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26, Report #1408087
Oct 23 2017
04:03 PM
Pre Property Solutions Pre Holdings LLC, Chew Publishing, Inc., Smart Real Estate Coach Lease Purchase, Owner Financing, Real Estate Investor Newport Rhode Island
Chris Prefontaine aka Ron LeGrand Copycat is a fraud. Do your Research and have an attorney review any contract this guy puts in front of you. Chris Prefontaine has very bad unethical business practices and I have recorded and documented proof. Chris Prefontaine secretly records calls of home sellers in multiply States and Pretends to be a home buyer from PrePropertySolutions on behalf of his students, who have a completely separate LLC, so that Chris Prefontaine has zero liability! This is fraudulent misrepresentation because Chris is not actually a senior partner or on the purchase contract, and he is making these assertions to the sellers so that they sell their house to an inexperienced student that pay him thousands of dollars to learn his scams. He also fraudulently misrepresents personal experience to sellers to make them think he is the one actually buying the property. He tells his students to lie and say they close 4-5 houses a month, when the fact is they probably haven’t even sold one house Ever! I have dozens and dozens of these secretly recorded calls of Chris Prefontaine because he distributes them to his students with no regards to home owner’s private information. He even makes the recordings available for download on his website for anyone with a dollar can have access too. Chris loves the word guarantee and will say it until the sun comes up but if you have a lawyer review your contracts for both sellers, buyers, and students will see that is not the case. I personal lost $75,000 because of these false guarantees. I had to leave his unethical program, even though we were leading in his sales contests with most signed contracts, once we learned his horrible ethics and his illegal practices with secretly recording calls, fraudulent misrepresentation, and his multi-level marketing gimmicks that he copies from real coaches. Chris Prefontaine is a multi-level marketer and can be seen with a simple google search. Sellers need to beware that Chris Prefontaine of PrePropertySolutions brags he will make on average $20,000k to $80,000 per deal with little to no money down and even if the tenant buyer doesn’t cash out the seller he still walks away with thousands and leaves the seller and tenant buyer out to dry. I personally have spoken with both sellers and buyers who he has done this to. Heart wrenching to hear when a tenant puts over $30k nonrefundable deposit down that Chris takes and Seller doesn’t receive, and Tenant buyer loses everything! Tenant buyer lives in a home they think is theirs but instead has to get evicted and start all over again. Seller thinks house is sold but has to evict and start all over again, but Chris still made his money and could care less! Chris Prefontaine has broken many laws and I’ll be filing complaints this week with the Department of Real Estate in each state he is running these scams and handing over all the evidence. I also will be filing complaints with the FTC and Attorney General for fraudulent misrepresentation and secretly recording calls of home sellers with their personal information and distributing the recorded calls to his members and students. From speaking with the DRE and the fraudulent misrepresentation to sellers ,he will not only have his business in very serious trouble but once sellers realize that they were tricked to sell house to inexperienced students, these students will also can face serious penalties and sellers and tenant buyers can cancel purchase contract and may sue for damages.
Entity: Nationwide
27, Report #849232
Mar 05 2012
09:03 PM
Iuniverse Author Solutions Inc. I have proof that Iuniverse doesn't report royalties correctly, and that they are going to rip you off and take there time by redirecting your phone calls, misinforming you of tech issues etc. Please Internet
Iuniverse is a complete rip off, and will not pay you for your royalties on books sold.  They do not account for all book sales, and I have documentation of their miss representation. Please beware and get involved with a class action lawsuit. If you have sold books, they will give you a run-around, be rude and make you talk to customer support over seas. Pamela Hawkins is supposed to be the customer support supervisor in the USA, however will not be of any support.Please look for a class action suit.
Entity: , Internet
28, Report #1397336
Sep 01 2017
02:01 PM
Nova /Allumiere Skin Care Nova skin care ,secrets for a healthy life, enhancing natural beauty, Allumiere skin Solutions Skin care charge scam. Internet **Author of this Report is NOT CONFIRMED**
 I ordered a single product at a trial price of 4.97 then they charged my card an additional charge of $0.12 ,4.97 and then another $0.07 I never received any product .14 days later my card was charged another $103 and thankfully declined other charges by them. I contacted them the same day and ask for a refund. I was told my order had been refused on delivery, I live alone . So they claimed it was my fault ,so no refund would be issued . But they would double the order for any inconvenience .I repeated I wanted a refund ask for a supervisor, was transferred ,was told the same thing by him ,then he hung up. The same day my card was charged another 2.96. I cancelled the card .I never received any product , have been charged a total of $113.76 for nothing.
Entity: Internet
29, Report #1397539
Sep 02 2017
07:35 PM
Affordable Real Estate Coaching Ben Wilson Coach, Mac Property Solutions Ben Wilson Is The Most Dishonest Con Artist So Called Real Estate Investing Coach San Diego, CA California **Author of this Report is NOT CONFIRMED**
On 08/31/17 I found a website I figured for $795 I could afford coaching in my own state, CA.  Now more than ever, just like Fl & NV, I try not to do business with mentors in CA.  Lo and Behold! Shockingly, I cam across the most dishonest, abusive, unprofessional, illusive coach, what I though was in San Diego, CA. the address is 1420 3rd Ave., San Diego, CA; however, three churches are registered to this same address.The websites are pretty phone, there is no phone number, name, address or picture.  I guess, as a disabled senior citizen with impaired reading vision and a care giver; I was desperate to make it in real estate after recuperating from catastrophic brain injuries.  It all started when I was not getting all his emails.  I see now, he hides under Google and wanted me to give him a Google email address.  I told him I would have to get a new one because the old one was locked because I changed my old cell phone number.  He started using my phone Google Voice phone number.  After a while he was repeatedly texting me.  Making excuses that I was not getting his emails and blaming me for them.  By the 3rd failure for him to deliver at least the first lesson, he said, you are not getting my email what do you want me to do?  I told him, refund me, please.Luckily, he refunded me immediately; however, the insults and abuse started to my cell phone; even though I had given him my LAN phone number and my direct cell phone number; however, he kept claiming he did not get them.  I see now that this is his way of getting me to do every thing on line with Gmail, so he can hide his identity and every thing else.His cell phone number is 619 xxx xxxx. In the following website: an address is shown: 1420 3rd Ave., San Diego, CA 92101 with email The only other information on this almost blank page is We provide Coaching services to help Real Estate Entrepreneurs achieve their goals.The only thing I achieve a loss of 2 days time.  Now I now why he refunded me right away, he did not want me to delve into his information.  However, he kept texting me even after I asked him to stop texting me.  I had to fill out a questionnaire with at leas a dozen questions; that evening and the next day, I was very ill because it re injured my brain to use my eyes to read, and I had told him this.  Of course, he cared one iota about me and instead kept insulting me, calling me quitter, and that he was anxious for me to file reports so he could tell them that he does not coach quitters. He blamed me for everything as to why I was not receiving my his emails.Funny thing, it seems that the only thing he knew how to do is call my Google Voice, and with Google Voice sent me his voice mails, I made the mistake of replying from my cell phone.  This way he started texting me with so many insults, like, you need to look yourself in the mirror, you will not learn anything.  Quitters, never make it, and so forth and so forth.  His websites are pretty phony, with no personal information. He wanted to take my payment over the phone, that should have alerted me.  The payment webpage only has his hours, phone number an address and nothing else.  His bog is also pretty phony with no info on it, excetp a place to enter our name and email address.I have inquired many investors; but there has not been one single Real Estate Investor ever be negative with me or insult me.  This so-called Ben Wilson, said he was not the sugar coating type; thus, he tells it like it is; however, he is so dishonest and totally out of bounds.  What he says has nothing to do with being a coach.  He keep claiming that he already though 200 people.  Well, there is all kinds out there.  I just thank God that I was able to detect this so-called coach as a phony.As an inactive CPA Tier II, and licensed as a CA Realtor for the purpose of investing in Wholesaling Real Estae.  I just want to start this way.  However, as a disabled senior citizen, I am at risk of so many gold diggers.  But most of them are polite; however, this one is not only not polite, he is abusive and stupider than stupid.  It took me a while to block him from texting him and had to block him from my cell phone number.Beware all beginner investor of this so called Affordable Real Estate Coaching.  You will experience a hellish of an experience.  And since I know that God has been APPEARING IN PERSON AT holyloveorg, giving us daily messages telling us what to do, I certainly will pray for this soul walking in darkness.  He sure opened my eyes wider open. I pray that I'll never be this desperate again.  Besides, I signed up with my local club, guaranteeing my first property.
Entity: Internet
30, Report #1061588
Jun 24 2013
09:18 AM
Emmediate Credit Solutions This company scams you out of your money, lies to you, does not do what they say they will do. Scam Artist! Salt Lake City Utah
My fiance' and I signed up in September 2012, we were trying to get a home loan through the FHA and this company called us, they said because we did not have good enough credit to get a FHA loan, they could help us and fix our credit within 6 months.  We were very hopeful and signed up for their services.  To make a long story short.  They did not help us, between my fiance' and myself they took $748.38, I canceled their service in May 2013, tired of thier lies, I asked for our money back and they have ignored my calls, emails, etc.  My bank tried to get my monies back and they were not successful, we filed a complaint with the BBB and because Emmediate Credit Solutions did not answer their calls, the case is closed.  We are time and money.  I want our money back, I would like to see Emmediate Credit Solutions get into trouble with the law and to be shut down.  Hoping an Attorney will contact me, to file a law suit, I don't know where else to turn.  I do know that Emmdiate Credit Solutions, the whole company lies out their teeth and they are all scam artist!!!
Entity: Salt Lake City , Utah
31, Report #837181
Jan 11 2013
04:41 PM
Career Solutions Atlanta Mae They advertise non-existing management jobs, call you and tell you they want to interview you, bring you in and then try to sell you their services. I wasted my morning and $20 of gas. Morally wrong t Atlanta, Georgia
They advertise non-existing management jobs, call you and tell you they want to interview you, bring you in and then try to sell you their services. I wasted my morning and $20 of gas. Morally wrong to play with peoples hopes in this economically challenging times. If they figure out you don't have money, they will tell you you are not qualified, if they figure out you do, they will ask to for a second interview where you bring in your spouse or significant other.. All you get is a redone resume and some web site referrals to apply to... Someone needs to look at these people. They run out of a fly by night executive suite where they can look big but are not..
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
32, Report #803784
Jan 11 2013
04:39 PM
Career Solutions They post management jobs. Call you and make you think you are interviewing for a job and bring you in to try to sell you a service $3000 to $9000. SAVE YOUR GAS MONEY! Atlanta, Georgia
They advertise non-existing management jobs, call you and tell you they want to interview you, bring you in and then try to sell you their services. I wasted my morning and $20 of gas. Morally wrong to play with peoples hopes in this economically challenging times. If they figure out you don't have money, they will tell you you are not qualified, if they figure out you do, they will ask to for a second interview where you bring in your spouse or significant other.. All you get is a redone resume and some web site referrals to apply to... Someone needs to look at these people. They run out of a fly by night executive suite where they can look big but are not..
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
33, Report #927916
Jan 11 2013
04:41 PM
CAREER SOLUTIONS Scam Artist phoenix, Arizona
Career Solutions is no solution! They will just take your money and lots of it.  They promise services they do not provide, they will not be able to prove or justify their service.  They will wipe their hands off by a contract. They are a waste of time and money. They will prey on you and your emotions and not care. They will promise a dream job and money and not see any of it through.  Do not give them any more money and do not get scammed by them.
Entity: phoenix, Arizona
34, Report #939684
Jan 11 2013
04:53 PM
Career Solutions - Atlanta Deceptive if not fraudulant claims of what they will do to assist you in finding a job Atlanta, Georgia
I went to see Career Solutions after they contacted me via email in the spring of 2012. When you go in to speak with them they will tell you that, while they may not have any particular job for you at the moment, they will use their extensive contacts in the business world to help you gain access to the decision makers in companies. They didnt just tell me this the first time but repeated it when they asked me to bring my wife in the second time. While they did do a little profiling to help determine what industry you may want to look in to and some updating of the resume they did very little else for the $3500 I paid them. They had we come in week after week going over a few power point slides that stated fairly obvious facts. When they finally provided me with a list of leads it was just names they had pulled off LinkedIn. They gave me a generic marketing letter which I was instructed to mail to the people on the list I was given. After that I was to call these people and try to set up a meeting. It became obvious quickly that I was doing no more than cold calling these people and that none of them were familiar with Career Solutions. Save yourself the money. You could get you resume professionally done for a couple hundred dollars and then look up people in your industry on LinkedIn for free. If I had not been told repeatedly that they would leverage their industry contacts (which I found out were non-existent for the Financial industry in Atlanta) to help me find a job I would never had paid as much as I did.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
35, Report #372476
Nov 25 2009
07:58 AM
Phoenix Career Solutions 2.5 Million Fraud Scam : Phoenix Career Solutions, A Recruiting Agency To The UK From India Ripped off 2500 dollars, no service rendered yet! When asked for a refund, they say, You are breaching the contract!!! Kottayam, Kerala, India
On Feb'08, we got into the contract between a Nurses recruiting agency names Phoenix Career solutions, upon promising an immediate job visa to the UK. ( ). They had requested us to provide several documents before applying for the visa. Such like, a sponsor and his affidavit, bank statements showing financial credibility, income and expenses cert and what not! We successfully submitted everything. Meanwhile a phone call reached our sponsor from this agency saying that they need the account number and bank details for verifying the sponsor genuinity! That was an act of foolishness. Upon asking they said it was a call from the British High commission.! A BIG LIE, let not the honourable British High Commission not hear this! I know that no papers have moved to the BHC in Chennai, then how can they give a call! Even if they call , they wont ask for account number and other bank details! The rally of lies and excuses went on, and is going on till now. Along with us, another 250 families are also victims. 2500 dolllars times 250 families are a lot!! The management must have yielded millions by this time! I dont know, what to do now! When asked for a money-back, the agency told that you cannot breach the contract. Once you are in under any circumstances the money wont be refunded! Well said Mr. Agent! Well... but what can we do! Just pray! My advice to you out there, please dont go behind such vague agencies where you loose your money and career. Bp ktm, keralaIndia
36, Report #389328
Nov 09 2008
08:22 AM
Acaiberry - Acaiberry Supreme sample sent and then charged for 88.00 on credit card. number for order return not real. Internet
I am sure the product is fake after some seems every one including myself gets charge after the 15days AND you cant call the number they give you..It seems this one is a scam...go to safe.. no address is listed for the company and a reurn label is not on the package...and teh toll free number is bogus try it your self 866-938-4832 Recruiter Rancho Cordova, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
37, Report #934811
Jan 11 2013
04:39 PM
Career Solutions Mark Jenson - who is the bait and switch person that gets the individuals to give up their money false advertisement of jobs that do not exsist. rip off artist, con men... Phoenix, Arizona
Career Solutions is a Company that advertises available positions.  You will walk into the company expecting and interview for the position you have applied for and are hoping to get.   Only to find out that Mark Jenson, tells you all sorts of bait and switch statements that he has rehearsed and is VERY good at delivering.  He will recommend that you bring in your significant other or husband/wife to hear his speech.  He is incredible good about what he does, they convince you to pay up front ( which should have been the biggest red flag) However, in today's economy, people are desperate to believe.  We actually saved two other individuals that were about to sign up.  One was Kimberly Arthur whom interviewd for a Human Resource position that did not exsist.  The compan is located on 1E. Washington #500, Phoenix Az, 85004.  I know that there are a lot more victims out there that need to band together to put Career Solutions our of business.  I also blame the BBB for rating them an A-, which we now know can be bought...
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
38, Report #1042003
Apr 09 2013
07:34 PM
rainmaker solutions Stephen Seal Fake, useless, lazy, foreclosing on ALL his real estate probably declaring BK. Internet
Keep away. He acts as if he is so good at what he does. He isn't. He is a complete farce and a fraud. He is being sued by several mortgage companies and is foreclosing on his residence and his investment properties.Superior mortgage, america's choice, Icon mortgage are ALL suing him. If he is such a great business consultant then why is he losing his houses? Why is he sick and obese. He is a disgusting mess. In fact we have heard his wife is cheating on him. He is also on the verge of bankruptcy. This man is useless. Keep away. He will swindle you off your money and give you nothing.
Entity: , Internet
39, Report #870181
Jan 11 2013
04:40 PM
Career Solutions of Georgia Career Solutions of Arizona FAKE JOBS on INTERNET to Lure You in to sell an expensive service. Internet
If you see any advertisement on Career Builders or any other site from Career Solutions, do not waste your time applying!!  These people bring folks in on the promise of an interview, when they do not have any real positions.  They simply want to sell you a very expensive resume writing and job search service.  Shame on them for preying upon those desperately unemployed!  They operate as Career Solutions of Georgia but are headquartered in Phoenix, AZ.  
Entity: , Internet
40, Report #305750
Feb 03 2008
01:43 PM
Expedite Solutions - Driver Solutions getting ripped off by Expedite solutions Indianapolis Indiana
Me and my fiance were thinking about going into the trucking industry, so i had him look up trucking companies on the internet to see what he could find, but in the mean while i already had my CDL, since i was a school bus driver, and he found 1 in indianapolis IN, so we were checking it out, before we finally made a decision on going to the school in indianapolis.We started on Aug 28,2004. We had talked to kyle ochs for a number of days, and he sent us the information we needed on the school, and everything that we had to bring with us, for the first day and he also told me that i needed my HAZMAT before we got out to expedite solutions in indianapolis, or if i did not, i would have to get my license again thru them. i had to cash in my 401k, that i had from my previous job, so that we could survive, till we got our first pay from expedite solutions, when we were there my fiance spent 2 days on the course talking with VINCENT(who is no longer there), and we were also greeted by ANGELA(who is also no longer there), and when we arrived there we were also greeted by KYLE OCHS, and we were told to go down to C-1 to see there loan officer for expedite solutions, and then we were given a 4 page contract for expedite solutions and we were told to sign it. then after we signed it, we were handed a drug test and told to go pee in a cup, so we did and then we were told to go back to expedite solutions to go and see kyle and then we were told we needed a phone for our job and we were given a cell phone and after the first month we asked to see the bill and we were told we were not allowed and were just told to pay the bill and not worry about it. then we asked to see the hard copies of our pay sheets and alot of our pay sheets were not there and we asked them where they were at and they said that they were still working on them, and so we believed them and we dropped it at that, but when we started with them we were told that we had to use there finacial advisor, and we had to pay there finacial advisor 25 a week. well as everybody knows, who has gone thru expedite solutions knows joe does not know his ass from a hole in the ground, and JOE(financial advisor) ended up costing us more money at tax time, instead of getting very little money back, he ended up costing us over $5000.00 and we r still paying that back, cause of him, so please do not use there financial advisor, he is a joke. also when we were with expedite solutions, the very first truck we were given was a POS, it had over 700,000 miles on it and it was a 72 in sleeper, with skylights and the skylights leaked bad enough, that after we were down south long enough, mold had started to grow on the walls and between the walls and we had to cover all of r stuff, to keep it from getting ruined, especially r tv and r clothes and when we told PAUL SAYLOR(no longer there), we were told to deal with it, and this was all with in the first 5 mo. of working for expedite solutions. then after we were told to deal with it, i told him that i am allergic to mold and if it was not dealt with, that i would go to my pcp and have him say something to them about me being allergic to the mold and the minute i mentioned that, they said they would take care of it and then we were put into another truck that had even more miles on it than our previous truck and it was in worse shape than the 1 that we just had, the 2nd truck we were in, was on with express-1, the first truck we were in was on with con-way now(no longer in business), We were at home for the Fourth of July 2005 in service we were in line getting ready to get a pm done on the truck, express-1 had called us for a load and we told them that we were in line for a pm on the truck cause it needed 1, so they said ok and we hung up with them and the kyle ochs called us screaming and crying at us cause we did not take the load that express-1 had offered us, but then we hung up with him and then express-1 called us back and said not to worry that they had the load covered. then kyle called us back and still continued to bitch at us, like the little girl he is, and after all of his screaming at us, we decided to say the hell with him and we emptied the truck out and took it back to indianapolis, and we dropped it off where we had gotten it and we left it in the same condition we got it in, but we did keep our t-check cards and got what money we had left on them off of the cards, and then after a while, my fiance was contacted by a so called lawyer. Then we contacted this so called lawyer which we came to find out that he worked for kyle ochs(expedite solution), the way we found out was cause we were talking with some friends that had just quit expedite solutions and they had there phone number and the phone number from the lawyer was the number to expedite solutions, so i called this so called lawyer and asked him what law firm he worked for and he started studdering like he was just caught in a lie and he works for kyle ochs and then i started to ask him questions and he could not answer any of the questions i was asking him then i told him i was going to contact the indiana bar association, to see if he was a real attorney. then i asked him about the money that kyle still owed us and he had nothing to say to me about that, so if anybody is contacted by a lawyer from expedite solutions just ask him what law firm he represents, where his law firm is located and the firms phone number and when u ask him that he will start to studder and then he will go really quite, really quick and then that will be the end of the phone conversation. Trucker Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Indianapolis, Indiana
41, Report #1397321
Sep 01 2017
01:18 PM
Lufthansa Airlines AKA Micheal Schneider. He inform me by email that he was a recruiter for Lufthansa Airline, base in Miami, Fl . Stupid of me I sent him $ 95.00 by pay pal, pay pal got my bank information and gave it to Notable Solutions, Inc. and when I tried to reach Micheal Schneider claim to work for Lufthansa is a con artist. Internet  **Author of this Report is NOT CONFIRMED**
On tuesday August 1st, 2017,  I received an email from Micheal Schneider claim to be a recruiter for Luftansa airline, he went on an tell me that he has received my resume base on my past work experience that I would be a great assets to the company.  In the email, he show me Lufthansa Airlines, company background, well he started to mention about FAA, TSA and I know all this company related to the airport industry. The position was supposed to be for a ramp agent and the starting pay was going to be $23.10 an hour, and I should sent him $97.00 for background check (CHRC) require by TSA for all employee that want to work at the airport, everything would be ready wihtin 2-4 weeks.  Then I would be ready for orientation by September 2nd, 2017.  So I sent him the $95.55 through pay pal and pay pal send the fund to Notable Solutions Inc..  Since then he never got back to me about the locations of the orientation and his he email is no longer in service.  Now pay pal is given me the run around and the company Notable Solution that received the fund cannot give me an answer.ludner, Miami, FL                   
Entity: Internet
42, Report #1226873
May 04 2015
10:59 PM
XLIBRIS My client paid for a book publishing package and has not received it. Bloomington Indiana
I am an editor and my client is an aged pensioner. He paid $US500.00 to Xlibris, to have his life story made into a book 'The Lost Years'. After multiple pleading emails and phone calls, four months have passed without Xlibris adhering to the computer signed agreement and contract. I have hit a brick wall and my client is very distressed. This smacks of dishonesty and thievery on the part of the publisher, but being 20,000 kilometres away in Western Australia, what can I do to either have the book published, as promised, or obtain a full refund of the pensioner's money.
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
43, Report #1051737
May 17 2013
01:34 PM
Author House INCOMPETENT BUFFOONS Bloomington Indiana
 I stupidly agreed to publish a second book with Author House after the months long nightmare associated with the publication of my first book. From what I can determine this is a scam.  Promises were made to promote my book and now, having receieved amateuristic marketing materials I wouldn't line a bird-cage with, I am told that marketing is entirely up to me. The linguistically challanged phone people in the Philippines refuse to put my calls through to the office in Indianna. I was assured the 'Clarion Review' I paid extra for, was how bookstores choose books to carry and now, weeks after approving the Galley, I'm told, Oh no...YOU have to contact each bookstore in the US that you want to carry your books, and YOU have to ask them if they will please read the Clarion review...and then...ask them to please carry your books.  I've been lied to all the way down the pike and they have more than $3,500.00 of mine and I want it BACK.       
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
44, Report #793831
Oct 31 2011
04:36 PM
ANTISLIP SOLUTIONS, LLC,, TOTAQL SLIP SOLUTIONS TODD SHERMAN, DAVID M. GILL We at Safety Seal Products Corp have been a leading supplier of Grip On Anti Slip Solution for the past 20 years, we have supplied many tile distributors, tile installers, Box Stores and retail locati hollywood, Florida
We at Safety Seal Products Corp have been a leading supplier of Grip On Anti Slip Solution for the past 20 years, we have supplied many tile distributors, tile installers, Box Stores and retail locations through-out the United States, and many other countries, our product Grip On Ant slip has been used by many individuals, companies and corporations to effectivley reduce and in most cases stop the liability for Slip and Fall accidents. BUT this is not about my product, this is about a company and its product that was stolen from us while at the time had A signed a confidentiallity, and non-disclosure with our company for our protection of our formulation and trade secrets. The individuals who are involved worked for our company and at the same time stole our contacts, formulation of product and the trade secrets of 20 years in business. We are trying to reach and notify as many customers as we can to let them know that our company is not going to stand by and let this happen, but we do need your support this could happen to you and your business.If you answer any of the following questions with a no then I need your help. 1.     Would you buy a product that was stolen 2.     Would you buy from a company that is going to be sued for breaking confidentiallity agreements and non-disclosures, and have your company involved in litigation. 3.     Would you buy from a un-ethical company with no scropples, who at any given time would scam you 4.     Would you buy from individuals you dont trust,and have lied to you, YES LIED TO YOU, telling you facts that are not true. 5.     Would you buy from a company and its owners i fyou knew they have stolen from someone else and have tried to steal its customers of 20 years. I will now tell you who that company and individuals are and I would be pleased and honored to answer any questions, and or produce any papers you would be interested in veiwing to show that these individuals are SNAKES in WOMENS CLOTHS, IN OTHER WORDS THEY WOULD SCREW THEIR MOTHERS. PLEASE HELP ME IN MY ENDEAVOR TO RID THIS COUNTRY OF COMPANIES AND INDIVIDUALS THAT HAVE NO BUSINESS ETHICS,IF YOU BOUGHT PRODUCT FROM THEM RETURN IT, JUST ASK THEM HOW THEY GOT IN BUSINESS !!! THEY WILL LIE, I HAVE THE PROOF, ASK THEM HOW THEY GOT THE FORMULA, THEY WILL LIE,I HAVE THE PROOF, ASK THEM ABOUT GRIP ON ANTI SLIP SOLUTION AND HOW THEY KNOW THEM, THEY WILL LIE, I HAVE THE PROOF. Now its time to expose these snakes individually and company name: David M. GILL, TODD SHERMAN, COMPANY NAME: ANTISLIP SOLUTIONS LLC. PRODUCT NAME: INVISATREAD  Once upon a time...A peasant on his way home heard a feeble voice calling Help! Help! He looked round, took a careful step or two then realized that the sound was coming from beneath a large boulder. He asked in amazement: Who's that calling? And a voice replied, It's me. The rock rolled down over my hole and I'm shut in. I can't get out, I'm going to die. Please help me. Move the boulder. The peasant then asked: But who are you? I'm a poor snake, came the reply. A snake? But if I let you out you will bite me. No, no, I promise I won't. Get me out, please! The peasant allowed himself to be persuaded and he shifted the boulder . . . and out of a hole in the ground slid a snake which darted towards the peasant and tried to bite him. I WILL BE SENDING THIS LETTER TO ALL CUSTOMERS, GOVERNMENT AUTHORITIES, TRADE COMMISSION, AND OR ANY OTHER AGENCIES THAT HELP IN THESE MATTERS. PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO CALL OR EMAIL FOR ANY ADDITIONAL INFORMATION I CAN BE OF SERVICE WITH, PLEASE HELP TO EXPOSE THESE INDIVIDUALS AND THEIR RIPOFF PRODUCT. SINCERELY, William M CEO
Entity: hollywood, Florida
45, Report #452246
May 15 2009
12:39 PM
Author House ,Author House, nearly 2000, big letdown, unprofessional workmanship overload Bloomington Indiana
Author House staff with their convincing sales pitch, convinced me to have my book published by them. Great loss! Great regret! The font size I sent was changed, saying its too large. I was talked out of my voiced and written dissatisfaction, with the illustrations, I complained about the layout; the galley. I was talked out of all my objections, and was convinced that it was all fine, against my better judgement, and so I signed off the galley, after being told, 'We know what we are doing, we do this everyday, you are becoming anxious and wirrying over nothing.' I was right, my fears were all founded, I had a right to worry and be anxious; the book is unsaleable, because of bad presentation; Author House messed my book up, big time! and its over priced, despite my strong objections, I was forced to accept their final pricing. I was told because its a colour book and has many pages and illustrations. There are only nine, and they made them large. I was badly advised in every way. As my 1st book, I was inexperienced, my lack of knowledge in book publishing was used against me and cost me a gret deal of money; writing is my only work, I have no income. My fears, which I voiced, but was convinced otherwise, and signed acceptance through desperation, was founded, my book is unsaleable. I have since made several complaints, Author House have now offered to do corrections, but at my expence. This I have objected to and have asked them to accept responsibility, because I feel strongly about the fact that they should know better, and knew what they were doing. I have asked for my book to be corretly republished or my money be given back to me. (I am waiting.) I have received pleasing reviews about my story, which is the first in the series. I hope that my book will be rebublished and correctly priced, which will hopefully enable it to get a chance on the book shelves in the shops, as its a good story. Sia LondonUnited Kingdom
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
46, Report #871545
Jan 11 2013
04:40 PM
career solutions phoenix SCAMMED BY CAREER SOLUTIONS phoenix, Arizona
Last year I was appy told meroached by Career Solutions after putting my resume on Career Builders. It sounded like it was a real company calling about a real position.  Unfortunately, I fell for it and went to an interview with them the next day.  After giving me this great sales pitch, they told me I had to come back with my wife the next day. The next day they gave us the greatest Timeshare like sales pitch and we signed the contract ( which they told us did not have to be read in its entirety since it was basically the same thing we discussed the day before). Unfortunately for me, the day before they gave me all kinds of assurances that I would find a job within a couple months and that I would be in demand because of my experience and education. I should have known better because all these things were not written in the contract. After a few months I told them I was a little leery of the whole thing since no one had gotten me an interview with the tons of inside contacts they supposedly had. They also told me that I had to do the work and go out there and network to find a job while they were looking for me. After that I got upset and decided to not use them anymore and then tried to get my credit card company to chargeback the amount to them. Then I received a threatening e-mail from Career Solutions accusing me of trying to fraudulently get their services for free and that they would start legal proceedings against me. I decied to drop the whole thing for fear of losing the case. They are scam artists who hide behind an airtight contract which you sign after they give you their great sales pitch. Once you realize you were taken, it is too late and your money is gone and you still don't have a job. STAY AWAY FROM CAREER SOLUTIONS !!
Entity: phoenix, Arizona
47, Report #271671
May 18 2008
06:18 PM
I-deal Direct/e Solutions Media Internet Stalking (continuous emails, webcamera was remotely accessed), hacking of computer, abuse and threats, accessing my personal data and spreading viruses, falsely advertising- not delivering what they set out, stealing my email account details through phishing AOL/HOTMAIL and YAHOO sites. Kirkland QC Canada
At the beginning of last week I received an email to my AOL account telling me that i had won a shopping voucher and that all I had to do was visit a site (site along lines or '' - it has now been changed) to complete some online questionaires and refer friends to their site in order to claim the price. I do not normally follow things of this nature up however it seemed quite genuine. I completed all the surveys required (some of which involved making payments) and then an external Plaxo window came up asking me if I wanted to download contacts from my email account and prompted me to add my username and password. Although slightly skeptical I was re-assured by the fact that it appeared to be from Plaxo, a reputable external source and it clearly stated that they would not be saving my details permanently. Once I had completed all the necessary steps I was very shocked to find that the account summary only stated that I had done a few surveys when in fact I had done over 14 and it also stated that no referrals had been sent At this point I began to have my suspicions about the offer and left the site. The following day when I went to check my email via the aol website I was very shocked to find that the whole site's design had dramatically changed, it looked like a very poor frontpage type design, far from the site which I had been used to. On the site it stated that the design had changed and prompted 'people' to comment. Despite this I tried to access my email as normal and was unable to. At this point I started wondering if it could be a fake site so I went to yahoo and hotmail and they had been changed in a similar way. At this point I also realised that the phishing filter was alering me that the site could not be trusted. As my computer was also running very slowly I at this point felt that my computer may have been hacked into so I searched for 'ghost' files which is what hackers use to enable them to hack and is the recipe if you like behind the hack This just confirmed my suspicions. Several ghost files had been found camoflaged within music files. I immediately deleted them and as soon as I had 'coincidently' all the websites reverted back to normal which I believe was the intention of the hackers, the ghost files re-diected me off the authentic sites on to poorly immitated sites in an attempt for them to gain my passwords etc and the comments on the aol sites were ones they had created to make their victims think that it was a server related problem of their email providers rather than a hackers plot. Then I noticed that files had changed on my computer, the msn messenger icon photo suddently disappeared, my webcamera and video recording software started of its own accord, accompanied by an email from their offers account laughing and asking who was with me as well as telling me that they had seen my u tube video. At this point I decided to search the web and found my name linking to pornography sites! I also noticed that my screen started flashing for no apparent reason. With all this in consideration I decided to do some background information in relation to the website which I had been directed to originally and did a whois check on them to find that it was owned by I-Deal Direct (registrant James Morrice as stated above). Through further checks I found out that they are also hiding behind the names of E Solutions Media, E-Research Group Red Top Savings, Consumer Opinion Group, Web Rewards Central and Public Research Panel I also found an IP address which links to their company and has been trying to hack into my computer by UDP, RPC and normal remote access, which is and All their emails also go back to a 'Name Intelligence Inc'' which is apparently a legitimate Canadian firm which scammers regularly try to hide behind. I also found out that the registrant of the site I-Deal Direct (possible owner or victim of ID theft??) is working on a short term contract basis (why not full-time- has another job or business perhaps?) sales person for a company named ASAP software ( covering the Ontario/Quebec area. As all the numbers on their site are toll free which can not be called from outside Canada, I called international directory enquiries, and they gave me a number for their headquarters based in Ottawa which I called and to my amazement James Morrice himself answered. Why would a casual sales person answer the reception phone of a multi- national firm?? Seemed a bit odd to me. I then called their office in USA and asked about James Morrice's positon within the company who confirmed he just worked there occasionally as an outbound sales worker and they gave me his contact number and email address. At this point I emailed him at asap address asking him about his connection to the company and have received no response at all which is ominous. If he had nothing to hide and was not related to them in anyway surely he would be quick to point that out and question what the problem was? In addition, ironically enough, the company he works for specialize in making anti-spyware/ anti-physhing software so what a better position for a scam artist creating fake sites etc to be in to find out secret information?! As well as ID theft, hacking, physhing and internet stalking it is clear that I-Deal Direct are also involved in issuing fake cheques (google search). These people are criminals and should be caught! I am now strongly considering getting the police involved in the matter as they are still persisting in trying to hack into my computer and intimidate me. If anyone else has bad things through this company please let me know and perhaps we can liase together to get these criminals sent down! Likewise if anyone at ripoff report would like further details please do not hesitate to email or call me and I would be more than happy to help. If you manage develop your investigation please also let me know. Kind regards Beth BethXXXXXXXXX worcester, QuebecUnited Kingdom CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Kirkland, Internet
48, Report #590257
Apr 06 2011
02:11 PM
RoHillCo Business Solutions Illegal Construction Liens Lake Oswego, Oregon
Oregon Law requires construction suppliers to file Right to Lien notices with homeowners when materials are supplied for a project.  Contruction Liens may not be filed legally without a provable Right to Lien, and any filings made without the Right to Lien are automatically null and void under Oregon Law.RoHillCo advertises as being a construction lien specialist; however, Deschutes County Clerk records show that RoHillCo illegally filed a minimum of nine construction liens without Right to Lien notices in 2009 alone.  A cursory examination in other Oregon county clerks' records show a similar pattern.When confronted by the complainant's attorney's personnel, RoHillCo agreed to withdraw the Construction Lien; however, the subsequent Lien Release was improperly filed by RoHillCo, and required an additional three weeks to obtain a correct release filing; and then only under pressure from the complainant's attorney.The complainant's attorney and paralegal state that RoHillCo has a known reputation within the three county central Oregon region for filing illegal construction liens, as well as deliberately delaying lien releases or incorrectly filing releases so that the Construction Lien appears to remain in force.
Entity: Lake Oswego, Oregon
49, Report #469038
Oct 19 2010
06:36 AM
ADVANCED DOCUMENT SOLUTIONS This company is a bunch of liars, they only sell used copeirs and they are not authorized by any manufacture Orlando Florida
This company has approached a lot of my clients for copiers, the company just started a few months ago and they are not authorized to sell new copiers for the manufactures they falsely represent. They sell nothing but used equipment, and they lie to customers by saying that they are new. They will whatever they need to steal business from legitimate copier dealers such as lists and leads to sell their used copiers. Stay away from these scammers. The owner is Moody Hamdan even though he uses his wife's name to hide from the fact that he owns the company. They have no service people and they run their shady operation out of their home, not a real office. Bill Orlando, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
50, Report #547846
Oct 08 2010
08:14 AM
This company is a bunch of liars and they only sell used copiers. The owner Mohammed Hamdan or Moody as he calls himself is a liar and says that he is a full line authorized dealer for copier in orlando but they just started their company and they only sell used broken copier copiers with no service or support people to even service them. They run their shady operation out of their foreclosed home in Winter Garden and they try to sell used older copiers at new copier prices. Stay far away from this company and only deal a reputable authorized copier dealer that sells new copiers not used copiers or you will stuck with a copier that they can not and will not fix. I have also found out that Moody is a drug addict that has been stealing money from customers to support his drug habit and he will do or say anything to rob your company of your hard earned money. This company is also under investigation but the Federal Trade Commission and the Florida Department of Commerce.
Entity: ORLANDO, Florida

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