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1, Report #1382397
Jun 30 2017
04:18 PM
Beaute Wrinkle Cream Beaute Wrinkle Reducer Fraud Alert North Las Vegas Nevada
I received an email from advertising wrinkle cream trials.  I signed up for a free trial of Beaute Wrinkle Cream which required paying $4.95 for the postage only.  When I received my credit card statement, there was a charge for $99.95 from this company.  I called them on June 26th and was told that it was a subscription for monthly auto shipmens.  There was nothing inside the box indicating that this was an auto shipment program.  I was told that I didn't call within 14 days so they charged me for the product.  It was a free sample not a regular size product.  They offered to sell me the next shipment at $59.95.  I told them that I didn't think the cream was worth that much and really disliked the eye cream.  They said that they didn't give refunds. I threatened to contact the Better Business Bureau and they said they would cancel the subscription but wouldn't guarantte a refund.  This is a total ripoff!  
Entity: North Las Vegas, Nevada
2, Report #1401573
Sep 21 2017
02:35 PM
Beaute WrinkleReducer and Beaute Cream ripped me off Las Vegas Nationwide
Purchased product on Aug 21, 2017. Didn't like product and spoke with Edna to cancel my order on Aug. 30. Edna said to continue using the product for another 14 days and if I still was not satisfied to call back and my free trial and I would not have to mail back the remaining product. I called on Sep. 14 and spoke with Carlos. I said I was not satisfied nor could I afford these products only to have Carlos offer them at half the price. I repeated that I did not have the money to apy for these products, even at half the price. Carlos then cancelled my subscription. That same day I received a Cancellation Notification stating that This email is to inform you that your subscription status has been updated and ANY ONGOING or all future charges have been cancelled as per my request. I was looking at my online checking account on Sep. 21 and to my surprise Beaute debited my account on Sep. 19. I immediately called customer service and spoke with Nicolas only to have him say he could not help me. I asked to speak with a supervisor only to be told that there was not a supervisor on the premise. At this point Nicolas said he could not help me and hung up the phone. I called back and spoke with Manny only to have been disconnected. 
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #1384049
Jul 08 2017
05:52 PM
Beaute Wrinkle Cream Total RipOff Avoid at All Costs Internet
The advertisement says that you will get a sample for the low introductory price of 5.95, and then you can cancel in two weeks if not completely satisfied. I canceled one day late and found that my debit card was charged 99.95. I called to get a refund, but was refused. Since I canceled, I kept waiting for the merchandise that I was charged 99.95 for. When I called customer service, I was told that the little jar and small tube that I received as my introductory offer was what I got for the 99.95. This is a complete ripoff. Do NOT purchase from this company. You will get no help and it is completely an online scam. Be careful what you purchase online.
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1393143
Aug 16 2017
10:27 AM
Beaute Wrinkle Cream deceitful and misleading advertisement North Las Vegas NV
I ordered the ageless skin care for $3.95 and cream for $4.95 to cover the trial shipping. I have sensitive skin so an inexpensive trial product seemed like a good opportunity to see if a producted worked before purchasing a larger portion. Sadly, they made my skin break out and I discontinued the use of the product. To my dismay, my card was also charged 2 weeks later for $99.95 and $89.95 for products I never received. When I called the toll free number I was told they could refund me 20%, then after I continued to complain I never ordered any more products and received no products, they said 50% could be refunded, I said I wanted it to be completely credited on my credit card and they finially said they would refund 100%. Watch for an email to confirm.  I waited 2 weeks and called again, I was told yes it was noted that I was to be credited and he would submitt an escalated request again, watch for cofirmation in an email 24 to 48 hours. Waited 3 days, called again, he submitted another escalated request and checked to see if they had a correct email address. Waited 10 days. This time the woman said she saw the escalated requests, but they don't make the decisions, it goes to corporate and I need to wait to hear from them. She said they don't have a refund policy. I have had my credit card changed so they can not continue to charge me, but my $8.90 trial offer turned into $189.90 
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1382843
Jul 03 2017
10:16 AM
Beaute Wrinkle Creme Anti aging Wrinkle Cream internet scam Internet
I clicked on an add for wrinkle cream that looked like it might work. Free trial size just pay $2.95 shipping. I saw no fine print indicating that I was signing up for anything else. When i finished it brought up another window asking me to order another product called anti-aging cream for $5.95. I clicked the X to delete the add and instead it automatically added it to my order, and immediatly finalized it. Two weeks later I had $89.95 and $99.95 deducted from my account. I have called them repeatedly at 844-823-5863 and after several calls they started telling me they would return my money but nothing yet. They are nothing but scams artists stealing money.
Entity: Internet
6, Report #1409994
Nov 02 2017
08:36 AM
Beaute Wrinkle Reducer Beaute wrinkle cream DO NOT BUY! THIS IS A RIP OFF Oct 2017 Nationwide
Beaute wrinkle cream DO NOT BUY! THIS IS A RIP OFF Oct 2017 Beaute Beaute wrinkle reducer and wrinkle cream Scammed by a free trial, thought I was paying $3.95 for shipping, then they debited my card for $99.95 for the cream & $99.95 for the .05 oz tube of wrinkle reducer. Las Vegas Nevada, I called Paypal and they gave me my money back ONLY TO GIVE IT BACK TO this scam company. Yep took my money back and gave it to this SCAM COMPANY...Now I can't get a hold of them to return the product, now they will not give m my money back.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
7, Report #1401135
Sep 19 2017
04:05 PM
Beaute wrinkle cream Free trial sample for wrinkle cream after i took a survey from walgreens Las vegas Nevada
 I took a survey from a walgreens site sent to me. It said FREE EYE CREAM and wrinkle cream. I called to to make sure they weren't going to charge me. Well, the guy named mark refused to cancel it, told me it would cost 60.00 to cancel and he would not stop trying to sell me more. Its a total scam. I had to report it to my bank and cancel my debit card. This guy refused to cancel it. It was a nightmare for me. The bank refunded me the shipping costs because they investigated it in 4 minutes and said its a scam.
Entity: Las vages , Nevada
8, Report #1388605
Jul 27 2017
02:22 PM
Beaute wrinkle cream and Beaute wrinkle reducer billing through Glamshop NY. 844-498-1595 and Visage Skin Care NY. 844-488-8869 respectively On line fraudulent offer and money scam. Las Vegas , Nevada
 I recently ordered some beauty products on line. The advertising had an article and photo of Joanna, star of HGTV,s Fixer Upper and her new skin care products preceding the ad, which led me to believe this was her products. The ad had a number of testimonials and a free trial offer for shipping charge only of $8.90. There was no time limit or commitment of future orders required that I could see on this ad. I charged it on a credit card. When I received the credit card statement there were additional charges from this company for a total of $189.90. I called the three different numbers I could find on the products and demanded they give me a credit for this amount, that I never order it, never received any product, and never authorized this to be charged to my account. After arguing with three different phone agents they finally said they would credit my account for 50%, closed the account, have a good day, and hung up. I was scammed for $94.95 if they give me the credit. I found your web site and saw there were other similar complaint stories people had already registered about this same company and product.j
Entity: Las Vegas , , Nevada
9, Report #1386607
Jul 19 2017
08:34 AM
BEAUTE WRINKLE REDUCER Beaute Wrinkle Cream PHONY A** COMPANY North Las Vegas Nevada
Mrs.Jackson, Atlanta This company Beaute Wrinkle Reducer is a RIPOFF. I went online and purchase the trial size product for $3.95 only. And the only thing you pay is the $3.95 for shipping and handle only. The product is very small but what they don't tell you is that after 10 to 14 days you will be charge $99.95 if you don't call the within 5 days. Like everyone else I was RIPOFF by them, no where in the ad it tells you to call them and cancel your order. I was contact very early in the morning from my Fraud Prevention company bank, at 0830 on 07/19/2017.I see they take your money very early in the morning. My bank told me to call them and try to get the 99.95 put back in my account. I call beaute wrinkle cream and talk to a Ggisela in support. She stated that they handle all the calls that comes into the support center and her supervisor was not available to talk to me. Ggisela also stated that they DO NOT give out REFUNDS under no circumstance. But Ggisela clearly stated that they do have a money back guarantee. IF YOU CALL BEFORE THE 14 DAYS IS UP. Clearly a RIPOFF. Please do not use this company under no circumstance..  
Entity: North Las Vegas, Nevada
10, Report #1387462
Jul 22 2017
07:09 PM
Beaute Wrinkle Reducer Beaute Wrinkle Cream Ordered FREE SAMPLE of Beaute Wrinkle Reducer and Beaute Wrinkle Cream for shipping cost only North Las Vegas Nevada
On June 23, 2017 I responded to an Internet ad for a Free Sample of Beaute Wrinkle Reducer and Beaute Cream for shipping costs only, which I paid. Received the two items in a small bubble mailer envelope - there was nothing else in the envelope - nothing to say these were samples or the full size items or that I had to call and cancel within 14 days or be charged for the full price of the two items.  I did not open either item as I was leaving on vacation.  When I returned my internet was down due to weather problems in AZ and I could not look up my credit card until July 19th.  I was alarmed to see that I had been charged $99.95 and $89.95 for items I did not feel I had ordered.  I called the company.  They were rude and said they do not send samples - which is what they advertised in ad on internet.  Since I did not know to cancel within 14 days, they said that gave them permission to debit my credit card and that there was nothing I could do to get my money back and they do not give refunds.  They did cancel any further shipments or charges, as if I will ever order from them again!  I would like to warn others of this company and their skepital business practices.
Entity: North Las Vegas, Nevada
11, Report #1371771
May 06 2017
08:49 PM
Beaute' Md Ravishing Radiant SkinRadiant RavishingBeaute' Wrinkle ReducerBeaute wrinkle cream Scam, steal money, trick us Internet
We received a free sample of a wrinkle cream. They said all we had to do was pay for shipping. A week later we started receiving $99 charge, $89 charge and more reoccurring payments without receiving any real products. When we called, they refused to give us a refund and have taken almost $200.
Entity: Internet
12, Report #1397876
Sep 04 2017
09:28 PM
Beaute Wrinkle Cream advertise free sample..charged $99.95 + CONTINUING CHARGES from NY then PA NV Internet
False advertising. Free trail means you're charged $99.95 from NY then next month $89.95 from PA another charge...can't stop it!  And this went product was touted through the TV show Shark Tank!  Shame on all involved.
Entity: Internet
13, Report #1392687
Aug 14 2017
01:21 PM
Beaute Wrinkle Cream Free sample turns into auto pay subscription Las vegas Nevada
 Signed up for free sample of beauty cream only; was automatically charged for new shipment of cream ($99.95)plus eye cream which I had refused in the free sample offer ($89.95). Do not sign up for the free sample! This is a scam.
Entity: Las vegas, Nevada
14, Report #1382051
Jun 29 2017
10:13 AM
Beaute wrinkle reducer aka Fluor cream Beauty wrinkle reducer is a total scam North Las Vegas Nevada
 I ordered Beauty wrinkle reducer cream as a trial and only had to pay the shipping. The company then charged me 99.95 for 8.5 full ounce supposin free trial. I have called the company and they're saying I did not read the fine print which I didn't see and are refusing to refund my money. I have called my bank and filed a dispute as well as cancelled my credit card and ordered a new one totally new numbers.
Entity: Nationwide
15, Report #1400134
Sep 14 2017
04:56 PM
Beaute wrinkle cream DO NOT BUY! THIS IS A RIP OFF Sep 10 2017 08:53 PM Beaute Beaute wrinkle reducer and wrinkle cream Scammed by a free trial, thought I was paying $3.95 for shipping, then they debited my card for $89.95 for the cream & $99.95 for the .05 oz tube of wrinkle reducer. Las Vegas Nevada
 DO NOT BUY! THIS IS A RIP OFF Sep 10 2017 08:53 PM Beaute Beaute wrinkle reducer and wrinkle cream Scammed by a free trial, thought I was paying $3.95 for shipping, then they debited my card for$89.95 for the cream & $99.95 for the .05 oz tube of wrinkle reducer.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
16, Report #1411812
Nov 18 2017
09:55 AM
Beaute wrinkle reducer BNG Flawless eye cream They say Risk free trial LIAR LIAR!! THEY CHARGED MY CREDIT CARD $89.95, $99.95, $89.95 again. Las Vegas Nevada
I clicked on an add for wrinkle cream Free NO Risk, trial size.  The add said it was on Shark tank.  I believe this was false advertisement now.  I had No INDICATION I would be signing up for anything long term. All I needed to do was pay shipping and handling cost.  Pop up came for another product, I clicked the X to delete the add and instead it automatically added it to my order. Two weeks later I had $89.95 followed by $99.95 and the next month $85.95 deducted from my account. NO PACKING SLIP. NO RETURN INSTRUCTIONS. No number to call to cancell!   I guess they can't decide on how much to steal at once thats why the difference in cost $89.95 and $99.95. I wish I would have caught it earlier but I was out of town not paying attention to my card.  I got the number to call from my credit card company, Beaute wrinkle refused to let me send the product back said I should have cancelled in 14 days.  What is crazy is the only email I have from them said, Ask sender to resend the message was not formatted correctly.  When I finally got in touch with someone I said how?  I received no emails, no instuctions on how to cancel, they don't include a packing slip??   They ignored  what I was saying and offered me a 20% discount.  I explained I can't afford this, I am looking for employment.  The number I called 844-263-5543 they said NO REFUNDS. They are stealing money from people. SCAM!!  SCAM!! SCAM!! STOP THEM!!  I am interested in joining any lawsuit against them because all I could think about is the elderly people being taken advatage of and people period.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
17, Report #1378336
Jun 10 2017
09:13 PM
BEAUTE' Wrinkle Reducer Free trial sample of BEAUTE Wrinkle Reducer Cream and BEAUTE Wrinkle Cream is a SCAM. North Las Vegas, Nevada Internet
I ordered my free trial sample of the BEAUTE Wrinkle Cream and BEAUTE Wrinkle Reducer on 5/7/17, and paid $3.95 and $4.95 for shipping.  On 5/10/17, I received my 2 products.On 5/27/17, my husband noticed on 5/23/17, our credit card was charged for 2 products - GLAMOURSKINSERUM-$89.95 and EGRTS56*GAISRADIANT-$99.95.I called Customer Service (PH# on website) and spoke w/ Alex.  I explained that I did not order any additional products, nor did I authorize any payment.  Per Alex, he said I did not call wthin 14 days to cancel my order, thus I would be charged for the products and it was on its way.  I  asked that my account and any additional orders be cancelled.  He agreed to cancel my account, but tried to offer me deals to try the product for a few more months.  He said I woud receive an email showing the cancellation of all future orders.  I did receive a confirmation email a short while after.I reluctanly accepted the fact that the product was on its way and I would have to pay/eat the cost of $89.95 & $99.95. Today is 6/10/17, and I still have not received the products, so I decided to call Customer Service to follow-up.  I looked on the container and called the number that was listed (844)-388-3475 and spoke w/ Sergio.  I explaind to Sergio that I did not receive the products and would like my credit card credited for the amount of the 2 products.  He confirmed that my account and all future orders/products had been cancelled.  I acknowledged that I did receive the email confirming the cancellation, but I have not recieved that product that Alex had stated was on its way.  Sergio, stated that he would send me another email showing that my account was cancelled (gave me this reference #180411).  I again asked for my credit card to be credited for the 2 products that was charged, but did not receive.  He explained that because I did not call to cancel my order within 14 days, I would not be getting any future orders, but he was unable to refund me for the 2 products (that was suppose to be on its way, but never received).  I then asked to speak to a manager, of course there was no manager available.  He kept saying the manager and everyone above would tell me the same thing he is telling me.  I kept insisting on speaking to a manager, then he said there would be 1-2 managers available on Monday, 6/12/17.  I asked for a name of the manager that would be available, he said he was not sure.     After hanging up with Sergio, I began to read other complaints and finally understood what Sergio meant by not being able to credit me back.  Because I did not call to cancel within 14 days, I would be charged $99.95 & $89.95 for the 2 products I received under the scam that I was receiving a free sample.   Yes, my account/future orders was cancelled, however, I got caught/scammed into paying for 2 items I ordered under the guise of being free.I don't know or think my bank would be able to cancel/deny the charges since it's been awhile. But, I would like to know if this company can be held accountable for this atrocious scam they are running.
Entity: Internet
18, Report #1391448
Aug 09 2017
06:15 AM
Beaute Wrinkle Cream Automatically shipped product, without my permission or knowledge at $100 per product. Las Vegas Nevada
 They automatically ship product to my home without my knowledge and build approximately $100 per product on my credit card. Without any information I had no way to contact them other than through email. I have no phone Number or name they could be associated with this only an email address. I have now received two shipments which has put me $400 loss.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
19, Report #1401129
Sep 19 2017
04:13 PM
Beaute Wrinkle Cream charged me $400.00 on my credit card for a Free Trial beauty cream sample. I paid $8.90 for the shippping and handling. They would not refund my $400. charge because I didn't respond within the 14 day period to cancel. Las Vegas Nevada
I paid $400. for 1 jar of beaute wrinkle cream and 1 small tube of beaute wrinkle reducer which I thought was a Free Sample.  My bad for not understanding the very fine print in the Terms and Conditions of this company. I called my credit card company and they told me they have had many many complaints about this scam and their hands were tied because of the legalities involved with the Terms and Conditions of this company. I called the company which has many different telephone numbers listed on credit card statements and after waiting 15 minutes got Joel who told me there would be no refunds because I didn't notify them in the 14 day time period after receiving these products.  I then got cut off.  Called again and after 20 minutes of holding I got Joel again. I told him I wanted the address of the corporate headquarters so I could let them know my feelngs. Expensive lesson learned.  Always read and UNDERSTAND the terms and conditions of any company you do business with online.  Hope this helps 
Entity: Ls Vegas, Nevada
20, Report #1387917
Jul 24 2017
08:18 PM
Luxe Beaute, Beaute Received a wrinkle reducer which I never ordered via auto-ship- ordered an antiaging serum/eye cream before North Las Vegas Nevada
I orderef an anti-aging serum/eye cream for a small charge with the guarantee that this was Not an auto-ship program. I just received a wrinklr reducer labeled 1x Beaute Instant Autoship today. Will call credit card company to complain. 
Entity: North Las Vegas, Nevada
21, Report #1399144
Sep 10 2017
08:53 PM
Beaute Beaute wrinkle reducer and wrinkle cream Scammed by a free trial, thought I was paying $3.95 for shipping, then they debited my card for$89.95 for the cream & $99.95 for the .05 oz tube of wrinkle reducer. PHILADELPHIA PENNSYLVANIA Internet
Scammed by a free trial from Beaute Wrinkle Cream.  Cost was supposed to be for shipping of $3.95.  A pop-up appeared that convinced me I should also try the Beaute Wrinkle Reducer for a free trial of $4.95.  I ordered both.  When I noticed a charge of $89.95 on 8-30-17 (two weeks after I received the products), I immediately called to dispute the charge and was told this product wasn't a free trial and that I had agreed to the purchase.  I offered to return the product, which I had only used for about a week and was told they would not accept returned products.  THEN on 9-5-17 another charge of $99.95 hit my debit card for the Beaute Wrinkle Reducer....WOW....that's over $200 for these free trials....I'm usually very cautious when it comes to ordering online....believe me!  The small print was very well hidden here!  
Entity: Internet
22, Report #1413657
Nov 27 2017
11:56 AM
AlluraSerum Allusive Cream did not get product but was charged Fountain Valley California
I ordered and agreed to pay shipping for a product. When box arrived it was empty and they charged my account a total of 175.90. When trying to get a refund I could not reach anyone on the phone. I am disputing the charge with my bank but I am actively try to reach the company. I was charged for shipping total of 11.00 and received an empty box. I just want my money back.
Entity: Fountain Valley, California
23, Report #1417668
Dec 18 2017
12:06 PM
Haute beauty cream Automatically charged for product after requesting sample Internet
i ordered samples of two products.  The day of the order, The 15-day trial began, but I did not receive the product for 8 days.  After 15 days, I was charged $192.29 for 2 ounces of product.  When I called to return the product, I was informed that they did not want it back.  After contacting MasterCard, the vendor issued a 45% credit, leaving me with a $104 charge.  Their terms and conditions state a 30-day money back guarantee.   A web search for this company and product should reveal a buyer beware warning.  There are other reports regarding this company.
Entity: Internet
24, Report #1396178
Aug 28 2017
11:49 AM
Beaute Wrinkle Cream Ordered 3.95 and 4.95 trial samples, received them, then was charged over $99 to account for continuing purchase and deliveries Las Vegas Nevada
Ordered 2 small samples for $3.95 and $4.95 of Beaute wrinkle reducer and wrinkle cream.  Received them,  at end of month was automatically charged $99.95 for creams.  Phoned co.  and was told I needed to cancel order within 14 days, and since I did not, i would be charged full price and continue to receive these creams every month with charges being automatically withdrawn.  Explained to them, i did not want to continue and was also not expecting to be charged $99.95 in the first place. Spoke with person who stated they could not cancel the current charge because I did not cancel within 14 days.   Was, (hopefully) to cancel future orders . I will see next month . katherine richards       Below it asks if I used a credit card,  it is a mastercard that connects to our bank account.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
25, Report #1404272
Oct 04 2017
07:03 PM
Beaute Wrinkle Cream Was told I only had to pay for shipping then my credit card was charged 89.95 and unable to get through to company by phone. Las Vegas Nevada
 This company ripped me off by telling me I only had to pay 4.95 for shipping for a sample of Beaute Wrinkle Cream and then charged my credit card for 89.95 without my permission and auto shipped more cream. Cannot get thru on phone to them.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada

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