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1, Report #1388018
Jul 25 2017
09:02 AM
Axiom America Unknowledgeable, Inexperienced to Repairing Equipment they Sell/ Horrible Customer Service DEVON Pennsylvania
If you could bear with me for a few minutes I'd like to paint our frustrating picture for you and the entire experience we have had since making our purchase with AXIOM AMERICA. We purchased two printers from Axiom the first week in January 2016, one of the biggest mistakes we have ever encountered is Axiom! We purchased both the Mimaki TS300 and a Mutoh JV900 in the same purchase order. Fuzion put 50% down, making a wire transfer on January 25th. We were so excited to take possession of both printers on February 9th, 2016. Between Feb 9th and approximately 2nd or 3rd WEEK in March several service techs from Axiom traveled to set up the printer. From what we came to understand the initial tech Axiom sent was not educated on the MIMAKI TS300 and the ink was run through the wrong lines and, obviously, the printer was not up and running when he left our shop. When the next service tech came to our shop the last week of February/first week of March he was so angry at the condition of our BRAND NEW printer. He told us the ink was running through the wrong locations and he had to flush the entire system. Over the next several weeks Techs from Axiom came out to get it up and running. At one point we were told our NEW Mimaki would need a new main board BEFORE we ever even got one print from it. At this point we asked Axiom for a NEW Mimaki TS300 in exchange for this one.. Because with all the errors that were made by the Axiom installation techs we felt we had a defective machine. I didn't want a rebuild. We didn't know what problems their mistakes would cause in the long run. Axiom told us they would not replace it. At this point I contacted MIMAKI DIRECTLY and our Rep, Steve was to bring in Mimaki's tech. in which we have much gratitude. We still had to go through Axiom to get registration information, dongle key code, etc. before we could fully use the printer. AND WE WERE BILLED AND PAID FOR THE FLUSHING SOLUTION to clean out the erroneous ink streams. One week after warranty we had problems with the printer stopping mid-print and we were told we needed a new motor. The service call was a minimum is $600 + travel, labor and parts. Fuzion is a one man show. Our output is not huge volumes and we do this because we love it. Ideally, we would love to grow our business and have been talking about adding additional printers and heat presses. Tom has the clientele but he is still paying off two printers that are not running - the MUTOH didn't run from day one buy AXIOM blamed our IT for messing with them when attempting to get them running. Two weeks ago the Mimaki started banding badly (I'm unsure if I'm explaining it correctly) but there are lines running through the prints every 1/2 or so. Tommy ran several head cleaning but it wasn't helping and it seemed like the black printer head was clogged. With several very angry clients because Tom was running behind due to the motor, I sent Axiom a service requisition because we needed someone out quickly. The tech came out, soaked the head IN SOLVENT!!!!, THE WORSE THING YOU CAN DO - IT IS ONLY SUPPOSED TO BE SOAKED IN WARM WATER). The tech ran tests and we were up and running again, $1,000 later. After 3 or 4 days the same thing started happening again and we were told it needs a new printer head. A $3,200 part. Tom is able to get a few prints from it after running it through cleaning again and again but he is wasting so much consumables. We NEVER want to work with Axiom EVER again! Just a side note so you know how Axiom is so dedicated to their clients the Mutoh hasn't given us more than 20-25 prints since it was installed. After installation (at the same time of the Mimaki) they ran test prints and they would come out fine. After a couple days it stopped printing. Our tech would call their tech and they insist that our tech did something wrong. When Tom or our tech would call for help Axiom would refer us to Ergosoft (software), Erosoft would refer us to Mutoh, Mutoh said it was an Axiom problem and around we go. For an entire year we have probably logged on 80-100+ hours with techs, all of which pass the buck. When Axiom's tech was out for the Mimaki he told us that the MUTOH needed a new main board. I guess the problem is that the printer and computers are not playing nice and one doesn't recognize the other. However Axiom, just last week, offered to sell the Mutoh for us and they would give us an excellent price for a new printer! With both issues with the MIMAKI AND MUTOH we went directly to the manufacturers. Both companies sent out Service Techs from their local offices and we didn't have to go to a 3rd party and more importantly we never have to see AXIOM again.
2, Report #176571
Feb 16 2006
03:12 PM
TKO Auto Accessories ripoff, unethical, unprofessional, and unknowledgeable about the products they are authorized to sell. Memphis Tennessee
About a month ago I purchased at set of Ultra White Halogen (Blue) lights from this company for my 2002 Lincoln LS V8. As I conferred with the service representative, either he was unaware, or knowingly did not disclose any problems foreseen with this product upon purchase. As a result of his negligence, Friday evening February 10th, 2006 one of my headlights went out. I was informed as to the extent of damage done to my vehicle on Monday February 13th, 2006 upon taking my car to Country Ford in Southaven, MS to have the headlight looked at. The Service Manager at Country Ford, Jim nearly jumped down my throat stating that the Halogen lights installed in my car were too high voltage, and the heat from the bulb fried the connector wires to the headlight. He then stated that under no circumstance could Halogen lights be installed in my type of vehicle and the person who sold them to me should have known this. The cost to repair the damage was $240 for parts and labor for one side. I am hoping that the other headlight will not result in the same outcome, but during inspection I was informed the wires to the other headlight was okay, but should be repaired eventually. I am a single mother and at this time cannot afford to get the other side replaced. On Tuesday February 14th, 2006 I called and emailed this company to inquire about contact information for the Ultra White company as well as to inform them of my problem. To date I have heard nothing back from them. Further, I was referred to this company and of course checked them out with the BBB in Memphis, TN, they had no complaints. But, I was under the impression that any company who is an Authorized Vendor of a product would need to have SOME knowledge in what they're selling. For example, if Auto Zone sold me a product for my vehicle, and it was the wrong part, or product, why should this company not be held accountable for their products? In this case, and per Ford Certified Mechanics, this product should have never been sold to me, or referred to as the BEST in accessory lighting. Aleta Walls, MississippiU.S.A.
Entity: Memphis, Tennessee
3, Report #330690
May 05 2008
03:18 PM
Axiom Shoppers Imformation Company they tried to get me to put a fake check in money gram or western union and go to jail Port Jefferson New York
iI feel that these people tried to make me go to jail because they sent me a fake check for $3980.70 try to cash it and go to jail. I have three small children and a husband i go to school and work everyday andi think that itt is wrong for these people to go around and harass people for a fake codmpany that doesnt exist. Mzbook Glendale, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Port Jefferson, New York
4, Report #887607
May 24 2012
12:18 PM
axiom research, llc This company poses as a secret shopper business and sends a check in the amount of $1989.33. they tell you to go online and activate check then deposit it into your checking acct but 350.00 of it is y emeryville, California
I received a check in the mail from this company for 1989.33 which i was supposed to activate on their website and then deposit into my acct. 350.00 of which was supposed to be mine for payroll i was to withdraw the rest and go online to get the job of which they assign. I showed the check to my bank and they said they had already seen 3 of those checks and it was nothing but a scam.
Entity: emeryville, California
5, Report #1133736
Mar 26 2014
07:59 AM
Axiom Motors Unable to decide on price and aggressive in approach Brandon Florida
 I come to you today after my original purchase about 4 and a half years ago from Axiom Motors. My ex also purchased her car from them after I had gotten mine. Then, I purchased a 2003 Camry and I was financed through their CAC bank for an incredible interest rate but I had no other options at the time. The Camry has been paid off and I’ve been interested in a newer car. These guys were pretty fair before and I wanted to bring my business back to them. They had a 2007 Audi A4 with 80,000 miles and I was told by Mr. Potter it was 12,900$. Which was a bit above KBB (when priced out as being sold by dealership used its actually valued at 11,000$). I went back in yesterday to speak with George, Generally if you have questions he's offstandish and has an underlying attitude he tries to control but seeps through. Upon arriving he told me that the car was actually 16,900 dollars and that the cash price is 14,900$ that it couldn’t have been right and must have included my trade in. Which my car at that point has never actually been looked at for trade-in value. He tried to get me to pay 475$ a month for the car and I told him no. He said he would talk to Potter and see what they could do. They refused to change the price of the car to be fairer and claimed that the bank decides on the price of the car. I never realized that a bank has the ability to declare a value of a car grossly above its actual market and suggest retail value by Audi themselves. George got very short on the phone because he wasn't just getting a blind sale. All of their cars are overpriced for the actual car you get. In the end I would have been paying almost 25,000 for the car after all the interest and inflated price. I will be taking my business somewhere else and this post will be on all car dealer review sites. I've also sent in a review for the BBB. Good Luck Guys.
Entity: Brandon, Florida
6, Report #1208038
Feb 10 2015
11:49 AM
Norax Nutracuticals Axiom, Metaugus, Natural Products Analytics group, Jay Connaughton. Deceit, scam Lies Lies, Deceit, Scam, Multiple Companies, Bad quotes, Newman Georgia
Norax Supplements, Axiom Nutraceuticals, Metaugus Inc, Natural Analytics Group, are all operated by Jay Connaugton, and it seems to be a complex scam. While looking for a supplement manufacturer, I was almost taken in by Norax's low quotes and big promises. Fortunately, I caught one of their mistakes, when they invoiced me for the product and it had both Axiom's name and Noraxes name on the invoice. My freelance Rep Caroline, told me that she worked for several different supplement manufacturers, and since Axiom was hard to work with, she told me that we should work with Norax instead, because it was a better company. So, at this point,  I was supposed to be dealing with Norax, NOT AXIOM. I took  a picture of the invoice, with my phone, and the next time I went to look at the electronic invoice, they had caught their mistake and changed it to Norax, of course both had the same address,  I also have a picture of that. That made me feel a bit queazy and I knew something was very wrong. I immedietly began an indepth search and found that all four companies were operated by Jay Connaughton. And that the address provided to me as the address for Norax Supplements, LLC at 37 Calumet Parkway, Building P, Suite 100, Newman GA 30263 was some kind of Hotel or small office building. I searched the Indiana based Natural Analytics Group, address  2116 W Industrial Dr. Bloomington, IN 47404 and found a building with the Metaugus, Inc Logo on it. It was a medium sized pole building with 3 cars by it. Not exactly the huge company I was led to believe existed... And wasn't Metaugus supposed to be in Georgia??? I also looked up AXIOM ATLANTA HEADQUARTERS. 33 Herring Road Newnan, GA 30265. Nothing made any sense, as there were no buildings at the Norax addresses or the Axiom addresses. The only real building I ever found was the pole barn, Metaugus Inc, in Indiana. It was all so strange. I'm sure all this could have a reasonable explaination but that doesn't account for their Quotes!  Ironically, I received 3 other quotes shortly after deciding to put everything on hold while my research of Norax continued.  Not only were their quotes much higher, they required that my product be in 6 capsules. while Jay insisted that each product would fit into one capsule per serving. Yet,  I had repeatedly asked Jay Connaughton through my account Rep, Caroline Leedom, if they were sure my product would fit into only 1 capsule, they assured me that Jay had been doing this for years and YES my new supplements would each fit into 1 capsule. I questioned my other company reps and they assured me that my ingredient list could NEVER fit into 1 capsule and that any company who said otherwise was lying. As I reread my emails/quotes from Caroline and Jay, and compared them to my previous Axiom quotes,  I realised other oddities. My Norax quotes were all about  $2.00 cheaper per item than the  Axiom quotes AND my four products although very different in ingredients and in a quantities were all within pennies of eachother. None of my other quotes from reputable manufacturers followed a similar pattern. My experience with Jay and his companies was very negative. It is obvious to me that they are running some sort of scam. Only God knows what would have been in my products or how much damage they could have done to my reputation, or how many thousands of dollars I would have lost. Please research deeply into this man and his companies before trusting him. If I were you, I wouldn't trust him at all. In my opinion and experience he is a SCAMMER.  
Entity: Newman, Georgia
7, Report #408810
Jan 06 2009
04:03 PM
Veterinary Clinics Of America Aurora VCA They charged me $3000+ to Neglect and Kill my Dog... Inexperienced!! They lack basic medical knowledge!! Aurora Illinois
This is sick!!! At about 10pm on a Friday night I brought in my sweet 3 year old Female Pug Puppy because she was having difficulty urinating and VCA had 24 hour care available. A simple medical procedure of inserting a cath so that she could urinate until the scheduled surgery to remove her bladder stones the following Monday morning....simple right? Well to say the least this story does not end well. Little did I know at that time that my otherwise extemely healthy girl would be leaving the VCA in a cardboard bulk napkin box and $3000+ within 48 hours. To keep me from getting angry all over again Ill keep it simple and spare you from every detail. They failed 3 times in keeping the cath in her and charged me every time approx $300 to reinsert it. I expressed my concern of charging me each time and the risk for possible infection caused from multiple carless reinsertion. I plead for antibiotics to be administered but my words fell on the deaf ears of a inexperienced, neglective and condescending staff. The next afternoon (Saturday) I was called and told my dog was urinating on her own and that I should be able to come pick her up and keep her at home until her scheduled surgery on Monday morning...great right. When I walked in to pick her up they were very concerned with having me pay my bablance fbefore seing my dog which at that time was only about $1500 (1 night stay...cath only.....outrageous). When I paid they finally brought her out to me to take home......she was in the middle of a seizure!!!!! My dog had NEVER a seizure before....I handed her right back to a very frazzled nurse....I was speechless. Why the HELL would they have me pay my balance and then try to hand me back my obviously suffering dog who was in urgent need of care. I believe they caused this condition through negligence and wanted the liability off thier hands. This was outrageous!! I then demanded to speak with Dr Schaefer, the Hospital Director, but was told he was off (yes they actually said he was off)and I could speak to him Monday morning. Well my dog didnt have until monday morning and I had just readmitted her with a bunch of inexperienced, rude VET school grads all the meanwhile more $$$. She countinued to have cluster seizures throughout the night and I begged the staff again to give her antibiotics (Poorly inserted/dirty caths can cause infection...infection can cause seizures...basic first aid stuff) but the unproffesional staff seemed to think my opinion didnt matter and just went on administering useless pain meds ($$$) to mask the seizure symptoms. Listen....this is a tough situation for both the staff and the dog owner. Of course we want them to do whatever it takes to save my dog. But the neglect, inexpierience, and overall lack of professionalism of the VCA staff is the reason my dog is no longer with us. I spoke with Dr Schaefer the morning after my dog passed....he was unwilling to admit any mistake or wrongdoing of his inexperienced weekend staff and after MUCH tiring debate offered to buy me off with a miserable $300 deduction from my bill $3000+(which had to be paid in full before they released my dogs body back to me in a cardboard bulk napkin box). I dont want my money back...but the VCA does not deserve it!!! The cost for veterinary services at this hospital is almost 3 times the national average...THEY HAVE YOU TRAPPED, THEY HAVE YOUR HEART AND THEY KNOW IT. Everyone should call or email the VCA and let them know how you feel after reading about my experience. They cannot get away with running this kind of operation and no pet or owner should EVER have to experience what my wife and I did. Please avoid the VCA Aurora!!! There are many other good, honest and experienced emergency care clinics in the area.... look them up ahead of time. Matt Yorkville, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Aurora, Illinois
8, Report #1176323
Sep 19 2014
10:33 AM
Axiom Nutraceuticals - Metaugus Inc Axiom - Jay Connaughton Axiom Nutraceuticals ,BKA Metaugus Inc, Scam Company Full Of Deceit & Lies Newnan Georgia
Axiom Nutraceuticals is a complete scam company! Do not do business with them! They go to trade shows promising an 'in house' doctor to have access to when formulating products, and promise the world! The problem is, Axiom Nutraceuticals does not only fall short of all of these promises, they like to lie about them over and over again, trying to dupe the consumer! This likely works well for them with some, but not us!   Axiom Nutraceuticals 'custom formulated' several of our products for us, only to have multiple attempts by them to try to increase the price already after we had already agreed on price in the signed contract. They had various people call with all kinds of excuses! It was really quite comical. When they realized we weren't going for this bait and switch game, they just sent me my products. The label color quality was very poor, the bottles all would not stand on their own on a flat surface, having defects/bubbles in the actual plastic Axiom Nutraceuticals used to bottle our supplements. To make matters worse, these products began being returned to us by our customers, claiming the tablets were dissolving in the bottles and crumbling paired with a really foul rotten odor?! We in fact verified this by opening bottles in stock. Axiom Nutraceuticals was supposed to be making us tablets, but were crumbled down to a powdery form with a smell of rotten fish! After getting upset, they agreed to fix the issue no charge. Soon after, we wanted to order more of this popular selling product of ours, they decided that the $6 per bottle price wasn't enough, and raised it to $25 per bottle wholesale! What a sham! Claiming they had 'made an error' in pricing and weren't gonna sell this product to us that our hundreds of customers are dependent on. Ray and his staff have a history of MLM (pyramid scheme) scams relating to vitamins/nutraceuticals (Search his name online).   Don't get screwed by Axiom Nutraceuticals formely known as 'Metaugus Inc' !! They have an poor FDA inspection record of putting watered down products in bottles to dupe the consumers! This record is also available online! See it here:
Entity: Newnan, Georgia
9, Report #13985
Jan 17 2008
05:45 PM
Axiom Communications and Marketing:HUD 3rd party tracer Ripoff
This work at home company is a scam in my eyes. I paid the company $85.00 for a package to be a HUD 3rd party tracer in Dec 2001. they cashed the check the following day and still to this day I have not received anything. I've contacted the office several times and just got the run around. Finally on my fifth attempt they told me I needed to wait three months before I can get my money back. They wanted me to test the product first. I told them it was kind of hard to test the product when I have nothing to test. The customer service guy told me there was nothing more he could say or I could say and to just deal with it,and then he hung up. Everyone that I talked to their was very rude except for the first conversation (when I gave them my money). I feel this company is a total ripoff and don't recommend anyone to invest their money in this business. Vanessa Lakeside, California
Entity: Salt Lake City, Utah
10, Report #318880
Mar 18 2008
04:49 AM
AXIOM COMMERCIAL FUNDING, JAMES SOARING EAGLE VONDA Axiom Commercial Funding is a rippoff!! Never send them money!! even if they claim that your loan has been approved!! LEONARD Texas
Axiom Commercial Funding was interested in my loan that was submitted on a real estate web site through a mortgage broker. They found out all of the details and approved us for 377,000. After many phone calls and Emails to us, they assured us that after we paid them a site fee of 1% that within 10 to 14 days we would close on our loan. We paid them a total of $3770.00, and they actually did send their Underwriter James Soaring Eagle Vonda out to our hotel for 3 days. He looked around doing his site visit for a total of maybe 1 hour. He left ( never paying his hotel bill that totalled over $500.00) and as I said before was supposed to have our loan ready to close in 10 to 14 days. From this point all calls and emails got fewer and fewer. We had to initiate all contact. They had a excuse for everything as to why it was taking longer than they said, from the appraisal had to be redone, which it was, a new survey, which it was, waiting on the underwriter, which is James Vonda and he said it was done to anything else under the sun. Finally, they said that the reason for not closing was that they were not licensed in the state we are in, but they had applied for a license 2 weeks prior and it should only be a few more days. After a few more days went by, I called the state to find out the status of their license, and of course the state had never heard of them. I also have since found out that they claim to have been in business for 35 years and are a 300 million dollar corporation, none of which is true.After contacting them and asking about this lie, that was the last contact we had with them. No more emails, no more phone calls, until I sent a email threatening to have Mr. Vonda put in jail and the company exposed as a fraud. He then responded, promising to refund my money, however at this time he has not. He has every excuse now of why it is going to take a little longer, he needs the bank info to wire the money, etc. Then he offered to repay the money in installments of $500.00 per month, still haven't gotten a dime back. I have since recieved emails from several others that have gotten taken by this outfit. NEVER SEND THEM MONEY, or your chances of getting the loan or your Site fee back are slim to none.I have every email from these creeps to prove every word I am saying. Has anyone on this planet ever closed a loan with this company? If so I would love to hear from you. Axiom commercial funding fighter anytown, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: LEONARD, Texas
11, Report #1321538
Oct 18 2016
11:10 AM
James Plumlee, Axiom Financial Partners Mike PlumleeAxiom Advantage Portfolios Just received an Invite to an EXPENSIVE Free Dinner Axiom Financial Partners Financial Seminar,  | RIPOFF REPORT WARNS OF QUESTIONABLE CONTENT | Dallas Texas
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Entity: Dallas, Texas
12, Report #1090028
Oct 07 2013
09:36 AM
Axiom Motors Stuart A. Potter, General Manager Complete and total deceit and fraud, Brandon Florida
In May 2013 I purchased a used Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo from Axiom Motors. At the time of purchase I was told by the salesman that the check engine light was on but that the Jeep checked out fine. As I drove home, I noticed that the air didn't seem cool. My husband was driving behind me and said that the left brake light was out. The check engine light was on. I called the dealership, they said they would check it out.So, I dropped the Jeep off. Check engine light was off when I picked it up, the brake light didn't work of course and the air wasn't cool. Shortly there after, I notice fluid on my garage floor. Oil and something red. I call them, they say to bring it in. They say they did something with the rear main seal and with the power steering.A while later, the vehicle is still leaking fluid, the check engine light is on, the air is not cold and the vehicle won't start. I have it towed to them. They blame the issues on us, saying the ECM is blown because WE don't know how to jump a vehicle......they say they put a new one in and I pay $100.00 for my half. When I pick it up the check engine light was off, Drew, the G.M. (Stuart Andrew Potter) tells me that the check engine light is due to emissions anyway and nothing to worry about.All the times the Jeep was worked on I asked for paperwork for my records, to date I have received nothing. So about a week or so later, the Jeep is completely dead. Has to be towed again. This time they (Drew) blame it on the radio so they disconnect the perfectly good radio and now I'm left with nothing. I had also complained about the continuing leaks on my garage floor and the A/C....and the check engine light is back on.I took it to have the code checked: P0740, Torque Converter Clutch, not good. Also had the A/C checked as far as the freon and it was low.I brought this to Drew's attention and dropped the Jeep off and in the meantime filed a complaint with the BBB. This angered Drew quite a bit.When I picked the Jeep up Drew wouldn't speak to me. His mechanic had just pulled up with the Jeep and was looking beneath the vehicle when my husband and I pulled up, I guess to see if it was still dripping.We have no idea what they allegedly did this time, BUT, there is still oil leaking, now I have NO A/C and the check engine light is on and the code today is P0740 again.This place is a total ripoff, If I had done my homework before buying I would NEVER have bought from them.I took the Jeep to a Jeep dealership and they say that the leak is the rear main seal.....The fact that I have NO A/C now but I had complained about it the first 3 months I owned this vehicle tells me that all they do is add a little freon and send you on your way.They are the worst!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Entity: Brandon, Florida
13, Report #707568
Mar 30 2011
07:17 AM
Axiom Cleaning Systems Alan Zharka sloppy inspection of water-damaged house, declared no mold growth without performing real inspection and refused to test for mold when asked Holderness, New Hampshire
On March 11, 2011, Alan Zahka from Axiom was brought out by contractors (Winterbrook Property Management) to check for mold growth in brand new extension of house.  The new roof (put on by contractors in summer 2010) has been leaking since the last week of January 2011, and floors, walls and ceilings of two-story extension have been soaking wet off and on, with water continually coming in through the leak. Alan was brought in by contractors after I repeatedly expressed my concern about mold growth.  The upstairs part of the extension has water stains everywhere, the wooden floor has buckled and now resembles little hills and valleys, black stuff is growing between floorboards, and green stains are surfacing on top of the wood itself.  Downstairs, in my young daughters' bedroom, the carpet and padding has been saturated and now smells of mold, the drywall and paint have come off parts of the wall with the running, leaking water, and the ceiling is stained everywhere with water marks.  Alan was chosen by the contractors to come in and inspect for mold.  The contractors told me they've worked with Alan for five years and trust his judgment.  The contractors also told me they would take care of mold removal and would repair all damages and take care of all issues caused by the leak in the new extension. Alan came into the house, looked around for no more than ten minutes, did not touch anything, refused to take any kind of samples for lab testing, and made the following statements: Mold cannot grow on carpets.  Once carpet padding dries out, it's fine, even if it's been wet for more than 48 hours. (Mine's been wet for over 7 weeks). You don't smell mold in the carpet, that's mildew, and mildew can't hurt anybody.  Neither can mold, since mold only harms people with pre-existing conditions. He then proceeded to tell me that water only runs a certain way down walls, normally going along the studs and around the insulation, and therefore the insulation and sheet rock should be fine, not to worry. I kept asking him to test for mold but he refused, saying there was no reason for him to do so -- and that he hadn't even brought the proper equipment. I asked the contractors to have Alan write out a report.  They agreed to have him do so. Needless to say, this wasn't the inspection I had been promised.  I let the contractor know what had happened and then I hired an independent, board certified mold inspector out of my own pocket ($645) who came out and did the job properly.  He found mold in the walls and flooring, of course -- both green and black, he thinks the black might be the toxic kind...he took samples and sent them to the lab, I'll get a full written report within a few business days.  The inspector I brought in told me to take everything out of the kids' bedroom and the other part of the extension and seal those rooms off, that I would need professionals to come take care of all the mold and get into the walls to inspect for more, that the kids cannot go into those rooms as the air may not be healthy for anyone, that as summer comes on the situation will get worse if it's not taken care of soon. Had I trusted Alan, my kids would be sleeping in a bedroom filled with mold, at least some of it black. When I informed the contractors of the board certified inspector's findings, they did a 180 on their written promises of repairing all the damage.  Now they say they aren't going to fix the roof, clean up the mold, or repair any of the interior damage.  When I asked them if they had asked Alan to put his own report in writing, the contractors said they no longer think that's necessary. I've filed a different report concerning Winterbrook Property Management (a division of Waterville Estates Realty), but I felt Axiom deserved its own report for the blatant non-inspection of an obvious mold problem that could have negatively affected the health of my children had I blindly trusted what Alan had to say.
Entity: Holderness, New Hampshire
14, Report #559483
Jan 25 2010
10:38 PM
AXIOM ADVERTISING: New Dawn Distribution/ Innovage, Smart Circle, Quantum, ex DS-Max/ Granton Scam job in Girard, Ohio. BEWARE owner Linda Barton! Check out their multiple ads on --- ALL LIES! Scam, Rip-off, Communist tactics, Sensationalism. Girard, Ohio
Axiom Advertising... sounds like a dream job, right? Here... it's just door to door sales. Their ads on the internet are VERY misleading.  Actually, as I write this I notice their advertisement on careerbuilder has changed.  When I responded to it a few Months ago the ad actually claimed I'd be making $400-$600.00 a wk. base pay.  Now their ad just says: Pay based on personal attributes.  Ha! Yeah, can you sell anything?  If not, you get no pay because this job is straight commission ONLY!  They hire you in and have you fill out an independent contractor form and this basically tells you that you will not be paid hourly, you will not receive any kind of compensation for fuel or wear & tear on your car (if you have a car... it's not a requirement), and that you are responsible for your own taxes. What's shady as H*ll though is the fact that when you're there your first week and you get negged out because you made little to no sales, your team leader pays you $50 bucks in hopes that you will stay and not quit.  This comes right out of the team leader's profits, NOT the Owner's (Linda Barton) or the Company that Axiom represents: I N N O V A G E.  To me that is rediculous and that is EXACTLY what you, the new guy, should look forward to doing with YOUR profits should you become a Team Leader.  So basically, look forward to being broke, worrying about how you're going to pay for gas, how you're going to pay a doctor if you need to because you have no insurance.  And if you have a Family depending on you, forget about it !!!  You will NOT be able to afford a d*mn thing !!!Atmosphere room is I N S A N E !!!  You are not allowed to speak negatively about sales the day before or about anything at all.  They will pull you to another room and ask you what the h*ll your problem is... OR they will ridicule you in front of everyone for having a dissenting opinion.  It happened to me once, where I learned to never speak anything negative or doubtful.  For instance, I sold nothing the day before and I asked Linda in front of everyone why She sent me and this new guy to an area that had already been worked.  She said, No territory is bad territory, that territory hasn't been worked until you worked it, there's no such thing as a bum territory... just a bum in the territory.  Thanks Linda, that boosted my confidence nothing.  She then goes on to say that I should keep my mouth shut, I have a habit of putting my foot in my mouth.  Later, during an impact she left little cues like If you can't sell you should just quit.  My question is: Why is DEMOGRAPHICS not calculated into the law of averages???  Answer: I think you should quit putting your foot in your mouth and pay attention to what the high-rollers do.  And that's laughable, the so called high-rollers are in the other half of the Company, New Dawn Distribution selling China made Toys, CD cases, boxes of hot rocks, Pillows, Teddy Bears, etc. making a maximum of $80 bucks a day - MAYBE! If they're in good territory.  What the AXIOM half of the business focuses on is certificates and City books.  The City books are in competition with all the School kids that sell the Entertainment Books (which is actually a MUCH better value) and the certs are buy one get one free golf, spa, oil changes - 4 for the price of 1, Lake Erie Monster seats, water park discounts, etc.  Selling the certs is not that dishonorable of a job, but selling merch (merchandise), you honestly have to check your ego at the door.  I mean, you got two armfuls of junk, you're trying to open a door, the sh*t falls, people laugh, you clown around about it, they laugh at the generic quality of your wares, you get several no's, you look at them like their crazy for saying no and it's off to the next door... interrupting their business. Another thing I want to point out: You need a Vendor's licence to sell this crap to the public.  Those cost a lot of money!!  Axiom does not have one, but most importantly, as an independent contractor, if you get busted and fined... YOU have to pay for it !!! The owner Linda Barton will not help the new guy out.  Her philosophy is Social Darwinism: Only the Strong Survive, Eat or be Eaten, Kill or be Killed.  Empathy or compassion for independent contractors is NOT her cup of tea!!! To learn more about AXIOM Advertising and Linda Barton, just read Steve's Rip-off Report from 2004 on NEW DAWN DISTRIBUTION.  Linda actually gives a rebuttal thinking Steve is Ed, revealing personal stuff about Ed in the coldest display of vengeance I ever read.  A MUST SEE !!!And remember, Don't get sucked into this wack, 10-13 hr. day long, less than minimum wage, greed obsessed cult unless you like being brainwashed and living in homeless shelters with the rest of her independent contractors.
Entity: Girard, Ohio
15, Report #309791
Feb 18 2008
10:20 AM
BLUE HIPPO They are unknowledgeable of computers and they lie to make you think it is a top of the line system BALTIMORE Maryland
These people are very unprofessional, and very unknowledgeable of their own product. I was just calling because it sounded like such a good deal on the commercial with all the free assessories they offer on the side, but once you get the cost you realize that you are paying for all the free additions some. I asked the representative about how much memory their computers have and he said 500mb was the max. I asked if they had anything with towers with 100gb and he proceeded to tell me that no computer in the world could have that much memory on it. He insulted me and he was the one sounding like the idiot. I thank God I started to ask questions before he took my personal information, because I would hate to get involved with people like this. I saw numerous reports about them on this site about how some people didn't even receive the free products that they are advertising on the commercial. They sell you these old computers with very little memory and expect people to patronize there business. I hope this helps someone that is interested in purchasing a good computer BLUE HIPPO is not the way to go. Natalie Memphis, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: BALTIMORE, Maryland
16, Report #1155774
Jun 18 2014
12:03 PM
Protect America When Equipment Fails - They send new equipment and make you extend the term. Texas
We signed an agreement in 2007 for home security.  In 2012 - the equipment was failing.  We called to get it fixed, and they stated that we need new equipment. When we received the new equipment, they unilaterally extended our agreement for another 3 years, or until October 2015.  We moved out April 2014 and I asked to cancel the agreement. Have been working with them for the last 3 months, and they dug in and won't let us out stating that we owe them until October 2015. They have produced documentation 'after the fact' - an entire contract that we agreed to their Termination Provisions.  We never saw this in 2012. They are scammers and will try to hose their customers.
Entity: Nationwide
17, Report #776543
Sep 14 2011
04:28 AM
Veterinary Clinics of America VCA caused the death of my dog due to inexperienced veterinarians who knew less than I did. Nationwide
Went to VCA because they were the only ones open and they did horrible job on my show dog.  They were unable to do the work authorized properly, and did work on my dog that I did not authorize, charging me for the extra work and exorbitant fee at that.  Shaved the hair on my show afghan hound all over, just for a tooth removal.  Legs, feet, side... legs for anesthesia, feet because they found a foxtail on the coat around the foot and the side for a pain patch.  I've worked for veterinarians for years, you use alcohol to dampen the hair down on the leg for anesthesia, you comb the hair if you want to remove foxtails, don't shave 5 of hair, 7 up the leg; and you would apply a pain patch where hair is sparse anyway; not shaving 13 of hair off the side of a show dog.  Then I was sold antibiotics for $80+ for a week and they didn't work anyway.  I ended up using a home remedy to fix the infection they caused by feeding the dog hard food after major dental surgery.  (Someone had broken into my home, fed the dog some meat and when the dog tried to bite them, he punched the dog in the face and broke his tooth.)  This whole thing cost me close to $300  for the removal of one tooth and some antibiotics because I paid them for things I did not authorize.  
Entity: , Nationwide
18, Report #1314218
Jun 29 2016
02:05 PM
Doctor Recommended Supplements Norax SupplementsAxiom NutraceuticalsLarry BanachRaymond CaronRay CaronLab GenieUSA Labs DirectJames VanBrocklinNew World Herbal Wellness, LLC SCAM! Do not buy Doctor Recommended Brand -- Norax Supplements Shell company SCAM Newnan Georgia
Norax Supplements, or should I say Doctor Recommended Supplements or New World Herbal Wellness LLC a Delaware SCAM Shell corporation.Pay close attention, because there are lots of names here. These guys (Ray Caron, James VanBrocklin, Larry Banach, Jay Connaughton, Jennifer Dych, Armando Barrientos, and Jay Wilkins have created many shell corporations, re-incorporated, and then re-re-incorporated to hide their true identity. This is because they make terrible products and consistantly fail FDA inspections and get them into DEEP TROUBLE. They think they are really clever by hiding behind shell companies. But they slipped up and got busted. Like all criminals, they are idiots.BOTTOM LINE: Do not buy the Doctor Recomended brand of products. It is made by a manufacturer with a long list of FDA VIOLATIONS, BANKRUPTCY, and FRAUD.They are heavily bribing customers with free samples to get FAKE 5 star Amazon reviews. Manipulating reviews on Amazon is against their TOS. I hope Amazon shuts down Doctor Recommended dietary supplements, and all their other products. It destroys my trust in the Amazon review system as a consumer.I fell for buying this SCAM on Amazon, and then realized it was from a really shady group of people ((Ray Caron, James VanBrocklin, Larry Banach, etc)).Here is a detailed account of the players involved:Metaugus Inc:  The first dietary supplement manufacturing entity that these criminals founded (that I can trace). They have an poor FDA inspection record of putting watered down products in bottles to dupe the consumers! This record is also available online! See it here: Nutraceuticals: Ahhh... so that Metaugus Inc. didn't go so well for you, did it? Couldn't get away with scamming people, so you had to start a new shell company? Axiom Nutraceuticals LLC is the second company these idiots founded. They got into DEEP TROUBLE with the FDA, filed for bankrupcy, stiffed a bunch of their customers and suppliers for money, and so they shut this company down.Well, that didn't work out so well. The con artist partners started suing each other: Norax Supplements LLC: Next they started Norax. Seems like some bad blood after the prior three companies failed due to massive quality control issues. I know for sure that Raymond Ray Caron and Jennifer Dych and Larry Banach are involved. They are in Newnan Georgia (never heard of it before now).Norax Labs LLC:  Has not had such a great run of it either! Maybe these con men (and women) should try their hand at something else? I'm not the first person to notice this ripoff scam: New World Herbal Wellness LLC: These guys got smart this time (or so they thought). They incorporated in Delware. No connections to their home scam state of Newnan GA. Real clever guys. NOT! Just google the company. All the names are linked up.Criminals like these always slip up and get caught.  
Entity: Newnan, Georgia
19, Report #429577
May 23 2009
12:46 PM - - - Online Movie site fraudulent sales Internet
I have paid for a subscription to, this site charged me Total: 38.93. This provided a password and username to gain entrance to a html page that was not secure in anyway, i mean it did not demand a password or username to access the members site. This members area provided a link to a free softaware program, utorrent.... and thats it, thats the whole site and product they have for a $40.00 subscription. utorrent is a free p2p software and uses google to do the searches that are requested by the user. This site and the others listed consist of no more than 3 html pages, they have zero content and are offering nothing for a $40.00 subscription. Stay clear of these sites, you will be billed but will receive no services pr products for your hard earned cash., this is the address for the members area, unsecure, no password required to reach this area. These sites are complete scams. The only true honest sites charge around $10-20.00 a month and generally have low quality movies. Killerk powerville, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
20, Report #1213399
Mar 04 2015
08:04 PM
axiom motors used car sales scam lied sold junk car paid payment on never got to have car from start broke down fraud dealer brandon Florida
me and my husband went to Axiom Motors used cars !! cars were much over priced i believe but talked me into buying a buick rendezvous siaid they went through car top to bottom almost new only 70,000 mile range talked car up alot said ready in couple days well turned into almost a month and he had my trade in and money kept saying not ready yet finally after the long wait eveything should be perfect and i paid for a premium warranty on the way home from axiom i made it about 15 miles car started pulling to left bad smoke out of tire like on fire  no power when hit the gas seat in car would no work or ajust called right away not worth wait said bring by office they will look at it well they did said it was fixed and smoke was from spray paint burning off ha . not really car still pull to left butnow omg the ac isnt working the cadillac converter is bad hole in exhaust  car temp. gage was going up 3/4 the way keep calling radio was shorting out took it apart to fix made everything else stop working also if that wasnt enough all with in 30 days the cable to transmission linkage came off and car wouldnt start well warranty did not good on any of this tow was covered nope warranty was to cover   didnt  i had to pay pulling hair dealing with this the worst!!!! also  computer boards were not workig right as well drew said park it after fighting over me not wanting to pay to fix this out of pocket promised almost new car great bumper to bumper coverage i paid 1900.00 for didnt do anything by the way  have no car but payments 300.00 a month fair i say not well after hell got a outlander for loaner  wow transsmission was so bad through my back out and tire flat everyday great after waiting month sometime with a car half working sometimes nothing but stress drew has made me sick going crazy cant sleep drew shows us a jeep a ok looking jeep promise this one is it i will switch the deal over from buick so we arnt all payment money got tag no new paper work was needed at time because same deal switch cars goog to go nope calledus three weeks or so later said we need new paper work lose your money not the deal we made with him greedy then keep calling very rude threatening to repo if we dont sign for more mony he had the buick the whole time on his lot when i was paying and even call to tell us he would impound the car our tag had no been on in months then he wants 1700 more down keep running credit with out me knowing it and no need thought deal was done no money went to jeep just his pocket spoke with him about what we agreed on and he got made started harassing me none stop cops repo  guys on and on text my phone now its going to be 1900 called me a thief and very long nasty messages he should of been truthful from start car wasnt rebuilt was a pile of junk he told me to park on his lot and forget about the car someone ran the hell out of it he said now he has run the credit to see top dollar he can steal more from us still going on now and the car deal was back in october goodness he will not help just lies steals money and thinks your stuck and he can scam you and suck your bank dry and bring credit scores down because of running it over and over had no reason to do this didnt even know until the mail started rolling in has affected my family very much were trying to buy our first home now credit is crap displace our familys living arrangements now not fair or ok please protect your self say away from this guy all cars are junk better off going to salvage yard same odds think about it they was so much more wrong with this deal not enough time do your home work and also his interest rates are almost alway 24.99% yes you are redaing it right wow and can even drive for a day i believe he takes advantage of any one hecan catch and makes it sound so good but sooo bad drew is very rude like push you around tries scared tactics to push an push buyer beware so much more bad happen put think you get the idea RUN RUN RUN!!!!! thanks hope you dont find your self in this situation very upsetting and over stressful thanks for reading hope it helps someone not enough room to write the rest of the stuff that was wrong a least 5 more major issues and i have to look out for repo guy going through my mail box and throwig trash in my yard when theres nothing to repo top liar iv ever met
Entity: brandon , Florida
21, Report #144897
Nov 11 2010
07:15 AM
Ryan Homes Poor customer relationship, lousy delivery date! ripoff Owings Mills Maryland
We bought an Avalon model and gave them our partial 5% downpayment last Feb. 2003. Our delivery date was supposed to have been Feb. 2004. Sold our house in August 2003,and moved to a month to month lease in an apartment since then. They broke ground on our house March of 2005 ! Our house is still not done at present. Their vice president's attitude was, we'll return your downpayment if you want. We've sacrificed patiently waiting for our house to be built. They had our money for more than 2 years. All we want is to move in to our new house. As a matter of good will, they came up with a 1 point discount during the closing BUT only if we use (of course) NVR mortgage. It turns out not to be any deal because of the much higher interest rate their mortgage company NVR is offering. Anyway, RYAN homes representatives in this area act poorly in satisfying their customers. Their vice-president hasn't shown any sympathy to us, new homeowners, as far as giving any extras to compensate for this 2 year delay ! If you didn't take their point discount, then you get NOTHING for the more than 2 year delay. I will NEVER recommend any Ryan home to anyone. Please pass this to anyone thinking of getting a Ryan home ! I wish someone will pass this website's link to the board of directors of NVR so that they can see what's really going on with their company. John Vincent Owings Mills, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Owings Mills, Maryland
22, Report #1282264
Jan 25 2016
01:55 PM
Axiom Motors rip off artists typical used car dealers Brandon Florida
 This is a warning to everyone who buys a car!!  Do not go to these people they are a typical used car lot!! I was so excited to find the car I always wanted I shouldve done more research. At first the car itself had been sitting and had some cosmetic problems which is typical for a used car so the salesman was willing to work with me. Now I know about cars but the older ones not the new ones and this one looked nice I looked at the engine took it for a test drive and even brought my brother-n-law to help with the paperwork I shouldve listened to him and got the car checked out. I was so excited to finally own a Cadillac that I ignored everthing that was said and gave these guys the money! I drove off the lot in my newly purchased car and almost immediately started noticing problems which got worse....the engine light came on less than a week later then the cars security system came on I was given a key and told it was the original actually a cheap knockoff that didnt even have a chip when I asked them for the keyfob they said they didnt have it. Also I waited forever for the title and my tag they blamed it on the holidays also they were not willing when I found out from a real car dealer Cadillac what was wrong ECM they were not willing to do anything not even slip the cost!!! DO not go to these people they will be hearing from the BBB....
Entity: Brandon, Florida
23, Report #583834
Mar 22 2010
06:50 AM
Sony Corporation Of America They sell a product that is defective and then charge you to have it fixed. Internet
 Me and my family are very disappointed with Sony's PlayStation Three gaming system. My younger brother received his PlayStation Three only four months ago on Christmas and already we are having serious issues with it's performance. The most recent and most serious problem yet is that it no longer has the ability to read any of the discs that are put into it. My brother takes very good care of his PlayStation Three and all of the games he has for it so we are confused as to why this has happened. He purchased the new God of War video game today and only got to play it for fifteen minutes before it froze and we had to restart the PlayStation Three. Once the system was on again he put in the God Of War disc and it wouldn't read.   We have always been avid believers in Sony's ability to create quality electronics, this has us doubting there abilities of late. Perhaps they has simply let quality slid in order to make more money. This has been so much trouble for me and my family already, and now we understand that they want over a hundred dollars more to have this problem fixed. You would think that they would have more respect for their loyal customers than to continue to charge them more money then what they have already payed for a problem that so many people are having with their product. Like I said earlier we are very disappointed in Sony and I truly believe they will lose the respect and business of their buyers if they do not do something to rectify the situation. Thank you for your time.
Entity: , Internet
24, Report #576137
Mar 01 2010
01:19 PM
Points Across America, Inc. P.P.A Door to door rip-off!!They sell magazine subscriptions and do not deliver! a bogus deal! buyers beware! Whitesboro, Texas
A young man was selling magazine subscriptions for points for a contest he was entered into.  At first I did'nt see anything on the list of available magazines.  I then ordered a subscription to a Vegetarian cooking magazine for my daughter who had just become a vegetarian.  She never recieved any magazines from this order.  I have tried to contact the company, but to no avail.  The phone number is no longer in service.  I hope that writing this will help save anyone else from getting ripped off.  
Entity: Whitesboro, Texas
25, Report #1061945
Jun 25 2013
11:00 AM
Bank of America Mortgage Protection Insurance BofA Mortgage Protection Insurance - They sell your loan to not pay insurance  Internet
 I paid the Bank of America Mortgage Protection Plan for 3 years. I recently learned that my husbands positions was being eliminated so he would be out of a job. I contacted B of A to ask questions about the insurance, such as how do I file a claim and how long does it take to go through the claim process. I informed that that I might be needing to use it in then next few weeks. A week later I get a letter stating that the loan had been sold to another mortgage company. When I looked at the insurance details, one of the ways the insurance is voided is if the loan is sold to another mortgage company. So we are no longer covered for the mortgage protection plan, just when we needed it. It all seemed fishy to me. If I hadn't called with questions and let them know that we would be needing to use the insurance in the upcoming weeks, then I have a feeling we would still be with B of A and still be covered by the insurance.
Entity: Internet

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