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26, Report #1399806
Sep 13 2017
03:09 PM
I lost over $40,000.00 to this scam operation. Roberto Bello is the name used by this phony person titled Chief Broker.  I found their website and initialy invested $1000.00 and begin trading personally on their platform. Roberto, contacted me via email. He told me that the company was running a 5 month special. I could make a significant percentage for 5 months. Afterwards, my initial investment would be returned with the option of using gains from trades thereafter. About 2 weeks ago, I tried contacting the company and Roberto, I didn't get a response. Now I have an account with no access to the funds. These people did a great job of creating a ficticious website. Don't fall for their trap. You are lured in by the sales pitch. You are then shown by this so-called secure account with your name displayed, with sizeable weekly profits. Finally, you are asked to contribute more in order to move into higher leverage opportunities. I was told if I sent an additional $5,000.00 more dollars that my account would be Leverage X3. Last time I spoke to this Roberto characer he told me that he was going to make me a lot more money from this final deposit. It is really to good to be true. It is very elaborate scheme and it isn't hard to fall for the charisma and facade. Don't be a victim.
Entity: eravan, Nationwide
27, Report #1357360
Feb 21 2017
09:04 AM
High class universal doggy coin banks Facebook Internet Internet
 Order this bank on nov 2016 never received this order I paid with credit card order number 10307 paid $65.97 very upset
Entity: Internet
28, Report #1421377
Jan 05 2018
03:44 PM
Coin-Banks Roberto Bello, Victoria Walker They took money to do crypto currency trading Nationwide
I had begun making deposits with Coin-Banks in June 2017. The first trader I worked with was Oscar Levin and deposited 10,500.00 USD via credit cards of which 500.00 was withdrawn. He soon became unavailable and I was put in touch with a trader named Bruce Connors. I sent 4800.00 via credit card to him for which he opened a trade and shortly thereafter became unavailable. All communications were done via Skype.  After calling and writing countless times I was contacted by Roberto Bello who persuaded me to keep sending Bitcoin which he would increase my account balance greatly with. He told me after December 15, 2017 I would be able to start withdrawing my funds and he was going to his home in Sicily and would get back in touch with me shortly. I have not heard from him since. I cannot get in touch with anybody at Coin-Banks and I have every reason to believe I have been scammed. I have the Bitcoin address i sent to and also bank wire information although I never se not funds that way. 
29, Report #1427128
Feb 03 2018
09:09 PM
Randi Banks Took my money and website has been removed. Internet
I ordered a micro drone from them and when I didn’t receive it I found that their website was gone, my “check order status” was blank and emails go unanswered.
30, Report #47616
Mar 02 2003
06:49 PM
Us Banks fails To Notify Police On Check Theft Cashing Attempt branch manager fails to report crime St Paul Minnesota
back in 2000 i was going out with this girl who was stalking my friend and i had no knowledge about it until i kicked this girl out of my house for stealing a 100.00 out of my wallet and when i called my friend to talk to her and let her know what was going on, then she told me that teresa had been stalking her house all summer in my truck and my car and this woman didnt think i knew about it so she told me about it over dinner. well now things got a little worse for my friend. this person named TERESA ROSE PAGE aka TERESA ROSE BREUER from lacrosse wisc. Had stolen her checks out of her mailbox and was writing them in various areas of st paul but the attempt she tried at patricia's bank should have been a rock solid one with video and a description on her but this branch manager wouldnt call police to report it and i even called and asked to come with patricia to view the video they had but this woman said that there was nothing she could do for us because teresa didnt actually get away with money and the bank got the check. well this is a bunch of crap because teresa has wrote out checks on her own closed account right here in st paul and tcf wont do business with her and she even had a bank account here in her daughter name right down in cottage grove. now what do consumers have to do these days?? go back to the old world ways where we string these thieves up ourselves? im all for it then maybe the small crooks with quit trying to wreck peoples lives. this is a huge case and i have wrote the story in the ex girl friends section of ripoff and i urge people to go and read it but its about a half or more to read. William New Brighton, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: St Paul, Minnesota
31, Report #519856
Nov 05 2009
04:57 AM
All The Big Banks: Bank Of America, Citibank, JPMorgan, Wachovia Bank of America Scammed me! Internet
I had sufficient funds to pay my bills, and Bank of America charged me 4 times for over draft. Stating I had a negative balance. I went spoke with them about it and they told me that it was not the Bank's error and they will not refund me for the charges. They directed me to call they 1-800 number and speak with a supervisor. Conveniently, None were available. I get a strong feeling that they will continue to tell me that it was not their problem and never refund me. So beware of Bank of America's over drafting scam.  
Entity: , Internet
32, Report #536907
Dec 09 2009
08:16 PM
TCF Banks Fees generated by the way TCF posts transactions to checking accounts creates fees. Those fees if taken out of social security disablility is illegal. Twin Cities, Minnesota
TCF banks target lower income, folks on social security, any kind of social security to open free checking accounts. They know these groups are most likely to help generate the millions collected in fees yearly. If a person does online banking, thier documentation concerning how to avoid fees list as a item over draft protection. Since overdraft protection at TCF bank comes in the form of a loan not based on direct deposits but application for a loan with TCF most lower income and social security disabled will not qualify for such due to income or blemished credit reports. Without being able to get overdraft protection, a mere math error, transposing of numbers or forgetting to enter a small debit card transaction could esculate in a checking account to hundreds of dollars in fees yearly. Banks will post the largest amount first down to the smallest for daily processing, hoping to generate as many fees as possible. For TCF thier fees for overdrawing a account even by a dollar is $35.00 a transaction or a check. If you go and talk to a banker you may be able to get a couple fees reversed, that is all up to the bankers position at the bank or a managers okay. You bet you are almost begging, TCF does not like to loss easy revenue and fees are the most profitable for sure. So lower income, blemished credit, disabled living on social security disablity more then likely are discriminated by TCF concerning overdraft protection. Nice.       I am on social security disablity. My disablities are not curable, side effects can be treated with drugs, knowledge of my disablities is my best defense I am told by the doctor I see for help in keeping my life as normal and happy as possible. Why I have mental disablities, there is no real answer to that question yet, medical science has not found such really. In 2005 I had some very horrible things happen to me. The results of such well dealing daily with my disablities and a blemished credit report steming just from 2005. I became leary of banks after one I had done banking with for a long time accused me of something I did not do, was proven never happen yet a vice president of the bank would not reverse fees they created by thier false accusation. A empty envelope deposit to a ATM machine for $10.00 dollars. If one was going to be so foolish make it $10,000 dollars not just $10 dollars.      Once I got my social security disabilty I used a account called a ETA. Avoiding checking accounts and getting money orders for bill payment. I did that for over a year until I was talked into opening a checking account with the bank I had the ETA account with. It took only one time to get 5 fees, get spoken to in a rude manner then prove to the bank it was a cliche in the nightly processing software that caused the overdrafts i got. They were reversed but my respect for that bank I know longer had. I would see TCF at the local grocery store, better hours then the bank I was using so I opened one of thier free checking accounts. I inquired right away about overdraft protection, I was told direct deposit of my disablity would most likely get such approved. I kept the ETA account and began my new checking account with TCF. I got a few fees my fault, talked to a manager at TCF and set up my checking to protect me from overdraft fees the best i could until I trusted TCF with direct deposit of my disablity. I decided taking money out from ETA and depositing it into checking for bill paying was a big hassle to I changed direct deposit to checking at TCF of my social security disability. I thought give it a few months then apply for overdraft protection since everything recommended did not really work to avoid fees always. No debit transactions approved unless funds were available. Great, except if they were when you used the debit card, then a check comes through the day the debit card transactions are posted against your checking account, you made a math error and your account was under then what you thought. The check went through then the largest debit transactions down to the lowest. On no fees no matter I set up protection. I tried a savings account, I could transfer funds via on line if I saw a problem and those funds would be in the account as soon as they were transfered. Not so, there was a cut off time I was not told of such.       Recently after direct deposit was going on for over 5 months I made a dumb error that landed up becoming 5 fees. I called customer service, I was directed to a main bank near me to speak with a loan officer and get overdraft protection set up and hopefully some fees reversed. 3 hours at that bank, I was told by the loan officer he could set up overdraft protection of just $100.00 dollars as I requested but would not until my credit score got raised by 50 points. Advice how to do that, advice to get charge cards and use them wisely to establish credit again, one thing a person with my kind of disablity should not do. I felt humilated, for only $100.00 dollars in overdraft protection I had to listen to someone who knew nothing of 2005, the only time my credit was ever effected negatively. I thanked him politely left before even mentioning the over draft fees. The following day I went to the branch I open my account at, hoped to see the manager I could ask questions and get answers that made sense. Nope, a different manager was there who was not going to reverse fees even if it was so close to Christmas, I was on disablity, was mislead about overdraft protection and the last time a fee was reversed was 5 months ago so one more month and he may of reversed a few. Someone from customer service added a remark from that one fee reversed do not reverse anymore fees and customer understands that. I got accused of going from one bank to another to get fees reversed. One branch he said I was at I don't even know where it is at. I kept my cool but I did say to him, you do realize the only income going into this checking account is social security disablity. I don't care what is direct deposit into your checking account, you agreed to the terms of the account and when you overdraw it there is fees to be paid. I left the bank in tears, since I can not afford $175.00 dollars in fees with things the way they are now. I began to think and wow, TCF is going to take money from direct deposit social security disalbity for fees which is illegal. No liens, no garnishment, no bad debts can be taken out of disablity, just I can and the federal government for things like back taxes, government student loans, something dealing with the federal government which they will only take a percentage if so needed. I have no debts owed to the government so I don't worry about losing what I get to live on monthly from that. Overdraft fees are a debt the bank creates sometimes by how the process nightly transacations. I mailed some checks I was not going to until December in November making my checking account under I discovered on 11/30/09. The fees they are going to collect were from transactions that were approved on 11/27/09. Debit card transactions, one being under $10.00 dollars. One check came through on 11/30/09 so all the transactions on 11/27/09 generated the fees I tried to get some reversed.  I called social security today, was told Congress was looking at what banks have been doing concerning direct deposit of social security disabilty and taking out in fees the funds that are suppose to help people survive whom are disabled. I read about cases on the net concerning such, almost every case against a bank for doing what TCF plans to do the bank lost thier cases and were fined for breaking federal laws. In some cases, folks were left homeless after the banks took everything they got monthly, for fees on top of fees. Bipolar people, adults with ADD have side effects they may spend beyond thier means. Some banks were allowing them to do that, then slapping them with fees so that what they got to live on was just about nothing each month. Most of the cases the banks did not offer, nor did the clients know about overdraft protection. The banks in cases of disablity could suspend a account to prevent exteme fees especially for those with disablites they were direct depositing thier disablity into the banks checking accounts.      I never abused my checking account. I have transposed numbers, made math errors or forgot to enter a transaction. I made the mistake in November to write out checks, put them in envelopes with the check number and amount in my book but not against my account until I mailed such. My mistake brought my account under 84 dollars. Right now my account is $259 dollars under that TCF will make good next week when my disablity is deposited into my checking account. Social security gave me the name of my senator to contact about this, told me about another government program similar to ETA but better really and has no fees attached to it. Guess what? I set myself up in that and will never let my social security disablity be available to a bank like TCF again. If there is a lawyer fighting banks in the Twin Cities for taking fees out of social security disablity I would love to talk to him. TCF does not give me a option to pay the fees, will not give me as I assumed I would get doing direct deposit overdraft protection either. The stress of going to two banks, getting told and treated like I was, well TCF is breaking the law and how many times have they got ton away with such? Thanks for reading folks.
Entity: Twin Cities, Minnesota
33, Report #476664
Aug 05 2009
11:06 AM
Chemung Canal Trust Company - Banks Overdraft Fee RipOff - Predatory Fees - Chemung Canal RipOff Elmira New York
1. Chemung Canal took over our bank account at the former Bank of Canton 2. They gave us an automatic overdraft account something we did not ask for nor sign anything for. 3. Previously our card was rejected if we did not have the cash available. 4. Because now the card was newly not rejected and we did not know about the automatic overdraft protection in one day we were subsequently charged $30 for 4 overdraft transactions. $120 worth. 5. The next day a local gas merchant mistakenly charged our personal card which led to another 10 overdraft transactions another $300. 6. The local bank agreed to take off the $300 worth of overdraft charges, but not $120. 7. They also agreed to take off the automatic overdraft protection. 8. A few weeks later we made one transaction at a local pub. The pub illegally charged us twice. This was processed as paid by our bank and we were again charged an overdraft fee of $30. 9. Chemung Canal will not refund the $30 Fee, they are stating that because the vendor's card machine read that we had money to cover the amount in the account from the same amount (in other words because the card machine does not do math on the balance) they are not responsible and we still owe the bank their fee. They state that it is the responsibility of the vendor. 10. When I called Jackie at Chemung Canal she stated that it should be the account holders responsibility to know what is in their account. Yes Jackie I agree but in my case it should be the banking industry's responsibility to consumers to not make an easy profit on the fact that credit card machines don't do math. People are your customers, Jackie. The banking industry FEE profits have to go. These banks claim that $30 covers their time to do the extra work that has to go into covering an overdraft, wait I thought a computer was doing all your work! Close your Chemung Canal accounts before they get you too! WeAreUnited Troy, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Elmira, New York
34, Report #568525
Feb 12 2010
10:03 AM
Suntrust Banks, Inc. SunTrust Banks, Inc. has destroyed our credit due to an accounting error, and they REFUSE to acknowledge or repair it! Richmond, Virginia
Our nightmare started in December of 2008.  We went to SunTrust for help with ONE mortgage payment, Jan. 2009.  They suggested we do a forbearance and sent us an Agreement to sign, for non-payment for Feb, March and April 2009.  I think it's important to mention that prior to this, both our mortgage loans with SunTrust were set up on automatic draft and our payments were NEVER late.  In May we were able to resume our monthly payments, so in good faith we sent in April's payment.  It was cashed and we assumed our loan was as it was prior to the forbearance.  The following month we sent in our mortgage payment, and it was returned to us with a letter from collections, stating our loan was in default.  The occurred every month for the next five months.  Our account was finally referred to their foreclosure attorney Recontrust Company, and the foreclosure process had started.  We wrote letters, made phone calls and without any help I finally contacted the CEO/President Mr. Wells.  Within one week, we had a response from Mr. Wells indicating that someone would review our account and a response would follow.  We received a response letter from the President's office, indicating that the mortgage payment we sent in for May had been applied to January 2009.  The following payment was applied to Feb. 2009, which was clearly within our forbearance period. During this time, we had been forwarded to the Loan Modification department, and our loan was modified and brought current.  We finally thought everything had been resolved, and we put the issue to rest and resumed making our payments as we have done in the past.  Just recently we ran our credit and found that Suntrust reported to the credit bureau our payments were late for 8 months!!  Our credit score dropped over 250 points.  Since this discovery, we have been calling them and writing letters and they refuse to acknowledge the errors, and to make any corrections.  We are so frustrated and firmly believe they did this on purpose and they benefited from the loan modification. We are going to to fight this, and are speaking with an attorney.  It's going to cost thousands of dollars to sue them and it's over a silly accounting error.  This company should not be in business and are in breech of our forbearance agreement as well as for wrongful negative credit reporting as per the Fair Credit Reporting Act.
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
35, Report #655811
Oct 27 2010
12:34 PM
Wells Fargo Banks Liability Fraud and Claims Fraud, Theft of Customer Funds in Accounts SanFransisco, California
After having paid ovedrafts fees in September to the tune of 470.00 and Recieving a Refund check from a company that I cancelled and order with by Check, WELLS FARGO wanted to take advantage of that and Demand I pay them some more money and literally raped my account and want more in hidden fees.  ( Identity Theft protection they lied and said it was a one time fee of $12.99 through Trilegent, when it is monthly, overdraft fees per check 35.00) They did not take into consideration the Over draft protection I had and miscounted my deposits in both checking and savings in the first place. Wells Fargo took over Wachovia Bank that Recieved taxpayer funded Bailouts not long ago.  Wells Fargo has adopted Wachovia's failing Ways and I hope the government is not Stupid enough to bail anymore of them out again.  As Customers Run, Don't do business with them, Go to another Bank of Credit Union and save yourself and Money elsewhere.  They are among the worst of Banks, right along with Bank of America, Washington Mutual and the rest of that bunch. Ruining the American economy.
Entity: SanFransisco, California
36, Report #680383
Jan 08 2011
02:52 PM asd Putian, Internet
Hello!I ordered the shoes on Chinese site!i sent them money by Western Union!In the order was written free dilivery!a few days thay wrote me another 40 dollars for shipping!i refused and demanded my money back!They dont respond me!
Entity: Putian, Internet
37, Report #556498
Jan 18 2010
09:05 PM
I was living in Asuncion, Paraguay for all of 2009.  I decided to leave my money in my bank, BBVA Compass.  I was so excited when I arrived, because I noticed several BBVA banks.  Unfortunately, I was told I had no privelidges at BBVA and ATM fees (that were the equivalent of $5) would still apply.  I was disappointed since BBVA Compass went through all the trouble of changing their letterhead, signage and website, but neglected to get their customers the extra service.  I wasn't too worried since BBVA Compass offers rebates of other banks ATM's.  The first time I sent in my receipts, I received my rebates without any problems.  Everytime after that, my rebates were a small fraction what they should have been.  I immediately started messaging the bank electronically since calling would be too expensive.  I listed my questions and the responses I received never addressed any of my questions.  Finally after literally 15 emails they told me they could only refund the ISF fees because the ATM ees are not listed on the receipts.  I responded that I had copies of my receipts that not only show the fee, but I also highlighted it for them.  They would not respond to my inquiry after that.  I asked why they were able to refund the first batch of receipts in full- no response.  They clearly figured out that I would be requesting $50 a month in ATM rebates and decided to give me the run around hoping I would get tired of asking and let it go.  I did everything they asked.  I sent them the receipts with the highlighted the fees within their time frame.  The day after I got home, I moved my money to USAA- who really knows and understands customer service.  This was the last straw for me.  A few years ago, I tried to deposit a rather large check that I received quarterly from an investment I had made.  I could only make it on a Saturday due to my work schedule.  I was told that the check was too large and no manager was there to approve it and I would have to return during the week.  I told them that that was impossible for me.  They did not offer to hold the check even when i pointed out that I had deposited checks for the EXACT SAME amount 2 times previously that year.  It is extremely frustrating when a bank will not take your money. 
Entity: Austin, Texas
38, Report #331037
May 07 2008
03:50 AM
Wachovia Banks excessive overdraft charges-\cutoff off time on cash deposit-wachovia checks-other bank will post cash till closing Palm Bay Florida
i use a atm at racetrack gambling-took 700 out of bank-made sure it was debit transaction each time-charge me 385 in overdraft charges-put cash in bank at 4.05pm-posted that night-sat morning showed i had balance of 8.08 dollars-sat night hit by overdrafts went negative balance of (400.00)-there is no cutoff time for overdraft charges is what they said to me. but there is a 2pm cutoff time for cash or check-cash still has to be processed-bank of america said immediately -suntrust the same- went and sent e mail 10- times to no avail-went in person-why was i able to draw cash out of bank money i did not have-then hit with 35.00 overdraft on each withdrawal. they also said i could not draw negative atm cash-at least not over 100.00 dollars Ernest palm bay, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Palm Bay, Florida
39, Report #181933
Mar 18 2006
12:17 PM
Wachovia ripoff Nationwide
My mother of 77 has sold her house. Back in November the house next to her caught fire. The insurance company gave her a check for a nice size amount. At the time she had a equity loan with Wachovia. The bank release part of her money but not the other half. The insurance ajuster from the bank came and saw the work had been completed had my mother sign a paper stating he was there. She has sold her house and at this time the bank still has not release her money from the insurance company. The equity loan was paid off at settlement so she has no ties to them. They have put her in a jam. She has deposited the check from settlement and of course they are holding that for a couple of days and they still have not released the other money from the insurance company. My mother is 77 and in a wheelchair and moving in a week. She cannot buy her new furniture yet her appliances or anything, because Wachovia has everthing she has tied up. When I spoke with the people, Joyce, Debbie and Jason, they claim the inspector only sent half of the report through. How can you send only half of a report through. Just anouther stall on their end. So my mother moves next week without a thing in her new house because of Wachovia. The one lady Joyce said they have released things like this before for emergencies, so she would have Jason call me. Jason said he has never done anything like that before. (Releasing money before a report). You mean to tell me with todays technology they have no way of getting in touch with the inspector to get a full report. The inspector came in my mothers house, (I was there) I walked him upstairs where the damaged area was, he looked I explained her settlement was that day also because she sold the house, he looked at me and said oh she sold it? He walked back downstairs, had my mother sign a paper that had a few lines on it stating he was there and he left. Now how could you send only half of that report through. My mother will pull all of her money out of Wachovia when they finally release it and will never deal with them again. Kimberly Pasadena, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
40, Report #1118271
Jan 24 2014
05:00 PM
Jos. A. Banks Jos A Banks is a scam when it comes to returns! Eldersburg MD
Purchased multiple items from Jos. A. Banks online.When you try to return the items their return slip is so cumbersome.   The mailing address they have attached to all the shipped items isCatalog/Internet Divisions1332 Londontown BlvdEldersburg, MD 21784(410)239-4950 The number just rings...    When you call the 800# on the main Jos A Banks Website nobody can find anything even when you have a tracking number that shows the items were delivered almost 3 weeks ago. Stay away from Jos A. Banks and shop a reliable retailer.    These people are scammers. I sent back over $200 worth of items and now they cna't find them.    Classic.   
Entity: Select State/Province
41, Report #1195136
Dec 13 2014
06:27 AM
We were contacted by Banks Financial via email on 11/24/2014.  We were told that they were specialist in providing loans of all types even if you previously had some bad credit history.  We applied online on 11/26/2014, and received a conditional approval on 12/01/2014 via email.  We submitted supporting documents along with signature on the enclosed loan documents with an official looking letter head signed by company President Albert Shaw.  We were contacted via email from a Mr. James Koller from the Funding Department that we were approved and need to submit a security deposit in the amount equal to 5 loan payments. We were advised to use the Green Dot money card only.  We submitted the initial payment as requested along with an additional 50.00 fee for same day funds transfer.   On 12/3/2014 we were told that the loan was not funded due to some addtional credit data that had just come up on a credit review, and would need to submit addtional payments equalling an additional 2 months worth of loan payments. (Total inlcuding fees paid: $800.00). After we paid the additinal fees the next day we were told the loan fell through and would take approximatley 5-7 days for the money to be refunded to us.  We have not recieved our refund, and when calling the company the representatives hang up on us.  
Entity: WINDSOR MILL, Maryland
42, Report #1158549
Jun 30 2014
03:52 PM
Mortgages Banks Mortgage Bank Rob Reality tv show couple of $50.000 mortgages deposit,using stalling tactics atlanta georgia Nationwide
 I am a tv  view  of the  reality  tv show  Married to medicine, i  saw  this episode  were about  Toya Bush Harris and Dr. Eugene Harris received bad news that they were going to lose their $50000 earnest payment, Toya Bush-Harris and husband, Dr. Eugene Harris, an emergency physician received bad news that they were going to lose their $50,000 earnest payment if they couldn’t come up with another $10,000 as requested by the seller. It seems the couple is having a difficult time with financially closing a loan' What i  saw  was  a legal scam to  rob the  poor and minority of their  hard  earn money  and to cause homeless for some.the bank was  stalling  the   mortgage closing  for  a  year and at  the  end the  seller requesting a extra $10.000 or he would  not  close with the buyer their by causing  the the buyers to lose  their $50,000 deposit. I  would  never every sign any contact without   having  a  mortgage escape clause  in it stating that if  you or  the  seller  or banker change  their  mind  you  still keep  your  Deposit  Money.who is  to say that  the  seller and  the  bank was not  working  together to  stall the  closing  to cause  this  couple  to lose  their  $50.000 deposit   and  this  was   did on purpose. The bank could easly kick back $20.000 to the seller  and  the  bank Keep  the rest,they can legal do this  and  get  away  with  it.If  the bank do  this  a  number  of  times  they make a  good  profit  by  doing  nothing but  stalling  the  Closing  and riping of  the  buyers  for  their Deposit  money,which is  no worst than some one robbing them with a gun,But this  hurt more because you put  your  trust  in the  Banks and  the  Justice  system  to protect  you and  your  family and something  like  this  happen. when i  saw this  it  hurt my  heart to  see how  low  America Banks  have Stoop Example if  you  sell some one $50.000 fake diamonds  the buyer can go to the  police have  your ass lock up.What you  think the police would  say if  this couple  reported to the police  that they  was  rob by their  bank  police would  laugh at them. and say  try the  Civil Courts   Beware Home Buyers  of  the Deposit Scam  And ripOff  with  any bank   ALL WAY Use THE   mortgage escape clause 
Entity: Nationwide
43, Report #1159704
Jul 05 2014
09:39 AM
SunTrust Banks Carolyn Kiser VP & Trust Adviser SunTrust Banks steals over 30 years of hard work Orlando Florida
Out of the 10 beneficiarys My self and family 7 of us worked 7 days a week 364 days a year for about 20 years for $100.00 a month when the trust was setup in 1988 I belive but not sure was around $900,000 since SunTrust has overseen the trust it went down to under $600,000 in the trust doc we are only to recieve the interest and 9 of us was paid avg about 1500.00 per Year for about 20 Years seems to me that SunTrust Bank did not follow the trust doc and has blew over $300,000 for the past 3-4 years we have recieved less than $500.00 each the last check was for less than $0.00 and the trust has gained over $65,000 last year 2013 but SunTrust still got there full fees plus increases Ms Kiser told myself and my nephew that she was just thinking about the final settelment the last beneficiary Florida Southern College I have hope that people like my self can come together and get someone like Lowell Bergmanof frontline to investigate the croaked banks and politicans who blatantly steal form hard working Americans I hope to talk soon to Mac in re:SunTrust Bank Life Estate of handicapped man stolen by STB Internet and others and try to find others to let everyone know how SunTrust Banks conducts bussiness. Thank You Jerry 
Entity: Orlando, Florida
44, Report #1321563
Aug 09 2016
12:09 PM
I just got a call from someone saying they are collecting for a company called LTS Loans saying in 2012 theyt deposited money into an old account of mine, it is Aug 2016!  I did have a payday loan once and it was paid off but now this company is calling saying I owe them money and a legal action is against me blah blah..  I know this is fraud and not true and he said well get you an attorney because we are coming so I said come on!  He said I had been mailed paperwork that I never responded to I said thats a lie, he said we have tried to contact you by email, again a lie!  How can I stop these people.  he said this is being recorded and if you can't pay back a loan you shouldnt take out one and I said Ive never taken out a loan I didnt repay!  I said well record this kiss my ass because I dont owe a loan! And hung up!  Oh he had called my moms number to reach me and I said calling my mother is harrassment and pressuring her for my number he said no its not!  She didnt give him my number instead she called me and told me to call them.  How crazy is this!???
Entity: Nationwide
45, Report #1350969
Jan 20 2017
01:45 PM
Citibank Ripoff India Global
Had Citibank NRI/NRO account for many years. Last year I got letter that the bank was closing the local branch and gave me the option to use another branch or close the account. Long story short, my account was closed and I was sent demand draft checks to USA. As it turns out, there is no way of getting these cashed in USA. All attempts at getting hold of a living being at Citibank in India have failed. Was able to get someone on live chat and person left after leaving a number which again is automated and can't get in without entering account number which I don't have anymore. Demand draft is valid only for a limited time and don't seem to be getting anywhere with this.
Entity: Nationwide
46, Report #1345860
Jan 12 2017
05:18 PM
High Class Universe Dog Banks Dog Banks Ordered Ordered off of Facebook Internet
I have placed an order for three dog banks on Dec 2, 2016  Confirmation #22068 from High Class Universal Products.  The order has been charged to my credit card, I am getting ready to file a report/complaint and ask for the money to be credited back to my card next. My confirmation was that it was placed and that they were processing my order and will notify me when it is shipped.  Have not received any notification on this.What are my steps to take to either get this order received or credit back to me?Concerned Consumer,Eva High Class UniverseOrder #22068  Thank you for your purchase! Hi Eva, we're getting your order ready to be shipped. We will notify you when it has been sent.View your order or Visit our store Order summary  The World's Cutest Dog Coin Bank Money Box × 1 Black & Brown$21.99 The World's Cutest Dog Coin Bank Money Box × 1 Brown & White$21.99 The World's Cutest Dog Coin Bank Money Box × 1 Black & White$21.99  Subtotal $65.97Shipping $0.00 Total $65.97 USD Customer information Shipping addressEva P (((REDACTED)))  Colorado Springs , Colorado 80923 United States Billing addressEva P (((REDACTED)))  Colorado Springs , Colorado 80923 United States  Shipping methodFREE ShippingPayment methodEnding in 0210 — $65.97 If you have any questions, reply to this email or contact us at 
Entity: Internet
47, Report #116143
Nov 04 2004
02:52 PM
Wells Fargo Banks Reject Visa Guaranteed Fraud claim Phoenix Arizona
I had a company charge my visa Card with out permission. $1,600. Scarlet Oaks have refused to give me proper invoice to prove the charges. I know now they are doing the wrong thing. I have sent Visa card this statement and you can read now. Dear Marty Ext.5263 Claim# V0531043043 This is to clarify the situation. 1) I never gave Scarlet Oak permission to debt my card. 2) I never agreed to any Amounts to be debited to my card. 3) Scarlet Oak has been told in Feb 2004 not to every charge my account as any actions must first be supply with a proper invoices with dates and evidence. 4) No agreements, Verbal or Written are in place to charge me money for services or goods. I believe Scarlet Oaks is stealing from me for money not authorized. I believe also this is not the first time Scarlet Oak has done to other clients of Visa card. They not have an office. The screen call as to say someone is after them for bad business. Also the owner has refused to talk or email me. Now I found out that Wells Fargo has sent a letter stating that Scarlet Oaks had it computer stolen I know this is not true. Someone is always at the home/office. The story I was told the computer had a storm effect. The matter would have been solved if the money had been reversed, proper invoices and agreedment of charges. Scarlet Oaks/ Ms. Jullie Allen has refused. If you can not deal with this problem please refer to someone with the authority. Also, One other things I have noticed is that the bank has not provided me with any documents stating why my account has been charged back after Three (3) months have passed. Here is the bank response: Mr. I apologize for placing you on hold for an extended period of time. I was researching your claim at the time. Based on the information you provided me and the documents provided to me by yourself and the merchant, we have decided to let our decision to deny your claim stand. As you suggested, all the details were weighed and the determination lies that the resolution of this situation needs to be addressed in civil court. Please call me with any questions you may have at 800-548-9554 ext 5263. We appreciate your business and thank you for banking with Wells Fargo. Marty G. Freeman Operations Manager ATM Fraud & Debit Card Operations MAC S3928-040 (480) 449-5263 (800) 548-9554 Ext. 5263 Edward Houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
48, Report #452251
May 15 2009
12:46 PM
Chase Bank Chase Banks invests in WAMU to Rip Off America Nationwide
I banked with WAMU until they were taken over by Chase. I paid my WAMU card every month and tried to be a faithful and responsible user of the card. I never had a problem with WAMU. I noticed the moment I got my first credit statement from Chase that they had jacked my interest rate up to 27%. I called them to find out why they would do something as underhanded and anti-American as this especially in light of what was happening to this country and with the huge financial demands that the banks are already putting on the hard working, debt paying, responsible people of America. They were not of course interested in anything I had to say. I refused to get angry with the poor guy that was just trying to make a buck so I decided to close my account which he did without argument or any attempt to keep me as a customer. I paid of the account in four payments. One payment a week. When it came to the last payment. I called to get the amount of my final payment so that it would be the last interaction I would have to have with them. They refused to give me a pay off amount. You heard me right. They refused to give me a pay-off amount. I asked to speak to the supervisor which they call an Adviser but every time I was transferred to an Adviser they claimed they could not hear me and for me to call back. I played this game four times. Each time I called I got a rep that that could hear me just fine with no problem but the moment I was connected with an Adviser, suddenly the phones were malfunctioning or they just went deaf. Chase Bank is a predator and their only goal is to rape the American people of everything that they own and to keep us enslaved or indentured to them for our entire lifetime. If you bank with Chase I strongly suggest that you take your business elsewhere. Chase is an enemy to America and the American people. The are worse then traitors. They are the enemy because their goal is the destruction of the American people. Bank with your Credit Union. Stop giving these vultures the weapons to destroy you and America. Misslynda North Lauderdale, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
49, Report #368776
Sep 01 2008
01:31 PM
SunTrust Bank Banks Don't Care About Identity Theft Victims Nationwide
On 8/11/08 I noticed a $10 charge made by Alltel Replenish on my SunTrust online banking account. I clicked on the transaction, then the HELP link and notified SunTrust that I did not make the transaction. The next morning I called Alltekl to question the charge, thinking maybe I had purchased something online for my wireless account. The Financial Services rep keyed in my Visa check card and told me the $10 transaction was a replenishment for prepaid minutes. I told her I had a post paid plan with Alltel, and had never had a prepay account. She told me that she could not reveal the name or the mobile # that used my check card, but the account had previous fraudulent activity and that I should notify SunTrust immediately. I hung up with her, logged into my SunTrust online banking and I saw 11 more transactions with Alltel Replenish that were in pending status. I called SunTrust customer service, notified them someone was using my visa check/debit card somehow and I needed to cancel mine. I told her that I did not loose my card and it was not stolen, I don't know how my information had been obtained. She put me in touch with SunTrust's fraud department so I could begin to dispute all the charges ($292.99). The fraud department said they were mailing me an affidavit to dispute the charges and assignged me a case number. At the urging of others, I contacted Alltel's fraud department and made them aware that someone was using my visa check card to replenish prepaid minutes, but I didn't know who it was. The lady I spoke with was wonderful. She said that if the accounts who received my funds were not mine, she would not provide me any information, but she would be able to direct me to the next person who I should notify. She took my visa check card number, keyed it into her computer and immediately had all 12 transactions right in front of her. She told me to go to my local police department and ask them to open a case for identity theft / fraud. As soon as I got off work, I went to the local sheriff's department in my home town and filed a report. The officer who took my statement told me that I should be relentless with my bank because banks never cooperate well with victims of identity theft and that I shouldn't wait for the affidavit from the bank to come in the mail, he suggested I go back to the local branch and do this immediately. The next morning I went to the SunTrust branch on Westover Blvd. in Albany, GA. The customer service rep in the center of the bank offered to assist me. I told her what happened with my card and she called and had my affidavit pulled. She printed it, I signed it and she said that the maximum amount of time it would take for me to get my money back would be 120-days, but it could be as soon as 10-days. I called SunTrust fraid department every to check the status of my affidavit until on 08/26/08 a young man told me that it was unnecessary for me to call every day. He said I would be the first to know of any developments in my case. In the mean time, Alltel's fraud investigator called me to let me know the person(s) of interest in my theft case had been forwarded to the detective working my case. He stated there were 12 transactions made and the funds were posted to 11 different prepay mile numbers and they were all local to me. He said he would work closely with the lieutenant working my case and ensure the perpetrators served jail time. On Friday, 8/30/08 after still not hearing back from SunTrust I called again to check the status of my case. The very rude lady told me my case was denied on the 26th, due to the fact that I had previous financial transactions with the merchant my card was used and therefore I would not be able to dispute the charges. I old her that I disclosed to SunTrust in advance there were charges that I made with Alltel as I have a wireless account with them, but I did not have a prepay account where the disputed charges were made. She told me it didn't matter and if I disagreed with the findings of my case I could only write a rebuttal letter. Needless to say I was very ticked off. I grabbed my keys and went back to the Albany branch on Westover Blvd. I yelled, cursed and made a complete idiot of myself to try to get someone to listen to me. They could not have card less. I told the customer service lady to close out all my accounts with them and put my money in my hand immediately. I still had a pending transaction in my checking account so I wasn't able to close it, but she would give me all the rest of it and just leave enough to cover the pending charge. She filled out the withdrawal slips and left. When she came back, I snatched my money from her and told her and everyone else in there that they were useless and should all be unemployed. I went back to my office and checked my online banking again. My savings account did not even appear so I knew she closed it out, and my checking only showed a balance to cover the one pending transaction. I called the lieutenant working the theft case, but he wasn't available to I spoke to his superior. I told him what the bank did and he assured me no SunTrust investigator made an attempt to contact them regarding my case. He said SunTrust actually closed their case prior to the sheriff's department even receiving their subpoena'd information from Alltel's fraud investigator. I called SunTrust fraud back to inform them that their investigator closed my case without speaking with the Alltel fraud dept or the local Sheriff's dept. The SunTrust lady said the SunTrust investigator noted my account that he in fact contacted them both. This really ticked me off worse because SunTrust falsified documents. I have complained to the BBB, Federal Reserve, State Attorney General, Senator, State Senators, FDIC and now rip off report. I will follow up again when I hear something back from SunTrust, if I ever do. If I don't, I plan to take legal action. Hatecrooks Leesburg, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
50, Report #203716
Jul 31 2006
06:21 AM
Wells Fargo And Other Bad Banks Bank Ripoffs Davis California
I too had many problems with Wells Fargo. Please all of you that are having problems, join my group and let's take some affirmative action. Everyone complains, but nothing ever gets organized to do anything about the problem. We need some new laws to protect the consumer. I am posting the subscription address. I really hope you don't just chalk this up to experience and let it go. You know they are counting on this. By the way, if you are an employee, and want to offer putdowns, please just stay away! We have had enough of you! sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company your comments on this policy are welcome! CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report. Gail Davis, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Davis, California

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