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1, Report #1401941
Sep 23 2017
07:26 PM
Beauty Within Forskolin cleanse Scam Provo Utah
 I am a retired widow hoping to loose weight, and the beauty Within program looked good so I ordered it. Only today did I read the negative reports. I cannot take the chance of them taking. $89.00 each month without my authorization . as much as I am looking for a way to loose weight, I cannot take that chance. I've also read the product doesn't work that well. As there is no phone # or web sight to contact this company where do I go from here?
2, Report #1389427
Jul 31 2017
10:58 AM
Beauty Within Provo Utah
 This Company had advertised try our program for $4.95. I tried this and it made me very sick at my stomach! I called and told them this and it to send me anymore! Today I received 2 boxes of the stuff! When I called he said they had no record of me calling and canceling and they would not return any of my money back until I returned it plus there was a Resticking Fee!!! This Company is a Total RipOfff!!!
Entity: Provo, Utah
3, Report #1411483
Nov 12 2017
10:24 AM
Beauty within Ripoff
They been taking lots of money out of my account twice a month.. don't let me know nothing didn't give them permission..want it to stop
4, Report #1401497
Sep 21 2017
08:37 AM
Beauty within, Diet way my way Provo Utah
 I ordered free bottles of Forskolin and Premium Cleanse from Beauty Within. I just paid the shipping costs. A charge for $78.94 was taken out of my bank account without my consent. The name on the draft is dietnowmyway. I cannot find a web site or phone number for thu2s place.
Entity: Provo, Utah
5, Report #1401233
Sep 20 2017
08:25 AM
Beauty Within Forskolin. Cleanse Provo Utah
 Ordered Forskolin for $4.99 and that came with a free bottle of Cleanse. No other obligation listed in internet ad. They have sent me two more bottles of Cleanse and charged my credit card and I did not order. Tried to contact them but the web address keeps coming up broken. Could not get a phone number that worked. The ad never said you had to buy anything else. I can not get hold of them to stop.
Entity: Provo, Utah
6, Report #1397669
Sep 03 2017
12:48 PM
Beauty within Weight management Provo Utah
 I ordered a free sample which only required me yo pay shipping, Moe I have been placed on a monthly renewal system that charges my credit card $79.86.I did not agree to any auto monthly shipment of this product.
Entity: Internet
7, Report #1398006
Sep 05 2017
02:22 PM
Beauty Within Zinetics Another Ripoff Provo Utah
I sent for a free trial of Beauty Within, which I really didn't use enough to see if it made a difference.  When I realized they were debiting my account for $84.98 each month thereafter, I contacted them for a return and refund.  They will not give the total amount back because there is a $10.00 restocking fee. Meanwhile, I received yet another package from them, after cancelling all future shipments.  I am returning both in hopes that I may recoup some of my money.  It just doesn't pay to trust anything on the internet!
Entity: Provo, Utah
8, Report #1386828
Jul 20 2017
06:36 AM
Beauty Within Provo Utah
 I ordered a weight loss product sample for only the shipping cost. Now I'm getting auto shipments that I never asked for nor would I ever sign up for auto shipped anything! There's no paperwork in the box, no phone number or anything! Is there anything you can do to help me? I'm just on disability and can barely afford to exist as it is! Any help or advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
Entity: Provo, Utah
9, Report #1396114
Aug 28 2017
08:37 AM
Beauty Within Offer free produce you pay shipping now double billing card each month Provo Utah
 Advertising free trial you pay shipping. I ordered products. Used card for shipping now know only order using prepaid card. Now they are sending bogus product and charging my card $79.99 & $79.46 per month! Sandra Louisville KY
Entity: Provo, Utah
10, Report #1398910
Sep 09 2017
01:06 PM
Beauty Within Fraudulent advertising! Nothing indicated repeated drafts to my credit card! Provo Utah
These products, Forskolin and Premium Cleanse, were advertised as risk free trial.  Nothing in the online promotion indicated monthly auto ship and drafts to my credit card! I have recieved two shipments.  The products are shipped with this statement on the shipping label, Return to Sender not accepted without a Return Merchandise Number form, however the product has not been shipped with a RMA# form any time! No email, web site or phone number is provided to contact the sender and cancel future shipments! No Return Merchandise Form is ever enclosed with the product.  The only contact information is a mailing address with what appears to be a PO Box number of #190. The only choice I can find to cancel future shipments and drafts to my credit card is to notify the mailing address or cancel my credit card! I am hoping who ever has set this arrangement up will be made to stop!  Sincerely, Kathy  
Entity: Provo, Utah
11, Report #1397758
Sep 04 2017
10:42 AM
Beauty Within Montel Williams Advertisement Unauthorized charge on my credit card for $69.99 Provo Utah
They charged my credit card for Items I Ordered... Then they charged it again for $69.99 ... that I did not authorize.
Entity: Provo , Utah
12, Report #1399983
Sep 14 2017
09:28 AM
Beauty Within Provo Utah Fraud!! Provo Utah
Like so many other's, I ordered a sample from this company and the day they delivered the sample, they charged my credit card $147.00.  There was no confirmation email sent to me for the sample, there was no return information with the sample they sent me, there is no website information. I found this site in a popup on FB and still looking for the same popup.  I ordered a sample for 4.95 and got 2 bottles of product, I only ordered 1.  This company works very hard so that you cannot get a hold of them either via the internet, email or telephone.  It is a ripoff. Have not even tried the product so I am not sure if I will only beacause if this product was on the level and actually worked, they would not have any problems be able to find them and including return or reply information in the package with the product or at the very least an email.This company should be shut down.
Entity: Provo, Utah
13, Report #1385908
Jul 16 2017
09:48 AM
Beauty Within Birtiv skin care Rip Off Provo Utah
 I ordered a one time(specified by checking a one time order box) cream for $5 special. My credit card has been charged $90 two months in a row. Customer service not helpful. They never related me for the charges. I never opened the second box of cream and want to return it. I will pay to have it returned (signature required). This is a scam. I never would have purchased the one time trial but it did specify one time purchase. These companies should not be getting away with this type of theft. I will report to BBC and if I do not get my money back I will be on 6on your side news.
Entity: Provo , Utah
14, Report #1395228
Aug 24 2017
01:18 PM
Beauty within Continue to send product and charge card...NO AUTHORIZATION AT ALL. Provo, Utah Nationwide
Beauty within Continue to send product and charge card...NO AUTHORIZATION AT ALL.
Entity: Nationwide
15, Report #1403614
Oct 02 2017
09:54 AM
Beauty Within Made two withdrawls from my charge card, totallying over $150. Provo Utah
I received an email on my cell phone describing this new weight loss pill. I sent for the pills, first month free. I had ti pay for shipping and handing and used my credit card.  Less than a week later, over a hundred and fifty dollars were withdran from my account.  Free? I dont think so.
Entity: Provo, Utah
16, Report #1326404
Sep 05 2016
09:00 AM
Beauty Impressions Intricate Beauty website is listed under Beauty impressions billed under intricate beauty/ website does not say contact within 14 days Pacoma California
I ordered the eye treatment ONLY, was given option for face cream but denied it! Lo and behold when I received my pkg BOTH products were in there, packaged together as if they had NO INTENTION on mailing either one seperately! I did not call because I read the website offer several times to see if I was going to be charged a large amount later. there was no mention of being charged, so I thought I was paying for a sample like the ad says. Had I known they were connected to Intricate Beauty, I would have read their offer as well, however since they are doing a switch so they could scam people out of their money. The charge on my account came from Intricate Beauty NOT BEAUTY IMPRESSIONS, and when I tried to call the number on the bank statement connected, supposedly, to Intricate Beauty, the number is no good and you can't get through.I pulled the paper work that I received from Beauty Impressions, called it and the first thing from my mouth was ARE YOU CONNECTED WTH INTRICATE BEAUTY', after a few stammers, as he was really surprised, he said yes and tried to tell me that it says on website I ordered from that I had 14 days from ORDER DATE, TO TRY, SEE IF IT DOES YOU ANY GOOD AND CALL FOR RM # TO RETURN. That is ridiculous as it is not enough time.My main complaint is, how many people ordered from Beauty impressions thinking it was a sample and would have no further charges, as it does not say you will be charged later, and then get a charge on your card from Intricate Beauty, not knowing it is related to Beauty Impressions, pay it and not know you have been scammed.I WILL be reporting this to BBB! As I explained to them, I live on Social Security and I read everything I order VERY carefully because of this, as a result I am not going to have money to pay my insurance this month and it will probably be canceled. They charged me $97 and some change and I told them I could not afford it.To my thinking, this is a scam plain and simple, why would they send this under one name and bill under another if not to scam people. They should be put in jail for this, IT'S FRAUD.
Entity: Pacoma, California
17, Report #1394790
Aug 22 2017
08:34 PM
Beauty within Beauty within in Provo, ut Free sample only being charged shipping. Received product with no paperwork. Then was charged around $79. No way of contact. Provo Ut
 Free trial pay only shipping. Received product, no paperwork with it. Week later was charged $79 for product. Called bank, shows no contact number for the company. Have no way of contacting the company. Internet is no help.
18, Report #1386709
Jul 19 2017
01:44 PM
Beauty Within Beauty Today Offered initial $4.95 price, then continued to charge my credit card $59.95 monthlywithout permission. Provo Utah
This company offered a $4.95 trial on Forskolin, then continued to charge my credit card $59.95 monthly.  Unable to contact and resolve.
Entity: Provo, Utah
19, Report #1387439
Jul 22 2017
06:27 PM
Beauty Within SEMC INT'L NUTRALIMITED The offered a free trial and ended up being charged $79.68 and very ill with colitis. Provo Utah
Beauty Within Advertised a free sample of Garcinia Cambogia just pay shipping. Suddenly they are taking payments out of my checking account without authorization. I can find no number to call and no way to contact them at Provo Utah. The name on my bank statement says Purchase from SEMC INT'L NUTRALIMITED. The box I received has Beauty Within out of Porvo Utah as the sender. I accepted their offer of a free sample just pay shipping of $4.95. Suddenly I had an auto withdrawal from my checking account for $78.94. I never agreed to future shippments and there was nothing mentioned on their website (which I can no longer find). The product did not have any paperwork in it and no name or number to call to cancel them. When I recieved the second bottle I started feeling ill and m family took it away from me and hid the shipments, I didn't know I was still recieving them and never checked the bank account. After man months sick I was diagnosed with colitis and these pills were the reason for my condition. My mom gave me this month shipment and told me that they kept sending them and she hid them from me because she knew the were making me ill. So today when I do a web search I got nothing on SEMC INT'L NUTRALIMITED I got nothing too, but on Beauty Within and Nutralimited I got a lot of reports from people claiming reap off and scams, the same problem I'm confronting. That is why I decided to submit my own report. 
Entity: Internet
20, Report #1398643
Sep 08 2017
06:19 AM
Beauty within Took money out of my account and gave me no way to contact to cancel Utah Internet
 I found them on Facebook I ordered it and it came in a little white box with no paperwork or contact information to cancel cause that is what I would of done and it didn't give me any information when i ordered it to do so either. Then looking on my credit card statement I found not one but twice one for September 5th for 79.25 then again on September 6th for 77.94 I have no way to cancel can't find them anywhere I don't know what to do I did not give permission to take money out and I have no way to cancel what do I do Michelle Molloy
Entity: Internet
21, Report #1397458
Sep 02 2017
10:24 AM
Beauty within Ordered Garcinia cambogia, cleanse energy, & forskolin. No # to stop orders Provo Utah **Author of this Report is NOT CONFIRMED**
 I ordered a trial month just pay shipping on 2 different items. They sent me 3 different ones. No papers on the inside no numbers to cancel. Help...
22, Report #1385215
Jul 13 2017
09:09 AM
Beauty Within Diet My Way -?- Ordered free sample. Did not desire or authorize auto-ship. Now being billed nearly 80.00/mo for auto-ship! Provo Utah
 Found company on FB advertisement. Ordered sample for shipping cost (4.95) Wanted nor authorized auto-ship Now being charged nearly $80 per month for auto-ship (I have not received my Visa bill from Wells Fargo but I believe I uses PayPal)
Entity: Internet
23, Report #1388324
Jul 26 2017
10:09 AM
Beauty Within Offered free sample, just pay for shipping, now I'm being sent products I didn't order and am being charged for them. Provo Utah
Was offered 'free' samples of different products if I simply paid for shipping.  Then I began receicving products I didn't order and my credit card was being charged, a lot. To say the least, this is highly unethical not to mention dishonest.
Entity: Provo, Utah
24, Report #1337754
Nov 12 2016
09:35 AM
essential beauty now skin reviveeye rewind silka skincare katierosy derma support Essential Beauty Now will keep charging you because you don't cancel within 30 days. San Diego Califoria
    I ordered in September for Eye Rewind thinking what the heck it is only $5.99 for a trial i recieved it. The product didn't work so I forgot about it thinking that was just a trial.  Then I recieved another order 2 months later of the same and my first thought was I didn't order any more. I put it together with my bank account going negative since I used my debit card. Looking on my statement I now have other charges for $92.99 from a Silka skincare Katie .Comerce CA and a $92.97 Rosy Derma Support @Beaut CA that is only a couple of them. my bills are not getting paid and i have numerous overdraft fees. I have contated my Bank trying to fix this on my part because this was the last thing i needed.       
Entity: Internet
25, Report #1400347
Sep 15 2017
03:44 PM
Beauty within Charging a monthly fee dor a one time $4.95 was all i suppose to be billed but keep on billing me.and the pills dont help anyway Beauty within weight loss 2279 north. Internet
 Charging my credit cars on a monthly basis. For onlu a one time fee was all i was asked to be charged. I want to stop this product from beauty within charging my card now. It was only for a one time fee only. I didnt give them pwrmission for any other charges to my card.
Entity: Internet

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