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1, Report #89087
Apr 26 2004
07:51 PM
Best Buy ripoff Best Buy Minnesota
I complied with all requirements for my rebate refund with Best Buy, and just received a letter stating I only qualify for one of my two rebates. Why? They said only one rebate per household. But I bought two seperate E-Machines computer systems. So why am I not entitled to both my refunds? This is really poor business etiquitte. I took into account the rebates for both these systems, that's why I made this major purchase with this well known company, that I really trusted. I have spent thousands of dollars with this company and they want to keep my 150.00 rebate refund, even after I mailed everything in that was required in the right time frame? This is a shame. If I don't receive this rebate that I'm entitled to, ( I'm still waiting to hear back from them, after mailing a complaint ), I will never again extend my business to this company. Loretta Silverdale, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Best Buy, Minnesota
2, Report #417
Dec 14 1999
12:00 AM
I purchased a P.C. at Best Buy and the extended warranty. After a while the hard drive crashed. We called the 800 number to get it fixed. When they found out we put in a card, they told us it voided the warranty. Theyll sell you the computer, theyll sell you the warranty, theyll sell you the upgrade but when you put it in, theyll void your warranty.
Entity: Denver, Colorado
3, Report #123536
Dec 18 2004
09:04 PM
Best Buy ripoff best buy Jackson Michigan
i bought nero software at best buy. it was on sale. i got home and decided i didn't need it. so i took it back to best buy with receipt and tryed to get my money back. they told me no that it had been open. i did not open it in any way. said well we can't take it back. i was mad. i said ok how about instore credit or exchange it for something else. they said no. so i suggust never to buy anything at best buy unless you want to be riped off. Mary jackson, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Jackson, Michigan
4, Report #579617
Mar 10 2010
05:05 PM
Best Buy Best Buy Alternative Tualatin, Oregon
Crayons and computers don't go well together. This is a lesson I learned when my 5 year old decided to decorate my computer. He had stuffed a couple into the case and caused it to stop working all together. Hoping that it wasn't a complete wash I called Easy Tech at Staples. They instructed me to bring it in and they would diagnose the problem. After a couple of days they recommended that I replace the computer. The representative then showed me some computers that they had On Sale. Unfortunately I couldn't afford the several hundreds of dollars to purchase a new computer and went home disappointed after paying $70 for diagnosis and still had a computer in a crayon induced coma. A couple of months later a friend suggested I call a company that bailed her out of a bad computer crash. She gave me their business card that morning and by 3 that afternoon my computer was back up and running again. All those pictures I thought I had lost of my baby boy were still there! All of files, my music and my personal tax documents from the previous years were there. I am actually typing this review on the same computer. I am so glad I didn't just junk this one and purchase a new PC. Secure Remote Support charged me $79.99 to diagnose and repair when Easy tech would have had me buy a new computer from them for hundreds of dollars more. I recommend xxxxx (((REDACTED))) to anyone who may be watching the budget and need help ASAP. They've happily got my business.  sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company your comments on this policy are welcome! CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Tualatin, Oregon
5, Report #296332
Jan 02 2008
12:17 PM
Best Buy Best Buy is HORRIBLE! Pittsburgh PA
We had purchased an XBOX from Best Buy as a Christmas gift for our 6 year old son. The day after Christmas it STOPPED working. We immediatley returned it to Best Buy in attempts to get one that was working. This is where the fun started. We were first told that they were all sold out but they had a truck coming in on Friday so they took our name and said we could come back to pick it up. Friday came, we went to get the XBOX and the truck was not there yet. Customer Service told us to come back on Saturday and we could pick it up. Again, they took our name. Saturday afternoon came and yet NO TRUCK. We spoke with a manager who claimed to have called the warehouse who said they would hold one for us. Again, they took our name. He said we could come back after 7PM or on Sunday and pick it up. Knowing that things were never ready when they said, we came back on Sunday afternoon. After waiting in line for 20-30 minutes, we approached the Customer Service desk to be told that they don't hold merchandise for customers and the XBOX's that were ordered on the truck had all sold out and we would have to wait for the next truck. Furious at this time, with a deeply disappointed 6 year old in tow, we asked to speak with a Manager. This Manager was more clueless than the folks they had behind the counter. He asked us what was going on and then told us that the person who issued the original return should have completed a work order to ensure we received an XBOX. This original person said that wasn't necessary because they had a truck coming in. We explained that to him and he said he would complete a work order and we would have one on the next truck. After 15-20 more minutes, he explained to us that he could not complete the work order without a serial number. Being that they did not have XBOX's in stock, he said that he had no way to obtain a serial number. His answer was for us to keep coming back in hopes that we would find one on the shelf. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? After all we had gone through that was the best Customer Service he gave us. We were stuck buying this thourgh them because we had received Store Credit at the return time. All of other stores in our area had them in stock but we could not go to them. We asked if he could turn the Store Credit into cash but he said they would have to send us a check in the mail (30-45 days later). After these people had done what they did, I had NO faith that a check would ever show up. I asked if I could just order on online and he said that store credit could not be used on the website. Furious, we stomped out of the store and vowed never to shop at Best Buy again. We called the 888-Best-Buy number to only be given worse customer service. I didn't think it was possible. The man we got on the phone (after 20+ minutes of hold time) told us it is not their policy to hold merchandise for customers. He claimed that it wouldn't be fair to other folks. How was it fair that my 6 year old had broken equipment and now had to continue to wait???? He said that it wasn't their problem as they don't make the equipment. His only suggestion was to keep going to the store. After I had asked him about the store credit being used online, he put me on continuous hold and never came back. Turns out, you are able to use store credit online and the new XBOX should be coming in two weeks. How can such a large company be so rude and have such total disregard for customers?? They have lost my business and that of each of my family members and close friends......Signed, I hope you never shop at Best Buy Again. Samantha Coraopolis, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
6, Report #122892
Dec 14 2004
07:25 PM
Best Buy ripoff Tacoma Washington
I purchased a E-machine computer for $800. dollars with 4 mail in rebates, I have recieved one of them back in a check and two with a letter. The first one was that the the actuall rebate the store offered me was expired, before I bought it. the second one was that the original UPC was not include in the submission. The UPC was with it, and if the rebate offer had expired before i bought the computer why was I offered thr rebate in the first place? I will never purchase anything else at Best Buy, so that the can rip me off again. Julie tacoma, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Tacoma, Washington
7, Report #67154
Sep 18 2003
07:20 AM
Best Buy ripoff Williston Vermont
Rebates: My brother and friend purchased an e-machines computer package from Best Buy at Williston VT. His total purchase was $1003.09 - However, with mail in rebates of $200 + $100 + $100 + $40 / thios would have brought the total to $603.09. He faithfully dis all of the things you are required to do when sending in a rebatre (cut the bar code and send in, send in a copy of your receipt, etc., etc., etc.) Well, to make a long story short, he kept waiting for his rebate, which never about 8 months later, he went back to Best Buy, who told him they couldn't help him - he had to call the rebate now it was 9-10 months and he called the rebate center to find out where his rebate was. THEY COULDN'T FIND ANY RECORD OF IT AND TOLD HIM HE HAD ONLY 60 DAYS TO GET HIS REBATE AFTER PURCHASE, AND, SINCE HE HAD WAITED THIS LONG, HE WAS INELIGIBLE! We tried everything to get Best Buy to honor the rebate, they refused. (Funny thing is, the computer he purchased sold the next month after he purchased it for $599 without rebates.) I have spent at least an hour on the phone today with Best Buy - they still refuse to do anything. He has a copy of every receipt, but they claim it doesn't matter. I also note on the receipt that it says you should receive your rebate within 8 weeks (56 days), but they told him he had to call them before 60 days after purchase if he didn't get his rebate. Wow - talk about a short window! Needless to day, BEST BUY IS IN MY OPINION, A RIPOFF!! STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!! ...AND...did I mention he bought a 3 year service contract too, and when he went in with a malfunctioning on-off button (sticky) they told him They all do that!!!!!! He had to tell them he had a service contract and wanted it FIXED!!!!!!! Don St Albans, VermontU.S.A.
Entity: Williston, Vermont
8, Report #89893
May 02 2004
07:10 PM
BEST BUY ripoff WATERFORD Connecticut
Entity: WATERFORD, Connecticut
9, Report #12859
Jan 30 2002
12:00 AM
Best Buy Doesn't Honor Warranty
This is a copy of a letter that I have sent to the local television station. Thank you for taking the time to hear my problem. I appreciate the service that you offer and hopefully, you will be able to help me resolve the issues that I am facing. I am experiencing difficulty with Best Buy at University Place honoring a warranty that I bought with a computer. I purchased a Compaq computer in April of 1999. The salesman, who suggested I buy the extended warranty told me that if I ever had any problems with the pc for the next 3 years, all I would have to do was bring in the pc and Best Buy would swap it out for a new or equal unit. Almost immediately, I started to experience problems. The first problem was that the modem was not recognized when I installed and tried to log-in an internet service called Juno. However, I did not take the computer back to Best Buy at that time. I called Compaq directly and worked with their representatives. The representatives walked me through various diagnostic tests over the phone, but still the problem was not resolved. I did not push the issue at that time, but after about a month or two, I took the machine in for repair. Best Buy had the unit for approximately two weeks . When I went to pick it up, they told me that no problems were found. However, when I asked them to try it again, while I was there watching, they could not connect to the internet and or use the keyboard either. The keyboard, mouse, and modem were unrecognized. The technical representative told me that I had a flaky board and he would have it replaced . When I came back, a week later(July 1999), a different tech told me that there was nothing wrong with the unit. I asked them then if they would switch it out for me. They then told me that it had to be sent off for four times to be worked on before they would switch to a new/equal computer. At the time, I accepted what they said to me without question, even though I had a swap out warranty. I took the computer home and still could not use the internet, so I used the local library's computer, when ever I needed to log-on to the internet. Then, one day I needed to type a letter. The libraries were not open, so I tried to use the computer to type the letter, but it would only let me get so far, before the keyboard was not recognized and the entire unit would lock-up. I was beginning to get frustrated, so I took the unit in to Best Buy again . This time, which around Christmas of 1999, I let the techies know what had happened and they told me that it was a software problem and that they would charge me if I brought it back again and it was a software problem. Then the techs said they would try to find the problem and I could pick it up in a few days. I called every other day and it was two weeks before they said it was ready. When I picked it up, they said there was no problem and stated again that I would have to pay if I brought it back again. When I went home, I called Compaq and had them send me a Complete Restore disk. This disk allowed me to totally reformat the hard drive of the computer. The Restore Disk removes all software from the computer and then reinstalls everything from the beginning. So, I started with a fresh slate and tried to get onto the internet. It still did not work. Then, I went to the store and purchased an external modem for the unit. The external modem has allowed me to get onto the internet, but I think Best Buy should have fixed the problem or taken care of the price of the modem or something, because I did what they were supposed to do by warranty. Even with the new modem, I still experience problems with the keyboard and the mouse not being recognized at different times during the use of the computer. Due to the fact that the keyboard still had problems and I was becoming increasingly annoyed, I took the unit back again . This time, I was not very nice, I was firm with my concerns and requested the assistance of a manager so that I could discuss the nature of the problems I was experiencing. He told me again about some stipulation that the computer had to be worked on times, which I was not informed about when I purchased the computer warranty. He also told me that they would send the computer to an out of state repair place for repairs. A tech from Georgia called me over the phone and told me that there was nothing wrong, other than the fact that the software was looking for a printer, which was obviously not attached to the unit. At that time, the out of state tech told me that he might replace the mother board, but that would be all that he could do because he could not find the problem. At this point, I am really about to reach my boiling point with this. I went to Best Buy and talked to store manager, Dale Marshall, again about the problem and I picked up the unit. Dale told me that if I continued to have the problem, he would send it off again and switch out a new computer for the Compaq. This was sometime in the summer, maybe around July. By then, I had purchased another computer, so I was not using the Compaq that much. My father mainly used it to connect to the web. He also told me about the same things that I was experiencing with the keyboard and mouse. I reformatted the Compaq again, so that if it was a problem with software, I would surely catch it this time. However, the same problems persisted. Due to the fact that I had just been approved for a free Virgin Connect Web Player last summer, I let my father use the web player to connect to the web. Meanwhile, the Compaq was not being used. The company that supplied the web player went belly up in mid November 2000, so I had to send the web player back. Therefore, I needed the Compaq to allow my father to use the internet. Due to the fact that it is still not working properly and I have contacted Best Buy on so many occasions regarding the problem with the Compaq Lemon, I need to ask for your help with resolving the issue. I am confident that your team can play a significant part in finding a solution to my Best Buy Computer problem. Again, I appreciate your time and look forward to your assistance in the near future. Thank you, CC: Best Buy CEO Best Buy University Area Better Business Bureau ps. Since I wrote this letter, I had my pc sent down for service again. This time, Best Buy told me that it has only been down for service once. I can fax you a document from Best Buy that states the pc has been down for service 4 times as of Aug 19, 2000. Please help me Action 9. My warranty is about to run out in April 2003. How I have Tried to Resolve Problem: Responses I have Received from Best Buy: I have taken this pc for service on numerous occasions, as listed in the above letter. I have asked that my warranty be honored and that the computer be replaced. The manager who I talked to, Dale Marshall told me on Jan 10, 2002 that the next time I had to bring the computer in for service that he would swap it out for a new computer. I have a witness who was with me when he stated this. I have submitted the computer to Best Buy at least two more times for service. Best Buy still will not replace the computer. Best Buy now tells me that the computer has only been down to service once. Contact Information For Best Buy: Best Buy University Place 8813 Carley Blvd Charlotte, NC 28262 704-548-8003 Best Buy Richard M. Schulze Founder, Chairman & CEO Best Buy Co, Inc. P.O. Box 9312 Minneapolis, MN 55440 Best Buy Customer Relations 888-237-8289 Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on Best Buy STOP! ..before you think about using the Better Business Bureau (BBB)... click here to see how other consumers were victimized by the BBB's false or misleading information. Don't be fooled! When there are thousands of complaints and other investigations underway by authorities, the BBB has no choice but to finally give an UNsatisfactory rating to a BBB member business that is paying the BBB big membership fees every year. When a business is reported that is NOT a BBB member, BBB files WILL more likely show an UNsatisfactory rating, then reportedly shake down that company to become a member of the BBB. One positive thing about the BBB is, either way, if a business has an unsatisfactory rating with the BBB, you can be sure, the business is bad. But what about all those BBB member businesses that had complaints filed against them? Consumers never get to hear about them. What about the BBB advertising to the public? Is this a false and misleading perception they are giving about consumer confidence when dealing with a business? Click here to understand more of what consumers and business alike are saying about the BBB. You decide.
Entity: Charlotte, North Carolina
10, Report #11579
Jan 15 2002
12:00 AM
Best Buy Sucks....Ripoff
I had bought a PNY's 256MB memory (RAM) chipset from Bestbuy on Golf Road in Schaumburg, IL. I went to return the memory as I was planning to upgrade my computer and install RDRAM instead of SDRAM. Tim (Best buy's Tech supervisor) told me that they would not take it back as the memory had a smaller PNY label on it. Even though the box was from PNY, they would not take the memory because it had a bit smaller label that has the serial number. So they wanted me to get an approval from PNY that this memory belongs to them. So I called PNY and faxed them the copy of the memory chip that showed the label. The PNY's customer service representative told me to give Best Buy's number and he would call them and confirm that the memory belongs to them. So I called Best buy and talked with Tim (Best Buy's Tech supervisor) about this. He denied and told me that he wants a certificate mentioning that this was PNY's product.. AFter some days, PNY faxed me the certificate and then Best buy gave me refund.. My point is that when we buy something from Best buy do we have to verify whether the label on the product is as per Best buy's standards or not? Do we have to open all the things that we buy from Best buy in the store and cofirm whether the product in the box is actually from the manufacturer or not? From that time onwards I decided never to buy anything from Best Buy. Dharmesh Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on Best Buy
Entity: Nationwide
11, Report #9722
Dec 20 2001
12:00 AM
Best Buy Hammered me nightmare royal screwing
Bought a computer from them or I should say my wife did using our credit card. Sales man sold here all kinds of software that wouldn't run on the damn thing!! When we return to try to get our money back it took 4 1/2 hours to get them to refund the money for the software!! That was just part of the nightmare! We purchased the extended warranty. A few weeks after bring the computer home and having nothing but problems with it HP decided to either buy back or upgrade us to a better model. Like an ass I took the latter and also continued to have problems. Everything has been replace at least once. To make a long story short after making repairs on the secound computer a few time I called with a problem and the gal from Best Bendover tells me that they have the 8140 on record (First one purchased) and the 8160 is not covered! I explained to here that of corse it was because they had fixed the damn thing at least a dozen time!!! We anyway I'm changing the name of this headingb to Best Bendover because thats just what they did to us !!! Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on Best Buy
Entity: Fullerton, California
12, Report #7004
Oct 07 2001
12:00 AM
Best Buy rebates ripoff scam
Best Buy rebates are a scam. It is well-known that companies employ rebates rather than price discounting because a certain percentage of customers will not file their rebates, and the company will not have to refun that money. But Best Buy takes it a step further. The most recent occurrence was on a monitor purchase. I chose the monitor only because it would be cheaper after the rebate. After sending in the original (cut from the box) UPC code, cash register receipt, and rebate form, I got a postcard in the mail. It said the offer was sent in too late (the offer expired on Sept 8, and I bought the monitor AND sent in the rebate on Sept 16), and that I would not get my $60 rebate. Never mind that Best Buy advertised the rebate that weekend in its flier. Never mind the big price tag below the monitor the day I bought it. Never mind that the cash register spit out the rebate information on September 16th, and that I sent in the rebate on the same day as the sale. When I went to Best Buy to speak with them, they made me wait over an hour. They finally printed out a new rebate form that would be valid for my purchase, and said to re-file it. I told them I already cut the original UPC code and sent it in, along with the original cash register receipt. The rebate form specifially states it will not take copies of either. The ape behind the counter does the talk to the hand gesture as I was explaining this to him. Best Buy has really gone downhill in recent years. Now they are deceiving their customers with bogus rebate offers. How about getting some balls and discounting your products instead of ripping off your customers through rebates? Click here to see all the other Rip-off Reports on Best Buy
Entity: Nationwide
13, Report #1318
Feb 28 2000
12:00 AM
Best Buy?? NOT!
Having bought several large electronic items at Best Buy without any trouble with the items, I felt confident in taking the sales person's recommendation for a Sony 200 disc CD player, including the extra waranty to keep it working correctly. It took over a full day to load the player , which shortly began to jam and eat my CD's. Took it back for adjustment . It immediately jammed. Took it back . Full day reload. Jammed Took it back .Full day reload.Etc.etc.First, they denied that I bought the extra waranty. Then they redefined the lemon policy to exclude my case. The local manager was never available to discuss with me. Had to complain to their home office to get any attention. After the 4th or so fix , it's working . I'm not asking for anything except to alert other trusting consumers. Best Buy? Not!! Guess where I will shop in the future?
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
14, Report #522778
Nov 11 2009
08:49 PM
BEST BUY Serice Plan Not Honored Internet
I have a LG front load washer and dryer that I purchased new 4 years ago.  Of course, I purchased the service plan as I have always had good luck with these plans at Best Buy - until now. I have had both the washer and dryer repaired 3+ times for leaking (washer) and thumping noise (dryer) when tumbling (without clothes).  The service company Best Buy uses is a joke and it's a crap shoot with him actually trying to figure out what is wrong.  On the last repair (the 4th one, that Best Buy said needed to occur to go for the No Lemon Policy), I had a repair setup by the Geek Squad and guess what - a NO SHOW the next day (second time this has happened with the same repair company).  When I called back and raised cain about taking off from work a second time (this happened once before), they apologize (no offer of anything for my trouble) and had the repair company come out.  This repair visit is approximately one month (had they come when they were supposed to, it would have been closer to two months) prior to the expiration of my service plan.  I had already decided I wasn't renewing until I knew what they were going to do.  When the repair person showed up, he asked me what he was supposed to do.  I told him I don't know, you work for them, they said you had to come out and look at the appliances for the No Lemon Policy to be enforced.  Well, the washer still leaks (he turned some spring on the front of the door so now you see it when you open the door) and the dryer makes a thumping sound when it runs (without clothes as well). He said he couldn't find out why it was doing it, but he would submit his report and it would be up to Best Buy to decide what to do.  After waiting quite some time, I called customer service 3 different times and left a message with my contact from a previous incident regarding the no show.  Still no return phone call.  Finally, I submitted an email on the website and finally got a return call this evening. After being on the phone for an hour with one person and then a supervisor, I was told that my claim would be denied because my service plan had expired (I pointed out it was in force during the last repair and would have still be in force if they would have followed up) - I was also told by the first person that had I renewed my plan, it would have cancelled out the previous visits and I would have had to start over on the repair count under the No Lemon Policy.  The supervisor then went on to say that they insurance company that underwrites the policy would have denied it because seals, etc. are considered accessory items (really, I thought that was part of the appliance!) and I only had one qualifying repair on each item under the No Lemon Policy (even though they have been out a total of 7 different times on each item!). So, now I am stuck with a leaking washer and a noisy, thumping dryer and out $199 dollars that I paid for a USELESS service plan.
Entity: , Internet
15, Report #569661
Feb 15 2010
09:22 AM
best buy Warrenty Joke Internet
In July of 2006 I bought a 61 inch JVC TV. and the salesman suggested that I buy an extended warranty due to the fact that if something goes wrong with my TV after the 4th repair I would get a new TV and that the warranty will cover the bulbs.  Well today is February 15th , 2010 and my TV has crapped out for the 5th time over the weekend. After talking with best buy about 4 times and to about 5 different people I am told that they will not replace it due to the fact that the first repair was under the manufactures warranty and that doesnt count. Also They tell me that every repair other than the manufactures warranty has to all be exactly the same. It does not matter if you TV breaks 20 times during the extended warranty unless they are the same they dont care. They also told me that even if the repairs are close but they have to use one extra screw then that does not count. Today I called best buy to speak my mind I spoke with Brenda first and she told me to bad so I asked to speak with he manager Debbie, She told me that I should have read the terms and conditions. I said well I trusted the salesman. I was then informed that I should not trust what they have to say and that she will tell the store not to lie. Yeah like that makes me feel any better.  All I can say after this is note to self do not buy from best buy.
Entity: , Internet
16, Report #576006
Mar 01 2010
09:58 AM
Best Buy Lafayette Unprofessional Employer Lafayette, Indiana
I had just returned home from a deployment to Iraq three months prior, and this was my first employer in returning home.  I started with them as occasional/seasonal, so as far as I know I can do nothing, but tell my story.  I started in October, and the first month everything went well.   Around Black Friday, my hours started to change a lot, which is understandable.  However, I live an hour away from this Best Buy.  So, that's 2 hours of driving when I got there and find I was taken off the schedule for that day.  Also, I was told I was no call/no show a couple of days, without being notified of my needing to be there.  This would change literally from day to day, so in the end, I just called my supervisor every 2-3 days that I had off, from that point forward, to make sure that didn't happen again.  I had spoken with him about this, and that was the solution.  Then in December, the week of Christmas, I was told that there weren't any hours for me to have.  During this time, I would go there occasionally to purchase items, only to see other occasional/seasonal employees working there.  I continued calling my supervisor for about a month, only to end up with no hours.  I asked continuously if I was fired, or if I had done anything wrong.  I was told that I was still employed, and that there just weren't any hours, and I was at the bottom of the totem pole to receive any.  After a month of no work, I went to the manager whom did one of two of my interviews.  She said she knew nothing about this, nor why this would happen.  This job was one I really wanted, and loved since I really enjoy helping others with problems on computers.  However, at this point I was so dismayed that I lacked interest in pursuing the matter, nor do I wish to work with this company again.  Even McDonald's can pick up a phone and notify you of schedule changes.  I was never notified of any change in my schedule by this company.  Picking up a phone apparently is asking too much.  I even had a 90-day review which I was told I passed with flying colors.  So, they couldn't tell me I was doing anything wrong, even when repeatedly asked.  I can't believe a company would do this to someone, especially someone whom recently returned from service...
Entity: Lafayette, Indiana
17, Report #567790
Feb 11 2010
01:45 AM
Best Buy Unprofessional, dimwited retards Plano, Texas
First off, I was going to buy a LG 47LH55 TV and an HD Tivo.  From 1/26/10 to 2/2/10 I have spent a little over $3500.00.   I went back on 2/2/10 to purchase another 47LH55 and HD Tivo. They didn't have the Tivo in stock but tried to ring them up and then have me pick up the Tivo at another location.  Well the retards didn't know that you have to ring up the TV and Tivo ( with the Tivo serial number ) inorder to get the discount on the Tivo, so he ended up locking up 3 different computers.  They told us they would transfer the Tivo so that they could have both and we could purchase them in the next few days.  We ended going back 2/4/10 to find out if they did what they said.  Did they??  NO!!!!  We had to have it done AGAIN..  Then they told me I could pay then for the products but I was smart enough to not pay.  We called on 2/10/10 to find out if they actually did something other than sit on their lazy buts.  They had the TV but not the Tivo.  We went ahead and said screw it and paid for the TV over the phone so that we could have the TV delivered 2/13/10 like they said in time for the Daytona 500.  The retard told us the card didn't go through.  I looked at my bank account and it showed the transaction pending. So obvously it did go through.  We talked to the 888 number and spoke to Cali who said worked in the Corporate office.  She then also got the manager of the Plano TX store number 202 on the phone.  They told us that number one, the delivery date of 2/13/10 was not available, (2nd) that there was nothing they could do.    Is this really the way you treat a customer who just gave you almost 4 grand in a couple weeks and is tring to give them yet another $1300.00????     That so called company is just a bunch of d*mn retards.  A bunch of untrained monkeys could do a better job than they can.
Entity: Plano, Texas
18, Report #199021
Jun 30 2006
11:44 PM
Best Buy ripoff Austin Texas
Best Buy's Geek squad personnel employ deceptive tactics in order to coerce customers into paying for repairs that are actually covered under the Best Buy, prepaid, service plans THE SERVICE PLAN I purchased Best Buy's service plan for my notebook computer several years ago Recently took it in for repairs ...battery failing ...plastic busted off USB port ...and other minor stuff After several weeks. Repair people called and said there was liquid in the computer and that it would cost $700+ to repair it. Arriving at the Best Buy store Brandon (((ROR REDACTED FULL NAME))) informed me that the service plan was void This was confirmed by his manager Charles (((ROR REDACTED FULL NAME))) They said the liquid had voided the service plan We powered up the computer and everything seemed operational as before THE MYSTERY LIQUID (note: there is no liquid in the computer) We turned computer upside liquid??? We removed the battery pac...peeked inside liquid??? I requested a screwdriver to open case ...was informed by Mr. --- that this would void (the already voided) service plan......hmmmmmmmm Requested that they open the case ...Mr. --- said they were not authorized to open the case ......hmmmmmmmm and recommended that computer be sent to the repair people and they would open the case and photograph the mysterious liquid CONTRADICTION The service plan covers product failure due to dust, heat, humidity and normal wear and tear Later in the service plan it contradicts itself saying This plan does not cover repairs caused by ....condensation ..or.. spilled liquids....etc.. I would think that condensation could be caused by humidity which is covered under the plan????? and of course spilled liquids would be covered under the concept of normal wear and tear (especially a notebook computer) I then proposed that they repair parts not affected by the mysterious the piece of plastic missing from the USB port........or the ageing battery They said that these defects could be caused by the mysterious liquid....ha ha ha GOING HOME .... Started to leave with computer. Mr. --- informed me that I would required to sign something to get out the door...The something I was required to sign, said that I was happy with the repairs.......ha ha ha.......I declined .......Finally scratched out that clause, and signed it ...........Note: there was no mention of liquid or $700+ on the form Arrived at the stores exit and was informed by security that...they needed keep the piece of paper that I signed -- LOL......finally we compromised and they made a copy At home, I called Best Buy's Corporate Headquarters - talked to Karen (no name). She confirmed the position taken by the store personnel i.e... that they would not repair parts related or unrelated to the non-existent liquid, she generously offered to transfer the call the her click and was put in to the infinite phone queue......LOL David no, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
19, Report #178121
Feb 25 2006
03:44 PM
Best Buy ripoff Richfield Minnesota
Don't buy from Best Buy, I purchased a computer, monitor, printer. The salesperson said no problem about the rebate you should receive the rebate in about 4-6 weeks, yea right. The company sends me a letter saying I do not qualify for the rebate. Imagine that, I have all receipts, a copy of the ad, and all documents that show I clearly am eligilable for the rebates. I did some research and found the State of New Jersey and Wisconsin have a lawsuit against Best Buy for false advertising. I am going to call them to see what I can do. Fight Big Business. Brent Aurora, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Richfield, Minnesota
20, Report #1202051
Jan 15 2015
09:05 PM
Best Buy Email SPAM Nationwide
They spam your email addres and will not remove you. There is no way to unsubscribe. SO NOT give them your emial address.
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21, Report #1156646
Jun 22 2014
01:31 PM
Best Buy Rip offs Wyomissing Pennsylvania
I bought a CD player and speakers at Best Buy. I ended up spending $500.00 on this which was a rip off in itself. The kid that sold it to me says get pioneers for the front and alpines for the back. Little did I know your not supposed to mix speakers because that causes problems. If they wouldn't have idiots working for them that tell you the wrong information that would be great. Then I had the employees put my speakers in and well lets say I've heard bad things about best buy audio guys but I figured I'd give it a shot. Well these idiots set up my speakers I have wires hanging down in my trunk and the speakers have TERRIBLE reception. They crackle as I'm listenging to them. If I have my windows down I can barely hear the music at all! When the base hits it makes the volume go down lower and sounds even worse! I don't even listen to music loud because I cant! I had a friend just go to wal-mart and get speakers put in and they sound 10 times better than what I got. I can not believe I paid what I did to get these idiots to put my speakers in and they completely suck. It was terrible from the boy telling me to mix two different kinds of speakers all the way to the installation of my speakers with wires hanging in my trunk to sound that is HORRIBLE. I am furious! I will NEVER go to Best buy ever again!!! It's sad when wal-mart has a better reputation!
Entity: Wyomissing, Pennsylvania
22, Report #1033031
Feb 27 2000
12:00 AM
Best Buy return policy
On 12/24/99 I purchased a Sharp YO180-P electronic organizer from Best Buy as a Christmas gift for my wife.She decided it was not something she would use and we then planned to return it.On 2/18/00 we found it unreturned in a drawer.She had thought I would return it and I had thought she would return it.This item falls under Best Buy's 30 day return privalige.Obviously we were over the 30 days.On 2/19/00 Best Buy refused to take this product back,not even for store credit.The product was still in its origonal blister pack,unopened and has a value of only $39.99.I have spent hundreds of dollars per year at Best Buy.I was not trying to return a $1800.00 laptop.This product was not opened and played with.All I was expecting was a store credit and them to hang it on the peg to sell again.Not a chance!After contacting their customer service via e-mail I was informed that no exceptions are made on their return policy and they refused to give me the name of someone at Best Buy to persue this matter furthur.Needless to say I will never shop at Best Buy again.Here in Phoenix we have Fry's and Comp-USA for alternatives and the prices are just as good.For that matter Comp-USA allowed me to return some opened software once because it did not do what it was supposed to do.And without a hassle!This was an exception they made to their stated return policy for me.I urge everyone to find an alternative to Best Buy because sooner or later you too will fall victom to their lousy business practices.
Entity: Scottsdale, Nationwide
23, Report #1362698
Aug 07 2017
02:46 PM
Best Buy Buyers Beware Valdosta Nationwide
This is the third time that this company has ripped me off and I think that other people need to beware of what's going on when you shop with them. The first product was a Oculus Rift CV1, there was some issues with it and I wanted to return it but Best Buy said that I would have to pay to return as well as a deduction if i use there prepaid label. Keep in mind that this is a defective item and they said there is nothing they could do I would have to pay for them to pick it up and look forward to a deduction when it arrives back to them. I reached out to the BBB and they said they would contact Best Buy and the company would give me a call or an email, but that never happen. This time I bought an electric scooter from them and then when I found out that there was the exact same one on another website for a better price with extra Best Buy said that you can't cancel after you place a order unless it was within 30 minutes. They don't offer tech support for the scooter but they sell them. I was also told by the same representative that if you need help with the item that I would have to contact the  manufacture and not them even though there the ones selling the scooters. None of these things are mentioned at all before buying. Also your allowed to add a service plan whenever you get ready but they won't allow you to make changes or cancel the order after you have paid for it that seems really strange. Buyers beware of this company don't let them get you like they got me. 
Entity: Nationwide
24, Report #1466116
Oct 30 2018
02:09 PM
Best Buy Price Match Guarantee Policy Gimmick
Visited Best Buy today (Oct. 30, 2018) at 10:00 am to purchase a LG 70” TV (LG UK6570PUB) which Best Buy had for $1,049.  Fry’s Electronics had it advertised in their flier for $1,296 with a “see in cart” price of $799.I ask the sale associate (Ivan) to match Fry’s price.  When the associate looked in their “price comparison” he said: “They are higher than us.  Do you still want me to match it?”I told the associate to place the item into the “cart” and to match that price.  Once the associate saw the $799 price, the excuses for not matching the price started.  It must be a misprint.  (Told him to look at the flier ad)  Must be some kind of bundle  (Bundle would be more  not less)  It is “in store pick up only”  (It can be purchased online) Must be a promotional coupon deal (BB associate received the same $799 price)  It is a limited quantity  (The limit is one per household not per store)  We do not match Fry’s pricesAt this time I told the associate that the purchase meets ALL their requirements for a “price match”.  The associate called the assistant manager (Ryan).  Ryan’s response was: “We do not consider Fry’s a competitor thus we do not match their prices”.  I reminded Ryan that this was not only an Online retailer but one with a storer presence.  Ryan apologized and said:  “I can’t do it”.  At this time I said:  Let me make sure I understand (I turned my cell camera on), you are saying that you will not match a Fry’s Electronics ad?  Ryan and Ivan both walked away without saying a word. (why run if what is being said is correct?)About 2 minutes later Ryan returns with a paper copy of the “Match Guarantee” and underlined the word “local competitors” and said: “Fry’s is not a competitor”.  His last words were:  “Call Best Buy’s toll free number.Called the toll free number (conversation recorded) and spoke with Hans.  Explained that I wanted a “price match”.  Hans’ refusal was based on that Fry’s is considered a “regional retailer”. I never heard or read (on the price match policy) of the term “regional retailer”, so I asked what did it mean. I was told: “there must be a Fry’s store within 25 miles of our store”.  I asked: What about being an Online store?  His reply was:  “Fry’s is a regional retailer and thus we do not match them”.I have read Best Buy price match guarantee policy. All criteria for a price match was met.  Best Buy hides behind some shady wording to refuse a price match. Best Buy uses the word “local competitors” but nowhere does it specify a distance. Best Buy uses the term “regional retailer” but there is no definition to this term. Best Buy uses the word “online” to refer to a handful l  of sellers (Amazon, B&H, etc)
25, Report #8712
Dec 05 2001
12:00 AM
Best Buy worst buy even worse service Rip off
They lie in their policy online and say that they match prices. They do not!!! I did everything they asked. They refused to match price. Customer service is rude. BE careful!!! Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on Best Buy
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