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1, Report #1212149
Mar 05 2015
08:46 AM
Bill Scott, Stacie Klein SJK Photography Picture This Stolen Images, threats and other nefarious actions Delray Beach Florida
These two individuals/business has filed false ripoff reports, false reviews on businesses and accused the people they have stolen images from of stalking them, harassing them and other assorted false claims. They have claimed after their infringement of copyright was first posted that their facebook pages were hacked, this was after they were contacted by several photographers whose work they used without permission to promote their own photography business and deceive those who might hire them into believing they had created all those images. here is proof of all their exchanges, threats and other false accusations against the people who have made a comments, proof of their using other people's work as their own, with replies from them whenever someone had complimented their stolen images. And a more concise version can be found here: I have also been a victim of their false ripoff report, they ask no one do business with me. I don't run any business, I am not a professional photographer, don't do weddings or portraits or anything others sort of photography business and yet they have filed their false report against me and others. These two individuals have never had contact with me other than my making a comment here or there on their ability to take a picture. Others they have filed against have had the same experience as me with this business/individuals. Please consider carefully using this business/individuals for future work, as you may find yourself a target of their irrational behavior if you don't like the work they do for you or make a comment somewhere that you would not recommend them.
Entity: Delray Beach, Florida
2, Report #1424869
Jan 23 2018
09:01 PM
William Scott Ayers Bill Ayers William Ayers William Scott Bill Scott Ayers Ayers will not fight aggressively for you. AVOID SCOTT AYERS!!! Laguna Hills California
When choosing an attorney, AVOID SCOTT AYERS. He is an unethical scammer who steals client’s money and does no work. He is a general practitioner who advertises himself as a family law attorney, yet works against your interests. He doesn’t do the hard work to prepare and go to court, BUT CHARGES YOU FOR IT INCLUDING CHARGING YOU FOR DOING THINGS THAT AN ATTORNEY SERVICE SHOULD DO, LIKE THE TIME IT TAKES HIM TO DRIVE TO COURT TO FILE THINGS BECAUSE HE HAS NO STAFF OR JUST WANTS TO SCREW YOU!!!. He rolls over because he is not prepared and he becomes submissive to the other side. It’s all about getting the easy money, but refuses to fight and will give you some lame excuses instead.
Entity: Laguna Hills, California
3, Report #476396
Aug 04 2009
02:34 PM
Bill Anz Scott Carl John Trinh=SCAM ARTIST Scott Karl Bill Anz John Trihn Bounce checks and didnt pay their employees Irvine California
Entity: Irvine, California
4, Report #1404342
Oct 05 2017
07:35 AM
Bill Scott‭+1 (619) 816-1374‬ This guy messaged me to buy couch I’m selling online and I told him repeadidly I only take cash or credit. He wanted my bank account info and a pic of my credit card front and back Internet
 “Bill Scott “ contacted me wanting to buy furniture I’m selling on Craigslist. He told me he’ll pay with a check and give me 50$ extra if I wait to cash. I told him absolutely no checks or PayPal. Cash, credit card or a request for the funds from my bank account only. He said he would do credit and asked for a picture of the front and back of my card. I told him no and told him majority of the time if you don’t have cash to pay and are using cashiers checks or PayPal it’s a scam. He agreed to transfer money to my account then asked for my account and routing number. I explained I’m not giving him access to my bank account and just need his name email and number and I’ll send request to him. As I was doing this I had ran a background check on his name number and email all nonexistent and not a legit phone number I canceled the money request and informed him he is a fraud and it’s getting reported.
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1213440
Mar 05 2015
12:07 PM
SJK Photography William W. Scott, Bill Scott, Stacie Klein, Stacie Jennie Klein theft, stolen images, blackmail, harassment, racist, stalking Delray Beach Florida
Stacie Klein (Stacie J Klein, Stacie Jennie Klein)  from SJK Photography, stole images from professionals , removed their watermarks and added hers. When she was caught stealing her and Bill Scott (William W. Scott) went on a hate rampage and blackmailed their victims. They sent disgusting messages to all those who commented on the theft. They then created sock accounts and gave photographers 1* reviews. They harrassed people with these sock accounts and opened up 2 Facebook pages dedicated to harassing those who outed them. They sent very racist messages to people. When Facebook started shutting them down they took to Twitter. Again sock accounts were created and they carried on with their harassment and racial slurs. You can read about the photos that Stacie Klein (Stacie J Klein, Stacie Jennie Klein) stole and you can see screen shots of all their abusive messages.  This blog has more information about with Twitter campain and other screen shots. There are 4 parts to the story and this is part 1 Bill Scott (William W. Scott) has a handyman business in Florida. He is not registered and runs the business illegally with out a licence.After reading the filth that came out of his mouth I would never let somebody like that near my house. 
Entity: Delray Beach, Florida
6, Report #349776
Jul 10 2008
03:48 PM
Intelicom Messaging Had fees on phone bill and they said I signed up for it. Internet
I DID NOT sign up for this company but found a $16.00 bill on my phone bill from them and upon calling them, they said I signed up for it HOWEVER the phone bill is in my husband's name... go figure. They were nice and promised to reimburse me but I guarantee you I did not sign up for this crap and they said I filled out some survey and agreed to it... BS! Melody scott afb, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
7, Report #974340
Nov 27 2012
10:27 AM
the scooter store did not provide service and still expects me to pay bill Internet
i was stuck in my wheelchair for 8 days.cannot walk. waiting for service, i finally called someone else to fix my chair,it cost me 550.00 dollars. the scooter store still charged me 236.00 for work n ever performed by their agent. and now will not service my chair. 
Entity: , Internet
8, Report #1195853
Dec 16 2014
02:45 PM
P Scott Lowery, pc Citibank South Dakota NA Stopped collecting money in December of 2013, now a yr. later I got a balance bill from another Co. Denver Colorado
P S Lowery office, made agreement with cach,llc to take over my account. I agreed to pay 200.00 dollars amont, starting on November 30, 2011 with it directly coming out of my checking account. It suddenly stopped on December, 2013, after a whole year, December, 2014 I got a letter from a collection agency called First step group stating that I will have a jugment against me, if I don't pay a balance I had left with Cach,LLc(((REDACTED)))
Entity: Denver, Colorado
9, Report #1113534
Jan 07 2014
08:39 AM
P. Scott Lowery, P.C. Tommy House You had reduced my bill from $639.20 to $447.98. You have defaulted on that agreement. I requested to hear the recorded conversation we had to prove that you reduced my balance and you refused. Greenwood Village Colorado
I was contacted by P. Scott Lowery, P.C. regarding a credit card balance. They recorded our conversation and they agreed to drop balance for $639.20 to $447.98. I requesting a letter from them so I would have something on file.After making three $50.00 payment the letter which was dated 12/2/2013 was recd by me on 1/3/2014 and the letter stating the original balance of $639.20. When I call Tom House to have him sent a corrected letter. He stated that the $639.20 was the correct balance. I asked him to replay our conversations which would prove that they reduced my bill to $447.98 and he was reluctant to do so.I don't trust this company. My research shows that I am not the only one they have done this to. I believe that an criminal investigation should be done into the practices of this firm. I want to pay my debt but this is a company that can't to trusted or take their word for they lie.What I would like to see is a class action lawsuit aganst this company. They have a right to collect but not to do it with illegal practices.I have send out a letter January 7, 2014 stating I now need proof of debt, copies of credit card statement for the last 3 months. I no longer want a copy of recorded conversation unless I can have to anaylsised for tampering. If they lie to your face - they are capable of altering the tapes.I am filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and the Attorney General's office in Pennsylvania and Colorado. I strongly suggest that others who have been duped by P. Scott Lowery, P.C. to do the same. Below is my letter to them. C. O'ConnorMatamoras, PaJanuary 7, 2014 Cert Mail # xxxx 2736 Mr. Tommy HouseP. Scott Lowery, P.C. 5680 Greenwood Plaza Blvd., Suite 500Greenwood Village, Colorado 80111 Re:  Your acct #12002xxxxxx Dear Mr. House: This letter is sent in response to the above account. I have been honest with you from the beginning and kept my word to the letter. You had reduced my bill from $639.20 to $447.98. You have defaulted on that agreement. I asked you to play back our recorded conversation which would proof the above statement to be true and you were reluctant to do so. The reason your company records our conversations is especially for this type of situation where I am requesting to hear the conversation we had. Your reluctance to do so and my research show that this seems to be a common practice of P. Scott Lowery, P.C. to state a lower workable figure and then after payments have been made you go back to the original balance. It makes me wonder how many other people you have done this too. As a matter of fact, I have found other complaints with the same theme. My trust is no longer there regarding whatever you say. I had asked you to send me a letter so I know whom I was dealing with. That letter took a month and one day for me to receive it. I am requesting that you provide validation of this debt. I want the last three months credit card statements from your client. I would request a copy of the recorded conversation but unless I can take it to an analysis to make sure it was not altered it would be of no value.  I have paid $150.00 already on this account. I did this in good faith. You had given me a starting balance of $447.98 and you letter states the balance as $639.50. We both know that the $447.98 balance is true.I will continue to make payments no longer of $50.00 per month but of $15.00 a month by check on the 20th of each month. This will start once I receive the information I requested. If I get the information before the Jan 20th payment will be made. If not I will not send in any payment until I receive the all documents I requested and receive the proof of debt. If you do not comply with this request, I will immediately file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and the Pennsylvania & Colorado Attorney General’s office. Civil and criminal claims will be pursued. I am putting them on alert as to the manner of the way you do business. I need a corrected letter showing the payments I have already made with the correct balance of $297.98 after the $150.00 has been deducted. You are NOT to contact me by phone or e-mail. All communicates MUST be done by mail. Sincerely,   Carol O’Connor
Entity: Greenwood Village, Colorado
10, Report #449005
May 05 2009
02:13 PM
Scott Wood, James Scott - Scott Woodworking FRAUD, FRAUD, FRAUD Mesquite Texas
After a few back and forth e-mails I had pertaining to the bed he pictured on, I ordered a bed and paid through Paypal on Feb 6, 2009. Various e-mails back and forth, one from his wife (Tiffany), always asking which bed and size did I ordered, followed by the excuses of folks being sick, having a lot of orders, working alone, etc. I kept holding out hope, even offered to develop a database to assist with his schedule and orders. Yes, I received an e-mail acknowledging my offer and that my bed would be ready by week's end (March 19). Finally, I received the message I was waiting for (March 29, 2009) that my bed was ready and but ordered some packing material. It is now May 5, 2009 and I'm still waiting on my bed. He hasn't responded to any further e-mails. Etsy has removed him as a seller and Paypal has frozen his account used under the name: Reba Scott. I filed a complaint with Paypal, which he never responded to, so Paypal ruled in my favor. I am still waiting for my refund which looks like it wont be coming anytime soon. It's really sad that individuals troll sites like Etsy. I thought I was ordering a handcrafted furniture that was reasonably priced and almost local. Boy, was I wrong. DO NOT ORDER A THING FROM THIS GUY! He will take your money and only give you lies in return. Lashaune Houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Mesquite, Texas
11, Report #1114591
Jun 10 2014
10:15 AM
Dynatek Industries Inc, Bill Connors, Patty Scott, Christina, Steve Brittian Internet Scam! Valencia, Santa Clarita, Inglewood California
This company uses telemarketers who are forced to use scripts that target low level employees into agreeing to  a free gift.  Then a month later you will receive an out rageous bill (8rolls of tape for $478.46).  Then you will start getting harrassment calls from a woman claiming to be Patty Scott head of Accounts Receivable at Dynatek Industries Inc.  Patty will try to strong arm you into believing you have to pay the invoice because the order was confirmed and then she will say they have a recording of confirmation to ship to your company.  Eventually if you hold strong that you are not paying for the invoice and you let them know you are aware this is a scam, the conversation will turn from collecting payment for the invoice into getting you to pay to ship the product back to them.  If you continue to hold strong and say you are not paying to return merchandise you did not order then Patty Scott will offer to fax you a fed ex return label to ship the product back to Dynatek.   Do not verify any information (ie address, fax, employee names, anything related to your facility) request that Patty give you her Fed Ex account number to ship the product back, tell her you are uncomfortable with anything short of using their Fed Ex account number to ship back.  Technically you DO NOT need to send the product back, since it is unordered merchandise you have the right to treat it as a gift and it is illegal for Dynatek to invoice you for the product or ask for the product to be returned.  At that point Patty will curse at you and hang up.   I researched the company and it looks like Dynatek hires telemarketers who are forced to use scripts for the sole purpose of deceiving a shipping employee or low level supervisor to verbally agree to a complimentary catalouge and a sample size box of tape.  Once the employee agrees to the free stuff (or so the employee thinks) the telemarkter will get the shipping address and ask for either a PO number or to use the employee name as a verbal PO.  A few days later the shipping department will get a call back from Dynatek calling to confirm the shipping address, this call will be from a man name Bill who confirms a verbal agreement for the shipment on a voice recording.  You can contact Bill the sales manager/shipping manager/manager of the telemarketers on his cell phone 310-435-2754.  Please do not get taken by this scam.  Your best defense against a company like Dynatek is a savvy receptionist/secretary who will not give out employee names or extension numbers.  The one thing all of the compnaies who were scammed by Dynatek Industries Inc had in common was human interaction.   28170 Avenue Crocker Ste 100, Valencia, CA 91355 remittance address: PO Box 800729, Santa Clarita, CA 91380  
Entity: Valencia, California
12, Report #1237773
Jun 24 2015
03:16 PM
SJK photography Bill Scott and Stacy Klein Not only do they steal and refuse to admit it they also make vile threats Delray Beach Florida
 A girlfriend of mine actually PAID for SJK photography services and is still waiting for a final product. Once they were outed on:, they went on several tirades against anyone who actually sided with the facts. Unfortunately, with all the threats Bill and Stacy made (known as Billcie threats), I advised my girlfriend to chalk up the loss of money as just that- a loss. The idea of these individuals attacking her and made threats was just sickening. These individuals call themselves professionals just acted as complete terrorists. Threatening companies, business owners, and individuals with loss of income and bodily harm.
Entity: Delray Beach , Florida
13, Report #1427012
Feb 03 2018
10:54 AM
PANINI AMERICA, INC., Mr. Bill Sawtelle, Mr. Scott Prusha, Mr. Mike Anderson They have not redeemed redemptions for valuable cards. Irving Texas
They have not redeemed redemptions for very valuable cards dating back to 6/23/2015. They advertise boxes of cards with autographs of specific players which affect the boxes value immensely. They do not inform you that some cards may be redemption cards. Most of the time they don't even have the cards signed yet so there is no guarantee you will ever get the actual card. They offer a replacement card of equal value at the time of the request. This is not anywhere near what the card was worth when pulled from the box originally. So they are making big bucks off the price of a box of cards and never having to fullfill the promise of huge players autographs by never even having to pay said players for those said autographs. So they are ripping off the consumer by promising autographed cards that never even exist.
Entity: Irving, Texas
14, Report #455954
May 27 2009
07:04 PM
James Scott - Scott Woodwork the great disappearing act Mesquite Texas
I bought a bed from James Scott in March and I have yet to receive it. I ordered the bed through Etsy and around the time it was supposed to come in I decided to check up on it. Well, to my surprise, his profile on Etsy was GONE, leaving me with no way to contact him. I found his website online and tried to send him a message through there and POOF, all of a sudden that's gone too. He's done a very good job alluding all the angry customers he undoubtedly has. I really don't appreciate being stolen from and I'm sure the handful of other people he's done this to feel the same way. He is a liar and a thief and I hope I am the last person to be wronged by this man. I deserve a refund ASAP. If anyone out there who is in the same situation and can help me to get in touch with him, PLEASE help. I will be alerting local authorities very soon if I do not hear from him. James: What you are doing is very wrong and I hope you come to your senses. Kristen Baton Rouge, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Mesquite, Texas
15, Report #598413
Apr 29 2010
09:41 PM
James Robert - Tripleadesigns - Scott Wood - James Scott - Scott Woodworking Scott Woodworking; James Scott; Scott Wood; Scott Woodwork; Tiffany Frithiof Custom Furniture Never Shipped - Deposit Never Refunded - Fort Worth, Texas
I am yet another victim of TripleADesigns...or whatever name they may be going by now.  I wish I had been aware of the Ripoff Report website when I started corresponding with James with TripleADesigns.  I could have saved myself $553.00.I first found TripleADesigns on  I later corresponded with TripleADesigns via e-mail because they lost their Etsy account.  (Yes, this should have been a red flag.)  I was informed they did not have a PayPal account set-up, which should have been another red flag.I decided to send a money order and James informed me that his wife, Tiffany Frithiof, should be the payee.  On 08/19/2009, I sent the $553.00 deposit for a custom chest of drawers we discussed.  I stopped receiving e-mail responses from James after 09/28/2009.I went to the Etsy website hoping to help out someone in need, and to get a quality handmade product in the process.  Unfortunately, that is not quite what happened.Since it has been about 6 months since I have received a response from TripleADesigns, I decided to file a complaint through the Internet Crime Complaint Center shortly before submitting this Ripoff Report -
Entity: Fort Worth, Texas
16, Report #333854
Aug 01 2009
10:33 PM
Scott McKinney Scott McKinney / SMM Performance Parts, stole $450 from me. Chesterton Indiana
Ordered a magnaflow exhaust on ebay from SMM Performance Parts. Used money order. After asking for tracking number several times, with no response, checked to see if he had cashed the money order, and indeed he did. No product for 6 months. Filed police report. Contacted ebay, they couldn't help. His company was kicked off ebay so I could not pursue anything else on ebay. Now a year later, and after about 60 emails of him saying no refund he allready ordered the exhaust, etc, I have gotten nothing. Then he said he'll refund, and never has. He has ran the loop about 20 times now. Going to file with the attorney tomorrow. DO NOT buy from this character. VERY BAD, he steals money, and does not care. Alex Chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Chesterton, Indiana
17, Report #427578
Feb 26 2009
03:15 AM
Scott A Maasen, Scott Maasen Drywall & Plastering Scott Maasen Drywall...Scott Maasen got platered on the job Phoenix, Arizona
So, heres the deal. I hired Scott Maasen from Scott Maasen Drywall to patch some walls that had been damaged. I had just bought this foreclosure, and it needed a little work. Well, Scott Maasen had me meet him for lunch to discuss the work. I should have taken note of how many pints of Bud this guy was putting down because it would have save me a lot of time and money. But I did not. We inked a deal for Scott Maasen Drywall to patch some holes and if everything went well he was to come back and build a couple of walls. Day 1-Plastered...Scott Maasen was dropped off at my house and was literally falling down drunk. I asked him if there was anyone he wanted me to call to pick him up because there was no way I would let him work on my house like this. He gave me the number of a friend and they came over. Day 2-No Show...Scott Maasen never showed up. Day 30-There goes my deposit. I have been trying to reach that worthless drunk for the past 3 months. I have called Scott Maasen Drywall & Plastering everyday for the past six months. I was ripped off. Scott maasen Peoria, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
18, Report #886864
May 23 2012
07:57 AM
Scott Pointer Scott Pointer, Motorhome, Autotrader, San Antonio Internet
I read an ad posted on Craigslist for a 1988 Holiday Rambler for $1950.  I emailed the listed email address ( for clarification if the motorhome was 1950 or 19500.  I received a reply which I am willing to send to whomever wants it (for investigative purposes).  I used Google to check the VIN # first and found that the motorhome listed is really a 1987, not 1988.  Suspicious, I further researched and came across this site.  Someone should really investigate this guy.  With the economy as it is, people are living hand to mouth and this person is stealing from them.  Email or contact me with questions.
Entity: , Internet
19, Report #946080
Sep 24 2012
06:41 PM
Scott Hillier MTG GUIDE Scott Hillier scammed me, Internet
This person contacted me by telephone and told me that he could assist me in reducing my mortgage payment.  When I asked if it was a refinance he said yes.  He talked as if I already had the loan because of my debt ratio, but he was confusing and skipping all around sending me in circles.  However he came across very kind and knowledgeable.  After much conversation about the weather, family and simple day to day life he instructed me to pay a fee that he would refund if I was not able to get it. My wife started to question the deal when Scott Hillier ask for our credit card information over the phone along with other personal information about my mortgage.  I was concerned, but still at this point it seemed normal in a sense as nothing is for free and he seemed to have great answers to our questions and since I already qualified by his calculations I was in.  Then he told me to hold for a quality call.  A young woman named Kendra Garringer came to the line and was not what I call professional at all. The manner in which she spoke made me suspicoius that she was some kid at her first job.Not who I would want to handle my financial and private information. She went through some sort of scrip like act and all but told me I could ask questions when it was my turn to speak. She would get to that.  It must be a scheme to make you forget your questions. She then said Scott listed that I had a loss of income and I said NO! and then there was a pause like she was looking for the next script notes.  My wife and I got increasingly concerned. I decided at this point that these people were a scam. She talked me into some 14 period of cancellation which was never explained by Scott Hillier and asked me why I did not pay online.  Why is she questioning his procedures with me! I got upset to say the least! Then said oh well I will get you through it. My wife was so upset with the whole call.  When I tried to contact Scott he laughed and told me I new what I was getting into and shame on me for not reading the website he sent me to. I was so angry that I asked for a manager which he told me I am the manager.  I am in the process of contacting the company's owners and will seek a complete refund of my money along with a formal complaint. This Scott Hillier is not to be trusted. How many people is he putting through this horrific experience!
Entity: , Internet
20, Report #4917
Apr 13 2001
12:00 AM
Scott Veenker: b*****d
Scott Veenker is a true bastard. He steals girlfriends, livelihood, and a lot more. Anyone who knows and likes him has issues. He is from Windom, MN and deserves to rot in Hell. Yes, this is harsh, but what he did is much more harsh. Anyone who knowingly cheats is a bastard. Thanks much.
Entity: Windom, Minnesota
21, Report #216299
Oct 17 2006
06:08 PM
Scott Raines ripoff Cleveland Tennessee
This same man,Scott Raines ripped my grandmother off as well.It happened about 7 or 8 years ago. They put $10,000.00 down on a mobile home and were careful to write down the serial number and they left with the paper work and a contact for delivery of the trailer. Several months later after lots of phone calls and promises he delivered a trailer alright, it was a piece of junk all tore up and completely the wrong trailer and of lesser value than the one she had bought from him. It took several years and a law suite to finally recoupe about 75% of her losses. At the time my grandmother was about 89 years old and a widow. So as you can tell Scott Raines has no conscience and is a liar and a theif .Bradly County KNOWS this because of the police reports filed against him and still he continues to do business in this same county and take advantage of innocent , un- suspecting people. Chris hixson, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Cleveland, Tennessee
22, Report #567485
Feb 10 2010
02:59 PM
Cliff Scott Rip off friend Abilene, Kansas
Hired him to do home improvements on my home.Was to install vinyl soffit do some painting and fix storm windows.Started the soffit last time at house was Sept. 17 hired him on Aug.21.I called him several times never returned my calls.Filled a small claims case against him.Showed up to court he had a made up bill i have never seen before.Had charges on the bill on projects we did together back in May.The believed his bill and I lost the case.He go me for $1100.00.
Entity: Abilene, Kansas
23, Report #189755
Mar 12 2016
03:30 PM
McKenzie Scott ripoff Indianapolis Indiana
I was contacted by McKenzie Scott for a meeting in Indianapolis in September 2004 concerning job oppurtunties. I was unemployed for almost two years and contacted all types of companies and job web sites to find employment. This contact from McKenzie Scott sounded like an answer to my prayers to finding a senior management job. I went to Indianapolis at two different dates and met each time with Blaine Johnston Managing Director for McKenzie Scott. The second meeting I was required to bring my wife to meet with Mr. Johnston. At this meeting he began his pressure tactics to sell us on their program. He then surprised my wife and I with their fee, which was $15,000. We were not made aware of this beforehand at all, if I had known this I would not have attended this second meeting. Because he felt they could assist us in finding a job he lowered the fee to $14,000. He proceeded at that time to demand immediate payment before we left his office. We did not have this type of sum in our checking account. After some discussion we gave him a post dated check of $5000 and th e intensions of borrowing $9000 from the bank to complete this tranaction. During our conversation he promised a money back guarentee if I did not find a job using their services. I went through their program for about 14 months, I did not receive on interview for a job. All that I have are approximately 200 rejection letters. I never received any words of encouagement or even help from this firm. When I contacted them for my money back or at least 1/2 of the amount, they blew me off. This company and others are no help to a job seeker. They prey on a job seekers emotions since the job seeker is down about not finding a job. All I want is 1/2 of my money back from McKenzie Scott. Jack Evansville, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Indianapolis, Indiana
24, Report #1054411
May 28 2013
12:43 PM
Scott Harkness Rips Another Company Off Internet
Well it would appear that we are NOT alone in being ripped off by Scott Harkness.   He contacted our company and made great representations as to how his services could benefit our company. All the company information was emailed to him and his reply was: “Wow , all great info”   Funds were then wired to Scott with expectations that the shareholders would witness a benefit......Alas, the same Scott Harkness story starts all over again.   He disappeared and never returned phone calls or emails, just disappeared with the funds.   Somehow this scum bucket, Scott Harkness, MUST be stopped from ripping other companies off.   Management works so hard and long days for the benefit of the company and their shareholders then along comes Scott Harkness and just rips yet another company off.   To all other companies and management out there please beware of Scott Harkness as he is just a complete Rip-Off Artist.   You have been warned.          
Entity: Internet
25, Report #1185020
Oct 26 2014
08:58 AM
Scott Wayne Horse Sale Scammer Internet
Individual responded to my ad for a horse for sale, but responded strangely as below. This is a common attempted scam in the horse sales area. Stated that he could not speak on the phone as he had ear surgery.   ---   Hello Mark,    Thank s for writing me back and also the Update, as i am writing this Email, be sure my children are with me, they won't just let me breath since they found out that we are buying another horse. I want you to know that the horse will be very happy to live with my family. I have a family of me, my wife, my 3 children and 3 step children. We are a happy Family. We live in New York and our property is on a 17 Acres of Land which will allow the horse to move freely around the Property. We currently Have 5 horses and looking at getting your horse to make it 6(meaning your horse already has playmates) Buying Your horse means that each of the children can have a horse to themselves. We have a trainer already, a Doctor to take care of them too. We are nothing called Novice when it comes to Horse. Your Horse is not for Business Purposes but for the Family and be sure there would be so much attention for your Horse... what i'm trying to say is there is a new happy home for your horse out here in New York. I am an Investor, I invest in Education, health and real Estate.    What is the last Price you are willing to sell the Horse as we would be glad to purchase the Horse this new week. We are Purchasing a trailer at the moment too and be sure you have no problem with shipment as i already told my shipper about the horse... all she is waiting for is a go ahead to pick the horse.   What payment mode are you willing to accept? I could Mail you a certified check to you tomorrow(Monday) and this will be settled. Also what is your Last price?   If we are good to go, Kindly Email me the following informations to prepare payment :   Name of Check Address to Mail check to (Physical address) City: State: Zip Code: Phone Number: Last asking Price:     I will be more than Happy to Purchase your Horse and be sure whenever you have the chance, you can always come around to see the horse and be sure you would be so happy for what you would see.   Many Thanks   ---
Entity: Internet

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