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1, Report #435231
Mar 17 2009
08:39 PM
Entity: ENCINO, California
2, Report #1393795
Aug 18 2017
01:55 PM
Barry Cooper NeverGetBusted Triptowellness Barry Cooper pretends he is the Ayahuasca god Puerto Vallarta
This trip was the best and worst decision I have ever made. The plant medicine was amazing. But Berry and his Team left a lot wanting. I figured I would get the VIP treatment with him. Since most places offered a place to stay and food along with the medicine. Not Mr. Cooper and TripToWellness. Barry claimed that the other places didn’t know how to treat people properly. Because I have been a long term fan (I have seen like all his videos and have been a fan for a long, long time.) I believed him. I really don’t regret going but it's pretty clear that Berry does not know anything more then the rest. Probably knows less. When you ask him about the science he gives bull answers about it not mattering understanding that and he does it all by feel of the situation. The guy has only been doing this for a few years and has only probably treated 12 people. Even though he claims it is a whole lot more. When I left he forced me to write a review and threatened to charge me more if I didn’t. In the end he pretty much wrote it for me. Since I didn’t get to write the review I wanted I am here now trying to let people know. DON’T go see BARRY COOPER, he doesn’t know what he says he does. That being said, I love what Ayuahsca did. Barry tried to take credit for it all. I know from the research I did before and after that everything came from the plant. I feel sad that I went to someone that would take credit from gods plant. He may do great things in the fight against cops. But is Ayuahsca retreat is bull crap and overpriced. Go do it in the jungle of Paru for 50$ like I should have
Entity: Puerto Vallarta, Other
3, Report #896663
Jun 12 2012
06:53 PM
Barry Levinson Barry Levinson SCAM artist Internet
Barry Levinson is the WORST attorney ever!   Lied to us about court dates, charges, employees, filing of reports on a timely basis, thus, causing the loss of the lawsuit.  Took over $25,000.00 and could not or would not provide an accurate accounting of where the funds went.  Told us we did not have to appear in court, where actually our presence was needed.  Has not paid employees and when they file a claim with the labor comissioner, he fires them.  Liar, liar, liar and liar.  Nothing out of him mouth is accurate.  He robs Peter to pay Paul. The worst of the entire bunch in Las Vegas.  Stay far away from him or his law firm.
Entity: , Internet
4, Report #697876
Feb 20 2011
07:45 PM
rio Barry conartist Bethlehem , Pennsylvania
I was looking up Rio Barry's name and happen to see his name here it saddens me cuz I have dates to watch his KIDS and the money would of really help me and my husband r struggling and I have a 10 week old son and now this this Guy should be stopped
Entity: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
5, Report #1205085
Jan 28 2015
03:01 PM
Cooper Machinery, Anthony Cooper, Michael Cooper, David Cooper Did not pay for machinery purchased Monrovia California
Cooper Machinery brothers are machinery brokers  who sold my machinery.  After selling the machines they were were to pay me for them, but they dissapeared.
Entity: Monrovia, California
6, Report #1186565
Nov 04 2014
05:46 PM
John Mark Edward Bouzane BOUZANE, FEATHERSTON, BARRY COOPER, DMI LENDING, DENISE ITTENBACH Forged paperwork, filed fake eviction paperwork, unlawful detainers etc. San Bernardino California
Hi I am a recent victim of John Mark Edward Bouzane, falfising documents stating he had me evicted in a home I rented.  I have never been evicted from a home. removed by police, never was I served documents of such.  I rented this property from Feb 2008 until June 2010.  I was supposedly evicted twice from the same place in 2008.  I am in the process of filing against John Mark Edward Bouzane and his associates.   I found out 6 years after this happened because I am in the process of renting another home and it came up on my civil record.  I will be filing complaints against him with the California Bar Association.   Hurt in Compton,
Entity: San Bernardino, California
7, Report #420756
May 19 2009
01:31 PM
Barry Cooper Trust Deeds , Featherston Trust, Et Al. Predator Lender Loan, Foreclosure Scams; Illegal Unlawful Detainer Used to Evict Me From My Property. Encino California
On August 2, 2007, Barry Cooper Properties endorsed an illegal Refi Loan, using unsigned, unnotarized, unrecorded Original Loan Docs to procure illegal title on my property in the name of Featherston Trust aka Barry Cooper Properties. The illegal Refi Loan Reflects a Loan Payment date due September 8, 2007. I had no knowledge of the Refi Loan amount, monthly payment date or amount, interest charged, etc. As required by RESPA, I was never given a 3 day GFE, Right to Rescind, Disbursement of estimated costs etc. All my Original Loan Docs were intentionally held hostage and never disclosed to me by Barry Cooper and 10 year Licensed Real Estate Agent, Tyra Willis-Vizcaino. This was a cash-out loan, therefore, Ms. Willis-Vizcaino via EZ Lending Corp's Broker's License #, defrauded, misrepresented, and stole $33,000 loan proceeds in my name. Consequently (1 year later), August, 2008, I received a Superior Court Default Judgment and Court Ordered Permanent Restraining Order against Ms. Willis-Vizcaino regarding Real Estate Agent Fraud, Forgery, ID Theft, Notary Fraud, Credit Reporting Agencies' Fraud (used DMI Lending 1099 Federal Income, fraudulently IRS reporting to inflate my earnings (stated I earned $85,000 annually as a real estate investor, whereby, I am a disabled 64 year old on a fixed income). Ms Ittenbach, Unlicensed Broker and self-proclaimed realtor, is authorized agent Associate and personal friend of Barry Cooper. In addition, Ms. Ittenbach is a business and personal friend of Ms. Willis-Vizcaino. Ms. Ittenbach partnered Cooper and Vizcaino into the $230,000 Predatory Lender Loan Foreclosure scheme on my property. Due to an November, 2008, illegal Unlawful Detainer/Eviction (not legally served), against my property, Foster Care Business, Tenants, and person by Barry Cooper aka Featherston Trust via of the last illegal May 19, 2008 Trustee Sale which repetitively placed Featherston Trust on Title to my property, I filed Bankruptcy in order for the U.S. Federal District Court to have jurisdiction to prove the injustice of the State Court. In an Unlawful Detainer State Complaint, the Presiding Judge is only interested in whose name is on Property Title. In conclusion and ongoing nightmare, the illegal Featherston Trust Title on my property was gained by multiple County recordings of Trust Deed Sales, Rescissions, and Reconveyances; Example: September 12, 2007, Reconveyance to Terry Brussel-Gibbons, Trustee to Orange Crest Realty (not EZ Lending Corp.)...Default (Foreclosure) Notice, by Barry Cooper Properties on October 24, 2007?? Trustee Sales to Featherston Trust aka Barry Cooper were held in January, February, March, and May, 2008 violating the TILA, HOEPA, RESPA, and FTC Acts, on my property. It must be noted that Barry Cooper was indicted in 1999 by the FTC, and, as a result, Barry Cooper was heavily fined and placed on a 5 year probation, by the U.S. District Court. Due to all my, as well as Donna Cox's (another Barry Cooper Real Estate Fraud Victim) complaints to the DRE, DA, Attorney General, FTC, FBI, etc. Barry Cooper is currently under investigation by the FTC, D.A., and DRE. Please contact me ASAP as I'm facing another Unlawful Detainer illegal attack by Barry Cooper, as his attorney had my Unlawful Detainer withdrawn from BK Court, even though I tried to defend my position. Help me please, as I need Legal Representation either on a Contingency or otherwise. Helena j Beaumont, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Encino, California
8, Report #1063137
Jun 29 2013
02:36 PM
Barry House AKA Barry G House Barry House Liquidation Barry G House Precious Metals House Barry G Hse Liquidation scrap gold Mount Pleasant Pennsylvania
Read a similar rip off report about Barry house, i thought I would throw my thoughts out there as well. Dealt with this individual for many years. Seems like getting old and tough times made it hard for this man to be trust worthy. Cheated me on weights, prices and payment. This person has run broke and pays everything with a credit card. This man is no good for doing business with at all for any reasons.
Entity: Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania
9, Report #460542
Jun 10 2009
04:36 PM
Cooper Standard Secret Shopper Brookville Ontario
The people in this company sent me a check for 4,875.00 an ask me to put the check in my bank. Then i had seven days to send 3,895.00 dollars to a Danielle Tibbles in Huston TX. So i did and now the bank is after me for the money. I was then suppose to then sen a fax to let them know that the money was coming. The person name i was to fax all the information to was Steven O' Brien. Angie Springfield, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Brookville, Ontario
10, Report #1295898
Mar 25 2016
01:57 PM
Mya Cooper Money Flippin Scammer Miami Internet
A person by the name of Mya Cooper who has a Facebook page Mya Cooper, Two Blackplanet pages, Mya Cooper and GA_Amber, a page on Twitter Myacooper8, and a page on The phone number that is being used to con people out of their hard earned cash is ********** which belongs to somebody in Homewood, AL. Her facebook page says that the only places she lived was in Georgia and in Miami where she is presently living. We communicated through text message. Mya Cooper comes across as sweet and innocent and she is very attractive (if that's even her in the pic's). She says that she can Flip Your Money. On her page she even has videos of people counting money that she promised them. Some are calling her name thanking her for what she did for them. All lies. She asked me to put the money on a reloadable debit card. When that's done then I gave her the numbers on the back of the card. You want to believe her. Well guess what I did not get the money she said that she was going to give. She ignored the rest of my text asking how to get my money. I never heard from her again. She is a Liar and a Con. If you think it's too good to be true it probaly is. I'm putting this out there so this doens't happen to no one else.
Entity: Internet
11, Report #1182458
Oct 12 2014
06:07 AM
Engr. Barry Diego Mangroove Joe5490, mangroove Engr Barry, Engr. Barry Diego Mangroove is a SCAM Philadelphia, PA Internet
  This man who presented himself as a Marine Engineer contacted me through online dating site and created a very elaborate story involving his mother to scam women on line.  He has been writing to me for a little over a month.  He introduced himself as a Preacher, who teaches the word of God and uses scripture quotes in his emails.  He concocted a story about his mother was sick, Barbara Mangroove, who according to him was in a coma and was suffering from cancer.  He had asked and begged to loan him money to be able to get treatment in the amount of $2,600.00 with the promise to pay it back.  I refuse in the beginning but to his insistence and my conscience if the mother will die so I sent the money so as not to carry the guilt in case the mother dies.  Barry Mangroove sent me another email asking for $6,000 to pay for taxes which I then totally refuse (email below).  When I tried to collect the money from the first loan through phone messages, text messages and email, Engr. Barry Mangroove and the mother, Barbara Mangroove, both have not responded back in any way through this time.  No response, No remorse whatsoever.  This is a conspiracy between Mother and Son!  “Taking advantage of other people’s money is not a good business practice.”   On July 19th, he sent another email asking for another $6,000 to pay for taxes which I then totally refuse. His email quote: From: Barry Mangroove Sent: Sat, Jul 19, 2014 2:10 pmSubject: Honey please get back to me ASAP Hello Darling, How are you doing today? I hope everything is going well for you honey am sorry for not chatting with you this morning because I have been in the office of the Lawyer and in a hot sit in the office of the head Ministry of finance UAE, here in Dubai who is suppose to disburse my contract pay to me today but they decline to issue my payment,  I just came back from the office. Darling when I got there, there were so many other foreign contractors like me that have the same Problem. So we had to wait for the Officials of the Ministry to ASSEMBLE then they started to call us one after the other into the office. When it got to my turn, they Issued me a stoppage alert document notifying me that I have to Pay a TAX of 10,000 USD as foreign Tax as a foreign business man , before I can be paid  Honey I was not expecting such a heavy Tax. Because I have never paid such a heavy tax all my years in this business. Honey the Problem here is that I am left no much money on me due to some security I cannot access my account due to many things the happen online I was told to come to the STATE to activate my account in person, since it stated I have been able to raise 4000 from a friend now I need just 6000 after paying all my workers and other debt here {as liquid cash here with me}. Please take good care of you and Hope to hear from you soon.  
Entity: Internet
12, Report #364338
Aug 18 2008
08:27 PM
John Cooper - Jon Cooper Barre,VT John Cooper Broke into my house Barre, Vermont
I was having a wonderful sunday afternoon woke up worked on a site for about 6 hrs, then went out to a friends house to pick up something for my truck. I was gone for about 45 minutes, to return to my house and find John Cooper standing outside. He lives in the same building and didnt have the key to the main entry way so he told me that he didnt have a key and wasnt able to get back into the building so I let him in and, he walked with me up the stairs to his apartment. I went upstairs and looked went to my chump change stash which is my 5 dollar bills, 1 dollar bills and 10 dollar bills. Each time I go to the store I always spend a $20 and then I add the change to the jar. I noticed that the jar was empty. So I immediately went over to the neighbors house John Cooper to see if he had seen anyone comming into the building. He didnt answer the door when I knocked on it, I didnt knock loud just a regular knock. Its like didnt I just let you in the building 2 minutes ago, Duh its not like your not in there. Anyhow I went back into my place and I dumped out the rest of the change that was in the Vase. In the vase there was a Gold Key which I didnt put there. So out of curiosity I tried the key in my door and the key fit into the lock and opened the door. I looked at this key more closely and I noticed that this was not my key but the cuts that were in the key were just about identical 2 mine only one minor differece. I remember that the landlord told me when I moved in here that new locks had been installed and the keys will open the door downstairs as well as your door. So obviously this key had to of been a key to one of the other places in the building. Then I remember a few days prior he borrowed my key for an extended period of time. This key that was left in my apartment when I first saw it I thought mabe an old x girlfriend could have still had one. Anyway I saw this kids girlfriend getting dropped off from work out my window. I ran over because I knew she wouldnt have a chance to talk to him I could ask her for the key, she would more than likely give it to me because she had no idea what had taken place. Even if she did know about it she would have to give me the key because if they didnt than that would automatically mean that they knew something about the key or something about a key was going on. I didnt raise no questions about a key. I simply said can I borrow your key. Lets Play Cards Low and behold it was an exact match to the key the burglar left in my place. So I took the key the key straight to the police station. Then I returned I learn from John Coopers girlfriend that she was at work when he did it and she has kids and wants nothing to do with what he does. The land lord also told me that Schlage Door lock division was the name of the company that installed the locking system. Pist vermonter newvermont, VermontU.S.A.
Entity: Barre, Vermont
13, Report #144366
May 29 2005
05:41 AM
----------------- Forwarded Message: Subj: Re: read the bootom Date: 5/29/2005 1:41:07 AM Mountain Daylight Time From: To: Sent from the Internet (Details) Maybe if you didn't go around harassing people then you wouldn't have gotten burned. You have a BIG nose and you put it where it didn't belong! I'm not paying you and you can't make me lol -----Original Message----- From: Sent: May 16, 2005 12:37 PM To: Subject: read the bootom BRUCE BILLINGS, MontanaU.S.A.
Entity: SELMER, Tennessee
14, Report #434014
Mar 13 2009
06:18 PM
Barry O. Bernstein Legal Malpractice Burbank California
Greetings To All! Allow me to set the seen...My son was arrested on May 31, 2006 and in January of 2007, I hired the haughty, Barry O. Bernstein to represent my son charges of conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to intimidate a witness, and a gang enhancement. If convicted, my son faced life imprisonment. I paid Barry Bernstein $30k for his representation and after over 120 days on my son's case, Bernstein had not done one single thing that even resembled defending my son. Berstein never went to the jail to find out the details of the case from my son. Berstein would not take my son's calls, Bernstein only came to court for 1 of 5 court appearances causing forced time waivers. Bernstein breached his duty to competently defend my son and I terminated his services in May of 2007. Bernstein was profoundly irresponsible when it came to my son's case and his gross negligence almost guaranteed that my son was convicted when Bernstein tried to make my son make these outrageous admissions that weren't even true, we were fearful that Bernstein's obvious dis-interest in preparing for trial in my son's case would likely cause my son to be convicted based on ineffective assistance of counsel. My son began to represent himself and in September of 2008 trial began and on December 11, 2008 my son was found not guilty. After thirty months of being locked up in the Riverside County Jail, my son was released from custody... Have you been the victim of Bernstein? If so, please reply! Glory b 2 god San Diego, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Burbank, California
15, Report #594302
Apr 18 2010
06:51 AM
Barry Kane buyer's beware Pasadena, Maryland
This is a wolf in sheep's clothing  do not purchase anything from this person!! He has been selling Kayak swimming pools sometimes new ones sometimes used ones!!He says he represents a company but  in fact never turns in the contract to the office gives the customer a better deal if they pay CASH    the pool goes in but the company never finds out about it. The used pools have NO warranty the warranty's are NOT transferable!!! We are investigating some customer claims and are reporting these actions to the Maryland Home Improvement Commission  He has a history of similar practices see complaints for Kayak Southeast!! He left there and it was later found out the same scenario but with new pools and the owner was out the $$$BUYER BEWARE
Entity: Pasadena, Maryland
16, Report #713883
Apr 04 2011
10:25 PM
Barry Robinson Liar, Cheat Palm Springs, California
Barry tried to change his price, even after giving it to me in writing.  After I demand the original price, he tried to slam the phone down on me, but screwed it up and ended up calling me a b**ch while i could hear it.  He refused to give me back to tax docs until I paid him, then when he finally agreed to give me a partial refund, but he never sent it. He also tried to stall sending me my tax returns, I believe he was purposely trying to make me late.  He lies, insults you (never apologizing) and is very unethical.
Entity: Palm Springs, California
17, Report #887529
May 24 2012
10:26 AM
Calvin Barry unprofessional, threatening, bad service Toronto, Ontario
Our family contacted Mr. Barry's firm when my husband was charged with a serious driving offense. This is listed as a specialty on their web-site.  They immediately wanted to send someone to our house to fill out paperwork and give them a cheque for $3,000.00.  This was to cover costs we were told, but that the max it could go was $7500 if the case went to trial.  We were told this was very rare and that we had a very good case to settle with the Crown.  Once we paid we never heard anything from anyone from the firm for months, and then a very rude and abrupt individual called and asked for the balance of the money to the maximum $7500.00.   We called the firm to say that we had had absolutely no communication on our file and would not be paying any balance until we had information about the case and what had been done.  We were then called to come into the office, which in itself was strange, and in a secure  space that is unmarked except by an intercom button.  You have to wonder who they need to protect themselves from? We were told that our case was being negotiated and that they would follow up with us.  Again, we never heard anything until we got a phone call saying that my husband was to attend court the following day, and that once again we were to bring a cheque for the balance.  When we asked what happened over the past couple of months with negotiations with the Crown we were told they declined any and all offers.  We found this very hard to believe as their case seemed very weak from the get go. The individual who showed up to represent us was NOT prepared, and completely unprofessional.  While my husband was at court Calvin himself called and AGAIN asked for the balance.  When I told him he should know that he was in court that day he then called his cell phone demanding $$$. Just completely bizarre behaviour for someone who is supposed to be a professional, and head of a law firm. Needless to say my husband was charged with a lesser offence (not because of any help from Calvin Barry's team) and a hefty fine was imposed on top of the 3K we had already paid to the law firm.  Being that they refused to provide us with documentation we can't prove what was, and was NOT done, but we CAN say that the result was definitely not in any way what we expected after what we were told in our initial assessment by Calvin. I have never come across a more unprofessional law firm.  They were ill prepared, did not communicate with us AT ALL but wanted $$$$ at every turn.  Finally, their collection person called once AGAIN and THREATENED that if we didn't pay he was going to f**k up our credit.   What lawyer engages someone who speaks to clients in this manner???? I would not recommend this firm to anyone. It was a horrible experience They insinuate that the initial payment will cover all costs and then immediately start asking for the maximum with no records or documentation, communications, or updates.  These are all things that any professional firm would provide throughout the client relationship process.  Being threatened by a lowlife collections person was just the icing on the cake.  Stay clear of this firm. William Wallace Mississauga, ON
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
18, Report #892399
Jun 03 2012
10:06 AM
Mark Barry Attack Records Total ripoff Internet
Mark Barry, Ripped off a great band named Sanity and a great company American Empire Records of California.
Entity: , Internet
19, Report #844993
Feb 26 2012
04:14 PM
Barry Nussbaum Very Disappointed Toronto, Ontario Canada
I was very disappointed with Mr. Nussbaum's service. I am sorry but I just cannot recommend retaining him.
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
20, Report #302618
Jan 23 2008
10:33 AM counterfeit checks United Kindom internet
I applied on craigs list on this cashier job and got with this company and it sounded like a legitimate company, they sent me a counterfeit check to buy some software, and a printer, and a computer, for the company use so i would not have to tie up mine. I took to bank and the bank cashed this check, why i have no idea, cause i didnt have anything in bank, anyhow 2 days later it came back as a counterfeit check, so i was out 2300.00 now i am paying bank back instead, they also sent me so counterfeit post office moneyorders which the p.o. is checking on to.also checks from other companys which i called and they were counterfeit as well. Brian Warren, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
21, Report #973220
Nov 24 2012
04:07 PM
Barry This guy is a con artist, a thief! Internet
Be careful with this individual, he will talk to you into working for him, offer you money, but will take your money instead, people like him should be in jail! Never meet him in person, he is believed to be armed and dangerous!
Entity: Internet, Internet
22, Report #996469
Jan 14 2013
09:05 AM
Barry Perez Rolland Inappropriate seller Fresno, California
I have some problem with this guy when I purchase a phone with him I just purchase one unit only with them then they say that They ship to me by mistaken to 7 unit of the phone then tell me to pay for other 3 unit of the phone then the other is free for me and they also say that all the payment include fees but until then they told me that I have to pay this and that and until the end they say I have to pay for all the 7 unit phone. below are the few of the text by skype and yahoo message: [30/12/2012 02:45:04 AM] barry perez: cos now my boss called me that  the shipping company called them that they mistakely [30/12/2012 02:45:13 AM] barry perez: package 7 Units to your Address [30/12/2012 02:45:24 AM] barry perez: now [30/12/2012 02:45:25 AM] barry perez: 7 Units of phones is comming down to you [30/12/2012 02:45:35 AM] WY Chen: then how? [30/12/2012 02:46:15 AM] barry perez: they says is the staff management who made the mistake [30/12/2012 02:46:41 AM] WY Chen: so [30/12/2012 02:46:46 AM] barry perez: 3 Units Samsung Galaxy S3 64GB2 Units of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 64GB2 Units Apple iPhone 4s 64GB [30/12/2012 02:47:01 AM] barry perez: My Boss have called the shpping company to hold the phones [30/12/2012 02:47:06 AM] WY Chen: i see it at the description [30/12/2012 02:47:07 AM] barry perez: now till we solve the problem [30/12/2012 02:47:27 AM] barry perez: that is why he told me to give you the tracking so you confirm this your self [30/12/2012 02:47:41 AM] WY Chen: then [30/12/2012 02:47:48 AM] barry perez: and see that is truly that 7 Units is on road coming down to your door step [30/12/2012 02:48:10 AM] WY Chen: yes [30/12/2012 02:48:34 AM] barry perez: my Boss have called the shipping company to stop the phones now [30/12/2012 02:48:36 AM] WY Chen: the thing is now on the plane [30/12/2012 02:48:49 AM] barry perez: that they should hold the phones [30/12/2012 02:49:25 AM] WY Chen: i think they onlyt hold when arrived at here [30/12/2012 02:49:53 AM] barry perez: they ship throouth trane [30/12/2012 02:49:56 AM] barry perez: not plane [30/12/2012 02:50:04 AM] WY Chen: on 28 of dec already at the plane [30/12/2012 02:50:40 AM] WY Chen: u can see at the current status [30/12/2012 02:50:51 AM] barry perez: yes i see it [30/12/2012 02:51:18 AM] barry perez: But my boss says [30/12/2012 02:51:23 AM] barry perez: you should pay for 3 phones [30/12/2012 02:51:27 AM] barry perez: and the rest 4 phones [30/12/2012 02:51:32 AM] barry perez: we give you for free [30/12/2012 02:51:49 AM] barry perez: that is the solution now is today they will retuen the order we dont need your money again i will tell the shipping company to retun the phones or i will report them wychenllt: Hi conman if i give u the number do u 100%v sure that I can get the phone is ok but u are con man so i told you this is for sure that you wll surely get the phones wychenllt: when tommroew tommrow Moring wychenllt: what is the warranty??? wychenllt: <ding> wychenllt: <ding> <ding> wychenllt: <ding> give me the details wychenllt: wat detail mtcn wychenllt: how u can sure first man you will surely get your order wychenllt: this the last  that i can pay to u wychenllt: last time wychenllt: this is the number 5504959350 you giving wrong mtcn fuk you you giving wrong mtcn wychenllt: this is the mtcn wychenllt: if u didn't believe up to u if not for the stupid shipping company who cos all problem now they will see big problem if they dont retun the order wychenllt: because u are this kind of prosen so away say like that wychenllt: hi man i give u the number already then u say is wrong wychenllt: <ding> wychenllt: did u check it or not then how u can know it wrong asshole look it agai look it again and resend it to me wychenllt: the number is there only wat number do u want i mean the mtcn look it and send again may be there is an mistake wychenllt: 5504959350 wychenllt: 5504959350 wychenllt: 5504959350 wychenllt: 5504959350 wychenllt: if wrong just see the file I send it to u wychenllt: <ding> k wychenllt: so how wychenllt: it correct or not wait let me confirm from bank wychenllt: I not like u con man wychenllt: so wychenllt: <ding> wychenllt: <ding> wychenllt: woei wychenllt: woei wychenllt: woei wychenllt: receive the money and don't want to say anything already wychenllt: <ding> <ding> hey we are havig problem with the money man <ding> hello <ding> wychenllt: yes my bank they says match not found in my bank okay wychenllt: wat match what is the full sender first name and secound name tell me the full sender name and secound na,e name wychenllt: Chen Woei yeat wychenllt: this is the 4 time I send man we cant confirm the money go bank  to your bank wychenllt: as the same and colect the money back okay wychenllt: how to collect the bank already close wychenllt: wat is the problem they are saying the money is not there that you lier wychenllt: u can see at the file i send to u already WHY U SAY ME LIE CONMAN then why they say there is no money found why wychenllt: How do i know wychenllt: the bank already close wychenllt: I only can verify by tomorrow morning what can we do now ? call them cant you call them on phone ? tell me man wychenllt: I try before we go now and arest the shipping company with police wychenllt: i call them ? wychenllt: my bank then wychenllt: i give u the answer pls wait wychenllt: the bank keyin wrong will give the new number for u in 10 minutes okay wychenllt: 7408214681 wychenllt: <ding> wait wychenllt: first Name: Woei Yeat wychenllt: last name:Chen wychenllt: <ding> wychenllt: why u bleme them u also same wychenllt: <ding> wychenllt: <ding> wychenllt: <ding> wychenllt: <ding> wychenllt: woei wychenllt: <ding> wychenllt: <ding> wychenllt: woei wychenllt: already pick up and where r u now wychenllt: man wychenllt: <ding> wychenllt: I found out that u already pick up the money so now how wychenllt: <ding> wychenllt: ? wychenllt: <ding> wychenllt: <ding> wychenllt: <ding> wychenllt: <ding> wychenllt: <ding> wychenllt: <ding> wychenllt: <ding> wychenllt: <ding> wychenllt: <ding> wychenllt: <ding> wychenllt: wychenllt: \ wychenllt: wychenllt: wychenllt: <ding> wychenllt: watis the status <ding> wychenllt: <ding> wychenllt: woei wychenllt: woei wychenllt: where r u now wychenllt: woei wychenllt: woei wychenllt: <ding> wychenllt: <ding> wychenllt: <ding> wychenllt: <ding> wychenllt: <ding> wychenllt: <ding> wychenllt: <ding> wychenllt: <ding> wychenllt: hey man so what is the status still on hold wychenllt: u already pick up the money still what u all want we solveing some problem so wait okay wychenllt: whyat problem wychenllt: what wait wychenllt: I need to know because the good is my thing wait wychenllt: why have to wait wychenllt: so I have to wait until when?????? now the shipping company will face alot of problem okay i promise you that for this stupid and rubish thing you guys do wychenllt: They say just waiting for u only wychenllt: so wychenllt: now what is wrong again wychenllt: <ding> wychenllt: I also don't what u saying about????? wychenllt: hey wychenllt: <ding> wychenllt: ???? wychenllt: <ding> wychenllt: <ding> wychenllt: Your buddy has sent you a cool Wink, to get it click$V=2,S=316608337$%5c@TCEW wychenllt: why u report this to the govement?????? wychenllt: now how wychenllt: so whne can I get the phone wychenllt: when wychenllt: so u just playing around again wychenllt: so what u want again wychenllt: <ding> wychenllt: hey wychenllt: <ding> wychenllt: ???? wychenllt: <ding> wychenllt: woei wychenllt: <ding> wychenllt: hey wychenllt: hey wychenllt: hey wychenllt: hey wychenllt: hey wychenllt: hey wychenllt: \hey wychenllt: hey wychenllt: hey wychenllt: hey wychenllt: hjey wychenllt: so u want to delay my thing again wychenllt: this is what u want if u don't want to undo the thing u done wychenllt: hey wychenllt: hey wychenllt: where r u after the payment why do u do like this wychenllt: man wychenllt: why wychenllt: why wychenllt: why' wychenllt: <ding> wychenllt: <ding> wychenllt: <ding> let me know all money you send how much all money you send tell me wychenllt: 1990USD wychenllt: why u need to know okay wychenllt: then man wait wychenllt: why have to wait wychenllt: I already pay more then that include service charge how much all money how much all money ? wychenllt: about 2200usd okay wychenllt: then what wychenllt: okay okay???????? wychenllt: hey man pls give the answer wait wychenllt: why u want the shipping company to give back thr good wychenllt: hey wychenllt: <ding> wychenllt: hey' wychenllt: hey wychenllt: <ding> man you want to get 7 Brand new phones for just 2200usd ohh no no this cant happen okay wychenllt: bull shit all the money you send we only see 1,200 only wychenllt: this is no what u say before thw rest 1000 is for govemant so we can agree with you sorry they will retun the phones today bye wychenllt: u just a juck wychenllt: so u r playing man this matter you not play very big matter okay wychenllt: this is not my misstake you think is play man this is big matter okay wychenllt: u the one is playing with me which will lead to court wychenllt: I only order one wychenllt: then u send me 7 wychenllt: say I just payting for 3 unit then wychenllt: the other is free for me wychenllt: u asshole wychenllt: [30/12/2012 02:50:51 AM] barry perez: yes i see it [30/12/2012 02:51:18 AM] barry perez: But my boss says [30/12/2012 02:51:23 AM] barry perez: you should pay for 3 phones [30/12/2012 02:51:27 AM] barry perez: and the rest 4 phones [30/12/2012 02:51:32 AM] barry perez: we give you for free [30/12/2012 02:51:49 AM] barry perez: that is the solution now [30/12/2012 02:52:02 AM] WY Chen: i now don't have that much of cash [30/12/2012 02:52:55 AM] barry perez: how much can you avoid now? [30/12/2012 02:53:06 AM] barry perez: cos he says he want to pay some charges [30/12/2012 02:53:11 AM] barry perez: with the money [30/12/2012 02:53:25 AM] barry perez: that is why we are requesting from you lol you funny man wychenllt: this is what barry told me wychenllt: at the skype wychenllt: am I barry is mad we have sacked him we have sacked barry he ,ad to much mistake such thing happen yesterdat yesterday he made mistake for another buyer yesterday that is why we sacked him wychenllt: so I don't care anything I need my phone by tomorrow or I will take action about this wychenllt: this is u all mistake not my then why I have to pay this and that wychenllt: then u say is not support like this wychenllt: thne how wychenllt: if like that ok pay me back the money that I not support to pay for only the phone I wanted wychenllt: or not I will give this message to the shipping company to know that is all the thing already done and just u the one is playing around
Entity: Fresno, California
23, Report #1258000
Sep 29 2015
03:54 PM
Barry Stilz Kinkead & Stilz Waste of time, Racist Lexington Kentucky
I can remember some years ago contacting Barry Stilz concerning a legitimate case I had against a former employer. He suggested that I come to his office at a certain time with my documents and I did just that. Immediately upon entering his office, he noticed that I had 2-3 large binders with me (my documents to support my case). He appeared to be turned off by the fact that I had these binders.   Anyway, after explaining my issue, he shrugged it off with a smirk and suggested that I contact Shirley Allen Cunningham, a former lawyer who was disbarred by the state of Kentucky and is currently serving a prison sentence for stealing millions of dollars from a client in a settlement.   The really screwed up part about this was the fact that this scam artist lawyer that he suggested I contact didn't even handle labor/employment related cases at all (it wasn't his field). He saw a black woman in front of him and in his mind felt that it was only appropriate that I go cry to someone black. Instead of just saying Hey, I have no interest in looking into your case he tells me to call this other scam attorney, as if there were no other attorneys in the city who handled labor cases. It's funny that he chose one of a handful of BLACK attorneys in Lexington. He was a waste of my time and energy and I wouldn't suggest any person of color hire or seek his guidance for any employment related matters.
Entity: Lexington, Kentucky
24, Report #1419409
Dec 27 2017
09:10 AM
Barry Fenning kitchen repair North Brookfield Massachusetts
Had Barry come in to do kitchen update. He put in counter top, backsplash kitchen sink and all the plumbing.  When he finished he told me hes was a handy man and could put in a new door and window for me. so i gave him $800 and never heard back from him again. Took him to small claims court he has a judgement and a capias against him for $1850.00
Entity: North Brookfield, Massachusetts
25, Report #853768
Mar 14 2012
11:23 AM
Entity: LAS Vegas, Nevada

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