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1, Report #1403349
Sep 30 2017
07:38 PM
Bit Funds SCAMMER. Not Paying Internet
Bit Funds is a SCAM company asking to deposit money in return of profits. They do not pay as per there commitment take the deposits and ask for more money at the time of withdrawal. This is not a reliable company to invest and i request all the users to stay away from Bit Funds Scammers.Attached is the proof they do not pay.
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1251335
Aug 27 2015
04:25 PM
TGS FUNDS Total Scam
I worked forTgs funds for 3 weeks with the guarantee oc a weekly salary plus commissions. In 3 shortl weeks I'm told they pulled the plug on the company. A total scam. Do not respond to ads for employment. The company has an address at 1451 w Cypress Creek rd in Fort Lauderdale. I have not been paid, nor do I expect to be paid. The Principal is Joe Calogne, and perhaps  Christine Potts. This is a merchant cash provider.If you are in business and get a call from tgs funds hang up.
3, Report #482515
Aug 19 2009
03:13 PM
Bit Defender Rebate missing UPC Code Arcadia, California
I bought BitDefender Total Security 2009 from Fry's with a $45 rebate. I sent in the rebate with Claim form, invoice and original UPC code. I received a letter that said my UPC is missing. I offer to send them a copy of my rebate form and UPC code but they insist the original UPC code must be included. How can I get back my rebate?
Entity: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
4, Report #1393050
Aug 15 2017
07:07 PM
Bithardware Bit Harware Bit Harware, Bithardware, Scammmmmm Internet
Scamm, me many people have sent in BTC and no response.  This is a scam.  Do not trust them.
Entity: Internet
5, Report #133373
Mar 02 2005
01:31 PM
Wachovia ripoff hold payroll check, says it was there, then disappears Lancaster Pennsylvania
I recently graduated from college and accepted a position in a new town where my current bank was not in. I was very happy with my current bank but accepted the fact that I needed a new bank and chose Wachovia, based on the sheer number of branches in the area and the name itself. I figured it couldn't be that bad. I was wrong. TO begin the whole sign-up process was a complete debacle. When investigating branch hours on their website, I saw an online checking sign-up. Being a web developer myself, I thought this would be an easy way to sign up for an account. Half way through the process the entire website crashed, everytime I repeated the sign up, it failed again. I recieved no confirmation that my account was setup, but I had gotten fairly far along in the process so I waited for a week. After a week I went into a branch and discovered I did have an account and it had several flaws on it already, I spent an hour with a rep and fixed them. So when Friday rolls around I get my bi-weekly payroll check and decide to deposit it into my Wachovia account. All the branches were already closed on friday by the time I got out of work, so I elected to use the ATM machine for the deposit. The ATM machine was located physically in the wall of a branch, so I figured they would have no problem processing the check by Monday. My balance as of Friday is $80.00 (My inital start balance) and I deposited $1,200. The ATM warns me my funds may not be avab till the next busy day, I say of course I understand that. Monday rolls around, no action. I go to the grocery store and write a check for $62.00. Should be no problem, I still haev $80 in the account and my check should post by then. Tuesday morning I wake up and check my account balance online, all my funds from the check have arrived, as I expected. Around lunch time I go to the Mac machine and pull out $40.00. It happly comes out with a little recipet proclaiming I have $1,100 something in my account. All is good. That evening I come home and pay the majority of my bills electronically using my check card, on my very last bill, I get a message saying my card was declined. I figured it had something to do with using it online so much, but I check my account balance online anyhow. My account balance says I'm -$99. All of my bills show up, minus the grocery check. The deposit shows now ONLY on the posted balance but not in the avab balance (-$99). I'm frantic, I call their 24x7 number. The first rep informs me that my check is placed on hold for 10 days. It is a payroll check, she says something about the size of the check as the reason. I hang up, do some research, find my MAC reciept and call up another rep. This rep explains they can hold my checks for a number of reasons even a payroll check. She can not muster a good reason as to why it showed up all day and then disappered during the night. She says I will be charged all the appicaple NSF fees. I ask if i should talk to the local branch and maybe they will be able to do something more aggresive rather than tell me I'm SOL. She says no, its hopeless. I'm paid biweekly, and if Wachovia excepts me to be able to go 3 weeks and 3 days without pay because they won't accept a payroll check that is absolutely a rip off. Tomorrow I'll have to sneak out of work at some point and approach the branch manager which I'm feeling is going to be absolutely a waste of time, and in the end I'm probably going to get stuck with these Fees, which I would have never used the card if i wasn't able to confirm TWICE (online and mac) that I had ample balance to cover everything. No where on the mac machine or the deposit slip did it say anything about a ten day hold, just your normally next business day. Suffice to say as soon as I get this whole thing worked out I will glady make a bi-weekly trip to my old bank to deposit my payroll accounts which they do instantly. I will have a huge smile on my face the entire trip. I have no idea what kind of fees this is all going to result of, but in the end I may just take it as a lesson of how horrible wachovia is. Just in closing the most amazing fact of it is, my payroll check comes from a company that does almost exclusive consulting work with Wachovia. So It's wachovia's money I'm trying to deposit. Justin Lancaster, PennsylvaniaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Wachovia Bank
Entity: Lancaster, Pennsylvania
6, Report #1050153
May 11 2013
01:29 PM
Romana Zappia Dodgy car repairs scam West Burliegh Nationwide
 Agreement was entered into to restore vehicle Vehicle was not restored properly and requires re doing Have been ripped off thousands of dollars
Entity: West Burliegh, Select State/Province
7, Report #2178
May 02 2000
12:00 AM
Citizens Funds Wilmington DE Ripped off This Citizen
Citizens Funds, the Socially Concious Investment House out of Wilmington DE, Played a little game with my attempt to deposit a third party check into my account. They were unable to process a check I had recieved from my brokerage, and designated it for return to me. Fair enough. This was $ I needed to pay my taxes April 15. TMALSS, I noticed the deposit had not shown up on the end of March statement, and called them about it. CF claimed they had processed the check March 24 and sent it back to me March 25. By this time I'm getting nervous as Uncle Sam waits for no one on Tax Day. April 3 comes around, no check. I called them and confirmed that said check was in the mail. Friday, April 7, my mail brings said check, with a postmark of *April 4* and a letter dated March 24, 11 days later than advertised. I politely, but firmly explained this in a letter to Carol Grover at CF later the weekend of April 8. No reponse yet, Carol. I want satisfaction. I lost, in total, almost a month's worth of interest, in this case, about $30 through both our errors.
Entity: Portsmouth, New Hampshire
8, Report #353829
Jul 21 2008
03:41 PM
SAME AS REPORT #353541 I also received a letter with claim #2a520 stating : We are pleased to advice you that you are one of the winners in the second category Sweepstake draw held on May 30, 2008. We therefore acknowledged, receiving from the goverment Lottery Office entry slip attached to your name and serial number 2645904 drew the lucky winning numbers 15-66-83-78-02 Therefore you are entitled to the sum of US $352,025.00 which payable to you by CERTIFIELD CHECK, and will be delivered to you by our special courier company. Enclosed is a check from Bank America Overlake Park 052100 Washington for amt $4,750.00 in which $3,520.25 tax amount to Canadian tax office non resident government service tax (GST) Everything look so real but there had to be a scam we dont play lottery and S & L Trade, Inc 1111 S. 344th , no 203 Federal Way, WA98003 dated 07/08/08 we are advised to call your claim agent EMMANUEL LEE 2 1-778 858-3476 sign different ray eha---- KEVIN BOB Promotions Manager stop with the scam Hawkeye DOUGLASSVILLE, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: TORONTO, Ontario
9, Report #441143
Apr 06 2009
09:51 AM
123 Funds rip off Orem Utah
I was suppose to recieve information on how to apply for free grants just pay $2.97 S&H. The only thing I recieved a month later was another charge on my credit card statement for $80.75 that I new nothing about. I did get a hold of the company to stop my so called acount, they relpied I signed up for a 3 day trail in which I could cancel within that time. I told them I never recieved any information or was aknowledge that I had 3 days nor did I recieved any info. as we were talking app. 5 weeks later.They said they would refund my money, but I have yet to see it. Dave Bellevue, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Orem, Utah
10, Report #958226
Oct 22 2012
09:35 AM
Hydra Funds Money put in my account without permission, Internet
Three or four months ago, I applied for an online loan that I received and am currently paying off.  I guess they sold my information to some other companies.  Over the weekend, Hydra Funds deposited $300 in my checking account that I never asked for and never authorized.  Their scam is to deposit the money and then want the interest paid.  Of course, the interest is exorbitant.  This is the second time this has happened in the last week.  The first company was One Click Cash Credit.  They put $400 in my account without permission.  I guess I'm going to have to change bank accounts.
Entity: Internet, Internet
11, Report #1111252
Dec 28 2013
10:10 AM
My Quick Funds Rip off scam arrtists Internet
I used this service as a payday loan service.  The first payment that they took out was more than I had agreed upon and when I went to contact the company not only is their website shut down but their contact numbers are all disconected as well.  It is scarry to know that they now havee all of my bank information and there isn't much I can do about it.  Amanda, Redfield, SD
Entity: Internet
12, Report #1197120
Dec 22 2014
02:30 PM
swift funds llc financial rolling hills estates california
 I am filing a report because, this company has been contacting me saying i owe $1,159 to one of their debts. They call me and threaten me, when i asked for proof saying i owe that much, they have not contacted me since. I went on to check my credit report and the debt was on there saying i owed it for a debt to best fitness. Which i never missed a payment and when i cancelled my membership i asked if there would be anymore fees, they informed me there wouldnt be, months before any contact before this company started calling my grandfathers phone.
13, Report #1214468
Mar 09 2015
04:10 PM
Swift Funds gym collection rolling hills estates Internet california
I paid this company 586.00$  they said it would come off my credit report. 60 days and I cannot get a hold of anyone and still on my report. Grrrrrr. Melissa L
Entity: Internet
14, Report #1269104
Nov 19 2015
03:25 PM
Swift Funds Non Compliance Palos Verdes, Nationwide
This company contacted my daughter by telephone in a very rude and unprofessional manner. They told her she owed for a gym membership and needed to pay or set up payment arrangements that day to avoid having this debt sent to the credit bureau. Fortunately for her, I am in the Credit profession, so she did not disclose any personal information telling them she would get back with them.  She has never received any written notification of this debt and when i called to request it, i was told that without a Power of Attorney, they would not release any information to me.  I told them then they needed to send her, via the United STates Post Office, notification of this debt in question.  They were very abrupt and unprofessional with me on the phone.  She has requested that they send her soemthing so that she can verify the actual amount owed and not what they just tell her to pay.I honestly feel laws need to be passed to prohibit this type of collection practices.
Entity: Nationwide
15, Report #404174
Dec 22 2008
08:51 PM
Structural Funds Settlement STRUCTURAL FUNDS SETTLEMENT Toronto Ontario Canada
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
16, Report #580684
Mar 13 2010
07:10 PM
Grants Funds Pro Grant Funds Pro Took My Money And Gave Me Squat , Internet
I was trying to promote my Zazzle store on CraigsList.  I posted several in different areas, hoping that I could get some visits.  Then I got the following email:Hey,Hi I want to inform you that pres obama is handing over millions of government grant money in the minneapolis area right now to help citizens and help jumpstart our economy.  Have a peek by clicking here (which was a link to  Do not miss out on all the money, it won't last long!!Now looking at it a red flag should of appeared with the bad grammar and uncapitalized words like 'obama.'  Still, I thought about it, and came back to it later.  I decided I had a business online, so why not try to get money to promote it with?  So I clicked on it and it brought me to, which looked like a legitimate site because it had the CNN logo.  It also has As seen on and a bunch of logos to various networks.  So it looked good.  The $1.95 they charged made me think ripoff right away.  But I really needed money and I had a gift card from Christmas so I clicked on the site and payed the $1.95.When I filled it all out, it brought me to a blank page.  I clicked back and tried signing in again but it didn't recognize my username and password.  I never got an email confirmation that told me my username and password, so I couldn't see if it was different than what I entered.  I didn't get anything.  I didn't want to pay the $1.95 again, and I tried the phone # and it was disconnected.  I sent an email and never got a reply.I checked the card balance and the $1.95 was taken off.  But I still couldn't log in.  All I wanted was grant money to promote my webstore*.  I feel really dumb now, I should of seen all the signs.  But I was blind with the 'Free Money' bug, free grant money sounds great, but it never seems to be free.  Don't fall for this one!
Entity: Internet, Internet
17, Report #783264
Sep 30 2011
09:40 AM
Direct Funds Funds Direct or Illegally deducted money from my checking account Las Vegas, Nevada
While balancing my check book online I discovered $30 deducted from my account.  Since there was a phone number listed, I called and talked to a female who could barely speak hello in English.  I disputed this amount being deducted.  She then told me I had applied for a payday loan and this was the 'application fee'.  I didn't apply for a loan through them and asked for a refund.  She told me it was non-refundable.  I then asked to speak to a supervisor, who wasn't much better.  He told me it was non-refundable and asked if I wanted them to cancel my account with them.  As I explained to him, I didn't have an account, nor had applied for one through them but just wanted my $30 back.  He again told me I couldn't get a refund, so I explained to him it was illegal to deduct money from someone's bank account without their authorization.  He then told me he could give me $20 back and it would be deposited within 15 days.  Well, it's now been 20 and I've yet to see anything come through.  What they are doing is illegal and someone needs to make it stop before more people are hurt by this.  Make them pay....
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
18, Report #1052126
May 19 2013
02:11 PM
Fairy Funds Fairy Funds refuses to pay withdrawals after many requests to have them Internet
Fairy Funds has refused to pay withdrawals after several weeks of attemtps and several attempts to comminicate with their support system. ALL inquiries have been ignored and there has been no replies from them. 6 ot 7 withdrawal requests in queue were returned to my account at their site without being processed to my payment processor and without explaination.  The company stopped rejecting requests but after several complaints from me and after I threatened to expose them on the internet, now my money just sits in their site without being processed. The company has stolen my money. STAY AWAY FROM FAIRY FUNDS.
Entity: Select State/Province
19, Report #130116
Feb 04 2005
10:36 AM
Western-Trans Aka Core-Bit ripoff job offer scam! Internet
They're at it again - Can't believe how these people continue to evade the law. Check out these messages, and avoid these people at all costs! From: To: xxxxxxxxxxxx Subject: Re[10]: Net-Temps Job Post Application - Reference: ABCD (Part 3) Date: Fri, 4 Feb 2005 04:59:41 -0700 Hello xxxxxxxxxx, I have a question to you, are you able to setup a new account with another bank? Without any transations, clear account, only for work with us. We will pay for any initial deposits as well. Sincerely, Olga Romanova Personal Manager ================================= From: To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Subject: Re[2]: Net-Temps Job Post Application - Reference: ABCD (Part 3) Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2005 10:08:09 -0700 Hello xxxxxxxxxxx, xxxxxx, here is details regarding your position below, please read them carefully: Your tasks will consist as of the following. Being our operator you will be accept and process the incoming payments. All payments are made out through the form of payments such as: travelers checks, postal money orders, cashiers checks, personal checks and western union quick collect. As it appears on our Job offer you should have some skills to work with these kinds of payments. After the incoming payment has been received by the following step, the next process will be withdrawal of funds from this payment. (I.e. check, money order, western union collect). Almost any kind of checks can be cashed/cleared at a check cashing service or at your post office branch as well. Also you can cash them at your bank, if it possible. But banks usually require a high cashing fees, and they also take way to long. Western union collect, can be picked up only at any branch of the company. Such branches should be almost in each city. (you can find more details on their web-site at: or we can assist you with details to find the nearest branch). After the incoming payment is sent out, you will be notified by email or fax (you can choose whichever notification method is convenient to you) by the incoming form notification. Once you've received it, you should contact our operator, after they have notified you about the given payment, and that you have received it successfully. Further more, when the operator gets back to you, letting you know that it is possible to get the funds. When the process of reception is completed please contact the operator and inform them about the cashing commission and the available sum of the received funds. (the request should be closer with the exact data). Then the operator will email you with the form of payment instructions where you have to transfer the rest of sum to. If you have any questions, please ask me before we get started. Sincerely, Olga Romanova Personal Manager Tom Kew Gardens, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
20, Report #118515
Nov 17 2004
06:19 PM
Core-Bit Software ripoff, scam, financial, check cashing, job, international Frankfurt Internet
I responded to an ad on CareerBuilder and unfortunately, unlike the previous poster did not do adequate detective work. I trusted CareerBuilder and therefore contracted to cash checks for this company. The two checks I received were fraudulent. They stole ID from unsuspecting people and drew checks on their bank accounts sent by the electronic service QChex. The checks went through my account with insufficient funds and now I am still out $1800. I have reported them to law enforcement. If you are ever scammed on the Internet, report the bastards to IFCC - a cooperative effort between the FBI and White Collar Crimes division of the Department of Justice. Things that appear too good to be true no doubt are. Sad and poor but newly wise Amy Sioux City, IowaU.S.A.
Entity: Frankfurt, Internet
21, Report #117553
Nov 12 2004
05:27 PM
Core-Bit, Ripoff Soft Wide Graphics BEWARE Frankfurt Germany
This company was advertising on Career looking for individuals to cash checks for them. Since they were German based, they wanted people to cash checks from US customers into the individuals US bank account and keep 10% and send them the other 90%. Sounds good but the first check I received, I called the 'client' (after a lot of detective work) and found that he did not send me the check but had had his ID stolen a few months earlier thru a fraud E-Bay email. On top of all this, CORE-BIT did not want me to send the check to their German Bank but some guy in Budapest. That was enough 'red flags' for me. Thomas New Albany, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Frankfurt, Germany
22, Report #1333241
Oct 14 2016
07:04 PM
Bit Lending Club This place is a complete scam to steal your ID's and other identity. Unsure Internet
This place is a down right scam to steal your ID, information and identity. Now, before people point out that there's been a few successful users...well, duh! They are selective scammers, if they scammed everyone they would be shut down! To explain..They have me send in my ID, Utility bill, Check Stubs and whatever else. When I was sending this stuff in to get the loan they respond within a few hours. I send in all my info so they can now steal my identity then all of a sudden they cancel my loan request for absolutely no reason what so ever and they all of a sudden haven't responded to me all week?!?!My loan request wasn't online for 24 hours before it was canceled and now they won't respond as to why it was canceled or anything else at all, what so ever. Been at least 3 or 4 days since I've emailed them. They just canceled and now these thieves have all my info. I have proof and screenshots of them responding quickly while they are trying to get your ID's and everything else then all of a sudden not responding.People, stay away from them. I am in the process of reporting them to every single agency I possibly can for this. If I can sue, then that will be next also.They don't let you choose what interest rate, my interest rate was close to 50% then they use the high interest rate as high risk loan?!?! YOU are the ones that gave me the interest rate, are you serious?!?!I cannot stress this enough, stay away. Do not send these people your information. Do not do business with them. Again, I will be spending all weekend reporting them to the proper authorities and making sure my information is safe, although there is now aboslutely no way of assuring this since my ID, 3 check stubs and much more is in their sole possession.Stay away, stay away!
Entity: Internet
23, Report #1260685
Oct 11 2015
07:38 PM
Bit Mass LLC Cards and Castles Developer Scams Internet
 These developers deleted my entire account (500$ of in app purchases worth) because i posted feedback on the forum (non violating) about the game. They deleted my post and then deleted my account and banned me, attempting to hide my warnings of their scams. See below: I know what your main account is, and it has been permanently banned from playing Cards and Castles. So in the end, you were right; I did delete all your cards. Go find somewhere else to waste your time. - vontre (a cards and castles developer) Note: Never did i once violate the forum rules. They simple did not like it when I posted how their recent update ruined the gAme. As a result, they basically deleted ~ $500 in purchases i made through the app. Be warned people, these guys are unprofessional and know their game is burning to the ground. All the new updates are geared towards sucking $$$ from you.
Entity: Internet
24, Report #1369665
Apr 25 2017
09:32 PM
Bit Launder and Tor Wallet They will steal your money Internet
They claim to launder bit coins to make them anonymous. Instead, they steal your bit coins. Period. You deposit them and you never see them again.
Entity: Internet
25, Report #835375
Feb 07 2012
01:17 PM
Lil bit o goldens Connie Bush, Beware Connie Bush Lil bit O Goldens Sells Genetic Defective and Sick Puppies, Internet
We bought a puppy from Connie Bush Lil Bit O Goldens in Nov. 2009 we got attached to our puppy then she started showing aggressive behavior towards my other dogs. Then we had her hips xrayed because she was weak in her rear end. She was diagnosed with very poor hip dysplasia. Contacted Connie Bush and she said she would take her back and give us our money back ( of course she would offer that she would just resell my dog or breed her to get her money back) I would not give my dog back to her we did not trust her. We found out that other puppy buyers from her litter and other litters had the same problems hip and aggression issues. A vet told one other puppy buyer thought inbreeding was causing the aggression behavior. Before we found out our dog had a hip problem we bought another puppy from her we were stupid to do that. We brought our puppy home July 2010 and 3 days later he was in the ER vet with Parvo, Coccidia and round worms. Our puppy died 3 days later and she refused to replace the puppy or give us our money back. We spent $3,000 trying to keep our puppy alive and he died anyway. She is a bad bad breeder. Do not Buy a puppy from Connie Bush even out of state breeders have bad things to say about her. Connie Bush don't test her dogs and she don't vaccinate her puppies properly or she doesn't do it at all. BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!
Entity: Janesville wi, Internet

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