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1, Report #657610
Nov 02 2010
09:16 AM
Black Expressions Books BMC took money out account w/o permission Internet
I joined the club and was required to purchase 4 books before the end of your commitment. Last month they took 38.46 out my account w/o my permissionand I wanted to know why so they deposited it back. Well they did the same thing with the same amount. So I contacted them and they said they sent me 2 books and that the charges was for the 2 books I never received!  I want my money and I will purchase the books that I committed too before my contract is up. I want my money back.
Entity: , Internet
2, Report #428348
Feb 25 2009
12:09 PM tower Books Tower Books credit card charge did not ship no reply Sacramento California charged my credit card for a book order, but did not ship the book. Called their customer service. Spoke with an agent who admitted that they did not ship the book and promised to reverse the charge. After a month and a half since that call, the charge is still not reversed. Order # 4246845 10/28/08 $51.89 1-800-ASK-TOWER Terry San Jose, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: San Jose, Sacramento, California
3, Report #1378936
Jun 13 2017
06:32 PM
Black Card Books Gerry Robert's Publish A Book And Grow Rich,Gerry Robert's Signature Program. Paid $100 for tablet not given. They said they would send it. They never did. I again told them we never received it. They again said they would send it. They never did. It was BS. They pressured people into buying into their program at $40,000 - a today price only, afterwards, $46,000. We said no to their program. It doesn't take $40,000 to publish a book. They still managed to get money out of us without handing over the tablet and then promising they would send it and they never did. It's a fraud, scam. Nationwide Intro to lure us into their program Int'l - Stouffville, Ont. Canad, Mesa Arizona
Went to an advertised seminar in which we were supposed to learn about publising a book.  Was offered VIP status for $100 - to receive an 8 inch tablet with all of the information discussed at this seminar.  Was told we would receive the tablet at the end of the seminar so we had to be there through the end of the seminar in order to receive it.  At the end, it was a pushy sell.  They tried to sell us their program for $40,000 - a today price only. Afterwards, it would cost $46,000.  They pushed and pushed and each of the presenters talked to us individually, to try and get us to pay them - sign up for their program.  We said  no.  Eventually, they lowered the price to $38,000.  We insisted it was a no. We asked for the tablet.  Was told they would mail it to us.  We never received it.  We let them know and was again told they would send it to us.  They never sent it.  It was a BS fraud, a scam.  Haven't felt that pressured since Scientology.  They don't like to take no for an answer.  I don't think they had any intention of giving us a tablet for the $100 we paid for it.  Otherwise, they would have given it to us at the end of the seminar, when it was promised.  The seminar was hard push sell of their program.  It was a waste of time and money and a huge disappointment.
Entity: Nationwide
4, Report #33993
Nov 01 2002
02:17 PM
Groiler Books fraudulent billing Maumelle Arkansas
Groiler Books keeps sending me the same bill for the same books I have already paid for. They even sent me a letter saying they were going to report me to TRW if I didn't pay a bill, that I know I have paid already. I paid it again so they wouldn't put it on my credint. There is no number in their invoice to call them to unsubscibe to their book club, how absurd! Their website won't load, and I wrote on the last overpaid bill to unsubscribe me and the next week I got some more books, which are being sent back to that fraudulent company. I'm very upset and want everyone to know that Companies like these should have very strict telemarketing rules and if broken, should face very stiff fines . Charlene Long Beach, California
Entity: Maumelle, Arkansas
5, Report #576423
Mar 01 2010
11:12 PM
Timothy Black Tim Black, The eBay Expert, Concealed Cash,,, Sells hard copy seminars including CDs, books & transcripts on how to make money on eBay Houston, Texas
I purchased the Big Concealed Cash eBay Course from Tim (Timothy) Black July 10, 2009.  The course cost $891 and could be paid in 3 installments.  It consisted of CDs and printed material to be mailed to me with promised teleseminars and additional material.  A full guarantee was offered.  I paid for the course in 3 installments, completing them on Sept 8. The course covered only one area of ebay selling, primarily used music cds, was not well presented and had scanty or withheld information required to do business.  It included ways around eBay rules and feedback in a community that relies on integrity.  The teleseminars and additional material promised in the sales presentation never materialized. I emailed Tim, more than once, that I wished to return the course.  When he finally responded he gave me the return address and promised a full refund upon receipt of the course material. The course was received by Tim (certified delivery) on Sept 16.  I had to contact him to remind him that I was due a refund. I finally received $297 on Oct 10.  At that time I advised him that $297 didn't represent payment in full.  I had to remind him again a couple of weeks later that my refund was still unpaid.  At that time, Nov 4, I received $297.  Still $297 short of the promised full guaranteed refund. Since that date all of my emails have been ignored and the telephone hung up on me.  Tim is still promoting this course, or a variation, of it at  It's billed as The SECRET To Making Over Six Figures A Year On eBay, Working Only 15-20 Hours Per Week!  Beware of this ripoff artist.
Entity: Houston, Texas
6, Report #1081021
Sep 02 2013
07:06 AM
Hot books .com unauthorized monthly charge to my credit card Florida
I purchaed one book from this company .  I am now being charged 9.95 a month which has not been authorized.
Entity: Florida
7, Report #30464
Sep 18 2002
11:02 PM
Grolier Books Ripoff Credit Card thieves Jefferson City Missouri
I ordered 2 CD's from Grolier for my 5 year old. I forgot to mail my payment so I decided to go online to pay it at their web site. I made a payment of $16.41 with my credit card on Sept 13, I did not autorize any other charges to my card. Grolier ran that $16.41 plus another $16.41 on the same day and then on Sept 18 they ran TWO more charges of $16.41. I had to have my credit card cancelled and am filing a fraud report with my credit card company against Grolier. I tried calling Grolier and the person that I talked to tried to tell me that it could have been anyone that could have gotten my card number off of the internet, my credit card company said that the charges were from Grolier Books, that the first charge on Sept 18 had been denied, so Grolier called my card company and verfied my address with them and of course my credit card company approved the two new charges. I will push this as far as I can! I am furious about this, I am a hard worker and don't have money to throw away, people like them make me sick. I advise anyone not to NEVER buy from this company! Beware your pocket books! Lonnie Fairbanks, Alaska
Entity: Jefferson City, Missouri
8, Report #955446
Oct 15 2012
04:16 PM
Big Planet Books RIPOFF. Book never shipped. Tracking never sent. Card Charged. Internet
I ordered this textbook online three weeks ago. My book never shipped. Tracking was never sent. They wont refund me. The response email from customer service was OMG, we've been busy.. your book has shipped, but I don't have tracking on economy orders. They have gone silent, their phone number does not work. The website says we're sorry.. we can't take phone calls at this time.  
Entity: Internet, Internet
9, Report #838626
Feb 13 2012
05:46 PM
Black Dragon Forge 1 Year DID NOT SEND ORDER! Dayton, Ohio
I ordered 6 throwing stars from Adam Davis (Is that his name?)  He said it would take about a month to get to me.   He charged my credit card and did not send the order.  After a month I call again and left a message, he never called back. I called again and talked with him this time, he said Oh don't worry it will be there in two weeks  I waited two weeks and nothing came.   So I called again and again and again.     It's been over a year now and nothing.    Don't order from him!!!
Entity: Dayton, Ohio
10, Report #289364
Dec 06 2007
09:39 AM
Black Onyx Visa False Advertising and Dishonest Phone Operators Internet
A email was sent to me stating that i was approved for a $7,500.00 credit card. I never recieved a credit card and they took $65.00 out of my checking account! Come to find out Black onyx visa is a Prepaid Visa Card the charges you enormus amounts of money and never gives you a card! Its a rip off and they wont refund the money! BEWARE!!! Rhibbard07 Corry, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
11, Report #287703
Nov 29 2007
12:50 PM
Black Onyx Visa Totally messed up company. Nationwide
I had never even heard of this company until I saw a series of 1 to 4 cent credits into my account, plus a debit of 14.95. I contacted customer service and spoke with a individual named Claudia, heres what happened. Chat Information Please wait for a site operator to respond. Chat Information All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly. Chat Information You are now chatting with 'Claudia' Claudia: Good morning Claudia: Customer Serviced Claudia: How may I assist you? Holly: I found unauthorized debit from my saving account from your company Holly: I would like to know why this has happened. Claudia: May I please have the account number that was charged so that I can search for all charges billed to you? Holly: (Edited for personal information) Holly: Id hate to sound rude, but i have never even heard of your company. Holly: I also noticed a series of 1 cent to 4 cent credits to my account plus a debit of 14.95 Claudia: ok. Just give me a moment while I search our database. Claudia: I'm showing that you applied for the unsecured black Onyx Visa credit card online. Claudia: and when you filled out that application, you also accepted an offer for our platinum membership. Claudia: The charges are coming from those two things. Holly: I have never received a card, nor have i ever heard of the card your speaking of Holly: Im fine with not getting my 14.95 back, but I would appreciate it if your company would stay out of my bank account Claudia: For the platinum membership, you can go online at the membership site to order the card. Holly: I never authorized anyone to debit from my bank account Claudia: The Onyx card will come in the mail to you, once the bank who issues it collects their processing fee. Holly: I dont think you understand, I never signed up for, or authorized your company to debit from my bank account. I would really appreciate it, if you would not continue to debit from me Claudia: Ok, let me cancel the accounts. Claudia: One moment please Holly: Thank you Claudia: Ok, the accounts are canceled. Claudia: These programs are fully refundable Holly: Thank you Claudia: I have taken a memo for your refund of $49.95x1 and $14.95x3 Holly: How long before I see these refunds Claudia: One charge is still submitted out to the banks, it will be a week or two before that one is cleared. Claudia: Once that last one is cleared, then all 4 charges will be sent to our refund department. Claudia: the refund will be processed and mailed to you in 30-45 days after that. Holly: I didnt know it was that much Holly: Wow Holly: I appreciate it very much Claudia: Could you please verify your mailing address? Holly: (edited for personal information) Holly: So, I will not see anymore activity beyond the next 14.95 charge and after that I will receive a refund... correct? Claudia: Yes, that is correct. Claudia: Your refund will come in the mail. Holly: Claudia, I really appreciate it. Youve saved me from a huge headache Claudia: You're welcome. Is there anything else? Holly: No thank you Claudia: Have a nice day. Holly: You too. So im hoping this all goes away. And if not i have it in writing saved on my computer... SO well see what happens! Holly New Carlisle, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
12, Report #1043496
Apr 15 2013
04:39 PM
celeste black time share properties scam funneling funds thru a greendot card largo, Florida
this woman apparently has experience working for some company and now continues to use a hot list for names and just scams them into a time share property which there is none has them do all money exchanges to her through a greendot pre paid card takes the money never to be heard from again she is very persistant and continues to contact you till funds are deposited then she does not answer her phone afterwards and your money is gone so everyone beware of any deals made with the use of green dot or any other prepaid card it is the newest way of scammers to get your hard earned money
Entity: largo, Florida
13, Report #1319107
Jul 26 2016
08:59 PM
BLACK PEOPLE MEET Stole money from my credit card without my consent! Chicago, Illinois
Black People Meet (BPM) is an absolutely horrible dating site. Not because it preys on the hopes of people seeking meaningful relationships, but because it actually steals money from your credit card. I went to sign up for a 1 month membership, but was charged for 6 months. I cancelled and went back to check the status of my account and it had automatic renewal. This happened twice.I am also going to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Based on my experience I don't think you should give your credit card information to this website. It is untrustworthy. You have to search the Internet to find contact information for the site. It is not easily available on the site as it should be. It really is a waste of time to join.  The quality of women is absolutely horrible. The site should be calledLeft” The site is full of babies’ mommas, divorcees, over weight women, separated women, and just plain unattractive females with weaves, who think that having a government job is the greatest accomplishment in life.Most are Democrats/Liberals reminiscent of Affirmative Action Babies or Welfare Queens. There are very few Conservatives, Republicans or Independents.  No Entrepreneurs. The very small numbers of women who are actually attractive are misfits in some other way.Black Professional men (e.g., Doctors, Lawyers, etc.) Stay away from this site. Yes, many of these women have good paying jobs and a house.  However, the educational level averages from High School Graduate to College Graduate. This site is for blue collar, working class, middle class and even upper middle class (based on income) people with little to no education (Think Steve Harvey). You might have better luck with Match.Com. The quality of women seems to be a little better. More importantly, Match has never stolen any money from me.   However, it seems impossible to take down your profile at Match. They hold you hostage.  I will say that you can remove your profile rather easily from BPM.White people on the site are a wasting their time paying. A White person can go to any BlackChurch on the corner or any urban venue and meet the Black People on this site.  Hell, just go to any liberal or Democratic function and you will meet all the black people of this caliber you want.  It's not that easy for educated and conservative black men who still have not given up on dating black women. There is a lot in between Good Times and The Cosby's.Anyway, if you are going to use this site, I would advise you to mail in a Money Order or Certified Check...but do not use your Credit or Debit Card. Good Luck!Attorney at Law
Entity: Nationwide
14, Report #1394396
Aug 21 2017
02:40 PM
Laissez-Faire Books Agora Financial (parent org) Shadai Clouden Customer Service $140 fraudulent charges on my debit card Baltimore Maryland
I am 76 years old, a veteran of U.S.A.F., and have a disability - poor vision.  My sole income is a $900. monthly social security check, and I will not stand for such a scam as you perpetrated against me.  As a result of your phoney baloney I had to cancel my bank debit card, so you will probably not be able to transmit the $120. refund to my account.  You should mail the $120. refund check to me at:   The above text is from an email message I sent to Laissez Faire Books about their theft.  They offered to refund $40 of the $120. they took, and they do not know who they are jacking with yet, but they will come to regret this.    
Entity: New York
15, Report #1404391
Oct 05 2017
10:54 AM
Laissez Faire Books LLC Jason Hanson Spy & Survival Breifing Scam BAIT & SWITCH Unauthorized Credit Card Charges and bad customer service. Laytonsville Maryland
 My husband received an email for a $9.99 flashlight from Jason Hanson's Spy & Survival Breifing. He went to check out and it was supposed to be only $9.99. When he received his email confirmation it said our credit card was charged $48.95 because they threw in some BS survival kit that we did not order. Calling the company got us nowhere except a sarcastic woman who basically said too bad. We did not order anything except the 9.99 flashlight so we are irate and disgusted and feel violated that our card was charged. This company stole our money and I am livid. We went to the bank and cancelled the credit card and we are disputing the charges. I am also planning on speaking with my cousin who is an excellent civil attorney to see what else I can do. I want my money back Jason crook!
Entity: Laytonsville, Maryland
16, Report #1008352
Feb 03 2013
09:00 PM
Jamie Anne (Yannetti) Black Jamie Anne (Yannetti) Brewer, Jamie Brewer, Jamie Black, Jamie Tannetti LIAR, CHEATt, DESEPTIVE, FRAUD Laguna Beach, California
BEWARE, Blatant Thief!! Identity thief, Credit card fraud, cashCall loan fraud, mortgage loan fraud, petty theft. Former employee of 5 Feet restraunt in Laguna Beach, CA where she deliberately committed fraud with customers' credit cards. Currently works at Sundried Tomato Cafe, Laguna Beach as General Manager and skims money from employees tips. Verbally slanders and defames others to make herself look and feel better. Misrepresents legal facts in court to gain personal benefit.
Entity: Laguna Beach, California
17, Report #953653
Oct 10 2012
06:35 PM
Black Card Replicas Brian Hasson Scammed, defrauded 388 2nd Ave New York, New York
I sent this company 395 more than 25 days ago, I was won over by the video proof card nevertheless to this date NOTHING has happened. After 15 days & plenty patience, I sent an email inquiry and (1) phone call, which have both gone ignored. It doesnt look good, since they state in FAQ's the whole thing takes approx. 10-14 days I somewhat expected an email stating they were overwhelmed with orders, however this has not been the case. I spent $395.00+western union fee, so YOU wont have  to (thumbs down) its a SCAM and they make sure the money you sent is untraceable They use multiple names for payment: Brian Hasson/ Robert Carsten/ John Hayes/ Carl Robertson his ebay user name is (moose.d.hacker) trhis been reported to the authorites in L.A paypal has all of his information moose.d.hacker
Entity: 388 2nd Ave NY, NY, New York
18, Report #88250
Apr 19 2004
07:56 PM
Bookspan D.b.a. Black Expressions Rogue Company Ripoff Aggressively and persistently trying to make me pay for books I did not ORDER or REQUEST! New York New York
This rogue company has been trying to make me pay for books that I did not order for quite sometime now. I sent this company a letter stating that I wish to cancel my membership with their company. Shortly after I sent the aforementioned letter, I received a post card stating that I CAN NOT cancel my membership and I had to order more books. Thereafter, I received some books that I did not request. All consumers beware of this company, they try to force people to remain members of the company and purchase books. I filed a Better Business Bureau complaint against the aforesaid company and since company is a BBB member, they received clandestine support from the the so-called BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU. Actually, I filed a complaint twice with the BBB against this company and the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU in Lancaster, PA did not respond to the first complaint written. I do not see how any business can FORCE a person to remain a member and continue to buy books from them. They are currently trying to collect $39.98 for books I did not want and an additional amount of $34.20 for books I supposedly agreed to buy at a future date through a collection agency named Penn Credit Corporation located in Harrisburg, PA. Bookspan and its Vice President Kevin Goldman are crooked! Karl Hopkins, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: New York, New York
19, Report #759765
Aug 02 2011
10:50 AM
Best Brand Value Books Deducting montly fees from my checking account Boca Raton, Florida
I bought one book from this company and from this they started deducting monthly fees from my checking account.  I did not notice for 4 months.  When I called for a refund they would only refund 2 months. Do not buy anything from this company. They are very corrupt! They will get into your checking account each month with no authorization--not that you can see.
Entity: Boca Raton, Florida
20, Report #1283743
Jan 31 2016
02:28 PM
Valore Books - & Deceptive Advertising Practices (FTC Laws Violated) Book was not as described: Damaged, taped up and didn't include Lab Access Card (chat rep said it would) Boston MA
Valore Books is violating the FTC Act by accepting my payment and/or receiving commission from a third party book seller/rental site/company, and not providing me with the product as advertised.  I have pasted the product description at the end of this complaint. According to the The Federal Trade Commission Act, the FTC will act in the interest of all consumers to prevent deceptive and unfair acts or practices. In interpreting Section 5 of the Act, the Commission has determined that a representation, omission or practice is deceptive if it is likely to: mislead consumers- descriptions in advertising must be clear and easy to find, so that the average consumer can understand exactly what he or she is purchasing. affect consumers' behavior or decisions about the product or service. All sellers are responsible for claims they make about their products and services. Third parties - such as advertising agencies or website designers and catalog marketers - also may be liable for making or disseminating deceptive representations if they participate in the preparation or distribution of the advertising, or know about the deceptive claims. Advertising agencies or websites are responsible for reviewing the information used to substantiate ad claims. They may not simply rely on an advertiser's assurance that the claims are substantiated. In determining whether an ad agency should be held liable, the FTC looks at the extent of the agency's participation in the preparation of the challenged ad, and whether the agency knew or should have known that the ad included false or deceptive claims. Valore Books is participating in false advertising by not ensuring that I receive the product exactly as described. Valore books claims that a disclaimer appeared on the product description page. The only disclaimer that I read said that not all supplemental items are included in rental books. I saw this disclaimer and then clicked the more information link next to the book description. The link took me to customer service. I elected to use chat, and the only reason I continued with my oreder is because the chat rep confirmed that the exact order that I was placing would include an online access card to My Psych Lab. For this reason I placed my order for a Semester book rental of ISBN: 9780205987757 for $91.58.  First of all, the book was advertised as very good condition. The book I received is held together by packaging tape and not in good condition. Most importantly, the book does not contain any kind of online access card or e-text access as the chat rep promised. For this reason, and since my class had already started, I had to obtain a code for a free limited trial for online access. Two weeks later my access has expired, and I still haven't received my access card as promised. Now in order to finish the assignment that I had already started, I need to pay Pierson Books $68.00 for the online access card. Next, a week after purchase the price of the rental book went down by 1/2. I purchased through Valore Books and joined the VIP club for convenience and because of the great customer service that Valore claimed to offer. I have not received any great customer service, and since its past 30 days they won't help me. Its not convenient for me to have to get the access card from the third party seller. The 3rd party seller will not help me because Valore Books gets commission on the sale and they are responsible for the advertising. Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood Plus NEW MyPsychLab with Pearson eText -- Access Card Package (5th Edition) by Jeffrey Arnett ISBN: 9780205987757 ConditionVery Good CommentsHigh-quality textbook rentals since 2006. We do not ship to Alaska, Hawaii or any off-shore territories. Rented byBookRenter    
Entity: Internet
21, Report #1400667
Sep 17 2017
08:29 PM
Better Planet Books Textbook Rentals Sent wrong edition, would not provide address to return rented book, charged credit card for book Renton, Washington Internet
I was unable to receive a return address from Better Planet Books or Textbook Rentals in order to return the text book.  We sent e-mails to at and tried to find a telephone number for them. In addition I tried to call Textbook Rentals at the number on my credit card statement 404-534-2345 WA but the number is not in service. I believe that Better Planet Books scammed my son when he rented the text book for $53.71 by sending the wrong edition, and then fraudulently charged us $65.29 for not returning the book as they would not provide a return address. I called AA Goods Co, the company that shipped the book at (916)628-8867 and was told that they only sell books, they do not rent books they informed me that the book was purchased on by a third party named “Fresh” using my home address as their address as well as for the delivery address.  “Fresh” paid $7.94 for the book and $3.99 for shipping the book to my address. Better Plant Books in Washington did not provide the book delivered to me.   AA Goods Co from Sacramento sold the book through and mailed it to me.  Better Planet Books/Textbook Rentals would not supply us with a return address for text book rental because they had not sent the book to us.  One cannot contact either company by telephone or by e-mail.  There is no way to return the book without a return address. They then have the audacity to charge us for not returning the book!    
Entity: Internet
22, Report #228668
Jan 04 2007
09:27 AM
Black Swamp Aka Nicholas A Knowles Bogus Ebay Auction charged by credit card but no merchandise received Ripoff Toledo Ohio
I bid on two auctions on ebay. The EBAY user ID is I received confirmation from e-bay that I won the auctions. Then I received invoices from this seller to pay. So I entered by credit card information to pay. I received 2 invoices and only paid for one because the other invoice was a duplicate. This was all done on 12/15/06. I immediately e-mailed this seller at which was the e-mail address on the confirmation for auction won from ebay. I wanted to inquire about receiving the Abercrombie & Fitch coats before christmas as they were christmas presents for my sons. I didn't get any response. I emailed Ebay to find out the seller's contact information. I called the number listed for this seller. The number was disconnected. I continued to contact the seller via e-mail. Still no response. Although, I only purchased two coats which was on one invoice for $388.04 but the seller charged my credit card for two invoices (transactions) one for $388.04 and the other for $200.12. The company that charged the transactions was Black Swamp from ohio with a telephone number of 419-478-7607 which was disconnected. After I saw the charges on my credit card I tried once again to contact the seller. I also sent another e-mail to ebay explaining to them once again that I have had no luck in contacting the seller. Ebay responded to inform me that this seller was suspended and that for legal purposes they could not tell me why. I received an e-mail from stating that he has been very ill and apologized for not contacting me. So I responded to the e-mail stating that I was overcharged and didn't receive any coats and that he needed to credit my account. I haven't heard anymore from this seller. I contacted my bank and they informed me that this company Black Swamp was on the website. So I immediately cancelled my credit card. Angela Elkhart, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Toledo, Ohio
23, Report #1403244
Sep 30 2017
07:14 AM Gerald Crochet and Mike Black Aka Gerald Joseph Crochet, Jr., Attorney at LawAka Mike Black, Maker of Phony American Express Cards Offers Phony AmericanExpress Black Cards then Keeps your Card info., Forces you to pay more Little Rock, Arkansas Internet
 This guy is an Estate Planning Attorney in Little Rock, Arkansas. He's behind a few Websites offering Phony American Express Centurion Cards. He is also known as Mike Black in Decatur, Georgia, as he apareny has a rental house there using the address of : (((REDACTED))), Decatur, Georgia 30032 He wants you to send your American Express Card or at least the numbers to him while he puts the chip and embossed the number on a Phony American Express Black Card (Centurion Card). He claims not to keep track of the information, but I have screen schots from his website where he's messing with customers accounts until they pay an additional $400. BEWARE THIS GUY AND BUSINESS. He's actually practicing Estate Planning at Crochet and Landreneau in Little Rock, Arkansas He uses this Phone number, which is likely a Sideline ghost number: 501-208-8205
Entity: Internet
24, Report #439560
Mar 31 2009
02:39 PM
Black People Meet Charged my debit card and would not allow me access to my profile.sent several emails and no response. Internet
BlackPeoplemeet charged my debit card to use their website.After two weeks I could not log on my profile.I sent several emails and hace not been contacted as yet.I asked for a full refund in one of my emails sent to them.I am very disappointed with this website.And would like a full refund and a letter of apology from the PRES/CEO asap!!! Pamela Delray Beach, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
25, Report #174138
Jan 31 2006
05:19 PM - Black Swamp Fisheries will not answer calls or emails; charged my credit card; never shipped; RIPOFF Internet
I ordered dog treats on January 22/06. The amount charged to my credit card on 1/24/06 was the $17.95. When I check my account, it says invoiced and my first and ONLY email from the company said I would be notified when my order was shipped. I have never been notified, order has never shipped, they will not answer my emails or their phone. I left messages on both. The phone number is a Sprint number, which is scary... I think this is a bogus company with a nice website! Joanne Mobile, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet

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