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1, Report #1398780
Sep 08 2017
03:15 PM
Bellmark Consulting LLC I gave Marcus Thrower owner of the company $5,500 for credit services which he never had the ability to provide. I called him numerous of times for the return of my money and he stop returning my calls. I also went to small claims court and his address is fake Cowards In Action Atlanta Georgia
     I paid $5,500 to Marcus Thrower for credit services for which he never provided and never had the ability of providing. He was hiding behind a fake company. I had called Marcus Thrower Of Bellmark Consulting LLC numerous times with no reponse. His phone is active, but goes straight to voice mail.  I filed for small claims at court and his company address was fake. I am filing this report so that others will not become a victim of this fraudulent organized crime.  Mark Allan New York New York
Entity: Smyma, Georgia
2, Report #1196412
Feb 20 2015
01:11 PM
Tours consulting llc Vacations on deck tours consulting llc Coral Springs Florida
 Please help me!!!!! I was contacted by tours consulting llc and after some investigation I found out that they are a company named Vacations on deck. They say I owe a balance for a vacation package that I never took. I researched the owners of tours consulting llc on Facebook and the owner D'andrea Harris is involved with William Karlson/Coach billy carson on Facebook. These are career criminals. I am glad that I did my research before I purchased a vacation package. Please someone stop these people they threatened to file a lien on my house screw you tours consulting llc and Vacations on deck. 
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
3, Report #391848
Nov 16 2008
08:42 PM
Entity: MONROEVILLE, Pennsylvania
4, Report #372448
Sep 12 2008
08:02 PM
This company will impulse you to start working there promising promotions and great pay. Trying to make you think that if you don't take the job there are several people who are willing to take your place. Once you begin it becomes all about the company working near 60 hours a week most of which you are in no way compensated for. Then if by chance you do something wrong you will be fired even if it is not your fault. If you are eligible to file for unemployment the owner Brittany Richard will lie to ensure you don't recieve those benefits and appeal every chance she has. Even if you moved, at her request, 600 miles to work for her company. Then you are forced to move back where you came from just because of her lies! This company will cheat you every chance they have! Appeal after appeal for UC Benefits her lies continue... Dontletherdoit pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania
5, Report #570990
Feb 19 2010
09:11 AM
NovaTech Consulting LLC, Redding, CT was formed to avoid paying arbitration award Redding, Connecticut
The owner of this company, Pamela Cianci, was sued and lost a AAA arbitration award. Instead of paying up the award, she changed her business name from Northpoint Computer Systems LLC to NovaTech Consulting LLC. Please, beware! Visit for more information.
Entity: Redding, Connecticut
6, Report #621146
Jul 07 2010
02:33 PM
Tara Consulting LLC They do not pay their former employees what they have earned Internet
I worked for Tara Consulting from June 20, 2010 to June 26,2010 and have yet to be paid by this company.  They are not responding to my email requests to be paid.  The are rip off artists and treat their employees really poorly. 
Entity: , Internet
7, Report #644567
Sep 26 2010
08:35 AM
Tara Consulting LLC does not pay their independent contractors, Internet
When I first started working for TARA Consulting, LLC, I couldn't have been happier.  Everyone was nice and I instantly had a bond, or so I thought, with Nyla.I was working as an Independent Contractor (they'll be the first to remind you that you are NOT an employee) and was paid, like clock-work, every Sunday morning for awhile.  As I started making more money, I was asked if I could wait a week for my pay.  It wasn't long before I was no longer being asked if I could wait (as is their practice with most of the girls who are ICs for their company).We finally worked out an agreement where I would be getting paid $150 a week (I was making much more than that) until I was paid in full (either by me not making $150 a week or by them having enough money to pay me).I left the company at the beginning of September and not only have I not seen anything more than one $150 payment (I'm owed much more than that), my emails are ignored completely.The sad part... I trusted these people.  I defended them to other girls who were getting upset about slow pay.  I went out on a limb for them, and instead of helping me to safety, they cut the tree down, with me still in it.
Entity: , Internet
8, Report #307717
Feb 09 2008
09:51 PM
On November 2007 i contact the Global Credit Consulting about Credit Repair and Trade Lines. I'm talking with Matheus Oliveira , after a couple calls i'm initiated doing business with Global. I'm from New Jersey , and i finding a lot customer here, the problem is , after i'm sending a lot of money for the Global Credit Consulting , Matheus Oliveira disappeared. At January i'm talk with the assistent(i think) Monica Carvalho, after January , no buddy answer the phone or replay to my emails. The website it was off for 45 days , but this week , the website coming back , but with new address and new phone. I have the proof of my payments , made on BANK OF AMERICA for GLOBAL CREDIT CONSULTING , but my clients don't received the right service and ask me about the money for the service. I need fix that problem and received my clients money back, becouse i'm work hard and don't want to lose my reputation in New Jersey. Wilson newark, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
9, Report #1101164
Nov 21 2013
08:36 AM
Online Consulting Group LLC Garcenia Cambogia on Facebook St. George Utah
I ordered a free trial that I saw advertised on facebook. They sent me 4 bottles and I saw a charge on my account. I called them and they gave me an RMA# and said to send 3 bottles back and I could keep 1 for my free trial. That was on 9/2/13 I talked to Jom or Jon. Then I called back on 9/23/13 and spoke to Marian Ext 202215 who said to wait 3-5 business days.Another time I spoke to vivina who assured me it would only be upto another 2 weeks for my credit. Then On 11/5/13 I spoke to Andrew ext112474 who gave me a refund code and said to wait another 2 weeks. Next i spoke to someone on 11/18/13 who assured me I would get a call back from a supervisor which I never received of course. Finally i called back on 11/21/13 and was disconnected by Megan who offered me a $75 refund instead of $148.95 and when I refused she disconnected me then I spoke to Jake who said Oh you only returned 3 bottles so you are not eligible for a full refund only $75 and also hung up on me.
Entity: St. George, Utah
10, Report #1100907
Nov 20 2013
10:24 AM
Consulting Group LLC deceptive advertising, liar, false promises, criminal St. George Utah
Like other people, I have been taken in by false promises to refund a product that I ordered on the Internet. This product was Green Coffee Beans (under the name of Carcinia Cambogia Extract).Initially I ordered a trial bottle for $4.95, and because I did not cancel in time I was then sent 4 additional bottles, at a total cost of $148.95 (charged to my credit card).When I contacted the company, they agreed that I could return the product for a full refund, and that this would be honoured within 10-15 business days. This was nearly two months ago. I was careful to pay for a tracking procedure through Canada Post, so I know that the product was delivered.This company is obviously engaged in repeatedly ripping-off the general public and should be held to account. This does a not reflect well on genuine advertising on the Internet.
Entity: St. George , UT
11, Report #1201036
Feb 22 2016
02:07 PM
JSM Consulting, LLC Michael Todd, Michael Mell Fake Job Offer Nationwide
I am so glad I have learned to check out people offering jobs. I have been unemployed for nearly a year, and have become very vulnerable to the offers of immediate employment. The other posts about JSM Consulting's email from Michael Todd/Mell were eye-openers, as the exact same email - word for word - was just sent to me, today. Unbelievable. I live in the Metro Atlanta area. JSM is a nationwide operation. My main concern is where JSM got our email addresses from. It is probably not a coincidence that I just updated my profile on yesterday. There needs to be more privacy enforced on these larger, well-known job sites that are used on a daily basis by active job seekers. Signing up for Monster, CareerBuilder, LinkedIn, Indeed, etc. then produces alerts from other job sites like ZipRecruiter, Gigats, and numerous others. All of these sites list the same jobs, and even note which jobsite the listing came from. Our personal information is being shared without our consent. As soon as we unsubscribe, more sites are added to the alert team, and it never ends. Scamsters like JSM Consulting need to be stopped. The stress of looking for a job is hard enough. You build yourself up, get excited after an interview that you thought went well, and then get rejected. It's stressful enough, and can destroy your self-confidence. Idiots like JSM are all over the place and one has to wonder why they do this. What do they gain from screwing with people? Haven't they ever been unemployed? They NEED to be stopped now! Here is a list that was at the end of my email from Michael Todd/Mell: More about us? Angieslist City Search Bullhorn Groupon offer Carreerlink Whitepages Yahoo.com Facebook Linkedin Yelp Glassdoor,25.htm Website Here is what they said about themselves on From the business Specialties Free web traffic, Facebook Fans, YouTube views or Twitter followers in exchange for business reviews! No catch just try our services for free with the promise of an honest review! More than likely, they are rying to get into the staffing services industry, and are using random job-seekers' info to gain support from their clients by showing what else they can do for them. Good luck, fellow job seekers! Because you're reading this report, you are already taking control of your time, and making sure it is not wasted.
Entity: Nationwide
12, Report #1339008
Nov 20 2016
01:06 PM
Definitive Consulting Services LLC Debt Collection Fraud Menifee California
There are actually two business entities involved in this particular instance, operating in a conspiracy to defraud me financially.  It's just their particular misfortune that they reached me, an individual who can spot a scam from miles away, and that my disability leaves me with nothing but an overabudance of time to make them miserable.  I've actually had dealings with both these companies before, three times I believe, and you would think they would have learned by now to leave me be.  I guess my mistake was in giving them credit for far more intelligence and common sense than the whole lot of them are capable of possessing in the first place.The two business entities involved in the criminal conspiracy are:Superior Processing Services, IncCalifornia Entity Number C307568714426 Victory Blvd,Van Nuys, Los Angeles County, California 91401.(951) 319-7690(818) 989-9589 Definitive Consulting Services, LLC,California Entity Number 20143521048928323 Spring Creek WayMenifee, Riverside County, California USA 92585(844) 349-9264 As mentioned, I have occasional contact with these business entities (I prefer criminal enterprises), and BOTH work in concert in order to get around the FCRA and any laws prohibiting their gross and willful misconduct and criminal activities. I would have thought they would have learned by now to leave me alone, but I learned today I credited them with far greater intelligence and common sense than they actually possess. I was contacted jointly and within the same telephone call initiated by Superior Processing Services, Inc. The woman employed by them which I spoke with refused to identify herself, and it took a second call later to confirm the business name (though she lied about the location). In the initial contact, she provided me with my own personal information based solely on my caller ID information and statement that she properly stated what my name is. She then claimed the contact was in reference to a serious legal matter, provided me with a case number, and then transferred my call (or pretended that was what she was doing) to Travis. Travis never did identify that he worked for Definitive Consulting Services, LLC, he only stated that he worked in the claims and litigation division of his law firm. He also confirmed my identity by asking me if specific information was correct or not, I only needed to claim it was correct. He claimed he was attempting to verify my place of residence for service of a court summons over a debt owed to telco communications, regarding an alleged debt on an account I allegedly closed with Sprint in 2012 in the amount of $950 US. When I refused to confirm or deny my home address (this time he had VERY old information that was not correct), he muttered some profanity under his breath into the phone. At this point I calmly and politely demanded the attorney of record in the matter contact me immediately, at which point he hung up with no further comment. As I am a victim of identity theft, I decided to make a follow-up call directly with Sprint Corporation. They did confirm I owed a debt with them regarding an account I had closed, albeit for a much smaller amount and from 2007, rather than 2012. I was also able to confirm that the single company authorized to collect debts on behalf of Sprint was still who I believed them to be (I had been a customer for a very long time). They showed no information of any account existing after November 2007. A supervisor even said she would recommend the debt owed not be pursued further (they hadn't been pursuing it as far as I know, but that is nice of her to do), given I am now severely and permanently physically disabled and no longer able to work. I then called a second time to Superior Processing Solutions, Inc, who provided me this time with her employer's name, and the name of the client she was working with, Definitive Consulting Services, LLC, and claimed both were based in Riverside (false, see above).  I didn''t push for her name, even if she felt so inclined as to provide one, it would be every bit as fictitious as the debt they claimed to be collecting. I generally recommend that ANY communications with anyone you do not personally know regarding any alleged debt owed someone to be in writing. Legitimate debt collectors have no issue with this, though some may require you put that requirement in writing and mail it to them. I've had two actually mail me a postage paid pre-printed envelope to use, because they understood postage was a financial luxury I could not afford, and my disability made going to the post office a logistical nightmare. Compare that to the conduct of the two listed above, and you can see the difference between a legitimate and professional debt collector and criminal entrepreneurs.This was an interesting twist on an old scam, but I knew what they were about when they placed their robocall to me, and then evaded answering my questions regarding who they were.  Many thanks to Sprint Corporation and Enhanced Resource Centers of Jacksonville, FL for helping me to look into this matter, and in confirming the above referenced two companies were involved in a conspiracy to defraud me financially.I suppose I should also thank the two criminal enterprises above as well, for unwittingly providing this shut-in with some badly needed entertainment for the afternoon.  After all, nothing is as entertaining as letting a criminal entrepreneur (or in this case two) step on the old crank while wearing golf shoes.
Entity: Menifee, California
13, Report #74042
Dec 04 2003
02:26 PM
GW Consulting, LLC ripoff! Ormond Beach Florida
On or about July of 2003 I received an e-mail solicitation to go to a particular website, and make money cause the emailer did. I did so and came upon workingtowardswealth site. After reading the information I felt drawn to this ad and the potential to make a great deal of money, from home. I was particularly drawn to the statement that included the term Cash Machine and how I could use my computer to earn a lot of money while away from my desk or office. I payed the $19.00 fee, fully expecting to be receiving a kit or a phone call. In a few days I did receive a phone call from their salesman (I think Jonathan was his name). I asked him if I was going to get something for the payment I made and he asked me a few questions which included Was I self employed. I told him I was and he immediately told me that I was now eligible for the advanced system, which was the IPSS super system. He said that this software would allow me to reach our to literally millions of people everday, around the world with advertising and would be in business in just a matter of days, if I bought now. Cost of the system was $3,500.00 and I could not afford that. He then asked if I had a credit card and I did. He then told me that if my limit was high enough to cover the investment, I would be earning the payoff amount by the time the first payment was due. He said that I would be able to reach millions of customers with days of our conversation, guranteed. He said he couldn't guarantee that I would be rich, but that he could guarantee that I would reach enough customers every hour to make a successful business a reality. I was in need of a method of earning income, as I was currently operating a small business of my own without an income. The salesman convinced me that the IPSS would be the answer to my marketing needs and I could market my own products and services to the whole world. I told him that if this was so I would invest in a new computer and start this home business from scratch. He said that I would receive my IPSS a few days after I made the payment of $3500.00. I would also be receiving all the necessary support and information to get my new business off the ground. I told him that it was very important that I start getting revenue from this business with in the first thirty days of my payment, cause I needed to repay the credit card payment. He reassured me that this would not be a problem and that he would have the system shipped over night. After making the payment I waited for the system. Three weeks had gone by and I had not received my IPSS. I called the company and they said that it was in the mail. I asked why it was not shipped over night and was told that it was to costly and the items were being sent through standard delivery and that explained the delay. I received the system 3 weeks after purchase. In the meantime I purchased a New Dell Computer XP (cost: $750+). The sales person did tell me that as long as the system was XP there would be no problems. However, when I recvied the system I could not activate it until I faxed them a signed copy of an agreement that I would not ask for a REFUND. I did not see this as a problem, as I was convinced that the software would make me a marketing success over night. But, I needed to get revenue going right away, so I signed. Very long story short... This is December 2003 and I still do not have a marketing (IPSS) system that has allowed me to reach the so called millions of customers. The IPSS they sent me was mal functioning so they had to send me a second one and that system failed also. In the process of trying to determine the problem with the IPSS, I was told that it had to be my computer. They checked my computer by proxy and found nothing wrong. They then said that it was my service provider. I had just purchased DSL for this new business and they thought it was the problem. But, I also had roadrunner in my home so I tested it on that system and I had the same problem. Then then asked me to ship my computer to Florida and they wanted to check it. I told them that their sales information said that my XP would work, but nothing worked properly. They had one Technician from Florida working with me for weeks. Then they had a TECH in Spain working with me for weeks. This was John D. and he got frustrated and couldn't figure out what the problem was. So much so that suddenly one day I couldn't reach him any more. He disappeared and showed up in Florida a week or so later. I have not been helped since... More so I have been neglected and avoided. I have not made a single DIME from this investment. G W Consulting has tried to work with me and my computer to get this IPSS system to work properly and it has failed. They also built two web sites for me (At cost) that would generate sales online. But, not a single inquiry has been generated from that effort either. I have also had to purchase related services that total well over an additional $1,500.00 and am still paying for these services and the IPSS and GW Consulting has not been able to get my business off the ground. I have documentation from GW Consulting stating We apologize that we have not been able to get your business off the ground, but have patience. I was told that I would be in business within the first thirty days and six months later, I STILL HAVE NO BUSINESS.. My patience has run out and I have made a request for re-imbursement of only my intitial investment and the cost of the merchant account services. Now it seems that my emails aren't reaching them and NO ONE returns my phone calls. I have asked the president of the company to call me and no one has returned a call. This complaint has a lot more information, than what I have been able to enter on this report. I have months of documented communication with this firm. I have decided that I will now pursue all of my financial losses and attempt to recover potential earnings. This firm was very deceptive in their sales and failed to deliver the working tools that could have put me in business. I have to commend their efforts to correct the problem, But I gathered from several conversations with their staff, that this system and their sales program was faily new and any adjustments or corrections were made on an AS YOU NEED basis. Great for them, but bad for someone like me who is told that if I pay well over $4,000 I will be in business in days and making money. Thank you, Roy F. Brooks, Jr. Roy Kailua, HawaiiU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Work at Home Scams click here to read other Rip-off Reports on Home Based Businesses
Entity: Ormond Beach, Florida
14, Report #565105
Feb 05 2010
03:42 PM
Legacy Financial Consulting Legacy Financial Consulting LLC LOAN MODIFICATION COMPANY SCAM ALERT/WILL HURT YOUR CREDIT Corona, California
Wow, is all I can say.  This economy is crumbling and you have people like this who scam you and destroy your credit This company practices in DECEPTIVE TRADE PRACTICES.   They have a Satellite company in Sanford FL, where the owners Son is the boss.  If you are behind or not behind on your mortgage it doesnt matter.  They promise to help you modify the terms of your exisiting mortgage.  They ask for an upfront fee of $2500 dollars, thank god when I stupidly gave it to them, it was a credit card, (but they pushed for a bank card).  My case was sent over to a supposed attorney who represents you (Steve Sanders not the character off the old 90210)...and then to a loan modification specialist named Gisselle Padilla (A woman who shouldn't be aloud to do customer service who ends up belittling you, yelling at you when she has your credit and lively hood in her hands.  I started this whole thing in june 2009 and man am I sorry I ever did.  I was told to stop paying my mortage payments, which would be the only way I would qualify for a modification.  They said if I was on time, my mortgage company would have no reason to modify my terms of my mortgage.  They told me not to talk to my mortage company and to refer all calls to them.  I was told any notices I received in the mail, just to forward it to them.  Long story short, I went into foreclosure status on Oct 2nd 2009, The only way to pull me out of that was to pay a large reinstatement fee.  I found this out 4 days after it happened.  I was tired of never getting a call back or receiving erroneous info so I called my mortage company and found this out a few days too late.   I immediately called them and demanded my money back.  I couldnt believe when they immediately sent me the 2500 dollars back.  (weird huh), scared of a lawsuit?  There should be a class action lawsuit against scum like this.  I tried to do a loan mod through my company and low and behold it takes 45-60 business days to hear back.  They first put you through the OBAMA plan to see if you qualify.  The only way to qualify is to pay more than 31% of your income to your mortage.  I make more than the requirements, so I was denied after that long wait. I was sent lawsuit papers and a hearing date was set for my house to go to auction in the meantime... I had to pay the large reinstatement fee to avoid that.. and now I am trying to do a traditional modification through the company.  We will see how this turns out.  I had to put myself in more debt to do that.  The mortage company only will accept certified funds (cashier's check or money order).  I had to pay with some money I already had and a convenience check from a credit card needed to be deposited in my acct and cleared so I could get a large check together and overnight it to the mortage company Man I thought I was smarter than this.  I really beat myself up for this.  It caused a huge strain in my marriage, which thankfully is now better which much prayer and work.  Finances is the biggest fight in most marriages.  I want to sue this company, I think they are purely the devil in carnet and deserve to be sued for what they put me through and I am guessing countless others. Sincerely Tired of freaking scams
Entity: Corona, California
15, Report #213015
Sep 27 2006
11:56 AM
Gould Consulting, Business Credit without a personal guatantee!!Scam Internet
I contacted Mr Gould about an ad I found on Craigs list for obtaining business credit. Mr could told me about all the ways he was going to help me obtain business credit without a personal guarantee. I then meet with Mr Gould and gave him a $600.00 check for my business credit, after my check cleared I was told nothing but lies then after I asked for my money back he agreed that I shoud get it back and he put it in the mail, here's the email below. I have no problem giving you a refund based of the promises of the business credit program, my apologies on the matter. I will send you over a close out documents which in clude your Dunns# to your home address and check for $660 dollars. I apologize for any disruption this may have caused you. Best regards, Dan Gould My company name is Dunn Management LLC and he has me down as one of his clients and that not true either.Every one needs to know about this company it is a scam!!! Tracy College Park, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
16, Report #626809
Jul 27 2010
11:53 AM
Alaniz Consulting Services, LLC Rene Alaniz Rip-Off, Crappy Work Product, No Refunds, No Skills Wichita Falls, Texas
Do NOT use Alaniz Consulting for ANY of your business needs.  He gives crappy work product, no refunds, doesn't answer emails or phone calls, is unprofessional, over charges, has no skills in business plans, strategic marketing, grant writing.  He is a fraud!  Save yourself hundreds of dollars and use someone else. 
Entity: Wichita Falls, Texas
17, Report #1316203
Jul 11 2016
10:56 AM
Bruce Cash, United Strategies, Inc., USI Consulting USI Consulting, Southwest Resource Services, LLC , Mecca Productions, LLC ,The Brownfield Group, LLC, Laguna Development, LLC, Water Protection, Inc., Avista Development, LLC, Usr West Coast, LLC Defrauded out of $65,000 Redlands California
On February 8, 2016 I was referred to Bruce Cash (USI Consulting & Southwest Resource Services, LLC) regarding some issues on my property in Fontana.  There was $91K in property taxes due on the property and he said he could reduce it to $50K after an assessment appeal.  There's also approx $4K in code enforcement fines which he said he could take care of through his connections with the city of Fontana. He also told me he could clear up other leans on the property. I paid him $10K up front for these services. 2 weeks ago I contacted the assessor and they stated there was no contact from Bruce Cash or USI consulting. I missed an important deadline on April 11 and was given an additional penalty.  I would have paid the taxes before then if I had known. Bruce told me he was working on it any I had nothing to worry about. As of today, there is no evidence that he's completed any work on the property. He conned me. I've had to hire someone else to work on these issues.In early March he called me up and said he had an investment opportunity regarding the purchase of a 5 acre lot in Fontana and he needed $35K.  He already had the buyer and seller lined up, he just needed the money to deposit into escrow.  If successful, I would get $50K in addition to my $35K investment.  If it fell out, I would immediately be fully refunded my $35K + 12% interest on these funds.  He he kept on stressing that there is zero risk. On June 1, I found out that the deal never went into escrow and the property was sold to a different party.  I found this out on my own, asked Bruce for my money back and so far been given one excuse after another.Shortly after I gave him the $35K in March, he also pitched me on an investment regarding a project he was waiting for payment on (Ecology - State Sand & Gravel).  He provided me with invoices he was waiting on payment  for totaling $26,677.  He needed $20K immediately and in return he would give me the $26,677 ($8,252 + $18,424) from the invoices when they were paid.  He said I would be repaid within 2-3 weeks, maybe sooner if he got paid earlier. He again stressed that there is absolutely zero risk.  2 weeks ago I contacted the (Ecology - State Sand & Gravel) regarding the invoices. I spoke to the co-owner and chief operating officer of ecology.  According to them, the invoices are completely fabricated - they had never seen them before I provided them a copy.  They said there is no basis, contractual or implied, for Bruce to be able to create the invoices he sold me and a crime was probably committed.
Entity: Redlands, California
18, Report #1095375
Oct 29 2013
08:52 AM
online consulting group llc OCG LLC- MAX GARCINIA BURN Got my money! St George Utah
Thought I was trying this product for $2.95, only to receive an invoice of $148.95! Can't get them on the phone, answer or return an email! I need my money, they got my money!
Entity: St George, Utah
19, Report #755215
Jul 19 2011
10:52 AM
HP Consulting Inc. Frontline Communications LLC Scam - Magazine sales contest Kittredge, Colorado
Monday afternoon two boys, late teens approached my house requesting about purchasing magazine subscriptions as a fundrasier for their trip to Germany. They were a home schooled group of kids in a contest, boys against girls. They were very convincing, had what I thought were authentic documents and stated the subscriptions were for the Veterans and soldiers. That I needed to make sure that I considered both, the men and the women so if I could do one for each it would be great. I would be getting a picture postcard in the mail from a soldier that received my magazine. They caught me off guard, and without stopping to look them up real quick on line, I went ahead and did two subscription and wrote them two checks. After an hour or so, I got a funny feeling and decided to look them up on line. Sure enough - Numerous reports of this scam across the US are out there. I called the bank this am and put stops on the checks and reported them stolen. So much for trying to be a trusting soul...
Entity: Kittredge, Colorado
20, Report #1280658
Jan 17 2016
07:36 PM
DISYS LLC Being hired by DISYS: CAVEAT EMPTOR!!! McLean Virginia
Jobseekers, beware of dealing with DISYS LLC. of McLean, VA.  Their outrageous lack of business ethics needs to be shared, so that others are aware and don't succumb to their horrendous and unconscionable practices.  They are dishonorable in every aspect. First, in my own recent experience, after several interviews with a large client, and the client's verbal offer, Disys furnished to me a formal offer in writing to perform contract engineering work for this well-known public company in East Boston.  Disys then stipulated a drug screening, a 3rd party extensive background check, a credit check, a proof of education check (including a request for transcripts), a MA DCJIS CORI database check and a TB ppd-test update screening for the client. All of these I completed with alacrity over the holidays. DISYS then rescinded the written offer because the contract rate was too high (some $40/hr. too high) for the client. In other words, DISYS did not exercise the minimal commensurate due care in approving the rate with the client, yet they authored and extended a formal offer at the higher rate, regardless. They then subjected me to a intense screening ritual which involved quite a bit of my time and actual expenses that DISYS never reimbursed.  If that doesn't border on fraudulent practice or just simple lying, I'm not sure what does.  For almost 2 weeks, before rescinding the offer (not in writing with any reasonable explanation, but reluctantly, over several phone calls), DISYS sent reminders hourly to electronically sign the offer along with a 26-page employment agreement.  In other words , again, when they believed the offer to be greenlighted and sound,  they induced me to believe them and the same, meanwhile they couldn’t remind, pressure or urge enough for me to hurry up and sign the agreement (initially demanding a 24 hour deadline),  and yet when the client had issues with the rate in the end and - unbeknownst to me at the time-  had pulled the offer, my calls to DISYS about the start date they had promised went unreturned. But what will perhaps be most alarming for others is specifically the agreements. Disys's multi-page employment offers include nasty arbitration, confidentiality and non-compete agreements with very onerous terms that you're required to sign as one entity within a day. They'll require any arbitration to take place in McLean, VA., and they are absolutely non-negotiable on this provision.   I personally tried to negotiate this specific provision, as a trusted advisor suggested that it is eminently fair to request, since you're being compelled to potential arbitration, and that you not have the additional insulting and burdensome duty of having to take an expensive and possibly stressful business trip out-of-state to participate in a potentially tilted and hostile legal proceeding.  Disys wouldn't negotiate it.  I am always amazed at how companies like Disys have seemingly no limit to their demands of you to perform upfront and unpaid (screenings, vaccination update, background check, past paystub copies, requiring you to find a bank and travel in person to authenticate an I-9 form, etc.), yet they will become the most reprehensible, lay-down, intransigent, unreciprocal slug when you make entirely reasonable requests of them.  As another example, although the recruiter promised a reimbursement of the $64, paid-out-of-pocket, TB screening, Disys refused to reimburse it at my personal request. As if the arbitration provision is not bad enough- being compelled to relinquish your statutory and constitutional rights as a US citizen to pursue a legitimate work-related dispute in courts of competent jurisdiction but instead consent to subject the same to the very questionably objective forum of arbitration (which most lawyers will generally tell you, typically favor the stronger party, the employer) - Disys's forced agreement includes other gems.   The terms include you irrevocably granting them the power of attorney-in-fact to perform your signature, in absentia, on any related legal documents with the same legal bearing as you signing in person.   Disys's non-compete agreement states that you will not perform the same services (essentially, what you do in your career) within a 50 mile radius of a client in their territory for up to 1 year after you terminate employment with them. What happens if Disys has clients in consecutive territories in a state like Massachusetts? Can’t work in your home state? Can’t work in New England or your region of the country without pain of showing up in McLean, VA for arguing through arbitration your right to feed yourself or your family?   In the same tenor, Disys further declares that you shall not perform services for up to 1 year after termination for anyone with whom you had material contact in the course of client business. What are the reasonable limits on that? So you're barred from pursuing any lead or business relationship that may develop as a result of you’re talking with someone in the course of your job?? Finally, and along with the power-of-attorney, I cannot recall ever seeing anything quite like this, Disys requires you to sign a consent to notification to future employers or PROSPECTIVE employers that allows DISYS the option to provide a copy of the employment agreement along with their opinion regarding its enforceability. The outrages speak for themselves. Following are some of the more egregious clauses buried in their 26-page employment agreement. Once again, their name is DISYS LLC. of McLean, VA. Best of luck in your process.  If DISYS is unable for any reason to secure Employee’s signature on any required document relating to the foregoing, Employee hereby irrevocably designates and appoints DISYS and its duly authorized officers and agents as Employee’s agent and attorney-in-fact, to act for and in Employee’s behalf to execute and file any such documents and do all other lawfully permitted acts to further the purposes of the foregoing with the same legal force and effect as if originally executed by Employee. Employee shall not perform, or attempt to perform, directly or by assisting others, any Services for any Client to which, within one year prior to such termination of Employee’s employment, (i) Employee provided Services on behalf of Employer, or (ii) with whom Employee had Material Contact;  Employee shall not, as a principal, employer, stockholder, partner, agent, consultant, independent contractor, employee or in any other individual or representative capacity, perform, directly or by assisting others, the same or substantially same Services Employee performed for DISYS within the one year prior to termination for any Competitor within the Territory.  For avoidance of doubt, this provision does not preclude Employee from performing services for a Competitor in a non-competitive capacity.  DISYS also has the right to specific performance without posting a bond and Employee hereby waives the adequacy of a remedy at law as a defense to such relief.  In the event DISYS prevails in any action to enforce the terms of this Agreement, DISYS shall be entitled to recover its reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs.  Tolling.    If Employee fails to comply with a time-limited restriction in this Agreement, the time period applicable to the restriction shall be extended by one day for each day Employee is found to have violated the restriction up to a maximum period of the original agreed-upon period of forbearance.    Consent To Notification Of Future Employers.  Employee agrees that DISYS may provide a copy of this Agreement, along with an opinion regarding its enforceability, to any future employers or prospective employers.  Employee agrees that such notification by DISYS shall not be actionable by Employee or form the basis for any claim by Employee of tortious interference, defamation, or other violation of the law.
Entity: McLean, Virginia
21, Report #51518
Apr 03 2003
03:37 PM
Treehouse Consulting And Marketing, LLC Total ripoff ripoff business from hell Provo Utah
i think everyone know how i got into this mess. anyway i am now being turned over to a collection agancy. i recieved my product i called the number five times with no luck of contacting anyway one answer my questions. Finally on the sixth call i got ahold of customer service to tell them that i don't feel any different and that i was sending the product back but needed to know when it needed to be back there weather it needed to be certified or what i needed to do. They explained that all i had to do was return the item before the trial period was over so i did. stupid me thinking that was the end recieved the letter today stating my account was forwarded to the agancy. i am going to let the agency know that i returned the item and should not be billed but we will see it is now even costing more than it is worth i am now having to make long distance calls. I am done speaking to the gentleman at monterey collections and i realize that he is just doing his job but he has stated that this has to be paid in full or go against my credit. so i guess that it will have to go against my credit for now because i refuse to pay it because they are a huge ripoff. If anyone does file a lawsuit please advise so that i may also be included. thank you Heather Brighton,, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Provo, Utah
22, Report #373316
Sep 16 2008
07:26 AM
This company charged my credit card 3 times! I thought I ordered some free software for only S&H of $1.95 The software was for online work at home.I never received the software, just an email confirmation. The email confirmation gave me a link to an account that I was told to go and change my password. Which I did. (BIG MISTAKE). They charged me for my initial $1.95 and then 2 weeks later charged me $39.85 and then $129.85 and another $39.85. I am out over $200.00. I called them and tried to get them to reverse these charges since I never did receive their CD. They were RUDE and they claimed that there was never a software offer. (A Lie of course). They claimed that since I clicked on their website I agreed to their terms and conditions and therefore they would not be refunding me any money. I have found many reports about them since yesterday..If only I had checked before I gave them my credit card info. I filed a report with the AZ State Attorney General's office and will not stop filing reports until they are brought to justice. I will probably never get my money back but if I would like to make their life as miserable as they have made mine and so many others like me. They need to be stopped!! HELP!!! Debbie UPLAND, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: SCOTTDALE, Arizona
23, Report #379813
Oct 09 2008
02:51 PM
S3sales S3Sales_VU EbayS3 Consulting LLC Snappy Auctions MISREPRESENTED, CHEATED, FRAUD Nashville Tennessee
Aug. 15, 2008 I purchased a TN-460 Brother toner cartridge from their ebay store S3sales_VU (370077711130) it was advertised as new unopened. I paid for it the day I purchased it. I received a box that read TN-460 it was taped closed. I put the toner cartridge away until I needed it which happened to be 3 1/2 weeks later, when I opened it the inside foil was slit open and the cartridge in the box was a TN-430 not a TN460 and it was completely used and empty of toner. I had to run and buy a new cartridge from Office Max that day. When I contacted them they accused me of waiting too long to contact them then when I explained why, they said it was my machine, then how do they know I didn't use it and was trying to get them to refund the $$. After much argument they said they would refund my $$ which I never received, after filing a greivance they again made the same accusations. It was only $47 I was ripped off but I don't want others to get ripped off the same way and be accused of what they are actually doing. I have been a ebay user since 2001, never filed a grievence or had to leave a negative feedback or receive one, however I was too quick to give them a positive feedback because I received my package timely. People open your packages ASAP!! And now they don't care. Rest assured I will leave a followup msg. Djtrujillo Albuquerque, New MexicoU.S.A.
Entity: Nashville, Tennessee
24, Report #594035
Apr 17 2010
02:57 AM
Tara Consulting LLC,,,, and plenty more!!! Lies, cheats you, manipulates you, over works you New Albany, Ohio
At first I thought Tara Consulting was a great company, but then I started to realize that this company is an awful places to work! They expect you to make Tara your #1 in anything that you plan on doing during the day. They tell you that you are an Independent Contractor but demand that you vote on the phonesex central site every 3-4 hours, go into nawty chat, dispatch at least 2 or 3 shifts a week if you are signed up to dispatch, and turn in a schedule every week. When you first start all your doing is loggin on to Pandion taking calls. What's the point in being on to take calls if your not going to get them if your not in their chat room. You may luck up and get a call, but with their new guidelines that's pretty much wishful thinking. After a while of being there you will be asked to take on the responsiblity of dispatching which at first seems like a good idea. When I signed up to dispatch I was making $1 per call sent out, but with the recent changes they have made they don't pay you to dispatch. So, your pretty much working for free during your 4 hour shift of dispatch. If your working more than one shift a week the hours add up but your pay doesn't. The pay rate you are offer for the calls you do while not dispatching goes up to 40%, but think about it does that really make a difference? I think not!!!! Oh, you'll also lose almost all of your regulars. If you have managed to keep everything straight and haven't made a single mistake you'll be asked to become an Assistant to one of the team leads so you can be groomed to become a team lead. This adds on more time for you to be logged on to Pandion, so you better not have another job, a family, or a life for that matter. You'll do all the work while the team leads get your pay! You better NOT even think about missing up in the slightest little bit cause they'll take everything thing from you and you'll only be able to take calls like you did when you first started as well as drop your pay. Everyone tries to act all friendly and family like but it's not true. Scott aka Studly won't answer you when you message him. When he finally does it's cause you've messaged him several times and he gets RUDE with you. You don't get paid on time if you even get paid at all! Lisa Randall Orem-Boulanger aka Nyla will tell you everything you want to hear to try to keep you there and working hard for no pay. She has her own daughter working there but she doesn't want to work there. Cheryl York aka Roxanna is ripping off the company but Nyla does't seem to care. She takes calls on the side and guys have told the dispatchers when Roxanna isn't there that they will just call her house. Oh and she lies to you manipulates you into thinking their company is the greatest ever! Rayvonne I don't know her real name has been there for 7 years which I really can't see why. She is a nice person, but is hardly ever there. So I advise you to really research the company before you apply they could be as corrupt at Tara Consulting, LLC!
Entity: New Albany, Ohio
25, Report #614365
Jun 15 2010
11:33 AM
Cutting Edge Consulting LLC Marketing properties and being paid up front. Signing contracts for buyers and never closing anything Roswell, Georgia
I have dealt with Bailey of Cutting Edge Consulting for almost 4 months now.  She claimed that she could sell my property and came out to see me and had me sign a consulting agreement with her company.  Once this was done, she claimed that she had a bulk buyer for my property as well as, 70 others.  We received documentation from Chicago Title for this closing.  However, we are all still waiting for this to close.  I have not heard from Bailey in well over two months.  She has been ignoring my phone calls and emails.  She is hiding, as I have spoken with the title company and we are no closer to closing these properties.  This person is shady and cannot be trusted.  At first she tried to sell our properties to a company called REO Accquisitions who turned out to be a fraud.  Michael Robinson and someone named Oliver and they never had any intention of closing these properties.  Bailey has let all these people down with her consistent lies and leading people on.  I have done everything that was asked of me, only to be left her to sit and wander what is going on.  I have also found out that she signed the contract and the warranty deeds.  I am trying to find out what she is doing and how this is benefiting her.  
Entity: Roswell, Georgia

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