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51, Report #1099975
Nov 16 2013
06:59 PM
AuraVie Dellure Deceptive Advertising Van Nuys California
 I ordered so called free samples from the company Auravie/Dellure in Van Nuys CA. When reading the instructions in the package I noticed that it said I would be billed $98 monthly from the card I used to pay the shipping charges!  Needless to say, I was not pleased.  I called the customer service number and was tersely told that I should return everything if I did not want to use their product and be billed monthly. I did so, except for two opened containers, which I will use. My bank is very good about followup on disputed charges, so I'm going to be watching this carefully.  As far as I could see, there was nothing in the signup process that indicated a monthly charge.
Entity: Van Nuys, California
52, Report #1115452
Jan 14 2014
01:44 PM
Auravie Goodskin Major Ripoff Van Nuys California
This is a major league scam.  This company lures you in with a free trial (paying shipping and handling fees).   I noticed an additional $97.88 charged to my credit card.  I immediately called the company and asked for a refund.  I was told if you don't cancel within 10 days, you're automatically charged the full amount.   I still had the information that came with this shipment, and there was no mention of this 10-day grace period.  Do not buy this product.  It's a bait-and-switch scam, and I suspect most cancel but only after realizing they've been charged.  I plan to dispute this charge with my credit card company.
Entity: Van Nuys, California
53, Report #1065191
Jul 08 2013
10:01 AM
AuraVie Kai Skin Scam Van Nuys California
Offered a sample as a Thank You from a reputable business...chose Auravie/Kai Skin...only agreed to pay shipping and handling...charged $97.88 for products not requested or received...plan on filing reports with the appropriate state and federal authorities.
Entity: Van Nuys, California
54, Report #1151379
Jun 02 2014
07:04 AM
AuraVie The worst product in the biggest ripoff I've ever seen Internet
This is one of the worst product's I've ever tried He's company should not allow you to try something like this and then send you a bill in the package there was nothing stating they would charge you the amount that they were going to church or credit card
Entity: Internet
55, Report #1171050
Aug 20 2014
11:23 AM
Auravie Skincare SCAMMERS!! SCUMBAGS!! Van Nuys Nationwide, CA
Purchased an Auravie Skin Care Sample Kit for $2.95 Shipping & Handling ONLY!!  FREE TRIAL!! NOT a FREE TRIAL...after a short period of time ADDED $97.88 to my CHARGE CARD!! & Sent ANOTHER package!! DON't DO IT! SCAMMERS!! SCUMABAGS!! RIPOFF ARTISTS!!  
Entity: Nationwide
56, Report #972773
Nov 23 2012
10:03 AM
AuraVie Free does not mean free , Internet
When AuraVie advertises a free sample do not believe them. It is not free. If you cancel the autoship (which you have to agree to up-front in order to get your free sample) you have to return the product. They call it a sample, but it actually 3 full-sized products. Not only do you have to return it, YOU have to pay for the return postage. I have no problem returning the product, as it burned my face, so I have no use for it. I am extremely upset that I already paid $7.50 shipping to get the free sample, and now I have to pay for return shipping as well. Not is that only a rip-off, but if you really think about what they are trying to sell you in their advertisement, that in itself is a rip-off. They say you can see results in 2 weeks, but you only have 10 days to return the product! So if you wait the 2 weeks to see if it is working for you, you will get an automatic charge on your credit card for an automatic shipment (which you will have to return and pay postage on again! Somebody please get this loser company off the website!
Entity: Internet, Internet
57, Report #979035
Dec 07 2012
10:03 AM
auravie-skin-care Bait and switch Internet, California
This Company will give you a free trial offer and after 10 days enroll you in a purchasing program and charge you $ 97.00 for your order per month. Their stand is you did not cancel in 10 days . Total bait and switch.  Their site does not say anything about this on the page ,you must read Terms and conditions. When you call tell them that the person died and they will refund 1/2 the monies. Dispute the charges at your bank .
Entity: Internet, California
58, Report #1092034
Oct 15 2013
08:24 AM
AuraVie Antiage Trial offer - Antiage - ripoff Van Nuys California
 I was sent an offer for some anti age cream/serum, that I thought were samples and only pay Shipping and Handling. I thought I would try it, thinking they would send additional information to order by, if I determined that I liked the product. When I received it, they were small items (reinforcing my thoughts that they were samples), but there was no information with the products. Nothing to indicate how to order again, what the price would be, or even the company name. They have just charged my debit account in the amount of $97.88! To top it off, That put my account into the negative and I was charged $32.00 for being overdrawn. I am unemployed at this time and have to watch every penny, which is why I decided to do the samples, to see if the product was any good before spending my money on it. I found the web site and a customer ser ice number this morning and called them. They will not refund any money stating that it was a trial not samples and there in lies the difference. What a scam! Paula
Entity: Van Nuys, California
59, Report #1045448
Apr 23 2013
08:33 AM
AuraVie BSKIN I got RIPPED OFF!! Sherman Oaks, California
I should have done my research.  By the time I did, I already had a charge on my credit card for, SURPRISE, $97.88.  The comapny agreed to credit me $40.00 when I told them I was going to dispute the charge with my credit card company.  I may lose but I disputed.  I'll update you later on what the outcome was.  I did get the company to e-mail me a cancellation so I won't be charged in the future.  BEWARE!!  I never thought I'd get scammed like this.  ONE BIG RIPOFF!!!
Entity: Sherman Oaks, California
60, Report #986758
Dec 25 2012
06:06 AM
AuraVie Lyten scam,lies and outright thievery! Internet
I ordered AuraVie skin care on a trial baisis.It never stated it was for 10 days or I never would have ordered it! This was on Nov. 5th. With it came a free gift, it was Lyten (skin lightener) product.   I was charged almost $100.00.  I cancelled and decided toforget it , until Sun. Dec. 23rd. I got on my e-mail in the morning to check on a Christmas package , when I saw a (donotreply) from Lyten, the free gift company, thanking me for my order on that morning at 1;30 in the morning!  They know exactly what they are doing! The banks are closed, the company is closed.  The next day is Christmas Eve. and all are closed till after Christmas.Now I am so mad I can't stand it! I am helpless to do anything but wait for them to steal another $95.00 from me.  THESE PEOPLE MUST BE STOPPED!!!!! 
Entity: Internet, Internet
61, Report #963941
Nov 02 2012
04:15 PM
AuraVie Skincare Total Scam! van nuys, California
They suck you in with a free 1 month trial for only $5 but then once you have the product they charge you $90 unless you return the product to them and you have to pay postage. Usual internet selling scam. Horrible on the phone, these people are revolting!
Entity: van nuys, California
62, Report #991771
Jan 05 2013
11:11 AM
AuraVie Misleading advertising Van Neyes, California
I saw an ad for samples of skin lotion for only the cost of shipping and handling from AuraVie Co.  It arrived and I used it once but felt I was allergic so put it aside.  I had not read anything about having to return this within 30 days which they told me over the phone was the agreement.  When my Master Card statement came I had a charge of $97.88.  When I called to ask about this I was told there was another shipment in the mail ,which came the next day,  and that charge would be on my next statement.  I told them take my name out of their system and that I would return the second shipment as soon as it came.  They gave me a RMA number and said to write that on the outside of the returned package.  I will have to pay shipping when sending back the second box.  They suggested I add a form of delivery confirmation as well.  I was told it would take a while to get my credit issued on my charge account. This is just plain false advertising.  There was nothing about a $97.88 charge on the information sheet.  I told the girl when I called this was just a big scam but she of course denied that.
Entity: Van Neyes, California
63, Report #1052943
May 22 2013
10:36 AM
AuraVie Skincare Misleading free offers Van Nuys California
I ordered a free trial of their product and was charged for shipping only. Fourteen days later I was charged once hundred dollars for a product. After calling the company to complain about the charge I was told I needed to cancel my free trial within 14 days and I was at 17 days. I was told a supervisor would get back to me. I did receive a message s sacking me to return the mgrs. message. I tried on three separate occasions to contact them and each time I was told the mgr. was not available. At this point I became frustrated and gave up trying. Now I have a product (still in the box) that I likely will never use. I would gladly send it back bout evidently they are unbending on their return policy. John, Lakewood, Wa.
Entity: Van Nuys, California
64, Report #1018920
Feb 22 2013
10:42 PM
auravie FRAUD CHARGES VAN NUYS, California
To Whom It May Concern I have never placed an order with your company. I would like my money refunded to my account and all my banking information removed from your database.  I called your customer care and you are the rudest most unprofessional company i have ever dealt with. I will make sure to let all my friends and family know about your companies rudeness.
Entity: VAN NUYS, California
65, Report #1057072
Jun 06 2013
06:25 PM
Auravie Charged my bank account 97.88 without my permission vannuys California
 Sent for free offer, pay 1.80 for shipping.  Now have recurring charge 97.88 on my bank account. all phone numbers have been changed no way to contact them
Entity: vannuys, California
66, Report #1063190
Jun 29 2013
10:20 PM
Auravie Credit card fraud Van nuys California
After I have finished a survey on website of Welsfargo bank, the Internet popped out a link that indicated I have rewarded a free product from Auravie skincare,  but I had to pay $2.85 for shipping fee, then I entered my credit card information to pay the only shipping fee. Four week later, I found my credit card has been charged on May 21 and June 22, each time was $97.88 from Auravie skincare without my permission.I am a victim of credit card fraud, I have been scammed by  Auravie skincare.
Entity: Van nuys , California
67, Report #1069333
Jul 23 2013
10:05 AM
AuraVie Replenish Free gift for $97.88 Tarzana California
 I filled out a survey after visiting a department store website. I was offered a free gift for the cost of shipping. I didn't want AuraVie but the other choices were not avavable.I gave them my Discover Card number I saw nothiing about the conditions of the sale.When I received the product I opened it an checked the invoice. A month later a charge of $97.88 appeared on my credit card. I called to cancel and they said they could not remove the charge because the time limit of the trial period was over. I protested to Discover Card, but they said the charge was valid. I maintain that this is deceptive.
Entity: Tarzana , California
68, Report #1077047
Aug 19 2013
11:53 AM
AuraVie Ellaskin Scam van nuys california
Aura Vie scammed me too!!  Had the nerve to send me a 30 day supply, but only try for 10 days and then charge me full price, 17 days later.  What the Hell!!  Then told me, where their fine print was, when I called their customer service and would not let me speak to a supervisor and offered to give me $25 back.  I NEVER saw this so called agreement when I paid for shipping or agreed to cancel a Membership within 10 days or I would be charged full Price.  H**l, I never even saw what full price was!!  Shame on this company!!  Hopefully my bank can do something about this.   
Entity: Select State/Province
69, Report #1076009
Aug 15 2013
07:28 AM
AuraVie newskin unscrupulous business practices internet California
Amazon's web site has many unfavorable reviews for this company's unscrupulous bait and switch tactics.  I received an ad from Amazon thanking me for a survey I responded to and Amazon gave me a chance for  AuraView FREE skincare products for $3 shipping and $1.93 handling.  Several weeks later my credit card showed a charge for $97.  I spoke with customer service and they informed me I should have read the fine print whereby it states that if I did not return the product in 10 days I would be charged $97.  They intimidated me into sending them an email that required me to say I would not dispute charges and would send product back.  It cost me $18 in total to be ripped off
Entity: internet, California
70, Report #1095881
Oct 30 2013
08:29 PM
Auravie skincare THIS IS A SCAM!!! California
This is a complete scam! I order the so called free trial. I was billed $2.95 for shipping. I went to out gas in my car and my card was DECLINED!! These scam artists cleaned out my account! Over a hundred dollars!!! I called their customer service and the girl was rude and said I agreed to the charge!! I said I didn't. I said I was having the charges taken off. This little bitch decides to tell me that all the banks side with them and there was nothing I can do about it but she would give me a discount and credit 40 dollars back to my account. I told her where she could stick her 40 bucks and called my bank and cancelled that account. This is a scam and needs to be shut down! 
Entity: California
71, Report #1093224
Oct 20 2013
08:44 AM
AuraVie Scam / Rip Off Van Nuys California
I recently responded to an internet ad for a FREE TRIAL of AuraVie skin care products. All I was supposedly going to pay was $4.95 for shipping. This was for a 30-day free trial. I received the product and within 20 days was billed $97.88   twice on my credit card. Once for what was supposed to be the free trial and a second time for additional products that never were even received. This company is absolutely using the internet and the word FREE to scam potential clients. I could not believe how many other reports about this exact same thing have been filed against AuraVie. People beware. This is not a free trial it is a scam and a rip/off.    
Entity: Van Nuys, California
72, Report #1084833
Sep 16 2013
10:22 AM
AuraVie Unauthorized charge against my bank card Encino California
I was offered to do an online survey.  In return I would receive free products and a gift card.  The survey took over an hour.  When three quarters of the way through the survey, I received a congratulations you have receieved free skin scare products for just 4.95 shipping and handleing.  If I wanted alls I had to do was check the box stating so and pay the 4.95.  I did so.  I then continued on with the survey.   The company just charged my bank account 97.88 for the free sample.  I never saw the words Trial period.  There clause was hidden somewhere.  I never saw the clause.  So I did not get the sample for free.  I had to cancle my bank card.  They will refund me the overdraft charge, but not for the product.  This is a very under handed way to make a sale.  
Entity: Encino, California
73, Report #1143370
May 01 2014
05:53 PM
auravie I heard this is a scam! help! Internet
I just received my trial offer from auravie and I decided to google it before I try it, and first thing I see is a scam. I am worried that its going to scarge me an aditional $100 and I cannot afford that. I am hoping you can help me solve this before it gets out of control. 
Entity: Internet
74, Report #1133211
Mar 24 2014
01:29 PM
Auravie Fraud; Unauthorized charges Van Nuys California
I ordered the trial sample of Auravie.  I received the products and tested it.  I did not like it, called and followed all the instructions on its return.  Upon review of my bank statement, I found a charge of $97.88 from them.   I called, was on hold for over a hour and half.  The person answering tried to tell me all the reasons for not returning my money ... no RMA on package (Yes, there was); over my ten day trial period (it was 30 days) and yes, I called within the 30 day trial package.  The product was used.  The paperwork I received with the product states to return the unused portion.  He kept trying to tell me that the product was supposed to be unused.  How do you know if you like a product or not if you don't use it!!!  I was  told to return the product by February 28th when I called for my RMA number.  He kept telling me it was supposed to be returned by February 23rd.  They need to get their act together and keep the stories straight.  I was ripped off for a product that I did not like and do not have.  Do not order from this company ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Entity: Van Nuys, California
75, Report #1137353
Apr 09 2014
07:35 AM
AuraVie Biggest scam! Van Nuys California
Took a 4 question survey about sports & received an option of 1 of 3 free gifts. I chose the free skin care package being the thoughtful husband I am. Supposedly, this was to be a 30 day free sample of their product for the cost of shipping & handling only at a cost of $4.95. To sweeten the pot & manipulate me more, they said if I responded now that the shipping & handling would be discounted to $2.95. WOW! Something nice for my wife for $2.95! NOT! Our credit card has been billed $97.88 without our permission. Called this quack company & after debated phone conversation was told that they would refund us 35% of the total. Still scammed out of about $63.62. You call that FREE!
Entity: Van Nuys, California

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