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51, Report #140211
Apr 25 2005
11:01 AM
Bank Of America Ripoff Excessive Fees Dallas Texas
Bank of America is now charging a 1% fee on all ATM transactions overseas. Although, they continue to advertise you can use over 14,000 ATM's worldwide free of charge, they neglect to advertise the 1% surcharge. David Carrollton, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Texas
52, Report #151545
Jul 27 2005
11:52 PM
Bank Of America ripoff Walnut Creek California
My Husband opened a account with B of A so he could cash his paychecks instead of going to check cashing places. Well since he has done this, he has gotten conterfeit $100.00, twice and a $50.00. Of course you know the banks the the bills and you, well you're out that money and nothing gets done. How well do they train their personnel? Thanks for reading this. Karen antioch, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Walnut Creek, California
53, Report #253726
Jun 11 2007
01:55 PM
Bank of America rip off Artists Reno Nevada
I am responding to the initial question of unearned fees. Outrageous fees charged to my checking account with B of A. I was overdrawn 1.42 got charged 35.00 for them to cover it. Then when my deposit did not hit the same day, (it hit the following day), they promptly returned it to the merchant, and charged me ANOTHER 35.00 Wayne Reno, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Reno, Nevada
54, Report #330430
May 04 2008
07:18 AM
Bank Of America Credit card Rippoff Baltimore Maryland
Six moths ago I got some money from my card. I was charged 4 points, not to have to pay interest for a year. This month I was sent a bill, seems they put my card in lost or stollen, so they have issued me a new card, charging me 11.99%. It also says there is a balnce due by the 11th and I dont even have the proper information , account #, to send it too. I am honest and hard working, I dont like being cheated, I pay my bills. Is there any honesty in the world any more? Lyndon Florence, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Baltimore, Maryland
55, Report #350389
Jul 12 2008
08:03 AM
Bank Of America Overdraft fees Bridgeport Connecticut
I have a free checking account with Bank of America, and this is not the first time I've had a problem with them, but this time I am looking to take further action than just calling there customer service. There was an overdraft fee that was charged to my account, even though I never overdrafted, a $35.00 fee was charged, I made a couple of other payments, and purchases and because of this wrongly charged fee, I overdrafted myaccount by a total of $10.00 (meaning that if the $35.00 fee wasn't charged my account would be not be negative). I was then further charged another 4, yes four $35.00 fees because of one bank error. So now this one fee has turned into FIVE fees. When I called customer service they told me that is just how there system works and that there was nothing they could do. This is ridiculous, I work at a large national bank, and I understand that they bank is trying to make money, and one way is by fees, but this is unacceptable and now the bank has made a quick $175.00 because they made an error, and there is nothing they can do. Mark t. Bridgeport, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Bridgeport, Nationwide
56, Report #342102
Jun 19 2008
03:35 PM
Bank Of America Dishonest Brunswick Maine
We've been banking at Bank of America for the past year. I am a Tax Accountant and my partner is a Mortgage Broker. We've never had problems with our accounts until my partner became unemployed and his benefits started to be directly deposited into our checking account. Since then, they have been holding deposits and posting the debits first, causing an enormous amount of overdrafts. The overdrafts are always three at a time which is also suspicious. They have also been holding funds from checks that are drawn from Bank of America subsidiaries which makes no sense at all. We have contacted the Better Business Bureau and the Maine State Attorney Generals office regarding these new events. We are willing join or file an investigation and a class-action suit if anyone is interested and has similar problems. After reading many of these complaints, it seems there is more to this that I thought. Please contact us if you wish to file a suit together. Needless to say, we will never do business with Bank of America or it's subsidiaries again. Dave Brunswick, MaineU.S.A.
Entity: Brunswick, Maine
57, Report #1046475
Apr 26 2013
12:35 PM
Bank of America credit card, Internet
Poor customer service from Bank of America.  I called to check on my balance and payment due. I was told there was no payment due.  The next month, I'm receiving a late fee for a balance that was approximately $30.  The late fee is equal to or greater than the balance. After calling and explaining, the customer service person does not try to work with me. After calling again, the second customer service person said that I should have been helped or could have been given credit for one late fee by the first person. I was given incorrect information and therefore incurred late fees that Bank of America does not want to credit back. not do business with Bank of America. They are many other options.
Entity: Internet, Internet
58, Report #1059590
Jun 16 2013
05:38 PM
Bank Of America Short Sale Internet Nationwide
Bank of America Fails (Please like and forward along to spread the word)  I am not sure if many of you have had dealings w/ Bank of America and their short sale department but I am here to spread the word how horrible their business really is. I have had a signed contract on a house since February 22, 2013.  I am about to come up on missing my 3rd closing date second week of July and they have had absolutely no response or movement from their side to get anything done.  I have been thru 3 case managers, a lawyer that was on vacation for a month, missed 2 closing dates, and a bunch of paperwork that has gotten lost in the shuffle.   I have filed a claim with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and they still have no responses or clue as to what the status of the short sale is of the house that I am trying to purchase.  So the only thing I know to do now is spread the word about how bad the Short Sale Department Bank of America sucks! 
Entity: Internet, Nationwide
59, Report #1260243
Oct 09 2015
11:25 AM
Bank of America Thieves and fraud Wilmington Delaware
I had opened an account with Bank of America because I could not just cash a check written on the bank check.  So I opened one, instead of just savings, they hassled me into opening a checking account as well.  I have informed them that I did not want to open a checking but was told I had to.  I have had this account for four months and while I was in orientation in Houston, Texas, I received a call from the fraud department from Bank of America and was questioned as to when the last time I had accessed my online banking.  I told them from the hotel room the night before and first thing that morning.  The fraud department employee questioned me as if I did not know where I was and I told her that I was in Houston, Texas in a hospital orientation at the present time.  I was then told that my account was being closed because there were activities on the account that could not be explained.  I questioned what type of activities and they asked if I knew anyone in Florida and if I gave out my information such as password and login to my accounts.  I told them no and I did not know anyone in Florida.  Once again, they said they were closing my account since my account had been compromised and this was not the first time, it had been going on for some time from Florida.  They refused to allow me to pull the money left in the account with me so I would be able to eat and get the rental car back to Tyler. I was told no.  So I had to leave my orientation and new job and return to Tyler to investigate what was going on since they refused to give me any answers.    I was told I would have the remaining balance sent to me via check and now I receive a letter in the mail stating the payroll check that I deposited would not be cleared until that bank paid Bank of America and then they refused to overnight my remaining balance.  Now instead of waiting until the middle of next week to get my money from my now closed account, I have to wait two weeks now, because of the holiday  If this is how Bank of America treats their clients, I am surprised they are still in business.  You close my account because of something that you knew was occuring but did not bother to notify me until a month later and then close my account instead of allowing me to open another one and change my login.  You are just as crooked as the thief that was looking in my account. I used my debit card to reserve my hotel room and to rent the rental car to get me to Houston.  How is that going to be reimbursed back to me?
Entity: Wilmington, Delaware
60, Report #1178260
Sep 21 2014
02:10 PM
Bank of America David Marion Inheritance thieves Nationwide
DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH THIS BANK!I have been trying for over 1 year to sort out my father's estate.  I keep getting the run around from the IRA, CD and Estates depts at B or A.  I provide them with every document they ask for to close my parent's accounts and I am still waiting for the money.  In fact, I requested that my father's trust account be closed and the funds split evenly between my brother and I as set forth in the text of his trust and the family trust.  All documents were sent to the bank multiple times.  David Marion, a so-called supervisor with B of A and a complete moron, had the check issued in the name of my father's trust.  Now I have a worthless cashier's check drawn on B of A that no bank including B of A will cash.    Effectively they have converted an account I couldn't access to into a worthless piece of toilet paper that I can not cash. I have had numerous branches and even a BMO Harris banker call them for a solution and they can't come up with a simple solution for me. I am supposed to try and re-open my father's trust (he is dead and I am not him) then I am supposed to have my brother come to Illinois from Pennsylvania to open a Family trust account at B of A so I can cash their check and distribute the funds then close the account. Apparently my brother is supposed to travel 1000 miles at his expense because they have to see him sign the documents in person.  How dysfunctional is that? According to my father's trust and the family trust the money should go directly to us but no one at the bank can read.  I am fed up.  No one should consider putting their money in this bank or doing any other sort of business with them.  The bank sucks and is full of rude, obnoxious, incompetent thieves.  My parents must be rolling in their graves knowing that the little bit of money they saved hasn't been given to their children.  No wonder B of A is paying exorbitant fines to the gov't.  Apparently the bank needs my family's money to satisfy the debt.
Entity: Nationwide
61, Report #1222911
Apr 16 2015
01:50 PM
Bank of America Totally Robbed!!! Phoenix Florida
I open an account with Bank Of America and in less than a month my account was robbed literally charges on my account that i never did so i get an email from them stating my acct is low when i had over a $2000.00 so i called to find out whats going on. Then they said there was a charge for $1300.00 from a cellular place so i said no no no my phone company name is Tmobile and so their after the account was blocked and a dispute of charges was  filed. Then after two days i get a letter stating my dispute was denied and i will not get my money back. So i  called then i was asked did i get a police report i said no do i need one; Aparently i do. So i went to get one called them back i get the cold shoulder saying the fraud department is handling it and you will get a letter in the mail.  In another 3 days i get a letter saying i will not get my money back from my dispute.  Bank Of America is a ripoff i have all the proof they need that i did not make those charges and they will not give me my money.W hile im at the store you block my card while buying pampers but a charge for an anonymus cellular company for $1300.00. You are suppose to trust them as your Bank but they cant trust you as their Customer!!!!    
Entity: Phoenix, Florida
62, Report #1363421
Jul 28 2017
12:36 PM
Bank of America minimum interset charge Charlottesville Virginia
 I had a bank of america credit card for four years and recently they started charging me 1.5$ every month for keeping my balance at zero.
Entity: Nationwide
63, Report #1356221
Feb 15 2017
11:28 AM
Bank of america Nationwide
 I am an immigrant that doesnt have legal status but i got a bank account because i came into the US legally. I opened a bank of america account and tried to pay in a cheque in january of 2017 after paying cheques regularly in 2016, i did it on the mobile app which rejected it so i went ahead and did an atm deposit. 10 mins later my account was locked and atm cancelled. I called the vank and explained to them but i was accused if cheque counterfeiting. I was shocked and i was told my account has been closed and i was reported to chexsystems. The amount of 783.24 dollars actually cleared into my account and the bank with held the money and closed my account despite the issuer of the cheque not filling a complaint now for almost a month. I was asked to provide a notarized lettet plus paystub for that cheque which i have not been able to do. I have just the paystub but the bank insists on a notarized letter. So i have to wait for my cheque issuer to give me that. Why would the funds be withheld. I asked the bank to contact the cheque issuer, they declined. I also asked that the funds be returned to the originating account they simply hung up on me and i even had rude remarks thrown at me becuase it was obvious on the account i do not have a social security number.
Entity: Nationwide
64, Report #526120
Nov 19 2009
08:48 PM
BANK OF AMERICA Private Assist Bank of America Private Assist, No registration record, but ongoing deductions Internet
I opened a new checking account with Bank of America in 1st week of Sept. As part of the card activation I apparently applied for Private Assist and I had no clue when it happened till I got hit by a 12.99 hit on my account in mid Oct.I called up the Private Assist and the associate told me that they did not have any records of my registration and told me to fax my drivers license and proof of address. When I asked how the deductions happened without having my registration record, they said they cannot verify till I send the docs. I faxed the docs and and a cancellation request and also went and spoke to the Bank manager but she couldn't help me much other than giving me the deduction reference number and customer service number of Private Assist. 4 weeks later,last week, I got a letter confirming the receipt of my cancellation letter and was asked to call again for more information as they needed more information.In the mean time, I was charged again. I called today and believe it or not, first they had no record, but after I persisted, they found my record, but could not access it as they couldn't not verify me and was asked to fax my drivers license (again) and the bank statement to prove the deduction, to prove my identity so that they can access their records to cancel the account they had...when again I questioned the logic of deductions happening inspite of my ghost record, they wanted the docs to be faxed. Long story short, i went back to the bank manager and she was helpful enough to call up the same agent and presto!, now they could access my records and as per the bank manager has canceled it with full refund. The refund will happen in another 15 business days. Is there any official reporting agency to investigate this non-registration but real deductions happening?
Entity: Internet, Internet
65, Report #383066
Oct 20 2008
04:40 PM
Bank Of America ,Bank of America Not Very American Wilmington Delaware
My Bank of America card was good to me at first up until the last steep interest rate increase. I have never paid late, never gone over the limit, have a high FICO score, and I'm a loyal person with all my credit accounts. The card increased to a very high interest rate. I thought it was because of an automatic system feature or setting that does this after a certain time. I thought I would call up customer service, verify my account, make some adjustments to the system, and bring my interest rate back down to a low competitive rate. Sounds easy but that's not what happened. I called customer service and they told me, in other words, it's not going to change, a letter was sent and that I had a choice to cancel or keep them. I then told them, OK, I'll just keep it, ride it through, and see if anything changes in the next few weeks. I called a rep and asked why my interest was increased so high. The lady told me that because of credit balances, other factors in my credit report, etc; the same rigamaroo told to various other customers. I asked her if this was all worth losing me as a customer and he responded, I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do. I feel like they need to pay penalties to their customers as a consequence for creating this bad business decision. In summary, I am very disappointed with Bank of America. I have since decreased my balance to less than $100 to keep it open and see if the bank comes to their senses and makes things right with their customers. In the meantime, I'm keeping the account open to use their resources and manage my account. Alex El Paso, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Wilmington, Delaware
66, Report #337458
Jun 05 2008
01:30 PM
Bank Of America Yet again Bank of America screws a loyal customer Hartwell Georgia
I checked my account online today and found that I have 4 overdraft fees.I always check my account before I make any purchases and I keep up with all of my checks that are out. I checked my account one day and 3 of these items had posted and cleared. They were not pending. Several days later I made a purchase that I knew would result in overdraft fees. I checked my account today and found that they rearranged all of my transactions high to low so that they would all result in overdraft fees. Please spare the don't spend money that's not in your account comments. First of all, sometimes as the only one working and 5 children to feed, this is a necessity. Not to mention if the bank considers this a courtesy, don't tell me not to take advantage of it. I completely agree that this one transaction should have resulted in an overdraft fee, but it is completely absurd that they would rearrange transactions in this way. I have heard their way of explaining why they do that, but since all of the transactions are paid, how can they justify clearing the larger ones first because of their importance? The smaller ones clear just the same, they just make sure to do it so that they can profit from the fees. Despite what anyone may say, I was NOT informed of this procedure when I opened the account and I DO read anything that is sent along with my statements and I have NEVER received any type of notice regarding high to low posting procedures. If that is the procedure why does it only apply to overdraft? Why do all transactions not post this way? Because they can't profit from that so why bother? When I contacted a CSR, she told me that she completely understands my point, but that she couldn't offer a refund. I actually had a good experience with the CSR as she was very understanding, but it wasn't getting me anywhere. I began to question how they notified customers of this change if it wasn't in place upon opening the account and she really had nothing to say except that we like our customers to be notified of changes. So I told her that there must be something I could do because it was not stated in my account agreement and I can prove that. And to that she replied that her manager just told her that she could refund 35.00. She also suggested as I'm sure many of you will, that I use my register to record transactions. My reply to that was (and is to anyone who suggests it) what good will it do if things are just going to be rearranged? Had I recorded my transactions would they not be in the order in which I made them? I still would have ended up with the last one as the only one that resulted in an overdraft fee, so how would that have helped? I certainly could not have known that I was going to have to make a purchase resulting in an overdraft fee and go back and rearrange the items myself. A register is useless if they rearrange transactions. And the CSR agreed fully. No this wouldn't have happened had I not made the last transaction, but come on, as I said before don't tell me bounce protection is a courtesy if you expect me not to use it. (And if you must know, it was for a sick child's medication) Pamw Hartwell, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Hartwell, Georgia
67, Report #383162
Oct 20 2008
09:02 PM
Bank Of America bank of america, fraud, credit card fraud Dallas Texas
Beware of Bank of America. Ever since I opened a credit card account I've had nothing but problems. Anyone who gets their credit card is in for it if they can't make their entire balance in a payment each month. Most recently Bank of America changed my payment due date to the 5th of every month from the 6th without any prior knowledge. I paid on October 5th at 4:30 pm about $200 and today got a statement with a late fee. They say I was late in paying even though I thought I was since my due date is the 6th. It has been for a year since opening the account. Always check because they are tricky and a horrible company. Now they will make me pay $40 plus $30 APR fee. I've paid over $200 to date on fees. It is sick because my balance was only $2,000. I pay $50-$400 a month without any late payments before now. I contacted customer service but it was a joke. None of them would help me and practically laughed in my face. Please avoid Bank of America at all costs unless you want to be cheated by these frauds. I see there are several other BoA reports, some by customers that may have been delinquets. I can assure that I have perfect credit history before getting involved with the Bank of America company. Now because my due date was jerked around I was late for the first payment in my history. I pay every month too and look how they treat me! I wish everyone luck who has been taken advantage of by this horrible company. I'm a poor student so have to break my back by taking on three jobs in the hopes I can pay off this card enough to get the first balance transfer in my life to another card. Bless everyone who is trying to get away from them like me. Thanks, Becky Fedupbecky dallas, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
68, Report #467764
Jul 09 2009
07:21 AM
Bank Of America Bank of America fraudulent charges and other scams Tampa Florida
So they advertise if an unathorized charge is made to your account the money will be returned within 24 hours... 24 hours since when? OH, 24 hours after they give the merchant 45 days!! to defend themselves... two weeks ago there's a $1400.00 charge made to my checking account (via debit card number, which is still in my wallet) at 9:30 at night in France, while I'm asleep in Tampa. Bank of America is the one who's notified me that there's a fraudulent charge and they've closed the card within 2 hours of that charge being made... my frist thought is , wow, fast work, great... No. I have to then file a claim before they will send me a new card, so I do. 4 days later no money returned to my account. I stop in a branch to get real person help, she goes through all the phone transferring and that's not our department that I did and 4 people tell her I have filed no claim... the fifth person is appearently annoyed that I want to file a claim because I already have one.. what?! I know I told you that already. Now they are being snotty with me, like I've done something wrong... So I file another claim, 2 more days later there's a temporary charge back to my account. Oh great, so I get to wait 36 more days to find out if I get to 'keep' that money that is rightfully mine, depending on what kind of schtick these french company gives them, meanwhile they cannot tell me how they determine if basically they think I'm lying... Yes, I really wanted to deplete and overdraw my account for a 1400 piece of furniture from france just for fun. So this leads me to my real complaint. My ex husband foreclosed on a house I gave to him in the divorce aggeement that my name was still on the mortgage so I have 'bad' credit. BOA has already decreased my limit on my credit card and then threatened to raise the interest rate (even though I've never missed a payment, and in fact always pay more than is due with them) so I close the card. This fraudulent charge has put $300 of over draft into effect (which don't get me started why the close my card but don't cancel the over draught--- I smell scam all over this) now the fraud claims says they can't fix this, the credit card department says the claims people have to fix this... and I go back and forth and get hung up on several times, each time... can I have your name? your address, your... geez I've said all this 100 times! NO one has returned the overdraft charges and my rate in fact did go up.. I have switched to a credit union I suggest you do the same Buggedoff Tampa, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
69, Report #461083
Jun 12 2009
10:54 AM
Bank Of America Bank of america - Steals money from your account Tampa Florida
Bank of america is not a bank that looks out for the consumers best interest. They will find any way that they can to take money out of your account without permission and any notification. I opened my account over 4 years ago with Bank of ameica. They never onced charged me a monthly maintenance fee. All of the sudden they decided to start charging me a fee for the 1st to months they charged me $5.95. This month they decided that they needed more money and raised the fee to $8.95 per month. I was not notifed in any way that one- they were going to charge me a fee and two- that once they started charging me a fee that they were going to increase the amount that they were charging. I will be closing this account and I suggest that if you want to work with a ETHICAL BANK, DON'T BANK WITH BANK OF AMERICA!!! GEORGE P Tampa, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
70, Report #472147
Jul 22 2009
08:41 AM
Bank Of America Bank Of America Predator! Wilmington Delaware
2 1/2 years ago I started a small business and applied for and received a Bank Of America credit card with a 9.99% interest rate. They put the name of my business on the front of the card but I still applied for this card personally. I have never been late on a payment or paid the minimum to Bank Of America or anyone else. Out of the blue, I got a notice from Bank Of America that they are going to double my interest rate. After approx. 8 calls to customer service I still don't understand why. They said it was because I had high balances on another card and I had a house payment. Well, if they thought I would have a hard time paying them, why wouldn't the lower the interest rate to make it easier for people to pay them, rather than making their payments higher. Doesn't even make sense and I am sure it didn't even sound good to the account managers I talked to at Bank Of America. You can't fix dumb. They did offer me a program that makes my debt. into a payment program 2% for 5 years, but it is reported to the credit bureaus that it is an assistance program. I have great credit and will never do anything to ruin it so I cannot do their program. It does not make sense that they are willing to take 2% interest if I got into this assistance program that will make my credit bad but will not keep my existing interest rate and let me finish paying of this account as agreed. I even threatened them with not paying them anything and they just said to do what I have to do. It was like talking to a rock. They are terrible. I don't think it is unusual for a start up business to incur some debt. I called Bank Of America and asked them many times to leave my interest rate where it originally started. I was told absolutely not. I tried to reject this change to my interest rate but I was told that because it was a BUSINESS CARD I could not stop this robbery. If it were a personal card, then I could stop (reject) the change and just not use the card any longer and pay it off at the present rate. They are Loan Sharks!! Don't Do Business with them!! I would like to know why we are bailing out the Bank Of America with taxpayer money and they in turn, have turned against us. There are millions of others in the same situation as myself. I will never have the name of my company put on a credit card again. Dennis Maumee, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Wilmington, Delaware, Nationwide
71, Report #564471
Feb 04 2010
11:02 AM
Bank Of America - BofA BofA Bank of America is a complete rip off Internet
This is to all customers of B of A which I will never be part of. Good News the Attorney General of NY is suing B of A. Hope they get investigated and shut down as needs to be done to Regions and Wachovia which is now part of Wells Fargo another rip off company.New York AG filing civil charges against BofA
Entity: , Internet
72, Report #823336
Jan 16 2012
07:23 AM
Bank of America Bank of America Modification rippoff Dallas, Texas
 I had got behind on my mortgage because of loss of wages and Bank of America said they would help me keep my house so for months i sent in pay stubs from my new job that i made much more at and bank statements and i called every week like they told me to, and one day i called them and they said the modification was stopped because they called me and left a message to call them i didn't  return their call so i asked what number did they call and it was a number for a business that was never associated with my account so a manager said he would have them reopen the account and call me back in an hour which never happened and this went on for a couple more weeks no one would help or even return calls. 
Entity: Dallas, Texas
73, Report #673842
Dec 21 2010
06:29 AM
Bank of America Bank of America Home Loans Bait and switch , Internet
My local branch told me I would have to take out $4,000 from my account to refinance my mortgage. After 3 1/2 months, the refi was to close on a Monday. Then the people involved told me to re fax some of the papers already faxed and the closing would not take place that day. (Did they lose them)? The next Monday the refi was to close again, but this time they said I needed closer to $8,000 from my account to close. I complained and they lowered it to $6,000 plus, but it is still a lot more than they first said when I started to process. They had me waiting all day on both Monday's when I could have been working. They never returned my calls. I left messages on their voice mail, but they were ignored. To me, this was a bait and switch. $4,000 would have been alright with me, but not $6,000 or 8K.
Entity: Internet, Internet
74, Report #527053
Nov 21 2009
09:15 PM
bank of america Bank of america Trashes Fallen Marine Hero gaffney, South Carolina
The Bank of america in Gaffney South Carolina refused to allow the american flag be placed in front of there bank during the Fallen Heros funeral procession.  To those who dont know what this means,  Its just where small flags are placed on the street or route where the funeral is going to be driving to the burial site.  Very simple and very patriotic.  This soldier selflessly gave his life for his Town, his state and his  country.    The bible states there is no greater love than for those that lay down there life.  This Bank should  not be called Bank of America, it is one of the worst Banks in ripping off people in fees  and credit card interest rates.   I say to every United states veteran who reads this go down to the bank of america  that you have your checking account in and remove your money and close the acccount.  Every veteran shoulld boycot this bank of america.   They are greedy crooks thats running this bank and I am ashamed of my self having opened an account 19 years ago when they were called nations bank.  I call upon everyone to boycot this bank of america and go to a bank that doesnt charge a lot  in overdraft fees or these perdatory fees as it is called.    Sincerely Cournal Abrams
Entity: gaffney, South Carolina
75, Report #853008
Mar 13 2012
06:53 AM
Bank Of America Bank of America unethical/unfair business practices Internet
Basically what happened is that last month I called to make a payment with my Chase bank account but had no checks so gave them my full account # which had 6 zeros in front since they said they needed FULL account#. Never came out of Chase account and came back as account not located with BofA. I called back and they didn't know what was wrong so I said well, I opened account in CA but now live in CO where I bank, do you think you might need CO routing #? They said, yes let's try that. 3 days go by, payment returned not locating account. Called Chase and they said do NOT use 6 zeros, give them other numbers though. Called BofA, and tried that..payment took. Called this month to make payment and they have closed my account (without notifying me) for previous 2 returned payments. They admitted it was account # keying error on part of their reps, transferred me to credit dept. Credit dept runs my credit and says due to my student loans in default (one paid off weeks ago & not updated on credit yet and the other deferred for a year) they won't re-open the account. They stated I have EXCELLENT payment history with them for over 5 years and they admit the closing was THEIR error (and last payment I made was reflecting in credit line) but can't reopen my line of credit. What makes it worse is that over that week or so I was calling them proactively trying to figure out what was wrong so I could pay THEM. This is how they treat me. It's just wrong.
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