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1, Report #1071040
Jul 29 2013
01:24 PM
AuraVie AuraVie scam Van Nuys California
I decided to try their 3-in-1 trail for $4.95 Shipping and Handling.After summited the order with my credit card, I saw that I had 10 days to cancel or would be charged $97.88 on a continuing monthly bill as a subscription.I immediately called to cancel, but the only option was to send it back (at my expense) or be charged the whole $97.88, if they did not get it back unused in 30 days.The information was rattled off very fast, when I tried to get it repeated, I was then informed I choose to cancel the subscription, and keep the product but pay for it at some reduced price around $40.This is a company no one should deal with.
Entity: Van Nuys, California
2, Report #853914
Mar 14 2012
03:38 PM
AuraVie AuraVie skin care ripoff $97plus. Internet, Internet
i answered an online offer for AuraVie skin care. It was less than $2. Imagine my surprise when several weeks later my credit card was charged $97+.   I disputed the charge and called AuraVie. Their customer service person was nasty, argumentative, rude, and hostile and informed me that the bank would rule in their favor. Watch out anyone who does business with them. Their products aren't that great, and I could see no benefit to using them except for lining the company's pocket with money. I can't believe they continue to stay in business after three years of treating customers like this.
Entity: Internet, Internet
3, Report #1027114
Mar 11 2013
04:02 PM
AuraVie AuraVie charged me 97.88 that was not authorized , Internet
I was charged 97.88 on my check card that was not authorized.  Nothing was in any paperwork or on line about being charged this amount.  I was charged for shipping which was for the samples I received and I was aware of this charge. I phoned my bank immediately when I saw this charge on my statement and filed a fraudulent charge and got a new bank card: this case is still open.  I did this on Friday March 8 and today is March 11 Monday. 
Entity: Internet, Internet
4, Report #1063678
Jul 01 2013
05:24 PM
AuraVie AuraVie SCAM Van Nuys California
  Excepted a free trial offer on the internet and one month later received more product and a $97.88 charge. Called the AuraVie and they said I had accepted a contract and had to pay. I believe this is an internet scam and this company is a predator.
Entity: Van Nuys, California
5, Report #1040784
Apr 04 2013
05:31 PM
AuraVie Ripped Off By Auravie Van Nuys, California
I enjoy finding good beauty products but want to be sure they do what they claim before paying a high dollar amount for them.  That's what was exciting about getting a 30 day trial of AuraVie products.  Thirty days of daily use should be enough to determine if a product works for me. I did not find the products to be what they claimed.  I had saved the box the product came in so that I could use it to return the product if it did not meet my expectations.  When I took out the box I was looking for the return address but it listed a PO Box only.  I wanted to return it with tracking information so I could be sure it was received.  So I went back to the internet to find the street address.  That is when I discovered it was a scam.  I immediately checked my credit card and sure enough, I had already been charged $98 for something I never ordered.  I called the credit card company right away and asked that they refuse payment and block AuraVie from any further charges to my card.  My credit card company told me it would take 3 to 5 days before I would hear back from them so I don't know what outcome will be. I called AuraVie and got a recording.  I decided to send them an email indicating that I had returned the product and did not approve any further credit card charges.  When I finally was able to speak to someone, I was told I was sent a 30 day supply but only had 10 days to try it.  Now does that make sense to anybody???  How is it that all the people who decide to try this product think they have 30 days of use before returning it and are completely surprised when they are told they only had 10 days of use? I can't imagine working for a company and having to deal with all the calls they must get from angry consumers.  Even worse would be owning a company that intentionally cheats people.  I wonder how they sleep at night!
Entity: Van Nuys, California
6, Report #1067259
Jul 15 2013
05:38 PM
Auravie Skincare AuraVie RIP OFF Van Nuys California
 AuraVie of Van Nuys, Calornia offered a free trial of their cosmetic product for $4.95 for shipping and handling.  Product received and tried.  Cancelled for re-ship only to be told I would be charged for shipment of $98. and change because I didn't cancel within 7-day trial period.  My packing slip that came with product did NOT make any note of such trial data.  I cannot reach a real person and from what I read on all the complaints on the company it would not matter anyway.  I am disputing the charge, have created a report with the Better Business Bureau and will be contacting the California attorney general about this.  This is a horrible scam and if you purchase these products, not only are they terrible, but you will never get to speak to a real person and they will never work with you.... which proves it's a scam.  It is a predatory scam because they came after me online when I had made a purchase from QVC.  I intend to get my money back and to shut them down for their disgraceful business practices.  I'll update this if I get new info.    
Entity: Van Nuys, California
7, Report #1139273
Apr 16 2014
09:12 AM
AuraVie AURAVIE - HUGE Ripe Off!!! Don't Do It!!! Tarzana California
AuraVie is a rip-off company - I thought I would be getting a trial offer and charged shipping charges only - I did not see anywhere that I needed to call in 10 days to cancel or be charged $97.88. They hide that VERY well. In fact even when that charge showed up on my credit card statement at the end of the month and I re-looked at the ad I STILL couldn't find where it stated that about canceling in 10/days. It's probably there somewhere. But it is clearly total deceptive marketing.    When I called the company the people where creepy. I kept asking for the manager. They kept bouncing me from one to another person, none who where actual managers I'm sure. I did not get anywhere. I was on the phone for more than an hour with no hope. I finally hung up and called my bank who handled it in five minutes. They credited my account and are getting their money back from the creepy company. CALL YOUR BANK - LET THEM HANDLE IT!!
Entity: Tarzana, California
8, Report #1134360
Mar 28 2014
06:01 AM
AuraVie/Facekit AuraVie free sample Van Nuys California
I was offered a free sample of AuraVie products on or supposedly a $100 value and all i had to do was pay shipping and handling (less than $5). I assumed the samples would be those little evelope type samples that last a day or 2. I was suprised to find 3 bottles that will last quite a while (enough to make sure I'll like the product). I was very impressed and decided I'd support the company if the samples ended up working well for me. Today I get a fraud alert from my bank that Facekit tried to charge $97.88 to my debit card which was declined. Thank goodness! I'm not even going to call the cosmetic company. They will NOT be getting any of my business. Ever.
Entity: Van Nuys, California
9, Report #1120930
Feb 04 2014
05:01 PM
AuraVie Skicare No Answer AuraVie Van Nuys California
I had a senior citizen moment and ordered AuraVie for just shipping charges.  This is a month trial program. HA, it is a 10 day program.  They charged my credit card $97.66 without my knowledge.  I was curiouse about this program since nothing about cancelling came in the package or was on the order page.  I had to Google this company to find anything on them.  I called right away and cancelled, did not get to talk to a human.  I sent a e-mail to them not once but twice within minutes to correct and add information to request a return number and find out how to send their product back.  Resent another e-mail today on 2/4/2014 for same info.  As of 11 hours ago still no e-mail.  This is the only way I have to contact them since I am gone during day.  Wonder if I will ever hear from them.  Do Not order unless you want a big bill for nothing.
Entity: Van Nuys, California
10, Report #833008
Feb 02 2012
04:20 PM
AuraVie Real ripoff and scam Internet, Internet
 I ordered this product off facebook ad on side, said 30 day free trial for shipping only, ordered the product sent an email  eleven days later to cancel the product. Today a 97.88 charge is put on credit card, called company and was told i am responsible, if you didnt like had to return product unopened within 10 days , how can it be trial product if you do not open, said i had sent email and heard nothing they said email had to be sent to Bonsai or something like that, where that came in I have no idea.  I said how can it be a trial if you dont open he had no answer for that , how can you return  unused if it is a trial.  The product was not as shown of course, in fact I have used better products that are a tenth of the price.  They also advertise money back guarantee, but I offered to return product I had hardly used, no go because I had opened it as a trial.  I would never recommend this product and watch yourselves you will pay for free trial to the tune of almost $100.00
Entity: Internet, Internet
11, Report #856392
Mar 19 2012
07:53 PM
AuraVie Risk Free Trial is misleading Internet
I ordered the Risk Free Trail offer from AuraVie, only to find out that this is NOT a free offer at all. When I discovered that $97.88 was withdrawn from my checking account, I contacted this company only to find out that I had ten days in which to cancel this product and then return it. No where on the statement this information is provided. I was told that it was listed in the terms and conditions, which I never saw, it must have been in with the small print. It`s a shame that this company is not confident enough in their product, that they have to trick people into buying it!
Entity: , Internet
12, Report #896956
Jun 13 2012
10:37 AM
AuraVie TOTAL RIP OFF!! Internet
I ordered the AuraVie free trial offer on 5/23/12 at which time my bank acc. was charged a total of $4.95.  I recieved my trial on or about 5/30/12.  When I accessed by bank acc. on 6/8/12 I noticed AuraVie had charged me another $97.88! I called and canceled my account with them the same day via their automated phone system. Since I thought they had sent me another supply I decided to just eat the $97.88 and use the extra product.  When I didn't recieve any product from them by June 13th, I called their customer service.  Imagine my shock when they told me the $97.88 was for the trial offer, that I only had 10 days to cancel and not 30 days as I understood it to be.  I hadn't even had the product for 10 days! Beware of this company!  They are a total rip off! The product isn't any better than what I can get at any department store for a lot less money!
Entity: Internet, Internet
13, Report #896958
Jun 13 2012
10:45 AM
AuraVie TOTAL RIP OFF!! Internet
I ordered the AuraVie free trial offer on 5/23/12 at which time my bank acc. was charged a total of $4.95.  I recieved my trial on or about 5/30/12.  When I accessed by bank acc. on 6/8/12 I noticed AuraVie had charged me another $97.88! I called and canceled my account with them the same day via their automated phone system. Since I thought they had sent me another supply I decided to just eat the $97.88 and use the extra product.  When I didn't recieve any product from them by June 13th, I called their customer service.  Imagine my shock when they told me the $97.88 was for the trial offer, that I only had 10 days to cancel and not 30 days as I understood it to be.  I hadn't even had the product for 10 days! Beware of this company!  They are a total rip off! The product isn't any better than what I can get at any department store for a lot less money!
Entity: Internet, Internet
14, Report #907903
Jul 06 2012
08:30 PM
Auravie Major Rip Off, Internet
Auravie - I was appalled when I tried to cancel the FREE SAMPLE that I had to pay $39.95 to cancel it immediately.  Read all the print on the website and sign up page before you subscribe.  It stated FREE SAMPLE, but they actually enroll you in a monthly subscription.  I paid them their $39.95 & received the darn product, but can't even think about using it with a scam like this.  Just Ridiculous.  Does not matter how good it is.  Vendors should not treat their customers this way.  If you advertise it as FREE, it should be Free.  I just wanted to try it out, not be locked into some monthly contract.  If it worked, I certainly would have ordered more.  Is there no morality or dignity in these internet companies.  Guess Not!
Entity: , Internet
15, Report #1117314
Jan 21 2014
02:27 PM
Auravie False advertisement Encino CA
I saw the product was advertising a free trial of the product provided I pay a nominal amount for shipping.  I did see that if I don't cancel my membership within a specified time frame, my credit card would be charged.  After speaking with their customer service representative today I learned that not only will I have to pay to return the product if I intend to cancel, but if they don't receive the product by a specified time frame, my card will be charged.  Nowhere in the advertisement did it specify that I would need to pay to return the product and nowhere did it read that I would have to return the product at all if I simply wanted to cancel my membership.  This is the biggest scam I've ever seen.  
Entity: Select State/Province
16, Report #1025824
Mar 08 2013
07:14 PM
Auravie Skin damage burn VanNuys, California Internet
I got the offer for 30 days free trial and I got burn on my skin for the use of these auravie cream. I contact them and tell them that I was feeling a burning sensation on my sking and they said to clean my face with water and return the product to them. Now after use all kind of different way to fix my skin didn't work and I still having marks of burning on my skin.
Entity: VanNuys, Internet
17, Report #1024440
Mar 06 2013
12:23 PM
auravie SCAM Internet
As you can see from the complaints filed here and the 200 on the Better Business Bureau website they are a scam.  They got me for $98 too.  I could tell when speaking to their customer service that they know it.  They had stock answers about FTC rules etc. And instead of trying to resolve my complaint, kept repeating how I was wrong and wanting to walk me back through how I ordered this product.  If their product was any good, they would not have to resort to deception. If thousands (Google them) are complaining that they are deceiving people with their supposed terms and conditions then why don't they change them to make it more clear?  Any legitimate company would.  No company who believed in their product would want the public to be tricked into buying it.  No, they hire a former FTC lawyer to find ways to legal scam people.   I encourage everyone to file complaints with the FTC, their state Attorney Generals office, and the Better Business Bureau.  
Entity: , Internet
18, Report #1065479
Jul 09 2013
07:37 AM
AuraVie SCAM Van Nuys California
This company offers trial & samples for a small fee of shipping only.  This fee is $4.95They then begin to send automatic deliveries to you on a monthly basis & charge your credit or debit card a whopping $97.88.They do not respond to email nor do they answer the phone or return calls.I called my bank & because it was already charged, my bank will not reverse the charges.This is a scam, the banks know it just go with the flow.  Our hands are tied as consumers because we cannot reach anyone at this company.I urge anyone who has been duped by this company to file a report with the CA attorney generals office as I have done.
Entity: Van Nuys, California
19, Report #1147225
May 16 2014
09:20 AM
AuraVie Scammed. Van Nuys California
Received offer for free trial of products. Thought I was going to get samples. Paid shipping $2.95. Received a kit with full size products. Never a mention of a charge to my credit card acct. of $97.88. Never saw anything in the packing slip or anywhere else that this is what was going to happen. The charge was posted as (SKINCRE 866-633-2105) called the number to see who they were to verify the charge. The lady said they were a conference call company and had nothing to do with skincare. Then I found the packing slip which had the 2 charges for shipping and handling and nothing about future charges.  Packing slip says Risk Free Trial w/Ebooks. That's a joke. 
Entity: Van Nuys, California
20, Report #1149203
May 23 2014
12:51 PM
Auravie Free Trial Scam. Van Nuys, California
You do your questioner for them.Then it tells you you can start a 30 day trial.You are billed in 10 days.They say it was in the agreement.I read no such thing.As I called up their off shore call line.They keep bringing up the agreement.30 days are 30 days not 10 days.The product it self tells you it takes at least this time to see results.I canceled the order but I still was charged for the trial offer. Nmy account is almost empty.For the price is over $97.00 after already paying the agreed amount of the trial of over $3.00.They continued trying to sale me the product for far less when I called to cancel.I just hope it really has cancelled my card.This is a scam and now I feel like an idiot.
Entity: Internet
21, Report #970662
Nov 17 2012
01:49 PM
auravie Scam, false advertisement Internet
Not sure about the product, but there is such small print in terms and conditions, no one could read. suppose to be 30 day FREE trial for shipping cost only, but they charge you 97.88 after only 10 days and then automaticly send you more product without your consent.  If I had the that kind of money, I would have just ordered the product. and not have been concerned with the trial. FALSE ADVERTISING and when you call, its automated.
Entity: , Internet
22, Report #1157752
Jun 26 2014
02:22 PM
Auravie skin care Internet
i had filled out what i thought was an offer to get skin care, then when they sent me the email  it said i would be billed 97 dollars in 10 days so i called the  company I paid 2.95 for s&h , they did not want me to cancel it i told them i did not want it and to cancel my order she was a very rude person not from united states im sure, she finally came back on and told me they would cancel it and i said i want my 2.95 back i know its not much but still, and she told me no they were not going to send it to me, wonder how many people cancel and they rip them off thats prob have they get their money
Entity: Internet
23, Report #1036207
Mar 19 2013
04:26 PM
AuraVie Misleading, Scam, Trickery, Internet
AuraVie is all about getting people signed up for shipping and handling ($2.50) and hoping that you never notice the $97.88  charge on your credit card. I received my sample with absolutely no paperwork included in the packaging. If this company was legitimate, they would include information in the packaging that states that if you are not satisfied with the product, you must return it within 10 days. They do not include this information hoping that you did not see the return within 10 days when you were requesting the sample.  By the way, this horrible company will not tell you when you contact them about the charge that they have now put you on a reoccurring monthly order that will charge for the product each month. Our bank alerted us to this information. We had to cancel our credit card that they had on file, which is a pain in itself!  After much, much arguing with the company about unethical business and their charge, they offered to give us: $25, then $35, and finally $50 back.  They know that they are misleading people. We have reported this charge as fraud. I am happy to return the remaining product; which I did not use very much of in the first place. I do not even want to use any more of the product because of how sick that company makes me. I  hope that no one else gets tricked or scammed into buying this sample! Be ware!!!  Very bad business... I cannot say enough bad things about this disgusting company's practices. 
Entity: , Internet
24, Report #1045798
Apr 24 2013
08:41 AM
Auravie ripoff, scam, terrible Internet
I really wish that I looked at reviews on this company prior to taking advantage of their wonderful 30 day risk free trial. When i saw their offer for a 30 day risk free trial at 4.99 I figured why not give it a try, especially because they supposedly had such miracles working for other clients who they proudly displayed pictures of on their site. Unfortunately, a few days after I got the product I also had two extra (menial) charges to my account which I did not authorize. I immediately called my bank who had it squared away and I spoke immediately to the company who informed me that they were cancelling my trial and that I would NOT be charged anything further. Of course they didn't say anything about the other fees I just disputed. Lo and behold, today I notice ANOTHER charge for nearly $98 in my account. When I called my bank, they told me due to the amount they would have to dispute directly with the company, which is understandable. I called Auravie, and although the customer service rep was nice and professional, she insisted that they record every call and conveniently found no call from me EVER. Furthermore, she stated that my trial was 10 days (not 30 as i signed up for) and that I didn't return the product within the designated window therefore they will not return my money. First of all, I signed up for a 30 day trial-not 10, I cancelled well before even the 10 day trial was up because the product made me break out in such a fashion that I would think lighting my face on fire would feel better, and when i called to cancel after the other bogus charges I was not provided a cancellation number, a return number OR instructions to ship back this God forsaken mess. If I had, I would have certainly done so. Now I'm stuck with a $98 charge, an overdraft fee at my bank for this unauthorized situation, and a product which I will never use. BOGUS!
Entity: , Internet
25, Report #1050482
May 13 2013
09:19 AM
AuraVie Deceptive practices - Ripoff Encino California
My complaint is the same as the rest. I got an offer from another website that I had ordered something from before to get AuraVie's skin care products for shipping and handling only. I paid 1.95 for shipping and handling but later noticed a charge for $97.88 from a similar company. After investigating I found out what they are doing. Nowhere on the offer is mention of the trial and the charges that will come. What is worse, they have you enrolled in an auto-renew auto-charge program. So, if you don't act, this will continue to happen. These people are scum, and should be delt with harshly.  
Entity: Encino, California

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