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1, Report #1387918
Jul 24 2017
08:18 PM
Avalon Sarees FRAUD seremban
I had ordered my product and it has been 45 days. When I did not receive any emails from them, I contacted them on facebook, and their whatsapp, they stated product in in shipment clearing customs. When I asked to to give me details of shipping like tracking info and company they shipped it, they STOPPED replying to my messages. I waited for them several weeks. Since I paid for the pdoduct though paypal, I made a dispute/claim that I did not receive the item. Paypal gave the seller 10 days to respond then they finally provided a tracking information. I was happy that finally I was going to receive the saree. When the package finally arrived, I saw that it was the WRONG product. It was something cheap, Not same design or style or color at all. They are a fraud. Paypal wants me to ship the product back but it cost me in US dollar $45.99 to ship it back to Malaysia. I paid for the product I bought $87.50. Avalon is a SCAM AND FRAUD. Do not buy anything from them. I am going crazy going back and forth. Now I am losing money by spending more to ship the product back. DO NOT BUY. AVALON FRAUD/SCAM. 
2, Report #1010506
Feb 07 2013
02:13 PM
Avalon sarees http://www.avalonsarees.com/ Avalon Saree is a scam Internet
Please do not order online from Avalo Saree. After waiting for 1 and half month I did not receive my order. Whenever I request for a ship date they keep giving me excuses that it is production, waiting for tracking number from the shipper. They keep pushing out the ship date.
Entity: , Internet
3, Report #1268159
Nov 16 2015
09:16 AM
Avalon sarees Discrepancy in product sold & received Malaysia Malaysia
 I ordered a lehenga online. The colour scheme was black and coral, colours which I liked. When I received the product , to my amazement, the color scheme was dark blue and very light pink. There are stains everywhere on the skirt. I was not happy as it was clearly overpriced for the quality and not matching my order. As the Company has a refund policy, I contacted them for a refund in accordance with their T&Cs. It's been 2 weeks now but they have not bothered to reply to any of my emails. I tried to reach out on their page on Facebook but still no reply. I cannot accept such a thing to happen. It's like I've been conned. I need my money back please!
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1303980
May 06 2016
06:28 AM
Avalon Sarees Avalon Fashion AVALON THIEF HOUSE, NOT FASHION HOUSE Malaysia Internet
 Okay, here's the story. It's long but please read it as I would not like anyone else going through what I am with this seller. I am getting married soon and bought my wedding dress for $215 off this seller. Initially the seller was very helpful and responding very quickly. Then stopped responding as soon as I made the payment via Paypal. I sent various emails to the seller to refund my money. No reply. Then they sent me an email saying my parcel is clearing customs in Australia. I then filed a dispute at Paypal. When paypal got involved, then I got a tracking number that a booking was made on the 6th april (2 months later) . My mum was seriously sick as my wedding dress was not even there and my wedding is coming up soon. She ended up buying another outfit for me (triple the amount I had already paid for this item) Paypal took their time but ended up telling me to reject the package for them to refund me. DHL contacted me saying that i had a parcel from india ( note than I bought the item initially from Malaysia) I informed them that they would need to resend the package back. I called DHL today as the shipment was still on hold. They informed me that the parcel was now being delivered to another person now and would not be returned to the seller. Such a blow! There you go. I might never receive my money now. So folks, buy from other sites. Dont bother buying from this site.
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1304633
May 09 2016
06:37 PM
Avalon sarees malaysia Disgusting customer service and product Malaysia
 First of all it took them 40 days to deliver not 10 days. I kept sending them mails after mails, they didn't seem to care. When i finally received the lehenga which i pais Aud 360, this was 50% off, what i received was total garbage quality lehenga. Its so cheap quality and thin. I haven't seen anyone wear this type of lehenga seriously. Spent $70 to send it back to Malaysia. They haven't replied to any of my messsages at all. Reported them to paypal, now i wonder when i will receive that money back. They shouldnt rip prople iff like this, they made me lose faith in online shopping. This is not a kind of experience anyone should get when they are shopping for their own wedding. Don't fall for the beautiful professional pics on their site. You are better off buying at a ahop where you can check the quality. This experience disturbed my wedding planning and most importantly the budget. This created such an ugly atmosphere at home when families found out. They are just after money they dont care they are not even trying to make the situation better. I wish i could file a police case on them.
6, Report #1268440
Nov 17 2015
06:42 AM
Avalon Sarees Avalon, Sumitha Mohandas Incorrect cothing item delivered; Bad Service; No repsonse to emails; Waiting for a refund Johor, Malaysia Internet
I purchased a saree from Avalon Sarees, and have since been waiting for a refund as the incorrect saree was delivered to me. Firstly you’re not allowed to buy anything on their website in South African Rands (even though they give you the option to change the currency to ZAR). You are forced to pay for in USD or any other currency, which works out way more than what you would have paid in Rands. The ‘manager’ Sumitha Mohandas has the worst customer service skills on earth and does not respond to your emails no matter how desperate you are to receive an update on your order or even a tracking number. And best of all, once the item you’ve purchased finally arrives (much later than promised), it’s the incorrect one – completely different from what is advertised on their website.  And to top that off, they make it seem like it is your fault that you received the incorrect item, and make you beg for your money back not to mention once again ignoring all your emails/attempts to get in contact with them. I am still waiting for a response from Sumitha regarding a refund. I spent a lot of money of the saree I choose from their website and I am not someone who is wealthy. I am struggling to get my money back or even a response from Avalon Sarees. If someone can assist in at least getting in contact with these people I would apprecaite it. I am so desperate right now. I have even tried contacting them via their FaceBook page and whatsapp but still nobody responds.   I am worried that they have taken my money and are not going to refund me :-(
Entity: Internet
7, Report #1222497
Apr 14 2015
08:29 PM
AVALON Sarees, avalonsarees.com Bad quality, over priced and bad service. Damaged product sent, not getting any responses back re: return. Malaysia and internet Internet
Bought an item for over $240 AUD. Product was located after purchase in another website for $124 AUD including delivery, over charged for the tiem.  After chasing up few times item received but not the same as displayed picture in the website. Also, sitiching was not done according to size provided and to top it off there was a big whole in the clothing item.  Tried contacting them numerous times but no response at all.  Don't buy from this website they are over priced and have very poor quality customer service. Buy from other indian websites. 
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1095322
Oct 29 2013
03:39 AM
 I purchased a saree from Avalon Sarees in malaysia. Sumitha assisted me. It took a month to receive the goods. When I received it it was not the correct product.
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9, Report #1402801
Sep 27 2017
06:48 PM
Avalon Sarees AKA Avalon GhagraCholi AKA Avalon salwarsuits I ordered lengha from Avalon sarees. Waited for more 3 weeks and I didn't receive the lengha. When asked them through watsapp, the lady said it's clearing customs. For 3 weeks she kept saying the same thing. Finally i told her I don't want the lengha anymore and asked for a refund. She started avoiding my msges and calls. They didn't reply to my emails and now they blocked me Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
 I got to know avalon sarees through fb. they looked like a big boutique in fb so I thought they can be trusted. I bought a lengha from them. they told me I will get it in 1 week to 10 days. waited for more than 3 weeks and I didn't receive the lengha. when i asked the lady through watsapp, she said customs clearing. For more than 3 weeks she kept saying the same thing. finally I told her to refund back my money and I don't want the lengha. she started ignoring my msges and calls. I tried calling and msging everyday but she ignored my msges and refuse to answer my calls. there was no replies to my emails either. i realized they blocked me from fb and messenger from msging them. I suspected and googled about them. to my shock, many others went through what I am going through with them. they cheated alot of people
Entity: Kuala Lumpur , Nationwide
10, Report #669801
Dec 09 2010
11:32 AM
Ustav Sarees Ustav Sarees - Online Scammers and Thieves, Most Unprofessional Business Under the Sun Jaipur, Rajasthan, Nationwide
I ordered two products from Ustav.com in the middle of October. I chose to order their products because their website boldly and repeatedly advertised We Ship Orders within 15 days!! Also, they displayed the most attractive, stylish and well tailored garments on their site - offered them for unreasonably low prices and offered to custom tailor the products for a nominal fee. Buyers were asked to fill lengthy forms on size, style preferences. Then I waited. And waited. And waited for my package to arrive. 15 days went by, a month, two months. I began to email customer service to get a status on my order. I was sent generic responses stating your order will be shipped within 5-6 business days. And that was it. They never once contacted me saying Your order has been delayed, your new arrival date will be XX. They never took responsibility for their false advertising, never once apologized to me for the delay. The only thing they actually did in a very timely manner was to charge my credit card. Most online vendors do not charge you UNTIL AFTER your product has left their hands and is enroute to you. No, Ustav stole my money, did not deliver the product I paid for and then as insult to injury...they had to nerve to ask me shall we cancel the order? This is the most unprofessional business I have every dealt with and I can assure you I will never, ever patron them again - nor will my friends, family members or anyone else I have any type of influence over. So I began to think about this. If Ustav is a legitimate vendor and they are treating their customers this way, how are they making any revenue? If they are pissing off so many people worldwide and their orders are being canceled - how are they feeding their children? Then it hit me - this is not a legitimate business at all. It's a complete and total online scam! There is some guy sitting in an office, at a desk running this website. He posts awesome pictures of the most stylish products, offers low prices, fast shipping and all these awesome perks. Then he gets your credit card number, takes your money and hopes you will either forget about your purchase, pathetically give up or wait for your package until you die. Think about it - his target market is Indian woman. They are by nature passive, accepting, patient and forgiving. How many of them do you think will actually stand up for their rights and fight with this company to get their money back OR better yet...get the product that was promised to them? 3%, 5% tops. That's a HUGE profit for Ustav with little to know work. Take my word, don't waste your time, money and energy on this unethical, unprofessional, undeserving vendor. And if it comes to be revealed that they are, infact, scammers - I won't be the least bit surprised.
Entity: Jaipur, Rajasthan, Nationwide
11, Report #723381
Apr 28 2011
06:45 PM
UTSAV Sarees bait & switch supply of poorly constructed, ill fitting garments in material not as advertised , Internet
Four items of clothing were selected from the online store, the process through to payment was not fully completed but following supply of banking details nevertheless payment went through.  I accepted this at the time as an error on my part and awaited supply of items. The date of withdrawl from account was 30/9/2010. Some problems were experienced with the choice of garments not being available in a full range of sizes and there was a considerable delay before items arrived 17/12/10 by Amex Courier at the wrong address.  Also, the address on the parcel of the sender does not match the address on the internet or email correspondence. It appears to be from a company Ramprgit Bhacat, and the address as 58/u Gali No 29 T.K. Bad Extn No 110019.  The invoice that accompanied the clothing stated the cost as $40 although payment was $128.74.  The clothing did not fit, the chest measurement was 32 and the size ordered was 38.   Following correspondence the clothing was returned and for one of the items a change in style was selected. The cost of postage from Australia to India was $30.75 which Utsav had agreed to further credit me. There was another lengthy wait and considerable correspondence again before the second parcel arrived by Amex Courier, again at the wrong address on 15/3/2011. I emailed UTSAV on the 16th questioning when the garments would arrive and received a response that the goods had already been delivered.  That evening I received a call from the address to which it had been delivered that they had a parcel for me, which I picked up the following morning.  This time although the garments did fit they were not in the advertised material, silk, but a synthetic fibre which was tested following being hand washed and which then burnt when being ironed on the setting usually used for silk. Utsav have a policy of return and refund advertised on site which I thought granted me cover and I requested a refund this time.  A number of email requests for this have been completely ignored and there has been no reply to my request. I strongly advise not dealing with this company on any level. A list of names of apparent employees that have signed correspondence are:  Sanjana, Rituparna, Nabanita, Sangeeta, Sugata, Yashika, Ruth, Shalini, Shakti, Shreelata, Sohan, Rawat    
Entity: Internet, Internet
12, Report #972831
Nov 23 2012
01:00 PM
Avalon Communities Avalon Avalon Communities, Deceptive Practices / Scam Bellevue, Washington
Avalon Bay Communities with held my deposit and added additional, undocumented fees after my move out.  Since I am OCD and terribly clean, I could not imagine any additional fees and expected my complete deposit I was wrong! Prior to moving out, I met all of the requirements, including paying an Avalon employee to repaint the entire apartment.  The inspection report completed by Avalon stated that the apartment was clean and ready for move out.  The maintenance staff stated that the apartment was in terrific condition and there would be no deductions. Two weeks later I received a statement including Repaint all walls, replacement of all carpet and cleaning of apartment. I provided photographs to Avalon, which they dismissed. Since then, I have filed a complaint with the Attorney General. I do not recommend Avalon Bay Communities and urge you to look elsewhere. Avalon Communities continues to exploit individuals and holds persons hostage
Entity: Bellevue, Washington
13, Report #379005
Oct 07 2008
11:11 AM
Avalon Oaks Apartments Avalon Apartments Columbus Ohio
I have lived in Avalon for over three years. When it was sold to the current property owner, EVERYTHING went down hill. Just as an example, the grass has been mowed maybe 4 times all summer. There has been no landscaping at all done to the property...Oh! There was the mulch they put down around the office in September! In mid July I called the office because there was antifreeze dripping from one of the sprinklers in the ceiling of my apartment. Now I am well aware that the antifreeze is used to keep those pipes from bursting, but it shouldn't be leaking. A few weeks after the initial call, I called again about it and was told that they had lots of new people moving in so the couldn't get to me for awhile. I have a hazardous chemical leaking into the apartment and that's no big deal!! It is now October and it is still leaking. I've called and called and called!! The only things they've actually done is sent someone down to look at it three weeks ago who left a note saying that they would order parts and come back to fix it! We all know it doesn't take that long to order parts!!! They have let the property value decline so badly that I feel like I have no choice but to move. Avalon is an absolute joke! Bethgirl Columbus, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus, Ohio
14, Report #1072999
Aug 04 2013
07:28 PM
Cataline Lodge Avalon, CA Total misrepresentation, stolen personal property, fraudulent charges. Avalon California
 I have been staying on the island every season for 20 years.  I have never written a hotel review in my life but feel compelled to warn others about this nightmare of a hotel.  I have to assume that any positive reviews posted are generated by the owner of this horrible place.  Not only was the facility completed misrepresented on the phone, the service was terrible.  Rooms were smelly and comically small, disgustingly dirty, no AC and sweltering hot, so unbelievably noisy that we did not sleep any night.  Personal property was stolen from our rooms while we out, (they would not stay out of our room no matter how much we pleaded) and if that was not enough, the owner fraudulently charged our credit card for some kind of extra service, which is almost laughable as there was absolutely no service at all.  What little interaction we had with the owner was very disappointing as they were extremely rude; as if they were doing us a favor.  There are a lot of nice hotels on Avalon, this is definitely not one of them.  Don't make the same mistake.  Stay away from this dump if you want to ensure you have a good time on the island.
Entity: Avalon, California
15, Report #389554
Nov 09 2008
10:29 PM
Avalon Oaks apt are horrible!!!!! Columbus Ohio
ok so I've been living in Avalon oaks for a year. Didn't have much of a problem until the winter storm we had last yr and they didn't plow till 3 days later. I was completely snowed in! As for the other... My acts broke conveniently in 90 degree weather over the summer. Icalled and called they never answered or were prompt on the situation till 2 weeks later. Only because I had my mom call and complain in whichthey decided to call me andninform me that if the person that spoke to isn't living in the apt with me they have no right to call them on my behalf not to mention they had no idea it was my mom. I come to realize a few days later my fiancee's camera was missing and we couldnt find it. He called to tell them ofthe situation and Shawna the ,unprofessional manager,was rude and told him oh well,file a police report if you dont hav insurance. so we did and unfortuantely we couldnt do anything about it...not to mention they lost our keys to get in which I had to leave my set to get it fixed and I had to leave to be a work. So now... I've never been late on any payments and my lease was up this month as of nov 1, 2008. I really didn't want to renew my lease but I didn't find anything better so I signed like a re-re. My fiance paid rent on time as usual and 2 weeks later he gets a notice on the door saying the check bounced and we had to pay a $50 fee extra...he calls the bank and figures why it bounced... Keep in mind it's never happened, and it was because they cleared the check earlier than his paycheck had cleared...yada yada right? No, he goes in to pay them And you know who, Shawna, says no we can't accept your payment I can't help you with that. WTF? She wouldn't accept his payment withot a forbearance sig from myself?! But they never had problems accepting checks from him before? I've never payed the rent he always has...case in point they purposely waited to notify 2 weeks later of this BS, conveniently 1 week before the following months rent.... They decided to tack on extra fees totalling $2105 due in 2 weeks otherwise I'm evicted? The stupid girl runiing the front said she didn't call me about any of this bc she didn't know how crazy ppl can be? Come again?! Now were stuck with an eviction pretty much on a 12 month lease bc there's no way I can poop out $2105 plus $780 a week later in order for this to be cleared up. I'm frustrated , screwed, and have no one to help me out. I have a 1 yr old and it's looking like I'm gonna hve to live in my car with my daughter and fiance all bc of their lack of management. Don't rent from them ever this place is overpriced and yr car Will get broken into. Ours did as well as others around here. -royally f'ed Royally f'd columbus, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus, Ohio
16, Report #604014
May 17 2010
09:15 AM
Avalon Tronix Overcharged on credit card bill Internet
Ordered a Garmin GPS advertised on Amazon.com by this company (avalontronix.com). My on line/E-mail receipt shows a total cost of $131.05 but my credit card was charged $141.05 with NO explanation.  E-mailed the company and have not gotten a response.
Entity: , Internet
17, Report #679763
Jan 06 2011
09:22 PM
Madame Avalon of Astral Arts psychic Los Angeles, California
I got a solicitation from Madame Avalon with Astral Arts at about the same time. Somehow, I ended up on some psychic mailing list and not only got that one but letters from two other women of similar description. The others are Meredith Lane with Translation Press and Athena with Celestial Gifts.Two of them, including Ms Lane, cited a number of specific dates on which various things would happen. To date, nothing they described has occurred on any of them.All of them boast that they are angel skryers (commune with angels), refer to God, claim to be psychics, mention magic and offer, give assurance that they are better than their competitors, and for a fee of $25 to make me wealthy, give me endless good luck, success in romance, healed relationships, etc. This does beg the question that if they are capable of doing this for me, then why haven't they already enriched themselves, and thus why are they asking me for money?I decided to put each of them to the test, to give them a chance to prove that they are what they claim rather than dishonest swindlers. I gave each a task, and a deadline of January 6, 2011 by which to accomplish it. None of produced anything.Curiously, one thing Ms Lane told me was that I my own psychic gifts would reawaken and that no one would ever again be able to lie to me. Maybe she was right about that, at least.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
18, Report #278461
Oct 11 2007
02:32 PM
Avalon Gadgets Cheat, liars, crap, used, refurbished Internet Internet
This place is a joke. Looks like good prices and they say you will get NEW products, but they refurbish and send used stuff. It will come late-you will not be able to talk to anyone and they are rude when responding to e-mails IF you even get one back. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. The cost savings isn't worth it. I got an IPOD and it was a piece of crap. I ended up getting one at Best Buy for more money, but at least they give you a new one with warranties, etc. Junkyard15 San Jose, CaliforniaU.S.A. Junkyard15 San Jose, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
19, Report #418731
Jan 31 2009
10:51 PM
Avalon Oaks Apartments Columbus Ohio Do Not Live at Avalon Apartments Columbus Ohio
I lived at Avalon Apartments in Columbus Ohio for three years (2005-2008). When my roommates and I first moved in, we were happy with size and location of the apartments,. Unfortunately, however my roommates and I had a very poor experience at Avalon and would not recommend Avalon to anyone seeking an apartment. We have spoken to a number of other dissatisfied tenants of Avalon and I am posting this report simply because I do not want others to have go through what we went through. Below I've listed only a taste of what it was like to like at Avalon apartments: 1. Rodent problem Within a few days of moving into Avalon apartments, we found that the apartment we had moved into had a rodent problem. We sent a request into the office to have this taken care of, and after no response we had to take care of the problem ourselves. This included killing eleven mice. At no point were we reimbursed for the cost of the mouse traps, provided with any help in the extermination process, nor were we provided with any reduction in rent. 2. Garage door Our garage door (to our attached garage) broke resulting in the garage door hanging in the half open position. We called the emergency maintenance, but no one came. Since a half open garage door is an obvious security risk, we were forced to detangle the cable and lower the garage door ourselves. It took over a month for the maintenance crew to come to out apartment get the garage door fixed (and it took multiple attempts for them to fix it). Thus there was a period of one month were we did not have access to our garage and we were not provided with any reduction in rent. 3. Break-in A break-in occurred to the patio door of our apartment. The door hard been pried open, resulting in deformation of the door and significant damage to the molding surrounding the door. The only maintenance support that was provided included the nailing of the broken pieces of the molding back on(the same pieces of the molding that had been ripped off by the intruder). This resulted in a door looking like it had obviously been broken into and one that would not take much to break into again. It was left like this for over a year until we moved out. 4. Air-conditioning In early June of 2008, we placed a maintenance call for our air conditioning not providing any cold air. The maintenance crew came out and simply replaced the air filter. This did not solve the problem in any form. We called the maintenance again, with the same result. Over the course of four full months (the entire summer) the maintenance crew did not fix the air conditioning unit and we had to live in an apartment that reached temperatures in excess of 80 degrees. At no point were we provided with any discount in rent. Again, these are only a handful of what we went through at Avalon, and we have spoken with many others who have shared their discontent with Avalon Apartments. I would advise you to stay clear of Avalon Apartments. Upset tennant Columbus, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus, Ohio
20, Report #346642
Jul 02 2008
07:25 AM
My boyfriend and his brother signed a lease with Avalon in July of 2007. I know it was July cause it was the weekend before their birthday (they are twins) and i was there when they signed. There was really no problems with avalon at first except for the fines here and there for trash (if you leave a bag of trash out in front of your door because you want to take it out later then you get a 50 dollar fine) and ciggarrette butts that were flicked in front of the balacony. They payed those with NO arguments because they were guilty. In January the soap holder in our shower broke and 2 of the tiles came with it. We called maintaince and they came he put duckt tape over the hole and said that he would be back in 2 days to fix it. He was an older man and very nice. Well he never came. We called a few times and they never came out so we gave up. We could live with a little tape on the shower wall. Well we noticed that there was water damage being done to the wall from where he didnt come back to fix it and we called again and again and no one ever showed. This is June now. Then we noticed that our air was broke. It was freezing up. We called Shawna who works in the leasing office and told her about the AC and shower wall she said that she would put a work notice in and someone would be there in 24 hours. No one came. We kept calling and calling and nothing was being done. So we took it into our own hands and called the emergency number. They never answered. Finally I fed up. Its been 3 weeks, no air, and a hole in the shower from 6 months ago. I called the emergency number one more time and I left a voicemail asking if this is emergency them how come they never answer. An half hour later he called me back. He was completely rude, yes i was rude on the voicmail but i guess thats what you have to do to get him to call you back. He asked what my emergency was and I explained (very nicely) that i called numerous of times for 3 weeks and no one has called back or came out. He was like your airs broke, are you serious thats your emergency and i replied with a simple yes. He then told me well im sure that my emergency is alot bigger then yours and then hung up on me. My boyfriend called and got the head guy at maintance and explained the situation to him and he got mad at the other maintance man and they came and fixed the AC and the shower the next day. After they fixed it I had to go in and of course clean the mess they left in the bathroom and i noticed that he fixed it with a cracked tile. We called and left messages and no answers or call backs again. The soap holder of course fell off again. Then about a month ago we went to the pool with a few friends and there were other people drinking there. They left an empty beer bottle on the table and while our friend was trying to get her shorts off she stumbled (she was not drinking) and bumped the table that was wobbily to begin with and the beer bottle broke. The maintance man was there he saw what happend and cleaned it up. A few days after that the rent was due so my boyfriends brother called Shawna to let her know that they had the rent and he had to get a money order and it will be there (it wasnt late) and she told him that we had a 200 dollar fine. He asked for what, she told him it was for a broken bottle at the pool. He told her that the bottle was not theres and that it was an accident that it broke and it was already on the table when they arrived. She told him that it wasnt her problem and he was the one who was recognized so he gets the blame for it. He told her that wasnt fair and she said that if he could tell her the other people were then she would send them a fine to. Of course we dont know who they are they're just other people at the pool. He then told her that they never recieved a written notice for the fine (and we've gotten them before in the past for the trash and stuff) and she said it would be there today. They never got it. He went in to drop off the rent and Shawna told him that she is not accepting the rent until the 200 dollars is paid and he told her that hes not paying it until they get a written letter or until he sees proof that it was him. Rent was due June 1st, it is now July 2nd and she still will not accept any rent from them until this is payed and they have never gotten any type written notice. She is also charging late fees even though we have physically shown her the rent money and she refuses to accept it. The last time we tried she told us that the money order wasnt enough anyways that the total is 1500 dollars (they're rent is only 960). Being fed up my boyfriend called Marks office ((wich is just another aparment complex that hes the landlord of)) and talked to a Brittany and she looked them up in the system and said that rent is only 1075 and she had no idea what Shawna was talking about. There was no note in the computer about a 200 dollar fine. She also said that its more because they're being charged for month to month. This makes no sense because they're isnt up until now and they've been charging them month to month since May, after they told Shawna they didnt want to be charged month to month and to let them know when they can renew their lease of move out. Also Ohio Law states that they have to give you a 30 day notice when raising rent and they never recieved that either. Yesterday my boyfriend talked to Mark. He told them that they're rent is now 2600 and that Brittany doesnt say what goes around here and they have to pay it by today at 1030 or they're being evicted. He was very very very rude. He said that they would be a notice for the pool fine today when he got home. My boyfriend asked for a copy of the lease (they never got one) to be faxed to his work because they're closed when they get off work and he said he cant do that, that they dont give copies of the lease and he has to go into the office to read with someone from the apartment there. When he got home they're wasnt a notice for a pull fine but court papers saying they were being evicted, and that they were dated June 25th. They were deliverd yesterday July 1st because his room mate was there when they dropped them off. Its also states on one paper that they owe 1075 not 1500 like shawna and mark said, but then the other paper says that they owe 2600. The are nothing but liars at this place. DO NOT MOVE HERE!! Its pretty sad that Mark has to get on here and justify what everyone says and blames it on anger. Well i dont understand is if you treat your tennants right then they wont get mad at you and post stuff on here. We dont complain to the office cause Shawna is a rude bitch, and you guys are all lazy and dont do anything right! Chelsea Groveport, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus, Ohio
21, Report #416916
Jan 27 2009
02:54 PM
Avalon Tronix - Tronix - Fototronix - Avalon Gadgets SELLS REBURBISHED ADVERTISED AS NEW Wilmington Delaware
Like many others, I bought a product advertised as NEW, but when I received it was unable to register because it had been owned before. I have entered into a dispute with them through my credit card agency and they have threatened to turn me over to a collection company. These are nasty people who have used many other names to pull of the same scam again and again. Tricia San Diego, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Wilmington, Delaware
22, Report #760582
Aug 03 2011
09:47 PM
Pacific Avalon Yacht Charters Pacific Avalon The Titantic Wedding! Newport Beach, California
My Soon-to-be husband and I loved the idea of getting married on a yacht, so we looked at numerous companies that offered these services...come to find out there are many! After looking at several yacht companies we decided we loved the Ambassador and booked with them, PACAFIC AVALON YACHT CHARTERS. Our wedding day was July 23, 2011 we booked an open bar with beer & wine from 6-10pm. When my bridesmaids and I stepped onto the yacht @ 5pm we noticed it was very hot and stuffy and I was supposed to be putting on my wedding gown at this time, after getting my hair and make-up professionally done.  The yacht company also had a blue industrial fan in the bridal suite to help cool it off... (Blue industrial fan, weird Right???) The wedding ceremony started and 20 minutes later the yacht lost all power, engines died in the Newport harbor, we crashed into 2 yachts, 3 times total, causing thousands of dollars of damage to the other yachts, and the Pacific Avalon Company never even informed myself the Bride, or the Groom of what was happening or informed my 120 GUESTS that we were going to crash into other yachts! No precautions made, we had children, and babies on the third floor while we were taking pictures! But no warning or anything from the DJ or the Yacht Caption or crew!!   This company was very unprofessional and very unsafe to not inform the guests. The wedding was a total mess; Pacific Avalon ruined my wedding day. Besides the yacht having huge Un-operable problems, the air conditioning and lights were not on during my ceremony, my guests were so hot! (Trying to conserve generator power?)they also served the wrong dinner, never placed the centerpiece I ordered for the sweetheart table on the brides and grooms table, played the wrong ceremony song, only played 4 songs total at the reception, never had a money dance, a bouquet toss, garter toss, and kicked us off the yacht early after MY GUESTS fixed their engine and got their yacht docked! Not to mention numerous other operation problems, customer service problems, run out of beer/wine for a paid open bar for 4 hours etc. It was completely ridiculous and I regret ever booking my wedding with them. Lastly, the captain never even signed our Marriage License, so we still are not legally married!   Any future Brides,  please dont book youre wedding with this Horrible, Unprofessional, Lying, Cheating company!  It was the worst mistake of my life, the wedding I always dreamed of, Pacific Avalon and the owner Jon, RUINED my beautiful wedding!
Entity: Newport Beach, California
23, Report #753106
Jul 14 2011
06:01 PM
Avalon Oaks Apartments Avalon Apartments A pure joke of a rental property Columbus, Ohio
Avalon Oaks has been a four years too long.I moved to Columbus from Cincinnati and did not do enough research prior to moving in. I should have known by the model unit I was shown with sparse appliances, which I was told was due to taking parts from the model to fix other units. Rules are not enforced at this property. Children run around and ride their bikes in front of your car without parental supervision. I have written many letters stating all the neauences from these children with nothing done about the noise from them running and yelling up and down the breezeways, to throwing ice at my door. The property itself is falling apart. The fences surrounding the dumpsters are falling down and half painted. Pot holes were just recently were filled. Which hadn't even been attempted to be fixed since last summer, 2010. They never plow in the winter months. It took them six months to install a gate at the entrance so they could call it a gated community. Please, this was more of a pain and did not help the lack of parking. If you come home after 4pm good luck getting a parking space even close to your apartment building. This property has gone through numerous office staff as well as maintenance personnel. None of which I trust. Office staff is not competent to manage this apartment complex. Never let maintenance in your apartment without you being home. I've heard many stories from past and present residents whose things come up missing. We had a garbage disposal replaced and the next day the maintenance man came back stating he had to remove a plug he had forgotten to remove. Which would have flooded our kitchen. Maintenance was also called when the ceiling fan in the bedroom blew up. It took them 3 days to replace that and we still had to purchase the light for the fan that they promised to replace along with the knocking noise from wrong instillation.A ridiculous security company has replaced CPD who was patrolling the complex 24/7 last winter because the crime was getting that bad. Most of the time you see them lounged in their cars doing a whole lot of nothing.We received a letter stating in four days all grills had to be removed according to fire codes. I understand fire codes, but youcannot give a four day notice and then enforce a $100 fine for non-removal. Lastly, our move out. Finally, we had found freedom from this place! I paid the prorated rent on July first. Received a phone call July eighth from Jessica at the front office stating that she had not received our rent. I told her that she had and I had handed it to her on the first and asked her if she wanted our address on the cashiers check, which she replied no. There was another tenant there who was showing them pictures off of his digital camera of things that had not been fixed in his two years of living there. She persisted that she did not receive it. I stated the amount and then it seemed to come to her and she replied, you're last name is different. I replied, I got married. Let's be honest my first name is not all that common, as well as my now husbands name was on the lease as well. I'm guessing they cannot put two and two together at this office and just had a rent check floating around. We show up on July eighth to clean the apartment with an eviction notice on the door for a delinquent rent payment and to leave the property immediately. Last time I checked you need 30 days to boot someone out. I called the front office immediately. Jessica stated, well that was before I talked to you today. Alright, so you're telling me, you wait eight days to contact someone about late rent and slap them with an eviction notice one day prior?? We cleaned this apartment from 4p-930p. Cleaned inside cabinets, oven, stove, under oven and refrigerator, inside refrigerator, on top of cabinets, floors walls, doors, counter tops, bathtub, toilet, filled holes from nails, as well as bought new drip pans from Lowes. The next day July ninth it took us a total of an hour to turn in the keys. We demanded a walk though prior to turning in the keys. Two maintenance men walked through with us and stated the apartment was cleaner and in better shape then when a new person moves in. All it needed was paint and carpet. He also stated they always replace the blinds. We returned to the front office and turned in the keys. July 14, we receive a letter from Avalon. $23 for drip pans, $50 for carpet, $75 for paint. I called Avalon immediately. I stated the drip pans were brand new and they did not need replaced I am not paying $23 for new ones. Jessica then stated they always replace those. When I persisted, she stated that maintenance said they needed replaced. This is false, we did a walk through and maintenance cleared us as stated above. I then asked her where it stated in the lease we were going to be charged for paint and carpet. The carpet when I moved in was by far not new. It had wax an burn marks on it, which is stated on my move in check list. She read me a broad statement and told me she would speak with maintenance and call me back. She has yet to do so.I refuse to pay for paint and carpet. It is not in the lease. I have the lease right here and does not state these things will be of charge if not normal wear and tear. Lets be honest, every time someone moves out the carpet should be replaced or cleaned and the walls should be painted.I will continue to pursue this because I will be getting back all of my deposit. Do not move to Avalon, unless you are looking for a headache.
Entity: Columbus, Ohio
24, Report #631131
Aug 12 2010
05:32 PM
Avalon VIP Assistants, LLC Avalon VIP Assistants, LLC Fraud Miami, Florida
On Tuesday July 13th, 2010, I was contacted by Peter Viento congratulating me on being a new hire by Avalon VIP Assistants. I was hired in as a part time work at home  Personal Assistant/Shopper and my job was to complete assigned tasks given to me for executives, athletes and celebrities that seek the services of this company. My pay was outlined in the Employment Agreement contract that I was emailed, $1000 per two weeks, to be paid on a weekly basis with an annual salary of $26,000 which doesn't add up. $1000 for two weeks, is $2000 per month multiplied by 12 months in a year is $24,000, yet, my paper says $26,000 per year. They said they would pay me by check or direct deposit. I have recieved no pay, and have been working for this company for over a week now. My probabtion period was two weeks and if I completed my tasks properly, then I would be asked to be in a 1 year contract and would be given a company card to make purchases that required it. The first assignment I was given was to research limo companies in my local area and create a word document with pictures, pros and cons. I completed this assigment, and it seemed fine to me. My next assignment was to find a rare handmade sculpture for this client that purchased it for their partner. The sculpture was a handmade mother and child made of mammoth tusk and obsidien base and was purchased in Russia. The sculpture supposedly got dropped and broken in the airport on their way to Los Angeles, CA. Peter Viento, the supervisor emailed me all the information I needed, the email address of the art gallery and all the contact information along with instructions I needed to locate this sculpture for the client to purchase it ASAP. I completed all desired tasks. I emailed the art gallery in Russia and got all info needed. Next, Peter sent me an email stating Good Day!There is a conference in Seattle I must attend  and will get back on Tuesday afternoon. If you have open assignments, please work on them independently. I wont be able to answer the phone or email most likely. Other than that I would like to thank everybody for working with us last week, talk to you on Tuesday.Sincerely, Peter VientoSenior HR managerAVALON VIP ASSISTANTS, LLC - VIP Assistant & Concierge Services----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------avalonassistants.cominfo@avalonassistants.com801 Brickell Avenue suite 701, Miami, FL 33131Telephone: (786) 623-5529  (9:00AM 2PM EST is the best time to call)Fax: (605) 252-703802.08.2010 16:55:52 Today is August 12, 2010 and I have not gotten paid a dime for the tasks I did complete. Please watch out for companies like this that make employment promises. Although the company name is different, the position and tasks are exactly the same. Please be careful.
Entity: Miami, Florida
25, Report #954898
Oct 14 2012
04:36 PM
Avalon Brandemoor Avalon Bay Communities Double Prorated Reng Collection Agency Charges; Arlington, Virginia
I was nervous about Avalon Brandemoor the second my girlfriend and I read the bad reviews online. Ive seen some bad reviews before, but let me just say that these reviews were mortifying for us to read. The information made my girlfriend and I change our minds about living at Avalon Brandemoor (in Lynnwood, WA). I proceeded to move out within my 30 day guarantee just like the lease allows, clean the apartment perfectly (the maintenance professional complimented me and told me about the horror stories he had seen before), and go through all the motions to make sure I was payed in full with no loose ends. Within a week I was moved into another location, and I was feeling more comfortable. By the end of that month, I had payed my final statement. Little did I know how badly this company was going to try abuse us.  BUYER BEWARE: AVALONS MANAGEMENT WILL TRY TO RIP YOU OFF ANYWAY POSSIBLE. JUST BECAUSE THERE ARE PROVISIONS IN THE LEASE (30 DAY GUARANTEE), DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE SAFE. In fact, I believe they tried to rip us off purposefully, because we moved out within the 30 day guarantee (attempting to recover their losses). Avalons management hired a collection agency to charge me an extra $350 for prorated rent. There was no telephone call, no email, and no letter in the mail attempting to contact me first. They went straight to a collection agency, who was the first person to contact me. This puts an extreme amount of stress on the consumer, considering the collection agency can put freezes on your credit and affect your credit scores VERY GRAVELY. When I say Avalons management, I mean Avalon Headquarters on the east coast in Arlington, Virginia. None of this was done by the apartment complex in Washington, THIS IS THE WAY THEY MANAGE THEIR ENTIRE BUSINESSES THROUGHT THE U.S. I was outraged by this, because they certainly were in the wrong. My 30 day guarantee was in the lease, and they HAD ALREADY CHARGED ME for the prorated rent. I contacted a lawyer through the company I work for (a well to do engineering firm that shall not be named) and I was told that I could pay $1000 - $2000 for a day in DISTRICT COURT IN FRONT OF A JUDGE, or I could pay them off. And because they had hired a collection agency, those were my only two options. Now it all makes sense to me. Avalons management purposefully did not tell me anything, purposefully made me believe I was all set for 3 months, and purposefully charged me $350 extra just because they wanted to make money, and knew that they could get away with it. Theyve clearly done this before, knew how to do it correctly (most stress on the consumer possible), and are clearly going to do it again. PLEASE DO YOURSELF A FAVOR, DONT LIVE HERE.
Entity: Arlington, Virginia

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