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1, Report #1363021
Aug 02 2017
02:40 PM
There was an advertisement about Free Trial for Bella Serata(skin care/cream) product and it mentioned Angela Jolie's name. The product was for a jar of cream for the face.  It only stated that it was 4.95 and Free Shipping. Money was taken out of my account for 11.86.  I was billed 4.94, 1.99 + 4.93,  I received a Rejuvenating Cream & guessed it was 4.93. I don't know what the 1.99 was for; advertisement stated free shipping.  And here today it is 03-21-17 I was charged 89.04 & money taken out of my account & another 84.94 will come out 03-23-17. I called the Company back and spoke with a young lady who said my refund would be 60% & I wasn't satisfied with that; I called them back after I hung up and let her know that there was no fine print about the Free Trial and I wasn't satisfied with the refund and stated I would be contacing consumer  affairs; she then got an OK to refund me 75% & I should be able to see it refunded back to my bank account within 3 to 5 business days.  (We'll see).  Still, I am not satisfied that is why I am filing this report to have for the record.  I've learned my lesson.  Thanks for your help on this matter too.  Hopefully something can be done about this company. 
Entity: Nationwide
2, Report #1358571
Feb 27 2017
08:31 AM
Bella Serata misleading offer Nationwide
I received an unsolicited email from Retirement Living with an offer from Bella Serata for skin cream samples. I clicked the Bella Serata offer and ordered samples of skin cream and was billed for only shipping. The next day a fraudulent charge was on my Visa for a subscription to Ruthless Workout. I had made no other online purchases and hadn't used my Visa card for a few weeks prior. I contacted Bella Serata and asked them to investigate as I believed my number was obtained from that company. I had to insist that they investigate.  During this conversation I learned that I had 14 days to return the sample creams or be billed $29 or $30.   I asked them to cancel the order but since it had been shipped it was too late. I regret this entire transaction and urge people to avoid Bella Serata.    Nothing but trouble.  
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #1362678
Mar 19 2017
12:10 PM
Bella Serata Unauthorized Charges to Credit Card Orlando Florida
I either heard or saw and ad for the Bella serata skin product that was advertising a skin care product that would remove lines under your eyes and it showed a before and after eye picture. There was a flashing part of advertisment that said  which stated to get a  Risk Free trial of product and only pay the shipping and handling charges. I entered my information for the trial of product on Feb 26th. Feb 27th i received email below which stated exactly what my credit would be billed. I went to purchase something with my Credit card which i new had money, the cashier said it was declined. I went home to look at statement and Bella Serata had charge my card 2x for the amount of $89.03 and $84.94. I would never in a millions years pay this amount of money on any product. I call customer service and the agent was rude and i had to get very angry until she finally would only refund me half of my money back. This is the biggest ripoff ever. I will never purchase anything Free Trial again. This is very discerning and i am sure there are many other victims out there. From: To: Sent: Sunday, February 26, 2017 Hi Dawn Akin, Thank you for placing your recent order. Please find the summary of your order below. Order Number: 8BBA34AC4A Order date: 02/26 10:30am Shipping Address: 18632 Collins Street #32 Tarzana, CA 91356US  Billing Address: 18632 Collins Street #32 Tarzana, CA 91356  Items in Order: Name Quantity Price Bella Serata Skin Cream 1 --- Shipping Guarantee 1 $1.99 Bella Serata Eye Serum 1 --- Bella Serata eMag 1 --- Totals:Sub Total:$1.99 Shipping: $9.87 Grand Total: $11.86  Customer Support: Phone: 877-371-4568 Email: 
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1368104
Apr 17 2017
01:54 PM
Bella Serata Quick switch without notice Internet
This popular advertised skin cream lacked notification that one has 2 weeks in order to test the product or full price is charged and thereafter approximately $90 per month subscription.  If it was there it was in tiny print and I missed it because I normally check for just that hook when I order a sample.  If you call them they will argue with you that you did not call in time and therefore must pay the price of the full 30 day supply.  My 14 days started the day they charged me for the trial.  They did cancel my Subscription but I do not think they were going to refund the $90 fee.  Really a rip off.  
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1378626
Jun 12 2017
01:01 PM
Bella Serata Complete and total rip off - buyer beware natiowide
So I thought I would try the Bella Serata cream - for $4.95 handling fee and get a sample.  Once my order was processed in very faint print was a you will be charge almost $90 membership fee within 14 days of order, here is a number to call to stop membership.  I ordered this on a Sat so waited till Mon.  On Monday the CS person kept trying to sell me more things instead of listening to me.  Normally, I'm not assy to someone on the phone but after three attempts to cancel I finally got loud and told her I was calling to cancel the membership - period.  Then she said since the product was already shipped she would be charging $29.95 to my creidt card.  I told her hell no you won't.  Then she said that I would have to call again once I received the product to get information in order to ship it back as she would not give me that information.  So, now I wait till I get the product to send it back. If they decide to charge my credit card, I will dispute it with the credit card company as I refuse to pay for a rip off.  It's incedible how this company tries to rip people off.  Do not order a thing from them. Supposedly this is a company that some famous name people own.  I am in doubt of that as well.  Either way - buyer beware - this place is a rip off. 
Entity: Internet
6, Report #1383363
Jul 05 2017
04:55 PM
Bella Serata Rip Off Florida, Texas, California Internet
I had seen an article about Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper on It was an article on why she was leaving Fixer Upper on HGTV. One of the reasons stated It was because she was going into beauty care. It said Bella Serata is the product and get your free trial for 4.95. Well I said gee why not Joanna Gaines, she and her husband I always admired. Well I orderd the skin cream and then another panel came up for eye cream, so I said what the heck for another 4.95, I ordered it. I found out later it was a lie. It was not true. Be careful with YAHOO as well as they have a lot of garbage out there. Anyway I later was charged 89 and 84 on my CC bill. I called them and they said I had 14 days to cancel after ordering and there are no refunds or returns even if not used. It was exactly 14 days from the day I ordered. Not sure if its Bella Serata or YAHOO that full of it but I tried to get to thier trial site to read the small print and now I get 404 not found. I called them and they finally cancelled but at a cost my my stupidity. One, Beware of what you read there is a lot of fake crap out there and Yahoo ihas a lot of misleading articles.    
Entity: Internet
7, Report #1395506
Aug 25 2017
10:08 AM
bella serata false advertisement unknown Internet
Vicky San Antonio Tx;They charged me fullprice for the product that advertised free trial samples. I did not approve futher charges for this product. Contacted company explain iwould send product back and was told that these charges will go to a collection agency. this is a rip-off company.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1386050
Jul 17 2017
07:06 AM
Bella Serata and C&M Marketing Bella Serata Trial Offer is a COMPLETE SCAM Internet
I ordered the trial offer of the new Joanna Gaines skin care line, Bella Serata, as the offer stated I would only pay for shipping for the trial offer, and in order to not be charged for the next shipment, I would need to cancel within the 14 day trial period.  I received the product on July 10th, and before my trial period was over, I was charged $89 to my debit card on July 16. If my math is correct 7/10 + 14 days is 7/24, right?  Oh no, when I called on the 17th to cancel and request a refund for the $89, I was told that the 14 day trial period begins the day you order, which, my packing slip shows that my order date was July 4th, so again, if my math is correct, 7/4 + 14 days is 7/18, right?  Oh no, then they say oh, well the order date on the packing slip is incorrect, it's actually July 3rd, which, again, if my math is correct, 7/3 + 14 days is 7/17, and I was calling at 6:30 a.m. on 7/17 to cancel and request my refund, which to me seems like a no brainer that I was still within the 14 day trial period, right? Oh no, apparently, the trial period ends on the 14th day, so really you only get a 13 day trial period, minus the day you order and the number of days it takes for the product to arrive, which is not what the advertisement states.  So in my case, even though the advertisement states I get a 14 day trial period, I really only got a 7 day trial period, and what type of results can you expect from anything within 7 days - None. So, with all of that being said, Bella Sereta refused to reimburse me the full product amount, however, they did offer a 35% reimbursement with the option to keep the product....ummmm....NO!  I am so disgusted at this situation and product that I want it out of my house, and I will never watch Fixer Upper again, even if Joanna Gaines is not associated with his product, she needs to speak out to the public to set the record straight no other person is duped out of $100 + .  I also plan to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.  This scam needs to be stopped!
Entity: Internet
9, Report #1366464
Apr 10 2017
03:48 PM
Bella Serata AMI, AIMEEYE Complete Unscrupulous Company St.Petersburg Florida
In January I responded to an email about an aging cream, that mentioned  a trial for, $4.95, and a fee after that of $89.92, for the next mailing of creams.     After I receive the first package, I called to cancel.   I did not take down any number, if it was given.      In med-March I received a small white carton, that was like the frist one, that was sent.    I did not open the box, because it looked the same, as the first one, and was going to return, in case that I was being charged.....BUT, there was no return, address, nor a company name, of the sender.    It is April 7th, and thst box is still in the house, because I did not have any old information from the first, I was stuck....UNTIL........... My bank debit card was supended for questionable activity.   I called, and was given 3 charges from Bella Setata( the bank found the name)............$89.92 charged in January and Feb, and another in March for $94.90.......all charged, after I verbally cancelled. The bank made a conference call, and I listened to the Bella, Both the bank and I wanted a 100% refund, and the was not approved, until 45 minutes into the call.   From the beginning of the call, that lasted 75 minutes, a return address was requested, but was not readily offered by the representative.   The bank rep, demshipmentanded, and was finally given the adderss in St.Petersburg, Florida.     The Bella rep, is trained to offer nothing, which tell anyone who has been scamed by this company, that, there policy of continued shipments, will be sent and charged, until you cancel, and receive a IRA Cancallation number. When I verbally cancelled, I do not recall receiving this number, nor being told anything about having it, if needed for proof if the cancellation. This company is a piece of garbage.    They are there to make big profits, from product, that results in no skin change, but with multiple shipments, the consumer loosed more money, and their charge increases to whatever level, thay decide to charge.  
Entity: St.Petersburg, Florida
10, Report #1399315
Sep 11 2017
03:41 PM
Entity: Internet
11, Report #1398230
Sep 06 2017
12:08 PM
Bella Serata facial cream deceptive info for trial offer Internet
Bella Serata appeared on my computer as an unrequested pop-up ad.  Cream sounded worth trying, especially for just the $4.95 shipping cost.  I read the Terms and Conditions carefully for any ongoing commitment or charges and found none. Cream received about a week later. Happened to be checking my credit card online and found a charge for narly $90 from Bella Serata; immediately called Customer Service [number obtained from credit card posting online] and was told that my 14-day trial was over and so I was being charged for the bottle of cream.  Told that 14-day trial starts the day of the order, not when the product is actually received. When I pointed out that the order was placed on August 15 and the current date was August 29--14 days!--I was then told that the trial actually ends on day 13 and the billing is done on day 14.  After a lot of raising my voice and taking the representative's name and badge number and advising that the charge would be placed in dispute, as well as rejecting all discounts offered, the call was ended and within a half hour I received an e-mail that the shipment was being removed. The temporary authorization on the credit card was never finalized. If I had noted in the Terms and Conditions that I would be charged $90 in another two weeks I would definitely not have ordered. Did I truly miss that information or is it not there? In any case, avoid the hassle and the scam and get some other face cream from a reputable seller.
Entity: Internet
12, Report #1371047
May 03 2017
09:18 AM
Bella Serata TRIAL OFFER IS A SCAM St Petersburg Florida
I ordered the 14-day trial they offered on television for the price of shipping $9.00+; received the product on April 25 and have not opened it because I've been out of town.  Was going to start using today, May 3; however, I got an alert that my account had been charged $89.03 for a 30-day supply.  At no point was I informed that I was joining their membership and agreeing to auto shipments every 30 days.  Called their customer service at 877-371-4568 and I get the spill that I agreed to it when I clicked rush my trial.  I asked where and was told it is in their fine print under Terms and Conditions (which is located on another page of their website from where you click the rush my trial) and that I also agreed to waive any class -action lawsuit!  Told them I wanted a full refund and was told they could not do that until I returned the product; said it was a 30-day supply not 14-day trial supply?  I told them it was not a problem; it would be in the mail today and how soon would I get my money.  We cannot tell you that because we don't know how long it will take for us to receive the product back.  Told them I had never dealt with such a dishonest company before and they never once apologized for the confusion or misunderstanding but they would not refund my money until they received the product.  Other reports advise they did not get their money back for varying reasons, incorrect RMA, only one RMA when 2 were needed, etc.  I intend to file fraud with my bank as well as the Attorney General's office.  This company needs to be shut down NOW.  
Entity: St Petersburg, Florida
13, Report #1370730
May 01 2017
05:46 PM
Bella Serata Charged my credit card 89.95 for samples I received & paid 10.95 ? Internet
I ordered 2 sample creams from Bella Erata & paid 10.95. Company chaged credit card 89.95. Have called 877-594-2394 & phone is not answered.
Entity: Internet
14, Report #1368362
Apr 18 2017
02:40 PM
Bella Serata Offered free sample, but was charged $89.03 on credit card. # on bill stated TX Internet
 I was offered a free sample for payment of shipping and handling. I was just billed $89.03 on my credit card statement. I called number on statement and they didn't want to tell me the company. I received no satisfaction and told them I would report this company. The product is a joke and the his is a major SCAM.
Entity: Internet
15, Report #1365674
Apr 12 2017
04:26 PM
bella serata charged my bank account without notification of cancalation Internet
I was mislead about this trial period.  My bank account was  charges $84.94 when I should not have been.  Please help me to stop mthese charges.  Thank you
Entity: Internet
16, Report #1354860
Feb 08 2017
12:53 PM
Bella Serata CMI*CCANASKINCR Scam for beauty cream Internet
 Ordered 30 day free trial with ability to cancel 14 days after received. Product ordered on 1/22/17 Used product for 3 days and broke out in rash Email sent on 1/27/17 to cancel all future orders but received no reply Email sent on 1/28/17 to cancel all future orders Email received from Bella Serata that I must call customer service to cancel. 1/28/17 attempted to call Bella Serataa 877-371-4568, held for 15 minutes + and received no response. 2/7/17 My credit Card billed for $89.95 for product that I assumed is for a future sale of the same product that I cancelled on 1/27/17 2/8/17 called my credit card company to deny charge. Credit card rep stayed on line and contacted Bella Serata. Bella Serata advised me that in order to receive credit On my credit card I must first return the trial I received and I will have to pay shipping charges. I have not received any additional product other than the free trial. I do not believe I should have to pay to return a trial sample of the product before I receive credit on my credit card bill.
Entity: Internet
17, Report #1356083
Feb 14 2017
05:29 PM
Bella Serata Cream/ Gumbo Eye Serum Free trial scam Internet
I discovered two separate charges. I obtained the phone numbers for these charges through my bank. WHODATIWDSKINCR - $94.90  (855) 356-2217 GUMGUMBOEYESERU- $89.92  (877) 594-2394 I called both numbers and they wanted me to provide my name and full address. I gave them my name but told both of them I was not comfortable giving further info, and I was joust going to report the fraudulent charges to my bank (which I did). Despite only providing my first and last name and being told they could not look up my account, within 10 minutes I received two separate emails saying my orders from Bella Serata have been cancelled. I did pay shipping for a risk free trial of stupid Bella Serata cream, and now I know better.   
Entity: Internet
18, Report #1384072
Jul 08 2017
06:06 PM
Bella Serata Used Joanna Gaines name falsely to sell product. She has no knowledge of the product. Internet
purchased Bella Serta facial and eye cream after reading an article that Joanna Gaines had quit Fixer Upper and started a skin care line.  Since I like her I decided to try the products.  After further reading I found the statements about her to be false and I called immediately and asked them to cancel mt order.  They were reluctant and offered several more offers however I told them I did not like their false statements and I wanted to cancel!  They have sent me an email stating they cancelled the orders so I will follow up with my credit card company!
Entity: Internet
19, Report #1385508
Jul 14 2017
09:22 AM
Bella Serata; Miss represented their products as joanna Gaines product St Petersburg Florida
 I Wanted to order the face cream that Joanna Gaines has promoted. Looked up Joanna Gaines face cream on Internet. Clicked on the website that had a you tube about Joanna Gaines and her husband. As I scrolled down there was a picture of what I thought was her product. There was an offer to try a free sample which I ordered paying for the shipping and handling only. I was told that I would receive an email with order confirmation which I did not get. A few short minutes later I read on line that this was a scam and contacted them by email (a place where they set up to contact them) and told them to cancel my order. The next day, with still no reply or email from them, I found a telephone number where I called them to cancel the order. After much verbage I got them to cancel my account and said they wouldn't charge my account any more but product was already sent to their warehouse and they could not stop the order. Said they could give me an extension on trying the product. Which was not smart when I told them I didn't want the product and I was under the impression that it was a Free Trial. I guess you only got to try it free for so many days???? It sounded like they were going to automatically send me more products. What a tangled web. I feel very strongly that they misrepresented their product to be that of Joanna Gaines's product which in my opinion is very wrong and of course they will not refund my money for what they call shipping and handling fees. And after talking with them, it sounded like had I not cancelled my account I would have automatically been billed for additional shipments. I have spent several hours trying to stop this order and still not convinced that it has been stopped.
Entity: St Petersburg, Florida
20, Report #1380915
Jun 23 2017
04:39 PM
Bella Serata as advertised on Shark Tank via Facebook is a rip off Internet
In April this year, I ordered a sample of Bella Serata off a Facebook ad.  Had seen many tapes of the eye cream and since I have bags I wanted to try this miracle cream.   First off, I could not just get the eye cream, I had to also order the face cream.  Both samples and shipping was not much more than $15.00.  And since this prticular ad mentioned Shark Tank,  I assumed this was on the up and up. Within 15 days of ordering, my bank account was dinged $89.03 and $84. something.  I called the phone # which appeared on my bank statement.  I started to explain my issue and a man with a foreign accent said no, cannot help you  and hung up on me.  That's when I called my bank.  The money was returned to me and I have not heard anything more.  I have since read all the reports of this company based in Florida.  Will never, ever order off any ads on Facebook.  Have also seen many other ads of a similar nature on Facebook.  Do not know if any are legit.  
Entity: Internet
21, Report #1394844
Aug 23 2017
06:38 AM
Bella Serata Aka: Bayou Skin Cream Screwball Scam!!! Saint Petersburg Florida
 Call me naive, call me gullible.Call me Stupid!!! I came upon an ad about Sally Fields new venture into the beauty business .(a previous complaintant said when she saw the ad a couple years ago it was Angelina Jolies new business venture .) Sally went on to say how her skin doctor came up with this amazing combination of ingredients to enhance her skin, and basically prevent her skin from aging, plus it would reverse whatever damage was already done and who would not trust that beautiful child like face of a flying nun? It said all I had to pay was the shipping fee. That was a total of $9.87. Being a woman who just turned 62, I of course had some concerns.I was a Jersey shore girl who was baking myself on the beach every day as a kid and into my teens and 20's. So I ordered Bella Serata. They wasted no time and shipped it next day 7/28/17. Having fallen for a few scams before, I went back to the ad and searched for any hidden fees or dates, so I wouldn't face the wrath of my husband for being so stupid.There were none as far as I could see. Sure enough, $89.03 was withdrawn from our CC 12 days later by a whole differently named business, Bayou Skin Creams.I had no idea who they were which of course pleased my hubby so. I called Bella Serata the same day, the rep would not listen to a word I said and talked in circles so fast as to convince me I was to blame for this because I 'clearly'had 14 days to call them so this wouldn't have happened. I just kept telling her I wanted a refund and I want this subscription cancelled. She said it was then quickly added So glad I could help you and the connection was lost. From that day foward I will Never read another ad .And shame on you Sally Fields!!! We all expected better of you than to link your self up with such nonsense .Is this the kind of person you really are?
Entity: Saint Petersburg, Florida
22, Report #1404728
Oct 06 2017
05:54 PM
Bella Serata Misleading, dishonest, charged $183.84 to credit card without authorization St Petersburg Florida
*Bella Serata Misleading, dishonest, charged $183.84 to credit card without authorization*
Entity: St Petersburg, Florida
23, Report #1401528
Sep 21 2017
10:08 AM
Bella Serata Bella Serata Skin Cream care Free tiral scam only to get your credit card information and sneakly charge you recurringly! St Petersburg Internet, or FL
On 8/2/2017, a skin care promotion on my LinkedIn newsfeed caught my attention.It was a video showing how young someone looks like after applying Bella Searta, followed by a free trial order link. I want to give it a try! In the end, I only need pay $4.69 shipping fee. On 9/20/2017,I surprisingly received another package from them. I did not sign up for monthly subscription and I did not intend to after trying them a few days! (They are not as advertised at all). I went to check my credit card, and guess what? They charged me $368 (in six different charges) since August! I called them next morning. The customer service said it was my fault not reading the terms and refused to issue me the refund, and also hung up on me. I swore I did not see any terms saying that I have to return within 40 days otherwise I will get charged for the *FREE* trial. Furthermore, I did not subscribe it monthly! Can something be done to stop them fooling consumers like this?I'm so pissed right now~~~~~
Entity: Internet
24, Report #1376124
May 30 2017
01:14 PM
BELLA SERATA bella serata free trial per their advertisement and paid shipping and handling. Then was charged full price and am upset, this is a scam! Internet
I, along with other ripped off customers ordered a 30 day free trial and paid shipping and handling on May 5th.  My account was charged for shipping and handling fees on May 5th. I received product and honeslty did not like it. The box did not contain any instructions for refund nor did is state that I only had 15 days to return item. I tried calling the number on my statement but only got an automated voice message and was placed on hold endlessly. Then came the charges, $89 two charges on May 20th!!! I called them again with no success. I notificed my bank and put this in a dispute. The seconde charge was still pending and I was told to watch my account to disupte it when it goes through. I can't even begin to explain how upset I am that these scammer get away with this. Don't be duped, don't get ripped off. They will charge you for FULL cost of a product that is worthless. They are misleading you into thinking you only pay for shipping and handling and never tell you that in 2 weeks you will be charged 2 times!. The internet is filled with complaints on this company, hopefully someone does something to put a stop to this and we all get reimursed or compensated in some way. BEWARE!!!      
Entity: Internet
25, Report #1357057
Feb 19 2017
07:04 PM
Luna Bella, Bella Serata, UnaBell ?, Skin Care ripoff Internet
My husband got a pop-up that told him he had won any one of several prizes, one of which was free skin care, with the only cost being Shipping & Handling, which was in the neighborhood of $10. He gave them the debit card number, the product eventually came (two small jars), and we thought that was the end of it. Then after about a month, charges of up to around $180 showed up in his bank account. This was on Saturday of a long weekend (President's Day). He called the phone numbers on the bank statement and was told that we had agreed to an ongoing monthly program. He said we had never understood or agreed to such an arrangement, that we are seniors living on fixed income and would never have accepted such a deal. They said, basically, Sorry, Charley. They can't remove the funds until after the holiday so we have transferred all the funds we can out of his accounts in an effort to prevent this scam from working. We have also emailed the bank. This scam offer of free trial for Luna Bella or Bella Serata skin care is NOT FREE, not what it pretends to be, just another ripoff scam. BUYER BEWARE.
Entity: Internet

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