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1, Report #477417
Aug 07 2009
11:46 AM
Phentermine NY Phentreamine Bait and Switch Scam Nampa Idaho
I ordered 90 phentermine tablets, recieved a confirmation of my phentermine order, and was shipped 180 tablets of Phentreamine. When ordering the phentermine, I was required to provide my physician's information (including contact information). I was also required to pay a fee of $9.99 for a case manager to contact my physician for a prescription for Phentermine. After receiving the Phentreamine, I contacted the company to inform them of the error. I was told I received Phentreamine because I had no paper prescription. I told them you charged me $10.00 for you to obtain the prescription from my doctor. I did not receive an explanation for the charge since they obviously did not get the prescription. They did not allow me to speak to the manager or owner. They just kept making their sales pitch for Phentreamine. This is a classic example of Bait and Switch. This company had no intention of ever contacting my doctor to obtain a prescription for phentermine. The are scamming customers with knockoff products. Lisa Buffalo, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Nampa, Idaho
2, Report #353644
Jul 21 2008
10:05 AM bait and switch New York Internet
I bid for a hotel on priceline for a three star hotel which ,accoring to Priceline, had a median price of $239. I bid $120 which was rejected, so bid $125. What I got was a hotel with a retail price of $105 ( as listed by the hotel online) and one that Priceline was selling for $93 on their non-bid site. I tried to complain to them and to my Chase Bank Visa to no avail. Thus I paid a $64 overcharge( plus $15.77 for extra taxes) for a room which was nota Hilton, Hyatt, Sheritan ect as advertised! Please do not bid for anything on Prceline because if you are unhappy or defrauded you have no recourse! Gary byron, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
3, Report #402598
Dec 17 2008
11:37 PM
ToysRUs Bait and Switch? Internet
Polly Pocket So Hip Cruise Ship Playset listed as not only a ToysRUs exclusive but $39.98. With Free shipping on orders > $49. So I ordered that and a few small items for stocking stuffers totaling $50. After 2 days I recieved email that the two small items shipped. The items cost about $10 and I was charged $13+ in shipping. A few hours later I recieved and email stating the Polly Pocket So Hip Cruise Ship Playset was no longer available and that part of the order was cancelled. I checked the web site, mind you this is two days after I placed the order and the item is still listed at the same price and also as in stock. All this stuff is automated, they should know when they are out of stock. They still list it as in stock. I think this was just a come on. I wonder how many other product they do this with? John Snohomish, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
4, Report #409122
Jan 07 2009
11:05 AM bait and switch China Internet
Bait and Switch Yoyo or Ru Chen, at, You sent wrong watch, you sent a race car Ferrari watch I ordered Sector poker card watch. Watchesprice you confirmed by picture you had the correct watch, I need a return address to mail it back. Please send me the sector poker watch model:#3251991221 or anyone of the sector poker watches you have in stock, or refund my money,thank you. Tom brunswick, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
5, Report #365236
Aug 21 2008
03:48 AM
TechonDIGITAL Bait and switch Internet
I placed an order on Saturday 8/16/08 for a Garmin Nuvi 750. I received an email indicating that I would have to call to confirm the order. My wife called the next day. She was told that this device required a Memory card to function properly. As I knew that this was not true, she gave me the phone to speak to this extremely rude individual. He proceeded to give me the same song and dance. I told him the card was not required. He then said ALL RIGHT ILL JUST SEND IT OUT It is now Thursday 8/21/08. I have not received a tracking number nor has the CC been charged. Bob Madison, South DakotaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
6, Report #586260
Mar 27 2010
03:25 PM
C2Coffer Bait and Switch Internet, Texas
Made an internet order from C2Coffer for the purchase of a specific item for The agreed upon price of 320.00. What I received for my 320.00 was although in the same general category, a toy worth about 20.00. When I Complained my user account was subsequently frozen, preventing future log-ins. E-Mailed them and was given the brush off with no explanation as to why my account was Frozen.
Entity: Internet, Texas
7, Report #344741
Jun 26 2008
05:37 PM Bait and switch Web Internet
THIS IS THE FREE ONE BY LAW These guys will get you to sign up for a monthly fee monitoring service but if you cancel in the first 7 days there is No charge, supposedly. Even when I called back to cancel(within 2 days of signup) they still charged me. 5 days later After asking for their supervisor they caved in rather fast when I said I'd seek legal action to make sure that they didn't keep ripping people off.. Call THIS number to cancel 1-888-829-6560. All the other numbers left me on hold for 15+ mins without taking to ANY Human voice.. Don't agree to anything they say, Just keep saying Cancel my account and WRITE DOWN the reference number and keep if needed. If you don't recieve a confirmation Email of cancellation, then your accout IS NOT cancelled! Hope this helps anyone else dealing with these people.. Wil8115 Everett, WashingtonU.S.A. CLICK HERE: Lawsuit Filed Against to get victims thier money back
Entity: Internet
8, Report #342556
Jun 20 2008
08:22 PM bait and switch Internet offers $5 monthly membership. I authorized a $5.00 transaction. I received a $60.00 approval notice. provides no working contact data and no means of cancellation except for a non-useful phone number that played musics foreover (40 minutes, with continue waiting messages). The cancellation page states For subscribed members there are no refunds for the remaining time in your subscription. I add my $60 ripoff story to googles 14,300 ripoff pages. Qazwsx Hollywood, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
9, Report #1242269
Jul 16 2015
10:49 AM instantcheckmate Bait and Switch Internet
Company promises a background report on individuals then after charging a nominal fee gives general information and wants to charge you again for the information you already paid for.   Avoid this site!!!!!    
Entity: Internet
10, Report #1288437
Jul 25 2016
03:32 PM Ripoff, Suckers, Bait and Switch. Chesapeake Virginia
This Phony Seals website where you must become a so-called member to watch videos of Don Shipley outing phony Seal imposters, is nothing more than a simple bait-and-switch scam. Here are some of the hard facts: This money-making scam for the Shipley's is based around the Phony Navy Seal of the Week that was once popular on the Tube. Actually, it was a smart move for Don Shipley to entice suckers to pay to see phony Seal busts because the Tube was giving him such a hard time. So he says. So, after he got an undisclosed number of suckers to pay $10.00 a month to watch, he started uploading lame videos of riding around in a car, looking for ways to spend their new found money to buy a cabin in the woods, or making videos about cooking wild game. Included in this barage of lame videos are the endless BS stories that Don Shipley tells the listeners about how there's going to be a real epic bust coming up real soon! Then, what does he do? He uploads another BS video telling listeners that he's getting ready to upload another real epic bust again. He does this over and over. Is there a funny part to this ripoff story? Sure there is. It's the suckers that get on this pay for member site, and act like they all personally know Mr. Shipley, then, as most suckers do, all join in on telling Mr. Shipley how great the lame videos are, and how they all will support Mr. Shipley to the very end. What are they supporting you ask? Simple answer, Mr. and Mrs. Shipley's new car, new cabin, and now, they are going to need hundreds of acres of land for another project that they will scam people into with their BS claims of doing another so-called great, epic, adventure for the good of humanity. Or, at least that's what they tell the suckers. For all of the suckers that don't like what I have said, I don't care what you think. Like Mr. Shipley says, Jimmy Cracked Corn and I don't give a flip. You can continue being suckers all you want. You can all start ranting about how this Ripoff Report is a lie, or unfair, or how you will take Mr. Shipley's back until the death, I could care less. On a positive note, if you have read, and understood anything I wrote, I will say this: I am not taking shots at the Shipley's personally. In my opinion, money, and the love of money, does funny things to people. In this world of trying to make it in life, I don't blame the Shipley's for starting this video thing. It's just sad that it truly is a waste of time, and money, to watch lame videos, and listen to Don blab the same old story, over and over, about how Epic upcoming videos are going to be. In the end, just know that you will be paying for a barage of lame videos that have nothing to do with busting phony Seals most of the time, and reading comments from the other suckers about how great the videos are, and how they are so truly faithful.
Entity: Internet
11, Report #1280716
Jan 19 2016
07:58 AM
12, Report #1333008
Oct 13 2016
12:31 PM Bait and Switch routine Nationwide
My wife calls Thailand frequently from the USA, her old card had run out, I found this one on line. As it was new to me I didn't want to buy a lot of airtime, so glad I didn't. What a scam, the WorldCalls card that I had purchased advertised calls to Thailand at a very good rate (1.9 cents a minute) and offered 526 mins. for a $10.00 card. As soon as I got the phone set up to call I checked the minutes and found they had dropped mysteriously to 150 mins! That is without any calls, after making a call the minutes were almost gone, I actually could have called cheaper on a landline. After repeated phone calls to the company and numerous emails I gave up, it wasn't worth my time. Buyer beware, horrible company
Entity: Nationwide
13, Report #1320733
Aug 14 2016
04:37 PM
Experian Experian Scoreboard bait and switch Internet
I went online to Experian's site to thaw my credit so my bank could access my report for a line of credit I was redoing.  I never wanted to sign up for any credit monitoring. I keep mine and my husbands credit frozen.  I only wanted to thaw my credit for the bank. They are charging me $19.95 times 2 every month. 
Entity: Internet
14, Report #1349183
Jan 11 2017
01:17 PM Bait and switch Internet
 Purchased dress for my wife per her request. Ad came up on facebook with link to site. Dress looked horrible compared to one in pic
Entity: Internet
15, Report #1203367
Jan 22 2015
06:43 AM bait and switch! California
Through the website Rakuten we found a really good deal on cat toys. Every month we donate to a blind cat rescue in NC. The blind kitties Love mylar crackle balls because they can track them from the noise they make.  Entirelypets put a sale on Rakuten for a 45 piece set for $.95 and $6.50 shipping.  I even goggled the sku and it came back as the 45 pieces. So we got two of them, checked out. We have the reciept that clearly shows we paid for 2 of them.  We got charged $6.50 for each 45 set.  That was fine because we figured the kits might be a bit large.  Let the blind cat rescue know that they were going to get 90 krinkle balls! Yesterday we get a little envelope with only two balls in it, BUT they still charged us $6.50 shipping on EACH of the two little balls!  Some one there knew that those two little balls in an envelope does not cost $12.00 to ship.   When we called today and told them they sent us 2 balls not the two 45 pieces.   They put us on hold for ten minutes then came back and said the manager is refunding or money.  We said no we want what we paid for. We have the reciept showing we took you up on your sale. Only thing they said was we can keep the two balls they sent us.  Asked if they really would not honor the sale price we paid for and they said,  no we will not honor it goodbye. 
Entity: Nationwide
16, Report #359394
Aug 05 2008
10:45 AM
Hdcameraworld Bait & Switch Internet
This is a classic bait and switch. They offer low prices. You call them to find out why order has not shipped. They ask for your credit card number to confirm order. They begin the sales pitch. They indicate a pricing update has occurred and the original price quoted for the item your ordered is no longer valid. You must cancel the order and try to find the item on their website for the same price. Contact your credit card company. Remember that you just gave your credit card number to someone who knows that they are operating a scam!! Use (((copetitor's name deleted))) as a resource before ordering. Bizrater noneU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report. Once lawyers are willing to take on a case against a business, those lawyers will make arrangements with Rip-off Report to put victims in touch with them. Read this link to see why this is for your own protection.
Entity: Internet
17, Report #482800
Aug 20 2009
06:41 AM
scootertronics bait & switch Internet
I bought a 150 cc CDI - 9000 for my motor scooter on May 13, 2009.  I was not in the USA, but in Honduras; this part was currently unavailble for my scooter.  I researched and ordered the CDI-9000, and received confirmation of the charge to my debit card, and a ship date.  It was sent to my home address in Louisiana. When the part finally made it to me in Honduras (reshipped via brother), I immediately realized took this to the repair shop where my scooter was, and it was installed;  smoked right away - definitely not for my bike.  I went home, looked the part up, and it said on the Scootertronics parts page that a CDI-9000 will say CDI-9000 on it; the one they shipped  had a C stamped on it. So the part I ordered and what Scootertronics sent were two very different parts;  very different in price too, which means they are thieves; bait and switch, with absolutely no recourse.  There is no recourse because they ignore all correspondence, avoiding all issues.  I have been ripped off, have tried repeatedly to rectify this issue, and ended up buying the part necessary from the dealer at a premium price (should have done this initially and saved money in the process), and have no problems now.  If I were anyone even entertaining a thought of visiting their website i would reconsider immediately;  These are thieves, common criminals if you will.  Con artists at the very least, and they will separate you from your money in a heartbeat.  
Entity: , Internet
18, Report #413208
Jan 17 2009
08:56 AM
Verizon Bait & Switch Dallas Texas
I purchased a Verizon Fios Bundle Plan for $69.00 month for one year. The plan covers my home phone and internet. The first bill in November 2008 was $113.57, almost double. December 2008 was $91.37, which I thought was more in line with the advertised rate of $69.99. January 2009 bill is 141.45!! Their is a charge for 'Internet Additional Services'for the amount of $51.98. The explanation is: Bundle Oct7-Nov6 items selected that are not included in your bundle. What could that be?? The customer service line is useless, as I have made several calls where I have been re-routed for twenty minutes and onhold. No one ever answers. I orderd phone and internet for $69.99 and they have provided phone and internet, but at a completely different rate that is filled with hidden costs. I will not pay for items selected that are not included in my bundle because I didn't order anything special. This is bait and switch. And they've made it impossible to talk to any Customer Service. John Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
19, Report #704279
Mar 08 2011
06:42 PM
barkoff bait & switch Internet
Barkoff internet order was doubled without authorizaion. Bank account charged double and product was never shipped. No real phone help. All perties who I talked to lied about delivery dates and refunds. Never did get the product or money back.
Entity: , Internet
20, Report #1046831
Apr 29 2013
06:48 AM
Saveology Bait & Switch Internet
I purchased a new Otterbox for my iphone based on a picture of the phone case on What they sent me was not what they advertised. I contacted saveology and they asked for pictures, of which I sent them and they denied my claim. I only spent $20 and I thought of contacted my state attorney general's office but upon further consideration, I decided not to pursue it any further because it is not worth my time and energy. This is a clear cut case of internet fraud and I told them so. The company is based is Florida (land of the nutcases of the world). Do not shop with this company if you want to avoid a huge headache. I believe they will be out of business soon. jp4men Minneapolis, MN
Entity: , Internet
21, Report #1318972
Jul 26 2016
10:25 AM
Wigsbuy Switch & Bait Internet
I ordered 2 wigs from Wigsbuy ( on May 10, 2016. Their website leaves you to believe your wig will be shipped in 7-10 days. My first complaint is the wigs were not ship until 7/4/2016 and I did not receive them until 7/13/2016. My vacation was over. When I received the wigs they were nothing like the wigs I ordered. Wihen I contacted wigsbuy, they offer me $18 and I keep the wigs because of shipping cost is expensive. They told me to style the wigs and spray them to make them pretty. The wigs I purchased totalled $193. $18 is not acceptable. I have been emailing back and forth with them and the refund they are offering is $165 and I pay for shipping. I understand wigsbuy has a policy of customer pay the shipping. BUT if wigsbuy do not send the item the customer requested then the company sending the wron item shoul pay the cost. This is considered fraud to me! I believe a full refund should be given.
Entity: Internet
22, Report #1367154
Apr 11 2017
02:39 PM
TurboTax Classic Bait & Switch Internet
Read my lips: TurboTax is NOT FREE. I am only 28 years old and I don't remember the last time I didn't end up using a 1040. I have no financial investments, no business, no stocks, no bonds, no other reason to pay taxes other than a W2. I also took 1 course in college last year.  Yet I had to pay TurboTax $54.99 to file my own taxes! Did you know you can file taxes for free? If you are a student you qualify for IRS’s Free File program. Yeah. FREE.TurboTax will lure you into thinking they are part of this program. But they're not.The system will allow you to enter in all of your information, spend hours doing so, then it will say 'oops, looks like you need to pay to get through this door!'Classis strongarm hustling technique, absolutely disgusting. God knows what Intuit does with this information.Intuit has a long history of ripping off customers. They will sell you a Quickbooks license, then invalidate it automatically. They will make you pay for updates, and if you don't pay, your software stops working. If they charge you extra, they claim to return the money, but they never do. Intuit safely hides because their name, because they bought Quickbooks back in the 2000s, and it is now their claim to fame. Don't be fooled, these guys don't give a F***. They will rip you off in a heartbeat. 
Entity: Internet
23, Report #476175
Aug 04 2009
10:07 AM
Dish Network Switch and Bait Riverside California
Don't use Dish network!! They perform the switch and bait routine. I signed up with Dish network on January 24th, 2009 for the price of $54.99 a month. When I got my first bill, it was allot higher then I was told. I called them to find out why?. They told me on February 1st, 2009 they raised their price to $67.95 ( remind you, just 6 days later) I ask them why didn't the sale person quote me that price instead. His answer was you signed the contract and we can charge what ever price we want! I said so, you can charge $300.00 dollars if you want? he said well, you signed the contract. I have requested a copy of my contract in March, April and now July; they have yet to produced a copy of the contract with the price. I will continue to pay my price, because if he had quoted me the $67.95 I would of have never signed up. (the $54.95 was stretching it already) They of course say they will charge me a late fee) I am more then willing to take this to court, If there is anyone out there who can help, please let me know- I think a class action suite is a good way to go. They should not be allowed to get away with this!! Wilson Sun City, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Riverside, California
24, Report #769843
Aug 27 2011
06:07 AM Shady and deceptive. Bait and switch Internet, Internet
Took two weeks for them to send and give me a tracking number, even though I paid for expedited shipping. Then when the merchandise didn't come, I emaild them again. Was told by Carlos that something must have gone wrong and he had another one he would mail out. 5 days later it arrived. Was not the same item I ordered, but instead was a lesser expensive item of the same kind and brand. At this point I will take my losses and never order from them again. They're very shady.
Entity: Internet, Internet
25, Report #326325
Apr 15 2008
04:24 PM Plano Texas Bait And Switch bait and switch Plano Texas
I spoke with Katerina of back on March 24th and She quoted me $85 for there limo bus. She sent have sent me a couple of confirmations on that rate and less than two weeks prior to the event I received credit card charge confirmation with a much different price on it- $175/hour. I immediately emailed them that they had the incorrect amount and then called Katerina. She told me that this is prom season and that they made a mistake on the $85 and that I would have to pay $175. After three confirmations (one verbal and two written) they are now changing the price (becasue they stated that it is prom season and I would not find another provider) I asked who the owner is and Katerina stated that the owner of Award Transportation in Plano Texas is MIKHAIL ROYTBERG (She referred to him as Michael) but the State has the owners listed as JUDE FLEET Director 5878 ARROWHEAD DR FRISCO, TX 75034-4854 Jude Fleet also has the adress of Telmar Network Technology as a contant for Award Limo. It apears that he is or was employed by this company. It is listed they they are owned by Warburg Pincus a leading private equity investor EDGAR ROYTBERG 7416 GREENVIEW DR. PLANO , TX 75024 What is interesting is that I quickly searched for MIKHAIL ROYTBERG and Michael ROYTBERG and found that he has two judgments against him. One for $13,042 by Southwestern Bell Yellow Pages and one for $5,993.39 actual damages plus $4,200 in attorneys fees by Texaco Pizza Inn. MIKHAIL ROYTBERG and Michael ROYTBERG owns or owned UNITED RENT-A-CAR, Legacy Taxi Cab and Wall Street Limo which as of now are listed as not in good standing by the Texas Comptrollers office. This explains why Award Transportation Services was opened November 21, 2007 in Jude Fleet (married REGINA ROYTBERG 2/22/2008) and Edgar's name. The name has changed but the way they treat people has not. Award Limo of Plano Texas offered the Limo Bus for $85 then waited until they were convinced that I would not locate another provider and without my authorization, charged my Credit card $175 per hour. THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING AWARD TRANSPORTATION SERVICES Credit Card Payment Confirmation for #1108907 Trip #: 1108907 Passenger : Reference #: Num of Passengers: 14 PICK_NAME: 06:15PM DROP_NAME: Trip Date: Saturday Apr 26, 2008 Reserved By: SELF Service Type: LIMO HOURLY Trip Description: LIMO BUS HOURLY Routing & Pick-Up / Drop-Off Details: 07:15PM : FROM: TX DROP OFF: DINNER (TO BE SPECIFIED) THEN DRIVE AROUND TOWN. 5HOURS...WILL BE CHARGED FOR OVERTIME ACCORDINGLY Trip Charges: Basic Rate: $1050.00 Hours: 175:00 Parking: $0.00 Tolls: $0.00 Waiting Time: $0.00 : Early/Late Hour: $0.00 Extra Stops: $0.00 Holiday/Misc: $0.00 Gratuity: $210.00 Discount: $0.00 Miscellaneous: $0.00 Administration Fee: $0.00 Gas Surcharge: $0.00 County Tax: $0.00 0.00% Tax/GST: $0.00 TOTAL DUE: $0.00 Payments Received: 04/14/2008 PMT: Visa SALE XXXXXXXXXX00119 Check/Auth# 089080 $1260.00 PAYMENT: AWARD TRANSPORTATION SERVICES , Phone THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING AWARD TRANSPORTATION SERVICES TRIP CONFIRMATION Trip Confirmation #: 1108907 Passenger : REMOVED Reference #: Num of Passengers: 14 Pick-Up:: 06:15PM Drop-Off:: Trip Date: Saturday Apr 26, 2008 Reserved By: SELF Service Type: LIMO HOURLY Trip Description: LIMO BUS HOURLY Routing & Pick-Up / Drop-Off Details: 07:15PM : FROM: REMOVED DROP OFF: DINNER (TO BE SPECIFIED) THEN DRIVE AROUND TOWN. 5HOURS...WILL BE CHARGED FOR OVERTIME ACCORDINGLY Trip Charges: Basic Rate: $425.00 Hours: 85:00 Parking: $0.00 Tolls: $0.00 Waiting Time: $0.00 : Early/Late Hour: $0.00 Extra Stops: $0.00 Holiday/Misc: $0.00 Gratuity: $85.00 Discount: -$0.00 Miscellaneous: $0.00 Administration Fee: $0.00 Gas Surcharge: $42.50 County Tax: $0.00 0.00% Tax/GST: $0.00 Payments Received: TOTAL DUE: $552.50 Payment Method: Credit Card VISA Holder: #XXXXXXXXXX00119 Exp 08/10 Terms & Conditions: Cancellation Policies Airport Transfers: A service fee, equal to the total trip cost, will be charged for any cancellation made less then 2 hours before the scheduled pick up time. Award Transportation Services are not responcible for passenger flights or trains which are missed, cancelled or delayed, or any other incident which result in failure to comply with the Cancellation Policy. We will exact our best effort to fullfill client needs in these instances subject to wait time fees, or late cancellations and re-bookings, without detriment to other reserved clients. Hourly, point to point and other services: If cancelletion made within 2 weeks prior to the trip date 20% of the trip is charged 6-3 day prior to the trip date 50% ot the trip is charged 1-2 day prior to the trip date full amount of the trip is charged. If you are booking during holidays and prom season... full amount due and not refundable. Deposits are non-refundable. All cancellation requests must be in send via fax : 972-692-7788 via email: Information contained herein is considered true and accurate unless otherwise is corrected by Notifying Award Transportation Services. Award Transporation Services P.O. Box 0201 Plano, Tx 75025-0201 Office: 972-208-3333 Fax: 972-692-7788 AWARD TRANSPORTATION SERVICES , Phone Entity Information: UNITED RENT-A-CAR INC 2704 SHERRILL PARK CT RICHARDSON, TX 75082-3213 Status: NOT IN GOOD STANDING Registered Agent: MICHAEL ROBINSON 2704 SHERRILL PARK CT. RICHARDSON, TX 75082 Registered Agent Resignation Date: State of Formation: TX File Number: 0160223800 SOS Registration Date: October 17, 2000 Taxpayer Number: 32002893496 Entity Information: LEGACY TAXI CAB COMPANY LLC 2704 SHERRILL PARK CT RICHARDSON, TX 75082-3213 Status: NOT IN GOOD STANDING Registered Agent: MICHAEL ROBINSON 2704 SHERRILL PARK COURT RICHARDSON, TX 75082 Registered Agent Resignation Date: State of Formation: TX File Number: 0708929822 SOS Registration Date: May 15, 2001 Taxpayer Number: 32003420919 MM MICHAEL ROYTBERG 7416 GREENVIEW DRIVE PLANO , TX 75025 Entity Information: WALL STREET LIMO INC 7416 GREENVIEW DR PLANO, TX 75024-4825 Status: NOT IN GOOD STANDING Registered Agent: MIKHAIL ROYTBERG 7918 CLIFFBROOK APT. 1060 DALLAS, TX 75240 Registered Agent Resignation Date: State of Formation: TX File Number: 0128376500 SOS Registration Date: September 9, 1993 Taxpayer Number: 30116867026 MIKHAIL ROYTBERG PO BOX 250201 PLANO , TX 75025 B Texas Bush Frisco, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: 7416 GREENVIEW DR, Texas

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