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26, Report #877939
May 03 2012
02:54 PM
Better Business Bureau Boise Representing themselves as Consumer Advocates Boise, Idaho
I ordered a part from D&J Small engines.  They said the part would be in at the end of the week.  This was for a lawnmower and it was spring, so time was of essence.  The part never came in.  When asked why and when they didn't know but when it came in they would call me.  I told them that I was going else where for the part.  This prompted a return phone call from D&J Small Engines saying it would be shipped a month after the ordered date.  I wanted my money back.  They wouldn't refund my money.  I had to overnight the part directly from Toro.  So, I paid twice plus shipping fee's.  All this time D&J claimed that Toro did not have the part and they were ordering directly from Toro. I found out later that it was not Toro they were ordering from but a distributor.  I reported this to the BBB, and they said that the Business did everything it could (a lie) to resolve the situation.  In other words, the business gets to keep it's A+ rating and I get nothing.  Watch 20/20 ABC scam alert on the BBB, and learned that the BBB is running a Protection Scam for Business and using extortion to extract money from honest businesses.  With the BBB protection, no wonder D&J Small Engines act the way they do.
Entity: Boise, Idaho
27, Report #885750
May 21 2012
11:21 AM
Better Business Bureau Proof that BBB is a protection/extortion scam, Internet
Check out D&J Small Engine Boise, Idaho and D&J Small Engines Fayetteville, TN.  Boise D&J is accredited with the BBB and has received 8 complaints, 4 of which have not been resolved in the last year.  Fayetteville D&J is not accredited with the BBB and has received one complaint that was not proven in the last year. D&J Small Engines Boise has an A+ rating by the BBB.  D&J Small Engines Fayetteville has a B- rating by the BBB.  My complements to D&J Small Engines Fayetteville for not paying the BBB extortion fee.  You must be a truly fine company to operate with target on your back.
Entity: , Internet
28, Report #315186
Mar 05 2008
11:28 PM
BBB Houston Texas location employees are rude, unknowledgeable, and there supervisors love to make a conversation one sided. For example Dina Turner likes to give her personal opinion on certain companys. Regardless if that certain company has no discrepancys or not. Wonder if thats in her job title. BBB lovesto put down companys that are not members. Perhaps if they lowered there costs for companys it wouldnt be a hardship. So if you are a business owner and someone lies about your company WATCH OUT BBB will see that your not a member and say what ever they want about your company. And if your a consumer and want to know about a company DONT rely on the BBB for the truth. As a owner of a large company , That I am, I wouldnt join BBB if it was free. And for some odd reason if you think i would sit here and waste my time writing this call Dina Turner and talk to her for two min. and see how uneducated she is or speak with Ms. Cooper. Now that lady is crazy. Direct line 713-341-6131 Just say No To BBB Tom p. HOUSTON, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: HOUSTON, Texas
29, Report #242827
Apr 07 2007
11:54 AM
Better Business Bureau Provided inaccurate information for contractor Ripoff Los Angeles California internet
Upon choosing a contractor for a complete remodel of my home, I used the resources of the Better Business Bureau to help me make a decision. The BBB had given this company a AAA rating. Having had experience with the BBB through another company, I believed this organization to be honest. Spending over $400,000 on this remodel, most of it had or still must be redone. I have already spent $110,000 redoing some of the work with an estimated $100,000-$150,000 to still be spent. I filed a complaint with the BBB because I believed they would want to know how one of their referrals had performed, and to also help with the communication between me and contractor. I heard nothing, no answer, not even an acknowledgment that I filed a complaint. Then I did a little more research and found that this particular contractor was a paid BBB member. Another company that I used successfully that wasn't a BBB member was given a rating of D-. My experience with the BBB is that they are a paid service and that quality and customer satisfaction has absolutely NOTHING to do with the ratings that are given. Whatever you do, learn from me. Don't use the BBB as a resource for rating information, it's all bogus. Tamara Brea, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
30, Report #291215
Dec 13 2007
08:15 AM
Better Business Bureau putting false reports in customer complaint data Longwood florida
I am trying to find a decent car to get back and forth to work so far in Volusia county alone I have ripped off twice by two dealerships and I contacted the BBB, I did not hear anything so I look those who stole from me and they say that the complaint was handled.? What I never heard back from anyone. I believe that if you as a company are willing to join the BBB you are hiding from all you bad deeds, It's a shame that the BBB lets people do this they were started to help consumers? I have not seen any of that. So don't bother looking a company up in the BBB because as long as they pay their $250.00 a year the BBB will protect them. Janet Deltona, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Longwood, Florida
31, Report #1248217
Aug 12 2015
09:56 PM
Better Business Bureau BBB REFUSAL TO ASSIST WITH COMPLAINTS. nationwide
I have contacted the BBB numerous times about issues that I am having with BOOST MOBILE, and U.S. BANK.  Despite the fact that they say they will investigate and assist, I have found them to do absolutely nothing.  They appear to try and hamper the investigations rather than assist with the investigation.  I sent the folloing to today 8/12/2015.  THE BBB stated on 8/11/2015 that the BBB Serving San Diego, Orange & Imperial Counties, 4747 Viewridge Ave. #200, San Diego, CA  92123, 858-496-2131 will be asssiting with the case. AUGUST 12, 2015BOOST MOBILE CONSTANT HARASSMENT AND DENIAL OF SERVICE: MESSAGE FROM BOOST MOBILE RECEIVED 8/12/2015 @ 11:29 AM.  “BST FreeMsg:   Your plan has expired for the month.  Your service is unavailable.  For more information, log in to My Account.”MESSAGE FROM BOOST MOBILE RECEIVED 8/11/2015 @ 2:44P.M. ” 9329 FROM BOOST MOBILE ‘BST FreeMsg:  You’ve added $50.00 to your account.  To check you balance, login in to My Account on your phone or online.’” NOTE:  I AM LEAVING TO GO OUT OF TOWN 8/13/2015, BECAUSE BOOST MOBILE CONTINUES TO BLOCK MY SERVICE, I WILL BE ON THE ROAD WITH NO CELLULAR SERVICE!!I filed a Complaint #57311681 on 8/10/2015, the second or third report against U.S. Bank, about harassment and refusal to return my Social Security check in 7/2015 and 8/2015 and nothing has been done about it.THE Better Business Bureau is not addressing any of my issues.
32, Report #455988
May 27 2009
09:11 PM
Connecticut BBB, Connecticut Better Business Bureau, Wallingford Better Business Bureau, Wallingford BBB BBB Is Unethical Wallingford Connecticut
I am going to give you a little background about our experience with the BBB. We have been in business for well over 50 years. At one point, we were an A+ rated accredited business with the BBB. Recently the BBB changed our rating to an F and revoked our membership (they probably did not get our check). Well the reason they claim our accreditation was pulled is because we did not respond to consumer complaints in a timely manner or at all Frankly, this is not correct. The truth is we take all customer complaints seriously and make every effort to resolve any issues that our clients have promptly. We have not received any notices from the BBB about these complaints that they claim were sent to us. So we did what any ethical business would do. We contacted the BBB and asked them to resend these complaints and re-open the file so that we can respond accordingly. They re-opened the cases and our company responded to all of them promptly. The BBB closed all of the re-opened files and marked them as resolved but not within BBB's time frame. The BBB's time frame is 15 days from the date the complaint is made. Well, It is impossible to respond to a 15 day time frame when we never got the initial notice. Nevertheless, I have been working tirelessly to attempt regain our rating. The BBB moved our rating from an F to B- because we responded to all of the complaints. Great we were happy and said it was better than being listed as an F. Two days later our rating went to a C+. I was not happy, but I did not make a big deal out of it. I figured it will get better as we rebuild our relationship with them. The next day our rating dropped again to a C-. Now I was getting concerned. I have been checking our rating everyday at this point. As of Yesterday it was still a C-. Today I was talking to one of our attorney's about our rating and to see if we could improve it. So our attorney decided that she would pull our rating up to she if she can figure out what was going on. My jaw almost hit the ground it was a F. In one day our rating went from a C- to an F for no reason. II just don't understand how they can be allowed to do this. Just incase you were wondering this is all in a period of 2 weeks with no additional complaints from the time we were a B-. I know that the BBB is currently being investigated by the Connecticut Attorney Generals office. I truly hope they make them correct all of the problems they have caused for all of the innocent Connecticut business' that they have harmed. The lesson in this long complaintis simple, do not trust the BBB. Jay Greenwich, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Wallingford, Connecticut
33, Report #10319
Apr 03 2002
12:00 AM
DON'T RELY ON THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU: BBB exists solely to feed itself off the member dues it extracts from businesses
DON'T RELY ON THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU Like most people, we thought that the Better Business Bureau was the first place we should check when researching for company reliability. We found out the hard way that the BBB does not necessarily tell researching consumers about complaints they have on file. We were house shopping in 2000. We'd owned two new homes in the past and wanted to buy a home again. I was just starting to use the internet and did some research on the builders in the area we were moving to. I also called the Better Business Bureau. The BBB told me that they had no complaints on the builder we were considering. They did not say anything about a rating system or a pattern of misbehavior, or how many constitutes a patternthey said they had NO COMPLAINTS. Not having found anything else to suggest this builder was bad, we went ahead and purchased from the builder. From all appearances, the home looked just fine. But soon, we noticed signs of serious problems. The reports of several engineers and other experts soon confirmed what we suspected, that the home had major problems as a result of builder errors. Some of the critical materials in our roof and foundation had been outright omitted. Our home may not even be salvageable. One of the places we filed a complaint when the builder and warranty company refused to honor their contractual obligations was the BBB. For weeks afterwards, I called the BBB's automated system to see if our complaint was on it yet. Nothing. When I asked a live person on the phone at the BBB why this was so, she became very nervous and said someone would call me back. No one ever did. Finally, I wrote to the BBB and asked why our complaint wasn't there. I also wrote to the CBBB. The response I got, (image attached), stated in writing why you should never rely on the BBB. They do not make complaints publicly available! If the BBB had made complaints available, as the most of the general public still believes they do, we might've averted a new home nightmare. I find it very hard to believe that not one of those other complaints wasn't already on file when we'd been researching just a few short months before. I have talked with customers of this builder, who say they filed their complaint before we bought. In our case, the BBB also falsely claimed that we had gone to arbitration with our builder or warranty company and closed our file. We have NEVER gone to arbitration, and never will; the terms of our loan do not allow it to be forced upon us. The BBB simply could not wait to close our file, even if the criteria they used to close it was fabricated by their own organization. Some BBB's claim to run a ratings system where an undetermined number of complaints will change a company's rating from good to bad. But what is that number? How many people have to get burnt by the BBB cooperating with bad businesses? The BBB protects its dues paying members, and the public continues to think the BBB is a consumer organization with which they can research company reliability or even get some kind of dispute resolution. In our battle to get our defective new home repaired or replaced, I've done quite a bit of research and contacted others with bad builder/illusory warranty issues. I've become a representative for Homeowners Against Deficient Dwellings, ( ), which is a non profit homeowners advocacy organization. Over and over, the others in this situation tell me that they were deceived by the BBB. And over and over, I see people who don't yet know better, tell them to contact the BBB. I have repeatedly had consumer websites that say check with the BBB/complain to the BBB publicly, then tell me PRIVATELY that no one should rely on the BBB. Filing with the BBB has become a useless formality, another obstacle, for consumers. The BBB exists solely to feed itself on the member dues it extracts from businesses. It appears the BBB has no intention of helping consumers in any way. Cindy S. representative for Homeowners Against Deficient Dwellings STOP! ..before you think about using the Better Business Bureau (BBB)... click here to see how other consumers were victimized by the BBB's false or misleading information. Don't be fooled! It has been reported, when there are thousands of complaints and other investigations underway by authorities, the BBB has no choice but to finally give an UNsatisfactory rating to a BBB member business that is paying the BBB big membership fees every year. When a business is reported that is NOT a BBB member, BBB files WILL more likely show an UNsatisfactory rating, then reportedly shake down that company to become a member of the BBB. One positive thing about the BBB is, either way, if a business has an unsatisfactory rating with the BBB, you can be sure, the business is bad. But what about all those BBB member businesses that had complaints filed against them? Consumers never get to hear about them. What about the BBB advertising to the public? Is this a false and misleading perception they are giving about consumer confidence when dealing with a business? Click here to understand more of what consumers and business alike are saying about the BBB. You decide. ..Remember. The BBB membership is not earned, it's paid for!
Entity: OK, NM, TX
34, Report #7680
Nov 11 2001
12:00 AM
Better Business Bureau - Possible answer to why BBB does not give FULL Report. Consumer BEWARE! Rip-off
I can possibly answer why some BBB's do not respond with negative answers to customers reuests for information/complaints on specific companies. I recently had this experience with the Houston BBB:It's a long story, but bear with me! I called the BBB to find out how to file a complaint against a particular company. It did not involve any $, but only a moral issue. I was told at that time that the BBB did not accept any complaints that did not involve $. I wrote to the Director of the BBB in Houston, and expressed my disappointment that the BBB did not accept complaints against a company for just being unproffessional/inappropriate. I received an immediate reply from the Director of Houston BBB, that in fact, the Houston BBB does accept complaints of this type, and that I was given the WRONG information. I then wrote a letter of complaint about this company to the BBB.This occured in April, 2001. By July 2001, as I still hadn't heard anything, I contacted their service representative who said the BBB had never gotten my complaint!!! (Altho. I never received the letter back from the post-office as I always do when it can not be delivered) The BBB service representative said to re-send the letter of complaint. I did so. About a month after that, I received a post-card from the BBB, saying my c/o had been sent to the company and they would let me know as to their response. About 2 months after not hearing anything, I again contacted the BBB (after calling their Information line which stated that they had no information on this company) The service representative said they didn't have an address for the company (altho. that is part of the info. you send when making a c/o.) and that I should submit ANOTHER letter of c/o. At is point I GAVE UP!!! Perhaps if the BBB mislayes your letter of c/o, and it never gets into the system, they cannot tell you about c/o! BEWARE OF WHAT THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU TELLS YOU ABOUT A COMPANY!!!
Entity: Houston, Texas
35, Report #585164
Mar 24 2010
05:39 PM
BBB - Better Business Bureau aggressive marketing, harrassment, extortion Albuquerque, New Mexico
The New Mexico Better Business Bureau has been harrassing me relentlessly to join.  While I have declined each time, they refuse to stop calling me. When I did a web search to find out how to stop harrassing telemarketers, most of the results said to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau!  What a joke!  After three phone calls TODAY, I finally filed a report with the FTC (below).  Let's see if they are in bed with the BBB. The New Mexico Better Business Bureau has been calling me and harassing me to join for two weeks now.  The first call was answered by my husband.  He directed the representative to me as I am the office manage and make spending decisions for our company.  I politely told the caller that we were not interested in joining the Better Business Bureau at this time.  I explained that we were opening a new business and that we were only spending on necessary items.  He proceeded to tell me that my husband told him that we were to join the BBB and that I was to give him my credit card number.  Having been in the same room with my husband when he received the call, I knew for a fact that this was untrue.  I politely declined and said that I would call him if we were to change our minds but did not want him to call me back.  This gentleman has called me 5 times since I asked him not to call anymore.  His attitude has become increasingly aggressive and hostile.  He has made thinly veiled threats about negative ratings that we would see if we did not join and has made very disparaging remarks about women business owners.  I have asked him each occasion to stop calling.  While I want the calls to cease, I worry that he may harm my business by slandering our company name because I refused to pay flat out extortion.  Ironically, you cannot report the BBB to the BBB as the Better Business Bureau is not a member of its own organization
Entity: Albuquerque, New Mexico
36, Report #698472
Feb 22 2011
10:56 AM
Better Business Bureau BBB I feel I am being extorted by the BBB. Either pay money or you cant use the BBB. Dayton, Ohio
The BBB wants you to pay to say you have a rating with the BBB. If you post on your companys website saying you have a good rating on the BBB. Then they will contact you and say payup for a membership or else we will say its copyright infringement. Thats extortion. I understand they want to make money. But that is extortion. There is no way around that word. Needless to say I have removed their information from my site. I asked them to remove my info from their website. We will see how respectful they are with that. And I will file a different report on that issue if needed. They want over $300 just to say that you are accredited.
Entity: Dayton, Ohio
37, Report #174444
Feb 02 2006
06:15 PM
Better Business Bureau BBB, they are full of it! Buffalo New York
I am a manager for a consulting company and am having issues with the better business bureau. We have never had a complaint sent directly to us either by mail, fax, or by e-mail yet they say we haven't ever responded to their inquiries. They don't even know the type of business we are in and they do not ever call us back. I urge everyone not to take those lyers seriously. They are full of it. Maybe if we paid their dues they would be more responsible for what they write, but come, they don't even call us back. Bunch of losers if you ask me!!!! Ryan Champlain, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Buffalo, New York
38, Report #282005
Oct 30 2007
11:55 PM
BBB Better Business Bureau The Fox watching the Hen House! The BBB is NOT a government agancy as most people think. Arlington Virginia
The BBB is not a governemnt agency as most poeple think, but a private for profit company. The BBB is not there to protect the public as most people think. The BBB tries NOT to handle and even intentionally deflects complaints against their paying member businesses. That sounds like extortion protection money to the businesses and those who pay get protected. I tried filing a valid seroius legit complaint againist a paid long time BBB memeber in currect memeber status. I was deflected and refused being able to file a complaint. The BBB in my opinion is a scam, on businesses and the public. And to think I was once a paying busniess memeber. Never had a complaint becasue I never had problems with my customers. And to think I always thought it was a governement agancy when I was a member before I retired. The BBB should be called the Bad Buusniess Bureau. Can you trust anyone? Pasadena, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Arlington, Virginia
39, Report #166118
Nov 28 2005
09:31 PM
Better Business Bureau - BBB ripoff ex-employee knows the real deal All Cities all states
Now as a former employee of the bbb, I can assure that nearly all of the posts to this thread about the BBB are accurate. The bbb has one goal in mind... revenue. If you don't pay, don't expect any kind of satisfactory rating. I can show you hundreds of reports where there is ZERO complaints on a company and yet we were to give the company an F rating or unsatisfactory rating. I quit them last week when they refused to give my uncles auto repair shop a fair grade when we has had no complaints in seven years of doing business. They're assholes. James St. Charles, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
40, Report #238152
Mar 05 2007
06:45 AM
Better Business Bureau BBB Ordered us to do free work not listed in the contract. ripoff San Diego California
The BBB solicits us for annual membership for approx. $79 (back then). One day a customer called them complaining because we wouldn't do additional work that was not included in the contract. Needless to say in the construction field it is hardly a little thing, or expense to add additional work for free. The BBB called us and, adviced us to take care of the customer or we would be black listed. We decided to cancel our membership with them as a Better Business Listing at that time. David San Diego, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: San Diego, California
41, Report #295348
Dec 28 2007
08:51 PM
Better Business Bureau BBB & CBBB Satisfactory resolution is anything but Nationwide
It has been awhile since I attempted to file anything with the BBB, but one of the most striking things was that a satisfactory resolution would be if the company refunded all money paid. On the surface, that might sound satisfactory, but what if they did damage? Does refunding for an oil change cover the cost of replacing an engine if they put antifreeze in the engine? Does refunding the cost of installing a light fixture cover the cost of repairing roofing, drywall and carpet because they damaged shingles? Does refunding the charge for shipping make up for the failure to deliver your wedding dress? Refunding money might be only the first step in resolving a complaint. But according to the BBB, it is the only step. A consumer Chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
42, Report #1298287
Apr 06 2016
07:49 PM
Better business bureau aka bbb BBB Fake, paid off, paid to take reviews down, corrupt Nationwide
 Bbb deletes reviews and truth as long as businesses like fite ready in scottsdale, az pay them to. Theyare as corrupt and cursed as may the bbb rot in curses until death.
Entity: Nationwide
43, Report #1345779
Dec 26 2016
06:00 PM
Entity: Internet
44, Report #717031
Apr 13 2011
07:10 AM
Better Business Bureau BBB BBB won't take my complaint seriously agains Kitchenaid Grand Rapids, Michigan
Purchased a range from Sears 4 years ago, it is a Kitchenaid gas range with self cleaning oven. We have had to have it repaired 4 times now, everytime you use the self-cleaning it fries out the circuit board and the thermostat.  I researched it online and found well over 50 people with the same model and they all have the same problem, and when you contact Kitchenaid they won't do anything about it and say it is not their problem. I contacted the BBB and they refuse to do anything about it, They need to be shut down, or there needs to be a government agency build to knock these companies down.
Entity: Grand Rapids, Michigan
45, Report #718546
Apr 16 2011
08:07 PM
Better Business Bureau BBB BBB Farce Trenton, New Jersey
The Better Business Bureau FarceThe BBB is slowly starting to be known for their shake down tactics.  What a shame that they themselves can no longer be trusted.  Their ratings are a farce.  IF you pay them you get a good rating.  If you don't, and you don't answer their inquires for all kinds of personal info, you get and F.  Good people, with good companies get an F simply for not responding to the BBB.  It is a joke, and now widely becoming known.  If you are a member, you get preferential treatment.  They toutall kinds of fairness and neutrality, but its all a bunch of BS.Anyone believing anything they read on their site can be easily misled in a few ways.BBB is worthless garbage and under investigation by several state attorney generals.What a joke.
Entity: Trenton, New Jersey
46, Report #347156
Jul 03 2008
10:18 AM
BBB ALSO SCAMMED BY THE BBB Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
I, too have been scammed by the company that is SUPPOSED to protect us. I took a crooked contractor to them and they catered to his needs and wishes throughout. They cancelled the first hearing, forcing me to take a day off work. The judge was late and allowed the contractor to rule the proceeding. I was asking for $3000 in damages, I got $200. They were allowed to state that I was trying to get something for nothing although the contractor CLEARLY participated in false adverstising and I showed that. NEVER expect the BBB to protect your rights. FRED Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
47, Report #6324
Aug 24 2001
12:00 AM
Better Business Bureau BBB rip-off fraud ..income from member businesses ..satisfactory rating of a MEMBER business meaningless
I'm retired from a business I ran for 20 years. The points made in the Rip-off Report (Better Business Bureau or Buyer Better Beware? BBB .Nationwide Alert!.. THE FOX GUARDING THE HEN HOUSE Rip-off Report(#1343) about BBB are certainly valid. The BBB gives 'member businesses' a great deal of latitude in response to consumer complaints against them. After all, their primary income is from these member businesses. The BBB will quickly give a non-member business an unfavorable rating on the basis of a one-sided customer complaint. I used to tell my customers to call the BBB. I was a non-member, and had a satisfactory rating. I always explained that a satisfactory rating of a non-member was, in fact, an indication of genuine proper performance; a satisfactory rating of a MEMBER business was meaningless. Ron Wilson 219-295-1528 Click here to see all the other Rip-off Reports on the BBB
Entity: Indiana
48, Report #57182
May 16 2003
09:18 AM
Better Business Bureau DISHONEST PRACTICE - represent companies not consumers, biggest ripoff to consumers and businesses Arlington Virginia
I took GM to Arbitration with the BBB. They failed to inform me of all the Texas Lemon law statues. I won my case because I proved I had a lemon, but I didn't win because of misrepresentation by the BBB and I am losing money on my car. Don't bother with the BBB, they are not unbiased or fair. They protect the companies. Just read all the Rip-off Reports on them! Dina Arlington, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Arlington, Virginia
49, Report #6335
Aug 24 2001
12:00 AM
Better Business Bureau of Metropolitan Atlanta. BBB consumer fraud of the century, useless organization and individuals!!
Like so many others here in Atlanta, I find the BBB to be a total waste of time and energy. I belong to a local community group here in the Atlanta area. One of the things we work together on is helping one another. Not one of us (about 32) who complained to the BBB over the last 3 years has ever received any satisfaction what so ever. Complaints were made against airlines, auto dealers, contractors, builders, TV repair, overcharges for memberships, shipping company, you name it, no help from the BBB what so ever! Just like I read here on your Rip-off Report about the Fox Guarding the Hen House, BBB consumer Fraud'' that article is absolutely true. This is all false, the BBB logo in business advertisements, member paying businesses and display those window and door decals, the wooden plaques on their walls that show they are a member are all a false sense of security and means absolutely nothing. The business that belong to the BBB misrepresent overall that they are recommended by the BBB and the average consumer has no idea these BBB members pay to belong to the BBB ! In one Rip-off Report on the BBB it said the BBB was committing fraud. Most likely it will take an awful lot to stop this consumer fraud. Probably one of the biggest consumer frauds this century. After all, the BBB is an institution. I looked on your web site and saw nothing from consumers that say they were helped by the BBB. They never do anything aggressive against a business. And those who are members are assured that they will not get an unsatisfactory rating. HERE IS THE BBB BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU LIST YOU GET OF THINGS THEY DO NOT DO! This is from the Atlanta BBB. The Better Business Bureau is a private not-for-profit corporation supported by private business to conserve public confidence in honest business. The BBB is not affiliated with or supported by any governmental body or agency that handles legal matters or gives legal advice. The Better Business Cannot: A) Give legal advice or service, handle the enforcement of civil contracts or handle matters where you have engaged an attorney;handle any matters that has already or will go to court or has had previous judicial determination. We Cannot handle any matter already presented to a law enforcement agency or other consumer protection agencies such as: B)Handle complaints involving damages,request compensation of any kind, or make collections attempts such as one company owing another for services rendered. C)Request apologies/reprimand companies. D)Handle matters where the service has not been paid for. E)Attempt to break or assist in voiding contracts. F)Return deposits on merchandise, apartments etc., when the consumer changes there mind. The only time that refunds must be made by the firm is when your credit is turned down or they cannot provide the service. G)Handle complaints that have already been resolved by the service being provided or refund etc. H)Handle complaints where payment where check has been stopped. I)Handle complaints on rudeness/attitude of an employee or owner of a firm , These complaints must be addressed by the company itself. J)Pass judgments on prices. Firms have the right to charge whatever they wish for the services or product that they provide. K)Handle complaints involving used merchandise, cars ,etc. Used merchandise is sold on an AS IS basis. If there is a warranty and it does not cover the problem then they are under no obligation to assist you. L)Handle complaints where the warranty has already expired, unless the problem was promptly reported and was not corrected during the warranty period. M)Handle complaints on unsatisfactory repair, when the consumer has taken the item to another service company for repair. N)Handle complaints involving oral promises or oral price quotes. Consumers should get verbal price quotes in writing. O)Handle complaints involving refunds or exchange of merchandise.Each firms make there own policy and cannot be made to change them. P) Discrimination of any kind. This is a legal matter and would need legal assistance ______________ What the hell is it they do then? If anyone can figure out what just what the heck it is the BBB does besides misrepresent consumers and takeing money from businesses, please let the people at the Rip-off Report know. Please! I want to personally thank your organization for what you do at the Rip-off for your support. Sincerely, Don Adams Jr. Atlanta GA Click here to read all the other Rip-off Reports regarding the BBB
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
50, Report #2104
Apr 19 2000
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Better Business Bureau BBB on Long Island No help just giving us BS about Bell Atlantic rip-off
I contacted the BBB on Long Island (New York) about unsubstantial charges and insufficient refunds from phone bills with Bell Atlantic. They forwarded the complaint to the BBB in White Plains (Westchester County, NY), stating that Bell Atlantic was their responsibility, since the Bell Atlantic headquarters were located in Westchester (that is only partially true). 6 weeks later I received a letter asking for photocopies of my phone bill, the cancelled check front and back, and detailed information of the case, which was already supplied to the Long Island BBB. I sent all the required info to Westchester. A month later -- I had not heard from the BBB -- I sent another letter to the BBB on Long Island, which was forwarded to Westchester. Westchester then called stating that since they were not in possession of the requested information I had failed to supply them with, they would not be able to process the complaint unless I would comply with their request. At this point I faxed the phone bill, cancelled check, and detailed information (which they did not have or could not find either) to Westchester. I called and got confirmation that they were in possession of all the necessary info. 5 weeks later I got a note from the BBB in New York City. The case was forwarded to them. They required from me: a photocopy of the phone bill, cancelled check front and back, and detailed information of the complaint. As of now (15 months later) the complaint was never answered or resolved! Bell Atlantic got away with theft with the help of the BBB. I guess the fee they pay them to jerk around their clients pays off at the end, since they literally bought themselves a license to steal by being a member of the BBB. It's a disgrace that an organization pretending to be there for the consumer is actually as corrupt if not corrupter than the crooked companies they represent! The minimum that should be done is to make the public aware that the consumer has no recourse at all when a giant corporation wants to steal from them. They have the financial means to protect themselves with make-believe justice, and don't be fooled the BBB is nothing but an insult to consumers. Using tactics like the NYPD: murder an innocent, unarmed citizen, make up a story and broadcast it heavily through the media by demonizing and blaming the victim, then blame the press for broadcasting it, and finally jerk the victim's family around. The press should have the guts to report on this instead of showing politician congratulate themselves for doing such a great job on convicting and prosecuting jaywalkers. e-3-31-00
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