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1, Report #743471
Jun 21 2011
09:02 PM
xlibris Author Solutions, Kevin Weiss; Bertram Capital Management LLC; Victoria Strauss A likely scam on public and investors Bloominton , Indiana
Xlibris now aka Author House, et al, has significant complaints. The CEO Kevin Weiss has his own peculiar approach to customers including hiding behind his call centre in the Philippines. This fact was verified in writing to me by a WSJ writer: they quote $90 [and up] as the cheapest rate to ship a book to any major Canadian city, including Toronto Ontario. They have not reported sales from their wholesalers such as Amazon to authors and have not followed up promises to audit the royalties or to identify the various PODs which also print the authors' titles. They had attempted to extract additional fees from me before publishing my 4 books but backed down in the face of my firm reference to their contractual arrangements. Later, they then tried again by asking me to pay $50 per title [$200] to maintain the listings at sales sites such as Amazon. Describing this CEO and outfit as reprehensible is not overblown. WSJ's writer who  VERIFIED  the fantastic shipping quote in writing to me will hopefully follow up the peculiar activities of Xlibris, Kevin Weiss and his new partners. You can pass this constrained report along without fear that the facts are disputed.
Entity: Bloominton, Indiana
2, Report #718916
Oct 17 2011
06:45 AM
Author, Victoria Strauss Failure to Produce Documentation of Police Investigation Regarding American Book Publishing, Internet
A couple of blog postings, regarding American Book Publishing, recently raised our curiosity and inquisitiveness. Victoria Strauss has posted on numerous internet sites thatAmerican Book Publishing has been the subject of an investigation. In addition, under its Alerts for Writers section, the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Association (SFWA) also states American Book Publishing has been the focus of at least one police investigation.Consistent with the applicable Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) we have conducted some extensive (exhaustive) research with the agencies listed below. As a result, we have neither located evidence nor reports of any investigation involving American Book Publishing in these jurisdictions. The only investigation that we did locate involved a theft at the residence of Ms. Nunn who had a break-in to her home and also sustained damage thereto.Victoria Strauss and SFWA where is the investigation? Where is your documentation and evidence? Based on these results, we believe that these are very serious allegations to be making if no such investigation has been undertaken. In the interest of good business ethics, these postings by Victoria Strauss and the SFWA should be deleted, retracted and apologies should come forth immediately if they are unable to produce any primary source material as evidence of an investigation. Considering the lack of evidence, it would also be interesting to know exactly what the true motivation was and why Victoria Strauss and SFWA posted this information. A company spokesperson for American Book Publishing stated: As a result of these postings made by Writers Beware, SFWA and Author Victoria Strauss, American Book Publishing began a quality control documentation process with all their authors over the past 8 years. We have obtained permission from our authors to publish on the company website the comments and references that we have received from them with their full name and book titles. American Book Publishing has over a 95% author satisfaction rating and you may see over 350 of these author references at Book Publishing does have an A+ rating with the Utah Better Business Bureau. This report may be viewed at: interesting to note that Writer Beware officer, A.C. Crispin emphatically frowns on authors using the Better Business Bureaus to investigate publishers. She also cautions authors to rely on the Writer Beware and the Preditors & Editors sites as a better sources of information. However, in this instance, one has to really question the validity of using them as a valid source of investigative information when they fail to provide primary source material to back up their postings.Victoria Strauss recently has also made statements that implied that the Florida Attorney Generals case against Strategic Book Group is the result of the defendants delay tactics. Numerous requests have been made to Victoria Strauss to produceprimary source material as proof. Nothing has been produced by Victoria Strauss to verify these statements and she has remained silent. We have received information indicating that the delay in prosecution may be the result of a lack of evidence.Agencies Contacted:Salt Lake City Police DepartmentPublic Safety Building315 East 200 South, SLC(801) 799-3000Pioneer Precinct1040 West 700 South(801) 799-4600 Highway PatrolFirst Floor South4501 South 2700 WestPO Box 141100Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-1100Administration: (801) 965-4518 (During Business Hours) of Public Safety Investigations Bureau5500 West Amelia Earhart Drive, Suite #100Salt Lake City, Utah 84116 (801) 532-2168 Bureau of Investigation Salt Lake City257 East 200 South, Suite 1200 Salt Lake City, UT 84111-2048Phone: (801) 579-1400Fax: (801) 579-4500Salt Lake County Sheriffs Department3365 South 900 WestSalt Lake City, UT 84119Non-Emergency: 801.743.7000http://www.slsheriff.orgSouth Salt Lake City Hall220 E. Morris Ave (2430 South)Salt Lake City, UT 84115City Attorney, 2nd Floor 801-483-6070 801-464-6791City Prosecutor, 2nd Floor 801-483-6070 801-464-6791Police Department2835 S Main St, South Salt Lake, UT 84115-3200NON Emergencies 801-840-4000Administration 801-412-3606Investigations 801-412-3604Ordinance Enforcement 801-464-6712Records 801-412-3600 State Capitol OfficeOffice of the Attorney GeneralUtah State Capitol Complex350 North State Street Suite 230SLC UT 84114-2320FAX: (801) 538-1121 Lake City, Prosecutors Office349 South 200 East, Suite 500Salt Lake City, Utah, 801.535.7767 Lake County Prosecutors OfficeInvestigations Division111 E Broadway Suite 400Salt Lake City, Utah 84111Tel: (801) 531-4189Fax: (801) 531-4137 FOR WRITERS. SFWA. Web. 24 Mar. 2011. <>.Interview with Victoria Strauss Fantasy and Science Fiction Writing Community Fantasy and Science Fiction Writing Community. 31 Mar. 2011. Web. 01 Apr. 2011. <>.Learn Writing with Uncle Jim, Volume 2 Page 62 Absolute Write Water Cooler. Absolute Write. Web. 31 Mar. 2011. <> / International Library of Poetry / Watermark Press [Archive] Page 2 Absolute Write Water Cooler. Absolute Write. Web. 27 Mar. 2011. <>.Victoria Strauss, Author of The Arm of the Stone (Feb 28-March 6) | Author Chat | LibraryThing.LibraryThing | Catalog Your Books Online. 3 Mar. 2011. Web. 15 Apr. 2011. <>.Victoria Strauss Someone Out There Doesnt Like Us (And We Dont Care). Writer Beware Blogs! Web. 24 Mar. 2011. <>.Wikipedia:Identifying Reliable Sources. Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. Web. 24 Mar. 2011. <>.
Entity: Internet, Internet
3, Report #556998
Jan 19 2010
06:15 PM
Strauss Auto Strauss Discount Auto installed faulty parts and improperly installed other parts South River, New Jersey
In December 2007, our car was taken to Strauss Auto in Whitehall, Pa for inspection.  The turn signal on the car no longer worked.  We were told the easiest way to fix this was to replace the entire steering column and wheel.  Strauss Auto did the work along with some other items to the tune of approximately $1200. When we picked the car up and I drove it home, the steering wheel moved up and down on the column about an inch when you pulled up on the wheel.  I called the store on two separate occasions speaking to the manager and also another employee.  Both assured me that there was no safety issue with this problem; the column and steering wheel just fit differently than the old one did.   This is the vehicle that my 16 year old son had access to and used regularly.   In December 2008, we returned to have to car again inspected at the same store.  We were informed that the steering column and wheel were faulty, the crush zone was damaged, and this is why the steering wheel moved up and down.  They wanted to again charge me to replace the damaged part that they installed in the car in the first place. They allowed my 16 year old son to drive a car for a year with a safety issue that had there been a serious accident, could have caused a fatality. The district manager contacted me after I threatened to hire an attorney and to take the information to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.  They replaced the steering column in 2008, but found other items that needed to be fixed on the car.  The district manager and manager of the store assured me that the problem would be taken care of and that they would oversee all work done on the car for that year's inspection. Since that time, that Strauss Auto store has closed.  I took the car to a private mechanic who inspected it in 2009.  Upon inspection, he reported to me that both the front and rear brakes were improperly installed and that the four tires that they claimed we needed to purchase were also improperly installed, resulting in additional costs to me to repair work that they supposedly did right the first time.   DO NOT PURCHASE ANY PARTS, BRAKES, OR EVEN TIRES FROM THIS COMPANY!  THESE PEOPLE CAN NOT EVEN DO A SIMPLE TIRE INSTALLATION CORRECTLY! The scariest part of this for me is not the money or the inconvenience, but that these people risked my son's life and my life because they are inept.  These people should have to have their children drive cars repaired by the mechanics they hire.  None of them should be allowed to perform a state inspection EVER again.
Entity: South River, New Jersey
4, Report #739940
Jun 12 2011
06:53 PM
Strauss Auto Swindled by Strauss Auto North Bergen, New Jersey
I was swindled by Strauss Auto center At Kennedy Blvd in North Bergen NJ . I bought my 03 Nissan Pathfinder for shocks and strut work. After service was rendered the ABS light came on. I immedietly told the mechanic and supervisor on duty before driving out. They told me that it was my responsiblity because the mechanic alleged that the ABS lights were on before driving the car into the shop and that he wrote it on the report. They covered themselves when they realized they damaged the vehicle. Before working on my vehicle I told them that I wanted them to tell me if the vehicle had any other problems before they started work. All they ever told me is that the rear rim was damaged. Now im stuck with a $800 dollar bill, cause Nissan told me that the sensors were damaged.
Entity: North Bergen, New Jersey
5, Report #1401907
Sep 23 2017
11:57 AM
Michael Sherwin Strauss A legal attorney Michael Sherwin Strauss, attorney, services Libertyville Illinois
The profile of Michael Strauss states:Caring, Aggressive, and Honest Family Lawyer.His avvo rating of 10 (quiet high).The reality:Tried to intimidate over e-mail, didn't work out: was shut down with just one sentence, by the ordinary person like me.Unfriendly, hard to deal with, although he was an opposing counsel of my ex, the goal is to work with the other part to resolve the issue as soon as possible.Seen him in the court, didn't look aggressive as the profile states, was mumbling to the judge to get more time as he couldn't find the e-mail that my attorney sent him. In court he looked like a bum, in old and shabby suit with albow patches.Often send to court his associates instead of appearing himself. Doesn't have company's e-mail like all the others do, uses free google mail.Irresponsible: send emails regarding a new case to my former attorney that worked with me for a few years ago.
Entity: Libertyville, Illinois
6, Report #579294
Mar 08 2010
05:40 PM
This lawyer has no idea what he does on class action cases, completely mismanages cases! sleeps on them, total loooza, we asked for a disbursement refund of $ 455.00 and he didn't even respond! very unprofessional behavior, very cocky.
Entity: NEW YORK, New York
7, Report #563589
Feb 02 2010
02:01 PM
STRAUSS DISCOUNT AUTO A Series of Unfortunate (and Expensive) Events Parlin, New Jersey
My experience with Strauss Discount Auto in Parlin, NJ reminded me of Lemony Snickets novel,  A Series of Unfortunate Events.  My van broke down on Sunday, 1/31/10.  Since I was from out of town, I left it to the tow guy to bring me to a reputable mechanic.  I was towed to Strauss Discount Auto about 4:00 p.m.  At first I was told that my van would be serviced immediately, but that did not happen.  In fact, after leaving my van in their parking lot over night, I arrived back at 7:30 a.m. Monday morning.  I still had to wait for vehicles ahead of mine to be serviced.  At about 9:00 a.m. my van was brought into the bay.  At 12:00  noon I still did not have a complete diagnosis of the problems with my van.  I was told that the mechanic who operated the super computer which read problem codes would be in around noon.  After an hour or so I was informed that my van needed a new battery and alternator, among other things.  Since my original battery was still under warranty I was informed that as long as it was defective I would be issued a refund by the seller.  The mechanic at Strauss confirmed to me and to person at the store where I purchased the battery that it was indeed defective.      Time was wasted with the mechanic doing things other than repairing my vehicle.  At about 8:00 p.m. (more than 12 hours later) it was finally ready for a test drive.  It did not pass due to misfiring problems and was brought back into the bay for further repair.  The new problem was diagnosed and an additional $180 was added to my bill, bring it to a grand total of $1,039.00.  Over an hour went by while the mechanic fixed the new problem.    When I finally got in my van to go home, I heard a squeaking belt, clanking, and other odd sounds from under the hood.  The Service Engine light came on and the check gages light. I initially reported the lights being on to Strauss at the very beginning of the intake process.  The store was closed so I could not go back.   I prayed that I would make it home okay and not be stranded again!   I called Strauss back Tuesday morning to inform them that the battery which they said was defective was not.  It was tested by the store where I bought it and they said it was perfectly fine.  They took it back anyway and gave me a full refund and recorded the reason as customer didnt need and not as defective.    I told Strauss about the squealing belt and other sounds from under the hood and the service engine soon, etc.  Their response was that the van was brought in as undriveable and that they did what was necessary to get me back on the road!  They apparently knew there were other issues with the van but they seemed to justify themselves by saying that what they did to get the van drivable and back on the road warranted $1,039 in parts and labor and taking over 13 hours to do what should have taken about six or seven of work.      I would never recommend this place to anyone.  For time wasted, incomplete diagnoses, shoddy workmanship,  inflated charges, lame excuses and straight out lies, I will never return to Strauss.  The lady I spoke to this morning on 2/1/10 to report these problems told me I could take it back to a local Strauss Discount Auto.  I thought to myself -- not in a million years!  I called my local mechanic and arranged to take it in ASAP before I become stranded on the road again!    Note:   I should have asked them if charging me for a new battery to replace an absolutely perfect one is also their idea of doing what is necessary to get me back on the road.   
Entity: Parlin, New Jersey
8, Report #545540
Dec 26 2009
05:00 PM
Strauss Discount Auto Terrible Repair Shop parlin, New Jersey
Had a water pump put in my vehicle at the Old Bridge location.  They misdiagnosed the problem (it was not the water pump).  One year and less than 10,000 miles later, I had an antifreeze leak and broke down.  I had the nearest repair shop fix it.  It turned out to be, the WATER PUMP and a new one was put in.  According to Strausss receipt, the pump had a lifetime warranty and Strauss would replace or refund the part at their discretion.  They wanted to give me a new pump and not a refund or store credit.  Issue still not resolved.  DO NOT LET THEM DO ANY REPAIR WORK.  Use them for maintenance work only if necessary (i.e. oil changes, wiper-blades, battery, etc.) 
Entity: parlin, New Jersey
9, Report #715832
Apr 09 2011
02:06 PM
Daniel Strauss VP Operations- Miami Research Center Customer Service Evaluator; Secret Shopper; Paid Store Surveys Miami, Florida
I signed up to take on-line surveys and looked into some secret shopper companies.  Then, suddenly I received a letter in the mail from the Miami Research Center, Daniel Strauss, V.P. Operations, offering me offer to participate in paide survey:  Customer Service Evaluator.  It included a check from Miami Federal Credit Union in the amount of $2,400.00.  There were instructions to deposit the check, get cash in the amount of $1,800 and $150.00 for processing a Western Union transaction, and another $150.00 to spend at Walmart, Best Buy, or Kmart.  I would need to save my receipts, fill out the survey and fax everything back to the company.  The project has to be completed within 48 hours of depositing the check.  Oh, and you get to keep the extra $300 as a wage and keep all the items purchased with the $150 from the retail store.  Sounds good.  After diligently researching and asking for my banks assistance prior to the deposit, we found that the routing # on the check does not match the Miami Federal Credit Union it is drawn on, but comes back to a State Employees Credit Union in Raleigh, North Carolina.  The address for the company was 53 SW 1st Avenue in Miami.  The address of the Miami Federal Credit Union on the check has an address of 51 SW 1st Avenue, Room 604 in Miami????  Odd. I had also called the customer service # to ask some questions and was transferred to an agent, where I got a voice mail box that was full and could not accept messages on two different days. - then called the Survey Coordinator at the other number provided and the man answered Daniel -Strauss.  The phone # 1-647-860-8730 is located in Ontario, Canada and the man that answered had an oriental accent.  He was a foreigner posing as Daniel Strauss!  I asked him many questions and presented him with all this evidence provided by my bank, the police department and my research.  He adamantly denied that he was doing anything wrong and that his check would clear.
Entity: Miami, Florida
10, Report #844283
Feb 24 2012
05:56 PM
Mark Strauss Insurance Over Charged me for an agency fee. Austin, Texas
Do not trust this company!!! They will charge you over 200.00 for a crapy policy! And then they cancel your policy just so you have to pay again to reinstate your policy. They have the most uneducated people working for that company, you can never get a straight answer out of them. They wont refund you any of the money back at all and when you try to ask for a manager they say that they are always busy and they will take a message but no one ever calls you back. I have lost hundreds with this fly by night company. They only want your credit card info so they can run it as many times they want to get money from you. PLEASE do Not use this company at All!! Go to a real insurance company like Geico, Progressive, Allstate or Nation Wide. If you use this company you will loose out on lots of money and and will have no insurance. They Suck!! Mel.
Entity: Austin, Texas
11, Report #786021
Oct 07 2011
12:03 PM
r.s. strauss gene john carlo Beware Of Strauss In Harrison NJ John carlo harrison , New Jersey
They are completely LAZY and rude. they refused me service because they had to refund a product. Manager Carlo said, he knew what was wrong with my car without even looking at it. said that there would be no mechanics on site for several days. This is strauss right?Stay away from this store! Buyer Beware!!
Entity: harrison, New Jersey
12, Report #1340278
Nov 29 2016
02:50 PM
Karl Strauss Brewing Company, Karl Strauss, Fred Glick Deceptive charges, unethical, dishonest billing! Los Angeles California
Karl Strauss Brewing Company is part of a really nasty trend in hospitality to add sneaky, dishonest charges to customers bills.  They call it an emloyer mandate and hide it on the bill next to the sales tax.  It 's a totall optional charge, but they don't tell you that... they sneak it in there. Always check your bill, and refuse to pay any charges you didn't agree to before you ordered!
Entity: California
13, Report #469026
Jul 13 2009
12:05 PM
Strauss Auto - R&S Strauss Insulted my intelligence & then ripped me off! Lakewood New Jersey
Here is my ripoff story, sad but true. On 07/08/09 I took my truck to my local Strauss auto for a brake inspection. After a short wait the mechanic comes out & asks me what the symtoms are. I told him & he decided a test drive was in order. 10 minutes later he returns with my truck. After confirming my suspicions that the brakes had problems he pulled it into the bay & performed the inspection. He then called me in to show me the problems with my brakes & inform me that they couldn't do the rotors or alignment because the truck was to big for their machines. OK, so be it. At this point he was going to put the wheels back on & I would take it to a truck equipped shop. While waiting in the store at the service desk the mechanic comes in & asks if I have been having trouble with the ignition. Of course not, it came in for BRAKES. Also he was the last one to drive it for the TEST DRIVE! He leads me into the shop to show me that my ignition now goes round & round but won't start the truck. Hmmmmm. Coincidence? After many hushed conversations between employees they tell me they are trying to locate a steering column. They felt this was a faster way to fix it then taking the steering wheel apart to repair. At this point I left the store. I needed to return with another truck to retrieve some of my work tools from the truck so I could go to work later on. As of my second trip they hadn't even located a column. 3 days go by & I recieve a call that my truck is done. No call with a cost to repair, no written estimate, no NADA until the pickup call. Asked the amount my girlfriend is told $470+. I ask, are you freakin' kidding me?!! I then went to the store & to try to keep the peace I offered to eat the part. I thought in fairness they would eat the labor, as their employee broke the damn thing! Answer, NO. Price stands, tough, to bad, etc. Now I am in the position of paying for a repair caused by their employee just to get my truck back & then seeking recourse. Now I'm PISSED! I will pay up front, recover my $$$ by any means neccessary, & devote every spare moment to making this the worst decision in Strauss Auto's history. In 1 weeks time my new site; will be live & I think I may add a YouTube video featuring the boys. I can only say, DO NOT, repeat DO NOT take your car to Strauss if you are looking for fair treatment. Also, please no rebuttals that read If you have a problem please contact us as that was done with no response from Strauss Corporate. On the plus side the girl from your answering service was very professional. You should let her train your store employees! Steve Howell, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Lakewood, New Jersey
14, Report #662824
Nov 17 2010
09:33 PM
sTRAUSS hOMES Amy Strauss and Chet Botch destroyed my home long pond, Pennsylvania
Strauss Homes destroyed my home, i suggest if you know anyone who has work done get an inspection immediately, especially of electric,plumbing, verify if they filed for permits, be sure they have more than liability insurance, take before and after pictures, video tape.      I am not sure how you can truely protect yourself, from others like them.  come see what they did to me and bring the media, now that the elections are over the Attroney general office will have more time.  I am at a true loss, on how they sleep at night.  
Entity: long pond, Pennsylvania
15, Report #1393460
Aug 17 2017
10:50 AM
Mark Strauss Insurance, Mark Strauss Mark Strauss, is a con man and a thief. He sold a car that he did not own, nor was his name on the title, knowing full well it had a blown head gasket. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS CON MAN! Austin Texas
 Mark Strauss is a CON MAN!! He uses unethical business practices, is a thief, He sold a car that was not his, without permission of the owner, and had his heroin addicted friend tell a story in which he concocted. Search his name on the Internet and see for yourself all the complaints against him. I wish I had. But now that I see he's reemerged from the hole he crawled into, his is coming...
Entity: Austin, Texas
16, Report #393656
Nov 21 2008
12:00 PM
Dockers - Levi Strauss Promotions Father's Day Gas Card Promotion left my tank EMPTY!!! San Francisco California
I am a life long loyal customer of Levi Strauss, and Dockers pants. I am in sales and throughout my career I mostly wear Dockers dress pants. I have ALWAYS been satisfied with the products and durability of your pants. This is why when Sears had a Fathers Day Promotion with Dockers, my wife and daughter took me there to buy cloths and take advantage of the $75.00 gas card promo. We purchased over $100 worth of cloths at a time when it wasn't the wisest thing to do; however we leveraged the decision to do so by offsetting the purchase with the gas card we were to receive. SEPT. 18th after realizing we have not received our gas card I called the phone number listed to inquire what the status was. They told me that they have mailed it and be patient it could take up-to 6 weeks to get. So I waited, and waited. After 3 additional attempts to find out what the hold up was. I was informed they would look into it. TODAY- I receive a phone call from Dockers and they explain the card was mailed and used, and from their standpoint there was nothing more they could do. I do not know what security procedures are in place to confirm that the cards reach who they are intended for, but I never received the card. Please forward this to the appropriate department who handles these types of complaints. I am hoping to receive correspondence back within reasonable time. It is not my problem there are faults in the mailing, tracking, and activation of these cards. I am a loyal customer who spent hard earned money on your product, and want this to be made right! Very frustrated, Rich Tampa, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: San Francisco, California
17, Report #532963
Dec 03 2009
11:29 AM
STRAUSS DISCOUNT AUTO Over charging for a tire. Then the extra fees. Brick, New Jersey
Last night around 5:45pm I had a flat tire.  When I placed the dounut tire, it was flat also.   So I took it to Strauss (It is across the street from where I live).  I ask the person behind the counter. How Much for a tire  The person response is The tire is around $60.  So I say OK. (The only problem is that the computer system in their store was down).   Now I call back this morning and I am charges over $115 for the tire.  So I asked the manager and said Because you have a Mercury Tracer, the other tire would not fit.  (Tires come in standard sizes)  What a bunch of Hog wash. They even give me a road hazard insurance I had to pay for.   1) I never asked for it. Never signed for it.  Until I had to pay up for it. 2) I asked for the $60 tire not the $89 tire.  Then labor, parts fee, steam fee. and about 20 other charges on to change the tire.  Do not forget the balancing of the tire.   So if this was not an emergency, I would have called AAA and get towed to my father's Guys to fix the car. Strauss is the WORST when it comes to saving money.  and living in New Jersey is all new tire tax, sales tax, disposal fees and so on. (NOT STRAUSS fault on that one).   Then they wanted to Check the Brakes, check for allignment. (that was done last year).  If this was not an emergency, Strauss Auto will NEVER have my business ever again.
Entity: Brick, New Jersey
18, Report #447456
Apr 29 2009
10:43 AM
Daniel J Strauss - Bottle Crew Research NOT Really Bottle Crew .. Crooks Steal ID of Legit Company Brampton Ontario
I just received a check in the mail for $3,975.62 from a company calling themselves Bottle Crew Research. After opening the envelope, which had a Canadian postmark (postal code M4L 3T0) and no return address, I found the check written on Bottle Crew's Charter One Bank account in Detroit. Bottle Crew is a legitimate company in Bloomfield Michigan that manufactures bottles. The crooks used Bottle Crew's real Bloomfield, MI address on the letter head, but the phone number (905-781-1180) shown was Canadian, and fax number (212-918-9307) is a New York number. Here's the abridged version of the scam letter... Our online data source has identified you as a candidate interested in an additional income part-time job. Therefore we are pleased to invite you to participate in a paid Consumer Research Program in your area of residence as a Customer Service Evaluator (Mystery Shopper)... As one of our possible 5,700 shoppers selected for this project, you will visit selected businesses in your area and secretly evaluate things like customer service, store location and appearance as well as product quality...the current consumer services evaluation you are undertaking will attract a participation pay of $300.00 a week...participation can go as high as $600.00 a week after six must keep you identity and assignment as a mystery shopper CONFIDENTIAL...You must not take this letter to your assignment... The first assignment will take place at any WESTERN UNION or MONEYGRAM agent near you...You will pose as a customer sending the stipulated amount listed below to one of our training agents...The second evaluation will take place in one of these major retail outlets: BEST BUY, WAL-MART, MACY'S, JC PENNY, SEARS or K-MART... ...go ahead and deposit your check. Upon availability of funds, your coordinator will provide you a computer generated receiver name...Withdraw the required amounts and proceed to evaluations... Here's the breakdown of the $3,975.62... Participation Pay for the first week $300.62 Stipulated Amount For Money Gram Evaluation $3,475 Money Gram/Western Union Service Fee $100 Funds for retail shopping assignment $100 (the letter says I get to keep the purchased goods, how very sweet of them) Thankfully, I knew this was a scam from the start. I am posting this because, unfortunately, I know there are many people out there who will get taken by these people. So, for those of you who don't already know, I'll explain the scam... In this particular case these crooks stole the identity of a legit company, but in some cases they manage to steal the ID and check books of individuals... 1. The crooks write a check on the bank account of victim A (the legit company or individual) 2. The crooks send the check to victim B (YOU). They make up some elaborate ruse such as the part-time secret shopper job offer they sent me. 3. Victim B deposits the check into their bank account; depending on the bank the funds will likely be available immediately or at most a day or two, but the availability of the funds does not mean the check has really cleared. 4. Victim B withdraws the funds from their account 5. Victim B wires the money to the crooks using a receiver name. By having the money wired using a receiver name the crooks can pick up the money from Western Union or MoneyGram using the receiver name and pass code instead of an ID 6. The crooks receive the money, do the happy dance, and move on to their next victim 7. Victim A is happily living their life, completely unaware of the series of events; UNTIL they receive a notice from their bank that their account is overdrawn. 8. Victim A begins the long arduous process of trying to prove they did not write the bad check, and trying to explain to everyone they've written legitimate checks to why the checks bounced 9. Victim B (YOU) is happy, having made a quick $300 doing something so simple, and is looking forward to their next assignment 10. Victim B receives notice from their bank that their account overdrawn because the check bounced after they withdrew the bad funds 11. Victim B tries to contact crooks to no avail 12. Victim B begins the long arduous process of trying to explain to everyone they've written legitimate checks to why the checks bounced 13. Victim B receives notice that they are now being investigated for CHECK FRAUD Please folks, don't be a victim, no legitimate company is going to just send you a check out of the clear blue sky. Cleverchic Brooklyn, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Brampton, Ontario
19, Report #451527
May 13 2009
01:24 PM
Daniel Strauss The Bottle Crew tryed to get me cash a check West Bloomfield Michigan
am just like others today. looking for a way to make make more money today. now i have this person sending me this check. i could have went jail over this. soe thing needs to be done about this person. am just hapyi looked him up. i did fine out that am not the only one he has done to. Pam peoria, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: West Bloomfield, Michigan
20, Report #369405
Sep 03 2008
01:30 PM
National Probate Institute - Lance Strauss - Telligenix Ignores Calls and Emails, Failed to Provide Timely Refund Orlando Florida
Purchased Probate training from National Probate Institute in August 2008. Contract states as required by CA law that contract can be cancelled within 3 business days. Lance Strauss was the very slick sales presenter for the company. I cancelled via certified mail on the second business day. Then, emailed company three times over a two week period concerning the refund I was due. Also, left phone messages on two occasions. Have received NO replies to emails or calls concerning these attempts to reach company. My main objection was that when Mr. Strauss presented information, he seemed eager to show all the emails he receives each day as his indication that this is an active and viable program, but he presented only a scant number of actual success stories. Cost of program is $2,995. Since National Probate Institute has not replied, I have now registered a dispute with my credit card company. Although this is likely to resolve matter, I will have paid one month interest on money that should have been promptly refunded. This company acts quickly in two respects: They are quick to post a credit card charge when the contract is signed, and they are quick to ignore attempts to reach them when they owe a refund. National Probate Institute is either scamming people or is simply indifferent toward its business obligations. Either way, they should be avoided!!! Allen San Francisco Bay Area, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
21, Report #681262
Jan 11 2011
10:10 AM
Sharry Strauss Posted job online, wanted me to send money overseas, when it was never recieved, Newar, Delaware
Sharry Strauss will tell you she's a lawyer from Newark Delaware. She will promise you $300 weekly plus allowances to be her personal assistant. Oh, and she will probably be out of the country at the start of your 'employment'. Her emails were very sophisticated, but certain parts just stood out. She'd forget spaces between the period and the start of a new sentence. She would insist on quick emails back, and she'd unnecesarily ask how I was doing, when there was no work to be done. She asked for my contact information, and wanted to send me a money order. This money order was to be used on toys for kids, and the toys sent to certain addresses. However the money order was never received, and the instructions changed to sending the money overseas to England. As I began questioning her a bit more, her English truly broke down as our emails became more rapid. A phone number was refused to be provided, and she harassed me for 'quitting' right when the money order was sent. Don't be fooled by this so called lawyer from the states!
Entity: Newar, Delaware
22, Report #791492
Oct 23 2011
11:51 AM
Strauss,Factor,Laing&Lyons Portfolio Recovery Associates,LLC eand realy don't what 's going happen with them Providence, Rhode Island
This is Debt collector for Company which I put complaint indifferent places and also which also while back ,I sent letter which I have samply what was going to be in letter and proof of speaking to person which sent letter out and postoffice traken .and lot of other things I email you some information and court paper I received .Marianne Vinacco (((ROR redacted))),It is realy hard to put In word what was done.CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Providence, Rhode Island
23, Report #791494
Oct 23 2011
12:40 PM
Strauss,Factor,Laing&Lyons Portfolio Recovery Associates,LLC eand realy don't what 's going happen with them Providence, Rhode Island
This is Debt collector for Company which I put complaint indifferent places and also which also while back ,I sent letter which I have samply what was going to be in letter and proof of speaking to person which sent letter out and postoffice traken .and lot of other things I email you some information and court paper I received .Marianne Vinacco 115 state Ave Apt 1 Tiverton RI 02878,It is realy hard to put In word what was done.
Entity: Providence, Rhode Island
24, Report #1301249
Apr 22 2016
01:13 PM
Levi Strauss Levi's They Could Eff Up a Wet Dream: Levi's Online Can't Handle an Order for One Pair of Jeans San Francisco California
    Below is my sad story, as yet unresolved, about Levi’s Online, one pair of jeans, and total incompetence. The boldface in the chat exchange I added because I was mad. I still am. Oh, and I didn’t copy (but so wish I would have) the final line, which was from Levi’s, that said something to the effect of “Great Judy! Have a good day!” They are idiots. Dear Levi's I’m writing about order numbers XXXXXXXX and XXXXXXX, and reference number XXXXXXX. Oh, and chat session number XXXXXXX. There was another chat session in there, but foolishly, I didn’t think I would need to write down the number. All of these numbers are for one pair of jeans I ordered online on March 17 and have yet to receive. When I called about the first order, a pair of 501 Ct jeans on sale, the person said the order was never filled and that it had something to do with difficulty getting the jeans from China (which would probably not be terrific PR for you). She canceled the order then told me I would have to pay full price for the jeans but could get a 20 percent discount, which I took. But why didn’t she just fulfill the order since the discount and the sale price were practically the same? No matter. I waited for a confirmation email on the second order which never arrived. When I called again, the phone operator offered me a discount which I took, then said I’d hear from you within 48 hours. That didn’t happen. So I got on a live chat with somebody who was COMPLETELY ineffective (transcript below.) By now I’m really angry with Levi’s and am ready to spread the word far and wide that your online order system is unreliable, and your customer service, though polite, is patronizing and aggravating. What else is disappointing is that you’re a San Francisco stalwart. As a bay area resident, that bums me out.   System: Thank you for contacting Levi’s® Live Chat. We will be with you in just a moment. Me: Initial Question/Comment: I have been trying to get a pair of jeans and my order has been messed up several times. I was supposed to hear this morning about the status of my order. Reference number is XXXXXXX. Where are my jeans?  System: Nancy C. has joined this session!  System: Connected with Nancy C.. Your reference number for this chat session is XXXXXXXX. Nancy C.: Hello Judy Nancy C.: I am Nancy Charles. Me: Hi Nancy. What's happening with my order? Nancy C.: Please hold while I bring up the number and look. I am sorry,  Me: What's going on? Nancy C.: I am sorry, please hold 2-4 minutes while bring your order up. Me: I've been holding for five minutes now. Nancy C.: Can you verify that number for me Nancy C.: I am sorry. The computer system is running slow. If I could I would certainly change that, Nancy C.: Never mind, I am using the order number. Nancy C.: There are several notes on this order, I need see what is going on Nancy C.: Okay so you talked to somebody yesterday at 4/21. it appears the your order is being looked at by corporate waiting to an update. Me: Actually it was Tuesday. Why is this taking so long? Nancy C.: 4/19, and 4/21 there are notes. Nancy C.: Please hold while I attempt to speak to a supervisor. If I am unable to reach 1, I recommend you call and speak to someone directly. Me: This is terrible. ancy C.: Rather than going back and reading all the notes, making you wait longer, what is it that happened and what are you waiting for? Me: What is the problem????? Read the notes! That's your job!!! Nancy C.: Please hold Juday, 2-5 minutes. I am currently waiting for a supervisor to see if they can assist you. However, it has already been directed to corporate. My name is Judy. There is no A in my name. I've been holding with you for about 20 minutes now. Forget it. This interaction has been copied and I'll talk to somebody higher up.Nancy C.: Please hold Juday, 2-5 minutes. I am currently waiting for a supervisor to see if they can assist you. However, it has already been directed to corporate.  
Entity: San Francisco, California
25, Report #557098
Jan 19 2010
10:56 PM
Victoria Marine Damaged my boat hull Victoria, Texas
Let Victoria Marine work on boat engine for overheating problem WO # 12797 from 12/10/2009 - 01/06/2010 Got boat out of shop and was waxing it while waiting for weather to clear up. Nice day I took the boat out to the lake and ran it. The throttle was getting stuck, would not engage in reverse, steering was hard and it overheated took it back to Victoria Marine. WO #12812 01/12/2010 - 01/18/2010 To fix the throttle,steering, and the reverse(none those were a problem prior to first visit). Picked up on 01/19/2010 and discussed the overheating problem with Al (service manager)and picked the boat up. After arriving home noticed damage to the boat hull (scratches and gashes that was not there before I took it to Victoria Marine because I waxed the boat previous to taking it in. Called and spoke with Al he said to bring it back and let him take a look at it. Went back to Victoria Marine and met with Al he claimed that they did not do it. Al got Bob(owner) so he could look at it. Bob looked at it and said he was though looking at it they did not do it. Spoke with Charlie (mechanic) and he said that if he would have done it he would have told me and that they were old and it looks like it was rubbing up against something in the water. One of them made a comment it is not like we ran it over one of the cement blocks.
Entity: Victoria, Texas

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