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1, Report #1338528
Nov 16 2016
06:50 PM
Banks-haus Donald Banks dog abuse Breeder California
 Dogs no shelter Breeding old dogs Malnourished dogs
Entity: California
2, Report #1290500
Feb 28 2016
09:49 AM
SunTrust Banks Poor customer service and lack of concern Nationwide
On Friday Feb. 26 around 7:00PM I went to an ATM at a SunTrust branch. I attempted to deposit $500 in cash into my checking account. I put the $500 in the ATM and it attempted to count it. It gave me a message that some of the bills were not read and that my money would be returned for me to reinsert. It only gave me back $260 of the $500 I had put in. It kept $240 of the $500 I had put in. It would not retake the $260. Then it said transaction cancelled and did not return my $240 or give me a receipt. I did a balance inquire and the $240 was not deposited into my account. I filed a claim with their customer service dept. but have heard nothing. I wrote a note explaining what happened and pushed it through the door of the bank which was closed asking them to have a manager call me Sat. morning when they opened at 10:00AM. No one called. I attempted to call them on Sat. morning when they were open and it took me several attempt to finally get a person to answer. The woman I spoke with was very cold and rude and said they was nothing they could do at the branch level. I have called the corporate office several times and still do not have my money or know when or if my money will be returned. I have had zero communication from anyone at SunTrust via either phone or e-mail regarding any solution to my loss. Their customer service and lack of concern for their customers is atrocious. SunTrust owes me $240 and I want it deposited into my account immediately. They could care less.
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #1410305
Nov 04 2017
10:05 AM
Coin-Banks Coin-Banks is a fraud Internet
Coin-Banks lures people in with promises of a good crypto trading platform, regular contact and guidance from a broker, and easy intuitive online banking, from them right into your bank account.The first problem came when my broker said I had to invest more to get the regular calls from a broker.  I did that, since bitcoin was taking off.  Weeks went by with no calls from my broker, so I put in a $100 test withdrawal.  It took forever to clear but it did go through -- or so I thought, later I checked and the money never reached my bank.  All requests regarding that withdrawal have been ignored.  In fact, I am completely ignored.  I started with them last Spring, and they told me I could not withdraw unti this fall. The date is almost 2 months past now and no withdrawals have been released.  So....  this is NOT a site where you have control of your money.  I purchased BTC and the broker sold half of them without my permission, and made terrible bungling futures trades which were costly, without my permission, though they state on the site that no transactions will be made without permission.  I have been asking for my remaining funds to be transferred back into either my bank or wallet, and all requests are ignored, and all withdrawals are left in a pending state.  Emails to the support email listed have bounced.  I am looking at a substantial loss from this company. They are completely fraudulent, not only failing to deliver what they promise on their site (which changes a lot, btw), but also getting people to invest and then not releasing funds back to them. Withdrawals have to be approved...and they never approve them.  As soon as you tell them you need to see funds coming back to your bank account before you will invest more, they completely ignore you. Do NOT invest with this company!
Entity: Internet
4, Report #12703
Jan 29 2002
12:00 AM
Merchants are not only being ripped of by the consumers with credit cards the banks are helping them Not too difficult to work this one out after being a merchant for some time now I have discovered the banks are running their own scam on a huge scale. They legalized shop lifting and share the booty! A card holder will dispute a credit card transaction even when legitimate with THEIR bank, the bank automatically charges back the amount and then charges the merchant $15+ for paperwork on top, 9 times out of 10 banks will charge back the charge to the merchant stating we are protecting our customer they said they did not authorize. What a load of BS!! Customers lie through their back teeth! This Is Legalized Shoplifting! Banks pocket $15+ each time from the Merchant legitimate transaction or not, even if you win you still get billed $15+ The merchant knows the client ordered, the client knows they ordered their is no evidence of card being used for anything else but the client wins and the bank wins, the merchant not only looses his product but also the money PLUS $15 paper fees. The customers banks get to decide who wins and 9/10 goes in favor of their customer because they want to look good in front of their customer. Then the merchant gets a letter stating CARD HOLDER DID NOT AUTHORIZE YOU HAVE NO RECOURSE when you call the Bank for answers all they say is sorry Sir I can only speak to the customer. I have all ready suggested to the bank how to stop all legitimate charge backs but they state this would not be a profitable way to do business, I suggested they warn the customer when charging back if the Merchant proves the transaction you will be fined 25% of the original transaction that should put a lot of people of charging back, the bank laughed when I suggested it and stated their customers would not like that kind of fine and also charge back fees are a huge revenue for the banks!
Entity: Nationwide
5, Report #1250
Feb 11 2000
12:00 AM
First Banks Money First
I've had great credit for over 20 years and a few years back decided to take advantage of the competitive rates on balance transfers that everybody offers. First Banks offered me a low rate so I transferred some other card balances. Everything went well until I made a payment that was due July 4, 1999. Since the post office doesn' deliver on Sundays it got there July 5th. The next statement showed a $29.00 late fee. I was pissed, but let it go, figuring okay, I'll be earlier next time. In August and September I paid the majority of the balance, not noticing that even though I was still within the low introductory rate period they hiked the interest to around 18%. I made it a point to send my October payment at least seven days early since it was due October 13, 1999. You guessed it! October 13th was Columbus Day and the post office (and the banks) have a holiday. It arrived on October 14th and First Banks decided to charge another $29 late fee, this time on a $15 balance, plus hike the rate again - to 24%. This really pissed me off so I called the customer service number and complained. My answer It was late, end of story. I paid the balance and sent along a nasty note concluding with You've just made an enemy with an elephant's memory. Another bank, years back had charged me a late fee for being one day late (my fault that time) and when I called them they said you've never been late before - we'll remove it because we appreciate your solid payment history. No response was forthcoming from First Banks, but they still send me those damn checks as if nothing ever happened. I take great joy in tearing them to pieces. Needless to say, I have since been telling anyone who will listen to boycott First Banks and their Money First attitude.
Entity: Nationwide
6, Report #571355
Feb 19 2010
09:21 AM
Suntrust Banks, Inc. Stealing Customers Money Douglasville, Georgia
Do Not Use SunTrust Bank!!!!!!!! During these national economic struggles, we as a whole need to be treated fairly. My Husband and I have been struggling financially and failed to keep a very accurate ledger of our banking activities. Because of this we had over-drawn our account. Suntrust charged us overdraft fees of 36.00 each for 11 transactions that totals $396.00. The 11 charges totaled less then $100.00, when I requested for the money to be returned I was given the run around and was told it was not their policy to make returns and was only refunded $180.00. They still stole, as I see it $216. I requested that in the event, there was no money in our account, to decline the card. They said this was against their policy! Now, We try not to use Suntrust. Because no matter whom in the chain of command you talk to they will not give you your money back. And once you have received a one time courtesy, if you over- draft again you are completely out of luck.
Entity: Douglasville, Georgia
7, Report #569040
Feb 13 2010
09:21 AM
Wachovia Banks Fradulant charges Charlotte, North Carolina
Approximately one month ago I spent the morning running errands, first to the post office and then to a large retailer.  I was back home for about two hours when I realized that I couldn't find my debit card and after calling the last place I used it and being informed that no one turned one into their customer service, I called Wachovia to notify them.The woman I spoke to was reassuring, told me that my account would be closed and I'd be issued a new one, and that if any suspicious charges arose I'd be notified.At the time that I lost my debit card I had $2,390 in my bank account after subtracting the $87 I had debited the prior day.  When I logged into my online banking account the next morning to be sure that all was well, imagine my surprise when my account registered in the negative.Someone had apparently found my card and using it as credit had a field day.  There were several convenience store charges ($12.30, $22.68, $25.70, $33.00), a grocery store purchase ($159.80), two clothing store purchases ($98.99, $107.50), and one for an electronics store ($3,670).  They added up to a grand total of $4,129.97, subtract my prior checking account balance and I was left with -$1,739.97!  It gets better, I was charged an overdraft fee of $35.00 per each transaction, multiply that number by eight transaction and you get $280/day.  I IMMEDIATELY called Wachovia back wanting to know how this happened when I was assured that the account would be closed and was told, processing error.  Processing error?!  I was also told that I wouldn't be held liable but it's a good thing I didn't hold my breath.Two days later, Monday, I received FIFTEEN phone calls from Wachovia between 7:30am - 9:00pm in regard to my overdrawn bank account.  I was also informed that I was still being charged overdraft fees.  They were insistent that I was responsible for paying them as we covered rendered goods and services.  I told them repeatedly that I had reported my debit card as lost and I got nowhere.  One lady even told me, M'am, I don't have time to listen to your sob story.I finally managed to clear up this entire mess just yesterday after spending the day calling their corporate offices and requesting to speak to individual's higher up on the chain.It was such a frustrating experience and I will NEVER again bank with another large bank.  Credit union, here I come.
Entity: Charlotte, North Carolina
8, Report #1168979
Jan 30 2015
05:53 PM
Briana Banks, Extreme Condemnation and Serious Denunciation, Munich Nationwide
Briana Banks who happens to be an adult entertainer and an adult actress is to be hereby labelled as an: Extremely Condemned Individual and a Seriously Denounced Person as well.  Briana Banks, whose origins are from Munich, Germany is to be classified with such labelling because of the fact that she practices racial hatred and racial bias and racial bigotry against those who are non-Caucasian namely those who are African-American males. This has been clearly demonstrated and highlighted in her work and field of endeavor.   Her racist, bigoted, and prejudicial activity happens to be well known but has not been recorded in the form of a report as it should be so that she can be accurately labelled as a skin color racist and a skin color prejudiced individual which she clearly is especially when it comes to practicing her racist hatred against those who are Non-white persons.   Racists like Briana Banks believe that they can get away with their racism and prejudice.  Their boldness in such matters is false and truly deceptive and this report that records the racism activity of Briana Banks has been developed so that Briana Banks will be noted here for being the racist that she is and so that she will be held accountable for her discriminatory actions, behavior, attitude, and ways.
Entity: Munich, Nationwide
9, Report #110369
Sep 27 2004
01:08 PM
All banks engage in a practice to maximize their NSF charges, typically around $25-30 a pop. Example 1: You have $1,150 in your account, you wrote 6 checks - $600, $500, $30, $20, $10, $10. They will cover all the checks, but they will charge you 6X$30=$180, even though only the $20 check is over your limit. Example 2: Now you are $20+$180 (charges)=$200 overdrawn Even if you manage to get one charge dropped, you have one deposit for $1,150 and $900, $50, $20, $10 and $10 checks, you will be charged for 6 bounced checks again, as they will calculate your new balance as : $1150-$200+$30=$980, then minus $990 in new checks and minus $180 in new charges = -$190. In 2 weeks/pay periods they will have stolen $360 from your account with them, instead of (at most) $60. This racket has been going on since forever. When you complain, the employees are trained to say that it's the computers that are calculating the charges, and no, we can't refund them... This should be subjected to a class action against all banks involved. Where is the Controller of the Banks ? Martyn NORTHVILLE, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
10, Report #423342
Feb 12 2009
11:31 AM
Bernald Banks Overpayment scam, Craig's List, Classified Ads, Bernald Banks Nationwide Internet
This previously posted alert describes the scam step-by-step: All beware of yet another scam. This one is GREAT...a poor pathetic individual who refers to himself as 'Banks' will tell you he needs help moving. Then he tells you he is in the hospital and will make sure to send you 500.00 for your services. Mind you no address/time/date is given. He makes sure to say 'God Bless' at the end of his emails to sound like a nice guy instead of a con artist. So, then he sends you a UPS cofirmation tracking number telling you that you will have a check tomorrow. Indeed the check showed up in the amount of $ 3,950! Well, of course by now unless you live in a cave you know it is a scam. He tells you that he needs you to take your 'fees' to help him move out of it then Western Union the rest to a guy named Steve Weber who in turn will go buy him his airline tickets home to meet you and show you where the stuff is to move. The check is drawn on Wells Fargo Bank and the names on the check are Richard and Jannilyn White. This is pretty funny stuff. He then tells you what to do with the leftover money. See below for the actual pasting of his email.What a loser! Don't fall for this! This is what i need from the western union receipt 1.Money Transfer Control number (MTCN) 2.Senders name 3.Senders address 4.Total amount sent Kindly get back to me with this 4 details so that Steve Weber can have the funds to prepare for my flight and shipping. Banks Anonymous Kalamazoo, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
11, Report #468295
Jul 10 2009
11:47 AM
TCF Banks TCF Bank overdraft practices are unethical and just plain wrong. Minneapolis Minnesota
TCF Bank rearranges their transactions in order of larges to smallest and not in the order that they are initially made. I am told that TCF holds transactions for two business days before they are process on the account. This is very misleading for two reasons. First, it is not true for all transactions according to direct printouts from my TCF location some transactions only take a day to process from vendors. Second, ATM and online transfers are instant, and take no processing time to post to your account. Here is the actual situation I ran into with TCF. Date of purchase| Date Posted| Amount| Balance|Beginning Balance= $54.19 2-Jul 6-Jul $4.40 $49.79 2-Jul 6-Jul $5.11 $44.68 2-Jul 6-Jul $9.70 $34.98 2-Jul 6-Jul $20.00 $14.98 3-Jul 6-Jul $5.15 $9.83 4-Jul 6-Jul $9.43 $0.40 4-Jul 6-Jul $18.00 -$17.60 Now according to my math and the order of my purchases I should be overdrawn on my account $17.60. I accept I made a mistake and I am ready and willing to pay the $35.00 fee. What TCF did (except for the online purchase of $18.00) was take all of those purchases and reordered the withdrawals in largest to smallest regardless of the time or date the actual purchase was made. So instead of being hit with the expected $35.00 overdraft fee I got hit with $140 in charges. Date of purchase| Date Posted| Amount| Balance|Beginning Balance= $54.19 2-Jul 6-Jul $18.00 $36.19 4-Jul 6-Jul $20.00 $16.19 2-Jul 6-Jul $9.70 $6.49 4-Jul 6-Jul $9.43 - $2.94 3-Jul 6-Jul $5.15 -$8.09 2-Jul 6-Jul $5.11 -$13.20 2-Jul 6-Jul $4.40 -$17.60 TCF changed this procedure or computer process in February of 2009. The Branch manager also told me that TCF mailed out a pamphlet to their customers explaining the change. I found the booklet they sent out. The pamphlet/book is 84 pages of the most extreme lawyer gibberish you can imagine. No one reads it because it is confusing and hard to understand if you are not a lawyer or banker. Even if you could understand it, there is no way to determine what is different or has changed. TCF is actively seeking and targeting the people that may live paycheck to paycheck. These people often do nothing or accept the fee. I want people with a TCF account that has experienced this to voice their opinion. Times are tough and Banks are going to force us to start stuffing our mattresses instead of depositing in their bank. I am on a mission to find banks that do not practice this unethical treatment of their customers. TCF managers and employees have informed me that they admit their change in banking practices does not seem right to do. TCF bank employees have also informed me that local banks such as Wells Fargo and US Bank use the same system. Alientro Shakopee, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Minneapolis, Minnesota
12, Report #206790
Aug 18 2006
12:59 PM
Huntington And All Banks Processing transactions to their own advantage. Toledo Nationwide
I know that Huntington is not the only bank that has these procedures. They are all greedy corporations praying on the ones they have the least respect for....middle and lower class Americans. I am wondering why all banks process higest to lowest when it comes to daily transactions? When I know I have enough in the bank to cover my transactions but I forget the ever popular automatic payment that is coming through, I am horrified also that they take out the biggest charge first, even when the smaller ones had hit the bank earlier and were pending for a few days. The bank actually pays out all of the transactions anyway so I can only see this process as a way to guarantee more money for themselves. The only truly fair thing is to take each item as they arrive and send back the ones that cannot be covered. It would have still cost me less to have had the payment returned to the company and re-submitted than to pay the $32 per item for 5 NSFs (all under $12.00 apiece). If they had just returned the item and charged the NSF on that one transaction, then my account would not have been drawn down so far and everything else would clear. They know how to take your money and they know how to make you feel like the a** because they did you a favor by paying the debt for you and putting your account in the negative. The favor would be to send it back and let me deal with the charges on both ends...that would save me money! Jacqueline Toledo, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
13, Report #293206
Dec 20 2007
09:16 AM
Richie Banks...Richie Banks...FLoans Loans New York New York
I also was one of Richard Banks rip off consumers. He told me the same thing, that he could get me a loan, came up with figures that would work for me, then told me I needed to send money to a Atim Etim Patrick Inyang, through moneygram, which I did...$900.00. And never heard from him again. I believed him when he told me he was a legitimate honorable man. Yeah, honorable in ripping people off. Ccjd South Park, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: New York, New York
14, Report #1159388
Jul 03 2014
01:34 PM
Community Banks of Colorado Unreliable and Unresponsive Englewood Colorado
If you're looking for a bank that doesn't do what they say, won't contact you, changes their minds, and makes you work hard to get anything done, then look no further.I've had several accounts with Community Banks for a number of years, have excellent credit, and have appreciable assets in their bank. So issuing me a credit card for a fraction of my assets should be a no brainer.I went into the Englewood branch and spoke with a banker M (name withheld) concerning obtaining a credit card. After an identity theft incident several years ago, my credit reports are locked. I asked if that would be a problem, and she assured me it would not. (I was asking for a credit line a fraction of the money I have in their bank) So with that promise, I completed an application.After a month went by with no response, I contacted her. She said they needed a copy of my credit report, but that it didn't matter from which agency. I provided them with a copy. Then she said they wanted another one, but won't explain why. That unresponsiveness againIn the meantime, they sent me a denial notice (not because I have bad credit - I don't - but because they couldn't access my credit report, which I had told them up front) and suggested I could use it to get a free copy of my credit report. Of course, I'm entitled to 2 free copies per year (everyone is), and were I to send the denial notice to the credit reporting agency, the Credit reporting agency would certainly believe that I had been denied because I have bad credit, and my credit score would take a hit. Very tricky, and not at all nice.I started the process in November, I last contacted M in May, its now July, and I haven't heard back from M in a month and a half.If she'd told me that it would be difficult, I never would have bothered applying. I asked, she promised, but didn't deliver. I follow the philosophy that if you say you'll do something (issue a credit card, for example) then you do it. Don't promise what you can't or won't deliver, and don't trick people into hurting their credit.
Entity: Englewood, Colorado
15, Report #368167
Aug 29 2008
12:09 PM
First Banks, Inc., Melissa Bloodworth Banks, rude service, rip-off of thousands of dollars Clayton Missouri
In April I learned that the First Bank of Clayton, Missouri, was to continue to charge my father's trust fund $2,500 per year (charged monthly) to administer the account. At that point the monies were over $14,400. I called the bank and was told by Melissa (the trust contact), Oh, I was supposed to call you. I said I wanted to withdraw the money (which they had held -- in very secure holdings like bank CDs -- since my father's death in 1995). She told me it would have to be done by their lawyer and it would cost me about $2,000. I asked her what paperwork I needed, got my own lawyer, was charged $190 (which went up to $240 because of the First Banks' repeated delays), got the paperwork signed and returned. By this time the fund, of which I receive $500 a month, had dwindled considerably. Numerous phone calls were answered rudely and/or ignored. Last week -- the third week in August -- I got more paperwork from them. First Bank was charging me over $750 for their lawyer (for the one page document I had to sign), another fee of over $500 and one more dose for over $200. My final amount in the check (of which I have yet to receive) will be just over $9,400. Melissa, the trust contact, was very rude to me throughout this process and I'm afraid this is the bank's policy, not hers. But how those funds could dwindle (through swindle I assume) by $5,000 in four months -- when I was paid only $2,000 in my $500 monthly stipend on which I depend to live -- is beyond me. I just wanted to pass this information along to anyone who is considering putting money into a trust fund with this organization. Don't do it. I'm sure my father is turning in his grave. Lois winger, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Clayton, Missouri
16, Report #708466
Mar 20 2011
04:36 PM
bank of america and banks in general BOA and Banks in general... Ephrata, Pennsylvania
Do not use banks anymore for anything. They are just getting richer off of all of us. I stopped using the banking system YEARS ago! I go to the area WalMart to cash my payroll check and buy money orders for any bills, or pay in person if I can. I have not had overdraft fees applied or mac machine fees applied!!! Lets all do this!!!
Entity: Ephrata, Pennsylvania
17, Report #1252650
Sep 07 2015
03:07 PM
Banks Furnitureusa AKA Banks Furniture AKA Kenneth Banks AKA Kenny Banks599 furniture Unorganized, Unprofessional, SCAMISH Ghost!! Baltimore Maryland
 On June 10, 2015 I met up with Kenneth Banks manager at Bank's furnitureUSA. I gave him half a deposit of $740 cash toward my furniture. The next day, I gave him the remaining balance $989.19 in a check. It's now September 3 and I have yet to receive the rest of my furniture. I ordered a sofa, loveseat, Chaise, and ottoman with delivery included. The love seat was delivered on August 10. The sofa was on the same truck on August 10. However, the moving men refused to try saying it would not fit. They not only broke the glass on my storm door, but they also DID NOT ATTEMPT to fit sofa. I finally got the sofa On August 31 after back and forth text messages, emails and phone calls and police involvement. By the way, I hired my own moving men, paid $150 and the sofa fit! I was highly disappointed, when I went to the storage facility at 9201 Liberty Rd. in Randallstown Maryland to collect my remaining furniture that I confirmed only to find the sofa was in storage. It's now going on three months and it's becoming even more challenging to get in contact with someone. I was given the phone number to freight that supposingly has my chaise and ottoman, 844-244-0430 or I spoke with someone one two days ago, today that number is no longer in service. The company Banks Furnitureusa, it's manager Kenneth Banks and partner Larry is unorganized, unprofessional and SCAMISH!! They cause me stress, money, disappointment and lack of sleep. They've been playing me like a ping-pong. One minute I get in contact with them the next minute they're nowhere to be found and phone numbers are disconnected. At this point I am taunted and feel like I'm chasing a ghost! I'm still taking steps daily to resolve this issue. I REFUSE To heck my hard earned dollars TAKEN by FRAUDS!
Entity: Baltimore, Maryland
18, Report #381558
Oct 15 2008
02:04 PM
MGA Careers Barry Banks a con that really hurts Princeton New Jersey
I liked and believed in Barry, but later came to realize that he was just another commission sales person after my wallet. I though his pitch was the beginning of a relationship, but soon found out it was all downhill from there. Don't waste your money on these people. JT Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Princeton, New Jersey
19, Report #557212
Jan 20 2010
08:45 AM
BB&T Banks Ripping off the Poor in Cleveland, Tennessee
I joined with netflix using my debit card,my payment does not come out till the 27th of jan,my bank bb&t charged me 70.00 overdraft fees which i had to pay or get charged 30.00 more on top of that. i called on the 20th and they said i had 10.00 in my account now after they took their 70.00 out of my 80.00 dollar deposit that i made on the 19th of jan. they told me on the 19th netflix already had their money and if that was true i would not have a balance of 10.00? i was negative 79.87 on the 19th now i am 10.00 to the good? A lot of people have to live off their disability checks all month long and bb&t is taking their money. something needs to be done with the bb&t owner.
Entity: Cleveland, Tennessee
20, Report #668910
Dec 07 2010
10:36 AM
Sandra Banks Law Office of Unprofessional Lawyer Oakland , California
Extremely poor outcome with my case. Lawyer has lack of law knowledge. Check state bar or AVVO website for a more reputible attorney recommendation.
Entity: Oakland, California
21, Report #818716
Jan 05 2012
10:09 PM
Suntrust Banks Crosby Branch and Arbor Station Branch A Nightmare Internet
I went into Suntrust on December 29, 2011 to open a Checking Account. AThe Teller opened the account and took my payroll check as my first deposit. The Teller was very attentive and very helpful at that time. She explained to how to setup my online banking and also told me that I would be able to see the deposit online the following day Friday December 30, 2011, but the funds would not be available until Satuday morning December 31,2011.Here's where it gets interesting! Keep in mind I deposited my paycheck. When I received the access code to setup my Online Banking on Friday morning, I was able to get into my account. However, the balance was 0 and the deposit I made the night before with my payroll check was not there. A little puzzled.... I contacted the bank and spoke with the Teller that opened my account and explained to her that the deposit from the previous night was not reflected in my account. The Teller was not as attentive and helpful as she was the night before. As a matter of fact, she rushed me off the phone and told me that I would not see the deposit unitl Saturday morning, even though she told me on Thursday that I would see it on Friday. On Saturday morning I tried logging into my Online Banking and received error messages after trying to login 5 times to no avail I contacted the 1-800# for the Onlne Banking Customer Service Dept and the Customer Support person told me that my account was closed on Friday because it did not pass the verification process????? I was perplexed and dismayed because I was never told by the teller that such a process existed and you would think that something like that would come up while your opening the account at the Branch, not 2 days later. Not to mention I never received a phone call or email stating that Suntrust had closed the account for whatever reason.Okay peolple.... I'm now LIVID and BROKE on New Years Eve! I just wanted my paycheck back. So I went back to the Branch to get my check back. However, Suntrust gave me the finger once again. I was told that they COULD not release my paycheck or give me any of my money because the Department that release said funds was closed until Tuesday, January 2, 2012. I wonder if they will give me back my paycheck with interest.It is now January 5th 2012 and I'm still waiting on Suntrust Bank to return my paycheck from 12/29/11. I received nothing...... I know one thing for certain, the 2 branches in Douglasville are in need of new management. The branch managers are incompetent.Their customer services skills are non-existing. The Arbor Place, Douglasville, Ga branch manager Andrea Woods is an absolute waste. My husband and I spent an hour in the bank pleading with the Service Rep. For help with our issue, to the point that I was in tears. She walked past us, stood next to us as she was discussing her holiday with one of the other workers. She could clearly hear everything we were saying to the Service Rep., she didn't even acknowledge our situation. Never even offered to assist us in any way. In other words she completey ignored us! Oh yeah! To this day... No letter, no phone call or an email from Suntrust telling me that they closed the account.BEWARE! THIS IS THE WORST BANK EVER!
Entity: , Internet
22, Report #809205
Dec 14 2011
08:53 AM
CJ Banks Personal information compromised! Saratoga Springs, New York
Sales representative takes home 'slam sales' call list which contains personal information without prior permission or acknowledgment from customer(s).  Calls customer(s) from her home; an unsecured environment; for the purpose of 'slam sales'.  Personal information is compromised.
Entity: Saratoga Springs, New York
23, Report #864247
Apr 05 2012
08:14 AM
Scam for puppies on Horseville DogsI had contacted TONY BANKS after seeing his ad through The ad brought me to Horseville Dogs where I then emailed Tony Banks about the Pomeranian puppies he had available. I asked him Do you have female Pomeranian puppies available and if so do you have photos of the dogs? His reply was a mile long sob story. He said:  Hello thanks for email.Let me tell you about my female and male puppies Louis and Vuitton.I know you will love these puppies..They are 14weeks old now and registered and they are currently on all shots,when ever i call them up they will run up to me like a three year old kid..They have been raised in our home with lots of love and care, and they are well socialized with a wonderful temperament,they are vet checked and up to date on all shots and are very fine among kids and other pets like dogs,cats.birds etc, they will make very fine house pets.they are just too adorable.These little puppies love to run and play,they like to stop and smell flowers.They are a pleasure to have around,They are very friendly,playful and has a very good behavior and very good temperament.These puppies are eager to learn, fearless, friendly, and sociable. their high energy level may overwhelm new owners who are not prepared for it.My puppies are not prone to excessive barking, but their tendency to bark at suspicious activity makes them excellent watchdogs.They love to be cuddle, but they are not overly demanding of attention. I am giving Louis and Vuitton out for adoption because their mum was knock down by a car and i don't have much time to spend with them now.I am having a new occupation that takes much of my time,so i want to send them to any loving and caring home,that they will be spoiled rotten with love. They will bring so much love and joy to your family,you will get just the best from these puppies.They need lots of love and affection,lots of kisses and hugs,sure you will give all this to them ? Health wise their health is guarantee as they had proper veterinary check ups.worming and they took the following vitamins.3V-Caps for development of Skin and Coat,NEW Glycol-Flex Stage 1 for Development of Joints. Before you adopt Louis and Vuitton i will like to know the following from you 1-Have you been around dogs or is your first experience? 2-Are you a pet lover or simply a fan ? 3- Do you have children because these puppies has high affection for children? 4-we will like you to describe your home environment? 5-where are you located ? 6-can i have your number? I am asking all this questions simply for the well being of the bundle of beauty you are about to bring into your home. Thanks and waiting for your reply soon. --  Tony Banks I thought this was a very strange response. After seeing the Pomeranian puppies I knew this was a scam. The puppies look like the same puppies one would get from MSPUPPYCONNECTION and TINYTEACUPWORD. I have a Pomeranian already and she comes from a Champion Sire and has many Champions in her lines. No real Pomeranian looks like these ones. I decided to look to see what else Tony was selling and he was selling many different breeds of dogs all listed in different states. No real genuine breeder has dogs listed from all different states.  I emailed Tony back telling him that he was selling Puppies from a puppy mill and that he was trying to scam people. He was very pissed at this and wrote me back Do not contact if you cannot afford He didn't even give me prices but was telling me I couldn't afford his dogs. He even went so far as to use the words BROKE BITCH. I then looked up his name again and I have found many bad reviews on this person.  He uses the name TONY BANKS and emails you from DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SCAM ARTIST! Do your research and find a real breeder!
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Dec 31 2014
04:58 PM
sunrise banks, na blackhawk network californiagowallet Gift card ripoff st. paul mn
 Received ma Gowallet visa debit giftcard issued by Sunrise Banks NA.  Used it at a restaurant.  Accepted for $20 the first time and 0.41 the second time and told nothing left on the card.  The bank therefore made $3.96 from the buyer and another 3.95 from the card.  Total of 7.90 in two weeks on a $25 card (about 30%) or 720% annualized.  Cant get through by phone or internet.  This bank should be wearing the mask. 
Entity: Internet
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Dec 30 2012
01:44 PM
Direct Merchants Banks hsbc Liers, scammers, rip off dearborn, Michigan
I was a customer of theirs for 7 years and when I asked to close the account I was promised no annual fees and instead, they lied. I received a late payment when I was assured that my fee was waived since I decided to stay open. 
Entity: dearborn, Michigan

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