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26, Report #1397927
Sep 05 2017
06:30 AM
Peter Brown Claims manager: Betty Hill or Victoria Anderson Publisher's Clearing House Scam Louisville Nationwide **Author of this Report is NOT CONFIRMED**
 A man by the name of Peter Brown sent a letter and a check in the amount of $7,897.00 which he stated that this amount is for legal and administrative fees, to my home with the Publisher's clearing house logo stating that I won $500,000.00 USD and to contact my claims manager by the name of Betty Hill or Victoria Anderson at TEL# 1-647-891-3844 without any delay before depositing the check in the amount of $7,897.00 at my financial institution, and for further information on this prize. This letter also included a security code with PCH-4284. The letter also states that their office is open Monday-Friday 8am to 6pm Eastern.
Entity: Nationwide
27, Report #53994
Feb 08 2012
03:25 PM
Neil Baesden (Store Manager), Strauss Discount Auto ripoff, highly dishonest, deceptive, unscrupulous, barbarous, savage, depraved Bronx New York
I just want everyone to hear of my treatment from a Neil Baesden and Sean the store managers Strauss Discount Auto located at 3511 Boston Road in the Bronx. I have been a very loyal customer of Strauss ever since I received my new car, a Pontiac Sunfire. I have been taking it for service at the above location from 1/2002- 4/2003. I definitely won't take my car there again after the way I was treated. I have spent over $2000 last year alone at that location they did all the work on my car including tune-up, engine mount, antifreeze flush, oil changes, light bulb change, my brakes. This year alone they did my tune up, belt change, oil change and my headlights. Which totaled close to $700. They were like an extended family they call me the sunfire lady because that where I always go if I needed anything for my car and they are the only ones who works on my car. They replace my power steering belt in January and did my tune up approximately 2 weeks ago. After coming home at 6:30 pm on Saturday April 12 I realized that my car could only go forward and backwards. My steering wheel was not working when I came out the car and looked under the hood the steering belt was off completely. When I called Strauss they were on the verge on closing. I spoke with a rep that after explaining what happened said I should call and ask for Sean (the Asst. Manager) at 8:30AM the next day. When I called they said Sean will be there the next 10 mins and they will have him call me back the next 10-15 mins. I gave them twenty minutes and no one called. When I called again the second time I spoke to Sean, who said they were short staffed and will call me back as soon as the person he spoke with (one of the employees) calls him back he said he would call me back in 15 mins. This time I gave them 30 mins they were giving me the run around and I didnt appreciate it at all. After they worked on my car I paid them I dont owe Strauss anything therefore I didnt see any reason for them to treat me this way. When I call the 3rd time Sean transferred me to the store manager Neil Baesden. I explained the situation to him and he gave me the run around again he said he will call me back in 10 mins he didnt. At this point I was exceedingly angry. That was my 3rd call and no one had the courtesy of helping me. I called a 4th and they transferred me directly to Neil, this time I decided to tape the conversation. He told me that I have to pay a tow truck to take the car to them and if it is there problem they will reimburse me and if it is mine I have to pay. I was of course upset. I explained to him that my car was just there and if I have a problem with my car its there problem also because it was their mechanics who works on my car he strongly disagree in fact he said to hold and then he hung up on me. At this point I lost it. I HAVE THIS ALL ON TAPE I can furnish it if needs be. He argued with me before he decided to pay for the tow truck to take my car there. I was relieved for an instant until I got there Neil was very rude with me instead of listening to my frustrations; he cut me off and told me he couldnt help me because it could have been something I did. My response to him was that I am the customer and I paid my money therefore I need to get return. After checking my car they said the tensioner broke bear in mind that they did my tune up approximately 2 weeks before. Sean spoke to the mechanic frank who was working on my car in spanish because i was standing there they both spoke english. After they finished my car they gave me a bill for $206. $141 to replace the tensioner and 59 for the tow they messed up my car and i had to pay. Can u beleive it i yelled before they decided to take off the tow. They still charged me the 141 I had to pay for there error. I emailed their customer care twice with my complaints, i called twice and left a message and i also wrote to their head office no one took the time to respond. I am still very upset about this incident i paid the $141 only because i didnt want to get the cops involved when getting off their property they have lost one of their best customers and the sad part is that they don't even care. Nordia Bronx, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Bronx, New York
28, Report #1057056
Jun 06 2013
04:43 PM
Reg Midgeley Victoria B.C scam ripped off Victoria British Columbia Canada
 Well I purchased a 97 honda oddysey the first time and was told it was worth 4995.00. This wasn't the case after 10 months the van got hit bye a deer and got written off bye icbc. Icbc gave the van value at 2300.00 so they ended writing a check for 2800 to Reg Migeley.  So now I get into another van and was tole it was 325.00 a month at 19 months. Then when the payment goes out its 328.47. So I texted Paris and asked why is it at 328.47? This was 2 weeks before the payment was suppose to come out on the 20th. He didn't reply until the payment went through. He said after the payment went through it was that amount. Then I said nope 19 payments at 325.00. He said nope 328.47 at 21 months. I was like I didn't agree to that. He says you have 2 options 1 pay 328.47 a month at 21 months or take the van back tomorrow morning. I didn't sign a contract for the second van and I don't even have a copy of it. He said he had the paper work right in front of him. I don't have any of this paper work. So 2 weeks later I go to reg midgely to bring the van back and he wouldn't let me. He said to talk with Paris. Paris is not returning my calls or text messages. I went to the police station and they said just bring the van there where you bought it and leave it there and hand them the keys. Make sure there open when you do it. Then they cant say it got stolen or anything. Great way to do business.
Entity: Victoria, British Columbia
29, Report #468068
Oct 15 2010
08:02 AM
Strauss Homes, LLC In 2007, I paid Strauss Homes in full to build a 2car garage & renovations. They Never finished the work. Long Pond Pennsylvania
My husband and I own approx. 2 acres, 3 bedroom/2bath home in Kresgeville, PA. In September 2007, my husband and I hired Chet Botch, owner of Strauss Homes, to build an attached 2-car garage with a room above it and to remodel our existing home. We paid him in full for the construction of the garage plus the room above it. By December 2007, the frame of the garage and the upstairs room was built. Mr. Botch said that he had to wait until April 2008 to pour the cement on the garage floor due to the cold weather. It is now July 2009 and there is no cement on the garage floor. On December 7, 2007, we had a flood in the existing house. We again hired Strauss Homes to remodel most of the house due to water damage. They were paid by our insurance company, State Farm, in full for the work on the interior. Several months later, the interior of the house was not completed. The pipes were still not properly protected from the cold resulting in another flood. Again, State Farm paid in full for additional interior work due to the damage caused by the second flood. Such work was never completed. In mid 2008, Mr. Botch brought a catapillar with a bucket and bulldozer attached to it in order to grade the land going to the garage. The land was never graded. In February 2009, Mr. Botch brought the catapillar again to my property. This time he dug a big whole on our backyard and burned the garbage he had created in other jobs. He left a big whole uncovered plus broke the pipe going to the sewer. He told us that he had repaired the pipe and covered it. To date, said pipe remains broken and exposed. He never covered it with the ground. Strauss Homes has defrauded us of over $100,000. My house is inhabitable. There isn't a single room completed. The siding on the garage is still not fully completed and the plywood has been damaged due to exposure to winter and summer (2 years). We paid twice for the completion of the room above the garage. After the sheetrock was installed, they removed it because the wiring was faulty. Now the room is bare and the sheetrock damaged on the floor. The few walls that were finished have been damaged by them. In addition, we purchased materials for the home and he returned them to the store and received store credit which he never returned to us. This has been a strain on my health and has caused irreparable damage to my family. Please help!!!! P.S. Of course, I have receipts to prove that I paid. Thank you so much. I would apprecite any help you can provide. My husband and I are not young and this is our only home - now our destroyed home. Sincerely, Maritza (((ROR REDACTED))) Maritza Kresgeville, PennsylvaniaU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Long Pond, Pennsylvania
30, Report #1287893
Feb 15 2016
08:38 PM
Pure Franchise Systems- Stephen Blignaut RIPPED OFF BY STEPHEN BLIGNAUT $20,000 plus. Was VERY quick to take my money but didn't deliver the goods. **WARNING** Melbourne Victoria
Purchased an IPL machine from Stephen Blignaut June 2015. He promised me all the trimmings. He was very quick to get the finance deal done but once he got my money there were constant delays. We missed all deadlines and we had to constantly apologise to clients for the delay. Was promised $1000 refund for the inconvenience from Stephen but still to this day ( 16th Feb 2016 ) have not received it!!After continual chasing up from us he finally had the machine delivered whilst I was overseas (gutless) and on my return it was the wrong machine! NOT even close to what I had ordered. DODGY LOOKING CHINESE MACHINE. He provided UNPROFESSIONAL  training for under an hour with an unqualified trainer who I was correcting on terminolgy. Still no $1000 refund nor a manual for this supposed medical graded machine! you buy a toaster these days and get a thick book of instruction and manual:-/Finally reached my peak of frustration and took Stephen up on a refund, as he had promised this the whole way through if we were unhappy. Up until this point had barely heard back from him. I receive his response saying NO! he couldnt do a refund!!! he lied and twisted the whole story saying that i had changed my mind about what machine I wanted and that I had refused delivery. LIES...LIES....LIES and thats not even touching on it!!Not one to back down on principality...and THE TRUTH....I decide to take him to VCAT mediation. Only on response from his office Manager Julia that she was now the representative for the matter! WHAT??? i wasnt even dealing with her....she was finance!!! :-/ CANCELLED THAT MEDIATION clearly it was going to get me nowhere.Officially have taken him to court ( pending ) and hope to retrieve my money back plus extra for loss of business, stress and inconvenience!!! Hoping to hear back from anyone else who has had any bad experiences with him.*DO NOT BUY A MACHINE FROM THIS MAN!!!!! 
31, Report #122943
Dec 15 2004
02:17 AM
R H STRAUSS person who changed my oil drove my car into another car and damaged my fender. I was told to get two estimates and the damage would be repaired and a check sent to me. ripoff liars! BRONX, NEW Y0RK NEW YORK
On 10/22/04 I went Strauss Discount Auto for an oil change. The man that changed my oil moved my car into the car port to change the oil, gunned my car and hit another car damaging my left fender and the back of the other car he went into. I was told to get 2 estimates and the Strauss would pay for the damage to my car. I did that. I had to call the Strauss several times to find out if they got my estimates (I took the estimates to the Bronx location they Manager sent in the estimates but never told the head office where the estimates came from). Now they have my two esimates, they told me they will pay the lowest $423.04 and when I call I am being told, they haven't cut the check. Meanwhile my car is still damaged. The manager at the Bronx store has quite, the guy that damaged my car is still working there (he was a student repair man). I was told they were going to take the damage money from his check. Hannah Bronx, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: BRONX, New York
32, Report #472190
Jul 22 2009
09:55 AM
Daniel J Strauss -- Harris Poll Research Inc To be Mystery Shopper, take check and deposit , money Gram back to someone Rochester New York
i received a letter from Daniel J Strauss to call 905-781-1080 and was to take a 3975 check deposit and moneygram 3475 back to someone then be a mystery shopper at best buy or walmart or ;macy or jcpenny or sears or kmart. i would find out after i called. offer expires 3 days from the day I call Has Harris Poll Research INC and paper head. Cindy Richmond Hill, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Rochester, New York
33, Report #719399
Apr 19 2011
09:34 AM
Daniel Strauss Miami Research Center Wrote a fraud check to me for 2,400. for work I did as a surveyer, to get my personal records and Id and social security Mami, Florida
 I signed up for a job from the internet for surveys. I got a letter in the mail  with my survey papers and  and a check for 2,400. I was surprised to know that I got paid before getting my W2 form and more info. I called the number listed and was told to deposit the check in my account and take out a certain amount to finish the servey for customer service. these companies pay them to send people out to see how there store is running, that is what I was told. I was also told I would get my W2 form email and I could print it. since everything is done internet now I thought it was ok. well I found report that it has scam reports.
Entity: Mami, Florida
34, Report #1190892
Nov 23 2014
07:11 PM
mark Strauss insurance/lone star managing agenct charged me $250 for so called insurance fees which went into his bank account. this did not go as down pymt. austin Texas
I was purchasing a vehicle from Clay Cooley Nissan in Austin when my salesman offered to call an insurance agent to the dealership because he was known for giving better insurance quotes than other companies could offer.  I had been on my cell phone inquiring about coverage and quotes so I didn't find this suspicious. Here is where it gets interesting.  I had been at the dealership over 7 hrs and my blood sugars were falling low.  This Mark Strauss came to the dealership briefly met with my sales person then came and introduced himself and handed me his business card.  He got on his laptop and began giving me quotes that were higher than the quotes I received from others.  He quick did some talking telling me his laptop could search several data bases to give me the best quote possible.  His quote again was higher than I was willing to pay, so he prodded me for information on the last vehicle I insured which I told him I no longer owned.  He stated sometimes with just the VIN #, it could reduce my policy rate.  I did not know he added the vehicle to the policy and that would cost me $206.00 additional dollars.  I was also charged a policy fee if $72.00 which was not disclosed and I was not given any policy to view until after my credit card was charged $142.00 for my first month premium and a separate 250.00 fee that was told to me it was my down payment but went into Mark's own account.I was given several forms prior to my policy that he stated were standard forms such as the verbiage states all statements must be accurate and truthful.  One form talked about agency fees and he scribbled 1st month down and what I thought was 250.00 for down payment but he twisted the wording to state start up and agency fees.  Then he quickly asked for my bank card, and charged 250.00 and 142.00 went to the copier at the dealership, xeroxd some documents and handed them to me with a copy of the so called insurance policy.  The font was so small I could barely read it and looked at it once I got home.  Something just didn't feel right and I saw how I was scammed.  I tried to call Mark on Monday and he tried to talk his way out of everything by telling me to look at my receipt (the one I signed where I thought my down payment and first month premium was noted,but he hand wrote in set up/agency fees when he went to xerox the copies.  None of my copies of any document have his signature and I had asked before he photocopied to sign them he told me not to worry. Mark Strauss is a crook, a schemer, and a very deceptive person.  The dealership covered for him and kept hanging up on me even before hearing why I was calling.  They commented they use Mark for many of their customers.  Just think how much they are ripping off consumers.  How is this income reported? How if any are taxes paid on this?  This is a scam and byers please beware! 
Entity: austin, Texas
35, Report #1295130
Apr 03 2016
03:08 PM
Victoria Brides Fraud Internet
 Do not trust any online bridal searches.  Most, if not all, are very sophiscated scams. Especially the so-called foreign bridal and dating internet sites are very elusive and sophiticated. is very bad.  It seems as if they have a collection of female pictures they use and have ringers to pretend to be like these profiled pictures.  Almost like these pay for phone sex operators do they operate very elusive. I spent about $1000 this month of March through victoriabride and only to conclude my analysis as stated above to be true.  They are very savvy in what they do and seems to play psychological games to prey upon lonly men in other countries.  I only wish that the FTC (federal trade commission) or some U.S.A. government act upon shutting down these unscrupulous firms.  The federal government can arrest drug dealers to protect the medical and pharmacy industry but refuse to protect prone and lonely men from being defrauded.  Please refrain from using these foreign online dating services.  You really do not know if they really operate in the region that they claim to be at.
Entity: Internet
36, Report #1240378
Jul 07 2015
07:57 PM
Victoria secret Identity protector 365 Nationwide
 I have never been asked to sign up for a so called Identity protector 365 that is charging me $14.99 a month. I am very disgusted with the survives that Victoria secret is making there customers pay. I am appalled that this is even legal without someone giving premission for these survives. They have lost me as a customer and I will be calling the company tomorrow to let them know.
Entity: Nationwide
37, Report #744439
Jun 23 2011
12:10 PM
Harbour Air Victoria Nigel Smallwood Job Interview Jeopardy Waste Of Time Unprofessional victoria, British Columbia
Was sent a request with almost no notice for a job interview.  Responded within a reasonable time frame and was informed that the job was already filled but to come in anyways for a job interview.  Was informed that their phones could not call out to my rogers cell phone.  When I arrived interviewer was ordering a coffee and left me waiting for a few moment to do so.  He did not have any space set aside for the interview and wasted my time dragging me from one building to the next until finally kicking someone out of an office.  He kept insisting that it wasn't easy work, being a rigger and in the field I am accustomed to hard work.  The interview was over upon failure to list off all harbor air locations, as well as the models of air planes which they use.  He complained about wasting people's time.  This man needs a lesson as to what is a waste of time.  The process was un-professional and disorganized.  There were no tests as to my physical capacity for the job, even though it is physically demanding, in fact, the interviewer implied that it's super tough and need to know what they are getting into.  Perhaps this gentleman has a problem with people not making commitments and sticking to them, or the laid back folk out here who have the gall to show up late (or not at all) on a regular basis even though they are being gifted with opportunity.  Perhaps people say they are up for the job and then cower when the pressure is put on them.  Well, I am not that person, and if this gentleman had any idea what it is to be a rigger then perhaps he would recognize that while the job is tough a guy like me can take it. I bit my tongue and figure I would post here to warn others looking for work what they might be in store for.  Entries here are permanent and get good results via google and other search engines, ripoffreports generally appear when one searches for a company to do THEIR RESEARCH, as this interviewer suggested that I hadn't done enough of to suit his standards (even though the job market is highly competitive and there's little time if any to waste researching a job opportunity -- the fact that I'd indicated that I'd done some research should be enough to show interest).  He suggested doing my research and reapplying, however, I will pass.  This gentleman is right about wasting people's time any further and I would like to warn people that if they are a jeopardy contestant they might just get this job, but for anybody expecting a shot at proving they can physically and mentally handle it you may wish to look elsewhere for work.  This trick only works once with online postings, so, the next time you call someone an interview, now they really won't have any excuse since google can easily pull up this interview experience and people have been warned with regards to this stategy which says absolutely nothing as to how one would perform at this job.  I have no need to reapply, I would rather warn people and then the next person (and everyone afterwards) will get a job interview that relates more to how they can contribute and perform as opposed to how obsessed they are with some corporation that could provide work.  I found him pushy (but I am used to it) but also somewhat rude.  I honestly don't know what qualifies this man to have a pre-madonna complex but again, expect this if you get called in for an interview. This is the digital age, you won't have much choice but to adapt to consumers getting organized, bear in mind, the bottom line is, is that you are selling us employment.  Part of the consequences of the digital age is that there are records of everything, including smart consumers who will post their experiences and dealings with various companies.  This works like advertising for your company if the experience is positive, but can work against a business if it is negative.  I consider my experience to be extremely negative, a total waste of time, and an insult.
Entity: victoria, British Columbia
38, Report #1381956
Jun 28 2017
04:45 PM
Victoria Brides VictoriaBrides VictoriaHearts Victoria Brides Victoria Hearts Fraud and Scam with provable facts Internet
 Here is VictoriaBride and VictoriaHeart crimes... I meet in Ukraine with Prosecutors in 4 Oblasts over 4 days to provide materials, affidavits and witnesses. Security Service of Ukraine (Ukrainian: Служба Безпеки України (СБУ); Sluzhba Bezpeky Ukrayiny) or SBU has done investigation. Tell your parents about being possibly being Complicit Here is VictoriaBrides crime: Under Ukrainian Law... What are the specific offences relevant to corporate or business fraud? Under the Criminal Code the following offences are classified as crimes against property: Fraud (as a general crime), that is, taking possession of somebody else's property or obtaining property title by deceit or abuse of trust (Article 190, Criminal Code). Infliction of pecuniary damage by deceit and abuse of trust (Article 192, Criminal Code). Al participants in the scheme of deceit are also deemed as crminally participatory. Next: Covert investigatory (detection) actions. These include: audio and video monitoring (Article 260, CPC); arrest, examination and seizure of correspondence (Articles 261 to 262, CPC); retrieval of information from telecommunication networks (Article 263, CPC); retrieval of information from electronic information systems (Article 264, CPC); I am telling you that this is not a game! inspection of publicly non-accessible locations, accommodation or other property of individuals (Article 267, CPC); location of radio and electronic equipment (Article 268, CPC); surveillance of persons, items or location (Article 269, CPC); audio and/or video location control (Article 270, CPC); monitoring of crimes (Article 271, CPC); secret collection of samples necessary for comparative analysis (Article 274, CPC). Male User / Paying Member Complaint Filing Read: How do you talk to a Dead Person? 6/15/17 Treating a lady profile on VictoriaBrides that was injured and later died via a hit and run driver in Kiev. Messages kept coming from a woman already buried. 1000 credits must be spent on a single female member to swap contact information. Note: they get an IMBRA form with all of your own personal information from background check to mailing addresses to personal history, etc. You as user/paying member receive an email address from some entity that can be created in 3 minutes. Via affidavits obtained the women are paid to get you to burn up credits. They want you to post photos, buy double priced gifts, watch videos, etc. Meetings can be but often they will not show up to make excuses for a month. Ukraine prosecutors are looking into the scam and fraud here. Few females are real and validated by a simple check with the Ukraine Security Police or local Oblast Police. Shift work is the norm and the entitity Messaging to you can be textbot or Ivan. They claim via their Mediation Team that all are real and validated. The Ukrainian Secret Police state that less than 1 in 50 are interested in anything but the paybacks from money spent. Ukraine has the 6th largest alcoholism issue in the world. A large male population with an average salary of $ 325 per month. These women profiles can actually be real and serious but out of 5500 reviewed only 390 passed a simple check of safety in dating practices check. A large alcoholic male population with an average salary of $ 325 per month. These women profiles can actually be real and serious but out of 5500 reviewed only 390 passed a simple check of safety in dating practices. The e-mail address TraceCheck was at a MAC or IP address that proved many disingenuous and a fraud. Cupability to crimes of monetary and identity fraud are rampant in Ukraine scam of Marriage Agency. Three female ex-members provided sworn affidavits of men and women or an AI Software answering as or pretending to be the profiled woman that the man is spending money to text or talk to. The entire system is rife with fraud in this corporation.
Entity: Internet
39, Report #390480
Nov 12 2008
11:09 AM
Globalnet Panel-daniel Strauss-patricia Secret Shopers Scam 11 East 22nd ST, Newyork, NY 10011 Nationwide
on october 25, 2008, i recevied a letter from globalnet panel asking me to particpate and to be a customer service evaluator with a check attached in the amount 0f $2,975.00.this latter stated to call # 1877 275 4871 upon receipt of this letter in order to contact a training co-ordinator. i called and i spoke to a lady with a foreign accent who call herself patricia smith. patricia, while giving me directives for the moneygram assignment for me to wire the $2575.00 to a created phoney name with the same last name like mineto hamilton, ontario, canada and call her back with the moneygram reference nomber. i deposited the check in my bank, charterone, and the fund was available in 24 hours then i went to wire the money to the mentioned address. everything went smooth till i checked my account online to know that the check was returned and i owe the bank $ 2975.00. i called daniel strauss and i knew right away that is a scam because he told me that they have to open an invistigation in order to know what happened. my husband talk to him and ask him to give hime another nomber to talk to a manager because we need the money to be returned to the bank but ofcourse invain. we called the moneygram to know who recieved the money. the rep. said that somebody picked it up from different city which is scarborough, ontario, canada. but the most interesting thing that daniel is still answering the phone call, i guess because he is waiting for another people to call him. it is scam babey. i am just reporting this because i donot anybody to fall in the same trap i fell in. i guess those scam artist they dont care about anything but money and they dont care that some people hurting from the bad econemy like us. i want to tell him, daniel, that he took the money that is fine but something bad is going to happen to him . i hope that daniel or whatever is his name that he dose not have kids because i know that he is hurting them in way or another. Fatma clinton twp, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
40, Report #1037193
Mar 22 2013
05:20 PM
Q-Tel Quest in Victoria Quest Damage, poor service, rude, ripoff, scam, liars Victoria, British Columbia
We brought our brand new Sharp air purifier into Q-Tel because when we started it up it had a tick to it. We bought it in brand new and clean, we got it back scratched to hell on the display screen (looks like they laid it down on a dirty surface to work on it) and filthy. When this was brought to the attention of the manager she was completely rude, dismissive and condescending. They refused to do anything about it. Do not take your electronics to these clowns, return them to the store instead. They are horrible, petty people and even worse service providers. Warranty work in Victoria is better left to professionals with actual customer service, and technicians who don't do more damage than they repair when attempting to fix a unit. We are going to escalate this issue with Sharp, the manufacturer, as well as on social media. I tried to explain this wasn't over, that they were treating us unfairly and that they should fix what they broke... but the smug manager seems to think it was over when she brushed me off. We had a TV that they services in the past as well on a warranty. it took them three trips to get it right. What a clown show.
Entity: Victoria, British Columbia
41, Report #1037218
Mar 22 2013
06:39 PM
Q-Tel Quest in Victoria Quest Damage, poor service, rude, ripoff, scam, liars Victoria, British Columbia
We brought our brand new Sharp air purifier into Q-Tel because when we started it up it had a tick to it. We bought it in brand new and clean, we got it back scratched to hell on the display screen (looks like they laid it down on a dirty surface to work on it) and filthy. When this was brought to the attention of the manager she was completely rude, dismissive and condescending. They refused to do anything about it. Do not take your electronics to these clowns, return them to the store instead. They are horrible, petty people and even worse service providers. Warranty work in Victoria is better left to professionals with actual customer service, and technicians who don't do more damage than they repair when attempting to fix a unit. We are going to escalate this issue with Sharp, the manufacturer, as well as on social media. I tried to explain this wasn't over, that they were treating us unfairly and that they should fix what they broke... but the smug manager seems to think it was over when she brushed me off. We had a TV that they services in the past as well on a warranty. it took them three trips to get it right. What a clown show.
Entity: Victoria, British Columbia
42, Report #1124817
Feb 20 2014
11:31 AM
Victoria Station apartments Management * Sonya Rufuse to fix and maintain health hazards in apartment unit victoria Texas
         If  you have childern, an elder or care about your health dont move in to Victoria Station Apartments.   The apartment units are a health issue.  During the  summer months the AC will not cool the unit off. Your electric bill will be doubled bc of the unit AC not working correctly.  The hot side was cooler then inside and the temperature 90 plus. My childern were having asthma attacks almost daily, bc of the heat. The management did not want to fix the problem, it took calling everyday for two months to get the problem fixed.          Theres MOLD in my unit and the management told me, its not their responsibility to keep my apartment clean amd free of MOLD. They flat out told me. When I researched the Tenant Rights, it clearly states; the apartment management is responsible for providing a healthy environment to live in.          It took some time to get the management  getting the issue possess going. My childern and  my health is to important not to have thisatter resolved.  Everytime we come home I dread  bc I know its affecting our health. I have NEVER lived in a place and been so disappointed.           2yr resident will be no more. Think twice before youove in to the Victoria Station Apartments in Victoria, Tx. Sonya is the manager and I have never met someone as two face as she is. When I signed my lease, she acted like she really cares bit the first problem I had everything went down hill. Now Sonya refuses to talk to me, return my phone calls. She gets her assistant to call me instead. The apartment management just and told me I have 90 days to move out.             UnhappyTenant
Entity: victoria, Texas
43, Report #1419971
Dec 30 2017
08:34 AM
VICTORIA MOSS AND GUTTER Ryan paranich Refuse to pay money they admitted is due for work Victoria British Columbia
Victoria moss and gutter is ran by Ryan Paranich. Aka ryan roga. First and foremost this man thinks after no mention of the work provided up until after the work provided that it would be made out to my company. From my understanding i was operating under my own name, since he stated, Don’t know what weekend work you’re talking about. Give me addresses. You have $337.14 due tomorrow and $517.57 due next Friday. He decided after the work was rendered of course to make everything out to my company, having not mentioned that was what he planned on doing and after having not asked if i agreed to that. He is refusing to pay as i insist on being paid as a contractor under my own name as i have done with other businesses in the past, as doing so under my business would potentially screw with some tax exemption that would wind up costing me twice what is owed anyways. Roughly a week prior, this deadbeat had said: I know I’m asking a lot to ask you to be flexible there, for sure, no question. So you understand where I’m coming from I have $2042 in outstanding payments, and even if they all paid today the soonest I’d see that cash flow is the 4th. If your life doesn’t allow you to be flexible with when you can receive payment this week, I fully respect that and I’ll get it to you right away. For me it is worth asking, just in case the answer was a yes, even on partial payment or something to that effect. Be warned that before you work for this man or his business that these are the sort of games that he will play with your money after the fact when you have already done the work. He (Ryan Paranich) also stated one day: Starting next week if you dont report when you have finished work you dont get paid anything more than minimum wage. This slimy creature makes fake reviews. He created such a review under a yelp account by the name of ryan s which i read and interpreted as malicious and childish and defamatory of mike o'hara who operates a business called mossman. When he was transitioning out of sales/general management at Roof Cleaning Victoria and a client was getting upset, he suggested that if things went sour that they get sent to Victoria Moss and gutter. How positively manipulative, seems like he thinks his clientele to generally be stupid. Here is a quote: Sure thing. If he's upset tell him that victoria moss & gutter will do it at the same price. Be forewarned before you work for this man or do business with him that this is what sort of dishonest, immoral individual he is. Also i will followup with screencaps and any evidence that i have, looks like i may have to sue this guy for what he owes -- to which he has threatened that i will have to pay costs for in small claims (how stupid can one get after admitting to the money owed the day before). Here is a man that was informed that i was sick, literally on the 22nd, then schedules me for saturday while not communicating it or mentioning it to me, (a saturday) and complains that i needed to call him to let him know that i am still sick. Guess he thinks he owned every day of my life and doesnt have to give notice of scheduling on the day of, and here is a quote from him on the 23rd at the end of the day: You’re sick today. That’s fine. I’m not even talking about today, I’m talking about countless other issues I’ve had that have collected to this moment. The moment when I’m preparing you an employee contract that I spend a god damn lot of my time and energy on just to get it so that it is lucrative and creates the right amount of incentive for you to work hard for this crew, not to mention my money I spent on creating these. Meanwhile you come at me with accusations and entitlement that have no basis in reality. While not calling me to let me know at ANY POINT today that you were still too sick to work, not a text, nothing. Are you starting to see why this might perturb me? After that saturday i chatted with a mutual aquaintance and was informed that he told them that i didnt mention being sick at all even though that quote (quoting it from the text messages he sent to my phone). I resent being lied about to other people but this is nothing new with him considering what he did to mike at mossman. This man also attempted to poach my wingman, he suggested that i was keeping 100% of the money which again was false. When I asked ryan paranich, about the incident he thought as though he was entitled. He claims to have wcb coverage right on his website, but i wouldnt know if he did or not as i never did get to see if any deductions were ever made as all i have ever gotten were e-transfers sent to my personal account (as opposed to my business email). Even his linkedin profile screams shady. Claims he is presently involved in roga business management services, which seems dubious and its doubtful if there has ever been a business ever registered in that name (although at present time features a website that doesnt work) and some basically empty facebook groups, no reviews, nothing of value. He kept insisting upon employment but kept moving the date to deal with an actual employment contract further and further away. First it was the 10th of december, then he attempted to get me to send my sin number via some google form in an email (to which i stated was insecure and the form didnt work anyways), then it was the 26th. Long story short i believe this guy had it out for me right from day 1 of meeting him and i also feel as though whatever arrangements were to be made with him when roof cleaning victoria stepped to the side and he began to setup his own business, would have ended in dispute regardless and wouldnt last very long either. With all of that in mind, i hope that he reaps what he has sown and im glad to be moving on, away from such a toxic individual.
Entity: Victoria, British Columbia
44, Report #505501
Oct 06 2009
09:10 PM
victoria voss lisa johnson unpaid rent for 5 months Internet
Rent not paid for 5 months. She owed over 5000.00 in rent and utilities even though she apparently was after her clients to keep paying up front and some ahead of time. skipped town just ahead of sheriff.
Entity: , Internet
45, Report #374429
Sep 19 2008
01:20 PM
Victoria Nails expensive and poor customer service Chandler Arizona
I went for a fill and she persuaded me I needed a neww set, but she did a different set and charged me $40. Within 5 days the mnails were lifting off which had never haappened before. Unfortunately I was out of state so I went back when I returned to town and showed her the problems. By then 2 nails gad come off. Oh no problem she said I fix it for you, I told her I did not want the same product as last time. She filled them with the same product and charged me $30. I have never paid more than $20 for a fill. I WILL NOT BE RETURNING. Susan chandler, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Chandler, Arizona
46, Report #385106
Oct 27 2008
12:55 AM
Victoria Principal No refund Internet
My credit card was charged for some make up..I returned the make up and they keep saying they returned the funds to my account..My bank has no record of this and has sent me a letter saying so..I have contacted the principal company several times ..this happen in april of 2007. They refuse to return my aware when giving your card number to others, it opens up a avenue for them to steal from you. Ladyfalls woodville, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
47, Report #232645
Jan 25 2007
01:33 PM
Autocredit ripoff selling lemons and even promissing lemonade Victoria Texas
I bought a truck from this carlot and put 1000.00 dollars down. I drove the truck for about 3 weeks and the transmission gave out. I talked to the owner and he agreed to fix it. He had a wrecker service come and get my truck at home. He called me the following day and told me that he was not going to fix the transmission because he didn't know the condition of the truck while i was driving it. I asked him if he was going to return my down payment he told me he was not going to. I didn't know what to do so i asked him to take the truck to a mechanic for me so i could get it fixed. He told me he would after i make my first payment and that he had messed up on my sale and forgot to tell me about the taxes that were owed for the sale of the truck. I asked him how much it was he told me that it was $330 for my first payment and another $680 for the taxes and it had to be paid before he could release the truck. I told him i couldn't afford all of that and have to fix the truck aswell. So now I'm stuck without a truck and paid $1000 dollars for a lemon. So if you have bad credit and need to go to one of those buy here pay here car lots pleae drive past Autocredit there not a carlot just a very expensive fruit stand. Manuel victoria, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Victoria, Texas
48, Report #1136018
Apr 03 2014
12:51 PM
McMullen Mechanical McMullen Mechanical SCAMMERS Victoria BC
If you are looking for a plumber in the Victoria BC area, avoid McMullen Mechanical like the plague!!! I hired McMullen to perform a simple plumbing task at my personal residence in Saanich, BC. I got quotes from 3 different plumbers and picked McMullen not because they were the cheapest, they were middle road and the guy quoting the job was a pretty convincing salesman. The averge quote was $700 for this particular job, McMullen quoted $840. So.... the work truck shows up with two complete dirt bags that looked like they smoke crack for a living, rotten teeth, dirty clothes, you know the type. A far cry from the slick salesman they send out to cost and quote on the job. Anyways, the rude assh**e that is the main plumber instantly starts undressing my wife with his eyes and he and his co-worker begin making rude comments to one another about what they would do to that... So, they are pricks right... I'll be glad to just get the job completed and get these two clowns out of my residence. Well, end of the day comes around and they have hardly done a thing and say they will be back to complete the project tomorrow am. I take the morning off of work... waiting... waiting... 11am rolls by, they are now 3 hours late and I have to be back to the office by 11:45 for a meeting... 11:30 and I leave. My wife is now at home alone to deal with these jerks if they ever show up. 2:15 in the afternoon rolls around and the two clowns show up, obviously they have been out drinking over the noon hour and proceed to make obscene comments. Not only are they pissed like pirates and over 6 hours late for work, they forgot to bring the parts they needed to complete the job... Well guess what McMullen Mechanical there is no longer a job for you to complete because you two filthy, uneducated crack heads are FIRED!!!!!   I hired the cheapest company of the quoters, he ripped out the shoddy work that the McMullen losers did and had the job completed in 3 hours from scratch. Moral of this story, don't give McMullen Mechanical the time of day, they are a complete joke!!!!
Entity: Victoria, British Columbia
49, Report #1258429
Oct 01 2015
10:55 AM
Victoria the Astrologer Astrologer Internet
 I signed up for a free reading from Victoria the astrologer and I paid $49. However , the report I received was copy and pasted nonsense that had nothing to do with me or my lifestyle I sent an email immediately and I received no response. I want my money back so I sent another email requesting it and I haven't received any feedback. Do not waste your hard earned money it's a complete rip off.
Entity: Internet
50, Report #1301430
Apr 23 2016
08:05 PM
Victoria Brides dating site is no dating site Internet
Do not fall victim to the alleged dating service Victoria Brides. It is not a dating site it is a chat site. You pay for example $99.95 and get 350 credits to chat. Your chat credits ae deducted 2 credits per each message you send. The site advertises 2 credits per minute but you can send upto 5 1 or 2 word message 's in a minute and lose 10 credits. There is a criteria of gaining personal email with any woman you choose to contact. You must have 30 conversations of 30 minutes to gain this information---the cost of this is about 500 USA dollars--You are requird to also purchase 500 credits in addition to the time already spent---The site then takes these 500 aditional credits.  There is no way to confirm the identity of who you chat with--it may very well be a man. The site claims each woman has a level of English speaking ability. The truth is they use a translation program that converts english to Russian or Ukrainian language when they receive your chat message. There response is also converted back to English. If you gain contact there is no further assistance regarding the languager barrier and no information regarding obtaining a visa for these women  to arrange a meeting. You only way to meet is to go to there city and hope you are not being set up. The site has so many pitfalls that you would be very foolish to participate in pursuing a woman thru this site---It is a total scam.
Entity: Internet

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