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26, Report #1196744
Dec 20 2014
01:18 PM
Avangate Took $299 of my hard earned money away from me and never installed the Anti virus softwear. Amsterdam Internet
I had my email hi-jacked a few weeks ago and found Avangate on line to help resolve my issue.  They told me they can fix the problem by purchasing antivirus their soft wear.  The down loaded an image of the soft wear instead the real antivirus.  Avangate never email or mailed me a receipt and my computer was never fixed.  I had to hire a different company online name GURU AID and they resolved my issue for $150.00 GURUAID did guide me to link in which I witnessed hundreds of complaints from unsatisfied customers who had used AVANGATE services.  Don't waste your money and time with AVANGATE.  I still am in battle of receiving my $299 refund from them.
Entity: Internet
27, Report #1182002
Oct 09 2014
02:23 PM
Avangate Billing my credit card without my authorization [no purchases made] Redwood City California
They have been charging my credit card [Master Card] each month for $11.52. I have not purchased anything from this company. When you call they give you the recorder run around and you can not get a person on the line.
Entity: Redwood City, California
28, Report #1049035
May 07 2013
10:47 AM
Avangate Made Empty Promise to Fix my Computer-Ripped me off for $147.00!! Internet
STAY AWAY FROM AVANGATE...THEY ARE FRAUDLENT COMPANY!!!I was having problems with my computer freezing up and could not get rid of a pop up ad from Avangate.  I  called their 800 number to see why this pop up would not go away, as it was holding my computer prisoner.  The representative said he could fix my computer in two hours but in order to do so I would have to join some membership which would give me on going support when I had a problem any time 24 hours a day.I told him that I didn't need nor want a membership for support and just wanted the problem fixed.  He insisted that it would be very benefical to prevent this type of thing happening again. He started quoting at a very high amount over $400.00 for a 3 year plan and I said no way, he went down to $147 for a one year membership, which was still out of my budget, but being desperate to have my computer back I went ahead with it.  Keep in mind he was suppose to fix the problem that I was having.   I think his name was Marcus, but it had to have been an alias as he was of Asian descent, (in fact everyone that I spoke to was.) He took control of my computer and told me not to touch it and that he would be done in two hours and would call me at that time.Two hours went by and I noticed he had logged off.  No phone call came, I waited another hour  thinking maybe he went to lunch.  I called seven different times over the next several hours trying to get ahold of him.  I tried logging on to my computer and it wasnt changed from before; I still couldn't log on to it.  I kept getting the same answer that he was still working on it even though he had logged off hours before.  He finally got on the line when I called the seventh time  and could not explain why I still could not use it and just told me that he worked on it and that I probably need a new hard drive now. 
Entity: Internet
29, Report #1075557
Aug 13 2013
03:28 PM
avangate unauthorized charge to capital one mastercard on 7/17/13 California
My CPA found the unarthorized charge of $49 on 7/16/13. I have no idea what this charge was for.  I will notify capital oneLynn in Baton Rouge, La.
Entity: California
30, Report #1122834
Feb 11 2014
03:23 PM
Avangate BV, aka Retina-X Studios, LLC, aka AceSpy Stole my money, lied Jacksonville Florida
I purchased Mobile Spy. The GPS never got the location right not even when at home. The Live Panel didn't get the location right either. The live recordings were always black and the stealth camera was also always black. It got the text messages, call history and phone info right right, as far as I know. But SMS commands do not work! This is how the website describes the software Monitor Your Child or Employee HEAR SURROUNDINGS Record Phone Surroundings*; GPS Location Tracking, TRACK GPS LOCATIONS, GPS Locations at Any Interval; Mobile Facebook Monitoring, MONITOR SOCIAL MEDIA, Facebook Messenger and Twitter; Monitor Call Details, TEXT MESSAGES & CALLS SMS, iMessages and Call Info; Monitor Websites, WEBSITE MONITORING, URLs Visited in the Web Browser; Photos and Videos, PHOTOS AND VIDEO LOG, Record Photos and Videos; Block Applications, APPLICATION BLOCKING, Block Any Apps You Choose; LIVE Control Panel, LIVE CONTROL PANEL, LIVE Screen and more (*Optional) Mobile Spy is the next generation of smartphone spy software. Do you suspect your child or employee is doing something naughty? If yes, then this software is ideal for you. Install this small program directly onto the compatible smartphone you wish to monitor to begin recording. Using the Internet capabilities of the phone, recorded activities, logs and GPS locations are quickly uploaded to your Mobile Spy account. To view the results, simply login to your secure account using any computer or mobile web browser. Logs are displayed by categories and sorted for easy browsing. The software is completely stealth and works independently. Mobile Spy does not rely on the phone's call and message database to record activities. So even if your child or employee tries to delete their usage histories, the data will still be retained and uploaded. The system is compatible with most models of iPhone, BlackBerry or Android phones. Also compatible with Windows Mobile, and Symbian OS. Phone Requirements Any Smartphone running one of the following operating systems: •Android OS 1.5 - 4.3.1, •BlackBerry OS - 4.2 - 7.1, •iPhone OS 3.1.3 - 6.1.2, •Windows Mobile 6.0 - 6.5, •Symbian OS 9.x. Internet Connection Requirements: Carrier which allows the use of GPRS upload (almost every carrier), The inserted SIM card's account must have Internet access enabled to upload. THREE BASIC STEPS TO SETUP AND USAGE OF MOBILE SPY 1. Register your account to make your username and password. After ordering Mobile Spy you will instantly receive an email containing your registration code. 2. Install Mobile Spy directly to your monitored phone and launch the program. You will notice the name of the application shown does not say Mobile Spy. The name was changed to better camouflage it in the Application list on the device as not to arouse suspicion that the device is being monitored. 3. Login to your account after 60 minutes to view logs. Check logs anytime. Sounds simple right? My phone and carrier are compatible. It doesn't work. I was told I couldn't have a refund without troubleshooting the phone. The phone I no longer have in my possession, the one I was monitoring. How the heck am I going to do that.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
31, Report #1315926
Jul 09 2016
10:36 AM
Avangate Teen Shield The company does not deliver the services as advertised. Redwood City Internet
I purchased Teen Shield from Avangate in March, 2016. The program is meant to monitor a teen's phone to allow parents to keep their teens safe on-line. The parental home page (the log-in page where parents see monitoring) lists everything that should be monitored with the program. Among those items listed is kik, which is an online chat site. The first problem I had with the software was approximately a month ago when it stopped monitoring. It took several days and several emails to get the problem fixed. Avangate insisted that the software was working when it was not. The most recent problem is that my teen added both kik and snapchat to her phone. Even though the site indicates they monitor kik, I was told in a very long conversation with two employees last night that they do not monitor it. One employee insisted that I must provide screenshots of the log-in page before he would even consider my complaint. I was told that they did not monitor kik, then I was told that they do monitor it, then I was told the problem was mine because my teen's phone was not rooted. They also claim to tell you every app that is added, which failed to happen because I had to discover both kik and snapchat on my own. I cannot use their program to monitor added apps if their program does not show those apps. The program also claims to capture ALL photos on the teen's phone and it does not. I have seen photos on my teen's Instagram that do not show up on Teen Shield, but they have to be on her phone to get to Instagram. I am very dissatisfied with this company and the way in which they handle customer concerns.  
Entity: Internet
32, Report #1286926
Jul 23 2016
09:20 PM
Avangate says the bank got my refund, it's not there Netherlands Internet
on the 1st of feb i ordered a program online from tweakbit that was supposed to clean up my computer what i got was a program that went through my computer (remotely) and showed me everything that needed to be cleaned up i was then transferred to a senior technician, who tried to sell me the actual product to clean my computer for $245 within an hour i had bought and canceled the order, my money was refunded a few days later on the 5th of feb, a charge of 29.95 was made by avangate to my bank i called and told them i didn't buy anything and wanted a refund, i was told i would get a refund i never got refunded, the date of the refund is the 5th, but this is the date the money was charged to my account since then all my calls have told me the same thing, that i have been sent a refund i was emailed a statement to show that the refund had in fact been sent to my bank what i got was an invoice for 29.95, the word refund doesn't appear anywhere on the page i called again to say the statement doesn't say it's a refund,  i was told because the 29.95 has a minus in front of that this shows it's a refund. a invoice is a receipt for a purchase... it is not a refund waiting a few more days to see if it was refunded i called again and was told to contact my bank, that the money may be on hold this is  ridiculous, it has nothing to do with my bank and i said so i was told the refund was sent and they could send me an email as proof i told them that i had the email already, and that the money was not in my account i was told that according to them a refund was sent and i should contact my bank, that sometimes the bank puts the money on hold i said, my bank would never refuse money sent to them, and that it wasn't in my account i was told the refund had been sent and that i should contact the bank i said, but the money's not in my acount,what if contacting the bank doesn't work? i was told i wouldn't have to call them back and that the refund had been sent by them and to contact my bank i canceled my card when the bogus charge came up over a week ago, and have now filed a claim i think tweakbit is also a questionable company, and avangate certainly is i like how avangate responds to compliants by not addressing the complaint, just telling you to contact them, or saying goobly-gook that makes no sense what so ever, they just shuffle you back through the process again, the loop approach this, also, a sign poor business relations, or worse taking people's money cause they can there are just too many complaints, all the stories have a similar ring to them the more we report them, the sooner they will be caught for fraudulant business practices my heart goes out to those who have lost large amounts of money
Entity: Internet
33, Report #1232086
May 28 2015
09:07 PM
AVANGATE*TWEAKBIT.COM Extracted money from my kiwibank a/c without permission or sanction. Amsterdam,Netherlands Nationwide
over a period of time a considerable amout of moey has been filtered for my Kiwibak a/c without permission or sanction from me or anybody associated with me. tom,thames,thames valley,nz
Entity: Nationwide
34, Report #1205735
Jan 31 2015
11:05 AM
Avangate Avangate*IObit.com Avangate illegally withdrew $43.92 from my Visa Debit San Francisco (I think) Nationwide
Late at night on a weekend Friday 16 Jan 2015 Avangate illegally withdrew $43.92 from my Visa Debitto make a withdrawal Avangate needed a Positive Authorization from the account-holder in the 7 dayspreceding a withdrawal It had no such authorization Why would I renew software I never accessednever used because it is IObit program for PCs I have no PCsI will report all to BBB next With luck Avangate will have a class-action suit to answer.
Entity: Nationwide
36, Report #799138
Nov 17 2011
01:54 PM
AVANGATE BV AMSTELVEEN Charging for Services not contracted for using Credit Card information never provided to them. Amsterdam, Internet
I received an alert message from my credit card company that turned out not to involve this company. However, in reviewing my statements I discovered I was being charged for updates for a software package that I never heard of. I called Avangate to discuss the matter and basically was told they are a third party providing the update service. The program supposedly provides driver updates and they charge $9.95 per month and also I have being charged since last December(Shame on Me).I have never heard of the software program nor would I, as an individual user ever pay a monthly fee for driver updates.In my discussion with Avangate, I told them I have every email I received since )1/01/2011. The person I spoke with told me that they have proof that they sent me emails but did not offer to provide me with this information.I believe this is fraud and am also going to report this company to my states Attorney General.They would not refund the fraudulent fees that I paid.
Entity: Amsterdam, Internet
37, Report #1102564
Nov 27 2013
09:24 AM
DVDFab Fengtao Avangate Demo products work but then stop after registration is purchased Beijing China
When I tried the demo product for DVDRipper, it worked on my system.  That was version 7. However, when I purchased the upgrade to 9 it didn't work.  DVDFab argued that they do not offer refunds after a sale and said that I had the opportunity to try the product.  Yeah, it worked in demo mode but I was forced to buy the new version and it didnt' work. After I complained to American Express, the charge was from their scammer associate Avangate, DVDFab fixed the issue.  Avangate is the middle man to broker fees for DVDFab. The software doesn't work reliably and their new interface in version 9 is clunky.  It's not worth the money.  The product is so bad that they've gone from offering a $20 Amazon gift card to $50. DVDFab DVDCopy has always worked.  It's the other products that don't.  Don't trust your demo version.  Here's what I shared with AMEX -- Below are changes to the DVDFab program.  When I complained that features weren't workingit included problems with the Ripper and freezing when copying a bluray.  Note that I purchased in early July 2013.  The fixes are after I reported problems.DVDFab HistoryOctober 04, 2013DVDFab Updated!New: Improved the user interface and user experience for Ripper.New: Improved the performance of CUDA and Intel Quick Sync hardware acceleration.New: Added support for PGS subtitle output for MKV profile.New: Added support for H.264 CRF encoding for Ripper and Converter.Fix: Jitters and pixelated problems when playing back the copied Blu-ray 3D discs in stand-alone player.Fix: A problem that cannot preview by chapter.Fix: A problem that cannot pause when copying or ripping.Fix: Some localization problems.Fix: Some minor changes and improvements.Fix: A jitters problem when playing back the ripped avi.h264.mp3 files with VLC player.Fix: An A/V sync problem when ripping DVD in certain cases.Fix: A pixelated screen problem when playing back the ripped mpeg4 files, and seeking them.Fix: A crash problem when running command line in certain cases.Fix: A freeze at 99% problem when copying Blu-ray discs in certain cases._______________________September 09, 2013DVDFab Updated!New: Added support for a new copy protection as found on Iron Man 3 DVD. New: Added support for a new copy protection as found on Star Trek Into Darkness DVD. _______________________August 21, 2013DVDFab Updated!New: Added avi.divx profiles for DVD and Blu-ray Ripper. New: Improved the startup speed.New: Some improvements for command line. Fix: A problem that cannot enable acceleration for AMD in windows 8.Fix: A problem that cannot seek with the backup disc in certain cases.Fix: A problem that cannot show the subtitle during the preview in certain cases. Fix: A 1000 error when copying DVD or Blu-ray and the volume label contains the space.Fix: A process failed problem when copying Blu-ray to DVD in certain cases.Fix: An A/V sync problem when converting DVD to iPad and the DVD is 29.97 FPS or contains PCM audio track. Fix: A crash problem when ripping DVD to 3D profiles in certain cases, such as: Avatar_JP.Fix: A problem that cannot playback the ripped file with iPod.classic profile.Fix: A no sound problem when playback the ripped 3d.htc.evo.h264.aac files. Fix: A crash problem when opening mkv files in certain cases._______________________July 26, 2013DVDFab Updated!New: Added support for new Java protections.New: Added support for a new copy protection as found on Tyler Perry's Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor.New: Added support for multiple audio track output for m2ts profiles.New: Added support customize image of menu for Blu-ray and DVD Creator.New: Added support Live Update and show the update log.New: Some minor changes and improvements.Fix: A freeze problem when opening source and then click cancel button in certain cases.Fix: A problem that missing task process number when burning and creating, such as: Task 1/2.Fix: Some localization issues for JA-JP.Fix: A crash problem when opening DVD source in certain cases.Fix: A crash problem when opening Blu-ray source after a DVD source was opened in certain cases.Fix: A problem thatcannot recognize the BD-ROM drive in Windows 8 in certain cases.Fix: A problem that cannot enable CUDA and DXVA accelerations in certain cases.Fix: A crash problem when deleting the profile which was downloaded from Profile Editor Official website.Fix: A crash problem after navigating from Burn mode to Customize mode.Fix: Localization problems.Fix: A problem that should not display the disc in source list after it was ejected.Fix: A pixilated problem when playing back the copied Blu-ray 3D disc with Blu-ray 3D Stand-alone player, such as: Wreck_It_Ralph_3D.Fix: A problem that cannot open physics Blu-ray disc in certain cases, such as: Fantastic4_2.Fix: A freeze problem when copying Blu-ray with both Lightning-Recoding and Convert DTS/LPCM to AC3 option are enabled.Fix: A freeze problem when copying Blu-ray 3D disc to Blu-ray SBS 3D in certain cases, such as: Cars_2_3D and Puss_in_Boots_3D.Fix: A problem that failed to rip Blu-ray disc to Galaxy Note II in certain cases.Fix: A problem that cannot eject disc after burned in certain cases.Fix: A crash problem when ripping DVD to vob.passthrough and the option Display the forced subtitle only is enabled.Fix: A freeze problem when ripping Blu-ray to mkv.h264.audiocopy in certain cases, such as: Rio.Fix: A problem that failed to rip Blu-ray disc to avi.h264.audiocopy, such as: Cars_USA.iso.Fix: A problem that Display the forced subtitle only option does not work for in certain cases.Fix: A work 1 failed error problem when ripping DVD disc to WMV AC3/1 audio track. Fix: A crash problem when ripping Blu-ray disc in certain cases, such as: Mariah_Carey_The_Adventures_of_Mimi.Fix: A crash problem when converting or creating with mkv files in certain cases.Fix: A problem that converting failed when switching the language of DVDFab to ZH-TW.Fix: A crash problem when previewing file source in certain cases.Fix: A crash problem when converting .avi file in certain cases.Fix: A freeze problem when converting 2D file source to 3D format.Fix: A freeze problem when creating to Blu-ray in certain cases.Fix: A problem that the ripped mpeg4 and mp4 files, which were created by DVDFab, cannot be opened in Video Converter and DVD/Blu-ray Creator.Fix: A problem that the created DVD disc cannot be played on PS3, Panasonic 3D stand-alone player and Samsung stand-alone player. Fix: A problem that cannot create DVD with external subtitle.
Entity: Select State/Province
38, Report #1196942
Dec 21 2014
02:14 PM
avangate unkown..I know iyogi uses this and I deal with Iyogi.. this Co. charged $131.16 to my account which I NEVER authorized Internet
12/21/14 Ripped Off  Scammed An amount of $131.16 was taken out of my account by avangate..I don't know complete phone number as it was incomplete.  it said on the debit amout Amerstam NL The phone number started out 1800-23??? the following sequence of numbers at end were: 5128721412637 also had the 12637 at beign of description...avavgate* I never had any dealings with them! My bank says pending and that it will take out on 12/22/14..I am trying to get it stopped before it goes thru. on Monday... I don't HAVE ANY IDEA WHERE IT CAME FROM AND I did NOT authorize it!!  
Entity: Internet
39, Report #1189544
Nov 17 2014
04:47 PM
Avangate Now also apparently in GERMANY as kundenservice@1und1.de Trying to charge software renewals illegally New York, AMsterdam and Karlsruhe in DE US, UK, NL and
1 - I received a notice of IOLO software renewal. It was originally ordered 12 months ago without renewal commitment.. Avangate stated they would debit my payment card with 141 Euro. (the software value was GPB 35.00 pounds i.e. 42 Euro max.)I will decline to accept the shipment, advise the credit card co. of unauthorised collection.2 - I immediately disputed the charge with an e-mail to customer@avantgart.com.This was replied to with a request to open an account against the old order reference so it could be followed up. This in turn led to a long-winded procedure which I would not complete.3 - On the same evenig, I received a new, almost identical request from a company in Southern Germanmy, Karlsruhe, again asking me for 141 Euro for software to be despatched which was not even specified.This company appears a copy cat operation of avangate. Its e-mail is Kundenservice@1und1.deAgain I have disputed the intended charge.A very slick operation, clearly fraudulent. Will pass this to UK Consumer Protection Authority. Will ask colleauges in Germany also.Don't by software over the Internet unless you have watertight information about the vendor. Any fulfilment company is a risk.
Entity: Nationwide
40, Report #1133014
Mar 23 2014
08:19 PM
avangate bv techliveconnect.com Fraudulent technical sales scam leading to two contaminated computers See report 1013684 Feb 2013 internet sites somewhere ???? internet
I fell for the same scam as your report number 1013684 Avangate, TOP 10 REVUES,.... Exact same story- same Dutchman- same high level technician- same weather, with this time Australia cricket throw in- same take over of my computer- same dos screen going through the files- same indian superviser etc , except I did not catch on to the scam, till the next morning when I found your ripoff report and after they got into my second computer! So now I have 2 doggy computers. I was also conned into paying an extra $200 for an extra year, which I later disputed and was promised a refund, which probably I will never see! I got into this mess because I payed for a driver support package for $29.95 and had to phone 1800 736 482 form where it started with the computer being full of errors.   The outfit in Technicaconnect.com must be verry confident as they phoned me later to see whether I was satisfied with my computers. When I mentioned that I was worried that I had done a stupid thing, to let someone get into my computer; they gave a spiel that they only worked on fixing the faults and that they had done a lot of work and got my printer to work etc. When I mentioned the bad reports (I had not at that point found your 1013684 report which is so exactly my case), I was told that even microsoft gets bad reports and not to worry! I was then asked to agree that the computers were now preforming better I told them that I had had not the time to check it out and they then agreed to phone the next day so I they can sign off the job. I will be surprised if get a call. Still the longer I dont fix things the more they can steal from me. I paid by paypall but one report says paypall wont go against Avangate. Fortunately I dont store passwords on my computer but one never knows if they can get if from passed transactions! So now I am really worried. 
Entity: Select State/Province
41, Report #1226502
May 03 2015
08:10 AM
Teslamagneticgenerator, Avangate, PayPal and Michael Morgan's video scam... Took my money and never delivered the merchandise. Internet
On March 14, 2015, I was stolen $49 for a report I never got the download link for.After filing a claim with PayPal, and numerous emails to them, I, finally, learned that PayPal does not cover Internet deliveries and allows fraudsters to get money from their victims.The same for Avangate Corporation.The real frausdter is Tesla Magnetic generator that never answered my emails.These scams and fraudsters have to be stopped !Be aware about those crooks !teslamagneticgenerator.org purchase (Order #36632179)
Entity: Internet
42, Report #1231845
May 27 2015
10:30 PM
My report is identical to the followong report you have published i.e. X-Originating-IP: []Input: name: mail.e-scan.comRegistered Domain: e-scan.comredirects to:teslamagneticgenerator.org/contact.phpsupport@teslamagneticgenerator.orgCopyright (c) 2014 EARTHSEA ALLIANCE INC Reg. No. 834725. All rights reserved.There's an MP4 video file (42 MB in size) on the site, which identifies the narrator as one Michael Morgan.s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/teslamagneticgenerator/vsl264opt.mp4It's the same video as found here, by Ban Johnson:You'll note comments are disabled for the video.Ban Johnson YouTube Channel:youtube.com/channel/UCam6PLS2N2Rn0JNhxWf-DHgI especially like this blurb from the video:And because this website is getting hundreds of threats each week from the Electric companies who don't want this technology exposed... this video could be taken down at any time (even today!).The video shows a small device that they get started spinning with a capacitor, they say it spins at 7000 RPM, and produces 60 to 70 volts. They light a bank of 75 LEDs with the device.etc.I have sent a message to the support address and have had no reponse . Do not have anything to do with this company or the scam.  It is a straight out rip =off.
Entity: Internet
43, Report #1248888
Aug 16 2015
11:41 AM
avangate redwood shores CA Don't know who or what they do, but they did place a $39.00 charge on by credit card redwood shores California
Again, all I know is Avangate placed a fraudlent $39.00 charge on my credit card. MichaelFrogmore South Carolina
Entity: redwood shores, California
44, Report #1236558
Jun 18 2015
04:47 PM
Avangate The company took $27.00 from my Visa account and did not deliver the product, Stringsmotor generator Internet
I was charged $27.00 for Stringsmotor generator digital report which was not delivered .  The product was charged via my Visa card.  
Entity: Internet
45, Report #1223314
Apr 18 2015
12:30 PM
Avangate, Inc. Bit Defender (Antivirus Software) Double Charged for the exact same product and refused to refund one of the two charges. Redwood City California
2015-04-1812:01:54 Warning: Stay Away From This Company!!! Avangate has an auto renew that they automatically enable when you register and open up an account on their website. My Story with Avangate is that I did not catch the auto renew being enabled when I went to renew in 2014. I renewed (4) days before my expiration to get the  discounted price and (4) days after I renewed (early), and paid for that by credit card, they charged my credit card full price ($79.95) for the exact same product (due to the auto renew being enabled). So, in other words in April of 2014 they charged me TWICE for the same thing. Avangate's customer support center refused to refund the extra (second) charge claiming it was past the refund period. Yes, I did not notice this second charge for 2014 until renewal time April 2015. But, that should not matter. Avangate should not (ethically) collect charges for the same product twice. Despite submitting proof (credit card statements) to Avangate's customer support center they refused to admit to, or refund the second charge. Avangate, as far as I am concerned, does not seem like an ethical company! I will never do business with them again! Beware of their auto renew on their website, which they automatically enable when you register, and buy their products online. My guess is that like me, the Auto renew is not something a lot of folks will catch.  
Entity: Redwood City, California
46, Report #1267124
Nov 13 2015
05:52 PM
AVANGATE TWEAKBIT charged card 4 times, no help installing, person spoke bad english from india do not know Internet
I tried to get the pcclean program.  they charged my card 4 times and the tech to help me could only speak with an indian accent.  i could not understand him.  He was no help.
Entity: Internet
47, Report #1077719
Aug 21 2013
08:55 AM
Digiarty Avangate No support, software malfunctions. Avangate is headquartered in Amsterdam Internet
I purchased MacX Video Converter Pro from a company called Digiarty Software, Inc. It installed OK and I used the trial period from awhile to see if it worked. Since it seem to do what I wanted it to do I decided to purchase the product. However, after a few days I kept getting a message stating that my YouTube engine was out of date. I cliked OK thinking that I would be taken to their site where I could obtain a fix. No such luck. I was take to thier original site that only gave one the oppotunity to repurchase the product. There are no fixes. Next, I e-mailed support three times to inquire about this problem. No response. On thier website they states that: Due to superior quality and service... and For us, the greatest satisfaction from customers is our primary concern. Sure! I did some research on this company and discovered that they market thier products through a company called Avengate located in Amsterdam. Avengate is a conduit for develpers to market thier products. When one goes to the Digiarty website it looks exactly like a MAC software site but I'm very suspicious of this since on a real MAC software site there is no problem in receiving a response if one has a technical issue. I would avoid this company like the plague. If one expects support forget it as I believe it's a bait and switch.
Entity: Select State/Province
48, Report #1113978
Jan 08 2014
03:52 PM
AVANGATE On Dec 18th 2013, I bought Pavtube YouTube Converter for $35 relying on CNet Reviews like I have always done.The program they were selling is a SCAM! I contacted AVANGATE through email and I was told by a person of Kathy that the problem is they stopped updating Pavtube YouTube.com. tx
On Dec 28th, 2013 I bought Pavtube YouTube Converter for $ 35  that was charged to my Visa Card. The reason I bought it is I was stupid enough to  rely on CNET reviews, like I have always done in the past. This  program is a SCAM and doesn't work. After telling them, the program is not workin, a lady by the name of Kathy sent me two irrelevant emails asking me to try what has worked for unknown customers. I tried ALL that crap, but nothing worked. I then asked for a REFUND, bur Avangate has since gone cold turkey on me. WHAT A SCAM !
Entity: Select State/Province
49, Report #1127188
Feb 28 2014
04:29 AM
Avangate Inc. Avangate.com Unauthorized charge renewal for Bitdefender Redwood City California
To my surprise a pending Debit on my bankcard reading AVANGATE*BITDEFENDER.C REDWOOD CITY CA I did not authorize this. I purchased Bitdefender 3 years ago but never renewed it or gave authorization for a renewal. When I search the web about this company, there are many complaints about this type of behavior. I ordered Bitdefender on Amazon 3 years ago from Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc How did they (Avangate) get involved and how did they obtain my bank card number? How can they renew my subscrition when I now have Kaspersky as my Bitdefnder runs out 1 March 2014? I am contacting my bank to reverse payment and I will contact Amazon about this. I will email these people at info@Avengate.com and Support@Avengate.com and share my dismay with them.
Entity: Redwood City, Select State/Province
50, Report #1258099
Sep 30 2015
07:21 AM
Avangate B.V. iobit iobit Fraudulant order -- took $44 .00 from my Visa -- email from PayPal said it was for an auto-renewal unknown? Amsterdam linked to Avangate B.V. Internet
users of iobit products beware !   I received a PayPal email statement saying I had transacted a purchase, a product from Avangate B.V., in the amount of $44.00.  I never ordered it and don't know what it is!   the name 'iobit' appears on the email from PayPal. Avangate is already implicated in this fraud scam-- read other blogs. Paypal is not safe as long as this type of scam can happen to our accounts! One website says Avangate B.V. is based in Amsterdam.   Support@avangate ,  or call 6509635701  --operaters assured me the money will be refunded (we shall see) this just occured Sept. 30, 15
Entity: Internet

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