even sitting on the floor to watch TV. I didn't believe for one second that the carpet was new or even shampood. I had to clean the carpet myself and still didn't feel comfortable. I had a first floor apartment - big mistake! The walls were so bare you hear the door opening and closing on both sides of the building! The couple upstairs didn't even have a kid but it sounded like animals running wild. I would even hear them having s*x! The windows would shake because the building had been constructed so poorly. Imagine sleeping at 6 in the morning and hear your neighbors every move when they wake up. Including their alarm clock and television! Plus, since I was on the first floor every bug God ever made welcomed itself into my apartment. I saw everything but a roach!! I couldn't cook anything because the smoke detector would go off after 2 minutes of preheating the oven. I kid you not, even the neighbors detector would go off every other day! The water has a lot of lime, after a week of living there I had lime and scuz on my shower curtain caused by the hard water. After taking a shower, I never felt cleansed or refreshed. Sometimes, the hot water didn't even work. I would take cold showers three times a week. Imagine running water and quickly splashing it on your body just to freshen yourself for work in the hot summer of 07!! Oh, that reminds me: my air conditioner was loud as hell but didn't breathe any cold air! I used fans throughout the place. I slept with a fan blowing on me every night risking a cold. There are onsite laundry facilities but I was never able to use them. First of all, there are four washers and dryers that NEVER work and are to be shared by four buildings! I had to take my laundry to a nearby Laundromat. The neighbors would smoke weed and cigarettes in the hallway. Even allow their pets to leave their wastes near my door! I was too ashamed to even have guests! Afraid of what they might have to witness. Newspaper and mail throughout the hallway, garbage bags stinking up the halls, thugs hanging in the driveway, etc. I went out of town for 4 days to return with a hubcap missing! Who would steal a cap?!?! This place was like living in a project building. You wouldn't think it could happen to you. The parking lots are dim, no lights at all so if you're a female you must be very cautious. As mentioned, I lived on the first floor and the blinds provided by Laramar would not close properly. Imagine worrying about who is out there peeping through your windows at night. I documented contacting the office 3 times to the point I stopped bothering them about this one problem alone. Besides all of this, the rental office didn't even take messages for maintenance issues. Meaning if you call while someone is out, you're out of luck and literally have to hound them down. If you're able to get a hold of someone, they have an attitude like you're inconveniencing them when it's their responsibility to make you feel like they care about your livelihood. Not! They do NOT take care of their units or you. After you're sold, they're done with you. The only way to get their attention is when if you're late on your rent, then you get an automatic court date for EVICTION so don't even bother calling for a payment plan. They will file for a court date anyway! So not only do you owe rent, you now are responsible for late and court fees rather you show up or pay them! This could cost you an additional $1000!!! In my case, I paid up my delinquent rent and fees and still was evicted! Does that make any sense!? Laramar and The Woodlands of Crest Hill are crooks! So please don't waste your time or your money. This place could never be a home to you. Mariah Romeoville, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Crest Hill, Illinois
4, Report #1271514
Dec 02 2015
11:48 AM
MCI Metro ATS Trying to scam money from me Nationwide
 I was contacted by Mci metro ATS last week and today December 2, 2015 . Telling me I have committed a check fraud and if I don't pay 2,500 I will be going to jail . The company had all my information about my social security, email , I told them okay , how did you get all my information? The guy said you took out a loan from us , I replied what company are you ? I told the gentleman I don't do loans . He kept on telling it's your last chance or you going jail . I was scared and nervous on how can this be . I never went online and did anything to get a loan . They had contact several years back and it was another name they was under . Then Michael get on phone talking really disrespectful to telling me , if you don't pay this money we going have you arrested and you needed ask someone to pay the money . I felt so vulnerable and so disrespect on how he talk to me . You should got our money , I replied I didn't get any money from you . Why I have all your information , I replied I don't because Ididn't do it . Well this your last chance we bring you up on check fraud . I had a paper sent to me stated that some suspicious activity in my name , but that was years ago . Also company said we going garnish your check you don't pay . I ask what was given ? He said you got loan for $150 and you owe us now $2,500 . I said okay but I never got anything like that deposit in my account and like I said I didn't take a loan out . I needed help they're trying to rip me off . I have no knowledge on doing this or receive money .
Entity: Nationwide
5, Report #630120
Aug 10 2010
07:58 AM
Woodlands Of Crest Hill Cockroaches, Mold, No help, Car stolen, Car broken into, Everyone sells drugs, ETC Crest Hill, Illinois
Since living at the Woodlands of Crest Hill it has been nothing but problems. Within the first month of living there our friends car was stolen out of the parking lot. We have also had many cockroaches. I brought one of the bugs over to the office so they could see exactly what I had living in my apartment I got a unfriendly attitude, as I always did whenever I went over there with a problem. He said I know what a cockroach looks like I don't want to see it as he scooted away from me. If he doesn't want to look at them does he think I want them in my bed with me as I sleep. I left feeling as if it was my fault that there were problems. They did send someone over to spray for the bugs, which did not work. The cockroaches actually seemed to get larger and when I told them about that all they said was that every apartment has problems with cockroaches. I have even been told by one of the maintenance guys that they have had such bad roach problems to the point that he had to pull his guys out of certain buildings and they want me to live here! I also found mold in my ceiling, which took them weeks to come over about. It concerned me the most because my boyfriends asthma started acting up and I had a miscarriage after moving into the apartment. When they sent the worker over he tried to tell me that is was not mold and it was just a bad paint job. If I was there alone I would have believed it and continued living in the mold infested apartment. Luckily I was with someone who is in the trades so he made him scrape the paint and of course there was a ton of black mold covering my whole bathroom ceiling. It took them about a month to send someone back over to fix the mold and the hole and when they came to fix it they tried to just cover the mold AGAIN! Everything in the whole apartment is put together horribly and almost everything has broke including my dishwasher, toilet, towel rack, light in closet, and air conditioner. Also, the laundry room washers and dryers are broken almost every other week. It is not even worth calling the office for these problems because they will never show up. I have been harassed in my own hallway on many occasions and in the parking lot on the way to my apartment. Everyone I have ran into there sells drugs and they are always in the parking lot selling them. The drugs include marijuana, crack, and heroin. Not only are there drugs being sold in the parking lots I have seen many fights also. I assume the people that are always lurking in the parking lots are the ones breaking into cars too. I have been told by 2 police officers to #1 not go outside a lot at night and #2 to make sure cars are locked at all times because of the many incidents at the Woodlands, especially with theft. I can say that they are right, my boyfriends work tools were stolen one night. There were about $2,000 worth of tools in there. Also, we had a $600 phone stolen when we ran into the apartment just to grab something. We were in there for no more than 5 minutes which shows that there is someone obviously watching people. I was also fined $100 on the 6th of the month because I was short $4 from their gas bill, which they come up with and deliver. They would not except my $4 and told me I would have to come up with the $104 by the end of the week or I would be evicted. Keep in mind, this is while I'm 6 months pregnant and have had nothing but problems with these people. I am VERY patient and understanding when it comes to them taking months to fix my stuff but they could not be understanding that I wasn't aware I was $4 short when I payed the rent? Not long ago I came home to my bathroom ceiling pouring water from the ceiling and damaging everything I had in there. When we called they told us We'll TRY and have someone there for you tomorrow if we can. TRY? My bathroom and apartment were filled with water that had a horrendous smell. I walked over to the office to try and see if anyone was there to have them come sooner. They ended up sending someone over which had no idea what to do, and found out there was something wrong with the toilet in the apartment above us. They said they'd have someone else come look but in the meantime there would still be leaking water. It took them over a month to come and fix the hole they carved in the ceiling. There is no talking to the workers here, they are always unfriendly and never willing to help. They also laugh in your face and try to mess with you when you need anything. Not only that but this is the most unsafe, under managed place I could ever imagine living. I would not wish my worst enemy to live in these circumstances.
Entity: Crest Hill, Illinois
6, Report #1120969
Feb 04 2014
07:45 PM
Patrick Stanton Fake Preacher Hazel Crest Illinois
 I use to belong to his church until I realized that he is a manipulator, he talk to grown people any kind of way and he break up women marrages that attend his church on Michigan Ave on 108th st in the city of chicago.  He know he broke that girl marriage of and every since she has been sickly, because of sin and he has too!!! Him and his mama believe in BLACK MAGIC.........
Entity: Hazel Crest, Illinois
7, Report #1177818
Sep 19 2014
06:04 AM
 I needed a used auto part for a 2005 vw.  I put information in at a dealer site and next thing I knew I got 3 emails from this place stating they had my part.  I shouold not have, but I did assume they worked with the dealer site so, I called the next day and spoke to Roger who said he had the part I was looking for.  I did not order right away, but called a few hours later in which he answered the phone again and took my order.  After I did not receive the part, I called and left a message.  Roger called back within a few hours and said he had been gone for a few days because they just had a baby.  He would look into it and let me know.  I called again for the following three days, leaving messages and never got a return call.  I am the process of calling my credit card for a dispute.  DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS GUY!!  HE DOES NOT HAVE THE IMPOSSIBLE PART YOU CAN'T FIND ANYWHERE!!!
Entity: Internet
8, Report #252013
Jun 03 2007
12:24 PM
TypeInternational Disrespectful, Dishonest, Liars! Mesa Arizona
In May, I've signed up for TypeInternational to Earn $1000 a month as Basic Typist through PayPal using My Debit Visa for the fee of $57.95! I also paid for The Personal Page URL to do The Regular Assignments online on May 10th last month! When I received The Welcome E-Mail with The Personal Page URL. it said Welcome To TypeInternational! The Following Days, I've sent The Members Agreement by E-Mail to Robert Bell and he got it when he E-Mailed me back three weeks ago! When I've tried to get into my personal page url, it didn't work and got a message saying that page doesn't exist! TypeInternational lied to me and I want my money back cause it's a scam! Is there any legistimate work avaliable! They just took my money! Malkia J. Owens Hazel Crest, Illlinois
Entity: Hazel Crest, Illinois
9, Report #817877
Jan 04 2012
01:30 PM
AT @T Lied ro me on pricing deceptive billing charges and fees Crest Hill , Illinois
I ordered At@T uverse inhigh speed inteernet i was told i can ge tprice for 30,00 a month agreed to it and installation was freee. I getr my bill was charged 48.00 a month 3 times pay extra month and 36.00 installaton fee i was pissed off still am. I called rthem did nothing so i soid cancel my service an dmy cell phone the man at cancellation dept was very nioce he deducted charges gave me plan for 28,00 mont for 6 mos then up to 33.00 thats ok. BUIT OUTRIGHT LYING TO A CUSTOMER IS WRONG AS CAN BE
Entity: Crest Hill, Illinois
10, Report #859409
Mar 26 2012
10:07 AM
Knapp Construction & Electric Flaky, Poor Communication, Recommended unneeded work, poor estimate Crest Hill, Illinois
This contractor contacted me after I searched for electricians through My dishwasher had stopped working, and the appliance repairman said the problem was no electrical service to the dishwasher. The technician came out on 9/9/11 and found that the wire to the dishwasher was burned through. He checked the service box and showed me some whitish corrosion on the wires coming into the box from outside the house. The technician stated on the work order, Found both main lines from meter socket to panel burned up. He recommended a Meghometer test to check the wiring throughout the house, as he believed the house had sustained a lightning strike over the summer. The Meghometer test would reveal whether wiring needed to be replaced, as damage from the lightning strike could mean the affected wiring would not be able to sustain a power surge, resulting in a house fire. I scheduled the next appointment for 9/19, but the electrician never showed up. I called the owner, Jim Knapp, and he apologized and rescheduled for 9/21. Nobody showed up on 9/21 either, and nobody called to explain. At this point, I was frustrated and decided to look for another electrician. I called several electrical contractors, but nobody had the equipment to do a Meghometer test. Several months passed, and in December I contacted the owner again to ask why they did not honor scheduled appointments. The owner apologized, blamed the missed appointments on a scheduler who had been let go, and scheduled another appointment for 12/27. At this appointment, the Meghometer testing was performed, and the electrician advised that four circuits would need to be rewired and that I should contact my insurance company. I did so, and they requested a detailed estimate. After several weeks of waiting for this, I called the owner. He immediately told me he'd send me something, but that if the insurance company wants something more, they'll have to pay me for it. I got a short paragraph on letterhead stating that they would rewire these circuits for a cost of $7,500. There was no breakdown of what exactly would be done, estimation of man hours, labor rate, etc. Both I and my insurance adjuster attempted calling and emailing the company several times for a more detailed estimate, but no response was received over the next three months. Finally, I contacted another electrician, who came out and did a complete inspection of the electrical system. He examined the wiring retained from the dishwasher and said, while he could not definitively explain why the wiring burned, that it could have resulted from a nick in the wiring that just got overheated over time and eventually burned through. The wiring in the service box, described as burned up by Knapp's electrician, was found to have surface corrosion resulting from moisture, cold, heat and humidity coming in at the point the wires enter the house. This corrosion was found to be superficial and having no impact on the operation of the electrical system. The electrician found no evidence of a lightning strike or any other electrical anomalies, and he questioned me at length about the operation of our electrical system over the last six months, which has been comparable to what I've experienced over the eight years I've lived in this house. Ultimately, I have to conclude that Knapp was hoping for an easy buck through insurance fraud, and when they were asked to justify the costs they quoted, they disappeared into the woodwork.
Entity: Crest Hill, Illinois
11, Report #1193928
Dec 08 2014
02:45 PM
Deanna Millard Deanna Wachowski, Deanna Lynn Schutter Stole money Crest Hill Illinois
Complete thief.  Ordered and paid for artwork from Deanna which she did  not send for months.  First she said she had been sick then that she lost her job.  Requested refund which she stated she processed on paypal then she said she mailed (THREE times check was lost in mail).   Finally received artwork for my company and it was a JOKE!  She had traced a PROFESSIONAL work and was trying to pass it off as her own. Contacted her again and spoke to someone named Nicole who said Deanna had died.  Turned out to be a lie.  Did some checking and this Nicole is Deanna's daughter.  Obviously the apple does not fall far from the criminal tree. Finally when I realized, based on other's numerous complaints regarding Deanna's thefts, that the only thing to do was to file a fraud complaint and try to reverse the charge on Paypal (I had not done this sooner as I actually believed her long long list of sob stories).  Paypal stated Deanna had removed all funds and closed account.   She is a piece of garbage con artist.  I feel sorry for anyone who is taken in by her con.  
Entity: Crest Hill, Illinois
12, Report #1126224
Feb 24 2014
06:03 PM
Super mercados el guerro el guerro Bad Company Crest Hill Illinois
Store this place ads and special of the month when you get your purchase make charge more and never respected their ads or special Esta tienda pone anuncios de especial del mes y cuando llegas acer tu compra te cobran más y nunca respetan sus anuncios 
Entity: Crest Hill, Illinois
13, Report #165857
Nov 26 2005
12:31 AM
Woodlands Of Cresthill Laramar Corp ripoff washers dryers do not work unfair billing practices mislead when inquiring about apt. Crest Hill Illinois
I am warning everyone who reads this site not to rent from The Woodlands of Crest HIll, Laramar Corp. When I rented in March I was told that we have laundry facilities. Well, since March never have all of the washers and dryers worked. I have lost at least a dollar a week on broken washers or dryers that do not dry. When they are trying to rent to you they show a beautiful model apartment and tell you that is what your apartment will look like. Well, when you drive up to your apartment on moving day, you are shocked to see that your aprtment is much different. My experience was a hole in the bedroom door, paint all over the carpeting and in the sinks and in the tub. I am still trying to remove paint. Also if you live check to check you do not want to rent from this corporation because their late fees are $100.00 a day. If you happen to fall behind you will never be able to catch up. In addition to all of this our heating and cooking gas bill is split throughout the buliding. We have these beautiful thermostats on the wall that I guess are just for show, because they are broken and we cannot control our heat. One day it's 80 degrees in the apartment and your opening the windows and then the next day it's 50 degrees and you have to turn on your oven to heat the place. It's only November and my portion of the gas bill is already $60.00. I am very afraid of what will happen when it really gets cold. Well, I hope some of you will read this report before you rent from The Woodlands and not after as I have done. Good Luck! Deborah Crest Hill, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Crest Hill, Illinois
14, Report #1196686
Dec 19 2014
11:14 PM
Pearle Vision in Crest Hill Il. Ray, Peter, Dawn Pearle Vision will not refund even for their Mistakes Crest hill Illinois
  12/19/2014 I went to get an eye exam from Pearl Vision at 1701 N Larkin ave. Crest Hill, il. 60403 , on 12/16/14 Doctor Lietz was very helpful and explained to me about what prescription I needed, however when an employee Ray took over to check me out, he never said I had a choice for my script, reading or multi- lens. He was just telling me about the multi-lens without the line, and some tint up grade,which I did not want. There also was No mention of a No return policy. I read it on my receipt After I already paid him. ( I did not see that until I tried to pick up my glasses on 12/19/14)My husband was with me for most of the transaction. When I went to pick up the glasses, I could not read with them, which was the whole purpose. I asked the woman what could be the problem and she looked at the paper work and told me that they were for far distance, and I said That is Not what I needed. She preceded to tell me that the multi-lens was not covered under eye med and would cost me at least $120 more than what I already paid. Why? I asked when it should of been ordered originally? I would have to speak to the Manager, whom was on his break,(1:22 pm) so I asked her if the Dr. could help me at all, or was there someone else in charge! She went in the back and came back and called Peter the manager and told him simply that a customer wanted to speak with him. She hung up and said he would be another half hour. Than she told me she could not help me and I was welcome to wait. I said I really at this point would like a refund and than she gave me attitude so now I am getting loud with her, I told her I will be back and I would just like a refund,because Nobody can help me. at almost 3pm I came back and stood by the counter, Nobody acknowledged me,so I ask the girl if Peter was in, she he is Right There. (he was helping someone, and still did Not look up to acknowledge me. Than 30 minutes later I called his office to ask for the corporate number and he told me to hold on, walked out and says this is you on the phone???? I said yes can I have that number????? He said, as he was looking at my paper work, Sandra I said yes He gave me a number to a Dawn Maginity . I called her and No one answered I asked him if this is the corporate number, he said it was all he had. Finally finished with the customer and tried to help someone else that just walked in, I said that he needed to help me next,I would like a refund. He told me he could not give me one and he would redo it and it would cost more, I said No, I just want a refund!!!!! They messed up my script, and I paid $85.00 and the insurance was going to cover everything else, now they want me to pay more than we agreed upon! No way, I spoke to Dr.Lietz and asked him for a copy of my script and other papers and he gave them to me and I said to him,They gave me a script for distance, and he said ,No I told you its the up close vision that is an issue,and He told me that Ray Wrote it wrong. I can and won't deal with these people again Peter was rude and Dismissive and I would like a Full refund, so that I can go get glasses some place else before my insurance expires on the !st. I have the paper work and prescription, my receipt. I would only like a FUll Refund
Entity: Crest hill, Illinois
15, Report #889937
May 29 2012
12:29 PM
yes plumbing Total rip offs east hazel crest ill, Illinois
They charge a card 79.00 just to come out which is resonaable ,except that when they look at problem the price is so unreasonable.You decline.They wanted 714.87 to unplug a sink drain pipe.Told them no way. The thing is i contacted another plumber service and the did the sink and my main line for 180.and gave them 20.00 tip. These people and this bussiness needs to be investagated.Oh I know they can charge what they want,but please 714.87 to rod a sink line.And lost my 79.00 depoist.Know after that I contacted 6 other plumbers prices from highest to lowest 100.00 85,00 79.00 and the 180.00 but for sink and main line.
Entity: east hazel crest ill, Illinois
16, Report #251615
Jun 01 2007
07:44 AM
TypeInternational This Company Is A Scam ripoff Mesa Arizona
On May 5th, I've signed up for The Basic Typist Position through TypeInternational who would pay you $20.00 per Regular Assignments and $50.00 for The Special Assignments! It also said you have to pay $10.00 for your personal page url and I did that on the 10th last month! As you know, they gave me the wrong personal page url to do my Regular Assignments online! Never E-Mailed me back when I applied for The Regular Assignments! Now I've paid $57.95 for this work from home opportunity! I remember e-mailing them about the problems with my personal page url and never responded about that! Now I want my money back for this work from home opportunity, cause this is a pyramid scheme! Malkia Hazel Crest, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Hazel Crest, Arizona
17, Report #158301
Sep 25 2005
07:17 PM
LVAAP ripoff Las Vegas Nevada
My girlfriend and I were sitting at home on a Sunday night in September when she asked me to hand her the mail. I was later sitting on the computer when she read me a letter that was sent by the LVAAP telling her to send $20 dollars to claim a large seven-figure sum of money. She asked me to look on the internet for this company to find more information about them. My girlfriend, being as smart as she is, wanted to check into the company knowing that this was possibly a scam. The first thing to pop up on the search engine was that stated that this so-called company was scamming others across the US. I strongly urge others to check into matters like this so they don't get ripped off like most people have already have. Send $20 to claim $3 million plus...yeah right! Jason Crest Hill, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
18, Report #229861
Jan 10 2007
09:25 PM
Chase Credit Card Rip Off Louisville Kentucky
I'll keep it simple. Although a bank may charge and do what it wants with their credit card holders I have never dealt with a worse bank than Chase. My girlfriend had a Chase credit card with a $300 max limit. I decided to look at her credit and found that this card was not only closed but also at a $1500 balance! Now I ask anybody out there how can any bank let any credit card get so high over the limit and just keep charging? After calling twice and getting hung up on once I decided to pay it off, complain on here, write Chase a letter, close my two checking accounts with chase, decide never to do business with chase, tell everyone what happened and really wanted to start harrassing them but I'll let it go at that. By the way my credit has never been perfect. I have had cards go over the limit and not pay them. I have never heard of a bank that just kept charging to their hearts content and not charge off the account. The only fuckers I know of that do that is the IRS, but that's a whole diffrent story. Shay Hazel Crest, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Louisville, Kentucky
19, Report #430748
Mar 04 2009
01:33 PM
NATIONAL CITY BANK JOLIET ILLINOIS bank charges bogus overdraft fees Crest Hill Illinois
National city banks ae crooked cgeat checking acc customers,I deposited a check from govnt then went away 30 min lat took money out of an atm machine it went through then did some shopping used card 3 times next day was charged 4 overdraft fees, I said in the past when i tried to use csrd if not enough money in account said non sufficient funds it is wrong to release the money thyen charge a fee i said i want fees deleted they refused am prosecuting them. I urge all consumners do no bankin with nt city i am going to harriss bank tomorrow, Mh JOLIET, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Crest Hill, Illinois
20, Report #773978
Sep 07 2011
01:12 PM
Hinckley Springs Undisclosed fee Chicago, Illinois
Like all things, service was fine until it just wasn't anymore.  I have had this service for 4 years and decided to cancel after I received awful service from the new delivery man.  I was told there would be a charge of $35 for cooler refurbishment.  Are you kidding me?!  Prior to calling to cancel, I checked all over the site and my bill to look for any fees.  I was not in a contract and this fee was not disclosed anywhere, not even in their FAQ's.  After four years, I have spent hundreds renting the  &*#% cooler and now you want me to pay you for taking it back?!  I spent over $1200 per year for WATER!!!  Shame on me.  Not to worry though, I will advise everyone and anyone, get a (((redacted))) or (((redacted))) filter system instead! sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company,, if you post a competitors name more than likely they will show up on search engines as a Rip-off! - - your comments on this policy are welcome. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report. In this case we removed an alleged competitors name
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
21, Report #174922
Feb 06 2006
06:50 AM
Butcher's Choice Meat ripoff Romeoville Illinois
A man who identified himself as a neighborhood friend came to my parents door and tried to sell them meat. My mother declined. An hour later after my mother had gone out for the day a woman came to the door and told my father/who is in his early 80's, that she was DELIVERING the meat my mother had ordered. She told him that he owed her THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY dollars for the meat. Also that they needed at least 50% in cash. The meat that was sold was RANCID and unfit for human or other consumption. I contacted the company and was told by some guy in Michigan that it was TOO BAD, NO REFUNDS!! I then filed a report with the Health Department and was told that Butcher's Choice is currently under investigation. These are elderly people and were completely scammed by these two lowlifes who DO live in the neighborhood. I have spoke with the police and they DO live in the 1900 block of HICKORY STREET. Their business truck is parked in the driveway. I have been to THEIR door several times but they refuse to answer. I have also been to the police who state that they DO NOT have a peddlers license in Crest Hill or Joliet. This company is a RIPOFF and this scum has invaded our neighborhood. Beware of these individuals they are CON ARTISTS. John Crest Hill, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Romeoville, Illinois
22, Report #177281
Feb 21 2006
07:01 AM
Butcher's Choice Meat ripoff Illinois
Two sales men practically forced their way into my home and tried to sell me what looked like a whole cow. They dumped package after package on my table and then after talking steadily for 30 minutes - not allowing me to interupt - told me I owed then over $400 for the meat I never agreed to buy. I'm a 73 year old woman and quite honestly I was scared because they refused to leave and told me I had to write them a check or better that they could follow me to the bank and I could give them cash. They asked questions like, don't you have an ATM card, don't you keep any money around the house, how much do you have in your checking account. I was at the point of writing them a check when my Grandson showed up. They took one look at him and skiddadled out of there. DON'T let them in the door. I was scared to even answer the door for the next few weeks for fear they would come back. My Grandson got the telephone number of the company off the truck and spoke to some guy named Jason who told swore at him and hung up. DON'T LET THEM IN THE DOOR. Minnie Naperville, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Unknown, Illinois
23, Report #1084635
Sep 15 2013
07:11 AM
Pathways Concrete Horrible Customer Service & Horrible work Montgomery Illinois
 I met with Tom from Pathways Concrete 3 times between March and June when I hired Tom from Pathways concrete.  I hired Pathways Concrete to remove the stoop and sidewalk & reform according to homeowner, burry downspouts, bring in dirt to adjust the grade and take out 2 trees and 2 bushes in June.  He wanted 1/2 down (which was my first big mistake), I the homeower was to call and pay for the concrete(which I did not even have the opportunity to do) and the balance due upon satisfactory completion.  My check was cashed the next day and then he disappeared for weeks!  After several call to the office(Nobody EVER answers the office phone) and several e-mails, I finally spoke to Tom.  He seems very nice and willing to work with you when you meet and speak with him. However, he has one excuse after another as to why you have not heard from him and why the work has not been completed.  I asked Tom if a permit and inspection would be required.  He indicated no permit would be necessecary.  I took it upon myself to call my city only to find out that a permit and inspection were required.  Tom did obtain the permit after I insisted. However, He did not inform me of the day the work was being done, and no inspection was completed.   In September I received a call from Tom (while I was at work) stating the job had been completed.  When I got home to see the work that had been done, I was disgusted!  The porch is not level (or rounded as discussed), the sidewalk is not as wide as we had discussed and is uneven.  The downspouts are damaged and not installed properly and 2/3 of my yard is tore up and covered in dirt.    I could go on and on with the lies, lack of Customer Service and improper work done.  Bottom line is that I could not be more disguested with work performed by this contractor.   Please don't get taken by this company.  You will most definitely regrete it!
Entity: Montgomery, Illinois
24, Report #1120850
Feb 04 2014
01:40 PM
Lisa Benjamin RUN South Illinois
 I went to get my taxes done and was charged twenty percent and this is a ripoff, please do not go to her husband which is a white man using her as a scape goat   they asked me to get individuals and I did but they took most of my returns, they have made a lot of people mad I have lost most of my friends in dealing with them
Entity: Select State/Province
25, Report #63147
Jul 09 2003
10:18 AM
Plato's Closet, Winmark Corporation Contract Dispute and Poor Selling Practices Crest Hill Illinois
On 11/29/02 I joined a two week contract with Plato's Closet allowing my property (11 clothing items valued at $91) to either be bought from me for a set amount or be refused and held two weeks at the store for retrieval. On 12/8/02, prior to the end of the two week agreement, I returned to see if my property was bought by Plato's Closet. Said property was refused by the store, however they were unable to return my item according to the contract. They could not find my property (all 11 items). I was told that I would be contaced by management with details. On 12/12/02 a message was left at my residence by Darcy, Store Manager, explaining that the store made an error in an effort to have the store clean for when the owner arrived, and had donated my property prior to our two week agreement. On 12/13/02 I spoke with Darcy explaining that I would like my property returned or a cash reimbursement. I was told that I would be contacted that afternoon or the following morning with confirmation. On 12/20/02 I left a message for Darcy at the store asking for a return phone call. On 12/26/02 having still not heard from anyone at Plato's Closet, I called and spoke with Darcy who informed me that the owner would not reimburse me for the broken contract or loss of property. On 12/28/02 I spoke with Detective Cole from the City of Chicago police department who informed me that she believes the contract was broken and that I had a case for a civil suit. On 12/28/02 I spoke with Elliott's Consignement store in Chicago who's professional opinion was that my contract was broken and that I should be reimbursed for my property under good business practices. I have valued said items (11) at $91 according to comparable items being sold at Elliott Consignemnt and Elite Repeat. Adriana Chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Crest Hill, Illinois

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