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1, Report #1210431
Feb 20 2015
06:16 AM
Bill Stern, William Stern, Billy D Stern, Strategic Strategy Partners LLC Fraud, Investor Scam, Finance Fraud, Private Equity Fraud New York New York
This criminal is back. This is the same Bill Stern that you will find on this web site under jeans rip offs and other internet scams. Now he operates under company names such as Strategic Strategy Partners LLC. Bill Stern contacts companies looking for funding on crowd funding sites. He lies and says that he has an investor or private equity firm interested in making an investment in your company. He provides legal paperwork, basically templates that he modifies himself, and charges 30K up front for the legal paperwork that his fictitious investor is requesting. From that point on he basically drags things on as long as he can in an effort to buy time and empty out his bank account. He has dealt with Santander bank.  Bill Stern will go to great lengths. He will appear very friendly, meet you in person or even send one of his friends to meet you and talk business. He provides fake references that he suppsoedly funded but never did. He also has a fake LinkedIn profile. There is no investor. There are no private equity firms. This is all a scam to get you to wire funds to his account. He is a drug addict and convicted scammer.
Entity: New York, New York
2, Report #266738
Aug 10 2007
11:00 PM
I found this loser on the web and he claims to be a wholesaler for authentic jeans. There is no such thing as a wholesaler for authentic jeans! I did not know that at the time. I sent him $800 moneygram because he said he doesn't use paypal cuz he got ripped off by someone in Nigeria. LIE! After waiting for the package that never came he gave me a tracking number that he printed so he would have one to give me but it didn't show anything and when I called ups they said he never scanned it cuz there was no package to ship. He told me that the package got sent back to him, they switched the labels, the driver dropped it off to the wrong house many more excuses. After calling him and threatening him and demanding my money back by moneygram and he texting back cuz he's a weezle he told me that he would go that night to a moneygram place but he had many excuses such as the moneygram place was down, or they were doing repairs. I didn't hear from him the rest of the night and in the moring he text me and said he got hit by a car. LIE!! He also was supposed to send out a check that never came. He then emailed me and said he sent my $800 through pay pal. Well I tried to get it through paypal and I can't because my account is frozen. They told me that his account is under investigation for fraud. If you've been scammed by this loser call your local police station and file a report on him and they will also send you in the right direction! Don't let this loser take anyone elses money! I will see this through till the end! Michelle Scottsdale, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Brooklyn, New York
3, Report #253775
Jun 11 2007
04:12 PM
Bill Stern, SBG Capital Ripoff artist and Scammer Brooklyn New York
Where do I begin? On May 23rd I placed a bid (under buy it now) on Ebay for Sony Vaio Laptop TX29 N/L Series, for $2400. Since I was confirmed, I made my payment. I sent the first payment with my visa card through my bank Suntrust for $1350 on May 23, 2007, and on May 25, 2007 I made the final payment for $1050. The person I bought the laptop from did not know at the time that his drop shipper was a scamster. I waited for my laptop and never received it. I was given fake tracking numbers. The first package I received was Friday June 1, 2007, a letter saying that my payment was received and I would received my laptop on the following Monday June 4, 2007. I did receive a package, but it was a box with a newspaper in it. After speaking with the person I placed the order with, we decided to check out Bill Stern online and found the ripoff information while doing a search of his name and company on google. I wish my seller had done that before he placed the item on Ebay, then I wouldn't be out $2400. I don't know about anyone else who was rippedoff by this guy, but I cannot afford to loose that amount of money, so I am going to pursuit this to the end. This guy needs to be put away for doing this to so many people for such a long time, and I read where he was arrested on May 23, 2007. which means he was in jail when I made my purchase and he bailed out and continue the scam. Unreal. Andrea Potomac, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Brooklyn, New York
4, Report #252327
Jun 04 2007
09:09 PM
I was contacted by william stern reguarding electronics. We told me he was calling because he had seen my ad on alibaba, i had posted a ad on this website looking for wholesalers or dropshippers who had electronics. When bill called me he told me that he had electronics in stock and he could dropship the items to my customer. He emailed me a price list and a dropship contract to sign and date and fax back to him. I never signed the dropship agreement. i had talked to bill on the phone for over a week or so before i told him i was intersted in selling labtops and elctronics on, bill told me that if i listed 10 ipods for him on my ebay account that he would allow me to list 7 labtops on ebay and he would hold them for me until they sold. I listed 5 ipods on for bill and a customer names roy who works for alwayz wholesale contacted me and told me he was interested in buying 5 ipods for now and then roy told me him and his partner was intersted in buying 50 ipod s a week. so i contacted bill and let him know that i had a customer who was interested in buying 5 ipods to make sure we were legit and then i also told bill that the customer wanted to buy 50 ipods a week, So i asked bill if he could send the ipods to roy cod and he said no problem so in the mean time i thought the ipods were shipped out bill called me and gave 3 or 4 diffrent tracking numbers, none of these numbers could be pulled up on the dhl website. Bill ended up calling me back and telling me that the address was wrong and that he had talked to dhl and they had corrected the address, a few hours later bill called me back again and told me that the zip code on the package was incorrect, he also stated again that he had talked to dhl and they had corrected the zip code. Bill told me and roy that the package would be delivered by dhl on saturday June 2nd 2007. The customer roy called me and sent me a email on June 2nd and told me that he waited at the office all day and that no package had arrived, So i called dhl to verify and see when the packge was going to be delivered dhl told me the package would be delivered on JUNE 4TH 2007. i called dhl on Sunday June 3rd 2007 and they told me that bill called them and asked that the package be sent back to him. when i contacted bill he said that this whole thing is too much of a hassle and he decided not to send out the package to roy. June 4th roy called me on my cell phone and notified me that he received a notice on his door from dhl saying that he had a package, roy told me that he would give me a call and let me know what was in the package, keep in mind i had already called roy to let him know that my supplier was a big scammer. i called roy back a few hours later to ask him what was in the package and he told me nothing but newspaper was in the box. While the first scam was going on i had already sent bill $1550 through moneygram for 2 other customers who ordered a xbox360 elite and a sony vaio labtop. My other 2 customers were off of The first customer ordered a sony vaio about a week ago. i took payment from the customer through credit card and and i sent it to bill through moneygram, i also took payment through paypal for another customer off of ioffer who ordered a xbox360 elite. The customer who ordered the sony vaio received the same thing a box full of newspaper dated from June 1st which was the day bill claimed to mail out the packages. The other package with the xbox360 elite has not been delivered so i am waiting to confirm what bill sent this customer. i have learned through this website that this guy william stern or bill stern has been arrested for grand larseny in new york on May 24th, 2007. He is currently out on bond. i have spoke to other victims and we are trying very hard to stick together to get this guy prosecuted. You can contact Detective Bob Fitzgibbons at the Nypd special fraud division his number is (718) 330-0396 email is anything to help the case to put this bastard away for a long time. thanks Keith CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report. Keith AURORA, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: BROOKLYN, New York
5, Report #1400067
Sep 14 2017
02:12 PM
Strategic Strategy Partners LLC/Bill Stern William Stern Invesment Fraud/Financial Fraud Warning! New York New York
Bill Stern, just like one one of the complainants reported contacted me via a posting submitted on NY Investement Network seeking capital access to fund my start up company. Bill Stern took $25,000 in fees to produce an investment offering memorndum and help my company raise $6,000,000 in 30 days claiming that he spoke with many brokerage and hedge fund managers interested in placing investments in my company. I was strong along and misled for nearly 90 days until I confronted Bill Stern for for making false promises and equesed the return of the $25,000. Obviously he refused and invited me to sue him ot recup the funds. I then filed complaints witht the SEC and NY State Attorney General, Investor Protection Bureau agianst Bill Stern and Strategic Strategy Partners. I obtained responses of acknowlegmento my complaint from these government authorities however , NY State Attorney General Office, Investor Protection Bureau that investigates these types of fraud activity and financial crimes responded to tell me that they are closing the case since I wss th only person who filed and cannot go after Bill Stern and Strategic Strategy Partners based upon one complaint. It is urgent and important that anyone who has been a victim of Bill Stern and Strategic Strategy Partners to file individual complaints in order to re-open to pursue a criminal investigation agaisnt Strategic Strategy Partners ans Bill Stern for the acts reportedly committed. If anyone wants to contact me privately via Ripoff, I will provide the name and contact of the Investigative Attorney at the NY State Attorney General Office who reviewed my complaint to file similar complaints so the NY State AG Office can make a decision to open an investigation into these complaints agianst one individual dna company involving large sums of money. As an entrepreneur, I had no money and Bill Stern maliciously took $25,000 from me. I am still struggling to get my busienss funded.  Additionally, Strategic Strategy Partners is not a registered LLC with the NY State Department of State, Division of Corporations. According to their records, this company did not exist prior to January 2016 in the State of NY as a legitimate LLC  registered wit the NY State Deparmtent of State ( forerign or domestic). If anyone who ever handed money to Bill Stern via wire transfer or checks should note that these funds are never wired nor checks written to Strategic Strategy Parters but to Bill Stern personal account at Chase Bank.likely becuase the business does not exisit, may not have a tx ID and therfore cannot open a bank account.
Entity: New York, New York
6, Report #154234
Aug 19 2005
09:50 AM
Bill stern took my $225 dollars that i sent to him for jeans,he then continually supplied me with phony tracking numbers then just disappears, so i am now the second person on this site urging you not to do business with this man, he is a scam artist and if you have been conned email me to add your name to the fraud charges against him. Vahe Glendale, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Brooklyn, New York
7, Report #252311
Jun 04 2007
08:00 PM
William Bill Billy Stern ripoff, dishonest and fraudulent, received money and did not deliver on purchased item ripoff Brooklyn New York
Bill Stern will rip you off, he will take your money and send you a box of news paper. I made a purchase from him, through a middle man, who I must add is not a scammer, in fact, he himself was scammed by Bill the scammer. On May 25th, 2007. I purchased a Sony laptop in the amount of $2400 and was sent a tracking number that was fraudelent. I also received a letter thanking me for my payment and letting me know that I will receive the laptop on Monday, June 4th, 2007. Again he sent a bogus tracking number, when the package came it was a small UPS box with a newspaper inside. I then called to find out what was going on and was told the laptop was stolen by UPS and that he would look into it and send my laptop by thursday of this week (which would be June 7, 2007. I don't believe that one). (that was a big lie). After running his company's name and city on google, a bunch of ripoff reports emerged on Bill. I called the number on the ripoff report and found out that Bill has been a bad boy for a long, long time now. In fact on the day of my purchase he was in jail in Brooklyn, and after his release he continued his bad boy ways and scammed me. He did the same thing he had just gotten out of jail for. Why am I not surprised. After reading about all the other people he has scammed, it is extremely important that anyone thinking of doing business with Bill to think hard, do not make the mistake the rest of us did. BE WARNED. Andrea Potomac, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Brooklyn, New York
8, Report #253243
Jun 08 2007
02:40 PM
Bill Stern , SBG Electronics, SBG Capital RIPOFF NO PRODUCT NO REFUND New York New York
On 5/10/07 I was contacted via phone by a person who stated their name was Bill Stern of SBG Electronics, regarding a post that I (Steven O'Hearn) made on The post on was a post looking to purchase consumer electronics from suppliers of those products. Diring the conversation, Bill Stern stated that he carried the porducts I was looking for and he would email me a price list with. The email of the prices was received via email on 5/10/07. After receiving the price list, Bill emailed information that he stated was an authentic wholesale licencse and that he was a registered business. Bill Stern stated that is wholesale number 5284465 and that his registered business name Delaware Corp SBG CAPITAL LLC. Bill Stern stated via email and phone converatations that there would be an additional 5-7% discount on pricing if it was paid via Western Union. He said that he did not accept Paypal because he old Paypal account was hacked by someone from Nigeria and the money in his acocunt was stolen. Bill Stern said he would discount the amount of the Western Union fee to the order placed because this was our first transaction. After numerous phone conversations with Bill Stern we worked out an order and payment arrangements via Western Union. Bill stated that in order for the order to be shipped a 20% deposit needed to be sent in order to ship the order and the rest can be paid COD with UPS. The total of the order was over $3000. The Western Union moeny wire was sent on 5/11/07 for $600. A corrected invoice was sent via email to show the difference to pay for the COD when UPS arrived. Bill Stern emailed the tracking numebrs for 3 packages that were suppose to be from UPS (J1970163455, J1937524207, J1937524216). The total remaining for the COD was $2468 via email. Stern said that UPS picked up the packages from his business on 5/14/07. After receiving the email with the tracking numbers I advised Bill Stern via email and phone that most UPS tracking numbers with 18 digits. He stated that this was the tracking numbers straight from the UPS shipping labels. I called the UPS 800 number listed on and UPS said that the tracking numebrs given were actual tracking numbers but they were for packages being shipped overnight air. UPS said that the tracking numbers did not have any shipping information attached with them. I asked the UPS operator what that meant and she said that someone can print a shipping label and until the shipment is picked up from UPS, there would be no shipping information unitil then. I waited until 5/16/07 to check on the tracking numbers again with the 800 number on the UPS website. The operator told me the same thing again that there was no shipping information listed for those tracking numbers. Bill Stern stated that UPS should arrive to my house on 5/17/07 or 5/18/07. The packages never came on 5/17/07. I tried calling Bill Stern on 5/17/07 and there was no answer. I sent and email and Bill Stern stated that UPS came by my house and that there was a guy named Michael at my residence and he tried something fishy so the UPS driver came back. I was home at my residence all day and UPS did not come to the door once. Bill Stern also stated that Cingular phone service is donw where he lives because lightning struck the Empire State Building. Bill also sent another email that said that UPS would be coming back to my house again to attempt another delivery of the products. I called UPS after receiving the email from Bill and asked them if there were any scheduled deliveries to my address for that day and he stated no. I then emailed Bill and stated that I do have a package coming from anohter company for the following day via UPS so UPS would be coming to my house that day. UPS dropped off a package at my house the following day 5/18/07 and it was not from Bill Stern or his company. Once again no product was received. On 5/19/07, Bill Stern stated that he mailed me a refund. Refund was never received by 5/23/07. On 5/23/07 Bill Stern stated he would refund my money through As of today 6/1/07, there is still no refund or response. Steven Quincy, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: New York, New York
9, Report #245925
Apr 28 2007
01:36 PM
Dee,s Jeans Bill Gate Bill Stern Norman Dee,s Jeans rip me off sells fake jeans bill stern bill gate was employed by them New York New York
Dee,s Jeans rip off company bill stern or bill gate worked or works for them he is the biggest scammer in the wholesale denim jeans market They sell fake designer denim.I called dees jeans and sent them numerous emails,I bought 2 pairs of jeans from them now they claim bill does not work for them any longer so they do not have to send me the jeans that i payed for.They did send me a email saying that i could pay for them again.Bill stern or bill gate has been in lawsuits for two years and you mean to tell me that dees jeans did not know anything about that? Norman another employee of dee's jeans told me he thinks his jeans are authentic think? They also mentioned that bill was referred to them by wall street are you kidding me He is a rip off artist.If anyone else has been ripped off by dees jeans and bill stern of bill gates email me . Christina pacific grove ca, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: New York, New York
10, Report #249208
May 18 2007
10:56 AM
Entity: Brooklyn, New York
11, Report #1222108
Aug 11 2016
10:42 PM
Triplesun Photovoltaic Company Tony Hsalo Professional Debtor - Hides Behind Voice Mail - Does Not Pay Bills - Bounces Checks Irvine California
Tony Hsalo does not pay bills. He lies. He makes up stories. He refuses to cooperate. Warning ! If you do business wirth this man or his company you will most likely end uop in this same position. We will be suing him to get paid.Do not due business with this credit criminal.   
Entity: Irvine, California
12, Report #235444
Apr 28 2007
01:38 PM
Bill Stern, William Stern, FRAUD! Designer Jeans theif! He will just steal your money. Ripoff Brooklyn New York
I contacted Bill from a icq message he left about being a licensed reseller for designer jeans. He left his phone number and I called him. I made an order for 45 pairs of jeans and 12 juicy track suits. I felt uncomfortable sending all the money at once so I said I would send it in 2 installments. He was fine with that. He was very informative and made me believe that he was running a real busines. He also told me that he would contact the jeans companies and let them know my website so they don't come after me thinking I am selling fakes. He said that if I want to sell on ebay he would verify me as a authorized seller. It sounded promissing. I send him almost $1700 through western union. He said he would send me the tracking numbers, but he never did. I have called him 1000s of times and left him many emails. He has not returned any of my messages. I am going to call the police and advise anyone who has met him to do the same. Vanessa oakville, OntarioCanada
Entity: Brooklyn, New York
13, Report #249973
Jun 01 2007
04:41 PM
Bill Stern Fraud of Electroinics Brooklyn New York
Bill Stern (William)(billy) has no been caught and arrested for Grand larceny in Brooklyn, Ny today.(WOO-HOO) .Stopped dead in his tracks finally thanks to me. You can contact Det Bob Fitzgibbons of the Specail fraud divison for more info. He working the case and wants everyone to come forward that has been victimized by this guy. Ed Oviedo, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Brooklyn, New York
14, Report #153491
Aug 12 2005
09:17 PM
William, Bill, Stern, Highend Clothing, Vissage Group, RIPOFF THIEF,SCAMMER Wholesale Authentic Citizens of Humanity. Seven, True Religion Jeans STEALS YOUR MONEY AND DISAPPEARS Brooklyn New York
Bill Stern gladly took my $580.00 for 5 prs. AUTHENTIC Wholesale Rock & Republic Jeans on 7-19-05. Sent 25+ emails/phone calls answered twice saying he had the wrong address? then sent phony USPS tracking number. Twenty-two days later sends FAKE True Religion Jeans without explanation & still won't answer emails. I've heard from 2 people in 24 hrs. who also have been ripped off by this man(?). DON'T GIVE THIS CON ANY OF YOUR MONEY!!!! AND IF YOU'VE ALREADY BEEN SCAMMED BY HIM-PLEASE REPORT IT HERE. LAWSUIT against him initiated in MA 8-10-05. Mignon West Brookfield, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Brooklyn, New York
15, Report #286908
Nov 26 2007
05:08 PM
Stem To Stern Refund Fraud Thompson Ohio
I sent back a part that was to be refunded by dealer. The last time I had contact with them was e-mail in July 2007 saying thet had received the part and that a refund would be processed. I have had no reconcillation on this matter, to this date I have called 15-20 times and sent e-mails. No one is there to answer the phone all you get is voice mail. I am currently out approximately $1230.00. I have contacted Mercury Marine as it was product from them. They have no records of this company returning product for credit. Mercury has opened a file on this dealer and they are looking into it. I like to give people benefit of doubt. However, I feel Stem to Stern has taken advantage of their situation and now this amounts to fraud. Peter Delta, British ColumbiaCanada
Entity: Nationwide
16, Report #1297245
Apr 01 2016
01:23 PM
Anna Stern never removed negative energy Dallas Internet
She claimed to remove negative energies that blocked me from getting a proper job, sine for years I have hard time getting one and she claimed to remove the negative energies that blocked me from getting a relationship since all of mine has fallen apart. She took up thousands of dollars from me and never answered me when I have asked for it back. Watch out for her. 
Entity: Internet
17, Report #481208
Aug 17 2009
02:18 PM
Daniel Stern, Law Offices of Daniel J. Stern PA Keeping us from Closing Davie, Florida
David J. Stern's law office represents the seller of a foreclosed property we are trying to buy. Our contract was accepted, our mortgage loan is in place, inspections, surveys, etc., are complete. The original closing date was 8/7/2009, but the title company had to provide an addendum extending the date to 8/24/2009, because someone in Stern's office assigned the title to the wrong bank. Since our mortgage rate was locked in for 45 days, the lender wants to charge us an additional 1/8 point for extending the closing date for 15 more days, or 1/4 point for extending for 30 more days. Stern's office is taking their time about providing clear title to the title company, which may have to provide who knows how many addendums to extend the closing date even further into the future. This law office obviously is the largest foreclosure agent in Florida, and should have better competence than they have proven to us. They should at the very least pay for the extra closing cost, as this was their mistake.
Entity: Plantation, Florida
18, Report #1339286
Nov 21 2016
06:30 PM
Kenneth Stern Chiropractic Ken Stern Chiropractic Do NOT GO to Kenneth Stern Chiropractic - He is a FRAUD Cleveland Ohio
Do NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES go to Kenneth Stern Chiropractic. The doctor is a FRAUD. He called me after my car accident and said my exam would be free and then racked up a bill into the THOUSANDS which I WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR!!!!! He is weird and creepy and I felt completely uncomfprtable in the office. They have two clinic locations and Kenneth Stern is a treating doctor at BOTH LOCATIONS. 3100 E. 45th Street Ste. 214(Located in the Old Republic Steel Building, at I77 freeway at the Broadway exit)Cleveland, OH 44127216-341-580113550 Lorain Ave(across from Marcs)Cleveland, OH 44111216-476-1300DO NOT GO TO KENNETH STERN CHIROPRACTIC
Entity: Cleveland, Ohio
19, Report #154349
Aug 22 2005
07:02 AM
William - Bill - Stern - Highend Clothing - Vissage Group - RIPOFF THIEF,SCAMMER W ripoff, thief, lier, con scam Brooklyn New York
I have been talking with Bill Stern for several weeks before I placed an order with him. He told me he ran a hedge fund by day and shipped 2200 pairs of jeans a week in a part time venture. Ironcally, when I contacted the NY State Secretary of State, his name was listed as a registered broker. When it came to the order he would not ship COD, but asked that I deposit the money in the branch of his account here in California. He also told me that he could not accept PayPal because he was in litegation with them over $30,000 which was stolen from him. On August 10.2005 I depositd $465 in his account at Washington Mutual. He said he would ship the next day, which never happened and promissed to ship the next. When I asked for a tracking number he never gave me one, and said he would call me back with a number. Obviously he did not. Finally I sent him an email after talking with the FBI in Newark New Jersery. where a family member works. They informed me that, because I had deposited the money in his bank account, this constituted Federal Wire Fraud which is a fealony. I wrote to Bill and told him that I would continue my dialogue with the FBI if he did not refund my money. He did, although i am still out more than $100 from Ebay based on his fraud. He wrote me an email stating the did not appreciate the way I spoke to him on his voice mail, and that he was always respectful to me, and tried to help me make money. BUT, he did forget to mention in this email that he was a lier, a thief and a scammer. I have given Bill a chance to refund those monies I have lost from Ebay, and if he chooses not to embrace my idea, I will pursue this with the FBI and applicable law inforcement agencies. Bob Valencia, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Brooklyn, New York
20, Report #1311395
Jun 14 2016
03:53 PM
Bill Stern William Stern, Billy Stern, Strategic Strategy Partners I'll never work with Bill Stern Again! New York New York
I'll never work with Bill Stern of Strategic Strategy Partners again!  Bill contacted us after seeing our company site on Crowdfunder and said he could help us raise capital.  He requested $5,000 up front to do due diligence on our company and to provide some revised documents which we never received.  I've heard he charges some people up to $26,000 up front!  Once we wired the funds he said that he had a foreign investor named Dr. Ganapathy Arumagam from India who was creating a US investment fund and Bill could basically tell the Dr. what investments to fund and that he'd recommend the Dr. invest $2.5million in our company.  We never once spoke with this supposed investor.    It took forever to get a signed purchase agreement back from the Dr.'s attorney which was basically our own document.  At first the Dr. was going to fly to meet with us in person and bring a check, then his funding was delayed so he couldn't come.  Bank of America supposedly wouldn't approve his $65million fund which took over a month to resolve.  Finally the Dr. got fed up and sent the funds to his account in India.  Then a wire was supposedly issued to us from his account in India through Citibank.  The funds were supposedly held up at CitiBank, so we reported it to and eventually we got a letter back from CitiBank that they had no record of this supposed wire. It was one excuse after another and weeks went by.  Finally we asked for a Cashier's check and Bill said no problem.  When the Doctor finally got the cashier's check he couldn't just deposit it in our account, he decided to drive it to Bill's house and of course got in a car wreck on the way!  Bill said he'd drive to meet him and take a picture of the cashier's check once he got there.  The picture never came.  The check was supposed to have been issued by Bank of India in New York.  I called their manager and told him that I needed to verify that they had issued a check for $2.5 million dollars the day before and they said they had not issued a check in that amount and had never heard of the doctor, our company or Bill Stern.  At this point I was fed up and told Bill that I needed his signed W9 form, ID and some verifiable references like an attorney and CPA that were licensed so I could call them directly.  I told him that we needed the Dr.'s W8-BEN form and a copy of his passport.  As soon as I started questioning Bill he began threatening to sue me.  He also said that he'd already won a defamation lawsuit.  I told him that I'd really like to see that lawsuit so I could verify it was real.  Of course, no response! If I were you I wouldn't pay a fund raiser who asks for money up front a dime unless you have a signed W9, a driver's license and have paid for a real background check.  I would also call an attorney reference and CPA and make sure you look up their phone numbers and verify their license is real.  I wouldn't take anything for granted.  If there is a supposed investor insist on having a video call with them and look them up on line. We wasted so much time with this process that it really hurt our company.  It tied up a lot of our investor units that could have been sold elsewhere.  It's sad that we have to be so careful in this world to protect against fraud and scams but I guess it's the world we live in.  
Entity: New York, New York
21, Report #212206
Sep 22 2006
06:21 AM
Automotive - Tommy Stern - Ebay ripoff crooked ebayer Christmas Florida
I purchased an automatic transmission for my Jeep Cherokee1999 JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE 2WD AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION from this company on Ebay. I sent him my monies and he ripped me off. The item number for the bid on ebay is 8069273305, His user ID on ebay is whatsurdrive777. To date Ebay has de-registered him but that does not solve my problem. I need to expose such persons who take advantage of others. I payed a huge sum to have the Item shiped to my country in the Caribbean (St.Lucia). I would be very happy for any help I can get from this community to either retrieve my monies or the purchased items. Lindsley Vieux FortSaint Lucia
Entity: Christmas, Florida
22, Report #185216
Apr 06 2006
07:42 AM
Rutger, Feinstein, Rohrbach & stern ripoff settlement offer Milton Washington
this is what it says decision final on eligiblity for 1,674,332.02 in awardable funds, all projected settlements deemed eligible and awardable, client eligiblity positive 100%. please advise if ok for immediate delivery, we have been corporately mandated to oversee full discloser and immediate transfer of monn=etary reportage. Transfer will include full discloser of viable independent offers for 1,674,332.02 as confirmed in correspondence. because of early cutoff dates as mandated by sponsors, you must reply by. congratulations on acknowledgement of full settlements details. and then it wants me to send in 20.00 dispositional fee Amy wilow spring, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Milton, Washington
23, Report #1023534
Mar 04 2013
07:46 PM
Morgan, Phelps, & Stern M.P.S. Disbursement Advisory for $2,997,500.00 Commack, New York
Once again, this company is sending out the promise of Disbursement of $2,997,500.00 ! WOW wouldn't that be nice ?  it only costs 20.00 to release it, oh yeah and I have to give away my signature !     Why is this allowed still? I sent back the signature as Buggs Bunny and for the payment slot told them to stop fu---ng people and get a real job. Too much!  I suppose as times get tighter more people feel entitled to free money so--- pathetic ! The letter is signed Grant Ashbury I'm surprised it was not signed Height Ashbury--have to be high to send any money ! SCAM SCAM SCAM
Entity: Commack, New York
24, Report #1258435
Oct 01 2015
11:32 AM
Alex Stern If you hear this name Scam broker Alex Stern is looking for your monney NYC Internet
ALEX STERN (criminal)I need to warn innocent people! If you hear this name, ALEX STERN be aware!!!He was my account manager of Tradersking.  He is probably mid 40th, heavy middle esten accent, very friendly guy, confident. His information about himself is always different,  his birthday is usually Jan, 1st, and year is always different.  He is suporse to live in NYC according to him. This guys probably moves company to company(scam blorker to  another scam bloker), trying to find target (your money).  He knows how to take money from you but he doesn't know how to fullfil his promises. After he scammed me and took $4150 with Tradersking, he changed to AAoption. He also scamed my money of $3800. Now he disappeared somewhere.They are both blacklisted scam brokers, doesn't know how to manage their customers. Ayways, He is everywhere, looking for you(money).  My money was ok for a while but I could never withdraw my money. One day when I noticed, all my money was disappeared from both platform (tradersking, AAoption). I compained to him and ask him for refund. He was upset because I didn't respect him enough. He is not normal. He needs and deserve to go to jail.  If you know where he is, please let me know?This person completely lost his heart.  He pretends to be nice person and care about you.  However, he won't do anything after he take as much money as he could.  He promised that i can get my money in 2 weeks.  But he made big promise and told me I wlll get lots of lots of money if I invest more money.  He almost forcefully took money form me and strongly promised, its 100%  safe and no risk.  But luckly, i refused his offer to invest 20k more.  He was trying to take money from my family,,,, very scary guy. never care about other peoples life. He will ask you to get loan from bank or ask your family to bring money for him.  If you hear this name, Alex Stern with heavy mid easten accent and  laughs like, a~hahaha~~ that's him. Please be careful, remamber this name!!I don't want him to create anymore victim and let him scam people anymore.
Entity: Internet
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Jan 01 2018
07:54 PM
Jason A Stern, Jason Stern Were called to troubleshoot, then check was returned! Had to wait months Foothill Ranch California
Jason A Stern hired us to install a pump he purchased online.  We were given a check which was returned and months later we redeposited it.  Jason still owes us for a service call to troubleshoot the spa, wasted a trip of ours since he wanted to purchase his own pump, a $35 return check fee and a late payment since we had to wait months to redeposit his check.  We would never work for this guy again!!  
Entity: Foothill Ranch, California

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