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1, Report #1391047
Aug 07 2017
03:46 PM
Attorney Christopher Lebherz Scumbag Lebherz, Chris Lebherz, Defense Attorney Lebherz, Lebherz & lebherz defense attorney Falmouth Internet
Scum bag Lebherz is a known courtroom bully.  He raises his voice and tries to intimidate small town people and his vulnerable clients.  He likes to walk around with his fly down and cause a scene in the courtroom to detract from the case at hand.  He is an obvoiusly ugly man, my any standard of beauty and uses that to his advantage to bully people with scare tactics.  A real-life troll, in effect.   His ethics are questionable at best and is misconduct is rampant.  AVOID HIRING THIS ATTORNEY AT ALL COSTS.  He is innefectual and has the vocabulary of a junior college graduate.  Finished at the bottom of his class at a 4th tier law school. Daddy was a judge so he keeps getting his law license protected, but his days are numbered...   here are some exceprts of his past misconduct:  Christopher Lebherz, 45, was arrested Saturday at his Punch Bowl Drive home after police responded to reports of a domestic disturbance. Lebherz will be charged with simple assault and battery in Falmouth District Court, according to police.   Christopher Lebherz, 47, of Falmouth, was traveling north on Woods Hole Road at 5:06 p.m. Sunday when the driver of a Woods Hole, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket Steamship Authority bus traveling in the opposite direction said he had to swerve to avoid Lebherz.   He was not hurt in the crash but was arrested after refusing a breathalyzer test. The police report says Lebherz will be charged with the negligent operation of a motor vehicle, operating a motor vehicle under the influence of liquor, failure to drive in the right lane and speeding.  
Entity: Internet
2, Report #893696
Jun 06 2012
11:08 AM
Attorney Christopher A. Aaron Dishonest, Scam Artist, Dead-Beat Pahrump, Nevada
To the citizens of Southern Nevada, especially those of Las Vegas and Pahrump: I tried to write a complaint about this guy and his boy-toy Jim Dorado, but there is just too much to cover. All I can do is warn those individuals who need legal services to be very, very wary of these two guys, as they are the poster children for dishonesty, deception, lies, being dead-beats and general scum-baggery. Chris into my office owing me $2,000.00 and left owing me about $800.00, after earning approximately $6,000.00 in work that I referred to him.  Chris cried poor me and made as many excuses as one person could make to avoid paying his obligations.  Chris is not an honest attorney and has a long history of missing hearings, not filing pleadings, no follow-up with clients, missing meetings and ignoring his clients' concerns. His boy-toy, Jim, is NOT an attorney, as he puts himself out to be.  He is probably the worst person with regard to integrity that I have ever met. Do NOT get taken advantage of by these two and do not place your legal problems in their hands.  If you do, you could find yourself in horrible legal trouble.
Entity: Pahrump, Nevada
3, Report #1422625
Jan 12 2018
11:49 AM
CHRISTOPHER BROWN state attorney general sent threatening email Internet
i received an email this morning stating taht i am being charged with bank fraud check fraud and teft by deception  this email stated that they had been trying to contact me but left no company information or contact information or who mad ethese allegations by lack of information is what led me to believe that this may be a scam so i decided to google the guy who sentg the email and that where i found that this scam had been running for years    
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1042501
Apr 11 2013
12:15 PM
Christopher W Edwards Con-man, thief, liar, psychopath, pathological liar, sociopath, disbarred attorney Hurricane, Utah
Prior to being disbarred Chris Edwards conned my 90 and 86 year old parents (his clients) in to investing in a gold mine.  He knew they had money and he had the talent to get it from them. They lost $200,000 to him with nothing to show for it.  He promised to repay and used my fathers faith that another Mormon would be honest.  He is a very convincing liar. He gave him $50,000 for a trip to Africa on another scheme to supposedly get the money to pay him back.He gave my father a quick title to his home but it turns out that was in foreclosure. He brought him a bag of useless tiny gems that were useless. Unfortunitly Chris Edwards is still conning the aged and defenseless while owing his entire family and church and community money his has stolen. He stays just inside the law and the justice system has failed the victims. Chris Edwards has no morals or ethics. I would love for you to reply to this so we can join forces against Chris Edwards.
Entity: Hurricane, Utah
5, Report #453548
May 19 2009
10:06 PM
Attorney, Christopher Lee Diener, SBN 187890 RIP OFF FROM THE DIENER LAW GROUP - ATTORNEY: CHRISTOPHER LEE DIENER Irvine California
I hired attorney, Christopher Lee Diener sometime in September of 2008 for a loan modification. To date, he has not done anything to help me. I paid him $1,500.00 to start my case. However, I will be asking for my money back. If I do not get my money within 15 days I will be filing a complaint with the State Bar of California. Jose h. arreola, sr. Mira Loma, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Irvine, California
6, Report #1048521
May 04 2013
10:30 PM
Christopher Moon Fremont Attorney Christopher Moon will steal your retainer! Won’t show up to court! Won't return calls! Fremont Nebraska
Christopher Moon is a major ripoff. I paid him a retainer of $10,000 to be represented in a domestic violence case.  After seeing him in his office he told me that he would send a letter to the court saying he would represent me but he never sent the letter.  On the day of the hearing he never showed up to court! Luckily I was able to explain the situation to the judge and he assigned me a public defender. Unfortunately public defenders suck and I was out of money and could not have a decent lawyer represent me.   When I tried to contact Mr. Moon about returning my retainer he kept making excuses and then ignored my emails and phone calls.  This all happened in late 2012 and to this day Mr. Moon has refused to return my retainer and has blown off every phone call, email, and voicemail I left with his office.  I have had to change jobs and move out of Fremont because my reputation was so badly damaged because I did not have adequate representation in court.
Entity: Fremont, Nebraska
7, Report #1248894
Aug 16 2015
12:11 PM
Attorney Christopher Pearsall Money hungry and quits when your broke Coventry Rhode Island
 I hired Attorney Pearsall for a divorce. I gave him 2500.00 down. After a few months he starts asking for more money. I am in disability and money is hard. I kept having to give him 500.00 a month. Then when I told him I can't give you money now he resigns. Right in the middle of my case. I called around looking for other attorneys and found out he is the highest paid lawyer. He calls himself the cheapest. Wrong. Check around. And beware he will take all your money and do absolutely nothing.
Entity: Coventry, Rhode Island
8, Report #961336
Oct 28 2012
09:54 PM
Attorney Christopher Moon Attorney Christopher Moon, Bryan Chris Moon Attorney Fullerton CA accused of sexual assault!!! Santa Ana, California
Attorney Christopher Moon, Bryan Chris Moon  Fullerton CA accused of sexual assault in Westminster CaliforniaCredible information has been disclosed that B Christopher Moon was accused of sexual assault on a female guest at the Hyatt in Irvine in 1997.  Moon was employed as a bus boy and was working for room service at the time. A coworker heard a woman call for help and Christopher Moon was seen exiting the suite.   A report was filed with hotel security and Christopher Moon was dismissed from his job. The victim immediately checked out and relocated to another hotel for her safety.  The facts have been verified with several co-workers and personnel at the Hyatt.  I believe the publicity department at the hotel tried to keep it quiet. I would be very careful if I were a female client and were left in the room alone with this aggressive type of person.  Also I would not leave my wife, sister, or daughter alone with him in any room that has a securely locked door.  Just because this incident happened while he was in high school and he is now in his early 30s it doesnt mean he has changed. I worked with him and I listened to him brag about his conquests of women.DOB: 07/08/81 RACE: ASIAN HEIGHT: 58 WEIGHT: Approximately 150 pounds
Entity: Santa Ana, California
9, Report #1104652
Dec 05 2013
02:35 PM
Christopher Sherwood Davis Attorney who was supposed to fight for Us Torrance California
Christopher Sherwood Davis, new update., 1500 Rosecrans, Suite 500, manhattan Beach, California.  We had a horrible experience with this Attorney.we found this attorney rot be very deceptive to us. He overcharged for his services and quickly invoked the arbirtration clause in the contract which is not enforceable since tdisease dispute wanot a in existence at the signing of the contract.There was a lack of communication on his part and that caused problems for us. He was not always truthful in conversations with us. Think twice before you hire him. It turned out a big nightmare for us. he is really focused on his hourly rate.i would not wish our negative experience with him on anyone.
Entity: Torrance, Select State/Province
10, Report #1023948
Mar 05 2013
02:40 PM
Attorney Alliance Union Christopher Logan Attorney Alliance Union, phone calls, took 1126.00 from bank account, promised to save home. Internet
Promised to help me save my home after falling behind with Bank of America.  Took 1st payment from my checking account and i haven't heard from them since.  plan to close my account.  took 1116.00 from me!!!  cannot get a hold of anyone.  total scam!!
Entity: , Internet
11, Report #892108
Jun 02 2012
12:08 PM
Pro Tax Care/Christopher Seminatore I enlisted the services of Pro Tax Care to help me to resolve issues with the IRS... I paid with a credit card $2000.00 up front and sent all documents including Power of Attorney to them. Beverly Hills, California
I enlisted the services of Pro Tax Care to help me with issues with the IRS, including wage garnishment. I completed all of the forms they sent me (via email) and returned them to the company (via email) their fee was $2500 which I paid with my Credit Card $2000 up front and in the months following I paid another $300. After 2 years I still had not received any response from them regarding my situation, they only contacted me by phone to get the balance of $200 at which time I inquired about my case and was told by the office manager (Christopher Seminatore) that I needed to start over with the whole process and pay again their fee because of the time that had lapsed since my last communication with them, and I did not comply with that request...After that, I never heard from him again, and when I called to inquire about my case, the phone was disconnected. I tried to FAX to them but, to no avail. This whole process started in June of 2009. I contacted the Better Business Bureau and filed a complaint, and when they had done their work, they emailed me to let me know that the company was non-existant...All I'm trying to do now is recover my money back $2300, but I don't know if that is possible now...Please Help if you can! Thank You!
Entity: Beverly Hills, California
12, Report #1060108
Jun 18 2013
02:41 PM
Entity: Coffeyville, Kansas
13, Report #1123807
Feb 15 2014
01:03 PM
United Find Mortgage & Realty Daniel Reyes Rey Reyes Christopher J Langley attorney United Fund Mortgage & Realty, Daniel Reyes, Rey Reyes, New Century Solutions, NCS Processing, The Langley Law Firm, Loan Modification/Mortgage SCAM, Do not give them your personal information! Santa Ana California
 Daniel & Rey Reyes will take your money and leave you in a worse spot. They have set up several companies, run them and rip people off, and file a bankruptcy for the company, then set up a new company. The were the owners of New Century Solutions and they filed a bankruptcy for that company and then they opened up United Fund Mortgage & Realty. You can google New Century Solutions bankruptcy an you will see the court documents. They do not have licenses, they use other peoples names to run their companies so they do not end up getting in trouble if the place gets shut down.
Entity: Santa Ana, California
14, Report #1049750
May 09 2013
08:02 PM
Bryan Christopher Moon Jack Bynum Attorneys at Law Bryan Christopher Moon Jack Bynum Attorneys at Law I retained this attorney in a traffic matter in Coffeyville Kansas. After two weeks and attorney fees, I got a letter from them telling me to pay the original amount of the ticket and no explanation about what they had done. When I called, they simply read me the letter over the telephone. BYNUM IS A FAKE...BEWARE Coffeyville Kansas Coffeyville Kansas
I retained these attorneys in a traffic matter in Coffeyville Kansas. Not even two weeks later and attorney fees, I got a letter from them telling me to pay the original amount of the ticket and no explanation about what they had done.  When I called, they simply read me the letter over the telephone. THIS IS A RIPOFF, BEWARE!!!
Entity: Coffeyville, Kansas
15, Report #1222746
Apr 15 2015
10:52 PM Ypedia LLC, Topaz Productions, Topaz Promotions, Yellow Pages Online Services, Davis & Jones, Christopher Adams. scam uses deceptive advertising posing as Yellow Pages Online Services, Fake Attorney Christopher Adams from Davis & Jones Threatens to Collect Irvong Nationwide sends out postcards posing as Yellow Pages Online Services, asking you to Update or Verify or Claim your FREE listing. If you fill it out and send it back, they will harrass you for several hundred dollars. In our case $361.90, that was never agreed to. Even worse, an (ex)employee of mine filled it out and he is not authorized to make any decisions on our companies behalf. Davis & Jones (fake attorney office) emailed me attempting to collect this fake debt, from fake attorney Christopher Adams. The deceptive post card does not clearly tell you anything, do not fill out and return! Do not pay for anything from either of these companies! They use the walking fingers logo like Yellow Pages to look like them. Don't fall for this scam!
Entity: Nationwide
16, Report #1060245
Jun 18 2013
08:32 PM
Law Firm: Willim Ty Riggio Bryan Christopher Moon Jose Paolo Santos Law Firm: Willim Ty Riggio Bryan Christopher Moon Jose Paolo Santos Incompetent Attorneys!! Bankruptcy Attorney/Paralegal Costs over $65,000!!! Lost home and car due to their incompetence!! Have tried to file a lawsuit but lack the funds and lack the know how to complain to the state bar authority. Avoid these attorneys or you will end up just like me. They will not protect you!!! SouthHampton New York
Attorney William Riggio and his incompetent partners have cost my family my home, my car, almost $10,000 in legal fees, my brother's home and an extra $65,000 in debt repayment. He is presumably operating without malpractice insurance. Do not deal with these lawyers for your bankruptcy or any legal matter! He is currently operating now doing immigration law after screwing up a simple bankruptcy for me and my family.  After going through three years of stressful legal issues, I have come to find out that he may be practicing law with no malpractice insurance.
Entity: SouthHampton, New York
17, Report #1061647
Jun 24 2013
12:45 PM
Christopher Bartholomew Scammed by Christopher Bartholomew Sarasota Florida
On May 1, 2013 we received a call from Chris Bartholomew requesting a quote for 12 large prints, 48 x 32. He would provide the files and we would print to 1/2 inch Ultraboard.  We provided a quote and he submitted the files.  We printed the images and when he came to pick them up he wrote a check for $1,740.00 but marked through the address and noted new address.  He contacted us the next business day and said to not cash that check because it was from a closed account, and that he would provide credit card information when he returned to Florida.  After a couple of attempts to contact him he said he had mailed a check.  Then after a week he disputed the charges and offered to pay a little more than half of the invoice total.  At that time he said the only way he could pay was for me to give him our company's bank information and he would deposit the money.  I told him that we do not give out our bank information and he said that he would have his partner get a cashiers' check mailed that day.  A week later he said he would provide credit card infomation that day.  Two days later he said he had emailed the credit card info.  Two days later he was out of the office but would email the credit card info upon his return.  Today he is out of the office on a photoshoot and will email me tomorrow. 
Entity: Sarasota, Florida
18, Report #447108
Apr 28 2009
09:43 AM
Christopher Clegg Money back? Clearwater Florida
I also did some work with Clegg and had no idea he was like this. He was such a nice guy when we first started working together. He was always responding quickly and seemed very knowledgeable. The minute he received payment, he stopped communicating as much. It got progressively worse as time passed. This was a while back and to this day he still owes me money. He basically disappeared. This is why I don't have any contact information listed. I have a paper trail of every conversation we had, because he only communicates through email. I should have known something was up from the start. I contacted an attorney a while back and he gave me a few different options. They all required spending more $, which I don't have. If anyone here has a cheaper way of getting their money back from Clegg, please let me know. It's good to know I'm not the only one. People like him don't get too far in life. He will learn his lesson sooner or later. Filing a police report is something that I should have done a long time ago. I wish there was a way to contact some of you so we could talk in private. However, I've read through past posts and saw that Clegg responded to a few reports, trying to defend himself. If anyone can provide any helpful information, please let me know. Thanks. Dirkzander88 Leesburg, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
19, Report #915724
Jul 22 2012
12:37 PM
christopher davis chris davis scammers Internet
on may 10th 2012 i contacted darklight records an online buisness that does cd duplication,i talked to christopher davis the owner.about duplicating a cd for me and makeing 100 copies of it and doing the artwork for the cd and the packageing for and my girlfriend met with chris on may 11th 2012 to give him our artwork and tell him how we wanted it put together and pay him.he said he would have a proof for us to look at in a few days.i waited and waited.called him and emailed him.and never got and answer.finally in 2 weeks he sent a proof and i approved it.i waited again and in two weeks i got and email from him saying i never approved the proof.i tried email him calling him and never could get a hold of him the last email i got said i would get my cds july 9th i have got anything
Entity: , Internet
20, Report #397000
Dec 02 2008
12:11 PM
EFinance Group Inc. Christopher Slaughter tried to enlist me as a Financial Agent New York New York
Christopher Slaughter tried to enlist me as a Financial Agent...I checked and found their Address to be the same as Profit Finance and trying to do the same bank scam Ocsurfrider Havre de Grace, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: New York, New York
21, Report #868295
Apr 13 2012
03:19 PM
Department of Legal Affairs Alex Watson, Michael Miller, Christopher Paul & Caleb Marvin Walters. Pay day loan, Lawyers, scam, attorney, heavy accents Internet, Internet
The so called Department of Legal affairs Michael miller called for my son left a message from 707-508-4204 stating very important we return the call. Returning call Alex Watson answered giving me my son's birthday SS# and checking account # but when I asked what is this in reference to he said it was confidential. I then asked if this is confidential why did you just give me his SS# and checking account #. He then called my sons employer and asked for him and gave the employer the same information he gave me. We called back to try to figure out what this was about he said it was for something he said my son owes $989.52 and the only way to make a payment was a prepaid Visa or MC. All people we spoke with had an accent, very hard to understand. Since we kept saying what can you repeat Alex hung up on us. We called back again this time speaking with Christopher Paul, he stated we can make a payment Western Union person to person to Caleb Marvin Walters and his amount was $489.52. We stalled and said we need a couple of hours to make the payment. In that time we googled the story and MANY people have been contacted. They called again after the couple of hours and said they did not receive payment. I told him payment will not be made unless he gave me proof of the debt supposably owed. He said it was a Pay Day loan repayment (we never had a loan) and legal fees of $5000.00 will be added because we refuse to pay. I told him do what he has to do and my attorney will be receiving all information I received from them. Other #'s used 1-888-302-5282, 415-329-4933, 646-328-2038 & 646-381-3107.  
Entity: Internet, Internet
22, Report #944992
Sep 28 2012
04:57 PM
Lawyer Chris Aaron Christopher A. Aaron Con-man, lazy, scumbag Attorney, thief, fraudulent,untrustworthy, steal money from his clients. Internet
Do not hire this guy. He will steal your money and not do any work. I paid him $1500.00 of my hard earned money to represent me in filing a lawsuit against my former landlord . Chris would never return my phone calls. It was not until I threatened to go to the bar did I get a returned phone call. He never filed my case and told me he would not give my money back because he used it up on legal research.Report this guy to the Nevada bar 702-382-2200. We need to stop lawyers like this from practicing. 
Entity: , Internet
23, Report #1021144
Feb 27 2013
03:12 PM
Buttermore & Associates, LLC Christopher Lee Buttermore Scam artist attorney who takes money from clients with credit card issues and does NOTHING!! Coral Springs, Florida
Christopher Lee Buttermore, P.A. and his bogus company, Buttermore & Associates, P.A. has ripped off hundreds of clients by taking on their case of being in severe debt.  He then does nothing and uses non attorneys to play games with clients when they start getting sued for non payment of the debts.  He makes over thousands per client.  He then sells them to a bankruptcy attorney for a profit after taking as much money as he can from consumers because they are now worse off then before.   Pretending to help as the helpful attorney to do this is just plain evil! I know he has used marketing companies to drum up his business, making him a ton of money based on his lies.  He then does not pay the marketing companies any money for the work they did while working under his lies.  He owes hundreds of thousands of dollars to a few companies currently.   Lastly, this man and his company have taken advantage of the system while he sits back collecting from all sides using his non attorney partner to act as the attorney.  This is not only the biggest scam I've seen, it deserves punishment from the highest governing agencies to get this man disbarred and refund every single penny to every single client!  He should spend the rest of his rotten, lying behind in a jail cell to think about how many families he has hurt desperate enough to believe him or his lap dog non attorney.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
24, Report #1388891
Jul 28 2017
01:44 PM
Law Office of Chris Brown Christopher Brown - Brown & Brown Chris Brown is the Worst Attorney in Broward Fort Lauderdale Florida
This lawyer was garbage, he failed to show up on time to two of my hearings. Then he filed a motion to withdraw from my case without any warning. Rude staff and incompetent lawyers. Don't hire attorney Chris Brown. Avoid at all costs.    
Entity: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
25, Report #605769
May 21 2010
12:34 PM
Jason Christopher Photography Jason Christopher Photography Jason Christopher Rips Off His Photographer Representative Westlake, California
I met Jason Christopher when I was a Modeling Agent for one of the biggest modeling agencies in the country, after I left the modeling agency, I went to work as a Casting Director for beauty/fashion/lifestyle and was asked by Jason Christopher to represent him as his Photography Agent, I said that this was unfamiliar territory, but let me see if I can get you with an established Photographer Rep. Unfortunately not one of the Photography Reps wanted to take on Jason as a client, which I found to be unusual, especially for someone as talented as Jason Christopher. So I decided to be Jason's Agent at the standard 25% fee. Every Rep knows that under an exclusive agreement, the Agent is entitled to his commission regardless of whether or not the Agent procures the employment in all forms of Photography. I worked very hard promoting Jason to every Advertising Agency in this country, I promoted Jason to every fashion designer, manufacturer, retailer and wholesaler in Los Angeles to drum up some work for him, this included meeting with all the above mentioned and so forth, including promoting his talent to models for portfolio work. For the last 4 months I have spent over 1000 hours promoting Jason and his work, but does he remember his Rep when work comes in? Of course not and refuses to pay me for all his photography jobs that I did not get for him. Unfortunately I made the mistake of not signing an agreement with someone who I thought was my friend. In the course of working with Jason, Jason would give the employer the bid for the shoot, inflated by Jason of course, only to under pay the models, make up artists and hairstylists for each job. Jason is very bad at business, he forgets to sign model releases for fashion shoots and portfolio work, he doesn't like to fill our IRS forms for those who have worked with him, he prefers to pay cash, up until recently he had been operating under Jason Christopher Photography for the last 12 years which has never been formed as a business until I got him to do it just recently, the IRS and local governments would love to hear about that one and all the money he owes them.A warning to models, if you ever decide to get your portfolio done by Jason Christopher be very careful he doesn't try to get you drunk, to get you to pose naked because he will try something unappropriate with you like he has done with several models in the past including a model named Emma who has a Rip Off Report on him as well. By the way his studio is in his home, so I suggest that you do a location shoot instead if you want your pics done by him. If you are a teen model, I would really consider shooting with some other photographer, don't want you to feel uncomfortable either.I'm sorry that I had to learn the hard way with Jason, I thought we had a solid friendship, I thought wrong and because I did not sign an agreement with him I am out over $11,300 in 4 months for all the hard work I have put in promoting this so called friend. My advice to anyone that decides to do business with Jason, get everything in writing, do not pay him cash, request invoices so you know exactly how much her paid the models, mua and hairstylists etc. and most off all, especially to designers as one designer has found out, becareful about paying Jason any upfront monies, you may never see it again.One last thing that I found very disturbing about representing Jason Christopher, that some of the pictures of clients he says he shot for in his portfolio are fake where Jason had their logo/label/trademark superimposed to the pictures, for example Salvage Jeans which Jason admitted to me that he did as well as to other pics in his portfolio. So my advice to everyone, check Jason's references very carefully, I tried to but he told me alot of the companies are out of business or he nolonger has a good relationship with them anymore. Jason Christopher really hasn't worked in over 1 1/2 years ever since that Model Emma filed a complaint against him where he got naked in front of her during a lingerie shoot she paid for and starting playing with himself. I spoke with Emma, she did not deserve this kind of treatment, so to all models, be careful with Jason, tread lightly so you don't get hurt like Emma did.
Entity: Westlake, California

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