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1, Report #1397818
Sep 04 2017
12:50 PM
Bare Foot Witchery Shoppe barefootwitcheryshooppe Cultural Appropriating Fake Witch Okesa Oklahoma Internet **Author of this Report is NOT CONFIRMED**
 The lady of the Barefoot Witchery Shoope is a Fraud. She says she petitions Orishas and Least on her altars on behalf of clients. She is not initiated into an Orisha worshipping tradition or one that venerates Lwas. To properly give offerings to and petition Lwas, one needs to be initiated into traditions that they are worshipped and worked with in. For example, not everyone has the same solution to the same problem. One person's medicine can be another person's poison. When it comes to Orisha worshipping, one needs to go to a Priest or Preistess of that tradition and have a reading done to figure out what the solution to their problem is and to figure out what the right ebbo (offering/sacrifice) is to fix their problem or to fortify their blessings. One person maybe told they need to offer fruit and another may be told to give meat for example. Just like not everyone can take the same medicine and be healed, not everyone can give the same offering to have the solution they need. Also, proper divination needs to be done afterwards to make sure that the ebbo was accepted, something only a Priest or Priestess can do. To be able to do the divination and appropriately communicate with the Orishas on their own, one needs to be initiated into the Priesthood and given their Orisha shrines properly. The things that are done in the Igbodu are a secret but, are necessary to be done to bring a person into proper alignment with the Orishas to be able to help them properly communicate and work with them. One cannot just throw some things together that look pretty and call it an altar or shrine to an Orisha. There are certain things that are required and if someone just throws some things together and just starts praying and calling out to the Orisha, what responds may not be an Orisha but, something not good. She charges $150 to pray to an Orisha on someone's behalf. With her not being initiated, it is a waste of money. You could get your own stuff for a lot less and do what she is doing on your own which I DO NOT RECOMMEND AND WHICH IS NOT OK!!!! In one picture, she shows she has drawn a Ve Ve for a Lease. Ve Ves can only be drawn by an initiate and have to be blessed properly. Ve Ves are like portals and act like calls to a Lwa. Working with the Leave without proper initiation and training is dangerous. Without knowing how to work with those energies, it can lead to serious misfortune and problems not just for you but also for your loved ones. I have also attached pictures of her saying she does Ellegua Services and Papa Legba services. Notice how she contradicts herself by saying Ellegua and Pap Legba? You see she has the same statue to represent both? Ellegua and Papa Legba are two completely different spirits from two completely different cultures with completely different personalities, wants, and ways of serving them. Her treating them like they are the same thing only goes to show she does not know what she is doing. She also clearly does not know the symbology of the statue and where the symbology came from. You also should go to the Santeros Against Fraud and Exploitation website and read the articles about cultural appropriation. Cultural appropriation is exactly what that lady is doing. Here is the link below. Be smart and do long and thorough research.
Entity: Internet
2, Report #635258
Aug 28 2010
02:47 PM
Bare Foot Shoes, State College Unprofessional, Poor Customer Service, Will Try To Sell You Anything To Make A Sale!! State College, Pennsylvania
Bare Foot, a more expensive shoe store located in downtown State College, PA, is one of the worst retail establishments I have ever been in.  I have worked in retail management for several years and would NEVER treat customers with the disrespect that is apparently common at this store. I hadn't gone in the store for years, but decided to give it one more go because it's the only store in town that carries SPerrys.  First I called to make sure they had the item in stock: it can be a pain to park in State College when Penn State classes are in full swing, and you have to pay to park.  I was assured they would have what I wanted, so I head downtown.  Not only did I have to approach the sales girl to wait on me after several minutes, she acted as though my asking to try shoes was a huge ordeal.  The size 9 was too big, and when I asked for an 8.5, she said they didn't have them.  I said, Well, the person I spoke to on the phone said you had a bunch.  She stared at me, and replied, They didn't know what they were talking about.  You should try the 8.  I said that the 8 would be too small, and she persisted.  Why would a reputable shoe store sales person try to sell you a shoe that's a whole size smaller when, clearly, what you need is only a half size smaller?  Do they want you to be uncomfortable?  No, they want to make a sale and don't care about your comfort. My parting words were that now that I had a better sense of what size I needed, I would be ordering them from (((competitor's name redacted))) or (((redacted))) anyway.  I would recommend USING Bare Foot to try on what you want and getting those items on the websites I just mentioned.  Not only do (((redacted))) and (((redacted))) have a generous return policy (Bare Foot's is RIDICULOUS--like, within 10 days or less for STORE CREDIT ONLY--NO EXCEPTIONS--EVER--I have heard horror stories about this), if you were to have a problem, you would get better customer service OVER THE PHONE! BEWARE BARE FOOT AND ALL STORES IN SC OWNED BY THE FINES (AJ Fine, Metro, Bare Foot, Generations)!!! sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company,, if you post a competitors name more than likely they will show up on search engines as a Rip-off! - - your comments on this policy are welcome. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report. In this case we removed an alleged competitors name
Entity: State College, Pennsylvania
3, Report #1410638
Nov 06 2017
01:55 PM
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1312293
Jun 19 2016
08:16 PM
Sticker Shoppe Scam Doesn't Ship Orders Internet
Stickershopp simply took my money and did not ship the order.  They do not answer email attempting to resolve the issue. Luckily my order was a small amount. Im just placing this warning out there for others!
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1294329
Mar 17 2016
01:56 PM
Susan's Shoppe Scam & Fraud store Hattiesburg Mississippi
The store charged me for the dress they didn't have in stock, and when I asked about it, the store owner hung up the phone, I tired calling multiple times but the same thing happend.  If you are shopping for your prom or any other special occasion dresses, be very careful because they will take your money and either not send you the dress or send you the wrong size.  And they have been getting away with that.  On their websites indicates that there are no return if the size is wrong, but they will send you the wrong size anyways and you will not be able to do anything about it.  Be very very carefull. Don't go through what I've gone through with this unprofessionals and scam artists. 
Entity: Hattiesburg, Mississippi
6, Report #54885
Apr 29 2003
01:03 AM Shoppe-N-Save Deceptive company, Ripoff Savannah Georgia
First I never received an order confirmation e-mail so I'm left wondering if my money was stolen. Days later when I receive an e-mail about my order, I do not get a tracking number to check up on it. They said the order will arrive in a few days. Days go by I contact them and they say that UPS dilivered the order, and they also said that orders placed from website require a signature conformation upon delivery. However after they did some researching the delivery shows no conformation signature was ever signed. Since I never got my order they are asked to supply a refund to the purchasing credit card in the amount of $60.66. They refuse by saying it is a UPS problem, and that only when they get the order back they will give a refund. How can I return something I never got would be my question to them. I told them that I would take action but they ignored my e-mail. Albert Kelseyville, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Savannah, Georgia
7, Report #681541
Jan 12 2011
06:33 AM
The Camera Shoppe, 533 Decatur Street, New Orleans, LOUISIANA 70130 bought a Blackberry Curve 8900 phone from the shop while visiting New Orleans as a tourist in July 2010. I was then a Visiting Scholar at Louisiana State University. The price was very steep at USD490.50 because according to the vendor it was an unlocked phone. So I am paying for an unlocked phone that could be used worldwide. I recently realised (as I had kept the phone until I come home to Malaysia) I was cheated by the vendor as the phone is locked by Movistar, a Spanish mobile provider. Thus, I could not use the blackberry features and could not subscribe to Blackberry Messenger. I understood from my provider here in Malaysia that the pin has been suspended by MOVISTAR the provider of the phone I bought. Thus it has raised doubt if the phone sold to me was new or used. I hope by filing a rip-off report other innocent tourists will not be cheated by the above unscrupulous vendor.              
Entity: New Orleans, Louisiana
8, Report #754618
Jul 18 2011
04:26 PM
Bare Escentuals/Bare Minerals Bare Minerals Horrible shipping policy ! Internet
The following e mail was sent to 4 different addresses on the Bare Escentuals website, with no response as of yet:First let me say that I have my own online business and if I treated my customers the way I've been treated by Bare Escentuals with regards to my shipping problem, I would have been out of business a long time agoI live in Hilo, Hawaii - I placed a phone order with Bill in your customer service on June 17 - at that time, I was told that shipping would take 1 to 2 weeks to reach me in Hawaii - I was fine with that - here I am, almost a month later, and the last tracking information I have on my package is that it was in San Franscisco as of June 24 - I even called that Bulk Mail Center and was told that it most likely went by boat on June 29 or 30 to Hawaii - that takes about a week to be received at Honolulu and be scanned in there - that would have put it in Honolulu around July 8 It is now July 18 and nothing new is noted about this package - yet, I was told today that I have to wait until tomorrow to complain yet again and have it reshipped because tomorrow is 21 working days since it was shipped and your policy is to give the package that long to be received - THEN I was told that if you re ship to the same address and it isn't received you won't do anything about it - so, if I understand correctly,  I would be out the $63 simply because I live in Hawaii and you're can't be bothered to find a better way to ship to customers in Hawaii - SAY WHAT ??? - ARE YOU KIDDING ??? I've never run into such a ridiculous shipping policy in my life - most large companies have shipping options for areas like Hawaii, and ship orders coming out here by Priority Mail so that things like this don't happen - in other words, they actually care that customers in Hawaii get their products in a timely manner and are happy with their buying experience - Bare Escentuals could take a lesson Now, unless I somehow miraculously get this package by tomorrow morning, I have to call back and have the reship sent to my business in Nevada, then I'll have to pay even more shipping to get it from Nevada to me here in Hawaii - would you like to be told that if this was YOUR order ??? I really think notI was living on the Mainland the last time I ordered these products, and came back to Bare Escentuals after 4 years of trying other brands, etc - I came back bacause I truly felt the Bare Escentuals products were superior to the other products I had tried, and I still do - but I also judge a company by how they treat their customers and this company has failed miserably - I am so disappointed in this company - you should be disappointed in yourselves - Order # 60567897  
Entity: , Internet
9, Report #264893
Aug 02 2007
03:31 PM
Bare Escentuals Lies, Steals Howell Nationwide
People would call into their call center to complain about charges on their account when they'd called several months prior to cancel auto-ships. Because it was out of our time frame, there was nothing we could do about the charges. Some people didn't even know they were signed up for any auto-ship program because they were lied to. The telemarkers would lie about anything under the sun to make a sale, and are still able to get away with it. I was supposed to lie to customers to make the company/client look good. This wasn't in the job description of course, and when I contacted the CEO of Bare Escentuals to inquire about the telemarketers lying and basically stealing money from people, I was fired from my job. Anonymous. Fowlerville, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
10, Report #130447
Feb 07 2005
02:21 PM
Nikis Discount Shoppe gross misrepresentation of products ripoff El Cajon California
I bought a pair of Alpinestar Tech 8 boots from her store on ebay. The picture in the ad was a brand new pair of boots. The boots i received were well used and in my opinion, JUNK. I paid $213.00 for them. She said that she would return some money to me. Then decided to just say f- u. I'm not giving you anything. I just want people to beware when they are dealing with her. Brandon mckeesport, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: El Cajon, California
11, Report #130086
Feb 04 2005
12:41 AM
The Loan Shoppe Charles Eugene Carver ripoff Punta Gorda Florida
Beware this company stole $820,000.00 from me and has stole over $10 million from others! ran by charles e carver a career criminal who has felony convictions for murder, prostitution rings , drug dealling, weapons charges and fraud Please help me put this scum in prison, he is affiliated with Mario Naranjo and mrna inc. These are very very dangerous people please help Carl cape coral, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Punta Gorda, Florida
12, Report #128090
Jan 19 2005
03:08 PM
The Camera Shoppe ripoff New Orleans Louisiana
We were visting new orleans on holiday. We brought a camera for my sister inlaw a Mustek DV 4000 and were told that we had received a great deal from the salesman, Michael. We payed $ 604.00 US. It also included a carry case and he had thrown in a power adaptor for our power points in Australia. We arrived home and gave it to her and the next day her son had searched the net and found that the same camera was selling for between $ 120 to $ 170 US in the states. I rang the store and spoke to a Mr. Joseph Char who told me he was the manager. He told me stiff S%$#. I told him that due to my stupidity that I would pay $ 200.00 US. and because we had received the tax back, that he should refund me $ 372.00 US. Again he laughed and said that Australia is a long way from him. Let everyone know of this store so no one else is taken for a ride. Raymond RosannaAustralia
Entity: New Orleans, Louisiana
13, Report #100138
Jul 22 2004
06:22 PM
The Camera Shoppe gross misrepresentation, borderline criminal, New Orleans Louisiana
I bought a camera at this store on 7/16/04, I was quoted $290.00 which I thought was a good deal. The salesman (Joey) said he would even throw in a 256 memory card for the digital camera. I signed the credit card receipt and left. A couple days later I checked my credit card statement on the internet and was shocked to see that I had been charged $540.00!( I never paid attention to the amount at time of signing) I immediately contacted the store and told them that that was rediculous, and I wanted a complete refund . They said they don't give refunds, and the reason it was that amount, was because the memory card held the difference in value. I told them that I had not requested the memory card as the camera actually comes with a 32 memory card, and that they had said that they were throwing that in Joey then offered me a spare battery as compensation which I declined to take. I believe that they lied to me about the charge, and then illegaly charged my card with almost double the original quote. Stores like this prey on tourists and we need to take a stand. Michael Knoxville, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: New Orleans, Louisiana
14, Report #9825
Dec 21 2001
12:00 AM
Stop Shoppe Brakes & Service Kissimmee Florida Consumer Ripoff, Better Business Bureau they did NOTHING!
The owner of this joint is a major rip-off. Want a new engine in your car? Sure! $2,000 sounds great to me.....NOT....only if you want a USED one. This guy is a major scam artist. His name is Hugh Mayerhoff & he is out to reach deep into your wallets for he hasn't any money of his own. BEWARE!!!! H e is notorious for charging you the full price of new parts but the majority are used. If they're cheap parts, they will be new most likely, or if he can't find them at a junk yard. Ever wonder why you leave his place & only to find that you have yet another problem? Before you ask yourself why, just remember that he made it that way so that he can suck more money out of you! The guy is a crook & you are most certainly better off going elsewhere. Anyplace in town is better than that place. I'm still trying to figure out if the oil he uses for oil changes is really 100% oil! My bet, probably not. I actually knew this jerk & NONE of his employees are certified to do anything. Also....DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CAR OVERNIGHT. Chances are he is driving it home. He doesn't have a vehicle & likes to take home the more plush vehicles. PLEASE........GO ELSEWHERE!!! I have contacted the Better Business Bureau & they did NOTHING! I hope this reaches many current customers & that in the near future you will no longer be. I hope this has opened eyes about this sicko. You've been warned.
Entity: Kissimmee, Florida
15, Report #512992
Oct 21 2009
07:36 PM
The Camera Shoppe Deceptive Selling Practices New Orleans, Louisiana
On a recent trip to the French Quarter my husband and I stopped to look at an unusual looking lense in the display window at The Camera Shoppe.  A salesman came out and said to come in and he would show it to us.  It was a 500mm mirror lense and he put it on my camera to show us how it worked.  He also showed us a 0.5mm wideangle lense that screwed right on to the lense on the camera and could also be converted to a macro lense.  I was not familiar with either of these lenses and had no clue what they were worth.  He gave us a price (no prices are listed on anything that I could see) and said they were on sale and that he would knock some off the sale price.  I wound up paying a total of $653 for the two lenses.  Then he asked me if I had thought about upgrading my camera. I said I had not but he asked me if I'd seen the newer Canon SLR with live view. I had no idea that was possible and was very interested.  He told me that that particular camera sold for $1500 but that it (once again) was on sale and since I'd bought the lenses he would cut me a deal I could not refuse.  Long story short, I paid $853 for the camera.  When I got home I researched them online and almost threw up.  The camera sold for $400 - $500 and the small lense sold for $30.  The 500mm lense sold for less than $200.  I still cannot believe how STUPID I was.  I know better and let him con me so easily.  I am a bit too trusting and never dreamed he would exaggerate the prices that badly.  That just never crossed my mind.  I have not lost hope that I might recover my money.  I filed a complaint with the Attorney General and with the Better Business Bureau.  My bank is also working with me on this.  I'm willing to take it to court if need be.  I learned that there are laws against deceptive selling practices and I'm hoping we can keep this guy from robbing any other unsuspecting people. 
Entity: New Orleans, Louisiana
16, Report #444535
Apr 17 2009
03:29 PM
The Poole Shoppe No Support Hamilton Ontario
I have spent thousands of dollars at this place of business and the repair service is non existant...spend $8,000.00 on a hot tub then need to get the spa pack replaced $1100.00 and now they have had my pak for over a week and no one has even looked at it....not even busy season. They will never see my business again...chemicals and supplies for my pool and hot tub will be going to another supplier that is more reliable. I would not buy anything from the The Poole Shoppe on Rymal Road in Hamilton as they do not offer reliable service for the products they sell...... They are only interested in selling you the product.... Service Sucks..... And the people (the Manager) just shrug their shoulders and and so oh well.even though you are saying give me my pak I am taking it elsewhere for repair as it is obbious that your repair dept. does not care Never trust the Owner (Bob Simpson) or his children.....they are rip off artists they like to sell but do not back up with service for long time (20+ years) customers. Bud's Spa in Ancaster is going to get my business from now on. Or even worse Pioneer Pools. Bill Stoney Creek, OntarioCanada
Entity: Hamilton, Ontario
17, Report #437350
Mar 24 2009
10:27 PM
Variety Shoppe RIPP off, TRIPPEL CHARGE, Money Grabbers Rockmart Georgia
I fell Rapped They took my money trippel charged me. That coused my back to give me a over draft charge and locked up all my money, now my childred, wife and I have no money in the bank to buy food. how were eating at the food banks tell I get paid. Spacecowboy98310 Bremerton, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Rockmart, Georgia
18, Report #365466
Aug 21 2008
02:24 PM
The Vitamin Shoppe Super Energy up more like SUPER waste of your money West Windsor Internet
I've been looking all over for supplements that will give you energy. I came across Vitamin Shoppe and saw that they had Super Energy Up. Prior to ordering them I called the company and asked questions regarding the supplements however my questions were not answered properly no matter how I asked the question. I called a second time and the same thing happened. They basically read what was on the website that I could clearly read myself. The supplement seemed like something to try because it appeared nothing was harmful in them and the price seemed a bit steep but figured it was worthwhile. The first day I took two capsules as recommended and absolutely nothing happened. I felt no better or worse then I did prior to taking them. The second day I tried again and still nothing. Finally my husband tried them following the same directions and the same results followed. I wrote a survey regarding this problem and was never recontacted. Big waste of time, energy and money! Arich Jim Thorpe, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
19, Report #798383
Nov 15 2011
05:30 PM
Sticker Shoppe ALL $ TAKE AND NO GIVE Internet, Internet
Placed order for goods  with Sticker Shoppe on 10-15-2011 and cost cleared my bank 5 days later.  All I have received is an e-mail order confirmation.  Made 4 when will it ship? inquiries and have had no response. How long do I have to wait for something advertised and pre-paid that should have been received weeks ago? 
Entity: Internet, Internet
20, Report #679935
Jan 07 2011
10:50 AM
Ashland Book Shoppe (Through amazon) lies, disrespectful, tricks, Internet
This is a warning to anyone considering buying anything from Ashland Book Shoppe , through This has nothing to with Amazon they are a great company and I will continue to purchase from them. The seller on their website however is complete slime. I ordered a package in October 2010 , a phonics kit for my daughter, it was supposed to arrive at the latest by the 27th. When, it didn't arrive by the latest possible date I emailed them and asked them to take the shipping charge off since it was not here yet, they didn't respond to this request when they emailed me back and they promised I would receive another package in 4-7 days, because they were going to reship it. I replied by saying it was nice that they were reshipping it , but I expected the shipping to be refunded since I had to wait, the offered 25 percent off. Which seemed nice. To make a really long story short by the 17th of November I still had not received anything and had received multiple false promises that it had been sent and I would receive it in an alotted amount of time. On The 17 I had had enough and sent an email which stated:Also it would be nice to know the phone number for this company since the one listed is no longer in service.... At this point my irritation and disappointment with this company has come to a whole new level. Did you even ever send a package? A new package needs to be shipped next day mail and it needs to arrive here no later than FRIDAY. I have never in my life experienced something so irritating as my interaction with your company. My child could have been using this kit for the past 5 WEEKS! She will be in the 1st grade by the time she gets her kindergarten phonics set. Something immediate needs to be done here. No more waiting by the door for something that's not coming. A package needs to get here NOW. If you can't get the package here and give me a FULL Refund as promised then you need to put the money back on the credit card and send me a refund for the package price, so I can purchase from another company. This needs to be resolved TODAY! To which the company responded: Greetings Jessica We will be immediately berefunding you for your order in full. You will have confirmation of this directly within 24-48 hours. You will receive a confirmation email on the refund within that time period. Also we have found out why this has been an issue from the very beginning. We will also have a shipment go out to your address free of charge. We will remain in close touch till ALL is resolved and do feel free to contact us anytime. Thank You Melissa Ashland Book Shoppe After more waiting a refund was finally received. So, I was still expecting the promise they made of the free shipment. I kept in touch with the company receiving multiple promises of this package, they even sent a tracking number one time...that tracked to South Carolina and I live in VA. I kept trying and actually believing they were having shipping issues, but during this I ordered other items USPS off of Amazon and they came very quickly with no issues. By Dec. 27 I had had enough. They had begun to ignore my emails and I realized all of this had been for nothing. I posted my feedback thinking that I would just say my piece and move on. When I did this I finally got an email stating: Greetings JessicaUnfortunately you didnt allow me a little more time to get back to you before you decided to post your very negective feedback on that platform that we are moving away from anyway. Though, remember what we are doing for you is free of charge. I have some new sets I just looked over earlier this morning that I think would be excellent for your daughter they are K-2 sets and they are challenging. Which with what you told me is what you were looking for, for her. I would be more than happy to send you out a set while I have time today. though first I would like you to temporaily remove the feedback simply by clicking on the icon remove feedback then click other, this way you can resubmit feedback anytime. Click remove feedback then click other just like that. If you do that asap. I will have this set shipping from our shop and email you tracking within an hour after the feedback is removed. I have the time right now though that is up to you. Again remember this is free of charge and I am doing it for you. Thank You Ashley ( By the way these are all copied and pasted from my Amazon account and they were misspelled this way when sent to me.) So for whatever reason I bought this crock and took off my feedback thinking I would just repost it if I never received anything. Of course I did not and have never received any package from this company. Also, I could not repost the negative feedback once you take it off it is final.Then once again they ignored my emails and just asked what? when I tried to get a tracking number. Fed up and hurt that a company would be outright decitful I wrote this email: So back to ignoring my emails now? Thats nice since you obvoisly tricked me into taking back my feedback , when I actually can't repost it. I'm guessing you actually never really sent any package either. Wow, what a slimy company you guys turned out to be. Don't worry I will be sure to tell everyone I know. I don't need feedback I have Facebook, Myspace, My blog, any scam warning websites I can find and the BBB to report you to. Thanks for nothing. To which they responded with this: Hi Jessica Let me see if I get this straight. You ordered a HOP Set, claimed it was the wrong one, then wanted refunded we did that, then you used feedback to secure a free set then we did that and now you are trying to secure more by threatening to post false information on different sites etc. What in the world have you become here. I know times are hard for some of you out there but this is ridiculous. You need to get a job or some education. You need to stop this shameless requesting here. Now lets go forward none of this sinning anymore, be a good example.The Ashland Book ShoppeEducating the World One Halfwit at a Time I found the whole thing very offensive. The basically said I was uneducated and poor.The last comment was also completely offensive. Also, they tried to say I returned it because I ordered the wrong thing when I never received anything in the first place. The accused me of using my feedback to secure a free package , when they had offered it to me months before , because of their mistakes. (As you can see proof of in the above emails.)So very mad and hurt I sent this: Well, its pretty obvious the only half wit here is you. I never once claimed it was the "wrong one", I ordered a set in December and never at any point received anything in the mail. Yes, you did refund my money after weeks of waiting for something that never came and which I doubt was ever sent.Also, I have emails proving that I was offered a free set because of all the hoops I jumped through for nothing at all. For another thing I never said anything about posting false information. I have proof of every word I say in these handy emails. Your company needs to learn how to properly mail a package and keep its word. No one has sinned here except you, with the countless lies I have been told. Oh we just sent this and we just sent that never once have I received any package from your company. The most recent promise of this free set has not happened either I seriously doubt you sent anything since I have asked multiple times for a tracking number on this mysterious package that is not here and I am sure will never come. You have the gull to call me uneducated when you and the dim wits that work for you can't even mail out a simple package? That's completely laughable. Then , this to fix my one mistake( I ordered in October): also one minor correction I actually ordered the set in October. To which they replied: Greetings Jessica   Thank You for clarifying. We will look into this and make sure we aren't overdoing it, so to say. I am sure we will do something here. Ashley Helping the Poor One Crumb at a Time Now not only has the company failed to do anything they said they would do, they also treated me like dirt. Not only was I called uneducated , I was called poor. Neither of which are true, and this all coming from a company that can't even ship a simple package or type an email properly. So take this as warning don't get involved with this poor excuse for a company.  
Entity: , Internet
21, Report #739616
Jun 11 2011
12:46 PM
vitamin shoppe Written Refund Policy is not honored by this location naples, Florida
I purchased a product from this store which I was not satisfied. Their store policy claims the following-- Rely on the Vitamin Shoppe 100% Satisfaction Guarantee   You may return any item purchased from The Vitamin Shoppe for any reason within thirty (30) days of purchase. For online and catalog orders, the product ship date is the date of purchase. You will receive a full refund for unopened items in the original form of payment and merchandise credit for opened items. So I returned the item within 10 days. It was a 7 day product guaranteed to work. Even the bottle claims Complete Satisfaction or Your Money Back Guarantee Apparently this store manager has poor reading comprehension skills. Probably didn't finish high school.  I have been a customer with Vitamin Shoppe for over 10 years and sent many friends to them. Depending on how corporate responds to this matter will determine my next step.  In the meanwhile- Buyer Beware. I have been consuming these kind of products for a very long time. Most sales outlets are not very honest nor do they operate with morals. These products are not FDA approved or regulated. So the only protection you have is the support of the company you are purchasing these items from. When that company fails to deliver on a contract it is a clear indication of greed, dishonesty, and no morals.  This manager thinks it's OK to cheat a customer and steal their money through deception.  Even though it's only $13, I am prepared to file a civil action against the store and the store manager for failure to honor a written agreement. I assure you it will be in excess of $13.
Entity: naples, Florida
22, Report #890591
May 30 2012
01:01 PM
TLG Shoppe Fraudulent charge of $16.99 to my MasterCard on 5/30/12 Internet
I check my Credit Union account online at least once very day, and discovered a fraudulent MasterCard charge of $16.99 on my checking account from TLG Shoppe on 5/30/2012.   I reported this immediately to my Credit Union, and they cancelled my MC and are sending me a new one with a different number.  As soon as I fax them the Card Fraud Notification form they will remove the charge from my account. The Credit Union rep used Google Earth to check the address shown for TLG and said it was a vacant lot.  After reading the other complaints, I won't bother trying to call the 800 number shown for TLG Shoppe. I have had other fraudulent charges in the past, which is why I check my account very day.  Yes, it's a hassle having to get new cards, but at least the problem gets handled immediately.
Entity: , Internet
23, Report #840774
Feb 17 2012
09:41 AM
The Bridal Shoppe 2 Big Thumbs Down! Crystal City, Missouri
2 Big Thumbs Down for The Bridal Shoppe in Crystal City, Mo. Their customer service is horrendous! Not enough workers, especially for a Saturday. The Seamstress is terribly rude! She is not professional and tends to do a lot of yelling & belittling towards customers. Did not get service I paid for!
Entity: Crystal City, Missouri
24, Report #205713
Aug 11 2006
05:58 PM
The Puppy Shoppe sells sick puppies! DO NOT BUY! Edison NJ
Stay away from this place! I paid $1200 for a sick Shih Tzu with a resistant strain of Kennel Cough! I love him so much already and I was able to train him quickly- if I wasn't I would have returned him. I took him to the vet they suggested (Banfield in Woodbridge area.) THE LOBBY WAS FILLED WITH SICK DOGS FROM THE PUPPY SHOPPE!! I AM NOT KIDDING YOU! When I told the Vet where he was from; he seemed mad.. as if to say 'this happens all the time' without really saying it. I didn't have to pay for the vet visit or medicine (to the puppy shoppes credit) but we'll see how things go if he doesn't get better. I will be taking him to a real vet ASAP to see that there aren't any other major problems. Eric north brunswick, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Edison, New Jersey
25, Report #316086
Mar 08 2008
04:45 PM
Little Loan Shoppe ripoff! Taking more money than owed back. Nationwide
I was also ripped off by this company, Little Loan Shoppe. I borrowed $300. And so far they have taken out $90.00 on 6 different occassions. Totally $540.00. I was only supposed to pay back $390.00. In the meanwhile, in the past month I have also found that there were some other unauthorized debits, from what I have been able to figure they were done by someone called LTS management and also ClickBank. Never authorized a loan, etc with either of these companies. So I did the only thing I knew to stop them, CLOSED MY BANK ACCOUNT. I just don't know what else to do. Since borrowing the $300.00 from Little Loan Shoppe, I have been getting all kinds of strange numbers calling on my work phone, etc. All I can figure is somehow they sold my information or something. I just don't know what to do. I sure don't want to get in any trouble because of these idiots. TRA port arthur, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide

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