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1, Report #1169174
Aug 12 2014
05:58 AM
I used to use AVG, did so for a number of years without a problem. Over the last couple of months, AVG sent sent out half a dozen random auto renew notices. Two just slipped in on me and dinged my credit card for $39.99 twice. I filed a refund request. They are evaluating my request for a refund. Tonight I got another notice that they will be autorenewing. I went to cancel that and got the following message: unsubcription unsuccessful. an unexpected error occurred, please contact us manually ......   I CALLED MY BANK, PAYPAL, AND TRIED TO REACH AVG SEVERAL WAYS BUT CAN'T SHUT THEM OFF. I HAVE TO SHUT OF THE CREDIT CARD MY BANK SAYS.    All my rent, utilities, insurance, Netflix, etc. will have to be contacted to give them the new credit card numbers. Just thought if I could save anybody the same hassle I would let everybody know.   MY ADVISE IS AVOID THESE GUYS. I GOT A FREE ANTI-VIRUS FROM MY CABLE COMPANY THAT IS WORKING GREAT.     
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1367227
Apr 12 2017
06:07 AM
To I found out that for ten years this company has been chargeing me a annual fee ( totaling $690)for a product that has never worked. When bought to their attention. Customer service proved to be very argumentative, and informed me they would install the software for a fee. wish I had done my reaearch. AVG has a History of scams and rip offs. Pissed off.
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1393577
Aug 17 2017
05:08 PM
AVG Bait and switch Internet
After using a free computer antivirus plan from AVG, I clicked the link on my laptop to purchase full protection. After filling out all information, including billing info, I clicked the purchase radio button. I was not re-directed to a confirmation page. after an additional attempt with no sucess, I called the contact # listed 8773504141 then was redirected to 8773504141. After 15 - 20 minutes on the phone with a relatively incompentent lady, I was offered an ultimate plan for about an additional $100.00, which would require allowing access to my computer. By this time, I was pretty aggravated and suspicious. I ended the call. I will never trust AVG again. It remains to be seen if my bank is charged the offered 1 yr plan for $37.49.  
Entity: Internet
4, Report #409698
Jan 08 2009
02:23 PM
AVG Internet Security Very inadequate service Orlando Florida
We purchased AVG Internet Security 3User Pack about four months ago at OfficeMax for eighty dollars. We started having problems a month ago. When we purchased the product they advertised 24/7 Technical Support, but failed to note that it is only email support. Phone support is possible if you pay them sixty dollars an hour. They were unable to help us resolve our first problem(failed internet access) even after three days of back n forth email communication so we took our system back to the place where we purchased it, and they fixed the problem in one hour for forty-five dollars. The problem turned out to be AVG's own internet security filter was blocking access. Yesterday the AVG firewall protection stopped working so we had to email AVG Tech Support, and explain the problem to them. They (AVG) sent us a generic email suggesting we go to FAQ to resolve the problem. I've sent another email explaining that we were unable to resolve the problem using FAQ. They(AVG) responded by sending us the same generic message. The bottom line is that AVG probably cannot resolve most technical support issues by email. My advice to computer users is to NEVER PURCHASE AVG SECURITY PRODUCTS. Only purchase from companies that guarantee 24/7 phone support. Marshall Ashland, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
5, Report #571263
Feb 19 2010
08:50 AM
AVG Technologies Did not provide product that was purchased Chelmsford, Massachusetts
I purchased AVG Anti-virus on May 2, 2009 and paid for the product in full.  I was e-mailed a link that same day to download the product I purchased for $65.  The link did not work.  It sent me to a web page that was no longer available. I sent an email to customer service explaining the link did not work.  They responded by sending me the exact same email they had already sent with the same link that still did not work.  I sent another request to customer service and again received the same response. After several weeks of this, I was finally notified that my link was more than 30 days old and I would have to re-purchase it to be able to download at this point.  Refusing to give this company any more money, I declined their offer. On February 2, 2010, I received another email informing me that I purchased their product on May 2, 2009 but had not yet downloaded it.  They generously sent me the link that does not work, but then suggested that I pay for the link since it was more than 30 days old. I am convinced that this is a scam.  You purchase the product, they run you in cirlces, then 30 days later try to get more money out of you by telling you that your link has expired.  I think this company should be stopped from 1) taking money for a product they refuse to make available to the consumer and 2) from further vicitimizing consumers by charging them more money for a link that does not work.  It is obvious they had no intentions of providing the software purchased in the first place but they did manage to charge my credit card.  
Entity: Chelmsford, Massachusetts
6, Report #673145
Dec 18 2010
06:57 PM
AVG Technologies Deceptive Billing Newton, North Carolina
AVG sent an invoice for software renewal after expiration of a previous subscription. My accounts payable department did not know the AVG product had been replaced by our tech support company, so the bill was promptly paid. When I telephoned AVG customer service about the mix up, they hung up on the calls. I sent them a letter, and rather than respond to me, AVG e-mailed one of my employees claiming that a reseller had generated the bill and accepted payment - not AVG who sent the bill and cashed the check.     AVG ignored every reasonable request to just simply refund the payment. My tech support company plans to replace the AVG product for hundreds of customers as a result.  
Entity: Newton, North Carolina
7, Report #959201
Oct 24 2012
06:13 AM
AVG Technologies Automatic Renewal Billing Internet
Watch out if you have an automatic renewal policy with the AVG company using a Automatic renewal credit transaction.  Three months after I renewed my license with them and ACH debit transaction appeared on my bank statement for an automatic renewal 9 months before it was due again.  If I hadn't caught this, I would be charged again 9 months from now.  Watch OUT.
Entity: , Internet
8, Report #1195472
Dec 15 2014
09:08 AM
AVG 2014 PC Crashes your system Internet
Used to have Symantec's Norton 360, which I thought was getting a bit pricey. Looked around for alternative & computer guru friend recommended AVG. I used their month-long free trial -not bad. Was unaware that price difference between Norton & AVG is due to AVG not advertising their internet protection program clearly, or disclosing that their price does not include certain components which must be added on to get the full-meal deal. Terrible business practice! Paid for AVG after trying Avast, too. This was months ago. My desktop PC hasn't worked right since. Now my CPU usage indicator shows 100% all the time & I believe it's either AVG not performing functions properly, eating all my memory, or it let something through which is now roosting on my harddrive. Either way, this past weekend I had to completely remove it from my PC which was no easy task. At first it wouldn't even uninstall! Hours & hours it took me to perform this simple function. Yuck! Because usage is at full capacity, nothing will load in a timely manner. What a mess & waste of time! I'm going back to Symantec and seeking a refund from AVG -doubt I'll get it, but at least I can stop them from trying to auto-renew their crappy service.
Entity: Internet
9, Report #1210114
Feb 18 2015
07:57 PM
AVG Antivirus random renewal auto deduct of checking acct. Internet
     I went to my bank today 2/18/15 and was told about a $39.99 deduction frpm my checking account. Since I am very careful to yrack all expences I knew this was not an authorized transaction and told my bank it was not authorized.  I was told to try to cpntact the company and resolve the matter.      I contacted AVG through several phone numbers listed as tech support,  customer service and then AVG them selves. 877-648-3134 was a number tech support gave me to call. Not a working number. 877-469-8630 tech support told me they couldn't do anything until logged onto a computer. I told them I already tried logging into the 3 year old account that was not renewed because I don't have the computer any longer. I could not long onto the account because there was no longer an account.      The resolution to the problem is to close the account and open a new one. Which means a mess withy pay roll,  bills I pay from my account and the waist of the checks I already purchased. 
Entity: Internet
10, Report #447297
Apr 28 2009
07:49 PM
Avg avg is most certainly a ripoff Internet
I was also ripped off by avg.com. The software would not download without multiple error messages, etc. I requested a refund and it has been refused, as described in other postings about this company. The message I got was: Dear Valued Customer, This e-mail is in regard to your request for a refund of order ... for the following product(s), that we forwarded to the publisher: AVG Internet Security (etc)... We regret to inform you that the publisher has denied this request. The publisher of this software has contacted you to clarify this issue. If you would like to see the information that is available on the publisher's Website, please visit http://www.avg.com/ . Thank you for your understanding. I don't know what can be clarified about requesting a refund. I keep sending my request from their site on a daily basis, and will continue to do so until the 30-days are over. However, at this point, I still do not have my money. I am contacting my credit card company (thanks for the posting on that) and file complaints with the FTC, state Attorney General, and any other applicable agency that I can locate. Their 30-day refund policy is, in my experience, a marketing ploy and a sham. Carol Jacksonville, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
11, Report #413558
Jan 18 2009
01:02 PM
MBContact - AVG (.org) Software AVG Software copycat Internet
I had a similar experience when attempting to buy AVG software and license. I downloaded what I thought was a 3-year license for about $58 charged to my credit card. The charge was approved by MBContact.com, I received confirmation email and link to continue the transaction and download the software. I clicked on the link and found username and password to continue to the Member's Area where I was able to download the software. I downloaded the software and it automatically started a complete scan of my computer (which I stopped after about 3 minutes). The program was called Security Solutions in my list of Program Files and system tray. Alarm bells went off in my head. I have AVG on another computer, and this just wasn't feeling right (and the price for a 3 year license was too good to be true). After snooping around more on the Security Solutions site, I noted there was absolutely no contact information, the link to the support tab did not function, and the site was virtually barren. I emailed MBContact (no response yet - and I'm not expecting one) to NOT charge my credit card. I will also contact my VISA provider and dispute the charge. I also deleted the software as fast as I could!! If a loss of $58 is the worst thing that happens, I'll be happy. I am more concerned about the fact that MBContact has my credit card information and Security Solutions got at least a partial scan of my computer. I have since downloaded the real AVG software. Watch out for sites that have similar email addresses. In this case the copycat address is www.avg-download-free.org/. I know that I'll be MUCH more careful in the future. Lynn Ramona, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
12, Report #592705
Apr 13 2010
07:42 AM
AVG Anti-Virus & Firewall DO NOT USE AVG FOR PROTECTION!! Internet
Do not use AVG Anti-Virus & Firewall protection for your computer!!  Their services don't really protect you from malicious software and when it does happen to your computer, you end up having to go out and buy a brand new computer.  When you ask for a refund from their company, they just give you the run around and avoid the issue alltogether!! I had their software on my computer and somehow some malicious software got through their firewall and I couldn't get rid of it no matter what I did.  So I sent an email to the company and asked for a refund and they told me that after 30 days they do not give any refunds even though I signed up for 2 years of their service!  DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!  THEY ARE A MAJOR RIP OFF AND THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THIER CUSTOMERS!!
Entity: , Internet
13, Report #638707
Sep 08 2010
10:29 AM
AVG Technologies AVG Technologies, INC USA Product BROKE my computer Chelmford, Massachusetts
I tried to download AVG free It downloaded along with something called Cyber defense( This item did NOT have my permission to download as it popped up after i had pressed for the AVG free and the download button was misrepresented as the AVG Free).After it downloaded I thought the whole thing was part of the AVG so I wanted to get rid of it but my ENTIRE desktop was gone completely BLANK except for AVG's stupid program telling me I have to buy some $20 dollar upgrade to fix my computer. When I called AVG  they claimed it must have DETECTED something and that sometimes the DETECTION triggers the virus. Mind you I had NOT even run the scan at the time It immediately happened after the download I do not even have a start menu to remove this. All they then proceeded to do was try and SELL me the program, the fixes etc.This is a very shoddy business practice to literally force people to buy their products under the guise of FREE. It will now cost me about $100 dollars to have a professional reload the operating system and fix the mess that AVG's FREE program did to my computer, because they make it IMPOSSIBLE to remove their FREE program so that you are FORCED to buy their crap
Entity: Chelmford, Massachusetts
14, Report #1047561
May 01 2013
06:51 AM
Please don't download the free AVG.  Once it's on your computer you can't get it off.  I've been trying for 3 months. When you uninstall it using the Control Panel, it is still on there eating up your ram, reappearing on your task bar, and asking to restart whenever your restart the computer. There is a wikihow on removing it you should look at because it has  you spending a couple of hours and editing your register.    Why would you consider buying software from a ripoff artist!?!  I used it because it was recommended at the time by CNET.  Too bad they don't consider the time required to uninstall it.  I'm loosing faith in CNET too.
Entity: Internet
15, Report #1309560
Jun 05 2016
08:02 AM
AVG AntiVirus AVG AntiVirus is Clearly a Form of Ransomware Online Nationwide
In 2014, I installed AVG 2014 on my PC. I shortly became dissatisfied with it, and uninstalled it thru the Control Panel. Since then, the AVG 2014 Icon has continually appeared on my Toolbar, and I have not been able to get rid of it. Since I uninstalled it thru Control Panel using AVG's official uninstall procedures, it was no longer there. I then went to the AVG site, downloaded its official removal software, ran it twice, rebooted 4 times, and their icon is still on my toolbar. This AVG remover never describes whether or not it has corrected the problem, and if not, exactly why not, nor how you can correct it. This constant nightmarish AVG icon presence appears to be much more than just an annoyance - just about every time that the AVG icon activates, my computer drastically slows down. I researched Online and found that 100s of other AVG former users apparently are also going thru very similar AVG nightmares. I called the AVG Free Consultation line. My call was answered by a person with a heavy foreign accent. He told me that AVG will never completely uninstall if you have a 'defective file' somewhere on your system. I said, 'Well then, why didn't your remover program tell me this', and Why was I not informed before downloading it that if you have a problem with your computer, it is impossible to uninstall AVG?' He had no answers. I then said, 'Please provide me a description of exactly what I should look for so I can correct it and then remove your AVG icon.' He also said they would provide me no such description, but for $79.99, one of AVG's technicians would tell me where the conflict was at, but would not repair the conflict for me, and I would have to give him remote access to my computer. He implied that if I wanted AVG to actually uninstall AVG on my computer that the cost would be even more. In other words, you can download AVG for free, but if you ever even want a chance to uninstall it, you may have to pay AVG $79.99+. To me, that is the definition of RANSOMWARE, and to me, that classifies AVG Antivirus as a COMPUTER VIRUS itself. I complained that since I was calling the AVG Free Consultation line then he should provide me actually helpful info. He then told me that Consultation was not the same thing as Support, and I would have to pay $79.99 for his technical support person to tell me what is wrong. Incidentally, some of the Online complaints against AVG say that you can't uninstall AVG because a computer virus has infected AVG. If true, question then becomes, why would you trust AVG as your antivirus program, when it, itself, can be infected by a virus?! Even if AVG is infected by viruses, then why would not AVG be capable of removing the virus automatically itself. The question also is, If a defect in one of your 1,000s of computer files can make it impossible to remove AVG, then, (A) Why does not AVG post big warning notices about this before you download AVG? (B) Why can't the AVG remover program identify specifically what the conflicts are (yet, AVG claims their technicians can do this), and either automatically remove them or at least report them to you? (C) Why is it that some other antivirus programs not also suffer from this? My strong advice: (A) Never buy an AVG product, (B) But if you do, try to find a class action attorney to sue AVG big time. Please point your relatives, friends and associates to this complaint.
Entity: Nationwide
16, Report #1357112
Feb 20 2017
06:12 AM
AVG/GO Their top level tech support for AVG install problems charged for service and then gave a big arguement for refund after messing with a remote install of AVG security for 2 days and finally  installed a Windows repair app. which when they ran it CRASHED my machine. had to do wipe and re install of windows by a local A+ tech to get it running correctly again. my tech said they should of never installed windows repair that messed with regestry and other files.
Entity: Internet
17, Report #823894
Jan 17 2012
10:42 AM
AVG software is free but when you uninstall you have to pay or it won't uninstall! Internet
I took downloaded AVG for free to try out their security software and then at the end of the trial month I did not purchase the software. Now I have free security software that is included with my internet service by my internet provider. They advised me I needed to uninstall AVG and Norton in order to download their software. I went to the control panel and uninstalled Norton without a problem and when I uninstalled AVG it appeared that it was working but never uninstalled. I have tried at least 5 times to uninstall it and it never actually works. I was advised by my ISP to contact AVG for assistance in uninstalling. I called AVG and they told me that I would have to pay a technician to have it removed from my computer. They transferred me to their tech buddy's who charge $49.99 to log into your computer remotely and remove the program for you. They said if I didn't want to use their technicians I could go somewhere and pay to have it removed. I have never in my life downloaded something advertised as free and then had any issue trying to remove the program from my computer and then be told I have to pay to have it removed. If I would have known this upfront I NEVER would have tried their software in the first place. So I would strongly recommend anyone that hasn't tried their free security software not to try it unless you want to pay for it when you need it removed.
Entity: , Internet
18, Report #776461
Sep 13 2011
07:09 PM
AVG tech Pay us $125 and your computer will work better then before Internet
Downloaded AVG free anti virus program. I already had paid for it on my PC - funny it has sort of the same problem. Hmmmm! Right after it was done it ask to keep working or shutdown restart now. I did shut down/restart. In restart Dell startup could be seen, but then it went dark. After two days of trying to get help lady asking questions- says basically it's my fault I must have had a popup. They can have a tech guy help me. I ask how much well to start with Dx $125, but he will have your computer running better then before! my computer was fine until I down loaded your program & now I'm wondering if the paid version did something to my other PC.
Entity: , Internet
19, Report #711810
Mar 30 2011
07:55 AM
I ordered AVG Technologies Anti-Virus program online for $37.49.  I noticed that another $0.37 appeared on my bank statement.  I called AVG and they told me to talk to the bank even though they were fully aware that it was the fact that their bank was in Nicosia, Cypress and would trigger an Foreign Transaction Fee from my credit card company.  My gripe is not wih the credit card company nor with my bank; it is with AVG.  AVG should make it extremely clear that they are a foreign company disguising themselves as an American  business.  It should be made clear when ordering products from AVG that they are really in Cypress and that any transaction with them may encounter a Foreign Transaction Fee.
Entity: Internet, Internet
20, Report #903068
Jun 26 2012
11:14 AM
On June 21, 2012 at 11:04 PM I received an email stating that my subscription to AVG for internet security was being automatically renewed. I did not view this email until 7:30 AM, June 22, 2012, and immediately  contacted AVG explaining that I did not want to renew, and to cancel the renewal debit from my checking account immediately. I further explained the urgency of my request for cancellation, stating that my checking account would incur over the limit fees if this unauthorized charge was processed by my bank. I contacted them twice on June 22, 2012, twice on June 23, 2012, twice on June 24, 2012, and four times on June 25, 2012, after discovering that my checking account had been debited by AVG, causing two over the limit fees for $26 each. Each time I was told that my over the limit fees would be refunded to me, but today received an email from AVG stating they were not responsible for the fees, and would not pay them. As of today June 26, 2012 AVG has refunded the renewal amount but claimed no responsibility for the over the limit fees, one of which was for their debit to my account. I have now taken $52 of my July rent payment to reinstate my checking account. AVG it appears operates fraudulently in this regard and cannot (as far as I am concerned) be trusted.
Entity: Chelmsford, Massachusetts
21, Report #342607
Jun 21 2008
04:39 AM
AVG Technologies UAS, Inc. unauthorized charge for software to credit card Orlando Florida
On June 10, 2008 I receivec an email from AVG saying I could update to a new software protection version for $49.95. After enterig my credit card number, a screen came up saying it was offerd as a package for $109.85. I was not interested in payming that much for the package, but there was no option for accepting or rejecting the package. Out of frustration in trying to reject the package, I finally decided to exit the program since I had not been asked to verify or authorize the purchase. I used their website to try to get in touch with customer service to make sure they did not charge me. I could not get in touch with anyone in customer service. A recording told me the person was not available and to leave a call back message. When I tried to leave a message, a recording would tell me the mailbox was full and disconnect. I then sent an email to customer service and got a reply that the email was undeliverable. So, later on that day, I contacted my bank to see if they could make sure this was not paid. I told them whar happened and they said they didn't think AVG would proceess payment since I had not completed the order process and given authorization for the package. But they told me to monitor my account to see if anything comes through. If it did, we would have to dispute the charges. Well, a charge for one portion of the package (not the upgrade) came in on Saturday (June 21) and I expect charges for the other two portion of the software package to come in over the next couple of days. I have spent hours trying to contact AVG and get the same response --No answer to phone calls - mailbox full. I feel like I have been ripped off and that AVG is doing everything possible to keep from addressing consumer complaints. I will be filing a complaint with the Texas Attorney General's Office in hopes that AVG will be prohited from selling in the state of Texas. Theie advertisement was deceptive and amounted to nothiing short of fraud Mike Arlington, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet, Nationwide
22, Report #1112951
Jan 04 2014
03:57 PM
AVG Technologies Refusal to Issue Refund Newton North Carolina
In a few words, here it is:  In May of 2013, a cheque was erroneously paid to AVG for virus software, which our office did not use anymore.  Within a couple of days, the mistake was realized and we called the AVG offices immediately.  Unfortunately, the cheque we had sent them, in the amount of $696.99, had already been processed.  In retrospect, I should have called the bank and issued a stop-payment (at a cost of $25.00), but I thought that AVG would honour their promise of a refund.  They have not.  It is now nine months later, January 2014, and all I get are empty promises and the run-a-round.  One department passes it off on another.  After countless telephone calls (all of which are documented with names, date, time, etc.), leaving voicemails (of which I never get a reply call), and email communications, namely with Robert Bekemeier, Customer Service Lead, my patience with them is exhausted.  They were given more than ample time and fair warning as to my next steps.   It might not do any good, but a complaint has been duly filed with the BBB.  Now this RipOffReport.  Next, whomever is the licensing authority for a software company.  Point is this.  Do not do business with AVG and tell everyone you know the same.  They are not to be trusted.  They are unethical and unprofessional. 
Entity: Newton, North Carolina
23, Report #992230
Jan 06 2013
11:49 AM
AVG HORRIBLE!!! Only program I can NOT and have NEVER been able to unistall Internet
A friend thought his AVG free 2012 was so great he downloaded it on my laptop. I have had nothing but troubles; toooooo slow is main thing and I can no longer get my printer to work since it's been downloaded.  I have spent hours reading and trying different suggestions to uninstall AVG.  Zero results. Horrible company, terrible support. There outta be a law to stop a company from taking away end users abilility to remove their product.
Entity: , Internet
24, Report #1142822
Apr 29 2014
08:04 PM
AVG Technologies scamming public into renewing service w/o their knowledge San Francisco California
If you ever buy an AVG product they will try to covertly force you to renew their service w/o you knowing it.  They bury the scam in their propaganda that most people don't read - you have to click yes to the agreement if you want the product and this is where they try to force you into renewing their service. Don't buy AVG - they hung up on my credit card company when we disputed the charge and won't call them back.  They are not even in the US - located in the Netherlands and Czech Republic with no address or phone number on their invoice they send you AFTER they charge your credit card.  What a sleezy company! They are a scam company and to be boycotted.  You can get free spy ware and firewalls on the internet.  Don't waste your money on this company! I am disputing all charges and have filed complaints with attorney generals in North Carolina and California.  The credit card company told me many elderly people call all confused regarding these type of SCAMS! It is time we fight back against this type of corporate bullying and fraud! Don't let them do it to you - fight back! 
Entity: San Francisco , California
25, Report #1311887
Jun 17 2016
07:42 AM
AVG AntiVirus techs unable to fix computer but won't refund my money Internet
My AVG sotware stopping working and i called AVG support.  i paid $119 for a one time fix, 8 hours later they had removed their software but did not reinstall it.  I called, spoke with two techs who refused to refund my money even though they acknowledge that the computer was not fixed. They sent my call to a refund specialist who told me that i could not expect a refund for 7-10 days and that someone would call me in that time.  This is a really lousy service, the software does not work and the company is not able to fix their product.  They are quick to take your money - RANSOMWARE as another complaint has accurately called it -- but want you to wait 7-10 days for a refund.  Whatever you do, DO NOT buy this product or service.  It is a total scam. 
Entity: Internet

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