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1, Report #58069
May 22 2003
09:02 PM
Automobile Dealers Educate yourself! Orlando Florida
I was just reading some emails from people that had some rough experiences purchasing a new/preowned vehicle. I worked at a dealership in sales for a year while I was attending college. I kind of know the routine that comes with purchasing a vehicle. I'm sorry your experiences were a nightmare. I am not employed at a dealership so I just have some advice if you care for it. Check out the vehicle you wish to purchase on the Internet or in magazines or whatever that can give you solid information about the vehicle. Like features, price etc. The more informed you are about the vehicle, the better Credit history is crucial. If your score is not 600-800, you are at the mercy of certain financial institutions. At the time I was employed as a salesman, we dealt with 100 banks to get the customer some form of financing. If you have a credit history of slow pay, late payments or no pay, it makes it more difficult for financing. Bank guidelines are constantly changing. They want to get paid also and if you already have spotty credit, the dealership is at their mercy! They don't get paid not selling a car! The interest rates are 12%-25% or even higher! And we know vehicles depreciate as soon as you drive them off the lot! Get a credit report before you go to the dealership so you can verify the information is correct and valid. We all want the $250.00 a month payment, 5.9% for 48-60 months. But let's get real, that's a 10-12K vehicle. In the real world, we look at a 25K-35k vehicle or more. Well that's not $250.00 a month, that's $450-600 a month, maybe for 60-72 months,depending on the interest rates, etc. Those days of a low monthly payment are gone unless you buy a Kia, Suzuki, Daiwoo, Hyundai or a preowned vehicle. I just bought a new 2003 Jeep Liberty Sport, $15K out the door, 5.9% @ 60 months....$292.22 a month. I can't even get a $250.00 payment and I know how it works! As far as the sales people, if they are rude, mean, deceptive or whatever....get up and walk out. No laws requiring you to buy that vehicle. If he/she is a good sales person, 80% of the selling should be outside on the lot, the other 20% is doing the paperwork. It should be a pleasant experience. You are spending XXX dollars, you deserve professional courtesy. If you can sell your vehicle privately, do so instead of trading it in especially if it has over 100k miles or 6-8 years old. Get the cash and use it for the deposit/taxes. Most people don't have the time or they want the new vehicle ASAP instead of selling it themselves. Here's where the headache starts. Everyone's vehicle is worth more then they offer. Go to or to get some ideas on what your vehicle trade is worth. Not value. But if the dealer can get it cheaper, why not? You would do the same selling it outright. How do you think Walmart stays in business? They purchase by the bulk to sell at low prices but in turn, it shuts down all the little stores that can't purchase products at that price. Too much overhead for the little shops. Is that fair? Is anyone complaining about their business tactics? In turn, they have to make a profit to keep the doors open. Do some homework yourself. Be prepared to get up and walk out if the deal goes South. Maybe it's not the right time to purchase a vehicle. Who know's except you. Buyers purchase vehicles with their senses; smell, touch, and sight. They seem to forget about the high price except when the dealing starts. Take your time and be careful. I hope this helps. David Archer, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Florida
2, Report #5134
May 16 2001
12:00 AM
*Consumer infrormation ..LINGO used by Nasty and Deceptive Auto Dealers
Ad car: A very basic car without any options (used to sucker customers into the dealership). Be-backs: The customer who didn't buy during the visit. Bird dog: Referral fee. Birth Control Seats: Bucket seats. BK: The customer has a bankruptcy in their credit history. Blow them out: No deal! Don't waste any more time with that customer. Bomb: An old car with no value. Clip joint: A car dealer who has a reputation for overcharging. Crapped out: Loss of motivation for the buyer and/or seller. Cream puff: A second-hand car in very good condition. Crop duster: A car with a smoking problem. Dead-beat: A customer who has a history of not paying debts. Dime: $100 Fat city: Made a lot of money selling cars that day. Fish: A customer willing to pay full price -- I reeled in a fat fish! Float the front to the back: Car dealer stealing money from their employees. Gasser: A talkative or boastful customer who does not actually have the funds to buy the vehicle. Gouge: Sell the car for much more than it's worth. Grease: The amount of discount needed to close the deal. May include incentives or 'push.' Grease monkey: A mechanic. Grind: Negotiations on the price of the car that end up taking a long time to complete. Gross: Amount of money that the car dealer actually profited. Hammer: Pressure the customer to buy the vehicle Hang (Got them hung): Customer ready to buy and paperwork beginning. Hosed them: Made a lot of money on the deal. Idiot light: A warning light on the instrument panel. Juice: Money Junker: An old car ready for the junkyard. Key and a Heater: A very basic car without any options. Kick-back: An often secret amount of money that is refunded to the car dealer after the sale is made. This may come from the car maker, finance company or insurance companies from the sale of extended warranties. Licking: When someone loses money on a deal. Loaded: A car with all the options or a very wealthy customer. Long green: Paper money. Low-ball: A last minute attempt to make the sale by lowering the price of a car as the customer heads for the door and eventually to competing dealerships. Maypops: Bald tires. Nickel: $500 (The) Numbers: The price of the vehicle. Nut: The price at which the dealer breaks even or makes minimum profit. On the hood: Rebates, incentives or low-priced financing offered by the manufacturer or finance group. This car comes with a 3% push on the hood. One-legged-up: A customer without a spouse. Pack: Money built into the price of the car for dealer profit. Pad: The amount the salesman makes on a sale. Peel off the ceiling: Used to describe the reaction of a customer to the price of a car. Player: A customer with a good credit history. Pooched it: Messed up the deal. Pound: $1000 Push: Cash, rebate or finance rate incentive. Razzmatazz: Double talk Rear-end money: Money kicked-back to the dealer from lending institutions after the sale and financing deal is completed. Repo: To have a car repossessed for nonpayment on loan. Roach: A customer with a poor credit rating. Rocket pencil: the first set of numbers that a salesman will bring out to see if the buyer will take a sucker's deal. Roll them: Instructions to the salesman to close the deal and make the sale. Rubbernecked: Someone looking with no intention to buy. Shark: A ruthless and greedy salesman. Take a Shot Gun to the buyer: Send the buyers credit report to every lender you can find. This will hurt the buyer's credit in a big way. Shoot the buyer in the foot: Dealer will give the buyer real low price that no dealer will do if the buyer is not ready to buy, ..this will bring the buyer back. Slam: Make a great deal of money on a particular sale. Slam-dunk: Car sold and huge profit made. Sled: A worn-out and worthless car; one that is low on power. Slicker: A customer who believes everything claimed, and who is willing to pay full sticker price. Snow job: An attempt to deceive, overwhelm or persuade with flattery and insincere talk. Song and dance: An elaborate effort to explain or justify the high price of a vehicle. Special financing: High interest loans for customers with poor credit. Spiff: An extra bonus the salesman receives if he makes the sale. Sticker shock: Customer's first reaction to the posted price of the vehicle. Stroker: A customer who sounds as though he is ready to buy, but actually has no intention of doing so. Sweep them: If you can't make the deal, send the customers away. Don't waste any more time with them. TD: The customer's loan application was turned down. Teaser: See Ad car and Leader. Tin Lizzie: A dilapidated old car. Twist them: Put pressure on the customer to buy. Up: A new customer just came in. Up-side down: When the car's true value is less than the amount owed on the vehicle. $500 sandwich: Went to lunch and missed a sale. Compiled by Stick Bogart Auto Buyers Advocate
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #491903
Sep 08 2009
05:13 PM
Auto Dealers dealer No comprar en Affordable Motors de Miami miami, Florida
Si compra un auto en Affordable Motors de Miami (1001 NW 42 AVE) le puede causar un verdadero dolor de cabeza. Tuve la mala suerte de comprar un auto del 2008 que habia sido chocado y muy mal arreglado pero no me lo dijeron, le faltaban partes que reclame y nunca me dieron, no me pagaron las reparaciones que tuve que hacer por mi cuenta despues de la compra, me dijeron que el auto no tenia problemas y que me estaban enganando en los talleres a los que fui a repararlo. Como me hicieron firmar papeles antes de llevarmelo ya la reclamacion quedo sin importancia a pesar de haber dado una alta cifra de entrada. No compre en ese dealer proque se va a arrepentir y no va a tener manera de reclamar. If you buy a car at Affordable Motors Miami (1001 NW 42 AVE) can cause a real headache. I had the misfortune to buy a car from 2008 that had been hit and badly managed but did not tell me, claiming missing parts and never gave me, I paid for the repairs that had to do on my own after purchase I was told that the car had no problems and that I was cheating on the workshops you went to repair it. As they made me sign papers and take him before the complaint was minor despite a high figure given input. Do not buy from that dealer Proquad will repent and will have no way of reclaiming.
Entity: miami, Florida
4, Report #838866
Feb 14 2012
08:41 AM
Ray Skillman Auto Dealers spam artists greenwood, Indiana
We went to Skillmans only and filled out a credit app. Before we gott home our phones were flooded with as texts. Upon arrriving home the computer was solid spam. Still going on four days later. Don't go there.
Entity: greenwood, Indiana
5, Report #205094
Aug 08 2006
01:18 PM
Auto Land Dealers ripoff Lake Wales Florida
my car was sold witout my permission or signature. They let my bf trade in the car, he told them he had to go home to get me because the title was in my name. they told him to just sign my name since they saw me at the carlot a few days before. I told them i did not agree on the trade and i did not sign anything. The police said they cant do anything and i cant afford a lawyer. Im a hurricane katrina victim and that car was all i had left. they wont give me my car back and they repossed the other one. Lisa Lake Wales, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Lake Wales, Florida
6, Report #13457
Feb 06 2002
12:00 AM
Don't Get Ripped Off by Unscrupulous Car Dealers
Most new car dealerships are reputable companies. However, there are always a few looking to break it off in your backside. Educate yourself before you ever set foot on their lot. Know what your bottom line is and DO NOT BUDGE from. If they want to sell a car, they will make the deal. Larry Tampa, FL
Entity: Nationwide
7, Report #159155
Oct 01 2005
07:08 PM
Michells Auto ripoff Yuma Arizona
my husband and i went to buy a car at michelles auto we were greeted by the owner we told him that we did not have much money and that we would like to purchase a used car he said yes and asked how much we would like to put down we said 500.00 we saw this red honda and we asked how much for this car and he said 5000.00 so we agreed to the terms we gave im the 500.00 down and we took are car well as 2 weeks went by we started to have car problems we called him and said that the car no longer would run and that we did not have money to fix this so he sayed that he had a mechanic that he uses to fix the cars that he gets so we took this car to him he keep are car for 2months and we had no transportation to go to work we went to the mechanic and he stated that we needed to sign this paper stating taht we would be charged an extra 3000.00 dollars for this car iwe said we would not sign and we would come back we were going to talk to the owner of michelles auto we got there and he was not there just his son we asked to speak to him and he said that his dad was on vacation we thn went back to the mechanic and he said that it was running to take the car and he was sorry that we got caught up in his lies he stated to my husband that when he sold us the car that he did not have a bank insurance that he was dealing illegally and that he gets these cars from phoenix and has him fix them to where they would run for a while and break down so that the person who bought these cars from him that they would not have no choice but to have his mechanic fix them this is where he gets the extraa cash from the people who purchase the cars from him we took the car home and it completly broke down we could not move it we called the owner and asked him to pick up the car but he would not he wanted the money or else he would send us to court for the payment of the car and for fixing it we went to michelles auto to talk to him and he stated that my husband that he sighned the agreement to fix this car at this price we told him that my husband did not sign anything and he showed us the paper and it wasw not my husband signature We told him that he falsafied a document and he said that the man who fixs the cars said that my husband sighned the paper we went to the mechanic and he said that the owner signed the document and told him to lie about this if he tool this to court we went back and talked to the owner and he said that my husband did sighn this and that the mechanic would agree with him we told him what the mechanic said and the owener of michelles auto said that he was wrong what he said so we just went home upset. The next day we called again and asked them to pick it up he would not in the eveing we heard a car pull up and they said they were her to reposes the car for not paying for that month my husband went out and told them thta he called the owner and that told him thaty we voulenteered the car up that it was not doing us no good they said that he the owner did not get no responce from us and that we were not going to give up this carthey took it my husband got a ride from his sister and they went down there and to his suprise he called some friends of his and said that he was concerned that my husband was going to do him harm my husband could not even talk to him i want to know how he knew that my husband was going down there and why he had that much muscle just for him my husband that is any way we were left without a car and he put it on our bad credit denied the document stating that he signed it. we do not have money to be taking him to court or money to hire a lawyer so we just went bankrupt with all of this Lourdes yuma, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Yuma, Arizona
8, Report #2609
Jul 05 2000
12:00 AM
Ed's Auto Sales
I recently bought a used 1991 GMC Tracker from a local car lot in St. Catharines, Ontario. I bought it with a safety and 6,000 km warrenty. I have had it for 2 weeks and had to replace a ball joint which cost me $200, while the mechanic was looking at the truck I asked him if he saw anything that should not have passed a safety....the rears shocks are leaking the transmission is leaking, as well as the differential and oil pan...the horn does not work when the vehicle is running and the drivers seat was broken. I took it back to the dealer and wanted to be reimburst for the ball joint, he refused. All he would do is fix the seat. He said to come back another day and he would fix the horn, if he had time! I was very frustrated I paid $5000, and expected it to be a good truck. I looked around the internet trying to find a copy of a safety, so i could see the details surrounding these leaks, but all I could come up with was an address for the Ministry of Transportation Ontario, I e mailed them but have not recieved any responce? What should I do? If I repair all the problems, can I possibly be reimburst? I feel really stupid for thinking the dealer was honest with me, prior to buying the truck. Please help
Entity: St. Catharines, Ontario
9, Report #28737
Sep 02 2002
11:01 AM
Hartford auto ripoff Miami Florida
A rip off go into your account without permission 159.00 Kim raleigh, North Carolina
Entity: Miami, Florida
10, Report #41495
Jul 19 2012
04:02 PM
Charles Auto ripoff Denver Colorado
CHARLIES AUTO ripoff GAVE $2000 DOWN PAYMENT AND THEY TOOK THE SUV BACK AND GAVE ME NO MONEY BACK fraudulent ripoff business DENVER Colorado .....I bought a 1996 ford explorer nov. 4 from Gabe at Chalries Auto he told me I had financing gave me the car that same night. Dec. 16 the finance company called me told me that everything was good to go and they were going to send me my first bill. Jan. 9Gabe called me from charlies auto telling me that he wanted the car back the next day or else he was going to call the cops and report the car stollen so I returned it. I also put $1000 dollars in new parts in the vehicle. He told me I shit out of luck and hes tired of f***ing with me.Shawn LAKEWOOD, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: DENVER, Colorado
11, Report #7393
Oct 29 2001
12:00 AM
country auto ripoff
boughtavanfromthemhadnothingbut troublewithitsinceagotit12brakejobsonittoldthemsaid itwashtepeopledoningthejobgoodyeardidmostofthemtheyagood buisnessathinktheycheckthevansaidnothingwaswrongwithitbut had3morebrakejobssencegoodyeartoldmethatfromnowonihadto pay forallthebrakejobsbecauseitiscostingthemmoneytokeepdoing them everytwoweeksiamdisatelbedandcantafford300to400dollar severytwoweekstodothesepleasehelpmeidontknowwhattosoany moreitshadpayingforsomethingthatcosrsomuchtokeepworking thankyou
Entity: plymouth, Indiana
12, Report #10010
Dec 26 2001
12:00 AM
Entity: OXNARD, California
13, Report #882155
May 13 2012
03:49 PM
 SCAM!!! They will steal your money and sell you a fake warranty, and still smile in your face! The state really needs to step in and put a stop to these fake dealerships who lie, steal, and rob good people. The office will not contact you back to address your concerns, they will give you the run-a-round. Find a nice A lot dealership to purchase a vehicle! 
Entity: DETROIT, Michigan
14, Report #1238907
Jun 30 2015
10:41 AM
Sunset auto exchange Nationwide
Very disappointed at this place if my wife and was a couple days late on our payments and we called and confirmed when we we're making payments they agree and still repo our cars .they do not work with you at all on late payments. they get your down payment and if your gonna be a couple of days late they Will repo your car. so keep shopping around because this is not the right dealership for anyone. they want to get your money and repo so they can resale it. I was two days late on my payment they repo my car. there are much better places than this good luck.
Entity: Nationwide
15, Report #1227154
May 06 2015
06:04 AM
Auto Connection Lemon Anyone???? Richmond Virginia
 If you're looking for a lemon, Auto Connection is the right place. As soon as you drive the car off the lot, you're sure to accrue your first high repair bill of many so be prepared!! Auto Connection , from my experience, specializes in selling nice looking cars with used junk parts to high credit risk individuals. I purchased my vehicle over a year ago and due to my credit, I felt Auto Connection was a last resort. After signing my life and rights away to their In house finance company, I drove off the lot with my new SUV. My SUV began having problems within days of purchase that range from faulty lifters, to battery replacements on top of missing pieces under the hood. Oil leakage, cracked muffler, and cracked windshield fluid hose to name a few. And the warranty that the company gives you more or less only covers the transmission. So after the company reels you in with the $1 down Mack Mack commercial, you'll be walking away not only paying a high down payment but within a week you have to come up with another $700.00 for tax,title,tags and then on top of that a high repair bill. I'm not sure how Auto Connection has been scamming individuals for years. But the money you pay just to drive a lemon is not worth it. How they're able to get away with putting faulty used parts in vehicles are beyond me, but this company really should be investigated.
16, Report #1297699
Apr 04 2016
12:21 PM
 Do not purchase at WOW AUTO DEALS! They are the worst and most unprofessional people ever!!! I purchased a vehicle with $6500 down owing $2800 and it was reposed not even 4 weeks later. I was later advised I had to pay off the remaining balance of $2800 in 10 days or I would loose my vehicle and the down payment. Of course I paid te $2800 + repo fee + title tag fees I returned 2 weeks later (appropriate timing) to pick up my title to where I was advised it will be mailed it has been almost 1 week and I called wow dealer to get status and they advised I will be revcieving it to an address I CLEARLY ADVISED I do not reside in. This place provides false advertising online that was another issue. I will pursue this matter and file this with Tallahassee state
Entity: National
17, Report #1318930
Jul 26 2016
07:16 AM
Easy auto Liars Dalton Georgia
 I purchased a car from easy auto in 2014. Interest rate was 27 percent. The payments were 115.00 a week. I have never been late. Lost my job, sent the car back, They said I still owe 7000.00 , and the car was 14000.00. They say that the car sold for 1400.00. I was in bankruptcy when I purchased the car. I need some information about this.
Entity: Nationwide
18, Report #1304771
May 10 2016
01:14 PM
Smart auto Knoxville Tennessee
 I was going to buy an 06 GMC envoy, later found out that it was an 05, had been getting the insurance for an 06, the contract was never read just told it was a standard contract, the vehicle was to be an 06, after about 24 hours the linkage to the transmission broke I had to rig it up to get it back to the dealer and get it fixed at that time I tried to give it back because of this vehicle would shut down after about 35 miles drive time, after they said that I couldn't return the vehicle and I had to pay for it in full to get out of contract about 3 days later they shut my vehicle down and said that I had to make an unscheduled payment, since I had no choice I made a $205 payment and then a week later they wanted me to pay again, this ended until I had to go to work in another state and it started up as a every week ordeal again, now the vehicle sits in a yard, shut down, I changed the oil and filter, it was only after they shut the vehicle down while I was operating it going down the road in a construction zone this last time, I have not made any more payments, nor did I see any increase on my credit report, I did get it checked out by a mechanic after I had it for 3 weeks and he scanned it came up with several codes and errors, from driver door not communication to computer to multiple misfires. And they said they check them out to be good condition and reliable. I started having even more issues with them after I had paid it down from $22,500 to 10,200 on loan they'd put my money on wrong account and then say I never paid them until I go up there with print out of payments, I finally got my dad to pay by credit card for me and they told him that they would delete his card information after every transaction but they never did, I had to do my payment's like that so I'd have proof for every time paid, especially when I'm out of state. I had told them that my job puts me out of state most of the time, they had no issue with it, until I got fed up with the multiple times they shut vehicle down, and only turn back on after I made extra payment, or they'd try to call me and if I didn't pick up shut it down, but I work in restricted location's and GPS don't always work there, I'm not allowed a phone on site and I had told them this many times. Now I'm out of work because I am stranded in another state. So anyone who reads this go anywhere else to buy an over priced vehicle they will due anything they can and rip you off, they lie and will shut you down if you don't pay them as often as they want you too, I made $1500 + a week my payment's were only going to be $205 every two weeks, they will rob you blind, get you fired to get extra money from you, plus their contract says that they will fix engine and transmission but on another page of contract they are not required to fix anything you are.
Entity: Knoxville, Tennessee
19, Report #1372795
May 11 2017
11:48 PM
AUTO NETWORK Lied , Pensacola Florida
 When I bought my car from the owner I paid cash. I have a bill of sale and all supporting documentation that I owed ZERO. One month later my car was. Repo'd. I went to the office and was told that the owner was out of town so I spoke to his wife who knew nothing about the money I gave. Her husband and proceeded to tell me that now I also owed a repo fee. The owner has no idea what the heck is going on while he is out of town but it's terrible and trust me I'm not the only one that has went through hell because of this problem. And one employee by the name ALI. is the worse case of professional customer service that I have ever seen. He's rude and he talks to you like you are some dog begging for a bone. The mechanics and paint shops have had to close the doors because every employee has walked out after working for two weeks straight no days off and not getting a paycheck. I also know of a mobile mechanic who they called to fix a few vehicles and when he gave them the invoice for the repair work he had done they refused to pay it saying it was to much. These guys are NOT good people and until WE all band together and have them shut down, they will continue mistreating abusing stealing and using their money and license to commit fraud and embezzlement and continue to get away with it.
20, Report #544054
Dec 22 2009
11:17 PM
Blackwell-Baldwin Auto Dealers Blackwell-Baldwin Chevrolet scammed me out of $600 by not upholding deal on an auto purchase; Poplar Bluff, Missouri
I purchased a used pickup from Blackwell-Baldwin, in Poplar Bluff, Missouri, for $19,200.  Since they are supposed to be governed by the major auto manufacturers I thought I would not get scammed.  Therefore, I purchased the vehicle only seeing it in pictures and discussing it on the phone and through email.  After the vehicle was delivered I discovered it had not been serviced, detailed, and did not have a thorough motor vehicle inspection.  I had to spend $600 servicing, detailing and repairing items that are standard repairs during inspection.  The salesman, sales manager, and owner/general manager would not do anything about this situation.  It took me over two months to get anyone to call me back after sending a letter with receipts and explanation and making four phone calls.  A continued result of poor customer service.  I just hope no one else gets scammed.  Beware.
Entity: Poplar Bluff, Missouri
21, Report #1215049
Mar 11 2015
03:24 PM
Family Auto Mart Complete disgrace to legitimate auto dealers Melbourne Florida
To begin with, this lot had a vehicle cross posted on a few different sites.  I was interested in the vehicle so I called them to inquire. I was told that vehicle was available, the ridiculously low advertised price was accurate, and I could come view the vehicle at my earliest convenience. So, I drove down to the lot, the vehicle was exactly what I was looking for, and I went in the office to start the paperwork. This is when the nightmare and Web of lies began.  First of all, I was told by the manager that it wasn't actually for sale, it was a catch vehicle designed to draw people to the lot. I was adamant that I wanted the vehicle, his story then changed to state that it actually couldn't be sold because it had a pending insurance claim. The sales manager stated that he would check into it and gave me his word he would straighten the issue out so that I could purchase the vehicle. The next day, I went back and happened to catch the owner, he stated that the insurance claim was cleared and instructed them to sell me the vehicle. It had a dead battery and it was late in the day so I went back the next day with a battery, locale and behold, someone had backed another vehicle into the one that I was trying to buy. I was still willing to purchase the vehicle with the agreement that they left the aftermarket stereo in it. Long story short, they couldn't do the paperwork that day, gave me the run around for another week.  Finally went in with cash to do the paperwork, and the vehicle was in the detail area with the entire interior pulled out of it after I was guaranteed that they were not going to touch it.   When I inquired why, I was told to take my business elsewhere.  I'm really not sure how I ended up being the bad guy in this situation, and I guess I should have cut my losses when the lies and the sideways nonsense started. They advertise themselves as a faith based family business. But, in reality, they are just another shady used car place, looking to scam a buck or two from hard working people. Be very wary, of dealing with any of the crooks at this lot, it's worth the time to avoid the headache at all costs and shop elsewhere. 
Entity: Melbourne , Florida
22, Report #511025
Oct 17 2009
08:52 PM
Downsview Auto Downsview Auto Stole My Deposit Toronto, Ontario
I agreed to purchase a 2005 Mazda 3 Sport from Downsview Auto Ltd. at 1230 Sheppard Ave. West, Downsview, Ontario along with an extended warranty package.I left a $500 deposit for the car on my MasterCard and was told that there would be a wait period of 3-4 business days before I could pick up the vehicle because it needed to have a safety and emissions test done in addition to some minor cosmetic work. I had made a list of cosmetic imperfections while looking at the car and went over them with Eran (my salesman) and he assured me that everything would be taken care of and the car would appear to be brand new when I received it.Two of the specific issues I mentioned to Eran were a chip in the window tinting on the rear windshield that was roughly two inches in diameter and rust on the front windshield wiper arms. Eran said the tint would be fixed without issue and that the wiper arms would be replaced with new ones. He instructed me to call Derek, the service manager, on Monday and give him my list of fixes. I called Derek on Monday morning and went over the numerous chips and scratches in the paint and mentioned a couple rusted spots on the frame but when I told him about the tinting and wiper issues, Derek told me what Eran had said was false and that they didnt do anything related to tinting aside from removing it completely. He also said the rust on the wiper blade was a recall issue from Mazda so the arms wouldnt be replaced but he would paint over the rust.Unhappy that I had been lied to, I attempted to call Eran later that day only to find out he wasnt at the dealership. I spoke to Eddie, another salesman, who confirmed everything Derek had told me and said he had no idea why Eran told me the tinting and wiper issues would be fixed. I then asked if the price of the car would be lowered if the tinting was removed since its something that is typically an extra cost. Eddie said that the tinting was a bonus and that removing it would not affect the price. I hung up the phone feeling betrayed and disappointed.Later on that night I searched the Internet for any complaints anyone may have had about Downsview Auto Ltd. and sure enough I found some. The comments reflected a general lack of trust in Downsview Auto Ltd. and their practices, one of which was written by someone who had been sold a car from Quebec without being told it was from there. I immediately wondered if the same could have happened to me, so I looked through the CarProof report Eran had given me and it said my car was indeed from Quebec. He had shown me the CarProof report in his office but didnt take the time to go over it in detail; he just zoomed to the end where it was written that the car was free of any accidents and since that was the most important information to me at the time (because I didnt know any better), I accepted what he showed me as fact.I had also read multiple comments about the extended warranty that Downsview Auto Ltd. offered (through partner company A-Protect Warranty Corporation) being a complete scam. I had originally agreed to purchase the extended warranty because Eran had told me it would completely cover any engine and transmission problems with the car for 36 months for one payment of $499. He told me that Id have until I received the car to change my mind about the warranty and could refuse to purchase it if I chose to. I decided to call A-Protect to question them about what exactly the warranty covered and to see if there were any additional fees that Eran didnt mention. The woman I spoke to told me there was an additional $50 activation fee (which Eran later said was $25) plus a $100 deductible and that the warranty only covered up to $1000 in repairs, effectively making the cost of the warranty between $624 and $649. I realize the warranty isnt directly related to the car itself, but this is simply another example of the way business is done at Downsview Auto Ltd. and it did nothing to increase my trust in them or their automobiles.Annoyed by the information about the warranty and alarmed by the information about the car being from Quebec, I asked my step mom (who works for an insurance company) if she knew anything about cars from Quebec. She told me she would ask around at her office and get back to me. The following morning I received a call from her while she was at work and spoke to another woman in her office who told me that CarProof reports cant be trusted when it comes to cars from Quebec because they have different laws from Ontario when it comes to reporting accidents. She then proceeded to tell me about a car she had purchased that came from Quebec. The dealership had told her it was free of any accidents and the CarProof report backed up this claim but she began experiencing a number of problems with the car shortly after purchasing it. When she took it to a mechanic, he told her the car had in fact been in a collision and that a large amount of repairs had been done to it in the past. To this day the car has cost her thousands of dollars in additional repairs. This really wasnt a story I wanted to hear and immediately attempted to contact Eran. He was once again unavailable so I told Derek to put whatever work was being done to the car on hold until I could speak to Eran.Eran called me back later in the day and the poorest and rudest excuse for customer service ensued. He denied having any knowledge about cars from Quebec being treated any different from cars from Ontario and proceeded to interrupt me and cut me off every time I attempted to speak. I actually had to tell him to stop talking at one point so I could finish a sentence. His demeanor and unprofessionalism were just additional red flags in the process of dealing with Downsview Auto Ltd. However, he did end up telling me a special exception was being made for me and that they would replace the wiper arms and fix the tinting, he just hadnt told Derek about it. But after hearing Derek and Eddie flat out deny them ever having any involvement with either type of repair, I was hesitant to believe Eran.After having my fill of dealing with the staff at Downsview Auto Ltd. for the day, I decided to cool down and think things over for the rest of the night then call them again the next day. From the start Eran had told me I was free to have the car inspected at a Mazda dealership after Downsviews safety test, so I called Oakville Mazda to see what their Certified Pre-Owned Inspection consisted of. The service manager there told me that they would check everything on the car, inside and out, and would be able to tell if it had ever been in any sort of accident or if any shoddy repair work had ever been done to it. For the first time since Saturday I felt reassured that everything would work out well.I called Eran to ensure that if the Mazda dealership revealed that the car had been in an accident, that I would be entitled to a full refund (since I was purchasing the car under the assumption that it had never been in any sort of accident) and Eran explained that Downsviews policy on the matter was that the car would have had to have been on the brink of being a write off or in an accident where major structural damage was done to the car. Fender benders and less-serious collisions of that nature would not result in a refund and I would be stuck with the car despite being told at the time of purchase that its record was clean.Now of course its only speculation at this time whether or not the car has been in any sort of undisclosed accident, but I feel that having to pay the full price of the car in order to find out is simply too much of a risk to take and the fact that Eran and Downsview Auto Ltd. would stand behind such a obscene policy makes me question their business as a whole. Places like Downsview Auto Ltd. are the reason used car dealerships generally have a bad reputation. I basically spent $500 to check out the car for 15 minutes.Don't buy a car from them, don't even browse their lot.
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
23, Report #934868
Aug 30 2012
01:08 PM
Best Auto Trader Best Auto SCAMMERS!! Internet
I wouldn't refer this dealer to my worst enemy!!! I traded in a 2003 Chevy Tahoe that was in perfect condition other than a few minor needed repairs that the dealer had us pay for out of our pocket before accepting out trade in. We purchased a 2002 Suburban with 15,000 less miles, seats 3 additional people than my Tahoe and appeared to be in great shape. The day after we brought it home the A/C started blowing hot air. Mary, the owner, had me bring the vehicle to her brother to fix after he worked on it the A/C blew cold but now has a strange noise when A/C is no on and gas is pressed. A few days after the A/C is blowing hot again and dealer refuses to help fix the $1700 in needed repairs to the A/C (we took to another mechanic) and says we purchased as is but they failed to disclose the problem with the A/C. I too thought it was great that they are a small family owned and run business and thought I could trust them but came to find that they are dishonest and heartless!! I have a 20 month old baby with a genetic disorder that prevents him from forming his outer layer of skin and therefore he cannot control/regulate his body temperature so it is imperative that I have a working A/C system in my vehicle and they could care less. Mary says it is our problem because A/C worked when we test drove it...truth is they knew the AC system needed repairs and did what they needed to do to have it blowing cold just long enough to sell and now they have washed their hands of us. Who would want to do business with these kind of heartless people???
Entity: , Internet
24, Report #309981
Feb 18 2008
10:10 PM
Auto Max Scamming into the auto industry Portland Oregon
I saw an ad on Craigslist advertising for Ron Tonkin Chevrolet dealerships hiring for sales reps. It said that they would be training by John Priest, the #1 sales trainer in the United States. He said a lot ofother good things, how youwould make a lot of money, etc and get to work with people. I decided to go to theopen interview sessions. I submitted my application first and got an email from a lady with the subject line Ron Tonkin Auto Group, yet her email was from automax recruiting. She inquired of the time I could come in for the interview. I emailed her back and she gave me the time today to come in. I went in and filled out the application. I was greeted by John Priest who looked more Asian to me, not to classify but by reading other complaints on here I think that maybe these guys don't go by their real name perhaps. So, he comes by and says he is with someone else and will be right with me. I didn't want to look behind me but for about 5 or more minutes this dude was just hanging out by the receptionist desk chatting with the receptionist. I was wondering why he didn't have anything else to do and what was going on. I interviewed with another person and myself. This guy came across the interview with the whole attitude of we don't want jerky salesguys, yet he was being manipulative in the reverse way of what is expected if that makes sense. He asked me if I was in this for the money, or how important is money to me after I had made a comment. I told him it wasn't, to which he replied, ok, I just like to see what motivation people have. well, according to his previous schpeal, you would think that he would like honest people who aren't in it for the money. So he asks of different questions, like what one thing do you really want right now? Another person replied happiness to which I could tell John didn't like because I think he himself is searching for something that money--that comes from corruption--cannot buy. So, he gives us paper and tells us to write a paragraph about why we would be the best candidate for this job. And he takes our papers and states that he is going to be right back in about five minutes and see how we scored on the test we didn't even know we were taking. So, we write, and I go into some heartfelt thing about character, perseverance, etc. And he comes back in and reads mine, I look at his face and he appears to be bothered by this--some sort of conviction crosses his face as he tells me that he will contact me by tomorrow at the end of the day since as you know there are a lot of applicants, so we are done now. He avoided eye contact and shook my hand. odd. I then get up to hear and awkward silence as I feel the other person got hired to come back to the training. Mayb john was reading the paragraph or maybe he was going to tell this person that they were going to come back wednesday for the three day training. I know they tell people right on the spot as I heard him say to another person while writing my app, Good job, we'll see you Wednesday. I was weirded outby the whole test but not test thing so I googled to find all of these reports on how it was a scam, etc..explaining all the process and resonating with the part that I went through. I share this to share with you what I saw in the beginining stage to tell you I experienced the first part too. I think the dude saw I was honest and would eventuallly read into him so he didn't invite me back. Portland Portland, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Portland, Oregon
25, Report #306924
Feb 07 2008
06:57 AM
Koehne Auto Auto Financing Scam Oconto Wisconsin
Do not patronize this company unless you want to get ripped off on both prices and financing. They claim that their used vehicles are inspected and safe and charge double blue-book prices. I purchased a vehicle and it has been nothing but trouble since the day I drove it home. The dealer refuses to pay for the necessary repairs. On top of that, they charge 25% interest on their in-house financing program. Instead of helping people rebuild their credit, they are just taking advantage of their situation by selling junk cars at high prices at extremely high interest rates. B Green Bay, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Oconto, Wisconsin

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