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1, Report #1372635
May 11 2017
10:28 AM
Beaute wrinkler reducer Free trail turned scam !!!!!! St. George UT Internet
This company is a complete scam. I purchased a trail of their creams . When purchasing there was no indication that I was agreeing to a reoccurring payments of 99.95 and 89.95. 14 days after receiving the sample I was charged without my permission . After multiple phone calls with very rude customer service reps from the company. They claim that when I purchased the trail I was agreeing to terms for reoccurring payments. This was not clear at all, I checked my confirmation emails I received and no where did it state of the reoccurring charge. Nor did it state that you need to cancel by a certain date or you would be charged. I also visited the website again , to see if I had missed something and sure enough no where on the page did it state that by purchasing the trail you would be automatically charged these additional fees. Also when speaking to the rep I asked , since they charged my $200 was I still receiving more product? They stated no , that the product they sent was actually a full size product. Which I never agreed to purchase a full size product. I was under the impressing that I was recovering a trail. After speaking with multiple representations, asking to speak with a manger and being told no one was available that at first they claimed they do not do reimbursements at all, after pressing the issue they then claimed they could give me only 25% in credit back. This company is a scam . Do NOT purchase the free trail I will be pursing this in order to be refunded y money .
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1376573
Jun 01 2017
01:29 PM
Beaute Wrinkler Reducer Total Ripoff. Las Vegas Nevada
i apparently was only one of many who were taken by this company.  They advertised on Facebook as a skin cream lotion.  That the owners of this product were on TV and were praised by many. It was advertised as a free trial, well here it is a few months later and I am having over $180 credit charges added to my account each month.  I am on a fixed income and can't afford it.  I am hoping after seeing the site that there will be a resoution to this problem.  Please let me know how to resolve this.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
3, Report #1396311
Aug 28 2017
06:36 PM
beaute wrinkler reducer did not cancel my acct and charged me 400.00 las vegas Nevada
this company advertised a free winkler reducer,then charged me 99.00 a month. i had no idea and i called to cancel after my 1st one and they said they would refund,but,they did not and then kept charging me 100.00 a month. i just called again to tell them to cancel my orders and refund me and they would not. so horrific!!
Entity: las vegas, Nevada
4, Report #1388970
Jul 28 2017
07:40 PM
Beaute Wrinkle reducer Beaute Instant Wrinkle Reducer paid for shipping fee $3.95 for free sample to try 0.5 oz for wrinkler reducer Las Vegas NV
Beaute Instant Reducer TRIALOrder Number: 1339577Ordered On: 04/19/2017 11:18apaid for shipping fee for $3.95 for sample to tryOrder Number: 1339581Ordered On: 04/28/2017 12:47pmPaid for shipping fee for 4.95 for sample to tryThey charge me $ 99.95 on 5/8charge me $99.95 on 6/8 again without any notice.
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1405672
Oct 11 2017
03:00 PM
Beaute Wrinkler Reducer Beaute Wrinkle cream sent product as ordered paying shipping only -billedCredit Card 99.95 & 89.95 after 15 days. Resent same order the following month, billed credit card without permission. Does not answer telephone calls or accept emails.r Las Vegas Internet
I saw an Internet Ad showing JoAnna Gaines photo and endorsement for wrinkle reducer and wrinkle cream.  Ordered 2 products free with shipping charges only applying to a Credit Card.  Both products arrived with no letter, no invoices, or no future arrangements for current orders. My MasterCard bill arrived with charges of $99.95 and &89.95 for these products. I checked Internet and tried calling several times - woud not answer telephone calls but told to send Email to their support center.mEmails failed. Clled Master Card and filed a Scam Claim for these 2 chargess. This week, I received 2 more packages of same product.  I refused acceptance with the US Post Office and returned both to sender.  Again, charges made against my Master Card for $9995 & 89.95.  I send Email to their Support Center, and got notice of Failure - could not deliver. Your help please - I now read all the Internet Scam reviews on these beauty products.
Entity: Internet
6, Report #1426669
Feb 01 2018
02:02 PM
Beaute Wrinkle Reducer Charged my credit card
I was sent a free sample paying $3.95 for shipping and no notice of continuing to send me products unless action was taken. They continued to send the product and I wasn't sure how to stop it. After my credit card was charged $89.00 without my authorization, I got out a magnifying glass and found the number on the jar and called and cancelled. They continued to try and sell me other products and/or the same for a discoun; I just wanted it to stop. From other complaints about this product, I saw that they refused to refund anyone's money. My cancellation # is 2003880.  I have yet to receive a confirmation emaill even though I called again.
Entity: Internet
7, Report #1394157
Aug 20 2017
12:41 PM
Beaute Wrinkle Reducer Deceptive promotional offers Internet
I thought my wife might be interested, so i replied to an online sales site advertising a free trial of a Wrinkle Cream.  It was by Beaute Wrinkle Cream of Edison NJ.  Only cost was supposedly for shipping the one item.  I gave them my CC number in order to complete what I thought was a minor transaction.  My next CC billing reflected a slight charge ($3.96 and $4.96) for TWO items.  I thought that wasn't too much of a mistake and my wife might want to try both, so I let it ride.   They sent the Wrinkle Cream sample, but I never received the other item, named Beute Wrinkle Reducer.  Much to my horror, my periodic review of pending charges on my CC then revealed charges for two items (never received either).  They were listed on my billing as  1. Enticing Beauty Cream for $89.95 and 2. 844524DEWYFACSE544 for 99.95.  Both from different companys. I immediately called the number listed on my order receipt from Beaute and was told by the rep that I had been enrolled in an automatic delivery program by virtue of my order for the free sample.  There was absolutely no indication of that scam until i was told to consult the very fine print at the bottom of my order receipt which I received AFTER the order was placed.  There it specified a 14 day trial and enrollment in theie scam program. I had never knowingly enrolled in such. This is a scam of the first magnitude and should land them in jail.  I have filed a dispute  (two) with my CC company and they have plocke the companies involved, especially Beaute, from further charges on my account.   
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1390476
Aug 04 2017
03:06 PM
Beaute Instant Wrinkle Reducer Beaute Instant Wrinkle Reducer they do not mention Internet
 Re: Fraud company: Beaute Instant Wrinkle Reducer I was asked to pay $3 for antiwrinkle cream by (phone number: 8445522121) and then a weak after they included me as automatic customer and charged $99.95 without my permission and without delivering any product. After calling them they deny to pay my money back. I totally think this company is fraud as you charge without delivering the product and never agree to pay for a product which I do not know at all. Real fraud company- never buy this online. I believe this company is meant to take money from your credit card every month as it did for me and so on and when you call them they will not reimburse it! 
Entity: Internet
9, Report #1405025
Oct 08 2017
08:11 PM
BEAUTE WRINKLE REDUCER Beaute Wrinkle Reducer SCAMMED me BIG TIME! Las Vegas Nevada
The products advertisement was enticing, so I ordered two samples paying only the shipping fee and that's only they were asking for. However, when they got my Bank Account # they debited 2X $99.95 and one time $89.95. The hard earned money I have from my pay check to pay check was deducted from my account without my knowledge. The only money I have to pay for my medical bills are all ripped off! This is not acceptable at all. It is pure evil and pathetic people.  FYI-I tried your product once and I got itchy on my face. You people better return all our monies. Lesson learned; Do not ever order whatsoever fake products this company is offering you.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
10, Report #1401573
Sep 21 2017
02:35 PM
Beaute WrinkleReducer and Beaute Cream ripped me off Las Vegas Nationwide
Purchased product on Aug 21, 2017. Didn't like product and spoke with Edna to cancel my order on Aug. 30. Edna said to continue using the product for another 14 days and if I still was not satisfied to call back and my free trial and I would not have to mail back the remaining product. I called on Sep. 14 and spoke with Carlos. I said I was not satisfied nor could I afford these products only to have Carlos offer them at half the price. I repeated that I did not have the money to apy for these products, even at half the price. Carlos then cancelled my subscription. That same day I received a Cancellation Notification stating that This email is to inform you that your subscription status has been updated and ANY ONGOING or all future charges have been cancelled as per my request. I was looking at my online checking account on Sep. 21 and to my surprise Beaute debited my account on Sep. 19. I immediately called customer service and spoke with Nicolas only to have him say he could not help me. I asked to speak with a supervisor only to be told that there was not a supervisor on the premise. At this point Nicolas said he could not help me and hung up the phone. I called back and spoke with Manny only to have been disconnected. 
Entity: Nationwide
11, Report #1391006
Aug 07 2017
01:50 PM
Beaute Wrinkle Reducer Beaute' double charging under different names Las Vegas Nevada
This company advertises in a side bar on Facebook. They charge you only shipping costs ( typically $ 4.95) and you get a .5 oz size trial package of their wrinkle reducer which is probably Preparation H ( has same effect). Two weeks later my card is charged $ 99.95. When I called to cancel they offered to discount 25% then 50%. They were obviously operating in a boiler room. I can see by other posts on this site that they were in TX but the charge comes out of NY. The shipping address was NV. My card was still charged $ 99.95. When I got my card statement I see that they had charged me not only the $ 4.95 initially but they ran another charge for $ 3.95 the next day (probably to see if anyone was monitoring the card).  The same day that I canceled the account ( no offer to cancel the $ 99.95) they charged the card yet again for $ 89.95. I reported this company doing business as Beaute and also CelesteCream to my credit card company.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
12, Report #1409994
Nov 02 2017
08:36 AM
Beaute Wrinkle Reducer Beaute wrinkle cream DO NOT BUY! THIS IS A RIP OFF Oct 2017 Nationwide
Beaute wrinkle cream DO NOT BUY! THIS IS A RIP OFF Oct 2017 Beaute Beaute wrinkle reducer and wrinkle cream Scammed by a free trial, thought I was paying $3.95 for shipping, then they debited my card for $99.95 for the cream & $99.95 for the .05 oz tube of wrinkle reducer. Las Vegas Nevada, I called Paypal and they gave me my money back ONLY TO GIVE IT BACK TO this scam company. Yep took my money back and gave it to this SCAM COMPANY...Now I can't get a hold of them to return the product, now they will not give m my money back.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
13, Report #1401824
Sep 22 2017
05:26 PM
Beaute wrinkle reducer Ripped me off North las vegas Nevada
I ordered a trial size order of Beaute wrinkle reducer. The website says you will just be paying for shipping which I did. It did not mention that they will charge me $99.95. This is against the law and the company needs to stop charging people without their consent.
Entity: North las vegas, Nevada
14, Report #1402013
Sep 24 2017
10:22 AM
Beaute Wrinkle Reducer Usual Bait with Repercussions North Las Vegas Nevada
Beaute products may do as advertised, but the company is perpetrating a scam by advertising a free sample, then charging enormous amounts of money for tiny amounts of product, without permission to do so.  The usual fraud which leaves you feeling stupid, again, and hundreds of dollars out for the lesson.
Entity: North Las Vegas, Nevada
15, Report #1387741
Jul 24 2017
10:04 AM
Beaute Instant Wrinkle Reducer Beautecreamripoff N. Las Vegas Nevada
I too feel ripped off by Beaute Instant Wrinkle Reducer.  Husband ordered the free sample for me and paid for shipping with a credit card. When credit card bill came there was a charge for $99.95 billed to an unknown number.  When researched, found it was a monthly charge for the Beaute wrinkle reducer. When I called to cancel I was informed that the charge would not be canceled even though I had only received the initial free sample. Tried to sell me more things and give me lots of discount coupons for additional products. Buyer beware.  Nothing is for free.
Entity: N. Las Vegas, Nevada
16, Report #1397806
Sep 04 2017
11:09 AM
Beaute Wrinkle Reducer DO NOT ORDER! COMPLETE SCAM! Internet **Author of this Report is NOT CONFIRMED**
I ordered the free trial, and the next thing I see is a 99.95 charge on my debit card that I did not authorize.  I called my bank and disputed the charge.  The very next day, there was a charge for 89.95 that was not authorized.  Each charge was from a different merchant.  The first one was Serula LLC and the second was from Kroshka LLC.  Do not order from this Beaute Wrinkle Reducer!  It is a front for a completely fraudulent company that charges your bank account hoping you don't notice.  I had to cancel my debit card in order to shut these people down.  
Entity: Internet
17, Report #1397640
Sep 03 2017
11:45 AM
Beaute Wrinkle Reducer shipped same day that I cancelled; no refund Las Vegas Nevada
I cancelled future orders well within the time limit to do so, but was told that the cream had been shipped on the very same day that I called/cancelled.  Of course, no refund.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
18, Report #1400007
Sep 14 2017
11:05 AM
Beaute Wrinkle Reducer Joanna Gains is promoting a scam Nationwide
I saw the offer of a free trial sample and was told only charge would be shipping and handling.  No mention of a reacuring shippment.  No premission was given to debit the card again.  Joanna Gains is running a big scam.  I think HGTV should cancel her show and not be associated with scammers.
Entity: Nationwide
19, Report #1399699
Sep 13 2017
06:59 AM
Beaute Instant Wrinkle Reducer A total Scam North Las Vegas Internet
I ordered a trial sample of beaute's wrinkle reducer and face cream online. They ask for a payment of $3.95 to cover the shipping cost. It was my faiult that i did  not seeor read the VERY FINE print that says the trail samples are actual products that will be charged to your account after a 14 day trial period. Next thing I know my credit card is being charged almost $200 for two very small bottles of wrinkle cream. Yes, in the end it was my fault, but they should have to make it know that they WILL charge you an exorbanant amount of money for a very little bit of product that was dubbed as a trail sample. Not to mention they send no bill or paperwork with the trial samples to tell you that you will be charged after your 14 day trial periiod It is just a scam! They should have to be held accounatble for the way they run their business. I would have never tried the samples if I would have seen in plan sight anywhere that I would be charged after 14 days so much money, money that I do not have for wrinkle reducer.  Everyone needs to  be warned about how this company does business. It is absolutley disgusting!!
Entity: Internet
20, Report #1372509
May 10 2017
07:46 PM
Beaute wrinkle reducer spoiler alert trail starts when ordered! Las Vegas Nevada
I ordered Beaute wrinkle reducer on the internet.  So sorry I did.  They send a 30day supply and offer a 14 day trial and charge your Credit Card for 1 product, plus shipping on 2 items, with a future charge for the 2nd product; like 1 or 2 days after the first charge.  We are talking 99.95 & then 89.95 days later, but will not let you ship the product back stating that they can't resell opened product.    I actually developed a sore at the corner of my mouth & stop using it.  I didn't know if it caused the sore or would be irratating the sore, but I called to get a shipping label to return the item, afraid to use it anymore. They claim it is not a money back offer, but a free! trial.  And the real kicker, they said the trial clock started when you placed the order, not when you received the order.  How can you do a trial use of a product before you even get it? Their customer service people repeat their responses over & over, when ask to speak to a supervisor.  One said the supervisor didn't have authority to give anything different & did not let me speak to one.  I sent an e mail and received a pat answer, to call customer service.  I called customer service again the next day.  Got some of the same responses, ask to speak with a supervisor; she said they didn't have authority to do any thing different; but when pressed she did give me the supervisor, who repeated the same, but stated they had cancelled auto ship!  And stopped the 2nd charge from happening that very day for a product I can't use, don't want, and can't return.  All at the low, low price of $99.95 on your credit card. Run don't walk, don't get stung.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
21, Report #1377712
Jun 07 2017
03:19 PM
Beaute wrinkle reducer Huge Scam North Las Vegas Nevada
Signed up for a free sample of Beaute Wrinkle Reducer and gave them my credit card to pay for shipping. In June my bank informed me there was suspicous activity on my card and someone using the name angelic care tried to charge $99.95 on my card. I looked it up on line and it was a cancer spa. I called the number on the website and the owner said she had had numerous calls from women across the country with the same issue and that her spa had nothing to with the charges . I called the bank back and got a phone number from the transaction attempt. It turned out to be Beaute Wrinkle Reducer. The customer service agent said when ordering the free sample that I had agreed to pay $99.95 if I didn't cancel within 14 days. No where on the ad did it say anything about cancelling anything or being charged for the product. Just another crappy company try to take advantage of consumers. Plus using a spa name for cancer patients is very low. The tube was .5 ounces. Who would pay almost a hunderd dollars for a product. Only people who had been tricked with dirty business tactics. I am so thankful that my bank denied the charges.  
Entity: North Las Vegas, Nevada
22, Report #1379360
Jun 15 2017
02:17 PM
Beaute Wrinkle Reducer RIP OFF North Las Vegas Nevada
 I ordered a trial size for 4.95 of Beaute Wrinkle Reducer. The add stated no commitments I was then billed for a tube the same size as the trial .5 oz for 99.95 without my knowledge. I called and found out it was subscription based. I asked to cancel and was given a hard time. I was asked to continue the subscription for a 25% discount. I firmly stated I wanted my subscription canceled. I am now calling my bank. This business needs to be shut down!!! Cheryl Buford GA
Entity: North Las Vegas, Nevada
23, Report #1373760
May 17 2017
10:37 AM
Beaute Wrinkle Reducer Purpose BeautySunScreen Not really a free trial! Nationwide
Ordered supposedly free trial paying only for shipping. Then later on, two charges for $99.95 and $89.95. Total surprise! Called to request refund. Person was polite, but no refund available. Apparently there was a requirement to cancel free trial or else you get billed for what they send -- supposedly a month's supply. However, the samples were not large. Called and cancelled to prevent further charges. Unbelievable that a company can get away with such shoddy business practices. Will probably end my on-line ordering for some time to come!
Entity: Nationwide
24, Report #1379797
Jun 18 2017
12:18 PM
Beaute wrinkle reducer Ripped Off North Las Vegas Nevada Internet
To my surprise there was a charge on my debit account for $49.97 for the face cream and eye cream. I called 2 times to cancel my order. I was never told that I would be charged anything. The Beaute wrinklr cream and eye cream don;t work and this company should be ashamed of herself. Don't lie to people what a scam this offer is.
Entity: Internet
25, Report #1382066
Jun 29 2017
10:21 AM
Beaute Wrinkle Reducer Rip-off Company (FRAUDS) Las Vegas Internet
I ordered a free sample of Beaute Wrinkle Reducer paid for shipping only. The sample was a 0.5 fl oz tube. Two weeks later I noticed the company charged my debit card $99.95. When I called them and said I did not want this product and to please issue a credit for that amount, their - very rude answer - was that there is no refunds issued. I sid but I never recieved anything but a sample. They said and you won't either as you just cancelled your order. I told them they would not be getting that money and they got totally belligerent with me. Did I get rude back??? You better believe I did. They said the terms are in their website under Terms and Conditions.   Well not thst I could find. So, I hung up and immediately called my bank and put a stop on this. I am also reporting them to the BBB in Las Vegas and the local police out there.  Please do not fall for this scam!!!  And they are very, very nasty people!
Entity: Internet

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