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1, Report #269635
Aug 23 2007
06:21 AM
Authorhouse Publishing Royalties Rip-Off Bloomington Indiana
Hi: I looked at the 2nd quarter statement. I was sure that the royalties are backwards. You guys are to receive the lesser amount from the sale of each book. It seems as if I am receiving the lesser amount. I no longer want to do business with Authorhouse Publishing. I want my book removed from the site and any affiliates of Authorhouse. If I find that the book has not been removed in an ample amount of time I will commence a lawsuit against Authorhouse. From todays date. Do not print or sell any of the title Longsuffering By Author Bryant S, Herbert. I am serving this e-mail as a request to stop doing business with Authorhouse Publishing. I find that the publishing companys practices are lesser then fair for authors and the contracts are bogus and misleading. It took me 4 efforts to get my book printed correctly and there are still multiple errors in the print. The pictures are very bad in the published document as well. I would like my book removed immediately from the website and all the other websites that I have found my book on. I dont want any dealings with this publishing company hence forth from this day August 23, 2007. Respectfully, Bryant APG, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
2, Report #903064
Jun 26 2012
11:03 AM
authorhouse publishing authorhouse publishing well the company ripped me off as a client bloomington, Indiana
contracting with authorhouse  to self publish was the biggest mistake i ever made in my 59 years. they insisted i change the city location of my book i complied. they subtly kept on trying to extract more and more money out of me ,they sold me a fantasy an  sadly i bought into that. i lost  10.000 dollars publishing my book with authorhouse , in return i got some 50 dollars in royalties, and to this day  no accounting of any royalties or checks, authorhouse is an assemblyline scam and the federal trade commission should look into this.  they sold me a subcontracted valet service called cevado  technologies to create a website for me at an additional 3,600 dollars which did not generate one book sale. simply stated i want to join in on any class action law suit against authorhouse. tere grand scam here is to   tell their authors well it can take years and years for royalties or possible movie or tv contracts to come in, thats their shield of invisibility  from liability. authorhouse  is an illegal scam , the business should be shut down. after what hapened to me as one of there disgruntled client i am willing to testify in court against them.  dealing with the staff at authorhouse over the phone was very problematic indeed ,  sadly i was abused and re abused oer and over again by the author house staff there only concern is client numbers, not representing the interests of the clients. they were uncaring when my book had a viscous attack  on and barnes and  that hurt book sales too, they would not address that issue , i was never pre warned by authorhouse that  once my book hit the internet that there was a possibility that one bad book review could cripple my book sales forever , no author house never discloses that . simply stated the federal trade commission should investigate and shut down  its a criminally corrupt and morally banctrupt business there in indianna,fact
Entity: bloomington, Indiana
3, Report #241945
Apr 02 2007
10:25 AM
AuthorHouse still conducts business cunningly Bloomington Indiana
I received this today Faith, Thanks for your e-mail, hope my response finds you well. AuthorHouse is a self publishing company which means that you, the author owns the rights to the content of your book. I read the statement you put in red that is inside your book and see that is what it states. Joseph Kerschbaum is your author sales representative, he is the one who submitted the information which he why he reads agent. It does not mean that he owns any rights to your book at all. Because your book was first published by 1st Books, it will read 1st Books due to the ISBN number being tied to the publisher, which is also tied to your title. Please do not be concerned, AuthorHouse does not own the right to the content of your book. We own the formatting, and the cover - you own the right to the content. I hope this clears up any concerns. My rebuttal: By researching I discovered that I am not the only author who clearly sees the misrepresentation of services from AuthorHouse and continues to conduct business cunningly . You are insulting my intelligence and I don't appreciate anyone doing that. How can AuthorHouse own anything to my book when I paid for services to have my work or contents to be transform into a book, paid additional fee for customized back cover ? As far as the book cover, I design book cover yet AuthorHouse owns it? The format is what by adding page numbers and authors name because that is all the formatting done. Another issue is this, I have checked online and there are used books being sold. more than I got paid and have not receive a check for? Again tell me how can authorhouse owns anything of any authors books when we paid for service transforming into a book. This is not good business nor make no sense at all. Faith Kula, HawaiiU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
4, Report #1163315
Jul 19 2014
06:52 AM
AuthorHouse UK AuthorHouse Publishing Be Warned of AuthorHouse new Terms and Conditions Bloomington Indiana
Be warned new and old authors if signing up with Author House. READ the Terms and Conditions word for word. Issue has been raised that Author House has stated in their latest Terms and Conditions that they will PUBLICALLY display all personal/private information supplied to Author House by the Author.Clearly this is going against Data Protection Act and what will they achieve by doing this - make money by abusing privacy laws.....? They email the details and ask you to just click the box, no need to print - hoping that Authors will just accept the T&C without reading.....Authors need publicity, but do you really want ALL your personal/private details displayed to the world...? And NEVER, EVER take their word for anything - ALWAYS make sure whatever you agree to you have it in writing - cos they wills cam you and rip you off in nayway possible - they may be teh cheapest initially on their packages - but if you dont clarify teh details you will be riped off.Talking from experience - except thanks to prior reading to other Author posts I kept my guard and read all the details and made sure all agreed was then put in writing and not get ripped off...and I too hope my post will help you all to be extra vigilant.
Entity: Nationwide
5, Report #701270
Mar 01 2011
11:53 AM
Authorhouse publishing Company Athorhouse publishing Company is a Big RIP- OFF Bloomington , Indiana
In 2007-2008 I had books published with this company. I have only received 1 Royalty payment of $9.00. I was thinking that my books was not selling until people started tell me how they had ordered them. I have not received the rest of my Royalty payments! Authorhouse is a BIG, BIG disgrace to people that have worked so hard to make a dream(book)s come true. I'm calling them today and having my books removed from their hands. They are a RIP-OFF!
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
6, Report #1364941
Mar 30 2017
12:30 PM
Authorhouse publishing Thieves, Frauds, Criminals.... Fraud, Deceptive practices, Dishonesty, no Customer Service Bloomington Indiana
Do not use Authorhouse Publishing for anything. Absolute thieves, rip off artists, not even artists, just thieves and frauds. This company will take your money and each and every time I attempt to order copies of my own book it is a nightmare. I cannot get copies of my own book. This company is a 100 % fraud. Report them to your local BBB, Chamber of Commerce, and pareticularly the Attorney General's Office in the state where you reside. The company is a cpomplete fraud. DO NOT USE AUTHORHOUSE and BEWARE of THE OTHER WEBSITES and ADDRESSES THEY ALSO OPERATE UNDER.     Stop, Look, and Listen, becuase love has the power to change.    Mr. Mark R. Durham, Sr. 
Entity: Nationwide
7, Report #241409
Mar 29 2007
03:23 PM
AuthorHouse They not availiable knowing when they are caught in a lie Ripoff Bloomington Indiana
I called AuthorHouse today I asked for General Manager's name, person says there's different departments and different managers. I asked don't you have a senior manager to be the oversees those managers? He responsed with the same answer, then he asked what was this pertaining to? I said client and her book. Again he asked what department. I pick up he was doing the cat and mouse game. I said just give me all the managers name, He then asked me what department? I finally asked for the person I did not want to do business after my episode with catching him in a lie ... Eugene Hopkins. He came back on saying he was leaving that he could transfer me to Hopkins voice mail. I knew why too (screening calls) I said will he be in tomorrow he answered yes. So I try tomorrow and let you all know what happens. Gee talk about bad business AuthorHouse is top of my list. I never AuthorHouse gave in writing to have the rights to my book. I gave in writing I want all materials and original copyright sent to me and they fail to honor contract agreement. If it was the author who failed to honor contract or given word they would sue or burn you without a refund. Beware writer. Faith Kula, HawaiiU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
8, Report #999899
Jan 19 2013
06:14 PM
Authorhouse publishing company 1st Books previously Authorhouse selling my book on Amazon, Barnes, for 20 years without my knowledge This is same as post. Bloomingdate, Internet
same as complaint  -    Wrote novel in early 90's and self published (ha ha) with 1st Books, which apparently became Authorhouse. I purchased 100 copies in 2003 of my own book, with my copyright noted.  I recently saw 12 copies of my new book, The Evilment by Barry Spatz, being sold.  I have never given permission let alone received any royalities from this book, but it is now being sold world wide, Amazon, Barnes, and in Europe.  I have no idea as to what is going on. Is this theft, intellectual properties transgression, or what?  Amazon was emailed but is not responded.  Ditto Authorhouse.  Anyone know what I should do? Thankyou. Barry Spatz, (((ROR redacted))) CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Bloomingdate, Internet
9, Report #529913
Nov 28 2009
06:33 AM
AuthorHouse Publishing Company Trafford Publishing 30 day turn around. What a laugh Milton Keynes, Internet
AuthorHouse, which I am informed originates in the United States, having an office based in England (Milton Keynes), is the name that comes up, first, when seeking a publishing house that will undertake work for budding authors. AuthorHouse promises a 30 day turn around, that it is extremely professional. This is just how professional they are: 1) Three manuscripts submitted. AuthorHouse managed to mix them up. 2)  AuthorHouse managed to create two books, with different titles, but the same content. So I ended up with two books the same with different titles to them, and this by the same compositor. When I asked him how he could produce two books the same, with different titles, no answer came back. 3)  Wrong information placed on the back of the books. 4)  Wrong security details supplied, so as to access account 5)  Missing information from back of books, once the original mistake was looked into 6)  Inappropriate fonts to paragraphs 7)  Information missing from front covers 8)  Personal information inputted wrongly 9)  Persistant refusal to correct mistakes that they had made. 10  Instead of 30 day turn around it took from March until September (2009) to get ahead, even a little bit. Eventually I informed them that I would have to take court action, which they dismissed. So I took them to court and was refunded monies plus costs. Once AuthorHouse had taken the money they were off, off to the next client, regardless. The work that I submitted was consistantly mauled and the aggravation in trying to sort out their mess was quite incredible. When a customer services man contact me he said I must be brief in outlining my complaint. Excuse me! should he not have investigated my complaint before telephoning myself? this is the could not care less attitude towards their clients. After many months I still did not obtain that which I paid for. Wasted time and effort and felt as though I had been made fun of, looked upon as a stupid individual, a sap. I would not recommend AuthorHouse. It maybe that they get some books out, but I can only think that it is a matter of hit and miss and if you are unfortunate to be on the receiving end, get the tranquilizers out for you are in for a very, very rought time with individuals who do not listen, refuse to listen, though AuthorHouse claims to work with aspiring authors. You know the speel.
Entity: Milton Keynes, Internet
10, Report #565011
Feb 05 2010
12:55 PM
AuthorHouse Publishing Company Published a Book and only received Royalties the first year it came out Bloomington, Indiana
In 2006 The book was Published. Within the first 3 quarters of that year I received 3 checks for Royalty payments. Thinking they had sold 4 books, (2 in one quarter) Now four years later I have found many websites and consumers selling the book, over 50 as of today and my research has just began. I never received money for the sale of these books from AuthorHouse. All this time I thought the book never took off until what I found today. How disgraceful thinking the whole time the book was a waste of time and money getting it published until I found it selling not only in the USA but also International. I am still awaiting a response from AuthorHouse I am not a Happy Camper    
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
11, Report #241207
Mar 28 2007
01:31 PM
AuthorHouse Publishing Company ripoff no inventory of books in retailers channel also company lost original copyright Bloomington Indiana
I been treated badly and always received indirect or none response to my questions like these (I couldn't send attachmentson here but if someone contacts me I have them) Sent: Monday, March 26, 2007 5:59 PM These are two attachments that will clearly prove that AuthorHouse is in breach of contract agreement. Here is a letter from Joseph Kerschbaum stating that he has the original copyright certificate and will be kept in my folder with AuthorHouse.for safety reason I been told that AuthorHouse does not have original copyright certificate. This itself is a breach of contract. Another issue that I face is the form of cancellation you sent me clearly states to select one of the three choices. I checked the first choice >>> cancel fully my contract with AuthorHouse. Last Friday I received a letter from Eugene Hopkins stating that any book in the retail channel will remain until sold. I did not choose the 3rd choice that coincides with Hopkins letter. Why is there any books out when service agreement is print on demand ? I visited stores sites that carries my book. Why have I not receive an inventory report with retailers names, how many books they carried and have sold? I'm extremely upset to discover Lighting Source Inc. is listed as publisher of my book but this was done without my knowledge. Who sold this company the rights to published my book? I am the sole owner of book and demand my book REMOVE from all retail stores. ---in closing Faith Kula, HawaiiU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
12, Report #1068945
Jul 21 2013
08:41 PM
My wife self published a children's book the day benny stuck his neck out !  We never received proper royalties we can prove this by our # of friends on facebook who purchased her book doest come close to what was paid !  Also it is available on amazon all over the world in multiple languages ,on nook color & kindle electronically none of which can be traced by us because authorhouse is the principle on amazons account . My wife is Blind & handicapped it was her dream to be published . Her book deals with bullying & disability !!! SHE FEELS LIKE SH HAS BEEN EXPLOITED BY AUTHORHOUSE  & GROUP ACTION MUST BE TAKEN !!!  As many other Authors have also filed complaints  !!!  Please they are Bilking millions From Both Authors & Consumers !!!  IM Sure The IRS Would Take interest As Well  !!!  WHERE HAS THE INTEGRITY Of Literature & MANKIND GONE !!!     Verne   East Williston New York .
Entity: Internet
13, Report #241650
Mar 31 2007
09:05 PM
AuthorHouse Joesph Kerschbaum What part of this copyright law below AuthorHouse is honoring? Bloomington Indiana
Another day AuthorHouse continues to skirt issues. I hope by me reporting AuthorHouse bad business relationship with a customer/author like myself, preventing to encounter bad business. Then all is not lost gain to not get rip off? This is on the first page in my book. What part of this copyright law below AuthorHouse is honoring? Again, in my contract (was not updated by AuthorHouse) states that the author is the sole owner and rights and permissions should be authors name and mailed from the U.S. Copyright Office directly to my home address. This is what I understood, states also in my contract agreement, paid in full! The copyright copies I have, the info in sections 7 and 8 are incorrect. It shows 1stBook address and Joseph Kerschbaum signs as agent, definitely falsifications and very cunningly done by AuthorHouse 2003 by Faith Amor. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without written permission from the author. ISBN: 1-4107-6292-0 (e-book) ISBN: 1-4107-6293-9 (Paperback) Library of Congress Control Number: 2003093859 Faith Kula, HawaiiU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
14, Report #412630
Jan 15 2009
06:49 PM
AuthorHouse Publishing Hard-sell Tactics Rips Off Partially blind 75-Year-old Woman And Thumbs Nose at New Mexico Attorney General Office Bloomington Indiana
In October 2007, I entered into a contract with Authorhouse to publish my book, El Mochito Sephardim From Northern New Mexico. The fee on the contract is $2,597.00. Five Hundred dollars was for Rapid Release and that sum has since been returned. The book is in two languages, English and Ladino, a Sephardic Jewish language, hence, could not be dropped in a one-size-fit-all program, which is what they did. The book was edited by top notch linguists. From the beginning errors appeared each time they sent the galley for approvasl. In January 2008, I wrote an email to the saleperson, Pamela Jay, telling her about the problem with their system She didn't answer the letter, instead, called promising that everything would be corrected and my book would be very special. With each galley, errors kept cropping up. Again in February 2008, I wrote Ms. Jay another email asking her to return the money because the work was completely unacceptable and what they were doing was criminal including charging me for their mistakes. I informed her that I would be writing a letter to the NM Attorney General. AuthorHouse knew from the inception that I was 75 and partially blind. The hard-sell phone calls began together with emails two and three times a day regarding corrected errors. The stress was more than I could handle so I signed the release for them to print the book praying that more errors would not crop up. In less then twenty four hours the book was printed and press releases nation-wide. Imagine my shock when my family saw errors throughout the book. I ordered AuthorHouse to stop the printing immediately because my reputation was at stake. I am a published writer however, El Mochito is my first novel. It's plastered on the internet. On April 14, 2008, I wrote a letter to the NM Attorney General's Office. The Office gave them ten (10) days to respond to my allegations. Nine months later Authorhouse has thumbed its nose at the Attorney General's Office who continues asking for their response. Nothing! Ignored! Mine is not the only complaint. The internet lists several lawsuits which Authorhouse has lost. As an American Consumer, I want justice. Sincerely, Jo Jo Rio RAncho,, New MexicoU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
15, Report #515476
Oct 26 2012
01:04 PM
AuthorHouse Publishing Scam Bloomington, Indiana
I published my book with Author House in 2004.   I have not received any royalty payments from the date of publication till date and over the years I have seen my book being sold all around the world at different prices in new and used copies, when I asked Author House why, they came up with different reasons and maintained that I have not been making sales.   Author House also claimed that my book expired in 2006 because I did not pay the channel access fee for that year.   This year my brother- in -law purchased from the UK two copies of my book in  new copies and I have the receipt in my possession!   I would like to join other victims to file a Class Action Suit against Author House.   I also feel it is time that the Attorney General investigates Author House. It is pretty obvious that they are fraudulent, ripping authors off their royalties and discouraging creativity. All you have to do is take a look at the number of complaints against Author House on the web which is piling by the minute because no one is taking any action to stop their scam. This scam if unchecked would grow and eventually become expensive to every one 
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
16, Report #242918
Apr 08 2007
06:53 AM
Author House Publishing no reply, I told how I know I'm not the only author to notice their cunning business. ripoff Bloomington Indiana
It's been 5 days now since my last email contact with this horrible company. I was upset my last two posts that there few typo error. I am upset because I told them I'm doing alterations to my book,to remove it off the retail channel. I checked online today and my book still on yes it is. They say author as control; that is a lie. They do not stand good by their word, nor honor contract agreement they made with the author. WRITERS how I rate this company? AuthorHouse I rate them thumbs down big time. Faith Kula, HawaiiU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
17, Report #1005892
Jan 30 2013
05:24 AM
Author House Publishing AuthorHouse Refund of $0.00 for $2,299 Package, Internet
I purchased the Pinaccle Package from Authorhouse's Self-Publishing deals online and made a full payment of $2,299. It was for my very first book. A children's novel entitled - only about 120 pages long. I had never been published before and, at twenty years old, thought it would be a good way to promote myself as an author to have a published novel under my belt. It all started on the wrong foot. Julie, the representative I was put with, would not listen to my requests. She ignored my request for an editting service (which would have earned the company $1,275). She only wanted the basic information so she could move my book onto formatting. I was very upset that my needs weren't being met and when I was pushed onto the second step (the formatting process) I requested a cancellation.Two months went by and I waited quite patiently- as they said it could take up to 30 days. Finally, after recieving no refund, I called Authorhouse. The representatives told me I had been issued a refund of $0.00. Upset, I asked why. They said my book was finished and I explained that it absolutely was not. So they said they would get me in touch with a higher representative.Well when I contacted him he pointed out that I would only recieve a $526.00 refund. Why? My book had already been formatted and I needed to cover the fees for the consultation and formatting. I tried to explain that my book had been pushed onto that step before I was ready (hence the reason I cancelled to begin with). That's when he pulled out the terms and conditions stating I would only recieve a 25% refund once the book had been done formatting. And I would only recieve a 50% refund if my book manuscript had been submitted. I continued to argue that I had not approved my book to be formatted, but my arguement was ignored. Needless to say none of the refunds were ultimately issued to me and I ultimately had to file a claim with the BBB (who is now looking into it). So far, here are all of the services/products I paid for and I did not recieve:30 Book StubsBook Signing KitBarnes & Noble ListingBook Sellers Return ProgramBook Buyer's PreviewMarketting KitAmazon and Google ListingsCopyright Registration5 Hardcover Copies20 Paperback CopiesISBN AssignmentOnline DistributionMarketting CouncelationBookstore AvailabilityComplimentary Author CopyDigital Formatting and DistributionHardcover FormattingLibrary of Congress Control NumberElectronic Proof And I have been issued exactly $0.00 as a refund:. From the very beginning Authorhouse ignored my requests and rushed me through the process. Now I see why, as they have written in very small print all of the fees that occur as each step is reached. Authorhouse assumed that a twenty-year-old girl who writes children's books could easily be taken advantage of. And as of right now they are correct. But I will not stand to be walked on. My feelings are hurt and my hopes of being a writer are temporarily shattered. Buyer's beware... they promise great feats and offer a lot of opportunities to lose money.
Entity: , Internet
18, Report #241469
Mar 29 2007
09:43 PM
Author House tried to squeeze money out of my sponsor for my copyright they lost ripoff Bloomington Indiana
My sponsor called and got through after his 9th call in a week and 3rd called today got through. He adressed original copyright certificate issue. AuthorHouse said we can get another one but it will cost? ($150.00) My sponsor said I am not paying one penny for AuthorHouse irresponsibilities. That Rich VanLue got $42.00 for a book the author gets free. It will be the company money to replace it. He made me proud that he showed them he was not a push over. Faith Kula, HawaiiU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
19, Report #511700
Oct 28 2009
09:04 AM
AuthorHouse Took my money to publish my book. They are only printers and did little or nothing to publish my book Bloomington, Illinois
I am an author and  used Authorhouse to publish my book. I chose them as they were prominenton all web search engines and seemed to offer a complete and uncomplicated package. They eagerly took my money after I was bombarded with 3/4 phonecalls a day. As soon as they had my money the mood changed and I found that I had to chase for progress and results. Any difficult queries I had remained unanswered and silence seemed to be a big part of there 'modus operandi'.  I was lied to, my private mail which was sent to me via, them was intercepted and  opened. My royalties  were hardly ever paid on time and I had to continually chase for what I was owed and on on occasion  had to threaten legal action. At the time of writing this I am still owed money by them and all my enquiries are greeted by 'silence'.   They print the books and then charge the authors exorbitant prices for their own books. If a major outlet wants to sell your book they are usually entitled to an outlet discount, but  unless the author pays Authorhouse 600 [ approx] per annum, then there is no deal with the outlets who naturally just lose interest, which happened to me twice.  I then discovered that they were supplying Amazon themselves, and  making  about 7 per book profit, whilst I as the author received 1.80. It is a scam and unless you are worldly wise in the  publishing world then you only discover when it is too late and they have made a tidy sum for themselves. Its a ripoff.  I have now cancelled my contract with them and have re-printed and published my book myself  and what a difference its made. My advice is to all authors or potential authors is to take your money elsewhere and for existing authors to cancel and re-publish. Authorhouse are also in the habit of having there employees to report well on the company on this siteand write what they are told to write. Do not be fooled and  the only way to defeat the ripoff is to tell the world. Do your bit.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
20, Report #990454
Jan 03 2013
07:47 AM
AuthorHouse Read Before Signing With AuthorHouse Internet
My experience with AuthorHouse was a costly nightmare. As a matter of policy, AuthorHouse won't disclose the royalty rate it will pay authors or the estimated publication cost of a book, even when asked directly. Royalty rates can't be found on their website and employees wouldn't disclose them when I asked. I was told by AuthorHouse that this type of basic information cannot be provided until after your book is formatted. HERE IS THE CATCH: buried in Schedule A of the AuthorHouse contract is a cancellation policy that says the author is responsible for 75% of the publishing package you signed up for once formatting STARTS! Only after the formatting began was I told the royalty rate was LESS than 10% (for comparison, this is not even half of what CreateSpace offers) and the book's price (which AuthorHouse sets) was so much higher than its competitors it made the book unmarketable. Other publishing companies will provide you an estimated price and an estimated royalty BEFORE you sign up. AuthorHouse, on the other hand. requires you commit to 75% of the deal before telling you the bad--and costly--news.
Entity: , Internet
21, Report #729227
Sep 01 2011
04:47 PM
AuthorHouse, Inc manuscript,books,publisher,self-publishing,self-publisher,scam,fraud,falseclaims,printing,books Bloomington, Indiana
In considering the publishing of my new manuscript and how best to make it into the best possible marketable book, I saw AuthorHouse, Inc. on the Internet. While I was not sure how a self-publishing book would reach the market place, and other things having to do with whether themanscript could realize its full potential, I was willing to look into it. Therefore I contacted AuthorHouse and got a return call from a Timothy Murphy, a publishing consultant, who offered to send me a packet of information. After I received the info, Mr. Murphy called me several times to askme to review the contract which was included on the packet. He told me that he was able to give me a special deal if I signed-up now. In December(2010) and January (2011) I sent a $1000.00 toAuthorHouse, before even sending it one page of my manuscript. Later, I received an offer from a mainline publisher to publisher my manuscript, which included allediting,publicist fees ($24,000.00), distribution, etc., including a substanial advance, plus a much higher royality percentage. In other words, they wanted to help me make my manuscript into a truly marketable book. AuthorHouse has done NOTHING, but take my money and won't give me a refund of the $1000.00. That's my cpmplaint!!  
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
22, Report #601446
May 09 2010
10:58 AM
'authorhouse' Eugene Hopkins. Tim Davies, Dean Shah Internet
AUTHORHOUSE  ILLEGAL  SCAM  UNCOVERED. Last year Tony Liddicoat sacked 'authorhouse publishing company' who he had paid handsomely for publishing his book, Five Bells ~ Job Done.  A  Divers Story.     During his association with them  he  published his book which became very well received and  reviewed  by over 25 major journals around the world. The  RRP of the book was 9.90. For each book sold he received  1,88. Authorhouse kept the remainder,[8. 11] This went on for over a year before he realised something must be wrong. When serious outlets asked to sell the book, they were told by 'authorhouse' that they had to pay the RRP,  which of course meant they could not earn any money at all. He  learnt about the outlets discount for  new books which range between 35% and  65% of the  RRP. Tony Liddicoat was informed by 'authorhouse' that if he wished for his books to be sold by major outlets then there was  a fee payable,[approx 500 annually, for each outlet,!]]He could not afford to do this and continued being paid  the 1,88 per copy,  During this time he was lied to, his private mail was intercepted and opened and  his  requests for clarification to 'authorhouse ' were ignored.He then re printed his book with a new ISBN number and published the book himself. He is now the only legal publisher of his book and has been for over a year, However even though he received assurances from 'authorhouse' that they would  stop selling and supplying the book, his books were still being  printed,advertised and sold without his knowledge  or consent. He realised this when he received unexpected 'royalties' [ in itself a rarity  without having to chase them] The royalties were for books sold by 'Amazon'who had been given the pdf file of the book by authorhouse, to print their own copies and sell them  on demand or when they wanted. [Without the Authors knowledge or permission ] The 'royalties' offered were the 1,88 per book. Which means that the cosy little arrangement between 'Authorhouse' and 'Amazon' where they print and sell their own copies and were quite happy to give the author 1.88 per copy and  keep the remainder for themselves. Now this is against the law. When he contacted 'authorhouse and asked what on earth is going on. he was told that it was human error and he has no cause for complaint as I had  been paid the pittance of 1.88 per book. This  information is being forwarded to the legal authorities in the UK and every blog site  known, enable the unsuspecting to know just how  'authorhouse 'operate. It is a scam and if you multiply this by the 60,000 authors they say they have 'published' then it is a huge sum. BE WARNED  ~ BE ADVISED. If any individual knows of a legal help hotline please get in touch.
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23, Report #638330
Sep 07 2010
08:26 AM
Authorhouse Royalty Ripoff Bloomington, Indiana
  To my utter misfortune, I became acquainted and started to use the services offered by 1stBooks publishers now known as Authorhouse, and published my first two books in 2003. At the time, I detected no problem with their services and accepted that being my work was academic, would not sell many copies. I decided to publish my third book with them, a large 2 volume edition in 2008, and due to the reviews and publicity received, and the professors that contacted me personally, I became fully aware of the university libraries and public libraries who processed my work into their establishments, or were interested in my work. However, I noticed the first major discrepancy in their promises was that if I turned my manuscript in within a certain time frame, I would receive fourteen free copies of my work when it was printed. I e-mailed my text, and mailed my contract via snail-mail two weeks before the deadline, I know it arrived on timeI live in Europe, and mail does not take longer than 4 to 8 days to arrive in the US, however, they could not honour the free copy agreement as they hadn't received the contracts on time. They never mentioned the agreement included receiving the contracts, just the manuscript. I received just my usual free review copy of each volume. I decided to let the matter go. Then, they have a very careless attitude with other aspects of their services. For example, their Press Wire program that sends your Press Release electronically to 14,000 media outlets. Where did I find my academic books being promoted? In the financial sections of these media outlets, and not to my target audience found in the academic, history, biography, or even literature, areas. (I also discovered my university level academic book on classical music categorised as a children's book.) However, the major problems developed with royalty accounting. I began keeping a record of the copies available of my new two-volume work at Amazon US, UK, Canada, and their Marketplace vendors. (This is practically the only way you can discern how many books may be selling in the public domain.) Considering this is Print On Demand, when a number of available copies drops, you can expect it to be a sale since stores have no reason to keep raising and dropping the numbers unless they make a sale and then re-list the book. (For the record, I withdrew all my publications from Authorhouse June 14th 2010.) Authorhouse's numbers were way below the daily tallies I kept from the Amazon numbers, they only reported between 10% and maybe up to 20% of the sales on any given quarter. Today for example, I received the worst report yet: they reported only 1 copy of Volume One sold in the second quarter (April 1 to June 14th, the time I withdrew my publications from them), and only 3 copies for Volume 2. According to my numbers from the Amazon rankings and marketplace sellers in the US, Canada and UK: 28 copies of Volume 1 sold, and 27 of Volume 2. Therefore they have reported only 4% of the sales, and they obviously are pocketing the rest. And this does not include other sales that may have been made through other sellers like Barnes and Noble, etc. However, there is no way to be compensated for these discrepancies, Authorhouse demands you provide receipts of all sales as proof of your claimhow on earth do you track such receipts? Authorhouse knows it's an impossibility. Of course, Nielsen Book Scan offers sales report services, but you cannot use them to reclaim royalties, or display or disclose your sales report to any third party as Nielsen deems such action a breach of trademark confidentiality and would possible incur a lawsuit. The simplest answer would be to cancel all contracts with Authourhouse, but this is not as easy as they make it out to be. To date, they continue to reassure me my books are no longer in print, but as I have discovered today (September 7), they are still listed with UK wholesale distributors as available within 5 days as Print on Demand, so they are technically still available by Authorhouse illegally. 1st Books / Authorhouse in my estimation is the most disreputable company allowed to carry on a business offering a sham service to the public, robbing authors of the fruits of their labours. Surely they are required to have a business license to operate as all other businesses? How can any state issue a license and continue to allow such a rogue business like this to continue? They are operating on such a large scale, and if they are doing this to every author, then one must consider the possibility they are committing grand larceny on a massive scale. They claim to have thousands of authors with their company. Authors Beware: if you are considering publishing your book using Print On Demand, stay well away from this company. Even if they paid all the royalties, they do little or nothing to help promote your work, but expect you to pay additional hundreds and even thousands for various promotion packages that provide little if no results. For those of you poor authors who now hold a contract with Authorhouse publishing your work, my sympathies go out to all of you.
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
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Feb 28 2012
12:15 PM
Authorhouse Author Solutions BREACH OF CONTRACT , Internet
Authorhouse claims that a writer can receive a refund, minus $300, for publishing packages, providing your book has not gone to publishing yet.  After hearing their pricing structure, I elected to discontinue my association with Authorhouse, which I did in writing via email per their request.  I was told I would receive a refund of $1199 withing 6-8 business days.  However, after 8 business days with no refund, I began to contact the appropriate parties at Authorhouse with nothing but a run-around! 12 days and counting! Authorhouse continues to pass me off to different employees that do not answer their phone, or return messages. AVOID AUTHORHOUSE!!!  AVOID, AVOID, AVOID!!!!!!!!
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Jan 05 2013
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Authorhouse Author Solutions gross misrepresentation Bloomington, Indiana
Having previously published 5 books with McGraw Hill and Princeton University Press, I am not a novice in working with publishing houses. However, dealing with Authorhouse with my 6th book was by far my most frustrating, unproductive and disappointing interaction with a publishing company. After 6-months of exchanges with their incompetent, inexperienced, confused, and mismanaged personnel, I filed a claim in Multnomah County, Oregon Circuit Court and won a judgment against Authorhouse. On October 11, 2012 (Case # 120023259S) I was awarded a full refund of my monies, plus a fine and 9% interest levied against Authorhouse. After three months, they still refuse to pay the judgment against them. Now I am pursuing collections litigation against Authorhouse at their Bloomington, Indiana headquarters. The following is a recap of my Oregon court complaint against Authorhouse: 1. Authorhouse grossly misrepresented its technical capabilities and abilities of its personnel to produce a work product in a timely fashion and of acceptable quality. 2. Authorhouse staff repeatedly ignored directives and instructions given by Author. 3. Authorhouse repeatedly failed in its attempts to create a working document from a PDF-formatted manuscript provided by Author.  During the period of contract negotiations, Authorhouse made false claims and representations that a PDF-formatted manuscript provided by the Author would greatly enhance their ability to produce a book in a timely fashion and that would reduce the likelihood of errors. When, in fact, Author did provide Authorhouse with a manuscript in PDF-format, Authorhouse staff was incapable of utilizing a manuscript delivered in this fashion. 4. Authorhouse reneged on its commitment to allow Author to establish the retail price of the book. 5. The paperback version of the book produce by Authorhouse in May 2012 contained hundreds of print-quality flaws, rendering a work product  unacceptable to Author. 6. Authorhouse failed to produce a hardcopy version of the book with a cover that was of acceptable quality. 7. Authorhouse failed to produce an e-version of the book. Before you do business with Authorhouse, I suggest you access the Better Business Bureau website and note the 343 complaints registered against this company. Or, you can call the Indiana chapter of the Better Business Bureau at 317-488-2222.
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana

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