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26, Report #845937
Feb 28 2012
12:15 PM
Authorhouse Author Solutions BREACH OF CONTRACT , Internet
Authorhouse claims that a writer can receive a refund, minus $300, for publishing packages, providing your book has not gone to publishing yet.  After hearing their pricing structure, I elected to discontinue my association with Authorhouse, which I did in writing via email per their request.  I was told I would receive a refund of $1199 withing 6-8 business days.  However, after 8 business days with no refund, I began to contact the appropriate parties at Authorhouse with nothing but a run-around! 12 days and counting! Authorhouse continues to pass me off to different employees that do not answer their phone, or return messages. AVOID AUTHORHOUSE!!!  AVOID, AVOID, AVOID!!!!!!!!
Entity: , Internet
27, Report #991875
Jan 05 2013
02:10 PM
Authorhouse Author Solutions gross misrepresentation Bloomington, Indiana
Having previously published 5 books with McGraw Hill and Princeton University Press, I am not a novice in working with publishing houses. However, dealing with Authorhouse with my 6th book was by far my most frustrating, unproductive and disappointing interaction with a publishing company. After 6-months of exchanges with their incompetent, inexperienced, confused, and mismanaged personnel, I filed a claim in Multnomah County, Oregon Circuit Court and won a judgment against Authorhouse. On October 11, 2012 (Case # 120023259S) I was awarded a full refund of my monies, plus a fine and 9% interest levied against Authorhouse. After three months, they still refuse to pay the judgment against them. Now I am pursuing collections litigation against Authorhouse at their Bloomington, Indiana headquarters. The following is a recap of my Oregon court complaint against Authorhouse: 1. Authorhouse grossly misrepresented its technical capabilities and abilities of its personnel to produce a work product in a timely fashion and of acceptable quality. 2. Authorhouse staff repeatedly ignored directives and instructions given by Author. 3. Authorhouse repeatedly failed in its attempts to create a working document from a PDF-formatted manuscript provided by Author.  During the period of contract negotiations, Authorhouse made false claims and representations that a PDF-formatted manuscript provided by the Author would greatly enhance their ability to produce a book in a timely fashion and that would reduce the likelihood of errors. When, in fact, Author did provide Authorhouse with a manuscript in PDF-format, Authorhouse staff was incapable of utilizing a manuscript delivered in this fashion. 4. Authorhouse reneged on its commitment to allow Author to establish the retail price of the book. 5. The paperback version of the book produce by Authorhouse in May 2012 contained hundreds of print-quality flaws, rendering a work product  unacceptable to Author. 6. Authorhouse failed to produce a hardcopy version of the book with a cover that was of acceptable quality. 7. Authorhouse failed to produce an e-version of the book. Before you do business with Authorhouse, I suggest you access the Better Business Bureau website and note the 343 complaints registered against this company. Or, you can call the Indiana chapter of the Better Business Bureau at 317-488-2222.
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
28, Report #717768
Apr 15 2011
06:10 AM
iUniverse Author House - AuthorHouse - Xlibris - Bertram Capital Management - Author Solutions - Trafford Publishing - Wordclay DANGER! BEWARE! FRAUD! and let's not forget CLASS ACTION Internet
I sat in the Bada Bing today and thought about this awful situation for a long time. The corporate officers and certain employees of these entities deserve to be pictured in handcuffs on the front page of every significant newspaper in the world, and featured on American Greed, Dateline, and 60 Minutes, to name only a few.All due respect...The masterminds behind this flimflam printing operation should get no respect, no more money from the public, and significant incarceration. They know perfectly well what they're doing and what they have done to an unsuspecting public. In order to not let them get away with it, each one of you who had money stolen by iUniverse and its other incarnations needs to step up and join a class action lawsuit and not keep saying that someone else ought to do it. They are not going to go away unless you join to do something. Stop feeling powerless.(((Redacted))) CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: , Internet
29, Report #463225
Jun 20 2009
09:31 AM
IUniverse Self Publishing Company Advertising /Deceptive Practices Internet
I published a book in 1995,that still have good ratings on amazon, and other book sites. Yet, Iuniverse have pocket all the money that were proceeds from my book. Not only that they rip me off on the cost of publishing the book,by charging cost for editing mistakes that they themselves were creating and charging me to correct them. Everytime they did that they charge me almost two hundred dollars. I ended up paying double for my the publishing of my book. They have not paid me any money, from the sales of my book, according to the book sites sales have been made and favorability have been 98%, why haven't iuniverse paid me anything.. They are rip-off artist. I hope that the public will read this and stay far away from them as possible. They are no good. And should be published and made to compensate me and others for ripping us off. I want my money now. Please help. Ripoff by iuniverse publishing company Brookhaven, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity:, Internet
30, Report #1108983
Dec 21 2013
11:34 PM
Back in September of 2012 I published a book with ECKO titled “The Ignorance of Faith”.  During the following months it was published in 5 different language editions, first in Spanish, then English, Portuguese, French and German. There is no transparency of Independent Author´s sales at ECKO.  In other words, no records of sales are offered to Authors.  If one insists eventually they might send a sales report, but with no sales, or little sales, probably underreported.  One day I asked: How I am sure these reported sales are true and honestly reported? Their reply was: “If we were not honest, we would not be in business long”. The fact seems to be that when the bull hits the fan, they close operations, and -soon later- return with another company name.  They used to be called Aardvark (if it is correct what I found in several RIPOFF reports, on the internet). Their address is secretive, only a P. O. Box in Sandy, UT.  One day, when I was going to start business with them, a lady by the name Samantha talked to me. However, Samantha seems to be several people, I found out that William Kramer is now acting as such “Samantha”. Email request for report on sales are not answered anymore.  Have warned them -months ago- that I might initiate legal action.  Yet, no replies from them, totally undeterred.  I ordered some of my books myself, to see if those would be reported, and proceeds from sales sent to me, but that was not the case. In a couple of occasions “Samantha” indicated she was going to make a PayPal deposit, but it was never done.  In more than one year that all 5 books have been available in Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and their own books sales (ECKO Books) only a deposit of $50 was made to PayPal on my behave, and that was back in January of 2013.  Not to be repeated ever again! Searching on the internet I found complaints about them. I sent an email -including those negative reports to them- indicating that it was my ultimatum.  Proper sales reports or I would go to the FBI, and other consumer Agencies.  No communication at all since then.  A few months ago, I paid for a revision in one of the book, which had some printing defects that I noticed. They –supposedly- processed the changes, and indicated to me that within a few weeks the new version would be available in the sales channels.   I allowed 3 months to pass by, and then ordered the book, only to find out that they have not made the changes requested. Took the money but did not do anything to the book. There are many self-publishers out there, and a few of them -I fear- might be fraudulent. It is quite easy to publish books, amass an inventory of thousands of books from small authors, and do not pay them.  They might get significant revenue streams from random sales of this bunch of books, but for the Authors, he or she would not have a way to know if his/her books are selling at all.  And it might be reasonable for them to think that there might have not been any sales at all.  It is a matter of pure trust in your Self-Publisher, no trace of sales, no accountability to their authors, no transparency. Utility companies send you a monthly statement, regardless of monthly use of service,… not these companies! I did contact Amazon to see if they could help, informing me on the sales of my books, but in some way they are their accomplices, because they only inform the publishing houses on sales, and not the Authors.  Only those Authors with Amazon´s own self-publishing (CreateSpace) have access to that sales information.  My guess is that it is so easy to hide sales from Autors, that the whole industry might be a rip-off (not just ECKO, but the temptation is there for many others: Lulu, Xlibris,..). It is imperative that the FBI, or somebody with jurisdiction in this matter, verifies the records with  Amazon and Barnes & Noble (the typical sales venues for this industry) and corroborates that payments are made to Authors by the self-publishing companies. THIS IS AMERICA, NOT SOME BANANA REPUBLIC OF THE THIRD WORLD!!
Entity: Sandy, Utah
31, Report #375702
Oct 26 2008
08:56 AM
Author House Hook ya on price, then skin n fry'em Bloomington Indiana
Got my book published with Author House. FINALLY!?? Thought and asked several times was $799 going to be my final price, with out any printed books of course(those are priced according # in one production run). I was told yes, thats all it takes for the production). Got just hammered by another sales/marketing man, Convinced me, that I had to have this, that, and these promotional items. Newspaper adds, etc.. I bought in to way more than what I bargained for. For the almost 6,000 my marketing rep said it was a GREAT plan. I sold more books self-promoting and doing my OWN book signs, than I did on the 6,000 investment. I wont even start about the pains of working with their publishing consultants, or their production team?? ehhh.. Nightmare and they stuck me with more production charges(on a finished script, already professionally edited.. Nickel and dime you to death, thats all they do. Book quality was OK; however, follow up and ordering books, is still a f'n pain. Was going to do book two with them, but even with the discount the headaches alone drove me to another publisher(self). Be careful out there as well in the Self Pub arena, Author Solutions(the parent company to Author House), owns a great deal of the industry. From word of mouth its just the same repackaged junk. Sue NY, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
32, Report #188278
Mar 30 2010
10:57 AM
Authorhouse Publishers ripoff they took my money to publish book, their check bounced, they put in on ebay as generic with different cover Blomington Indiana
i had Moments in Time (poetry book) published. I paid them eleven hundred dollars for it. I had to have my son do the cover as they were terrible. Still had to pay for the cover later. They have sold over 100 books to my friends on the Poetry Workshop, relatives, and friends. They have it on and Barnes and Noble. They sent me a four dollar check and it bounced. I had to pay the bank more than the check. Now it is on ebay as a generic form with my ISBN numbers in a red cover, not mine. it is half price. They didn't ask me or anything. They were called First Books, then changed their names to AuthorHouse. I have contacted them, they will not get back to me other than saying I sold four books. that is a crock. What can I do? I want it off of ebay, I didn't say they could do that. Ruth palm beach gardens, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Blomington, Indiana
33, Report #1374634
May 22 2017
11:31 AM
Authorhouse VERY poor quality product, over priced, dishonest, scam Nationwide
 I paid for authorhouse services before I knew what I was doing- the perfect candidate for a scam. Since then, I've learned a lot about self-publishing and would not make this mistake again. It so happens that I paid for the services four years before I finished my first book. I discovered they didn't format children's books the way I wanted so I researched further and decided to print my first book through IngramSpark. All self publishing companies have things that will be disappointing or frustrating for an indie author, and Ingram had theirs, but I think the quality of the product is far superior, and the cost is super low. I was happy with the finished Ingram product and was propelled to finish my second story just eight months later. This is when I decided to use the authorhouse package I paid for years earlier. My husband formatted both of my books. He has a graphic design background and a knack for researching everything needed to make something perfect. He also knew what was needed in order for the book to be printed. We kept asking for specs and my coordinator either didn't respond to my emails, or sent the most vague answers, so I had to email her four times before I finally got barely enough info for him to format my book. So the files were ready to go and gorgeous. I did all my own illustrations and I was so pleased with how he formatted everything. Authorhouse quickly approved the files and informed me my book would retail for 20.99!!!! What?! A paperback?? For $21?? I asked what my cost would be and they still haven't answered that question. Little background on my experience with Ingram. I was super disappointed with the cost of my book through Ingram and I had to make it that high or ice be paying them to print my book. But it was still within industry standards. 17.99 for a hardcover. Fair enough. Then I ended up finding another print company that would print them for 2.66 per book. I ordered 1,000 and the quality was gorgeous. Back to authorhouse, where my paperback was going to be priced at $21 a pop. I complained. They told me it was priced per page. I quoted industry standards and shared my comparisons and they didn't even answer my email. The book went to print. I just approved it because I felt their was little debating I could do and it was a package I'd already paid for so I thought I may as well see my book in print. It would also be on ebook so I thought maybe that would be redeeming. Then came the marketing and book signing designs. Granted, I'm an artist and so is my husband, and we design all of our own stuff... but these are supposed to be professionals so I expected a really decent design. It was awful. Embarrassingly awful. My image was sideways on the card and the design so basic it was clear no one tried to even make it acceptable. They repeated the design behind my design, so it was distracting and terrible. I emailed them the simplest corrections I could translate through email because I was so exasperated, but had no plans to use them in my marketing, they were that bad. Finally, I receive a copy of my book in the mail- long anticipated... the quality of the book looked like it was done on a home printer. Bear in mind that I had two great comparisons- both Ingram and the print company I had used, and this look like it was printed on a machine running out of ink or worse. The images were faded, grainy, and blurred on paper that was one step above newsprint. It was awful. Kinkos could've done a better job. I was furious. I don't know why I had any hopes for better after the quality of everything else. I am still in the process of trying to convince them their product is so below standard they should be embarrassed and they've had me talk to so many people that it's confusing who's who and what their status in the company is. They had me email them scans of the pages, and then tried to tell me the color was the same! I immediately disagreed and told them they should know better. I created those images on the latest technology with print true color, and shared with them my previous publishing experience and products. All they would do is tell me they would send me another copy, but I don't trust that their print on demand services to create a product that my customers would be happy with, especially for the outrageous price of $21. And they STILL have not disclosed what my royalties will be per book. I want a full refund. There are zero services that they offer worth paying $1000 for. They're in the business of scamming people who don't know any better like the naive person I was four years ago when I paid for this malarkey. You can pay Ingram $49 for all the same services minus authorhouse's awful marketing designs.
Entity: Nationwide
34, Report #1133601
Mar 25 2014
06:53 PM
AuthorHouse AuthorHouse took $4,000 and never delivered anything Bloomington Indiana
AuthorHouse has stolen from me. I paid them $4,000 in late November, 2013 to edit my manuscript, and until this day they have not delivered anything. I filed a claim for credit with American Express, but the company responded that I had violated their cancellation policy. In other words, they claim that I cancelled a contract just because I was trying to get my money back!    Can someone tell me what are my choices at this point? Can they get away with keeping my money without delivering the services they promised to deliver? Is this not blatant theft? Thanks   O.E. Diaz
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
35, Report #789615
Oct 17 2011
06:36 AM
XLibris Publishing XLibris Book Publishing, XLibris Corporation POD publisher, vanity publisher, self-publisher Bloomington, Indiana
On 5 July, 2011, I began discussions with a representative of XLibris Publishing to  produce my third novel, Twisted Key. In the initial discussions and before paying for any services I made it clear to the consultant that I needed a cost-per-unit of around $6.00 before shipping costs are figured in for each copy I purchased. That price allows me to make a decent profit on each sale,  since I wholesale to indie bookstores at $12.00 per copy and retail to customers at $15.00. I was NOT given a cost per unit  but was assured it would be reasonable and until they calculated their setup and production costs any figure I was given would not be accurate. I liked what they had to say about what they could do for me and going with XLibris would put copies and promotional materials in my hands for the Fall selling season. So I signed their agreements and paid the $1050.00 fee to have the work done. It was only after the money changed hands that I was given a cost per unit of $13.00 for me to purchase copies for sale, and everyone I spoke with at XLibris said that is their Standard fee. Before the shipping charges were added, of course. Each of my novels requires 2 years of research, writing and editing. I cannot make a profit off of this novel. I cannot even make my $1050.00 back. I cannot afford to purchase copies of my own novel to sell, since nobody in his right mind is going to buy a 6 x 9 paperback for $20.00, which is what I would have to charge to make any money from a sale. On 27 September I sent an email to their Customer Service department laying out my concerns and their several failures to comply with the terms of the agreements for services (including the provision of an LLC# for the novel. I gave them 10 days to reply to the email. They have not chosen to do so. I am posting complaints and writing blogs to warn others away from doing business with XLibris Publishing.
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
36, Report #1024716
Mar 06 2013
07:47 PM
Schiel & Denver Publishing Ltd. Self-Publishing Houston, Texas
I contacted Schiel & Denver to publish my second book.  I thought that I'd finally found a publisher that would pay me good royalties and also allow me to keep the rights to my book.  I paid them $1800.00 to publish my book and an additional $655.00 for the bookstore return program.  I submitted my manuscript and payment information as requested and they gave me a log on to the author website and a release date.  As the release date grew closer, I still hadn't seen any proofs or authorized my book cover, so I started to contact them to see if there were any delays with my production.  They finally sent me the proof two days before the book was due to be release.  I saw the cover and I reviewed it carefully, just as I did the manuscript.  I informed them that I was satisfied with the work and gave them to okay to complete the production.  During that time, I notified a local reporter to set up a book review and I also started preparing for my book release party.  The release date came and I started looking for my complimentary copies to come in the mail.  I also submitted a request to purchase 100 more copies of my book for the release party.  The books didn't come a month after the release date of July 23, 2012, and I still hadn't received any response about my book order.  I started sending messages asking where the free copies were and what would be my price for the book order, and no one responded.  Finally after several attempts, I finally received a response for a person identifying themselves as the shipping manager.  He apologized and said that my book was delayed because they had an equipment malfunction that put them on backorder. I finally received my free copies of my book in mid-October.  I overlooked the book as I started to plan the event that I had cancelled and lost big on.  The front of the cover was great but my name was mis-spelled on the side binder.  There were also numerous errors within the text of the book.  I immediately notified them of the error, and I was told that I authorized everything in the proofs.  I informed them that that was not in the proofs and demanded that it gets corrected immediately because I'm a serious writer, but no one that sees that book would take me seriously.  I was then told that the corrections could be made if I pay $800.00 for the text corrections and $800.00 for the cover correction.  I escalated my complaint to management requesting some immediate assistance.  I was then told that they had bent over backwards for me to get my work out.  I informed them that they were not doing me any favors.  I paid for a service, and I wanted the service that they had elegantly written on their web page and in the emails prior to publishing.  I did not get one on one author support.  I did not get a quality product.  I did not get the immediate response that they promised.  As a matter fact, everytime I called the main line and requested to speak to a manager, they were always in a meeting and the call was never returned.  At that point, I was told that if I didn't stop harassing them, they'd void my contract.  My log on to the autor website was deleted, and each time I sent them an email or letter asking about my proofs and the status of my book sales, I never received a response.  Now, my book is posted on several of their websites for sale, but my followers and readers are calling me saying they ordered my book online, but they never received it in the mail.  Some of them have been waiting for three months for their book or their money.  I didn't receive any royalty information in February and I know for a fact, at least 50 copies have been ordered online by family and friends. Do not use Schiel & Denver for you life work because it will end in disappointment.  They'll throw the contract in your face that you have to honor, but they are not honoring anything in it except their payment.  If anyone has a class action suit against Schiel & Denver in the process, I would like to be contacted.  If their are any attorneys willing to file a suit against Schiel & Denver, please let me know.  Just FYI, I have all of the emails stored that I received from Schiel & Denver and the managers since our relationship started. Authors, writers, and novelist, do not trust Schiel & Denver with your work, your book, or your dreams.
Entity: Houston, Texas
37, Report #241301
Apr 07 2007
09:45 PM
1st Book Publishers - AuthorHouse Publishing - Joseph Kercschbaum sent this letter concerrning my book original copyright certificate Ripoff Bloomington Indiana
I was told and is stated in my contract agreement with AuthorHouse that the original copyright certificate will be sent directly to me says sales rep. Rich Vanlue. But another lie given. I received a letter dated 02/20/2004 from Assistant Director of New Product Developement Joseph Kerschbaum stating that he sent me a copy of my book copyright certificate and he will keep original copyright certificate in my work folder for safety reason. If I needed copies to contact him. This itself is breach of agreement. Two weeks ago came online to check authors corner in AuthorHouse website if any books sales which I did far in between. I could not get because error message appeared password invalid. I asked for reset of pw. the secret question was asked I gave it and invalid message. Now frustrated I emailed support asking what was the problem that my answer was corrected. In subject I royalty payment that checks would be issued out on Feb. 28 2007. still no password. This type of indirect and incorrect responses I decided to discontinue my business with AuthorHouse because book salewas n one and I got royalty payment of total of 3 books, since publication of my book 2003. Faith Kula, HawaiiU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
38, Report #370403
Sep 06 2008
12:13 PM
IUniverse Self Publishing Company The company has changed, former reviews do not apply Bloomington Indiana
Reviews of self publishing houses often give iUniverse high ratings. But that was before they were purchased by a holding company. Since then, their services have maddeningly deteriorated. The former reviews do not apply. In early 2009, iUniverse was purchased by a venture capital firm. The new holding company president immediately ordered iUniverse to move its equipment and people from Lincoln, Nebraska to Bloomington, Indiana. Over half of the highly trained staff refused to relocate. The president and CEO of iUniverse resigned. The new staff seem to be young with no experience in publishing. Because of the untrained staff, and because of the delays that resulted from the move, books are not being published in the intended time of 90 days. There is a tremendous backlog. Mine has been delayed six months. Further, staff give you different information, cannot tell you when a problem will be resolved, and they make frequent mistakes. Their store software (where you can purchase the books) crashes frequently and contains many bad links. There does not seem to be any way to resolve problems when a staff person gives you poor service. My book at this point seems to be of professional quality (but oh, the hammering to get it to this point). Will iUniverse have problems with marketing and fulfillment? Almost certainly, as the best predictor of future performance is past. Jean Santa Fe, New MexicoU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
39, Report #935241
Aug 31 2012
08:33 AM
iUniverse Self Publishing PSA: Jill Serinas Unauthorized publication of my book, will not report sales stats of book on my- myumiverse account. Internet
After paying iUniverse's editorial team (AUTHOR HOUSE) they destroyed my book in all it's form. Bad grammar, connected words and spaced apart words throughout. Their process is to (after editing) send you a internal book block. The AUTHOR is to make changes & corrections on both parties behalf. Not enough room. I demanded that they re-edit. Their charge to fix all errors...$500 and some odd dollars. After months of exhaustion I told them to go with production but DO NOT PUBLISH, I simply wanted something for my $1800. My book is now for sale on all major book retailers web site. Unauthorized.   Punitive damage name as an AUTHOR is trashed, and I can never again publish under my name. Jill Serinas refuses to remove my book from sales, unless I physically write and mail them a signed letter stating to do so. To late for that, my book I later learned had been for sale for two months. How do you fight them. I eventually threatened that my ATTORNEY prefers leaving my book live in order to gather inflicting facts against them. My book is still live, but, they;ll not let me see my sales stats or royalties. Unauthorized publication 6/11/2012       
Entity: , Internet
40, Report #608724
May 30 2010
09:29 PM
Fred Cleveland Publishing Assoiciates book publishing, self publishing, African American book publisher Atlanta, Georgia
Fred Cleveland of Publishing Associates, Atlanta, Georgia took my money to publish my children's book that I wrote and illustrated, over $4000, and never published the book. He claimed he needed all the money to pay the printer but months then years have gone by and he never published one book or refunded my money. I called him incessantly. He always had some flimsy excuse and said to expect the book the next week. This went on for months. Like most rip off artist, he is smooth and can really fool you after gaining your trust. He also ripped off the friend of mine who referred me to him. She also thought she could trust him and paid him for a product she never received. Never, ever give any money to this shyster!
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
41, Report #937185
Sep 05 2012
01:42 PM
Legacy Publishing Group Total Transformation Behavior Transformation Program, Self Help Parenting Program Internet
So I finally order the infomercial parenting program, The Total Transformation by Legacy Publishing Group.  I follow the exact instructions, take HOURS completing the detailed questionnaire that is utterly ridiculous and labor intensive.  I call to check when I'm due for my refund as they state so the program is FREE.  I learn I did not answer a question fully.  I'm within my 90 day return period so I fix and fax back.  I call again to check, they say I missed 2 questions.  IMPOSSIBLE.  I completed every nook and cranny of that ridiculous questionnaire.  I ask to have it faxed to me to see what they are on about, the answers are OUR property, we cant share with you----!?!  I WROTE IT!  I'm the author!  No secret to what I wrote, I know it all!  They said they mark it up and wont share their feedback....what feedback would THAT be?  Total BS.  Dont buy it, tell your friends dont even THINK about purchasing it---SCAM!  How can you not share the answers and program that I purchased from your company?  It's total insanity and biggest scam that I'm pist off I fell into.  More sorry that my dad purchased it for me and now HE'S out the money.  I had a long, STRONG conversation with everyone I could speak to there.  I will attempt again just to piss them off but I truly think they deal with these calls ALL DAY LONG everyday.  There can not be ONE person who got a return.  Now to find out how many people actually DO get refunded.  I'm not done with this company.  I hope I'm the sole person that brings them down!  Bring on a class action suit!  Would love to join it!
Entity: , Internet
42, Report #200203
Mar 29 2007
05:57 PM
AuthorHouse ripoff stealing royalties from my novel published online Bloomington Indiana
I paid them to publish my first novel in 2003. It was published with Print On Demand technology, which means the book is formatted on a computer and each book is just printed as needed. I wanted to take the venture just to see how my fiction might sell as it is advertised on What happened was, that within less than twelve months, the book began to take off, selling in over one hundred web sites in several different countries that have branches. I know this because I can see it on the internet. The book is about Jesus Christ and juxtaposes his life with that of Mary Magdalene. It is called April is the Cruellest Month by V.R. Peterson. Whenever anything sells on, the popularity of it causes many web sites to be created. AuthorHouse has never paid me any royalties, except for those I bought myself. This means they are also robbing the IRS by not reporting these sales. They have opened a big new office and offices in many countries within the first year my book came out. They have over twenty thousand authors under their contracts and yet, they say not one has sold more than one hundred copies. However, a company cannot possibly open offices in many countries and buy a big new office building if their products are not selling that well. It takes millions of dollars to expand as rapidly as they have stated they did. V.r. St. Leo, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
43, Report #438961
Mar 29 2009
08:39 PM
AuthorHouse Paid royaltie 3 times during the first 2 years after that no more . Bloomington Indiana
AuthorHouse paid me 3 royalties for the first 2 years. after that no more. It has been five years now. Raymond Rockford, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
44, Report #762005
Aug 07 2011
06:49 AM
Authorhouse Solutions Mr Kevin Weiss Eugene Hopkins Knowingly deceived me Bloomington, Other
Authorhouse pestered me to publish my book with them which I did, after publication serious errors were made by all the house which were eventually amended. Second publication appeared, shortly after its appearance I was contacted by Eugene Hopkins who knowingly led me to believe he was in the legal department. My book was about failures within the legal system in the UK, of professional negligence committed by my legal representatives, who had entered the wrong name on the original document headed Statement of Claim, and further causing my claim to be struck out as the time limitation had expired. I was informed by Eugene Hopkins they were withdrawing my book on legal grounds, and a refund was given. 12 months later discovered despite international Copyright my book was still being sold and the royalties were being pocketed by Author House,  I would suggest it is time for companies such as Authorhouse Solutions be closed immediately, they pretend to be publishers, offer you incentives merely to obtain your work, from which they receive a very nice income I retaining your royalties, better known as theft of publishers rights. Would suggest all those who have been exploited as myself Unite against this company and engage a top firm of International Solicitors/Lawyers to former Kitty to take on legally this company, of which I am prepared to head, anyone needing to contact me please do so.Roger
Entity: Bloomington, Select State/Province
45, Report #697222
Feb 18 2011
05:29 PM
AuthorHouse rip-off, scam, bait-and-switch, books, book, publisher, fraud Bloomington, Indiana
AuthorHouse is a SCAM. They use Bait-and-Switch tactics and downright lies. Stay away from them! My problem could have been worse.  I got out before getting seriously screwed - and will hopefully get my $$ back.  Here's the abbreviated version: So a salesperson by the name of Kathryn calls me after filling out an online form, tells me I can get my 1st photography book published by AuthorHouse for $1700 in a POD arrangement - and they'll throw in another book for free. (the standard arrangement these days, it seems) We discuss the arrangments in detail. # of images, # of pages, etc. No changes in price, no issues. So I sign up. Pay them 1/3 down & get a confirmation. Then a call from Jeff. Soon to be my best buddy in getting my book published. Yay! But wait! Jeff says I only get 50 images set for the package price. Anything over that is $10.00 each. NFW! That almost doubles the price of my book - and no one up till now has made a peep about extra charges. So days go by. I leave at least 6 messages for Jeff, his boss Steve, Kathryn (the initial liar I spoke with) and Kevin's assistant, Vicky. Every time I call, I'm told whomever I'm calling for is at lunch. No response to voicemails. No response to emails. Seems like as soon as I called them on their bait-and-switch tactics I was persona non grata. These people are clearly a complete rip-off and I wish I'd researched them more thoroughly. I recommend filing a complaint with the Indiana Attorney General if you feel they've screwed you. I have.  
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
46, Report #641832
Sep 18 2010
07:12 AM
Xlibris/Authorhouse Not Reporting Royalties Bloomington, Indiana
I have a self-published book listed with Xlibris/Authorhouse, and according to their records my book is not selling.  Pertaining to this, I can accept the fact that my book might-not be selling.  But, what I have a problem with: is that a reader (outside the United States) made contact with me to express how much he had enjoyed reading my book.  For me, a red flag went up because-over the years-others had informed that they had purchased the book, also.  Yet, my royalty statement(s) did not indicate any sales.  Two years of this!  Finally, this year, I made contact with Xlibris to question my online royalty statement and I was told, What is listed online is the true amount of books sold.  With that, I asked about the missing $2.00 royalty that should have been posted as the result of the reader mentioned who had reported that he enjoyed the book.  Next, I was asked, How did he get the book?  I was asked this question because the rep did claim there was no record of the sale.  I did ask myself, If Xlibris is record of sale for that book purchased, how many other sales might there be that I don't know about?  On this same day, I spoke with another rep to request a sales statement.  (I was promised that the report would be sent to me via email.)  I am still waiting, Xlibris...  I-still-have the same email address. Two days later, something strange did happen.  When I checked my online royalty statement, there was that missing sale posted.  This spooked me to believe: all of the bad things I have read about Xlibris/Authorhouse might be true.  Stealing; changing sales reports and ignoring requests-as the request I had made for the sales report. The rep of Xlibris did tell me that they only handle sale-tracking for my book on I did question who is in charge of tracking sales for the many web pages my book is listed.  Xlibris said they would conduct an investigation because they didn't know about this, and it should not be.  (I did insist that they search the web to view what I did.)  My book is listed with the following book pages: E bay; E campus; Indiaplaza; QBD; Glendora Books; Abe; Books-A-Million; Tower; Nbcindia; CDWow; the Nile; Dealtime; Yasni;; Flipkart; Next Tag; Epinions;; Books Express; Unread;; Booksplus; Buecheride;; Libreriauniversitaria; Biblio; Booktopia; Library Thing; Agitateur de Curiosite; Krisistomus; BookFinder 40; CDON,com; Scribbly Gum Books, and Book Army-just to mention a few.  I don't have an issue with my book being listed with these pages, but Xlibris is saying, It isn't so.  If there are no sales, why are used copies of my book posted.?  Is there something I am not understanding?  And according to Biblio, there are 30 new copies in stock.  Also, with Ecampus, my book is up for rent.  And the odd thing with that is: Xlibris is not listed as the publisher.  (Another publisher is listed.)  Xlibris, I am still waiting for that report... In conclusion, my book is listed on the web-threading from Japan; Africa; Italy; France and Ireland.  And Xlibris/Authorhouse is reporting not-one-single-sale!!!! I read a complaint-once-where the CEO of a publishing house had stated, We can't resolve these royalty issues, because the authors won't list their names.  They must be making up stories and that is why they hide.  Here I am, Baby...Darlene Black/Necromancy   It is..what it is!! *My book has several errors, but Xlibris created them.  When I had asked Xlibris to correct the errors, they wanted money to do so.
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
47, Report #1202793
Jan 19 2015
04:55 PM
AuthorHouse AuthorSolutions, iUniverse In violation of RICO laws for racketeering in the USA Bloomington Indiana
This company presented as a wonderful asset for the first half of my experience: hard working minions in the Philipines, most likely being paid nothing and working 14 hours a day.  It then progressed to total rip off: Pressure to sell me books while telling me I would get only a few hardcovers and soft covers.  Telling me I was getting a HUGE discount on additional books.  Then shipping me more books than I have space for (and they're still coming). Misrepresentation, gross fraud: telling me I was chosen because my book was so unique, so wonderful, to be reviewed in the sixth (LAST SLOT AVAILABLE) review of books for Reader's Digest a worldwide publication. I then discovered that Reader's Digest filed for bankruptcy in 2013 and stopped all publication except for North America; also, the only review of books is done by a freelancer and includes only books on the NY Times best seller list, or famous published authors.  This is called FRAUD and, in the United States of America, deliberately representing a service which is NOT actually available, and taking or soliciting money for that service, is called RACKETEERING and is punishable under the Federal RICO law.  
Entity: Internet
49, Report #672744
Dec 17 2010
02:21 PM
AuthorHouse Iuniverse AuthorHouse is a money-laundering scam that was found guilty of fraud in a US Court Bloomington, Indiana
AuthorHouse formerly 1st Books, is a notorious vanity publisher. This company is a bogus scam and was found guilty by a US circuit judge in 2006 of committing fraud. Do not give this company your money, they have appalling distribution, inept management, fraudulent accounting practices, bad customer service and, as the Publishers Weekly article shows below, AuthorHouse is completely corrupt and fraudulent. The US Goverment needs to close down the AuthorHouse SCAM immediately. ***************************************************************Publishers Weekly Article: AuthorHouse Ordered to Pay Up by Claire Kirch, PW Daily 8/8/2006The Kansas district judge presiding over the defamation lawsuit brought by romance writer Rebecca Brandewyne against AuthorHouse ordered Friday that the POD subsidy publisher pay Brandewyne $200, 000 in punitive damages. Brandewynes co-plaintiffs in the suit, her parents, also were awarded punitive damages of $20, 000 each.This past May, a Wichita jury found AuthorHouse guilty of publishing a book, Paperback Poison, in November 2003 by Brandewynes ex-husband that libeled her. The jury awarded Brandewyne $230, 000 in actual damages (PW Daily, May 16).In his 14-page decision, Judge Jeff Goering asserted that AuthorHouse acted towards the plaintiffs with wanton conduct, in publishing Paperback Poison, despite the fact that Gary Brock, the books author, had informed AuthorHouse during contract negotiations that iUniverse had rejected the manuscript on the grounds of possible libelous content. **************************************************************** Unfortunately, I learnt too late that AuthorHouse is toxic, and one of the nastiest scams I've dealt with in my life.My hell with Authorhouse started on 24 May 2010 through a misleading website called, which is a bogus fraud site funnelling unsuspecting authors towards AuthorHouse and their partner scams. My first mistake - I gave them my contact details. I was conned into paying them around $1000 to publish my first book which I was told would be available at Amazon. The result was a shoddy, poorly produced crappy book which no reader would waste their time with. The book is still not available at Amazon or anywhere - I just get excuses. Authorhouse is a scam, and they have stolen my dollars and succeeded in rubbishing of my work, that has left me deflated and completely disillusioned.AuthorHouse should change their name to AuthorScam. These fraudsters have turned fraud into an artform, and it's time for government agencies to start taking a look at AuthorHouse and their partner companies, iUniverse, Trafford and Xlibris.If you're a writer reading this: this is your wake up call. AUTHORHOUSE IS A SCAM. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY.Close Down. Flush them down the toilet, AuthorHouse is truly excrement. 
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
50, Report #431023
Mar 09 2009
06:45 PM
Authorhouse Asked to desist from selling my book and they still are selling it via internet and bookstores London Office And Indiana
I've Instructed Authorhouse in writing on the 10th December, to remove my book title 'Why Can't I Speak' from the marketplace immediately. I also instructed Authorhouse to desist from selling my book via the Internet or making the book available to any other booksellers / agents. Authorhouse advised me that I had total rights on this book as I paid for its creation and production. However, Authorhouse have failed to comply with my request and later sent me an email to say that I have to sign 'Author Cancellation Form' I had also requested written confirmation that Authorhouse have complied with this request. I wrote them the same email on the 10th of December of 2008 and this was not been done. However, I found Authorhouse representative very rude and cutting in London office. Initially, I was told that I only paid for it's creation and that it would be print on demand and if I wanted to make the book available to bookstores that i would have to pay for a separate package. I was on standstill when I read that the book seems to be available abroad and was wondering who is pocketing the money on this. Help? Barbara Dublin 8Ireland Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Publishers Business Services
Entity: London Office And Indiana USA, Nationwide

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