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26, Report #353597
Jul 21 2008
08:24 AM
CAMERAADDICT.COM Bait and Switch Brooklyn New York
I ordered a Olympus Stylus 1030SW 10.1MP Digital Camera with 3.6x Optical Wide Angle Zoom (Black) from their website. The Photo and description was of a US version of the camera. A couple of days later they call me and inform me that the camera I ordered is in a Japanese model and that I needed to pay them an additional 120 dollars for a US model with a warranty. I cancelled the order and bought a US version from another company for an additional 10 dollars. Somebody needs to put these people out of business. Jpass sugar land, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Brooklyn, New York
27, Report #352237
Jul 17 2008
06:10 AM
Liberty Wireless Bait and Switch Internet
As of 07/11/2008, the Liberty Wireless website [] clearly stated free shipping, free phone in the upper right and click here for your free phone under the name and address fields. I ordered service through them on 07/10/2008, expecting to see the cost of the phone removed before the transaction was finalized. That never happened. I emailed the address listed but it bounced back as undeliverable a day later. I called their toll-free number and was told that the promotion was over. They refused to honor their ad so I demanded my money be refunded as their site is guilty of false advertising. They could not locate my transaction. They took my name and mailing address and said that they'd work on refunding me. I followed up with a message to Sam asking that they change their website to stop offering free phones when they charge $35 for the least expensive model. As of 7/16/2008, I have not received an email or phone call from the company nor has my $65 refund been processed--and the website still offers a free phone. This is a classic bait and switch scam. Marcello Asheville, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet, Nationwide
28, Report #361330
Aug 10 2008
12:56 PM
Central Kia Deceptive BAit and Switch Lewisville Texas
I purchased a 2008 Kia Ronda from Central Kia of Lewisville July 20, I never received any financial paperwork from Central Kia upon what I thought was completetion. They responded this was normal procedure. I have bought several cars before in the past and this has never happened to me before. When I was leaving the Kia Dealership I notice the vehicle was missing an antenna. I notified them the same day about this mishap and the promised me if must have came off during the detailing and they would promptly send me another one. Nonetheless it was never mailed. Fast forward to best of them. Aug 6 They (James, DELeon, Nick, Errick) notified me that I need to bring the car back because it was missing a VIN #. How!!!! Anyways I arrived to the dealership 3 days later only to learn they needed me to trade in my vehicle because financing required it. To make a long story even shorter I asked for a ride home to Robinson,TX and made a promise to never do business with this SCAM OF A SO CALLED DEALERSHIP. If you look up KBB and Rip Off REport it multiple inquiries saying the same exact thing I said. BUYER BEWARE. Onefrank Waco, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Lewisville, Texas
29, Report #466203
Jun 29 2009
07:41 PM
Markham Securities Bait and switch Markham Ontario
It was nice, I get a letter without a return address which stated I won $250,000. In the letter was also a check for $4993.00 which $2995.00 was to be sent by Western Union to be paid toward government taxes. It made me think really hard.There were some issues I had with this whole thing that created all these little alerts in my thinking: 1. Why wasnt there a return address on the letter. 2. Noway would a securities company/firm send me a check that was NOT registered because of tracking. 3. The United States Government would just take their share (taxes) right out of the winnings. They would not allow just some company to negotiate the taxes. 4. $250,000 winnings with only $2995.00 in taxes? First in Canada the taxes are higher and I know US Federal Taxes would be at least 19% but then again I remember getting a check before from the feds and there was a 28% tax on it. 5. The bank on the check was M & T Bank in New Hartford, NY. I got online and checked their bank routing number. They only have 3 routing numbers and none of the 3 was on the check. If you think about these 5 things above and research them then you will win in this scam. Everytime a scammer doesnt succeed you win. BTW, the FBI in Tampa was notified and an officer sent to my house to pick up the documents. The FBI stated that this is part of the Nigerian Scams and they really cannot do anything to the people in Nigeria because there is no extradiction from Nigeria but they do catch and punish those caught in this in Canada and the USA. Remember the 5 things above because they will save you heartaches, grief and alot of $$$$. . Rob Wauchula, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Markham, Ontario
30, Report #405039
Dec 26 2008
01:19 PM
Sears Bait and Switch Samsung Washer/ Dryer Lynchburg Virginia
On Black Friday we went into the Sears store to purchase a washer/dryer set that was advertised in the sales paper for the day. When we got there we found a deal on a better set (Samsung front loading washer/dryer) and made the purchase. We were told that there was a lot of interest in the sale and that our set could not be delivered until January 2009. We were fine with that and put the washer/dryer on our Sears mastercard. Three weeks later on December 19, 2008 we got a phone call that there was too much interest in the sale and the orders could not be filled but we were offered two lesser products for the same price. They blamed Samsung and said that they would not fill their order for the additional sets. They charged my credit card - with no intentions of providing the product! My husband called Samsung who said that they are still making the set and will fill any order that they receive so it is not their fault - Samsung has not discontinued making this model - but Sears regrets putting the set on such a discount and is ripping people off and blaming Samsung rather than take the blame themselves. Did they expect to put something on sale and not get any interest in the sale? This is rediculous! We've spent countless hours on the phone with Sears Management who will not make the first step towards customer satisfaction. They still carry an almost identical Samsung set that is listed on their website that it can be delivered in 5-7 business days, but sears will not substitute it for the model number that they are failing to provide. They have lost our business forever unless something happens to make this right. Dotherightthing Lynchburg, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Lynchburg, Virginia
31, Report #455625
May 27 2009
12:01 AM Bait and Switch is an understatement! Springville Utah
Okay, call me stupid for wanting to believe this business was legit! BEWARE of this company and all of it's other names (Easy Google Profit, A1) I found once I started doing more research. Another lesson learned - ALWAYS read the terms and conditions of anything you plan on signing up for AND their privacy policies. BAIT and SWITCH is the name of their game! In the fine print, they tell you the only way to cancel is by mailing them a written termination request (to a post office box at a UPS store in Utah) and good luck getting them to answer the three different phone numbers they list in their terms, on their website and what I found from other victims of this scam! 888.258.9765, 888.248.9285, 888.247.2155 I heard their so-called customer service is located in the Philippines. Makes me ashamed that my heritage is from that crooked country. Do what I did - call your bank right away, report the fraud and cancel your credit card before they access your credit and be sure to check your credit frequently to make sure they don't try to do anything else! Best lesson: DO NOT PARTICIPATE in any wild offers that even the media appears to endorse by allowing this to get published in their papers and magazines! Anonconsumer Oregon City, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Springville, Utah
32, Report #457605
Jun 02 2009
06:27 AM
Ticketmaster, Ticketmaster is another word for Bait and Switch Scam Internet
Once again, Ticketmaster is at the heart of the ole bait and switch scam. You've probably read about the State of New Jersey lawsuit against Ticketmaster which accuses them of re-routing customers to ticket brokers for tickets with prices well above face value. Well now, they are perpetrating another scam with the whole notion of allowing consumers to buy Pre-Sale tickets. Almost each and every above average performer that plays at a medium to large sized venue, allows fans to buy so-called Pre-Sale tickets. What Ticketmaster is doing, is working out a deal with the ticket brokers to allow them access to the best seats for a fee. Ticketmaster feeds the brokers the Pre-Sale Password and let's them go to work on gobbling up the best seats. If you are normal Joe Concert-goer and you have purchased the Pre-Sale Password from a fan website for $25 to $50, you are still going to be up against hundreds of brokers going after the same tickets, thus making your purchase of the password of very little value to you. Does it ever make you wonder when tickets go on sale to the general public that you get what I call outskirt seats even though you logged in at 10:00am on the given sale date? This is completely due to this Pre-Sale Scam that Ticketmaster has been operating for the last few years. Now onto my latest Bait and Switch tactic that happened to me last weekend. I managed to obtain the pre-sale password for a band playing at my local venue through a blog and for fun, thought I'd see how ticket prices were going one day before they went on sale to the general public. When I logged in and used the password, I was told that my best seats were going to be in the last section of the pavilion at the venue. I told myself that it was typical that the entire pavilion was likely to sell-out before any seats were going to go on sale to the general public and laughed outloud at the outrageousness of the whole ticketing process that Ticketmaster was providing. So now I digress, since the price of the pavilion tickets were double that of the lawn, I went ahead and bought 4 general admission lawn seats because I simply wanted to take friends and see the show. Plus, sitting in the lawn is not all that bad unless it is raining. Anyway, a day goes by and I log into Ticketmaster to see how the general public ticket sales are coming along and I notice that the prices for the lawn seats are $12.30 lower per ticket than they were during the so-called Pre-Sale! Seeing as how this is a clear example of the Bait and Switch, I called Ticketmaster and asked them a simple question, why do my tickets cost $12.30 less today than they did yesterday and can I get a refund or credit? Their answer was that all ticket sales are final and that I was the one that chose to go through the pre-sale ticket process instead of waiting for the tickets to go on sale to the general public. No apology, no recognition of the fact that I've spent thousands and thousands of dollars on tickets through this monopoly over the years, no nothing! It was my fault they said, my fault that I bought the same ticket less than 24 hours earlier for $12.30 more per ticket. So for the 4 tickets that I bought, Ticketmaster scammed me out of $49.20. Think about how many others may have done the same thing? So with that, we fans are going to have to pay the excessive venue charges, and pay the excessive in-convenience charges which end up making your overall ticket price approximately 40% more than the original ticket price. We are going to have to put up with this monopoly that takes advantage of the fact that bands can only make money touring and not by CD sales. They take advantage and scam each and every one of us with these practices. I'll end with one thing that the Ticketmaster Customer Disservice Representative said that resonated with me. He tried to use an example to me that if you bought a shirt from a store one day for $50 and it went on sale for $40 the next day, would that store give me $10 back? He said no they would not, when I know that stores follow that policy all of the time and that this man that I had on the phone was clueless about life and about what it is to earn a buck and to try to spend it wisely. I feel sorry for him and the life lesson that he will learn later when he realized what a shameful company he works for. Ticketmaster is a monopoly, Ticketmaster is a scam, and Ticketmaster is doing a disservice to everyone that is forced to use them to support music in this Country. They are simply un-American. Name withheld Edgewood, KentuckyU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Ticket Master
Entity: Internet
33, Report #478294
Aug 10 2009
08:21 PM Bait and Switch Mountain Home Idaho
Well, they offer a great price. Place ticket, hotel, and rental car. They let you pick the time for your flights too. Then, after you pay, they change your time and say by the way, you can't change your times or cancel your order. i had placed an order for about $360.00 that included round-trip tickets, both departing about noon. after placing my order, it changed. now i'm leaving at about 6:00 am and not getting back home until almost midnight. i called customer service, the first representative (eric, 0209) said he couldn't do anything. too bad. when i asked if i could talk to his supervisor he pretended he couldn't hear me. the second representative offered to cancel my order and fine me $50 to do so, then try to resubmit the order for $700. she also told me that my times might change again anyway. David Colorado Springs, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Mountain Home, Idaho
34, Report #392010
Nov 17 2008
01:03 PM
Snuggie Blanket The old bait and switch game Internet
I thought these blankets would make a great Christmas gift so I went on line to purchase. Having seen the commercial for buy one and get one for only $19.95 plus $7.95 shipping and handling I thought it was a great deal. I go online to purchase the two blankets and when my total comes up it for $77.95! I knew then that this was a misleading ad. They were charging for both blankets and also doubling the charge for shipping and handling. Needless to say I closed the site before I purchased. Please beware this is the old bait and switch game. Thanks for listening. Chuck lakeside, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
35, Report #436398
Mar 21 2009
08:32 PM
Camera Giants High pressure bait and switch tactics. Internet
Buyer Beware of Camera Giants. They will only process your order if you succumb to their high power bait and switch tactics. I ordered a Sony Cybershot and when I called to confirm was told that the camera would only work for 15 minutes with the battery the camera came with and I would have to order a 100 battery from them. I initially agreed but when I called back to buy just the camera they canceled my order. thinking it was just one cranky clerk I placed a second order for just the camera and they never processed my order. Luckily I had used a secure card so I was not concerned about them accessing any credit info. Pip Evanston, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
36, Report #368915
Sep 02 2008
08:20 AM
Blue Nile Bait and Switch Internet
WARNING, although we've heard WONDERFUL things about Blue Nile and once thought of purchasing their stock, my husband tried to buy me an anniversary ring from them. He thought all was fine until he received a phone call from their customer service saying the diamond he picked is not available. It was when he put the ring together online. Ironically they offered to sell him a MORE EXPENSIVE diamond! They LOST a $9,000 order because of this (yes $9,000 for one diamond set in yellow gold). I'm actually happy this has happened because I already had a diamond solitaire. But I thought those of you out there who thought you were putting together a nice ring - may get a ring of another kind - a phone ring telling you your diamond is not available too! To date - they have not responded to our complaint of their bait and switch tactic they performed on us. Anonymous St. Louis, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Internet, Nationwide
37, Report #365633
Aug 21 2008
10:26 PM
Qwest DirecTV bundle bait and switch Denver Colorado
On December 21, 2007 I signed up for the Qwest/DirecTV bundled package. After 12 years with the DISH network I felt it was time to leave as they also increased their pricing, not concerned about their loyal customers. As the Qwest on hold message states, one bill, one payment for all services. Well that isn't exactly true. It took over 6 months of phone calls to both Qwest and Directv, many hangups, many on holds, many sceaming support people, just to have continued problems with billing and tech support. I was told that the one bill would'nt take until my account was current. HELLO! It is current. Qwest didn't do something on the 21st of December 2007 and I'm left holding the bag. The customer, who is always right, EXCEPT WITH QWEST and DIRECTV, is still paying more than what the advertised price states. And get this, I contacted the Attorney Generals office, they can't help either. I will stick with this absurd contract until the end and then I will leave these 2 companies. They will never be in my house, hand, ears, eyes again! Rdb Vancouver, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Denver, Colorado
38, Report #442788
Apr 11 2009
07:00 AM Classic Bait and Switch Horsham Pennsylvania
I had ordered prescription Phentermine (blue/white) 37.5 mg pills and was shipped non-prescription organic product Phentreamine (brown in color and huge in size) instead. I have tried calling the company several times and on one of the calls I was left on hold for over an hour. I have sent two emails to the company and so far they have not responded. I have contacted my credit card company and plan on filing a detailed dispute form. I do not want the product that was shipped. I believe I was deliberately bait and switched. I have also forwarded an email to there credit card processor Authorize.Net about this subject. Joe c horsham, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Horsham, Pennsylvania
39, Report #417196
Jan 28 2009
09:52 AM bait and switch Boca Raton Florida
my grand son ordered a dvd from this company but was not told of this membership requirement. i was then billed for a $1.00 payment for the membership. upon contacting the company the charge was refunded. with the statement that there would be no further charges. then one month later another $1.00 charge was on the debit card. when contacted they were very uncooperative. so i forced to place a hold on the debit card and get a new one issued. Beware of this company. Madash mesa, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Boca Raton, Florida
40, Report #602984
May 13 2010
02:14 PM bait and switch rip off artists! Internet
these people are ridiculous!I used their service to find some people who i went to school with for a class reunion and only needed their service for a month at the most... they give you the opportunity to chose between a 16 dollar a month, a 72 dollar for 6 months and 96 for a year of their services. I chose the 16 dollar option. They have a free trial for 7 days and they wont bill you. Granted, I have NO PROBLEM with paying anything... I chose the 16 dollar one, feeling that I chose wisely.  Dead wrong!! They pulled the old bait and switch routine... I mark 16... they change it to 96! They billed me 96 dollars for 365 fun filled days of checking up on people, which is absolutely NOT what I wanted! They miscue their hours of operation... one site says they are open til midnight, their email back to me said they were open only til 11 pm...amd when I tried to call them I got the old rigamarole! When I was FINALLY able to reach someone on May 13th, the two not pleasant at all 'women' that answered the phone were neither congenial nor forthcoming with action. The first one that answered the phone wanted to give me a lesson in phone etiquette, which I promptly advised her that she is neither parent of mine, the next one on the phone was told by a voice in the background to passify me with 48 bucks.Fkk internet businesses. They can kiss it! Oh, and BTW... they have a no refund policy. Which lets you know right there they are shady as hell.
Entity: Internet, Internet
41, Report #762328
Aug 08 2011
06:32 AM
ProActive Solution Bait and Switch Internet
     I have read similiar reports on this site regarding ProActiv Solution and what can happen if you order the product over the internet.       I have contacted the Better Business Bureau regarding what has happened to me.  I ordered the product for a free trial of one month supply at $19.95.  The following month the company went into my account and deducted $27.45.  When I contacted the company I was told I had ordered an additional three months of the product when I initially signed up for the free trial.  This was not the case!  I was outraged and I told the representative to cancel any and all further service.  I was told that the money was not to be refunded because the product was already in transit.       This month they went into my account again and deducted $19.95.  When I called again I was told that I had never returned the product sent in July and they would continue to deduct from my account until the cost was paid in full!     I was never told to return the product.  I did not return the product because they had already charged my account and was told I would not receive a refund.       I spoke to another representative later in the day and was told after I let them know I had reported them to the Better Business Bureau and my local state reprsentative that they would refund my money if I sent the product back.  They would mail me a return label that TAKES UP TO TWO MONTHS TO GENERATE AND FOR ME TO RECEIVE!  How crazy is this????     I now had to close my debit card with my banking institution to which many accounts I pay on line are connected.    This is so fuststrating and I beleive illegal what they have been able to do.     If you read this site you will see a posting that is identical to my situation except that person allowed them to continue to debit their account.  I refuse to do so and eveni if it was only $1.00 I would fight this.  What this company has done is WRONG!     To add insult to injury, the representatives I spoke to are rude and belligerent.  It is almost as if they know they can wear you down and they will continue to do as they wish.   Well, I will do all I can to make sure that anyone and everyone I know or come in contact with will be aware of their illegal business practice.
Entity: , Internet
42, Report #686915
Jan 26 2011
08:01 AM Sears, Kmart BAIT AND SWITCH Des Moines, Iowa
This website baited me to order a kitchen cart at a low price. They also made me sign up for I could get my order shipped for free. However after taking ALL MY PRIVATE INFORMATION....they emailed saying they had made a mistake with the pricing. Seems like a Bait and Switch operation to me....            
Entity: Des Moines, Iowa
43, Report #814280
Dec 27 2011
10:32 AM
HSN BAIT and Switch?? NOOKCOLOR ,NOT THE TABLET!! Clearwater, Florida
I ordered the NookColor Tablet from HSN..Or so I thought! I received an email advertising a pre sale of the tablet 3 days before it was to air on the show.Sounded like a great deal to me.It was a good price for this tablet and with FlexPays,it would make it easier to purchase one to give as a Christmas gift. Couple of days later,the presentation was on the air.The hosts went on and on how great a tablet this was(even comparing it to an IPad!).......the video is still running on check out the reviews there.Many other people very upset with HSN. I feel like it is a blatant Bait and Switch.It did not come with all the apps they mentioned.In fact,the system had to be updated to use NetFlix(even though the host said it came on it). I feel duped. I will not return it because I did give it as a gift and that person didn't know what I was giving them. I will not ask for it back. HSN has lost me as a customer.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
44, Report #858828
Mar 24 2012
03:08 PM dating scam, bait and switch, credit card fraud Internet, Internet purports to connect people who like to travel with each other in a dating platform.The site charges some $76 for basic membership. After creating a free account, you will receive numerous e-mails ''from'' beautiful women who are interested in travel to the same places as you are. In order to reply to them you will need to pay for membership.  When you write them back NONE of them will respond back to you because they do not exist. Then there profiles will even become hidden. You will then learn that the real women on the site were not given the same pitch you were when you signed up . They were told the site is for online discussion -- cultural exchange and learning traditions of other countries.    You've been lied to and so have the girls -- they don't even know it's a dating site. doesn't work with PayPal. They work with companies like ''HiPay'' that being based outside the US does not offer the same consumer protection that a company like PayPal would. HiPay works hand in hand with the schemsters at in this Hustle. They tell you that if you complain they will remove the anonymity of the purchase and let everyone at your bank, etc. know that you bought a subscription to an internet dating site. Avoid both of these companies at all costs.  This is an Eastern European confidence scheme.
Entity: Internet, Internet
45, Report #890236
May 29 2012
07:53 PM
wrist-band Bait and Switch Internet
Ordered 1000 wristbands, paid extra for inside message. They charged me $10.00 for a proof. What printer charges for a proof?. The proof was emailed to me, now this proof is not a photo of the bracelet but a image of what they say you should get. The problem is on the inside message it is only raised, they say it cant be colored like screen printed. When they sent the proof the inside message was colored in white lettering, so I thought great you can see it very easy. When we received the bracelets it is not at all like the proof I had to pay for you cannot read it at all.The old Bait and Switch  I could go on forever here its just not worth it. I emailed customer service about 6 times only to get replies from different people each time. I called and was treated like I was the one ripping them off.  I told them we were going to be ordering bracelets in large amounts, and asked if they could refund us or do something to show they care. The person on the phone was very NASTY and just hung up on me. So were stuck with bands with a message you cant read. Buyers beware. My wife had noticed that the bags of bracelets were stinking up the office and have a heavy odor to them. We have been buying bracelets for years and never smelt anything like this. So now she is wondering since they came from china are they toxic. We have had a lot of products from china here in the USA that are toxic. Kids toys etc some of them have lead in them. I dont know I guess I should just throw them out and chalk it up to experience.  Buy from the USA, at least you can understand the customer service people. Also if this would have happened with a US company we would have better recourse to get a refund. But when you deal with a fly by night oversea company they just dont care. Do not buy from wrist-band you will regret it.
Entity: , Internet
46, Report #326320
Apr 15 2008
03:48 PM Scam---Bait and Switch Palo Alto California
I bought a Fujitsu Lifebook S6210 Notebook Computer from someone in December 2007 on Ebay for $340 I bought it using Paypal, I received an email explaining that I should not buy it, if I did buy it I would get a full refund. I did what the email wrote, but the email misdirected me, therefore I went to my account at Paypal and found dispute resolution, they do npt refund until a certain length passes, Paypal promised me full refund, I have it in writing, I call them on the phone, they promise me I will get it as soon as they get it from the other person I have documents explaining this, saved email, paypal documents, telephone conversations with Linda and her supervisor Jacob. I only received $200 they keep this promise of returning the $140, it is now April they play the same game, when I explain the person outsmarted them they play this game of yes they will catch them , I tell them they out smarted you and I expect my money, they play this came of covarage for $2000 them make-up a story about not being covered buy that coverage. Its the same game every time I call them. I am promised the money as soon as they collect from other person, I bought it through Paypal I was covered with that policy, they refuse to pay. They caution you to buy with Paypal because there are crooks that steal your money, sell you something short of what you expected, Paypal is just as big of a crook. Steven Henderson, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Palo Alto, California
47, Report #297734
Jan 07 2008
10:54 AM
Verizon DSL bait switch and not deliver Internet nationwide
August 2006 we decided to upgrade to DSL. . .we got a great ad in the mail $17.99 per month. So I phoned them on my Verizon land line. Sign me up I said. . .the reply was you can upgrade to high speed DSL for only a few dollars more. HA! So I agreed to the $21.95. . .but no. . .two months later it went up to $29.99 and a month after that over $31. But the speed was awful. I kept calling and complaining and get transfered to india and they were the tech I dealt with. . and I can't even begin to tell you how I HATE being transfered over seas . . . if I won a free trip to India. . .all expenses paid I would not go because of the many times I have been transfered there over the phone to speak with people who don't speak my language and can't really help me cause it is not in the book. No offense to the Indian people. . . Each time I would call they would have me do the (what came to be know in our home as) internet dance. ..unplug all your computers and hardware. . wait 2 or 3 or 5 or whatever minutes replug it in. . .and VIOLA! You still run like crap. After 5 months of this I caught a break. I was researching other DSL servers in my area and two companies told me that they could not provide me with high speed because of my location to the main server. . .I am 15,000-17,000 and the furtherest away you can be is 18,000. Nice to know. . .too bad Verizon had taken my money for a whole year for service that was supposed to be speeds of 1.5 and higher and I never reached above 900. . .I know this because of another break I will share. . . One of my trips to india was VERY fruitful l got a website for testing speed here are two one is Verizons own and was able to see for myself that the speeds I was getting on average were below 400. . .keep in mind I am paying $31+ dollars for this privelege. . . So finally I had enough information to actually talk to Verizon . . .the first guy I talked to wanted to know who told me where I was located on the line like it was a state secret and they needed to find the offender and shoot him. I got no where so I contacted a number I found at the BBB website. . .and finally a woman called and they sent out a tech. . .this is now Nov 2007. .. The tech verified that there was no way I could recieve high speed. . .so I figured they would at the very least re-emburse the extra $10 they charged per month for a year.$120 . .they gave my back $10. They will give me more. I am now paying $20 for a service they offer new at $14.99 for your life. ..but you have to be a new customer. I have now switched my cell phone off of the all in one bill cause my goal is to get rid of Verizon land line and DSL asap. . .and Verizon Wireless might want to consider changin it's name because the guilt by asscioation factor is huge here. If there is anyone doing a class action suite against Verizon. .. I don't want money I want them exposed. Flogged might be more than I could hope for. . . Redawn w, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
48, Report #296467
Jan 02 2008
06:14 PM
Direct TV bait and switch Saint Augustine Florida
Direct TV is a bait and switch operation. Customer service wait is horrible, literally hours. John st augustine, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
49, Report #347737
Jul 05 2008
01:36 PM Bait and Switch - Deceptive advertising! Internet
Undercover Detective leads one to believe that they have access to exclusive data and for a fee, you can too. They take your money and forward you to a free web site that has the same data you would find in a simple Google search. Klgeorge Vernon Hills, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
50, Report #337811
Jun 06 2008
01:56 PM
Fotoconnection Fotoconnection: Cons using Bait and Switch Brooklyn New York
I tried to buy a Nikon D40X camera with 2 lenses for $1,074.99. The day after the order was placed I recieved a call from a customer service person named Adam. He told me that the lens that was advertised did not have a motor in it, but he could upgrade the order and get me a motorized lens for $1323.99. I asked him if the wide angle lens that was in the package was included in the new price. He told me that the item was not a lens but a conversion kit. The lens is advertised as Limited Edition 72mm 0.5X Pro Wide Angle Lens Panoramic. NOT as a conversion kit. When I began to complain about the different package, he told me he would throw in a leather bag, a UV filter, a 4-hour battery pack, and a better tripod all for the new price. (The old price included a bag, tripod, and battery.) I again told him I wanted the original package with the 2 lenses. He told me the original telescopic lens was out of stock. He then told me that I had to purchase this package or no package at all. When I tried to cancel my order, he became agitated and rude. He told me that the original package doesn't exist and I should just buy the one that is offered. YIKES. BAIT and SWITCH. Pyxiqueen Portland, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: New York

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