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26, Report #1199251
Jan 04 2015
05:58 AM
I was harrassed by author house to buy ads. I refused. They did a poor job in the editing of my book. after I received it I still saw tons of errors. they can fix their contracts in their favor, after all they are a publishing company and can change things in thier favor. I asked to see my contract but they refused to show it to me, stating I had one already. BBB and the Attorny general refused to touch them when I complained and told me their was nothing I could do. I paid them 2100. for publishing, and 1500.00 of that was supposed to be for editing costs. They sent me a letter from their attorney to quit bothering them over what they called was my mistake for choosing to be paid a low amount in the contract. It was a fixed contract that made it look like it was in my favor but changed to be in theirs. It's a bait and switch contract. Beware of this company. 
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
27, Report #1199095
Jan 03 2015
07:17 AM
Author House They helped themselves to my account after I canceled Internet
   In December of 2014, I saw an ad for Author House publishers. I had a children's book I was thinking about publishing. I called the number, and the represenitive talked me into a package. He assured me that if I was dissatisfied, I could cancel and receive a refund. I later discovered about their disreputable reputation, and decided to cancel. They told me I would be receiving a check, minus $180 for administration fees. I never received the check, in fact they stole another $340 out of my account with the numbers I had given them. I didn't think they would have the audacity to do that, but they did. They took me for about $700, and  I never submitted a thing to them. If anyone wants to file a class action suit, hit me up.
28, Report #1164933
Jul 25 2014
10:33 AM
Author House A CRIMINAL company which steals money Bloomington Indiana
Author House is a CRIMINAL company which steals wrighters` money. Many of them are trained psychics, so they try to hypnotize authors during phone conversations. I notieced that they are reading my e-mails in real time, while I`m compousing them; also they are monitoring all websites which I`m visiting. Are they a secret service company? It will not surprise me if they are delating e-mails which authors send to other publishing houses.  They have hundreds of complains from the authors and many times were broght to cort. How come they are still working and keep stealing authors money? Somebody in the government must be protecting them. I`m Aslan Dzitiev, author of the book The Natural Laws of Human Life (2013). In my case they deliborately hid the book from people, so nobody could see and buy it. I lost $5000 with them.  You can see the book at:
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
29, Report #1104570
Dec 05 2013
11:02 AM
Author House (Xlibris) I've published three books with Author House/ Xlibris between 2005/2007 Bloomington Indiana
Author House and Xlibris ripped me off on royalty money I was due for three books I had published titled Waking Up, Hollowed Lands 1: Monster Crew and Pearl. Author House promised 4 to 6 percent royalty for every book I sold. I got paid for 1 book a quarter. Big deal for Author House, not me! I was the person who labored for hours writing the material for each book. Author House was paid for everything they did to publish my three books. In the contract Author House said that my book would be available at every book retailer online,(a good deal!) How about a big rip off! After promoting my three books through local radio ads, Fangoria and countless Thirfty Nickel ads, I was seeing results at the major online retailer's. I was happy to be published! Think again! rip off Gods changed that I got nothing.  
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
30, Report #141725
May 05 2005
09:55 PM
Poetry - Noble House Publishing ripoff, Was I published Now threatening to turn over to credit company for Book I never received. Owings Mills Maryland
Like many others that have had their hopes and dreams of becoming a published writer of poetry, I also have received all the junk mail from the International Liberary of Poetry. Telling me that I won a silver cup award, and Editors Choice award, my poems published in Books. This company has gone as far as contacting me by US Mail with offers of publishing my work in London UK/*Noble House Publishing*, after reading my work, that My talents should be shared with poetry lovers in Europe. I agreed to let my poetry to be once again published in London UK, with that came all the advertisment for buying the book at a discounted price. Just this past year, I submitted yet another poem at Their request, most acomplished NEW Writers of 2004 would be going into this book. I was honored and sent in a second poem. This time I sent in a $10.00 Deposit on the book, for which it was to be published in. Never received the book, but I did just two weeks ago, receive a Last chance NOTICE/demand for payment on the book I should have by now received... according to I did NOT receive a book and now this is a threat to be reported on my credit. I will now have to fight the credit companies and House Publishing to keep this off my credit reports. Any one receiving materials through their E-Mails/US Postal Service, should throw it out,before being suckered into this scam and possibly be broken hearted along with bad credit for going after Your dreams. SHAME ON YOU International Liberary of Poetry. AKA.. House/etc.etc... Deborah Louisville, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Owings Mills, Maryland
31, Report #79045
Feb 03 2004
11:25 AM
Peoples Publishing House or Spectrum Enterprises deceived us. Ripoff! Pulyallup Washington
Peoples Publishing House or Spectrum Enterprises never respond to my mail nor phone calls. All of their phone (253-8409500 or 253-8409506) are always either busy or recording, so there is no way to reach them. They never call back after I leave my name and info. They claim that they were going to teach wealth-builing program to reveal money making scheme with their books. After ordering, they never sent me a book or any information. Paul Springfield, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Pulyallup, Washington
32, Report #32681
Oct 16 2002
08:52 AM
New Millennium Publishing House aka Marth Ivery Gave me false information false promises Catskill New York
I signed a contract with New Millennium and sent approximately $500 to assist Ivery in publishing my novel titled The Depths of Hell. She said it would be published by the end of September, 2002. When it didn't appear then, I e-mailed her a couple of times to ask about it. She never responded to those e-mails. I since have had many bad reports about this woman. Tim West Des Moines, Iowa
Entity: Catskill, New York
33, Report #366699
Aug 25 2008
03:01 PM
Publishing Clearing House Scam SCAM- names, banks, and numbers change, but same scam!!!!! Pennsauken New Jersey
My scam is the same as all of the others listed on this website. The IRS agent is the same, Harvey Armstrong, but the bank on my check is Wachovia and the company that issued the check is Curtis, LLC in Pennsauken, NJ 08109. Company doesn't exist on the internet. I am waiting to call, and don't want them to know I know about the scam, because maybe I can help out the authorities by waiting. I hate scams like this! Those people are horrible, and I hope they burn in hedouble hockeysticks!!! Laura Galax, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Pennsauken, New Jersey
34, Report #585957
Mar 26 2010
05:23 PM
1 Publishing - Publishers Clearing House,lay away new products. Publishers CH new computer battered/Happy Stick Sad, Internet
I paid on the eventual delivery of a new, or reconditioned NEW compter for over a year. It came with disks for trials of programs. It was delivered  without set up or order information except the box. It has XP and iwas easy to load free etc.,a plus.  But, this is in no way a new computer. It has a very worn case with someones nametag heavily scraped off on the top corner: The Joystick like mouse (t looks like a pencil eraser) fuzzy with wear and does not seem to work. The Joystick is very too. The Dell (nice big screen) came with free Netzero (which I have not been able to remove from open Screen. I use and pay for AOL which I can access on dial up as well as on Bright House hi speed (my main computer). I used AOL to set up and copy some of the programs (I hope free). I suppose I could not get tech support if I wanted because any changes I made (AOL) nullify contract etc. etc. I did get a 98 start up repair disc. good for 180 days tech support? I suggest everyone buy a piggy bank, save up and take the cash to to Dell.  I was also ripped off by another of their scams last to this year. A nice little sewing caddy. It cost me $29 once for about a $14 item; delivered months after the order. Then I paid a late fee. Somehow the money order receipt got lost and I ended having to pay for it again. This went on from May until Feb of the next year 2010. Because of the time lapse I had thrown away the money order receipt for the first payment. There will be no third purchase.    
Entity: , Internet
35, Report #581063
Mar 15 2010
07:29 AM
1 Publishing - Publishers Clearing House Dave Sayer They told me I had won a million dollars Internet
On 02/21/2010, pch sent me an email saying my email address had won me $1,000,000.00 USD in this week pch lottery, winner you are to contact our fiduciary agent : Dave Sayer. After sending a couple emails, they finally responded Mar. 5th.,2010 saying ooop's, we goofed, and would like to apoligize.
Entity: , Internet
36, Report #567852
Feb 11 2010
07:36 AM
1 Publishing/Publishers Clearing House Shipping STAR Magazine which was never ordered. Port Washington, New York
On February 4,2010 received email from Publishers Clearing House that I would be receiving STAR Magazine of which was NEVER ORDERED.  Tried to send email to PCH to CANCEL but to no avail. Again on February 9, 2010 received email from PCH that my order was accepted and that I will be receiving it shortly.   MAGAZINE WAS NEVER ORDERED.
Entity: Port Washington, New York
37, Report #567965
Feb 11 2010
10:56 AM
Mercury Publishing House - Alexander Khanelis THEY LIED, CHEATED, STOLE ARTWORK, FAILED TO PAY FOR WORK COMPLETED Atlanta, Georgia
Mercury Publishing House Inc. is not a real company, but an Internet shell. Artists beware!!!! This phoney publisher contacted me to do a piece of artwork. I spent a many weeks and they made several changes to the dustjacket dimensions because they didn't know what they were doing. The printer also informed me that the person (ALexander Khalenis) had no idea what he was doing. This of course was well over half way through the project. But as a professional I decided to carry on. He was informed that I would have to bill for all of the extra work, many hours and over 40 changes. I also was asked to do a Logo, and the dust jacket....all for $1500???? A logo alone would be that. This person?Company did not make any payment, yet agreed to pay only after I hired a collections agency. There was no money paid. The artwork appears on sites such as, being distributed by large chains eg Branes and Noble and having not been paid, is a copyright infringement which also shows the unprofessionalism of this Publisher? Individual. There is also a lack of Ethics.  Artists Beware! If this so called publisher contacts you run the other way.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
38, Report #1032868
Oct 24 2008
06:55 PM
Publishing Clearing House Fake winner's announcement and Fake check looks real New Castle Delaware
I was looking thru my mail last night and found a letter annoucing I won One Million dollars. There was also a check enclosed for $5090.00. The letter instructed me to call my Rep named Mr. Larry Wiseman and to keep my sercurity code confidential. The letter also gave me the name of the Internal Revenue agent handling my file, Mr. Harvey. The letter and check appear to be the real thing however, I had my father take it to the bank and within a few seconds was told it was a fake. DO NOT cash anything before you research where it came from. Annette Petersburg, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: New Castle, Delaware
39, Report #1167720
Aug 06 2014
06:14 AM
China Education Publishing House Group Limited failure to pay, scammers, big fat liars Internet
I signed a contract with:  Editor, Yvonne Hong China Education Publishing House Group Limited  Address: Room 1215, Building B, Science and Technology Park, Sun Yat-sen University, No.135 West Xingang Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, China According to the contract, I would provide a new and original translation of the Bible in English.  Upon completion of the translation, I would be paid $9000 within 7 days.  The Editors, Yvonne Hong and Olive Lie, repeatedly stalled and lied, when payment was due.  No payment was ever made. The translation was turned in, over 750,000 words.  No payment was ever made.  They still owe me $13,500 USD:  $9000 USD for turning in the completed manuscript, along with an additional $4500 when any revisions were made.
Entity: Internet
40, Report #713298
Apr 21 2011
02:54 PM
Aardvark Global Publishing ECKO House Publishing - Sandy, UT (Utah) | (800) 614-3578; They are the same folks with the same sort of replies and contact systems in addition to quality controls that plague Aardvark Global Publish Self-published books, printer, listing service for self-published books printed by Aardvark and Ecko. Sandy, Utah
Ecko House and Aardvark are the same folks with the same sort of replies and contact systems in addition to quality controls that plague Aardvark Global Publishing. They are slow, make errors often, don't provide sufficient phone contact, always promise more than they deliver, use unknowledgable persons without much experience. They do not provide sufficient answers such as providing experienced info for promoting books. Beware of the promises they make. It takes a long while for them to do anything. They only list books and do not really promote them other than on their own website, which you pay for. No quality control at all and extremely poor customer service especially after you contract with them to do something. You must pay up front. The book coating was peeling off when I opened the box. The box was too small for books and got torn up by USPS delivery. They took no responsibility for sending the wrong coating that was poorly applied. The books looked used instead of new. Most communication is by email and they never address all the questions or points you ask about. Ecko House is the new name of Aardvark probably because they have such a bad rep as Aardvark. It takes so much effort to get something done correctly by them that it is not worth getting started. Good luck if you try. They exploit the naive inexperienced folks who want to self-publish a book. If you ask for statistics about the successes for their authors like sales figures or examples of success stories their so-called promotions create, they just don't write back or answer. That is because Ecko House is not a promotion service but a listing service. They add your book info to places you can do yourself for free or much less. They don't do more than that to help sell books on these places where they list titles. The promo to sell their services is much better than the results you get. After they have your money, everything goes down hill.
Entity: Sandy, Utah
41, Report #673336
Dec 19 2010
04:37 PM
Author Solutions Author House dba Bertram Capital Management Altering ISBN Numbers To Steal Royalties From Authors Internet
I am the author of The Chip Hustler by Barbara Lee. Do not publish with Author House/Author Solutions dba Bertram Capital Management. They have stolen every author's royalites, using the stolen royalties to invest with over 300 investors. It is money laundering. Here is how the royalties are being stolen. When you type in your ISBN number on Amazon.Com, it automatically defaults to your barcode number which is no longer is your assigned ISBN number. Every false ISBN number assigned to your book, resolves around the Algebric formula of your barcode. Author House changed their bad name to Author Solutions around 2009. Author Solutions is hyjacking all authors barcodes, while no sales are going into the author's book ISBN. Following is a link to the ISBN converter, as to how Author Solutions comes up with an outdated fake 10-digit SKU or ISBN that they deceitfully assign to authors account to channel book sales into variations ISBN numbers to control the royalties. Every book published after 1/2007 is required by law to have a 13 digit ISBN number,unless author published before 2007. In that case, author can use a 10 digit ISBN and a 13 digit ISBN number. I published in 2007. Amazon.Com and other internet book vendors are using the 10 digit and 13 digit for The Chip Hustler. Illegal. I published in 2008. Google ISBN Country Codes. 0-1 is the country code and 1 is for English speaking countries. It still shows 0-1 for the United States, UK and other English speaking countries. In 2007 978-1 was made legal by The Bowker ISBN Agency located in New Jersey. Scroll down the list of ISBN country codes. 978-1 belongs to the criminal country of Nigeria. My feeling is that all mainstream authors and print on demand authors with the ISBN number beginning with 978-1, is having some oftheir royalty money funneled into Nigeria. I could be wrong, but why is Nigeria listed as a country code for the United States via the computer. Nigeria is a criminal country. But I do know one thing for sure. Books being sold on the internet is an international money laundering scheme.Stolen royalties can't be deposited into a US bank or banks in other countries, without the IRS getting involved. The stolen royalty money has to be taken out of the country. Senate Bill 3804 is pending in Congress. When that bill passes, it is designed to protect authors royaltie. I have complained to the legal department of Amazon.Com. Why? Because on The Chip Hustler showed in item 25 in used books, which I made a hard copy of, "Huge seller with millions of transactions." Now, it has been removed. Item 10 now shows Amazon.Com Canada temporarilly out of stock. Out of stock means my book is selling. The total amount of royalties paid to me since I published in 2008 is almost $90.00. Type in the google search, "The Chip Hustler."As of December 19, 2010, the hits on The Chip Hustler is 6 million hits. Of course, my book is selling and all of my royalties have been stolen by Author House/Author Solutions dba Bertram Capital Management. The CEO at Bertram Capital Management is Jeffery Drazen. The feds are going bust Bertram Capital Management. It is being investigated.
Entity: , Internet
42, Report #949056
Oct 01 2012
09:53 AM
Trafford Publishing Author Solutions - BEWARE - They will tell any lie to get your business. DO NOT USE TRAFFORD!!! Bloomington, Indiana
These people will tell you anything to get your name on a contract to allow them to publish your book.  Don't believe a word they say, especially don't believe the lie that they are going to pay you royalties even on the books you order yourself, because they ain't!!!  Shop around, they're are too many legitimate publishers out there, Do Not Use Trafford!!!!  Speaking from experience, unfortunately.  They say they are located in the United States, but haven't talk to anyone in the company yet, that didn't have a heavy foreign accent.
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
43, Report #981783
Dec 13 2012
06:00 PM
Raider Publishing International failure to provide the stated free copies of book and royalities to the author - me New York, New York
For the last 12 months Raider Publishing International have been slack in thier obligations stated in the signed agreement we sealed as soon as my book hit the printers. I have only thier word that my book has been distributed to stores for sales, although I do know it is for sale for I had to buy my own to acquire proof that I am a published author - that only took 7 working days for it to arrive in my hands, yet it is taking 12 months for them to send the stated 5 free copies I am entitled to recieve, to arrive from the USA. Furthermore, in all this time, even though they had stated in correspondence that I would be getting a sales report, I have yet to receive one, or any royalities I have made myself in purchasing my own book.  This can't go on and is very bad business on their part. I had been considering during the early steps of the publishing I would send them other books I would write in the future, however, with all the ..... stuffing around they have done to me, that's won't be happening.
Entity: New York, New York
44, Report #1141263
Apr 24 2014
06:21 AM
Xlibris Author Solutions fake publishing, publising, scam, vanity publishing, vanity publishing scam Bloomington Indiana but also New Zealand and world world
My father paid nealy $4000 to Xlibris to publish his book. They never even printed it. They promised a refund minus $85 in their contract but they never gave it to him. They pretendied they sent a check but he never got it. They kept lying and saying he must have lost it or they world look into it They kept saying they would look into it' and they kept saying that his point person had changed and he had to ring someone else. Bascially they just gave him the run around in a delibrate scam. He is 73 years old and so he got confused. He forgot that in his thirties he was published by real publisers. He forgot that real publishers don't charge authors anything only pay them. He forgot vanity publishing is just a scam for losers, because he is old and Xlbris con men exploited him because of his age.
Entity: Bloomington Indiana but also New Zealand and world, Select State/Province
45, Report #1211930
Feb 26 2015
01:30 PM
Marbol Publishing Marty Boltres Unprofessional, ill-mannered, narrow-minded, dishonest, not worth the time of any freelancer, author or customer in Grand Rapids Michigan
If there ever was a vicious and narcissistic editor/owner of a publishing house, this man would be that exact persona. Mr. Marty Boltres treats any freelance writer like a pawn in his own global chess game of self-profit, worth, and ignorance. One freelance writer, in fact, inquired about writing for him and his publishing house for a new magazine and only several months later finally received at least some kind of response. No harm there as that's typical with the publishing business -- but he adds insult to injury, contracting an article to be written, receiving it, and then reportedly emailing on a couple of occasions that the payment is on its way via check (even though it was established that an invoice can be paid directly online for convenience). Flash forward a full month later, and the freelancer still hadn't received any payment only to then receive a call from Mr. Boltres to inquire about whether or not that was the writer's best work, as it wasn't to his standards due to the fact that there were no quotations from 'reliable' sources. Also bear in mind that the sources given by Mr. Boltres (and, yes, he gave actual sources to research) were literally of no help, forcing the freelancer to have to do research independently (not that the writer required any sources from Mr. Boltres at all), only coming up with speculative notes and insights from other well-known sites, information that doesn't necessarily need to be cited or quoted as part of industry knowledge or trends. That still gave Boltres cause to berate, judge and belittle the writer, and yet still say that payment will be sent regardless. Although that one statement suggests professionalism in paying a writer for hard work (albeit unsatisfactory according to Mr. Boltres' standards), flash forward yet again another week to two weeks, and the writer still hadn't received any check for payment. As with any professional standard, the writer emailed for an update, addressing the concern, especially given the fact that more than a month ago, the writer was notified that the payment was on its way. Unfortunately, Mr. Boltres' immediate response was nothing short of damaging: He responded with a threat to not pay the invoice at all if the writer even suggested anything about the writer's own opinion of the work at all, not to mention berating and belittling the writer further, stating that the writer having claimed to have a professional background was nothing more than a misrepresentation, and couldn't be further from the truth. Again, belittling, berating, slandering and causing emotional distress. Whether you're a customer, freelancer, author, writer, or whoever associating with Mr. Boltres' business in the publishing industry, it's clear -- he doesn't deal with people well, may have personal issues taken out on those around him, and shouldn't be in the business at all. Steer clear of him.
Entity: Grand Rapids, Michigan
46, Report #1397687
Sep 03 2017
07:09 PM
Packt Publishing Company sleazed itself into refusing to help me with an order, even after I had contacted them. Birmingham Internet **Author of this Report is NOT CONFIRMED**
I made a purchase for a pre-order book that months later, Packt canceled(never even explained why), and as an apology they sent me a coupon code to use on a new purchase. So I went to their site to get a new order and use their coupon, first there was no place to apply the coupon code during checkout. It literally didn't even have a review order page, it just went straight to charging my card. Seeing this happen, I immediatley emailed them telling them the problem. Several days later they email me back first telling me that actually, they can't apply my coupon code in any way to the new order, and also they can't cancel my order. Basically saying to me So sorry tough luck, but we have your money now $$ so thanks. Never doing business with this sleazy company again.
Entity: Internet
47, Report #860386
Mar 28 2012
07:57 AM
Raider Publishing Adam Salvini Ignored, no updates, I fear I may have been ripped off as cannot get in touch with anyone at this publishing house? Internet
I signed up with Raider publishing to have my book published, I paid them 700 GBP that was two months ago, I have barely heard a sound found them since. I have sent them email after email and still no reply? I have recently sent them an email requesting a response or my money back? We shall see what happens. I am so angry, as a mother with a toddler I can ill afford to lose this money. I did not really have it to part with as I paid by credit card. I am interested to find out if I can get my money back? If anyone can help me then please get in touch. They have not been intouch with me about my book since they were paid, they have asked me no questions? They have not told me where they are with my book? They have not updated me at all. This is my hard work, my novel, that I have trusted in their hands. What makes this worse is that Adam Salvini was a writer himself and this was advertised as a publishing house which works in the best interests of the authors? Shame on this company.
Entity: , Internet
48, Report #375702
Oct 26 2008
08:56 AM
Author House Hook ya on price, then skin n fry'em Bloomington Indiana
Got my book published with Author House. FINALLY!?? Thought and asked several times was $799 going to be my final price, with out any printed books of course(those are priced according # in one production run). I was told yes, thats all it takes for the production). Got just hammered by another sales/marketing man, Convinced me, that I had to have this, that, and these promotional items. Newspaper adds, etc.. I bought in to way more than what I bargained for. For the almost 6,000 my marketing rep said it was a GREAT plan. I sold more books self-promoting and doing my OWN book signs, than I did on the 6,000 investment. I wont even start about the pains of working with their publishing consultants, or their production team?? ehhh.. Nightmare and they stuck me with more production charges(on a finished script, already professionally edited.. Nickel and dime you to death, thats all they do. Book quality was OK; however, follow up and ordering books, is still a f'n pain. Was going to do book two with them, but even with the discount the headaches alone drove me to another publisher(self). Be careful out there as well in the Self Pub arena, Author Solutions(the parent company to Author House), owns a great deal of the industry. From word of mouth its just the same repackaged junk. Sue NY, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
49, Report #72867
Nov 23 2003
03:43 PM
Oxmoor House ripoff Send books not ordered, then sends multiple invoices for payment. Tampa Florida
Oxmoor House sent 2 books that were not ordered and then sends multiple invoices with threatening language. I have sent back invoices marked Cancelled but have received no reply. They have now sent the second unordered book. Jean Wadsworth, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
50, Report #234550
Feb 05 2007
07:42 PM
Author House Publishers Took money for a book they would never get correct enough to publish Bloomington Indiana
The first saleman I worked with quit and so the second one didn't know what the first one had told me; I was to pay the $700.00 and that would include designing my cover and publishing the Child Abuse Public Awareness Book I had written. It was to be out in 3 months. Then they could not do the cover and so I did it. The first thing I had to do was to rewrite it as I could not put in quotes by Edgar Allan Poe, which I did. The next thing they did was to give it the wrong title: post it my book on their web site with a title of the famous Poet, Dr. Maya Angelou: I don't Know Why The Caged Bird Sings. Finally the saleman called me, and said he didn't know how that happened. It took a while for that to be corrected. Six months passed, I was sent the manuscript, which was all run together. It was obvious they didn't know how to set up a poetry book. I was given no corrections at all. My first round was &25.00 in advance with $2.00 per correction; which ran to another $50.00, which I paid. I was sent the manuscript again, and there were many more corrections to be made. I could see this as a never ending round of corrections and them adding up to hundreds and even over into thousands, as I also had to pay for their mistakes. I messaged their support people, and never got a response. I tried to communicate, but never got any response. They do not communicate and so I told them I would file a small claim case on February 1, 2007, which I have not done as yet. I do not know where I stand with them, but I do know I want nothing futher to do with them. I would not recommend authorhouse to anyone. My charitable project has cost me more than I can afford; They do not do the job, but they say their contract does not offer me a refund. Jean Seabrook, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana

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