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1, Report #1226647
May 04 2015
07:28 AM
Dragons Armory Weapons Internet
 I had ordered a Ivona led light & never received it & have tried several attempts to contact be phone & emails & no response what so ever
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1404052
Oct 04 2017
07:35 AM
Auction Armory Auction Armory is a SCAM! Started following Auction Armory on insta and saw a few of my photos, checked out his Auction Armory website and found even more. At first, no big deal then I noticed another site of his called with one of my giveaways and a handful of my products.  Orlando Internet
Auction Armory is a SCAM! Started following Auction Armory on insta and saw a few of my photos, checked out his Auction Armory website and found even more. At first, no big deal then I noticed another site of his called with one of my giveaways and a handful of my products. All which are affiliate links off his site to another site not even mine! I have giving no permission for this site to post my content and will contacting my lawyers. As a company owner we spend 1000s of dollars to publish content on our websites. Just so some jerk can post it on his site and toss it out like it’s his. I’m labeling both auctionarmory and as scams and shouldn’t be allowed online. No ligament accounts with 100s of items that he has no ties to. After I joined I was hit will 3 email blasts from Mailchimp within 5 mins. Really pisses me off to see our product links pointing to an off shore site. Thanks Auction Armory!
Entity: Internet
3, Report #433698
Mar 12 2009
09:11 PM
I ordered Star Trek - Countdown #1 from these people and the post office claimed they delievered it to my address. I did not receive it. The first time I emailed them, they blew me off. I tried to open communication through Paypal, but they escalated it to a claim and then said that since I went that route they would only be able to give me a partial refund. They kept referring me to the post office who told me to go through the merchant. Two days later, they just started ignoring my emails. I had to go to Paypal and get a courtesy credit through them. I have never had such a horrible, frustrating experience in my life. They were uncommunicative and just plain rude. It seems like they'd be great if everything went smoothly, but as soon as things go wrong - LOOK OUT! Anonymous Tustin, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
4, Report #779540
Sep 21 2011
01:08 PM
This guy George is a thief and rip-off artist. i placed a 1400 dollar order with him and every part he sent was a cheap reproduction .parts that he stamped himself. they also didnt fit. other thing that raised a flag with him is he took 6 weeks to fill my order, DO NOT DEAL WITH HIM !! He is a con man /rip-off /scammer. DO NOT BUY FROM HIM, After i got hosed , i looked into him on various chat rooms/ message boards, if you dont beleave me go ask around for yourself.
Entity: RIVERBANK, California
5, Report #971519
Nov 19 2012
04:49 PM
5280 Armory Lies and Thiefs Arvada, Colorado
Bought a NEW $1,100 rifle from this gun store, via the internet. When the gun arrived it was obviously not new. It had alot of scratches, the scratches were deep and completely through the guns finish.  The gun is in used condition and not worth what I paid. Notified seller and told them about the damage and was basically told, tough luck.  They pride themselves on being a family owned business but this family is lacking any morals or standards. And, Matt--- your the man of the family and should have some values and show/teach your children the right and honest way to do things, not teach them to rip off people.  What kind of example are you setting for your kids? Reap what you sow.......
Entity: Arvada, Colorado
6, Report #1144817
May 07 2014
02:54 PM
7, Report #1192681
Dec 02 2014
09:48 PM
Black Weapons Armory Lies Tucson Arizona
On June 11th I went to Black Weapons Armory and paid $1750 dollars down for an LWRC R.E.P.R.  Although I was going to pay a few hundred dollars more versus the internet, it is really important to me to support local businesses.  I was told it would take two to three months to arrive and they would call when it did.  At the three-month point I called and asked for an update.  Tom, the owner, said that the rifles were taking a long time to ship due to demand.  I immediately began to worry when I got online and did more research on Black Weapons Armory and saw almost exclusively negative reviews including a piece by KVOA news in Tucson about a very similar situation but involving much less money.  I called LWRC International and asked the sales department specifically about the availability of the rifle I ordered and they said the rifle was on the shelves and they could have it to me in three days.  I called BWA back the next week after not receiving a call from them to inquire about the rifle.  I was told the same backorder story and I explained to them that I had spoken to the company and what they told me about having the rifle on the shelves.  They said that was not the case and they did not know why I was told that.  At the four-month point I called LWRC back to inquire further about the rifle availability and ask some more specific questions.  I was told the rifle had been available to ship for several months and there had been no delay in shipping in 2014.  I called BWA and confronted them with this information and Tom, even knowing that I had spoken to the company, continued to lie to me about the status of my rifle and said LWRC had not released them for shipping yet.  Complete lie.  At this point I was very concerned about losing all of my down payment for what I thought could be their second bankruptcy situation.  I decided I would take the $350 hit for the 20% return fee that I was going to be charged even though my gun had never been ordered.  I did not want to lose my entire $1750 down payment.  I called Tom to give him a heads up that I would be in the next day to get my money back so that he could have the cash on hand.  He told me that the rifle had been ordered so it was too late. I said great, I will come in tomorrow and we can call LWRC together and confirm the order and I would be satisfied.  He became very defensive and said that I shouldn’t do that and he didn’t appreciate “being babysat” on this deal.  I politely said I would see him tomorrow and hung up.  I called LWRC and confirmed that was also a lie.  The next day as I was driving in I called LWRC to confirm that the sales rep that I had been working closely with over the last several weeks would be available to take a call in a few minutes.  He informed me that my rifle had been ordered five minutes earlier.  I chose not to go to BWA and decided to wait for the rifle to come in.  Three days later they called and I went in and picked up the rifle and paid the rest of the balance.  That was on October 29th, 4 ½ months after the down payment was made.  I think I was most shocked and insulted by the continuous lies I was told even after telling them that I was in direct communication with the company.  They were obviously playing some type of shell game with peoples money and I was not the first to have this problem.  I can’t imagine they will be in business much longer and someone is going to get screwed if they have given them money.  LWRC was very helpful and apologetic throughout and they make an amazing product.  I highly recommend them but I also highly recommend that no one give Black Weapons Armory their money without touching the product.  Very simply, dishonest and bad business practices.  Do your research.
Entity: Tucson, Arizona
8, Report #1211554
Feb 25 2015
09:38 AM
Dragons Armory Weapons Universe rip off never got my item.
Entity: Internet
9, Report #1268348
Nov 16 2015
03:52 PM
black weapons armory Theft Tucson Arizona
Jesus, fort hood tx.  as a military service memeber i made special order with black weapons armory to get a custom ar rifle witch would cost me me around 17,000. I have been makiing payments for this rifle for the last past year.Come to find out that black weapons armory if permantly closed due to fraud and ripoffs and i did not recieve me weapon nor get my money back. i have to much money invested in this weapon tohave lost all my money. I want a full reemburcement for what i payed to get this weapon done. i still have all the recites saved from every payment i made and would like to get all my money back. 
Entity: Tucson, Arizona
10, Report #434686
Mar 16 2009
10:41 AM
Beware. These guys are dishonest, and possibly out of business!!! I see that I am not the first person to report them to Rip-Off Reports. I placed an order on 3/10/09 for a $130.00 holster. Their site says ships within 48-72 hours). Their site says my order is in processing, and it has said that for the past 6 days. They replied to my email inquiry that i sent in 3/13 & said it is being shipped and will receive an email immediately. That was three days ago, still no email, their site still shows my order as in processing. Their phone has been disconnected and/or they no longer answer it. They will not answer subsequent emails. They charged my American Express Card on 3/10, the date of order, when they havn't shipped it, which is a violation of FTC rules. I just got off the phone with American Express. They have put a credit to my account and will followup. AMEX ADVISES that this is NOT the first complaint they have had about Tactical Gun Armory. I am forwarding a copy of this email to the FTC. Lesson here: Check the internet for complaints about companies before you do business with them on the net. Rip-off Report will be the first place I check from now on!!! Bart Langdon, New HampshireU.S.A.
Entity: Knoxville, Tennessee
11, Report #1225822
Apr 29 2015
06:39 PM
Black Weapons Armory Paid $850 for suppressor - Black Armory Refused to Transfer Trust Tucson Arizona
In November of 2014 I purchased an Advanced Armament Corp Ti-Rant 9mm Silencer; we created a trust with Black Weapons Armory; they were going to keep the silencer in their safe while the ATF completed the paperwork for my stamp.Sometime in January of 2015 my wife and I visited the store just to find the doors locked and posted the company had changed their business strategy and retail sales would only be completed by appointment only.Out of concern I callled the store to flnd out what was going on and what the status of my silencer was.I called several times with no reply.  When Tom finally returned my call I told him I wanted to transfer my trust to another gun shop.  He told me not to worry that I would still be getting my silencer; I told him I want to transfer trust, he said do not worry about it, he stated they were working with ATF to get paperwork completed in shorter time.  I told him I wanted to transfer the trust; he told me not to worry and hung up.Now i find out the store is closed and under investifation; I paid $850 for my silencer and $200 to ATF; I am out $1050.  Is there anylthing I can do to get my silencer.I figure the serial number for my silencer is on the ATF paperwork; how can they sell it to anyone else.  I just want the silencer I paid for; I just want the trust transferre assuming that is still a possibility.
Entity: Tucson, Arizona
12, Report #1301584
Apr 24 2016
09:16 PM
I recently bought a nemo omen match 22 300 win mag rifle from darc ops armory auctions.  It was a used rifle and the money was going towards a good cause.  Funds for a family member suffering from brain cancer.  I thought great cause and I wanted to buy.I was sold an omen on its last leg.  They could not tell me the round count and claimed it was in great condition.  They also promised to clean the rifle before shipping it out.  I recieved it in a reused cardboard box, reused dirty bubble wrap.  The rifle was covered with light brown dirt.  The whole thing.  The FFL i sent it to, cringed when they pulled it out the box, because of all of the dust and dirt in the box.  I reluctantly took it home.  I field stripped the rifle and found numerous wtf's all over the rifle.  This was the dirtiest rifle I have ever cleaned.The lower was grinded down to mate better with the lower.  Now their is slop between upper and lower. The entire bore was black and corroded.  The gas tube protruding into the receiver was black.  The barrel rifling showed signs of abnormal wear.  The bolt and extractor were riddled with brass foulings.  The rubber o ring in the extractor was deformed.  The firing pin has a hairline crack right below the head, going all the way around.  The patented recoil plunger head is cracked in two places.  Ive included pictures of everything.   Now I have handled this rifle before and have done a lot of research before purchasing, but I know what it supposed to look like.  $6000 rifles are not supposed to look like this.  I live in Hawaii and darc ops is located in oklahoma.  They are refusing my calls because it is a Hawaii number.  Ive been calling for days.  They are unethical and dishonest.  Reviews on darc ops state that they sell damaged rifles.  I should have known.  All their reviews say the same thing, so nothing new here.  Me im out a lot of money.  Grinding down the lower voided the warranty.  The obvious use of the wrong bullet loads ruined the barrel life and also voided the warranty.  I had to write a review on just to get them to read this.  Thats how ridiculous this company is.  They completely lied and sold me a damaged worthless rifle.  I contacted NEMO and sent them all the pictures.  They said the rifle is unsafe to fire and is not eligible warranty.  So im out $4000.  I worked very hard to purchase this rifle.  Now I have to save up $5600 and buy a brand new one.  Thanks darc ops armory.  Your integrity is why was created.  Its people like you who keep this website alive and viable.
Entity: Nationwide
13, Report #449640
May 07 2009
12:49 PM
Tactical Gun Armory Backordered items for over 4 months and unresponsive Internet
I ordered two Bersa 9mm magazines, at $40 each on the 7th of February. I received a message that said they were back-orderd, and would probably ship in one to two weeks. It is now 4 months later, and repeated emails and phone calls generate only a form email response. Rlp Dublin, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
14, Report #489507
Sep 03 2009
12:59 PM
Tactical Gun Armory Deceptive Business Practices Knoxville Tennessee
It is the same story that has been told many times at numerous online posts. Tactical Gun Armory (TGA) sells, takes orders, and quickly collects payment for items that are not available. If the customer cancels the order, expect a long and drawn out refund that is a whole lot slower than the charges made to your credit card.   Without any indication of the item unavailable, I made the mistake of ordering a revolver on August 6. Six days later, I found out that the item is backordered for at least 3-4 weeks. I cancelled the order and was told that it will take 7-10 days to see a refund to my credit card. Twelve days have gone by and no refund was made. I called to inform TGA that I am taking actions with the Better Business Bureau, the Attorney Generals Office, and any other consumer protection organizations. Six days later, the refund showed up.   I must point out a comment made online that because this company sells products that are relatively lower as compared with the other sellers then the customers get what they pay for. What a seriously flawed and another crooked way of logic and thinking. That could be defensible if the facts are made known by TGA to the customer at the time business is conducted. Important facts such as the item not being available and credit card will be charged the same as if the item is ready to ship. If not, then that is deception and misrepresentation by all definitions. This is the first time I have dealt with an online retailer that charges a credit card for an item that is not available for who knows how long.   Why this business has continued to exist with such shady practices is beyond me. If the laws are not good enough to protect the unknowing consumers, then we should at least inform and warn as many people as we can. Gun advocates, legitimate businesses, and organizations such as the NRA and other firearms owners associations should be involved in informing the public. The bottom line, stay away from TGA. The few dollars you think you can save with TGA are well worth spending at reputable gun and accessories retailers. Stay Away!!
Entity: Knoxville, Tennessee
15, Report #457231
Jun 01 2009
08:32 AM
Tactial Gun Armory Charged my credit card, never shipped item. NO REFUND Knoxville Tennessee
I ordered a magazine for a Browning. My credit card was billed. 10 days later I received a notice that the item was on back ordered. I sent 3 Emails which were never answered and called 3 times to cancel the order and get a refund. The order was cancelled and I never received a refund after 6 weeks. Keith Perryville, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Knoxville, Tennessee
16, Report #453629
May 20 2009
08:25 AM
Tactical Gun Armory Selling products with no inventory, no refund Knoxville Tennessee
TGA's policy is to charge your card when you order regardless of inventory. I ordered a Galco holster online, it back-ordered. I cancelled my order. I have recieved no refund even after repeated phone calls. I finally phoned my card company to initiate a fradulent charge reverse on my account. I can't tell you what TGA's problem is, but they must be very short on operating cash. Be carefull doing business with them. Sorry Delano, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Knoxville, Tennessee, Nationwide
17, Report #441780
Apr 08 2009
02:43 AM Tactical Gun Armory straight up SCAM! Knoxville Tennessee is a straight up SCAM. I ordered a $400 rifle scope, my credit card was immediately billed for it and a day later I received an email saying the item was out of stock. My friends, everything from this website is out of stock because they don't carry any stock to begin with. I sent numerous emails and like so many others was assigned a ticket number number of some sort due to a high volume of emails and orders. I never received an email back except an auto response about the ticket number for my complaint. When I called I finally got through to someone who assured me my order would be canceled and my card would be refunded but of course that didn't happen and I will likely never see that money again. Hopefully you are reading this BEFORE you order something from this fraudulent company and haven't made the same mistake I did by not checking the company out beforehand. I hope and pray we can do something about this and shut this company down and make them pay! Ethan Daytona Beach, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Knoxsville, Tennessee
18, Report #703886
Mar 07 2011
04:22 PM
tactical gun armory Over a year and no product or refund knoxville, Tennessee
On Oct. 17,2009 I ordered (2) Beretta mod. 21, 7 rd. magazines from Tactical Gun Armory. They were showing these as in stock. After several months I emailed them and was told that they were on back order. I wrote back and requested a refund and told that I had to call their office to do this ,but that they were expecting  an order to come in. I forgot about this until Oct 4, 2010 and called their office to request a refund. I was told that it would take 3-6 weeks to receive it. I called again in January 2011 and was told that the refund would be coming very shortly. I emailed them again on mar 01, 2011 and received an email on Mar 02 stating that it had been turned over to the general manager, Brandon, and that he would take care of it. Almost a week later I have not heard from them or have I received a refund.
Entity: knoxville, Tennessee
19, Report #228118
Dec 31 2006
10:16 PM
Florida Gun Works - Florida Armory, False Advertising Ripoff Miami Florida
Florida Gunworks 8306 Mills Drive Unite #5 Miami, FL UNITED STATES, 33183 (305)207-7100 Florida Armory Incorporated Florida gunworks fax (305) 207-1330 Florida Armory Inc Address: 8870 SW 40th St # 3, Miami, FL 33165 Phone: (305) 207-1300 (305) 207-7100 (fax) Complaint: I received my order (Order Number : xxxxx) and the part in question a Vortex flash hider that I was shipped is not actually a vortex (branded) flash hider; it's not the same as on the FGW web page and it's not the same as on SEI webpage (the inventors of Vortex). They are showing one product and shipping another; Vortex is a trademarked product there is ONLY ONE kind and no other. They are shipping other types of flash hiders under the guise of the Vortex brand and style. I have emailed and called numerous times and 99% have been ignored. I did receive an RMA in order to return the fraudulent part; HOWEVER I have called and emailed to verify prior to shipping that I will receive ALL of my money back including S&H and of course I am being ignored and have received no reply information from FGW since 05/10/2006. To date, I have sent FGW 16 emails, FGW have responded only two times. Additional information - it appears to me that FGW is selling under multiple aliases: Interestingly the fax number for FGW is listed under a company called Florida Armory. Florida Armory is playing games when you call them. Both FGW and Florida Armory show the same contact person for the two company websites (whois) Taylor, Myrna. Yet, when I called Florida Armory they became irate and denied knowing Taylor, FGW etc. FGW fax # 305-207-1330 Florida Armory # 305-207-1300 (cant be a coincidence) I found multiple addresses: FGW 8153 SW 153rd Ct. Miami, FL 33193 8306 Mills Drive Unit 571 Miami, FL 33183 Florida Armory, Inc. 8870 SW 40th #3 Miami, FL 33165 I have filed a complaint with the West Palm Beach, FL BBB - I have filed with the Internet Crime Complaint Center and the BBB Serving Southeast Florida Buyer beware! B. Tulsa, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
20, Report #1100511
Nov 19 2013
04:29 AM
Duck Creek Armory Non delivery of promised goods. Davenport Iowa
Ordered a M4 Ar-15 rifle from Duck Creek Armory back in June. Paid in full on June 7th with a manufacture date of completion of 60-90 days. 90 days come and go and i contact the company via email to get a status update on my rifle. They responded that they couldnt determine the exact build phase that the rifle was in but it was getting close to being completed. Two more weeks go by and no response from Duck Creek on my rifle. I call the company and speak to the store manager and he tells me that they had issues with some of the parts and had to send them back to get replaced. I advised him that i did not get a phone call or email stating this issue. He said that it shouldnt be too much longer, probably two more weeks. Three weeks go by and i again call them to find out where my rifle is. Well, now there is a recording on that says, Due to the increased volume of calls, we cannot answer the phone at this time I tried to call several time and everytime the same recording is on. Forward now to yesterday. I called again and now the company has a recording on that says that they cannot accept any calls at this time. It has been 155+ days and counting. At this point, i feel as if they took my money and ran with it. Now i have to figure out how to get my money back from this unprofessional company. Steer clear from this shady business and take your hard earned money elsewhere.
Entity: Davenport, Iowa
21, Report #1102493
Nov 26 2013
10:49 PM
DUCK CREEK ARMORY Did not deliver product Davenport Iowa
 I made a paid in full purchased of a basic M4 on 6-13-13 from (dca). they siad thier build time was 3 months but they usualy beat thier build times. I called in september to comfirm shipment. They said they recieved a bad batch of bolts for thier supplier. i called again in october and they said my rifle was in quality being inspected and it would be shipped the following week and i would get an email comfromation of shippment. i didnt get an emil so i called again. I got a voice mail directing me to thier website for further communication with them. i sent an email november 22nd informing them that i wanted my rifle shipped the next week and if not i wanted a full refund. I got no response only to descover this week that thier phone is disconnected, thier website is down, and according to a guy that lives locally, thier doors are locked and they are out of business. Merry christmas to me Duck Creek !
Entity: Davenport, Iowa
22, Report #1102090
Nov 25 2013
01:17 PM
Duck Creek Armory Cannot receive refund Davenport Iowa
I paid a M4 basic style AR-15 off in July. No communication and always delays. Sent multiple emails with only delayed time frames for rifle to be complete. Sent emails recently to request refund. Received one email stating money was being sent back. That was almost a month ago and still no refund. Scam artists is the only word to describe them. 
Entity: Davenport, Iowa
23, Report #1102307
Nov 26 2013
10:41 AM
I ordered a custom firearm to be made by Duck Creek Armory (DCA) on their website through their online layaway process. My first interaction with them was 17DEC12 where I made my first official payment through their website towards the purchase of the firearm. I proceeded to make all payments on time and finished paying for the product ahead of schedule on 22MAY13.Duck Creek Armory promised delivery of my custom firearm to my Florida state FFL within 90 calendar days for proper exchange to occur. I am a licensed firearm owner and I have a State issued license to handle and operate firearms in the State of Florida, and I was purchasing a product through the Internet from a local business in your jurisdiction. On 20AUG13, (90 days) later I called to find out where my rifle is and they informed me of some quality control issues which caused further delays, and told me that the firearm would be ready by the end of the month of August.This went on the same way in September, October, and continues to this day.THIS ISSUE IS NOT RESOLVED AS I AM STILL WAITING - DAY 172! and I still don't have my product, and no signs of when (or IF) I ever will see the product, or my money ever again. They have since turned their phones off to the public, and are no longer answering emails.I am very upset about this and was looking forward to this and have purchased additional parts for the rifle range. This is a simple case of theft at this point as there are many other people on Google complaining of the same issue. I want action to be taken against these people.I either want my rifle or something equivalent sent to my licensed FFL dealer ASAP, or I demand a refund back to my current bank account.Either way, this cannot continue, money is extremely hard to come by today and I will not just sit around and let people take money from others.I have filed a police report with the Davenport, IA Police Department and will pursue them until I get my money back. Within the last week, they have shut down their website, disconnected their phone line and will not return any emails. They have been caught and they know it.Hopefully the police will find them and bring them to justice.
Entity: Davenport, Iowa
24, Report #1103842
Dec 03 2013
04:42 AM
Duck Creek Armory Nondelivery of Paid item Davenport Iowa
I finished a preorder layaway for a Glock 30SF with Duck Creek Armory on 7/2/2013. The firarm was Out of Stock but came back in stock early Nov. I sent an email every other day starting Oct 20 and received No response. I wanted them to Hold one for me and send to my FFL and Not wait another Five months for it to come back in stock. The Glock was in stock. All Duck Creek had to do was Ship it out. I could Not get thru using their phone number. There was a recording that stated due to increased work volume they will not answer any phone calls and to email instead but they did not respond to email. A few days later in early Nov the phone had a message that stated the number was temporarily Out of service. I even tried Faxing them that my Paid fiearm was in Stock and Please ship it out to my FFL. Still No response. A member on the forum FirearmsTalk posted a photo of Duck Creek Armory Closed with a sign in their window stating the need to liquidate inventory and are seeking alternative means to do so.They had active actions on Gunbroker Nov 19  They could have Shipped my Paid for Glock as soon as it came back in stock but they did Not and have Closed down. They Owe me a Glock 30SF or a Full refund of $567.00    
Entity: Davenport, Iowa
25, Report #1202703
Jan 19 2015
12:02 PM
Dragon's Armory Corporation Takes Your Money and Does NOT send Product Las Vegas Internet
I purchased products from the website Dragon's Armory Corporation for my husband for Christmas. They immediately took the money out of my account, but I never received any product. Several phone messages and email, all unreturned, still never received anything. Do NOT give this company your account information!
Entity: Internet

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